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RE: Sooooo... Do you lock your door?

I live in Canada so the answer is no.
shum02 07/26/15 09:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Anybody towing 36', 9000lb TT with F150 HD payload ecoboost

So based on all comments it looks like I am going f250 or f350. Yes ford because that is what DW likes best. Also I test drove both 6.2 and 6.7. I like the diesel better. It would take a lot to get used to the gas with hp/torque at high rpm after the ecoboost. I am not happy with the ride in either. The diesel was better I think. Both I tested were 20" wheels with a/t tires. The set on the gasser were fairly aggressive. Plan to try and find or get 18" wheels with a/s tires. Will this help the ride noticeably? Really want to try and make it at least somewhat better. The other thing that bothered me was the steering. It was very unresponsive, almost "loose" compared to my f150. I had to move the wheel a greater distance to do corrections while going down the road. I think this would get tiring while on the highway with semi traffic and constant minor adjustments requiring lots of steering input vs the very small movements of the f150. Any comments on this? I also miss my F150's steering but the system in the SD trucks is HD, meant for hauling and taking a lot more weight than the F150. They really are apples and oranges and related only by the badges they have on the front grill. I will say that the FX4 package comes with a factory steering damper and use to be at least on my truck upgraded power steering box. It makes a worthwhile difference. When you look under these trucks and compare them to the F150, well there is NO comparison, they are just way bigger, leaf springs, axles, front coils, brakes...........
shum02 07/25/15 05:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Anybody towing 36', 9000lb TT with F150 HD payload ecoboost

Also, you are relying heavily on some newer technologies that are not yet well proven. I would temper my expectations a bit to allow for any possible shortcomings. If you're referring to the EB engine it is by now a very proven and reliable technology. Power wise it will most certainly get the job done. I used to think that too.. until I ran out of payload.. now I have a RAM 2500 with the cummins 6.7L Seriously?! Night and day, apples and oranges on these two trucks and engines :R
shum02 07/23/15 04:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Anybody towing 36', 9000lb TT with F150 HD payload ecoboost

Also, you are relying heavily on some newer technologies that are not yet well proven. I would temper my expectations a bit to allow for any possible shortcomings. If you're referring to the EB engine it is by now a very proven and reliable technology. Power wise it will most certainly get the job done.
shum02 07/22/15 12:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Anybody towing 36', 9000lb TT with F150 HD payload ecoboost

Why buy an "Almost F-250" when the real things are easier to find and about the same price? ... Because you can get an ecoboost in the "Almost F-250", which is a huge advantage for every day use. Not to mention more parking lot friendly. My F350 is only slightly longer and wider than my former CC F150 with 6.5' box. Both need the same size parking spots - big! Get the F250, no question it will tow it without being on the bleeding edge.
shum02 07/22/15 09:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Rear slide RV's that are less than 25 feet

I believe the issues I heard about leaks along the rear slide were during towing, not during usage on site. This may have been on some of the earlier models (gasket seal issues?) and those issues may have been addressed through revised design on later models. Had my rear slide since '07 and NEVER had an issue with rear slide water intrusion.
shum02 07/17/15 12:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ford 2.7 v6 Turbo

The 2.7 may well pull the trailer, but going is only half of the trip. The 2 biggest differences I noticed going from a 5.4 F150 to the 3.5 EB F150 were the huge increase in pulling power, but the lack of engine braking going down hills. I'm on the brakes much more than with the V8. I'm no engineer, and some may show me that I'm wrong, but I would not want to reduce the displacement any more than I already have. I've got 2 Ecoboosts - one in the car and one in the F150. Both have less engine braking than a naturally aspirated engine. Both seem to have nothing until it gets into 2nd gear. Although the Tow/Haul mode in the F150 is outstanding. And, yes the F150 is capable. It's about where the 3/4 tons were 10-15 years ago. My 6.0L Power Stroke is no different. You HAVE to use T/H in order to use engine/transmission/exhaust braking.
shum02 07/15/15 10:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Ford 2.7 v6 Turbo

http://www.ford.com/trucks/f150/specifications/towing/ Max tow looks to be about 8,500 lbs. The 3.5 ecoboost has a max tow of over 12,000. Depending on gearing it MIGHT make it, but I'd stick with the 3.5. http://www.ford.com/trucks/f150/specifications/engine/ My issues, does the specs for "Towing Rating" deal with aerodynamic drag?? My 2.8l diesel has tons of torque, but I still have to pull my 4400lbs of HTT down hills at interstate speeds. Ford specs accouts for 60 square feet of trailer frontal area.
shum02 07/14/15 06:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Taking goods and groceries into Canada

I've had zero issues going back and forth over the years. Just check Canada Border Services for updated list of products not welcome. Remember to check U.S Border Services when coming back home with Canadian goods as well.
shum02 07/13/15 01:44pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Cooling trailer while driving

Running a power cord illegal????? That's what I'm asking ... do you know for a fact that running a 120 vac cable between the TV & trailer, capable of carrying 20 - 30 amps, is legal? Have you looked into it? Having the truck > trailer 12 vdc cable shear in the case of a breakaway is one thing as the worst that will happen is the charge line fuse may blow and the brake controller may be destroyed but beyond that it meets all legal requirements for trailer towing. However, having bare ends carrying 120 vac flailing around in a similar situation seems to me to represent a significantly greater risk and I'm simply questioning whether this isn't addressed by some motor vehicle law which forbids such a practice. I'm just asking as I don't know the answer because I simply haven't thought about it before. :h I don't believe we have any laws in the Transportation Code that forbids it. That includes Canada. I've done it, no issues.
shum02 06/24/15 05:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: And the hits, they just keep coming....fan clutch issue

Start monitoring temps then and see what it is. Something IS heating up and the truck is trying to cool it down. Again, it's working like it's suppose to but maybe something is getting hot which is not suppose to.
shum02 06/24/15 01:55pm Tow Vehicles
RE: And the hits, they just keep coming....fan clutch issue

Sounds like the fan is working like it should , My '07 would scream at me too towing 7000lb rig up hill with the a/c on. Loud a heck. The F350 will do the same thing but it's even LOUDER!
shum02 06/24/15 08:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Teenagers getting bored

I have 2 teens, 16 and 15.....when we go camping all they do is lay around because they have no internet for their games or youtube videos. Any good ideas for something I can do or bring to occupy them or should I leave them at home? Buy them a Boy Scout Handbook and a fishing rod for each. By that age we had permanent shelters built and stocked all down the river and local lakes. At night we built a fire, threw some foil-wrapped veggies (corn, potatoes) on the coals, and fished all night. We all got drivers licences that year, and joined the army at 17. we still fish the old spots. I am a Scout Leader.......... and that advice is so 40 years ago. 1974 has come and gone and kids today do NOT care about that. Try that and I guarantee they will absolutely not want to come on the next trip. Ask them what they want then come to a compromise. I've been a Troop Leader for 10 years, ask them what they want. Kids want to have input, they want to be involved, they want to be part of the process.
shum02 06/19/15 06:28pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Teenagers getting bored

How about some internet/tech time during the day? Cutting off "tech kids" from all of it does not do anyone any good these days. When this started happening with mine I ended up bring along the xbox for short stints and allowed internet access for chat/facebook etc through my mobile hotspot. Once they had access to there online friends for a short period during the day they got their "fix" and where happy the rest. A little give and take worked for me and I can still get them to come on occasion still ;)
shum02 06/19/15 12:33pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Honda eu3000 overload running carrier air v for 5 minutes

you are at your max with the A/C on. turn everything else off or to gas. With a 13.5 a/c unit? No way, the Honda still has some legs in it to carry some more load. Just for fun I've seen these units carry the a/c unit and the microwave before overloading. I'm guessing everything is good on shore power?
shum02 06/19/15 12:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Towing with Tailgate Down ?

The longer/higher tailgate of the new F150's WILL hit your jack. Take it off, the tailgate that is.
shum02 06/10/15 08:44am Travel Trailers
RE: X- Chocks , kinda

I've read with interest all these X chock threads but, one question keeps popping into my head. What happens when you forget to remove them and drive away?? It looks like if you did that it would damage your TT or tires. I forget my cheap orange chocks all the time. It never hurts anything. I just go opps, and then go back and pick them up. With the 4 trailer tires locked up you cant just drive forward away and over the chocks. I suppose that's true. After a few feet you would quickly notice that something was wrong when you were dragging the tires. The tires might give enough through for them to pop out of there and do some damage? Mine never have. Just keep dragging along till I stop and pull them out. I modded my "allthread" design to the pipe clamp version. No tools required, DW likes that :)
shum02 06/05/15 12:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Bringing teenagers...leave tech at home or no?

It rained all day last trip and everyone was cooped up inside. I tried to get everyone to play games or cards (I mean who doesn't like UNO), but they just wanted to be on their phone. Left me bored out of my mind since everyone wouldn't disconnect. My DW and DD(who still comes on occasion) can sit and read books till the cows come home while camping, I mean glued to them(paper or e-books)leaves me in the same spot. Puttering around the camper/campsite looking for things to occupy my time till the sun shines again ;) I sometimes feel if they where online we could at least talk about what we're browsing......but ever try to have a conversation with someone who deep into a book?! Not!
shum02 06/05/15 09:21am RV Lifestyle
RE: Bringing teenagers...leave tech at home or no?

Outside of family events such as eating together and such try taking it away and see what happens. It's a tech addiction, no different than drugs, go cold turkey and you'll be turning the rig around with miserable kids in tow who will NOT want to do that again. You have to find some compromises.
shum02 06/05/15 08:50am RV Lifestyle
RE: E450 1st Transmission Oil Change?

I have a hard drive magnet on the bottom of my motor oil and trans pans but see a magnet is already there. I pulled WAY less metal off mine than in the video. I suspect that if you take even decent care of that transmission it will very likely last the life of the truck without any service work. I've had in the old days a few cars with the TH400 and C6 tran's and don't think in the life of the cars I ever changed the fluids :E Dragged them all off to the wreckers under their own power :)
shum02 05/31/15 07:06pm Class C Motorhomes
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