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RE: Used hybrid. Advice?

if you smell mold or glue, move on.
searfoss 04/06/14 05:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: How can I find matching cabinetry and hardware?

I ordered matching doors for our rig from here.... Hardware was another story, I just found something close at the orange box and swapped it out with the bathroom hardware. http://www.kitchendoordepot.com/
searfoss 04/06/14 05:45pm Travel Trailers
Watkins Glen

We are considering Watkins Glen State Park in NY for a week stay. (We have been to Letchworth State Park twice and want try another park) When I was on the website to check out the park it doesn't have anything other larger than 30 TT. I usually type in 40 foot TT so there is room for the TT and the truck. So I wanted to ask fellow RV'rs who have been there if the sites are small. And ask what anyone could tell me about and has photographs of Ground Mohawk Village Loop
searfoss 04/05/14 05:24pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ricketts Glen State Park PA and 38 foot TH?

Make sure you research your directions, there are two ways to get to the Park. We have not been there since we bought our TT in 2004. Our last trip was while we were still tent camping, the hill getting to the park is a very very steep incline. The breaks on our van were hot when we got to the bottom. I could not imagine towing a TT up the hill. For us to go there the back way w/o the hill would double our trip so we have not been back. Thank being said BEAUTIFUL Park, be sure to hike the trails !
searfoss 03/14/14 02:33pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: bike rack options for a TT / TV

I ran into this issue years ago when I scratched the woodwork in the TT taking a bike out. My buddy and I made bike racks out of PVC pipe for 20 bucks, I customized mine to allow me to carry wood in bins between the bikes. Been using it for years. Will http://i1340.photobucket.com/albums/o736/Wsearfoss/2004%20Dodge%20Ram%201500%20Quad%20Cab/Mods/2bikewoodloaded2_zps83b15f73.jpg http://i1340.photobucket.com/albums/o736/Wsearfoss/2004%20Dodge%20Ram%201500%20Quad%20Cab/Mods/Bikesecuredintoreck2_zpsdb68d9fb.jpg http://i1340.photobucket.com/albums/o736/Wsearfoss/2004%20Dodge%20Ram%201500%20Quad%20Cab/Mods/Bikesecuredintorack_zps2a7212c1.jpg
searfoss 03/14/14 02:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: walmart

Our local code does not permit it at Wally World either because of local camp ground objection. However there are always Rigs in the parking lot over night. I guess the store doesn't bother them.
searfoss 03/01/14 05:31pm General RVing Issues
Just Wrong

Just Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.... I wanna go camping..... http://i1340.photobucket.com/albums/o736/Wsearfoss/JustWrong_zpsec15a4fa.jpg
searfoss 02/15/14 09:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for Light Trailer Recommendations

When we moved up from Tenting to RVing, our tow vehicle was a 1990 Chevy Van with a 5.8 (350) motor and a 325 rear. Our HTT had a GVWR of 4800lbs. Going up a hill was an adventure to say the least. Always drove watching the temperature gage would have to race down a hill to make it up the next. In hind sight I should have hand the rear gears changed out. Not giving advice just real experience.
searfoss 02/05/14 04:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Etiquette on contacting past owner of your new RV

I discovered information in my units paperwork when I purchased mine and called them. They were able to give a lot of information and they were glad I called. Don't call if you want to complain about anything on the unit and be prepared if they tell you something bad about the unit and that's why sold it. I would not mind being called, we loved out last HTT I could tell them we only traded it in to up-size. As a matter of fact the couch always had a blanket on it so it didn't have dirt issues, no leaks, regular maintenance, yes we had a dog, no we don't smoke. As for how much we received on the trade I would not tell them that..... The general question for a previous owner of a rig would be to ask if there were any problems and why they got rid of it. Since they no longer own the TT they may be very up front with issues the dealer doesn't know about or is choosing to not tell a new buyer. We had two problems with our current used TT and both were an easy fix, however one I found when it almost killed me (literally). And I do wonder if the dealer knew about it.
searfoss 02/02/14 12:41pm Beginning RVing
RE: Letchworth State Park

Our Family loves Letchworth State Park. I would say make the reservation and give it a try. Here is a picture of The Upper Falls at Letchworth State Park 2012 http://i1340.photobucket.com/albums/o736/Wsearfoss/Letchworth%20State%20Park/P7258597_zpsd5bb36a0.jpg
searfoss 08/08/13 02:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Very hot power cord with A/C on??

Aside from checking out the pedestal, have (here is the C.Y.A. disclaimer)a certified electrician check your electric panel in the RV. My cousin kept blowing his breaker and it turned out there was a loose wire connection to the AC breaker. Also I have been in two State Parks where the pedestal breaker kept blowing and the breaker was hot. The park maintenance man had to come a replace the breaker.
searfoss 07/30/13 05:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Getting started....tow vehicle recommendations....PLEASE!

I also wanted to ask if there is a better "season" to purchase TT, both used and new???? Also if there are better states to get them in. We are in Colorado but are willing to travel to nearby states.My Dodge is a 4X2 instead of a 4x4, I bought it during a Blizzard, The sales man would not come down in price, so I was going home, as I was getting in my van it started to snow. I walked back into the dealer asked for a manager walked him out the door and then made a lower offer on the truck. He looked at the blanket of fresh snow and accepted my original offer. So do not buy a 4x4 during the winter months, everyone wants a 4x4. Our first choice right now is the F250 but are still considering the silverado, ram, gmc and possibly a Toyota tundra(we know it's not 3/4 but is supposed to tow almost the same.) All good choices, it will come down to comfort and feel. Bacj in 2005 we found Chevy rode smoother than Dodge, but Dodge had more shoulder room. Ford didn't seem to handle as well or turn as tight as Chevy or Dodge.
searfoss 07/09/13 03:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Getting started....tow vehicle recommendations....PLEASE!

Some advice from someone who has been there, done that. You have started off well by coming to the forum to read and post questions. Don’t fall into the “its an 8 cylinder it can tow” anything mind set. Tow capacity is more than the engine size, there is also; gear ratio in the axle, transmission, suspension cooling and breaking to consider in towing. People on here have towed with a small block V8 like a 5.3, but, most prefer the 5.7 or larger. The tow vehicle will list a “gear ratio” like 355 or 410. The higher the number the more torque to the wheels and more the vehicle can tow (lower MPG), and of course a ¾ ton or 1 ton truck is built heavier which includes things like suspension, breaks cooling. Some will tell you that a 1 ton dually is needed to tow a pop-up, so be careful of that mindset also. So before your head starts spinning, most auto-makers have an area that list lowing capacity for their trucks, here Is the web site for my Dodge as an example. It tells me what the maximum trail weight I can SAFELY tow. Can you tow beyond that? Sure but not safely, you will not like it and your insurance company may have issues should you file a claim from an accident. I bought my Dodge Ram used and there are many nice used trucks out there that people are selling or getting rid of because of the price of fuel. Keep in mind that towing is rough on a vehicle; the engine and transmission run hotter and work harder. If the used vehicle is at the end of its life, walk away and keep looking. BTW car dealers will lie about the towing ability to make a sale do your own research. When it comes to the travel trailer, keep in mind this will be your first but not your last trailer. You will upgrade and that will most likely mean a heavier trailer. So here is my “been there done that” history. We wanted to move up from tenting to an RV, and were looking at Pop-ups. We knew our 1995 Ford Windstar (POS) would not tow well and wanted a tow vehicle. My buddy’s brother in-law worked at a car dealer and found a 1990 Chevy low-top conversation van. He said it had a 350 V8 and could tow anything. It was nice inside and only had 125000 miles on it. I bought it and had a hitch put on. We went to an RV show and DW found a Hybrid Trailer she like more than a pop-up. I did my research and found I could tow 5000 lbs if I added a tranny cooler (bummer). We did order trailer with a GVWR of 4800 lbs, this was not our first choice in floor plans and was a mistake. So here is what we learned; we could not go very fast up hills even on the interstate we would be so slow we had our 4 way flashers on, the engine temperature would raise very high on an incline. We constantly had to worry about cargo to lighten the load, we always had to plan trip around hills. About 2 years later we needed to replace the van and bought our current Dodge Truck, WOW what a difference it made towing! I would forget the trailer was there, no problems on hills or worrying about cargo. However, the original HTT was smaller than we actually should have bought with 3 kids (should have bought the one I originally wanted but had to pass because I couldn’t tow it) Our younger children slept together on the rear bed and our oldest on the sofa. It became “icky” for my son and daughter to sleep together and 5 years after the purchase it was time to find a different layout. RV depreciate quick and at trade in I was given 50% what I paid for the trailer. And yes the new trailer is slightly bigger by 2½ feet but 2000 lbs heavier. So the lesson is to “Be Patient” find the right combination tow vehicle and the right trailer for your family. If you settle for less than that just to start RVing you will be making changes and those changes will cost money. Don’t be too scared to act either. Sit down with DW and make a list of what you NEED and what would be nice to have in the trailer. (I would not ask the children). This list is your reality check when you go shopping. Things to think about: fresh water capacity, black and gray water capacity, bunk length (some are short), storage capacity, ease of reaching the dump handles, Hope this helps…..
searfoss 07/09/13 05:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Bed Mod

OK spent two trips and about 10 nights in the RV bed and yes there is a difference when I lay on my side.
searfoss 07/06/13 04:39pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Collapsible/Folding Plastic Crate

Can you clarify what is a quality crate? I have a this small black one that is like a serving tray to carry things out to the table, the sides collapse so it stores flat. http://i1340.photobucket.com/albums/o736/Wsearfoss/Gulf%20Breeze%2023TRS/100_3119_zpse7756f0d.jpg width=640 Moderator edit to re-size picture to forum limit of 640px maximum width.
searfoss 07/06/13 04:27pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Love Letchworth State Park

My Son asked that before he leaves for US Army Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood MO that our family go camping up at Letchworth State Park NY and also visit Niagara Falls Canada. Our family thoroughly enjoyed the park, this was our second trip to the Letchworth State Park and it is now one of our favorite places. My only regret is that we were there Sunday to Friday (cheaper) and next time I think it will be a Tuesday to a Tuesday lots of things to do on the weekends. While there we ran into two couples from the forum and had the privilege of sharing our fire with one of them. The trails are great and the water falls are awesome, we went one night and just sat at the falls to read our books. http://i1340.photobucket.com/albums/o736/Wsearfoss/Letchworth%20State%20Park/P6270706crop-edit_zps486e7387.jpg http://i1340.photobucket.com/albums/o736/Wsearfoss/Letchworth%20State%20Park/P6240398edit_zpsa0f0f42b.jpg http://i1340.photobucket.com/albums/o736/Wsearfoss/Letchworth%20State%20Park/P6250569_zps3fbcbc42.jpg http://i1340.photobucket.com/albums/o736/Wsearfoss/Letchworth%20State%20Park/P6240405_zps458737cd.jpg
searfoss 07/06/13 03:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Decal free trailers - photos? - alternatives?

The rear decals of our Gulf Stream were pealing so bad DW and I took the time to remove them when we washed it. I offered Gulf Stream the opportunity to continue advertising their company on out TT and they responded by sending prices. Sorry I am old fashioned, why would I pay to advertise for someone else to make a profit, so I declined. I like the sign shop idea, I don;t like the blank white look, so if I have to spend money I would rather have something nice put on the back instead of a companies name.
searfoss 06/19/13 04:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Winter Water Damage

Ours is here at home, after a major rain storm we always go out and do a cursory check inside. Found a roof vent had cracked one time we walked in and quickly used Duct-tape to fix it until I could purchase a new one. A friend of mine buys a "new Blue Tarp" every year to cover his during winter so he doesn't have a surprise in the spring.
searfoss 06/15/13 09:45am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: fire wood

^^ Sounds like you don't have a source that sells wood by the truckload and are bitter about it? Buy it by the truckload for $100, sell it to 50 campers for $5 each = $150 PROFIT per truckload. No conspiracy needed ;) I agree some (most?) unscrupulous CG operators (including SPs, etc) are OVERCHARGING for firewood. THAT single factor is what sabotages any firewood control efforts. I would rather buy firewood at a CG than haul it, but like most people I don't like to be ripped off. It isn't a matter of not caring, being cheap, or anything of the like. Unfortunately, some people direct their anger at the intelligent campers who are crying foul, rather than at those who are GOUGING campers out of greed. The greedy are those who deserve your ire. Those who exploit any tragedy for excessive profits deserve our contempt. Stop the gougers and you'd be surprised how quickly the complaints go away ;) DiskDoctr Well said, very very well said. And a great local example comes to mind, Spruce Lake Camp Ground in Canadensis, PA has a large wood shed and charge $5.00 a wheel barrow load. The wood is dry, seasoned and split. The wheel Barrow sits there to load up wheel to your campsite and return. The money is collected via honor system in a box nailed to the wall of the shed. Unfortunately some like western-rv-park-owner don't even read the posts they are commenting on, but rather are lashing out in anger. Makes me wonder if this post "hit a nerve" so to speak.
searfoss 06/07/13 10:33am Travel Trailers
RE: fire wood

lol. so i imagine you can buy wood locally for a small fee of say....first born child? This is the REAL REASON the campgrounds ban the wood and blame the government laws. My neighbor cut a tree down and since he worked for NPS he gave most of the wood to the CG in the Federal Forest where he worked, and gave me a portion for camping. I called to make reservations at the CG he gave the wood to, and they told me about the "Outside Wood Ban" I told him the address where my wood came from and he said that since it was outside the Federal Forest Area i could not bring it in, but they did have some for sale, i.e. the wood from the same tree at the same address. I decided to let the NPS know that the camp ground that NPS leased out was selling wood from outside the NPS in violation of law and I won't stay there, nor will my neighbor donate any more wood to them. If the CG cared about the bugs they would not accept free wood to sell at a profit. When we went to Elk Neck MD we took construction scrap for the fire, it bug free.I like the "donation" angle. I'll use that the next time I have to have our trees trimmed. I'll tell the tree trimming company that I am not going to pay them because I am "donating" the wood for them to resell. Your neighbor caught a break if someone came and removed a fallen tree for free. Since you reported it, do you KNOW the outcome? The park could have been fined or disciplined in other ways. Maybe they had to dispose of that wood, and any other wood they had in their inventory that they couldn't account for the origin, so their labor removing the tree was wasted. Maybe it is was OK for them to bring in that wood, since it was local, but you bringing in wood that they could not vouch for was not. Just because someone says something, doesn't make it true.(for it to be true it has to have been posted on the internet) Like I said before, this thread is full of a bunch of cheapskates trying to justify breaking a law or rule to save a couple of bucks. I just wish JJ hadn't let it slip that us super-rich firewood purveyors all have private islands. My neighbor WORKED, i.e. was employed by NPS (National Park Service) he cut the tree down himself and took it to the camp ground as a donation. He didn't do it to be cheap he did it to help the CG, around here if you cut a tree down a place the wood at the curb for free, people will gladly take it. So he didn't save anything by hauling it to the camp. The NPS told me that the CG lied or "miss-spoke" that the tree was in a region that the wood is allowed in the CG. I have that in writing from them. NOW TO CLARIFY: It is not the wood ban that I dislike, it is that CG use it to over charge campers for wood. There is a CG we like,and on the road side about a mile from the CG is a sign "Buy Wood From a Vet" and it is $5.00 a wheel barrow. That is an honest price, where the CG charges $5.00 for 6 or 7 pieces. If CG charged like the "Vet" I wouldn't take wood anywhere and increase my MPG while towing.
searfoss 06/07/13 07:28am Travel Trailers
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