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RE: New to the class B world

How about exercising your generator 30 minutes twice per month? I have never had generator trouble since we started using a generator in 1996 (two Roadtreks). We have had our present RT five years and only have 97.8 hours on it.
senf 05/21/15 10:41pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Dodge Roadtrek Floor mats

The mats in our Roadtrek 1996 and present 2008 were custom made for or by Roadtrek. I recently decided that the driver side needed to be replaced and couldn't come up with a carpet replacement. So both driver and passenger foot well mats were replaced by rubber ones. Not quite as nice looking, but more serviceable and easier to clean. If I have a concern, it will be the movement of the driver side mat up underneath the pedals. The rubber mats do have spikes on the underside, so maybe they won't move. Cannot remember having a centre floor mat in front of the doghouse. We buy a mat to fit the area between the two front seats, another to fit in the entrance doorway, another to fit at the rear of the dropped floor and a runner to cover the dropped floor. The fun part is trying to colour co-ordinate them.
senf 04/04/15 12:00am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: What Did You Do To Your Class B Today ?

I finished painting the awning caps yesterday and snapped them on today. Cleaned the back of the awning and persuaded a neighbour to leave his own RV chores and help me put the awning on the Roadtrek. Lined up the rivet holes, pumped them full of silicon sealer and put the rivets in. Lubricated the awning arm knuckles and the stays with silicon. Wound the awning fully out and in a couple of times and it is ready for the summer sun.
senf 04/02/15 09:21pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: What Did You Do To Your Class B Today ?

It rained and with the tarpaulin now covering the rear 2/3rds there was NO sign of a leak. Which means that previously the rain ran along the gutter from the back to the front (vehicle on slight downhill slope facing the road purposely) and found a way inside. Despite two applications of Captain Tolleys Creeping Crack Cure. So I picked up a small tube of marine silicone at our local auto/marine hardware store and ran a very thin bead on both driver and passenger sides. Ran a second bead on both sides and smoothed it in with my finger. Covered up with the tarpaulin again to let the silicon cure. Sprayed it with the hose today and no sign of the leak. The inside fabric was sprayed with "Folex", scrubbed with a toothbrush then dabbed with paper towels to remove the stain and much of the moisture. Then a small fan was used to dry it out overnight. Where the passenger side gutter seal was covered by the awning the gutter seal was all dried and cracked, so a layer of silicon was rubbed into it. The silicon went a long way as there is at least a third of the tube left. Maybe silicon is not the right stuff to use on the gutter seal, but if I wait for a reply from Roadtrek, I might drown in the meantime!!!
senf 04/01/15 10:37pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: What Did You Do To Your Class B Today ?

Ha! It rained overnight and despite my best efforts the leak still persists. Either Captain Tolleys Creeping Crack Cure is******or I haven't yet found the source of the leak. The latter is more likely! I covered the front 2/3rds with a tarpaulin. It rained, it leaked! So I moved the tarp to cover the back 2/3rds. Now we wait for rain again! In the meantime I am re-painting the end caps of the Fiamma awning. The folks at Fiamma are right on the ball. I emailed a question on Sunday night and had an answer by noon PDT. My enquiry to Roadtrek regarding the material used in the gutter is still outstanding - 4 business days.
senf 03/30/15 10:37pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: What Did You Do To Your Class B Today ?

GaryKH - There was a leak on the driver side in the gutter. Experience has taught me that I can expect the same trouble in a similar area. So I am sealing the passenger side gutter as well. Today, I drilled out the rest of each rivet, cleaned off the caulking around the rivet holes, temporarily stopped up the rivet holes, washed off the grunge and mould on the side of the roof, applied and re-applied sealant along the edge next to the roof. Now it can rain, overnight!!!
senf 03/28/15 11:57pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Jumpstart from auxiliary battery

After a new chassis battery failed on our first Roadtrek (1996) and we were in the middle of the Redwoods in northern California, on our return home, I had our local mechanic wire a coach battery boost switch. I wouldn't be without one. It was one of the first modifications done on our present rig and worth every penny.
senf 03/27/15 11:41pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: What Did You Do To Your Class B Today ?

I drilled out the rivets securing the Fiamma awning. Then I tied up one end of the awning while I lifted the other end down. Then untied the other end and carried it into the garage. It is heavy!!! Expect I will have to have help to put it back, and I need to locate some 3/16 inch rivets which will handle the 1/4 inch thickness of the combined awning and mounting plate. The purpose of removing the awning was to reseal the gutter seal which sits directly beneath the awning. What a mess behind the awning!!! I resealed the opposite side's seal using Captain Tolleys Creeping Crack Cure. The awning side will have to wait for another day.
senf 03/27/15 11:23pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Why do we carry a spare tire around?

If I didn't have a Continental spare tire, I would have to find another place to mount my BBQ platform - and that is seriously inconvenient!!!
senf 03/27/15 11:02pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Perfect BBQ for a B

We use the Magma. After many hours of research for size and efficiency.
senf 02/05/15 06:28pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Parking on concrete slab

I used to put my RT on plywood to get it off the concrete on one side and the gravel on the other. Now I just drive it once a month.
senf 01/11/15 09:58pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: getting van camper serviced

Our first Roadtrek 190V was always serviced by our local Dodge dealer, with no problems of doors, lift capacity or height. The problem was diagnosing and fixing troubles. When we were on the other side of the continent (east) the Dodge dealer there had just one hoist large enough with the clearance needed. Our present Roadtrek 190V Chev gets serviced by Budget Brakes & Muffler (a franchised chain in Canada) and the local Budget place can take a 33 foot long Class A. I questioned him on servicing Sprinter vans and his reply was just another import that had to be learned, though he felt getting parts was more difficult than it should be. Budget has done everything, including installing extra switches, oil changes, leaking seals, rear air shocks, alignment, lube oil & filter, rotate tires, new batteries install, etc., etc. The Budget franchisee is a real hands on type, and has his 2 i/c run the office. The 2 i/c is no slouch either, he is a transmission expert. There is no substitute for a good mechanical, electronic technician and they don't seem to be working for the dealers.
senf 01/11/15 09:32pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: How is your van Insulated?

Considering it is built in Canada, the company has done a poor job. Neither our 1996 RT Dodge was nor our current Chevvy Versatile is properly insulated. None behind the Microwave, Hot water heater, and none behind the panel covering the TV antenna wires in the wardrobe and the wardrobe itself. This is demonstrated on cold mornings by the heat loss patches showing on the outside of the vehicle's body. This has been confirmed visually inside.
senf 11/12/14 09:13pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Help - Propane valve stuck closed

Happened to us too. Campground owner opened valve with channel lock pliers and has been working ok for last three years. When we are finished for the season I shut the valve off carefully, but not really hard. Whenever the propane is refilled the attendant only uses hand pressure to turn off the valve, so I do the same.
senf 10/31/14 06:11pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Can Not Figure Out Rear Window Leak!

We had a leak "fixed" professionally, only to find that it came back. It turned out to be the roof vent/fan seal at the roof. The leaking water appeared at the top of the windscreen and dripped onto the dash. From what little I could see in the video, I would suggest you check out or reseal any holes in the roof for the roof racks, roof fan vent, even running lights. Water is unpredictable.
senf 10/22/14 09:45pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Dynamax 24RB B+ only $69k. Lower prices coming?

I am not sure what is going on, but as an expatriate Brit - the price shows as 69k pounds sterling, or 1.8 x 69 = cdn $ 124k or 1.6 x 69k = us $ 110k. Even so the price is not high in the present market place.
senf 10/22/14 09:31pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Roadtrek 2008 Chevy Versatile TV

Thanks TinyoneRV, you clarified enough for me to get a great picture from a video, a lousy picture from the antenna, and no picture from cable because I cannot reach my house outlet. The confusion was because a red adapter was on the yellow cable. I need to invest some $$$ it seems - if only to get a Jack antenna head - or I could move to a better location.
senf 10/14/14 11:20pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Roadtrek 2008 Chevy Versatile TV

We have been travelling four years wihout a TV. I unhooked the screen and removed it to storage. Now it is being reinstalled. Can anyone tell me in which sockets the plugs go? The power and the cable plugs are easy. I guessed the black audio has only one socket, but the red plug? Photos anyone?
senf 10/12/14 10:30pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: water heater winterizing question

What a waste of wine!!!!!
senf 10/10/14 10:36pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Water Heater Bypass Idea's

X 2. That's what I did on our old 1996 RT Versatile. Easy plumbing.
senf 10/10/14 10:25pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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