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RE: Perfect BBQ for a B

We use the Magma. After many hours of research for size and efficiency.
senf 02/05/15 06:28pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Parking on concrete slab

I used to put my RT on plywood to get it off the concrete on one side and the gravel on the other. Now I just drive it once a month.
senf 01/11/15 09:58pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: getting van camper serviced

Our first Roadtrek 190V was always serviced by our local Dodge dealer, with no problems of doors, lift capacity or height. The problem was diagnosing and fixing troubles. When we were on the other side of the continent (east) the Dodge dealer there had just one hoist large enough with the clearance needed. Our present Roadtrek 190V Chev gets serviced by Budget Brakes & Muffler (a franchised chain in Canada) and the local Budget place can take a 33 foot long Class A. I questioned him on servicing Sprinter vans and his reply was just another import that had to be learned, though he felt getting parts was more difficult than it should be. Budget has done everything, including installing extra switches, oil changes, leaking seals, rear air shocks, alignment, lube oil & filter, rotate tires, new batteries install, etc., etc. The Budget franchisee is a real hands on type, and has his 2 i/c run the office. The 2 i/c is no slouch either, he is a transmission expert. There is no substitute for a good mechanical, electronic technician and they don't seem to be working for the dealers.
senf 01/11/15 09:32pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: How is your van Insulated?

Considering it is built in Canada, the company has done a poor job. Neither our 1996 RT Dodge was nor our current Chevvy Versatile is properly insulated. None behind the Microwave, Hot water heater, and none behind the panel covering the TV antenna wires in the wardrobe and the wardrobe itself. This is demonstrated on cold mornings by the heat loss patches showing on the outside of the vehicle's body. This has been confirmed visually inside.
senf 11/12/14 09:13pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Help - Propane valve stuck closed

Happened to us too. Campground owner opened valve with channel lock pliers and has been working ok for last three years. When we are finished for the season I shut the valve off carefully, but not really hard. Whenever the propane is refilled the attendant only uses hand pressure to turn off the valve, so I do the same.
senf 10/31/14 06:11pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Can Not Figure Out Rear Window Leak!

We had a leak "fixed" professionally, only to find that it came back. It turned out to be the roof vent/fan seal at the roof. The leaking water appeared at the top of the windscreen and dripped onto the dash. From what little I could see in the video, I would suggest you check out or reseal any holes in the roof for the roof racks, roof fan vent, even running lights. Water is unpredictable.
senf 10/22/14 09:45pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Dynamax 24RB B+ only $69k. Lower prices coming?

I am not sure what is going on, but as an expatriate Brit - the price shows as 69k pounds sterling, or 1.8 x 69 = cdn $ 124k or 1.6 x 69k = us $ 110k. Even so the price is not high in the present market place.
senf 10/22/14 09:31pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Roadtrek 2008 Chevy Versatile TV

Thanks TinyoneRV, you clarified enough for me to get a great picture from a video, a lousy picture from the antenna, and no picture from cable because I cannot reach my house outlet. The confusion was because a red adapter was on the yellow cable. I need to invest some $$$ it seems - if only to get a Jack antenna head - or I could move to a better location.
senf 10/14/14 11:20pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Roadtrek 2008 Chevy Versatile TV

We have been travelling four years wihout a TV. I unhooked the screen and removed it to storage. Now it is being reinstalled. Can anyone tell me in which sockets the plugs go? The power and the cable plugs are easy. I guessed the black audio has only one socket, but the red plug? Photos anyone?
senf 10/12/14 10:30pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: water heater winterizing question

What a waste of wine!!!!!
senf 10/10/14 10:36pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Water Heater Bypass Idea's

X 2. That's what I did on our old 1996 RT Versatile. Easy plumbing.
senf 10/10/14 10:25pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Smog Check Experience

I was in an auto supply store (Canadian Tire) that had a kit for about 25 dollars. This kit consisted of a plug for the cigarette lighter connected to a plug for the OBD-II reader. The instructions told you how to save your vehicle settings should you replace your battery or have to disconnect it. I haven't tried one of these devices, so other than the above I cannot comment.
senf 09/03/14 08:00pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: installing second battery in 2004 roadtrek

Interesting! My two batteries are reversed to yours. The optional battery being behind the rear wheel. Both batteries are seated in metal trays. The metal trays are attached to slides which are also attached to the sides of the compartment. The battery weight is distributed across the metal tray and then onto the slides and the sides of the compartment. If the optional battery is installed at delivery, I very much doubt that any reinforcement would be needed, however, there would be something to enable the battery to be held rigidly in place - such as a tray. Roadtrek Service will no doubt have an answer. Connecting two 12 volt batteries together requires parallel connections - positive to positive, negative to negative. Use the same cable thickness or gauge as the existing battery.
senf 09/03/14 07:40pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Did your summer travel plans work out?

Definitely NOT. Early June we started off for San Diego following the old US 99 through Washington and Oregon. We made an number of side trips to photograph wooden covered bridges in Oregon. We reached the California northern border with temperatures around 98F. Experienced the same problem as the previous aborted trip to San Diego - loss of 4th & 3rd gears, ABS light on, speedo reading zero. In Yreka, 104F, the problem thought to be heat related. In Redding, 108F, DW & RT had enough. We headed for the coast where it was 54F and returned to Canada without even a suggestion of the problem. The problem was eventually diagnosed as the Vehicle Speed Sensor, which was replaced. So far, we have had no re-occurrence, nor have we had any really hot weather. Currently we are in Ontario, by way of BC, AB, SK, ND, SD, MN, IA, IL, IN, MI and headed for Quebec.
senf 08/23/14 07:40pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Roadtrek Tire size 225/75 versus 245/75

Our previous 1996 Roadtrek 190V on a Dodge chassis had factory supplied Michelin LTX tires. They didn't last a year and were replaced with Bridgestones. That improved the steering somewhat and stopped the squishy feeling due to the soft Michelin sidewalls. However, until I fitted spacers on the back wheels to line up the tracking with the front wheels the steering still was not good. People swear by Michelin, I have only had cause to swear at them. Handbasket has it right.
senf 08/08/14 07:53pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Charging the engine battery

Actually it depends on whether you have an isolator or a separator. In the case of the former - no, in the case of the latter - yes. We have a separator on our 2008 Chevy 190V and have replaced it once because of it being faulty - not charging the coach batteries while driving. Both coach and chassis batteries are now charged when driving and again on shore power. There is a caveat and that has to do with the charged state of the "local" battery - chassis battery when driving and coach battery on shore power. I have used a "clamp" multi-meter to check this out for my own satisfaction.
senf 08/08/14 07:35pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Dead Batteries

How about a couple of floor jacks under the front axle and a service vehicle hydraulic lift under the back and ease it out backwards. Easier than messing with the transmission
senf 07/20/14 10:02pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions

We had ants in our town house crawl space. The floor was dirt covered with a thin skim of concrete which eventually developed cracks. Ants galore - but I filled the cracks with Borax (powder) and no more ants!! Have also used Borax outside on flagstone pathways - same result. Later in our 5th wheel we had ants enter via the power cable access so Borax was put all over the floor of the access area - no more ants!!!
senf 07/19/14 09:31pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Hymer - Ducato in Nanaimo

Here are some images of a recent visitor on Vancouver Island. Not much longer, if at all, than our RT, but very slick looking. http://sen-f.ca/main/page_rv_info_hymerducato.html
senf 07/09/14 08:45pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Chev RT190V ABS light,Speedo Zero,Gear loss

Another sags hopefully ends happily. In 2013 travelling Colorado east to west, up mountains, down mountains then on the flat the ABS light came on, no gear and speedo to zero. We drifted over to the side of the road and stopped with what little brake we had. No cell towers in range. Along came two cyclists who took my BCAA (AAA) number and phoned when they got to the next town. About an hour or so later a flat bed from Gunnison turned up, loaded the RT and off we went to John Roberts Motors. This sort of thing only happens at the end of the day and end of the week prior to a long week end. After a night on the dealer's lot in amidst all the cars for sale, the owner had one of his technicians check the problem. An ABS code was set but nothing found, so the code was reset. An offer to change the EBCM was declined because we would have to wait until Tuesday after the long weekend for the part to be ordered. If you are in trouble in Gunnison, see John Roberts Motors - they were very helpful and understanding. We made our way back to Canada, cancelling our intended trip to San Diego, through Montana and Wyoming without incident. However, between Osoyoos and Princeton the problem happened twice more. Neither my usual service place nor the local GM dealer could resolve the problem. Moving on to 2014, we decided to make the trip to San Diego, before we head east this year. We made our way down parts of the old US 99 through Washington and Oregon, where we travelled hither and yon to photograph covered wooden bridges. We crossed the border into California, 98 F, up the Anderson Grade and down the other side. Just before Yreka the problem occurred again. The last 5 miles were in second gear (limp mode) and Yreka was 104 F. No help available in Yreka, but Tim's Transmission surmised it was heat related mis-communication between control modules and suggested that the GM dealer in Redding would be able to help. We arrived in Redding to 108 F temperature and humid. Not only was the RT objecting but so was DW. That night we slept with the air-conditioning on - never have had to do that before. The next morning we headed for the coast and experienced a couple of problem stoppages on the way. The temperature at the coast was 54 F. We made our way home, cancelling the San Diego visit for the second time, without any more occurrences. During all of the above the engine thermometer registered 100 (plus a fraction going up hill or less a fraction going down hill). The symptoms were documented and C&S Transmission did a diagnosis and advised going to the local GM dealer. The service manager at Laird Wheaton read the symptoms and listened to my tale. He assigned his top technician who checked a number of items and came up with the Vehicle Speed Sensor having a low voltage reading and spikes on the waveform. The VSS has been changed and we leave mid July or later for our usual trip east to see the children and grandchildren. Is the problem fixed? We shall see!!!!!
senf 07/03/14 11:31pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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