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RE: Vermont Pavement conditions

....if you play the VT Class 4 road system correctly, one could see and experience something special (something like the old Route 66 but on steroids), traveling on gravel wide enough for a truck camper. However, with a caveat: trees and old bridges could limit certain truck camper clearance (this makes planning a route challenging, but also rewarding!). :)
silversand 07/25/14 04:52am Truck Campers
RE: Vermont Pavement conditions

I read recently that Vermont has more unpaved road/miles than any State in the country (excluding Alaska). Can someone verify this? Gasoline taxes: ....looking again at gasoline taxes at retail per gallon/litre, the US appears to continue to fall behind nearly every country on Earth (with exception of a handful of "oil producing/export countries"). Currently, the US "Highway Trust Fund" is headed for bankruptcy (a metaphor). Our "Think Tank" made up of members from several countries (Sleepy, being one of the founding members) has discussed this situation at length over the years. Allocating retail fuel taxes to rebuilding road infrastructure is approached in different ways by each country; however, allocating NO money to roads and bridges infrastructure (whichever way the State chooses to acquire the tax money) will rear up and bite you in the a$$, placing the country in a position of "...no possible way to ever catch up" (ie. where only interstates and bypasses are maintained, and all other roads and bridges/tunnels decay into catastrophic condition). We are learning this lesson in Quebec currently (ie. bridges, overpasses and tunnels are collapsing virtually every year, sometimes killing people; roads in such bas shape, they are costing the average motorist $2000 each a year in unseen but cumulative damage to every vehicle on the road {there is no free lunch! Pay taxes for good roads, or pay enormously for vehicle repairs through the teeth} ).
silversand 07/25/14 04:43am Truck Campers
RE: Vermont Pavement conditions

....great links! Thanks. I actually put together my own maps of Vermont, using ArcMAP/ArcGIS/map-making software, and the data from: "Vermont Center for Geographic Information", here--> . Few people outside of Vermont (and many residents) are aware of Vermont's historic Class 4 road system. This road system has spawned a Take-off of the World-famous Camel Trophy global rally, called the "VOT" (Vermont Overland Trophy) here-->. And, the grueling Vermont Overland Rally here--> . The VT Class 4 routes are immortalized as PDF navigation maps, served up through Avenza's PDF Map mobile app. The VT Class 4 route rallies was conceived as very difficult (not quite like crossing the Darien Gap jungle in Panama, but actually doable by mere mortals) if you are an extremely experienced overlander capable of fording very deep rivers, extreme rock crawling on rocks sometimes as slippery as ice (wet & moss-covered), deep mud, and swamps...it could be the most difficult rally in North America today :E ....anyhow, back to the program: Vermont :B Silver-
silversand 07/24/14 12:06pm Truck Campers
RE: Centramatic Wheel Balancers

1. Because of the quality of tires being manufactured today, unless you own a Porsche 911 or a like vehicle it for the most part isn't needed on most vehicles. ....this has been my experience; of our four Michelin AT2s, 2 tires needed absolutely no weights whatsoever; the other 2 tires each had a weight so small, I wondered why they were ever put on. Thanks for some very interesting discourse. NO ONE on this Forum has ever even mentioned or addressed the term "unsprung weight" as far as I know; this alone is impressive. Keeping Unsprung weight as low as possible (for reasons of performance/fuel mileage) is the reason why we keep with the lightest tires (OEM 245s) we can find in LR E range, and have not gone with massive and heavy 285s or 19.5 monsters. However, will transgress just slightly, and move to a 265 size tire 6 LBS heavier. That's about as far as I will go. S-
silversand 07/23/14 12:52pm Truck Campers
RE: New Map!

Excellent source of near real-time intel on infectious diseases. Great link. A bit of background: this mash-up was created and is maintained by Boston Children's Hospital (specializing in disease outbreak monitoring). "Outbreaks Near Me" is their mobile phone app. here--> for Android and iPhone... This BCH mash-up is used throughout the CDC website. Another one is: Global Disaster Alert Map here--> that alerts you (via your mobile device, or by e-mail) to earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, killer storms, volcanic eruptions, man-made disasters of every description, etc...in every corner of the Earth/
silversand 07/23/14 11:26am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Tire suggestion/reccomend

Silver...it's easy...you get these covers and they look just like the chrome plated OE steelies So the chrome cover "only" is available. Interesting. Thanks Bill! S-
silversand 07/23/14 09:56am Truck Campers
RE: Tire suggestion/reccomend

Thanks, Bill.....but what would I be without the chrome bling ? ...chromeless :B ....seriously, I don't envision "us" payloadng anything heaver than what we've already got. So the 265s will be gravy (sidewall + larger contact patch, and assuming no increase in load carry rating with existing steelies, + slight gearing advantage for highway = a few benefits). IF we ever decide on more "rim" strength (very unlikely), we could trade our near-mint condition chromies for lightly-used 16 x 7" wheels and swap over the 265s for the full ~300 LBS additional "rating" per wheel...
silversand 07/22/14 06:08am Truck Campers
RE: Tire suggestion/reccomend

It looks like I'll have to go back to 245's to get a load capacity I need. I never noticed the low capacity of the LTX I've been using(2 sets) might be the reason my tire is coming apart. Might look at Toyo M55's. Whiz: I was also confused. The unknown was the OEM steel GM wheel capacity (which apparently, is a closely-held number). We are def. going 265/75 R16 (on our OEM steel and chrome-plated 16 x 6.5 rims) this time (for all the reasons Travelnutz outlines in this thread), however, our payload will remain the same as always (1360 LB camper + passengers + 311 LBS cargo). This will give us ample safety margin, with more contact patch\weight = lower tire heat generated, less tire wear, far less sidewall flex, etc, etc, etc. Theoretically (and practically, based on very trusted advice), the larger tire and our standard payload on our OEM standard steel 6 x 6.5 rims, with the same air pressure we currently use in our OEM sized 245/75 R16 will not place absolutely any additional mechanical stress on our said rims. I'm comfortable and happy.
silversand 07/19/14 05:04am Truck Campers
RE: Overland Expo East - Oct. 3-5, 2014, Asheville, NC

....day passes are $20 pp/p day. There are certain access to activities that day passes don't include... My guess is that here in the East, large "event space" cannot be had for free or token fee (like BLM land out West), and is quite costly (like the special event ranch being rented for this event), and bundled with the event activities, the price thus reflects...etc. We're already booked at a private spot (booked 1.5 months ago), and have only a 15 minute drive to "The Ranch". We're only scooting through on a very tight schedule, thus will be attending only 1 day (literally 6 hours), and will have to shoot straight back up to the Norfolk area, then be back "home" the day after that. Should be an intense, but fun 6 hours for us. S-
silversand 07/18/14 01:21pm Truck Campers
RE: A question for Bigfoot oweners

....you may want to PM a member on this forum going under name: 54suds He has re-built a number of Bigfoot truck campers, and is considered highly knowledgeable of this brand. S-
silversand 07/18/14 08:16am Truck Campers
RE: Tire suggestion/reccomend

Travelnutz: Thanks for the tremendous write-up! Will keep this reply in my archives for reference. Cheers, Silver-
silversand 07/17/14 07:51am Truck Campers
RE: OnStar in Mexico

....I think what MEX is inferring is: don't count too much on the Mexican OnStar service, because the cell coverage is not nearly as stated in the GIS map mash-up screen-shot (taken by Gtla). Additionally, how reliable would a Mexico-based OnStar "towing service" call actually be at any randomly-driven stretch of road in Mexico (ie. when a foreign RV visitor is driving off the toll roads), will his/her OnStar MX link (and the service call reception to destination time frame) be reliable and apropos for the emergency situation ? BTW: there are large parts of South America covered by OnStar currently. IF OnStar becomes available to US and Canadian GM owners for real in Mexico, perhaps planning for the worst and hoping for the best would be prudent...
silversand 07/17/14 07:19am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: 2006 Hallmark Ute rotted wood repair

Up North: You got it correct: the connection to camper wall, not roof. Thanks for the info. Thanks for the photo! Cheers, S-
silversand 07/16/14 12:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Tire suggestion/reccomend

Travelnutz: Have you got enough wheel-well clearance (the plastic well inserts) going with the 265's opposed to the OEM 245 size on the OEM 16 x 6.5 inch steel rims ? I have to change out a set of severely cracked 6-year old 245/75-R16 Michelin LTX AT2's soon (you know we have the same trucks, down to the year and color). I'm looking at going Wrangler DuraTrac (rated for severe snow, and used all year round) at LT265/75R16 on our OEM 16 x 6.5 steel rims, as a replacement. Cheers, S-
silversand 07/16/14 12:20pm Truck Campers
RE: 2006 Hallmark Ute rotted wood repair

....wow, I thought I had a problem with rotted wing floorboards. My situation is less daunting; much much less, the goodness! How is the Weblon soft-side held under the metal J trim? Are there strips of compression rubber sandwiching both sides of the Weblon? Have you got a close-up of taking this section apart? Excellent work BTW! Silver-
silversand 07/16/14 11:47am Truck Campers
RE: Our custom true flatbed truck camper build thread

Well documented and impressive build ! Kudos to you. Will you be doing follow-up performance Posts as you experience the camper ? They used to grow hundred of thousands of acres of oranges and grapfruits in even the northern half of Florida for many decades. However, those groves are about all gone now... That's right...the first/earliest orange plantations were way up in Northern Florida around St Augustine (along the St Johns river); the brutal 1895 freeze killed off north Florida citrus plantations, and was the major forcing that caused the industry to move further south. Most of the citrus belt is south of Leesburg. The "trifoliate orange" is the most cold-resistant as far as I am aware, currently...and also diversifying to satsuma and kumquats (quite cold-resistant) would allow you to grow outside the "citrus belt" in the north. Sorry, Back to the program...
silversand 07/08/14 01:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Denali Highway trip report with photos

I enjoyed the photos; thanks for posting your Alaska adventure. Q: what is that ATV I see in your photos (I don't know much about ATVs, but I do know that it isn't just a giant drink tray) ? And, did you trailer it with you throughout the Alaska trip? Cheers, Silver-
silversand 07/08/14 09:29am Truck Campers
RE: Outfitter roof material?

We're 2005.5, and have TPO, not EPDM (like BlueGoat) Off the Dicor website: "Until recently, TPO production was protected by a patent ensuring a consistent chemical composition, however, that patent has expired. As companies raced to bring variations of TPO to market it has become clear that not all TPO is created equal. In fact, TPO is now being formulated with a variety of polymers that vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some of the newly formulated TPO began appearing in the RV market last year." I believe that TPO variants started showing up in the RV manufacturing world somewhere around 2011. Your Outfitter was made way back in '04, so you have the earlier compounded polymer TPO, which is more robust when mated to current TPO-specific sealants. Now, If you have older EPDM (rather than TPO), you'll have to look into the EPDM specific caulking. EPDM chalks like crazy unlike TPO. Try rubbing a black cloth over your roofing to see if it turns whitish.
silversand 07/06/14 01:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Anyone used ocean-rated yacht hatches: replace the RV scrap?

Thanks, Skip. Interesting. I'll have to visit a facility selling used marine parts. I'll start the search. Cheers, S-
silversand 07/06/14 01:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Trip report: Dolomite Mountains (and 5 other countries)

Don't know how a TR could be more professional, and you absolutely should make a collection of your reports available on DVD. (suggested the same thing to Whazoo several times) ...I contacted National Geo, and Steve wouldn't like their profit-sharing terms for a DVD travel product :B Better that Sally compile everything (video, electronic book format, etc), and sell it direct through own website (via fulfillment agreement with any of numerous e-fulfillment companies out there). Steve: I wonder-- how in the Devil did Thierry get that dually dump-truck in that 600+-year old stone garage; that opening appears to be narrower than the rear wheels :E Superlative narrative and illustrations! I don't know how you fit it all in whilst traveling the World on business (almost continuously)! Your organizational skills should be commended. I could see you running the IT and security thereof at The Bank of England (Governor and Company of the Bank of England). Cheers, Silver-
silversand 07/06/14 06:08am Truck Campers
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