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RE: Roadtrek Tire size 225/75 versus 245/75

Our previous 1996 Roadtrek 190V on a Dodge chassis had factory supplied Michelin LTX tires. They didn't last a year and were replaced with Bridgestones. That improved the steering somewhat and stopped the squishy feeling due to the soft Michelin sidewalls. However, until I fitted spacers on the back wheels to line up the tracking with the front wheels the steering still was not good. People swear by Michelin, I have only had cause to swear at them. Handbasket has it right.
senf 08/08/14 07:53pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Charging the engine battery

Actually it depends on whether you have an isolator or a separator. In the case of the former - no, in the case of the latter - yes. We have a separator on our 2008 Chevy 190V and have replaced it once because of it being faulty - not charging the coach batteries while driving. Both coach and chassis batteries are now charged when driving and again on shore power. There is a caveat and that has to do with the charged state of the "local" battery - chassis battery when driving and coach battery on shore power. I have used a "clamp" multi-meter to check this out for my own satisfaction.
senf 08/08/14 07:35pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Dead Batteries

How about a couple of floor jacks under the front axle and a service vehicle hydraulic lift under the back and ease it out backwards. Easier than messing with the transmission
senf 07/20/14 10:02pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions

We had ants in our town house crawl space. The floor was dirt covered with a thin skim of concrete which eventually developed cracks. Ants galore - but I filled the cracks with Borax (powder) and no more ants!! Have also used Borax outside on flagstone pathways - same result. Later in our 5th wheel we had ants enter via the power cable access so Borax was put all over the floor of the access area - no more ants!!!
senf 07/19/14 09:31pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Hymer - Ducato in Nanaimo

Here are some images of a recent visitor on Vancouver Island. Not much longer, if at all, than our RT, but very slick looking. http://sen-f.ca/main/page_rv_info_hymerducato.html
senf 07/09/14 08:45pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Chev RT190V ABS light,Speedo Zero,Gear loss

Another sags hopefully ends happily. In 2013 travelling Colorado east to west, up mountains, down mountains then on the flat the ABS light came on, no gear and speedo to zero. We drifted over to the side of the road and stopped with what little brake we had. No cell towers in range. Along came two cyclists who took my BCAA (AAA) number and phoned when they got to the next town. About an hour or so later a flat bed from Gunnison turned up, loaded the RT and off we went to John Roberts Motors. This sort of thing only happens at the end of the day and end of the week prior to a long week end. After a night on the dealer's lot in amidst all the cars for sale, the owner had one of his technicians check the problem. An ABS code was set but nothing found, so the code was reset. An offer to change the EBCM was declined because we would have to wait until Tuesday after the long weekend for the part to be ordered. If you are in trouble in Gunnison, see John Roberts Motors - they were very helpful and understanding. We made our way back to Canada, cancelling our intended trip to San Diego, through Montana and Wyoming without incident. However, between Osoyoos and Princeton the problem happened twice more. Neither my usual service place nor the local GM dealer could resolve the problem. Moving on to 2014, we decided to make the trip to San Diego, before we head east this year. We made our way down parts of the old US 99 through Washington and Oregon, where we travelled hither and yon to photograph covered wooden bridges. We crossed the border into California, 98 F, up the Anderson Grade and down the other side. Just before Yreka the problem occurred again. The last 5 miles were in second gear (limp mode) and Yreka was 104 F. No help available in Yreka, but Tim's Transmission surmised it was heat related mis-communication between control modules and suggested that the GM dealer in Redding would be able to help. We arrived in Redding to 108 F temperature and humid. Not only was the RT objecting but so was DW. That night we slept with the air-conditioning on - never have had to do that before. The next morning we headed for the coast and experienced a couple of problem stoppages on the way. The temperature at the coast was 54 F. We made our way home, cancelling the San Diego visit for the second time, without any more occurrences. During all of the above the engine thermometer registered 100 (plus a fraction going up hill or less a fraction going down hill). The symptoms were documented and C&S Transmission did a diagnosis and advised going to the local GM dealer. The service manager at Laird Wheaton read the symptoms and listened to my tale. He assigned his top technician who checked a number of items and came up with the Vehicle Speed Sensor having a low voltage reading and spikes on the waveform. The VSS has been changed and we leave mid July or later for our usual trip east to see the children and grandchildren. Is the problem fixed? We shall see!!!!!
senf 07/03/14 11:31pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Changing units.

A few years back, we were looking at a Safari Trek, Class A; they came in two lengths 24 feet and 28 feet. They had the "magic bed" which came down from the ceiling. Maybe you can find one of the smaller ones.
senf 07/01/14 11:03pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Replacing Hankook with Michelin LTX A/T2 LT245/75 R16

My experience with the old Michelin was not good and I believe the dealers when they say that the sidewalls are softer than Bridgestone which replaced the Michelins. I recently replaced another set of Bridgestones with Goodyear Wrangler SRA M+S LT245/75/R16 E which were rated the same but quieter. They are somewhat quieter, definitely smoother, but have only 19000+ kms (12000 miles) on them. They still look new enough (at the 19000 km mark) for the Canadian Border Services to question whether they were purchased in the USA. The existing TPMS were replaced with Schrader 33000 Sensors.
senf 06/25/14 11:51pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Scariest Place You've Taken Your B

Sometime in the late 1990's we camped near Pikes Peak. Because we couldn't get a reservation on the cog railway up to the top for several days ahead, we decided to drive our RT 190V Dodge up - hey! all those cars were going up, why not us? The road was mainly dirt, two way traffic, no lines and no edge markers. All I could see was space beyond the side of the road. To make it more "exciting" and raise the already high blood pressure situation, dump trucks were rushing up and down the mountain. Those going up ahead would dump their load right in the middle of the already narrow road, giving you a choice of driving over newly dumped soft dirt or going right out to the edge to get past. When we finally arrived at the top and parked, we found that we were not the only ones with rubbery legs. Some people didn't get out of their vehicles for five minutes or more. On the way down, in second and some times first gear, everyone was subject to a brake heat check. We failed the check and had to spend time in a parking area until the brakes cooled and pass the brake check again. The next most scariest drive was the "Million Dollar per Mile" Ouray-Durango highway. At least it was paved and had line markings. I agree that the Vancouver Island road #4 was not a comfortable ride between Parksville and Port Alberni, and even today it can be treacherous. However, I don't recall even one 18 degree hill on the way. One or two 8 degree hills perhaps. The steepest hill I have encountered so far on the island is going up to the ski resort at Mt. Washington at 12 degrees.
senf 06/19/14 10:28pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Roadtrek house battery cover

The cover on our RT has a section that sits in front of the rear wheel arch. The wing-nut is screwed into the wheel arch through a hole in the section. This prevents the cover from separating from the van. However, we also have a handle that is spring loaded and pulls down to engage the bottom edge of the cover against the van body. The velcro strip works, but I am not sure how well. If you were to fasten the bottom edge of your cover to the underside of the battery tray, on a removable basis, the cover would not come off, inadvertently. I did a lot of experimenting to eliminate rattles. One was to put a strip of electrical tape along the edge of the upper and lower metal flanges. Another was to put a strip of electrical tape on the body of the van at the level of the top edge of the cover. Another was to wrap all of the door latch bars with electrical tape to minimize rattle and play. The worst offender turned out to be the spare tire vertical shaft which could be cured by lubrication for a short while. The solution was to put shims on either side at the hinge bolt.
senf 05/27/14 11:10pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Something drawing on my battery

nbking - I expect you have a faulty separator/isolator. I had similar symptoms and went through all the diagnostic motions. Finally came to the separator - replaced it and and have had not trouble since. At the same time I had a manually operated emergency start system installed using the coach batteries ( just like I had on our 96 Dodge RT).
senf 05/10/14 11:30pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions

I had a leak about 2 months ago that I thought came from the tri-windows. Anyhow, Broco Glass investigated and said they were ok, apparently they use a hose and lots of water to test. The problem turned out to be from snow lying on the roof top, eventually melting and the water finding its way inside, via the running lights. Only electrical tape around the wires was keeping previous rain at bay.
senf 05/03/14 11:34pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: What Did You Do To Your Class B Today ?

Finally got around to installing a screen on the side cargo door. The factory supplied screen by BugBarrier is a great screen and heavy duty mesh, but when it comes to unzipping and re-zipping to get in and out it is a pain. Besides which, the velcro hook pieces were separating from the glue strips leaving a sticky mess on the doorway. This mess was cleared up eventually, but not before trying heat, goop, mineral spirits and finally WD40 & Methyl Hydrate alternately on rags and lots of elbow grease. The new screen, Magic Mesh,bought at a local hardware store, has more info at www.magicmeshinfo.com. There are two panels. The LHS panel was installed full width, which put the opening in the centre of the door walkway (the rear of the two side doors remains closed and is used for the left hand edge of the LHS panel). The RHS panel needed to be cut off on the RHS. Both panels were too long and were shortened. Because the sticky tape comes through the mesh on the RHS panel, electrical tape was used to cover each one. The original Velcro strips were about 4 inches long, but were cut in two to provide a better fit for the mesh over the curves of the van body. The raw panel edges will be sealed with carpet tape or something similar.
senf 05/02/14 10:16pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: More help/info please.

When I had the wheels rotated, I watched the mechanics put a floor jack under the right front axle, another under the left front axle and the third floor jack under the rear differential. The RT remained up in the air like this until each wheel had the weights checked and re-installed in the rotation. I have always used the axle to jack up, especially if servicing a wheel or tire. However, I prefer using ramps if I am going to work underneath the vehicle.
senf 03/26/14 09:17pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Alternatives for storing sewer dump assembly - sanitary?

On our 1996 Dodge RT we used to store the fitting in a small plastic bucket with a lid. The bucket originally contained material for repairing drywall or something like that. It was about one gallon size. No doubt you can find something of that nature in a hardware store. Ours was round, but a square or rectangular one would be a better fit.
senf 03/24/14 09:58pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: RT 210 and 22' TT

When we looked at travel trailers, before our fifth wheel, we found most 22/21 foot TTs to be around 6000 lbs or less. There are some very light weight TTs on the market, so the RT210 could have been pulling one of those, say in the 3000 lb range. We shall never know.
senf 03/18/14 11:44pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: taking out rear air coditioner (Roadtrek)

What about trying Black Streak remover? Not only does it work on RVs but I use it to clean the mould and grunge off my house eavetroughs.
senf 03/15/14 10:43pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Generator pull on 95 roadtrek 210 Popular

Our 1996 Dodge 190V Onan 2800 was mounted inside the body, but accessed from ithe outside - it was noisy inside and vibrated too much to even think about sleeping as it was located under the head of the bed on the driver side. Our 2008 Chev 190V Onan 2800 is mounted underneath. The "muffler" mod has been done. Yes, I have had my afternoon nap with the generator running. We often use it when boondocking for microwave cooking and for hot drinks using our electric kettle. Walking back to the RT, while the generator is running, you do notice it as you get within 50 ft, but it is just a purr when inside. We try to park so that the exhaust faces a roadway or other non-inhabited area. At home, it is run for half an hour every fifteen days and I sometimes forget that it is running even though I am in the front garden nearby. Cummins/Onan have a dealer locator website. Just type Onan 2800 and you will get all sorts of stuff.
senf 03/15/14 10:18pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: 2004 RoadTrek 190 Versatile

We added air bags to the rear and tried to add springs to the front (all for a couple of inches front and back) however the front springs recommended by the supplier didn't fit. This was after we had bottomed out on a trail in Newfoundland and had to replace the double waste valve 'Y' that feeds into the macerator. If you search "Photog's Lifted Suspension 2009 Roadtrek 190V", Author Photog, correspondents Peteco, Booster, circa May 2011 and earlier, you will find a whole raft of stuff on lifting.
senf 02/13/14 11:35pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Interior Mold Control During the Winter

Just to be different, we use a 40 watt lamp with a tin can opened at both ends as a chimney above the lamp. The tin can chimney sits on three pieces of wire screwed into the the wooden base that the lamp socket is screwed into. The chimney causes a flow of heated air to circulate. All cupboard doors and drawers are left open, but the van is closed up. The 40 Watt lamp is plugged into a timer which comes on at night and shuts off at daylight. There is never any mould on the inside, just on the outside of the RV. This method has been successful for us since 1996 and the cost is negligible. With the coming ban on incandescent lamps, I purchased 16 the other day, so we should be ok for about 32 more years. By that time we should be in a retirement home or pushing up the daisies.
senf 02/11/14 09:08pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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