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RE: Jayco Hybrid Frame Failure

At this point I'd have the unit welded up and get on with life then pursue Jayco at my leisure. Although this is a real PITA it is not the end of the world in regards to writing off this unit - this is repairable. I'd also check with my insurance company.
shum02 12/16/14 04:23pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Ford, GM and Chrysler cash in on posh pickups

Been going on for years... Why is this "news"??? Yes, luxo trucks have been around. But it it a recent development that the luxo-trucks are now making up such a substantial proportion of overall profits. So the last 15 years is recent? When Ford built my '98 F150 Lariat they had two facilities working 6 days a week, 3 shifts a day with mandatory OT just to keep up. It's been going on a while.
shum02 12/16/14 08:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: winter dry camping - hygiene?

"un-winterize" and use all the stuff I got. Then when I get home I use a Flojet macerator to empty all the tanks. I do this half a dozen times at least every winter for camping.
shum02 12/16/14 08:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Aftermarket Exhaust for Ford 6.7L ??

They are usually "filter/CAT back" systems for the 6.7L. MBRP Exhaust They are still modified exhaust systems. Exhaust manufacturers of aftermarket diesel exhaust systems fined. If you care to read just a LITTLE they LIED about their CARB certification. Lordy! :R :S Dig below the surface, I know they taught you better in school.
shum02 12/11/14 04:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: Aftermarket Exhaust for Ford 6.7L ??

Forget about the noise maker. EPA will confiscate vehicles that do not have the oem emission system which includes everything to the tip of the tailpipe.To which I say bullfeathers. MRBP of Canada makes a great system that I had on my last truck and will put on my new to me 2008 Ford F-250. What you are saying is the only exhaust you can put on is a Ford exhaust. Places like Midas and any truck accessory shop will take that assertion about the EPA "confiscating" a vehicle and have a good laugh. Where did you hear this fairy tale? In a state with 40 million people, a county with 10 million people, (Los Angeles) I don't think you know what you are talking about. Certainly a canadian aftermarket exhaust is not CARB or EPA approved to give all of us clean air. Driving is a privelege, not a right. That privelege, should you abuse pollution laws, can indeed be revoked. They are usually "filter/CAT back" systems for the 6.7L. MBRP Exhaust
shum02 12/10/14 09:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Pounds "average family packs"

My KZ weighs approx. 5600lbs empty. Packed full of food, beverages, full water tanks(55g) and all our gear and "stuff" we are scaled at almost 7000lbs on the axles and over 900lbs on the tongue. Does not include the canoe, kayak, MT bikes, genny, fuel and other "stuff" in the back of the truck. 17000lbs+/- scaled combo. Eh, same fuel mileage loaded or not so why not :B
shum02 12/09/14 09:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Friction anti-sway device use in rain or wet roads

Only when I'm in snow do I loosen it. In my mind and experience rain/water does not count as slippery. In those cases slow down and drive for conditions, you should not have any issues with a frictions sway control or driving for that matter system if you follow that advise.
shum02 12/08/14 08:35am Towing
RE: Need a source for the fold down tent doors - building my own

Think he means HTT fold out tent ends/beds. A quick google search didn't come up with anything.
shum02 12/08/14 08:30am Toy Haulers
RE: Horrible Bumpy Ride in 1/2 ton pulling TT

...snip.......... I for one could not handle a larger HD truck. They are just too big for me. Not sure what you are talking about, as there is little, if any, difference in size between half ton and three quarter ton models. A dually is another story, but that is not what they are looking at. Actually there is a HUGE difference. I've owned 3 half ton F150's, my last being an '07 CC 4x4 with 6.5' box and it was 2000lbs lighter than the F350 I drive, shorter than the SD both in height and length and not near as wide. All things being equal including ride I would not swap the SD for the F150 - they are apples to oranges. Loved the F150 but it's not in the same league as my diesel F350.
shum02 12/05/14 08:32am Travel Trailers
RE: Horrible Bumpy Ride in 1/2 ton pulling TT

"Be careful with the Ford. They have had issues with the High Pressure Fuel pump in the last few years. Has been a common problem and they don't stand behind the warranty and will cost you a pile of cash to fix if you run into a problem. Not sure if they have fixed it for 2015 or not." Would you care to provide some (any?), documentation to support this claim? :R Read it on the internet :R 500000 units built.......how many issues...? Smooth ride and diesel pickup truck :h Usually I hear GM's ride is "smoother" but stick 1500lbs of cargo and passengers into any of them including my F350 and that will really improve the ride. Glad you're starting to get a handle on the hook-up of the rig and truck :C
shum02 12/04/14 07:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Aftermarket Exhaust for Ford 6.7L ??

Download an audio file of a 7.3L PSD with straight pipes and play it when your next to others.
shum02 12/03/14 08:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: My 2007 toy hauler 26 ft still pulls bad

Chances are that if it pulls really bad, the hitch is adjusted to tight. If you had a 1960's station wagon, then you must put weight on the front axle, and that is when the WD systems where developed, for CARS! A truck, especially a F-250 or F-350 that can handle the 1,000 pound hitch weight uses a WD system, it does not need to be very tight at all. The front axle starts out with well over 3,500 pounds on it, and is likely to not pop up in the air (like a CAR). The rear axle only has about 3,000 pounds on it, and the ride will benefit from the extra weight X 2 x3 I have my WDH on the minimum setting of the bars - 4 links on my Easi-lift with 900lb bars. It is almost pointless on 250/3500 series truck to fight the front springs pushing weight forward from a very unloaded rear axle. I have 900lbs of tongue weight with my KZ and had very weird handling until I quit treating the F350 like my F150 which need a LOT of front compression to move some weight forward off the rear axle. Once I backed off trying to move weight forward everything fell together on handling and ride. Don't fight the truck.
shum02 12/03/14 08:40am Toy Haulers
RE: Horrible Bumpy Ride in 1/2 ton pulling TT

OK, I see the OP stated a few pages back that the 7Klbs they quoted is dry weight. That will put the trailer at approx. 8200lbs ready to travel, that should give you a TW of around 1200lbs (12.5%). You may feel underpowered, but properly setup the truck will handle it. x2! Maybe not the best combo but it should "handle" the load without being as loose as the OP states it is. Plain and simple it is not hooked up right. Scaled weight, a tape measure, a set of wrenches and the WDH instructions should get the load under control.
shum02 12/02/14 05:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Horrible Bumpy Ride in 1/2 ton pulling TT

They don't need a new truck! The worst thing this combo would be is underpowered but it should not be driving like it's out of control. If they set up a 3/4 ton as well as this 1/2 ton they will have the same issues. 1st thing to do is make sure the entire combo is hooked up correctly.
shum02 12/02/14 08:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Horrible Bumpy Ride in 1/2 ton pulling TT

If you bought it at Holiday World in League City I can almost guarantee they set it up wrong. Or shall I say they didn't even try to do it right. Most dealers barely have a clue how to set up a WDH correctly and even when they get it close it's on an empty trailer and truck - NOT the one you're taking camping. You and DH are going to have to get out the manual for the hitch and do your very best to go through the instructions and set it up correctly. It's NOT rocket science and does not require much more tools than a tape measure and socket set, you can and will do better than the dealer's tech making minimum wage. I'm betting there is nothing wrong with the truck and trailer, the hitch is not set up correctly.
shum02 12/01/14 07:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Chinese to buy Travel Trailer company

China has long range goals and has the patience to use any method to achieve world domination...no matter how long it takes....take the time to study their methods....suggest you read the book...."CHINA...the gathering threat". 30 odd years ago we thought the same about the Japanese...........that cart sort of crashed on the way to market didn't it. China as we know it today will not make the long haul.
shum02 11/26/14 11:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Auxiliary Gas Tank for Tow Vehicle

Planning to purchase a new Ford F 350 with the diesel engine, crew cab and short bed. It only comes with a 26 gallon fuel tank. I would like to purchase an auxiliary fuel tank. Do any of you who have experience with these kinds of matters have any recommendations for me? Thank you in advance for your assistance. Careful! I've heard that Ford is not too keen on aux tanks on the new trucks. check with your dealer!
shum02 11/25/14 01:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford cruise control

.... Unfortunately not available on Super Duty's yet Yes, that is pretty much what we are talking about... Not everyone. Most seem to be blanketing the statement across the entire product line. Adjusting a CC to work while towing or being loaded to GVWR takes a bit of work and then throw a hill/mountain at the equation. Not totally sure but I have a feeling the engineers at Ford are probably aware of the problem and have been working on it. To bad they don't understand that people want results today, now............ Mine works great unloaded or towing on the flats but I totally agree it is VERY aggressive when under load. Usually kick it off myself because my right foot does a better job of fuel economy in the hills than the computer can anyway.
shum02 11/25/14 12:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford cruise control

I really don't understand all the bitc+++g. If you are unhappy with the noise levels, add some insulation to the dog house. If you are unhappy because it kicks down too easy, learn to shut it off on hills and just use the gas pedal at a moderate setting a so it kicks down at a slower speed. I've learned to put my foot on the throttle to over ride the CC when going down hill to pick up some speed. I will also kick it out of O/D a little early when climbing a hill to ease the shift and maintain the desired speed. In any event, the CC on my old F53, pulling a 5000 lb toad, works as good as I can expect. Its not that we are bitc+++g just pointing out that CC have not gotten better over the years as the rest of the chassis, same as with our Nissin truck, every time it gets to a hill the CC shuts off, they can develop a smart CC that knows its in the hills and slows down the speed and just down shift 1 gear and not 2 gears, when I am on a long hill and maintaining 45 mph I can do it in 4th gear but if I put the CC on it wants to go to 3rd gear. I think todays CC is the same as 30 years ago, nothing has changed in this department. So true with the Ford - our SUV (car also) shifts down one gear at a time - the change barely discernible. We can travel up and down Oregon's mountains w/o having to adjust the CC. BTW - the car also senses the speed of the vehicle in front and adjusts speed accordingly. Very relaxing - a far cry from the Ford where even the slightest grade too often results in a dramatic change in engine RPM's. Far past time for Ford to bring its CC up to today's level. You REALLY should pay attention to what is NEW and not what WAS. Ford's new vehicles do have "adaptive cruise control". Spend a little of your free time researching first. Ford adaptive cruise control Unfortunately not available on Super Duty's yet
shum02 11/25/14 05:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Life expectancy of pickup campers...

You can't afford an RV until you can afford the carport/shop/or covered storage for it. If that was the case your RV would cost as much as your garage and RV combined before storage because most of us can't afford to do an out building to house the RV, don't have the room for an out building, don't have a storage yard near us with enclosed storage or can't afford enclosed storage rental on top of the RV. As a result most of us would not have one and your unit cost would be through the roof due to low volumes. Absolutely silly comment.
shum02 11/22/14 06:42pm Truck Campers
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