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RE: Is it safe to use WD hitch when raining?

Sounds like you have too much weight taken off the rear axle. maybe try taking off a link or 2!I'm using the last link. Like recommended drop the hitch head back all the way. Maybe even drop it a notch. You don't need much compression with a HD truck. They will fight you if you put on to much.
shum02 10/07/15 06:47pm Towing
RE: Is it safe to use WD hitch when raining?

Also maybe too MUCH compression on the WDH. Check the weights and maybe back it off. With my 7000lb trailer and the F350 I have the WDH on the minimum number of links. The truck does not need much due to the much heavier axles of the bigger trucks. Maybe get yourself weighed and adjust the hitch. You're not driving a 1500/150 series truck, you don't need a lot of compression on the hitch with a 2500/250 truck and 7000lb trailer.
shum02 10/07/15 04:24am Towing
RE: May purchase Roadtrek with odometer in kilometers

When I go down to the US I have to convert everything BACK to metric, been out of the US Imperial game to long LOL! Start looking at everything you're buying...........we're slowly converting you and you don't even know it ;) It's 10 based, super easy.
shum02 10/02/15 11:04am Beginning RVing
RE: Will Towing a Keystone TH to Alaska Make it Fall Apart?

If you have full hook ups it could be done with planning. You would need two electric space heaters, and I would purchase the heating element for the a/c unit. You have the furnace as a last resort but I don't think you will need it very often. Make sure your water heater is gas and electric and use the electric. For sure you can stay comfortable with the above. Set the portable electric heaters at 70 and they should do a fairly good job of keeping it warm in there in all but the worst of weather. The bigger issue will be keeping hoses and tanks from freezing. Heated/insulated tanks, should suffice for your tanks- especially if you are hooked up and leave the valves open. Make sure the tanks are served by electric blankets and not insulated tanks that are feed by warm air from the furnace. You will want a solid pvc or other drain pipe from the rv to sewer. Take your water hose inside at night and leave it in the shower so it does not freeze or has a chance to unfreeze if the day was super cold. I would keep very little water in the water tank of the trailer and plan my showers for when the hose was hooked up... I will not be keeping water in it. Using electric tank heaters, elbow heaters and heat trace wire makes it more than possible if you where in the mood for the challenge. Do it all the time in my R7 rated KZ with only the occasional challenge. The Keystone is way better insulated than my rig, I'd consider it.
shum02 10/02/15 04:28am Toy Haulers
RE: Knowledgeable Ford person question?

Bird Freak writes Either Ford Truck Enthusiasts or The Diesel Stop may have MUCH better well informed information about how to troubleshoot and repair this problem than this forum from some of the off the wall answers I have been reading. I've been having a good giggle :B
shum02 10/02/15 04:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: Knowledgeable Ford person question?

Vacuum switch and under hood heat have both happened to me
shum02 09/30/15 03:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: TT broken into. I learned something about the door locks

Any RV can be opened with a large flat head screwdriver. Just pry the wall away from the door(or the other way round) and the door just opens up. Locks are only there to keep honest people out. I hate this phrase. It might keep the undetermined thieves out but does nothing for honest people. A thief is a thief. Honest people don't break in to anything and that's why locks only keep honest people out. A thief will break in if they want in, an RV lock will only keep out the extremely lazy thief at an RV yard.
shum02 09/28/15 04:30am Travel Trailers
RE: TT broken into. I learned something about the door locks

Any RV can be opened with a large flat head screwdriver. Just pry the wall away from the door(or the other way round) and the door just opens up. Locks are only there to keep honest people out.
shum02 09/22/15 01:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: New to RVing and Cold Weather Use

Any decently recent RV(10 YO or newer) will EASILY handle temps around the freezing mark and more. Fire up the furnace and/or bring some compact electric heaters and use them as well so you're not using all your propane. Tanks at that temp even exposed will be just fine if they have a decent amount of fluid in them, especially if temps are heading into the 50F/10C plus area during the day. I regularly camp at temps approaching -30C/-20F so I know a little about WINTER camping. You're camping in the shoulder season, it's easy peasy. What you are doing is not even close to hard core.
shum02 09/22/15 12:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Never-ending tale of woe F-150

When the manifold studs broke on my 03 5.4 I replaced the manifolds with a set of stainless steel shorty headers . One of the studs had broken off below the surface and I had to build up a bead and weld a nut on it . Its not that bad of a job on the 03 once you take the inner fenders off and then its easy access to the manifolds. The inner fenders are held on with a few bolts and snap fasteners. Done in one day then re torqued the bolts 2 wks later. Made a nice improvement in power and mileage. Having even a cheap mig welder makes short easy work of this job. Welded nuts onto my studs and with all that heat they backed out like they where installed 5 minutes ago :C
shum02 09/18/15 05:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Never-ending tale of woe F-150

If it disappears, I doubt the exhaust and spark plug leaks. My guess is a lifter. Change oil and filter to see if that helps. Chevy had many engines with a piston slap noise that acted the same as yours. After the pistons got warm and expanded the noise lessened. Ford might have a similar issue. Chevy wouldn't repair under warranty saying it is harmless. There was some piston slap issues in the 2V Tritons but not aware of any in the 3V version. Betting on manifold. Rusted out.
shum02 09/17/15 09:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Never-ending tale of woe F-150

Manifold is shot. If you already did one it was just a matter of time before the other went. If you do it yourself you will save a mountain of cash. Did them myself on my 4.6L F150. Laughed at shops when they told me how much it would cost.
shum02 09/17/15 07:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: Electrical hookups in Canada

Here are pictures of the adapter that I was referring to. Note that both sides of the duplex are tied together and internally connected to the 30 amp RV outlet. This adapter was originally available from Camping World, but because of the situation that I described above, they removed it. I later bought a couple of them for use on my Honda EU2000's, and noted that they were not available to Canadian customers. http://i57.tinypic.com/1z4a1x5.jpg http://i57.tinypic.com/raby1g.jpg http://i62.tinypic.com/v5xras.jpg In no way am I slamming or otherwise pointing a negative finger toward anyone or Canada, but just pointing out a situation that I found while trying to use this particular adapter. I agree that I would never ever plug my RV into any receptacle without first testing it. Actually bought one of these to use with my Champion genny, bought it up here. Wouldn't use it on the post unless I was sure it was only wired with a single 15amp circuit. Can't recall here in Ontario at any Provincial Park seeing dble 15amp breakers for the regular household receptacle. Split dble 15amp receptacles are usually only in the kitchen.
shum02 09/14/15 02:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Thoughts on KZ Durango 296bh (2015 leftover)

KZ is no longer KZ but a part of Thor....my dealer does not like the changes in the company and may drop their lines. We owned a Durango TT that had a major issue which they took care of well past warranty. We traded it a year later for a Spree LTD anniversary edition which we love but when we looked at a 2016 Spree we were VERY disappointed at the quality control. For a TT with a MSRP of over 50K it was piss poor. We walked away very disappointed. ouch! - this unit was manufactured 04/14 so its pre Thor to my knowledge. Should be the tried and true KZ quality or at least better than what I've experienced from Forest River. I have a pre-Thor KZ and it is very poor. Some folks on here gave me all kind of grief if I even mentioned anything bad. It's good to see that some may have finally seen reality. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy another one either.
shum02 09/14/15 02:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Windows 10 - Playing Music ??

Windows Media Player is still in Windows 10. It no longer will play videos Mike What to use for videos? VLC ?? Works like a charm. Groove Music is also a native music app. Not hugely feature packed but does a decent job. Overall W10 will so far use a LOT of your favorite "older" programs without any issue.
shum02 09/11/15 05:27pm Technology Corner
RE: What do you think?

That 4.7L small V8 will be on it's knees even with the dry weight. Been there and let me tell you you will not be looking forward to even approaching a small hill, even here in pretty flat Southern Ontario, Northern Ontario - forget it. Loaded up she'll be in second gear screaming just to stay with traffic, if loaded on a hill you'll never even approach the speed limit more than likely. Dude, should have got the Hemi.
shum02 09/07/15 05:46am Toy Haulers
RE: EAZ-LIFT Hitch/Sway bar

Have one I've used on three rigs because you only need to upgrade the bars, not the complete hitch when you upgrade to a heavier trailer. Been working fine with basic friction sway control for years. Reliable and inexpensive.
shum02 09/03/15 12:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Windows 10 and Streets & Trips

FYI: Windows 10 includes a very capable Mapping App nativley. Menu >All Programs > Maps. THis app includes the ability to do do navigation, enter routes, and the maps can be downloaded so that offline navigation is possible. This may be a potential replacement for the now discontinued Streets and Trips. I'm using that on my Surface with the GPS dongle from Streets and Trips - YMMV if this works for you. W10 Professional is working just fine for me with no bugs.
shum02 09/03/15 11:08am Technology Corner
RE: Horrible Gas mileage

If you want to stick with your trailer and want better mileage, consider one of the 3.0 diesels that are available now. You probably have considerable tongue weight so The Ram 1500 comes to mind. Anyone have any mpg numbers using one of those to tow approx 6,000 lbs of TT? The depreciation alone moving from what you have to a new vehicle will by itself more than pay for the difference in fuel economy for years to come. Might save fuel, but you won't save any money.
shum02 09/02/15 09:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tow Haul when not hitched.

Not sure on EB F150 but on the turbo diesel Super Duty's the turbo is also used in engine braking. Running the T/H ln my truck under throttle makes it shift like a race tranny. I like it!
shum02 09/01/15 04:01pm Travel Trailers
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