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Thanks Rick. There isn't much anyone could do (like move the venue), with only 4~5 days warning (at best) that horrific weather was approaching. I imagine that 60 acres of 12 inch deep crushed 3/4 inch would have helped _shrug_ Last October, the OE East set-up days had torrential rains, too.
silversand 06/13/15 03:56am Truck Campers
RE: TC travels, Az, Hawaii, Nova Scotia, * 2014 TR, Pg 904

Chet: What are your thoughts on Port O'Connor?
silversand 06/12/15 12:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Trek Down a Forest Road and the RR Crossing From Heck

Very nice to ride along with ya! That road looked quite tricky to navigate in many places (your speedometer never exceeded about ~~5 MPH). We often clean up "messes" left by previous campers. I don't know if this is a product of the 21st Century up-and-coming camping cohort, or, if this was pervasive in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, too (I don't ever recall anecdotally, ever seeing this decades ago)... Cheers, Sand & Dunes
silversand 06/12/15 12:45pm Truck Campers
RE: TC travels, Az, Hawaii, Nova Scotia, * 2014 TR, Pg 904

Chet: Holy, um, hell ! That bathroom looks like photos one would see of prisons say in Guatemala or El Salvador...Hey Zeus. We stayed at Cape Hatteras KOA briefly. Bathrooms: here--> ...and multi-million dollar club-house, here-->
silversand 06/12/15 12:32pm Truck Campers
Any truck campers attend OE West (mud-fest) ? Any photos ?

Holas all: ...did anyone here attend the Overland Expo West this spring? I've just heard that the weather was absolutely hellacious (terrific rains, snow, and hail); "the worst weather recorded in 100+ years" in this region of Arizona... It'd be fun to see photos of any thruck camper brethren who had attended (LOL) ! Cheers, Silver-
silversand 06/12/15 12:19pm Truck Campers
RE: So we decided to sell our camper and buy a...

Mike: I think you made a very informed decision as a post-full-sized truck camper owner, with a penchant for back-country travel! The much "narrower" and much "less tall" NorthStar hard-side sounds like it fits your needs exceedingly well. Enjoy! Silver-
silversand 06/10/15 09:57am Truck Campers
RE: TC travels, Az, Hawaii, Nova Scotia, * 2014 TR, Pg 904

That's a really nice locale there Chet! Great photos. The "restaurant incident": ...a released bird that once had a broken wing, adored by all, gets ingested into adorer's outdoor heat pump, thereby causing a chain reaction, killing the bird, expelling the fan blades, which puncture their swimming pool liner...they were, um, VERY upset with the resltant damage. ...an high-profile industrialist unknowingly carrying SARS in Hong Kong is recommended a tremendous airline by a friend of the airline's CEO (sharing the recommend with the CEO by e-mail); he flies on said airline to New York, thereby infecting most of the aircraft's passengers and crew...creating a situation where the airline's publically-perceived prevention/preparedness impacts their share value substantially... ....parables. Let it roll off your back; time heals (almost) everything.
silversand 06/10/15 09:44am Truck Campers
RE: Considering switch from TT to truck camper

Vis mobility issues and truck camper: I think that you should look at hard-side truck campers in the 22xx to 25xx LB dry weight range (add 600~750 LBS of cargo to those numbers), then, at a dealership with a stock of several models in your weight hauling range, pretend to go about your every-day routines (both get up onto bed; try bathroom almost all the way; pretend you are cooking; climb in and out of camper from the ground; etc...); one or the other should move around inside the camper as you pretend these activities to get a feel for life in a truck camper. Then, a few weeks later, do it all over again. 2500HD and 8.1L big-block (and you have the Allison transmission with this big-block) is plenty of truck to haul around the number I outline above. Also, you may want to consider Super-springs and air bags and beefier tires (~3900 LBS rated) and air bags just to level the camper, not as a primary suspension aid! Also, consider that you MAY have to remove the camper from time-to-time. Get the dealership to guide you through a REAL dry load/unload run, too. Good luck. If the above does not work out for you, perhaps try a used Class B+ ? Cheers, Silver-
silversand 06/10/15 09:12am Truck Campers
RE: Our custom true flatbed truck camper build thread

VERY nice. Real professional project ! Enjoy it out there! Cheers, S-
silversand 06/09/15 12:02pm Truck Campers
RE: TC travels, Az, Hawaii, Nova Scotia, * 2014 TR, Pg 904

Great to see the photo documentary rolling out! We're subscribed :B
silversand 06/07/15 08:14pm Truck Campers
RE: Joining the Amerigo Clan - End of the KIT's Road

....just a wild thought: Matt, you need to actually create a comprehensive Wiki (in Wikipedia) on Amerigo truck campers. Seriously consider it.
silversand 06/01/15 02:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Joining the Amerigo Clan - End of the KIT's Road

That's pretty cool. Spray foam (expanding) was used by the US Army as early as the 1940s to insulate aircraft. I think spray expanding foam was commercialized to the general public around 1972/'74...if memory serves. So this camper was really using very, very advanced technology indeed, in/for its time! ...adding to my thoughts: it will be quite nice to be driving around in such a vintage rig. Kind of like using a '57 Chevy as a daily driver (if we should all be that lucky!).
silversand 06/01/15 02:50pm Truck Campers
RE: When Fear in Mexico is Real

n in-flight heart attack on the way to Hawaii or Europe could happen. ...if we should be so lucky to have a dire medical emergency on a commercial flight! "If you're mid-flight and you're having a medical emergency, don't fret: Chances are there's another passenger or a flight attendant who will be able to take care of you, according to a new study." "A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine on May 30 found that in more than three-fourths of medical incidents on airplanes, there was a doctor, nurse or other medical professional that was able to help." (CBS News, 2013) Flight attendants are incredibly well trained in myriad health emergency procedures (and have quite an array of medical equipment on-board)...they can get to you in literally seconds. Same for trains, and cruise ships/long-haul ferries.
silversand 06/01/15 02:31pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Joining the Amerigo Clan - End of the KIT's Road

Hi Steve! Matt: You lucked into a real near-mint "classic" there it seems, man. Replete with the new expanding foam/fiberglass technology. Enjoy!
silversand 06/01/15 01:53pm Truck Campers
RE: Why do you apply Luan on to filon?

"Robert Weed Plywood is an exclusive distributor of Azdel Composite Panels which are used to replace wood in RV Sidewalls. Made in the USA, Azdel Composite Panels are constructed using a blend of polypropylene and fiberglass, creating an extremely strong and lightweight wall." link--> Good luck. Let us know how your re-done nose cone turns out! *note to self: check out the new 2015 Ford Explorer; they incorporate Azdel paneling technology into the body...
silversand 06/01/15 01:42pm Truck Campers
RE: Joining the Amerigo Clan - End of the KIT's Road

That camper looks like it was very "loved" by its original owners. This must be pretty exciting for you two. I'm sure you will find the $1500 very rapidly! Sometimes, we need to do a serious cost/time analysis, and realize that moving sideways could be as full of joy as rebuilding from the ground up.
silversand 06/01/15 01:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Why do you apply Luan on to filon?

....Crane Composites manufactures FRP (chopped stranded fiberglass panels) in many, many grades. The thinner and least expensive FRP rolls/sheets have higher moisture pass-through. Also, manufacturing hung or composite RV shells/walls requires exceptionally clean facilities (atmospherically controlled and dust controlled lamination room). You'll want to get a tour of any potential RV manufacturing facility's "lamination room" as part of your buyer decision-making due diligence. The Crane Composites fabrication engineering notes are very clear: "CCI recommends that the moisture content of the substrate (lauan plywood, or Azdel) be no greater than 12% at the time of lamination and that the glue coverage between the Crane Composites panel and the substrate be 100% coverage at the weight and thickness recommended by the adhesive manufacturer. Prior to lamination the frp panel must be free of dust, moisture, particulates or backside contaminants to ensure 100% bond. The quality of the substrate surface must also be free of dust or particulates prior to lamination. CCI will not be responsible for any loss resulting from sub-standard lamination processes." So, if you do more research into what Crane calls "substrates", or the bonding surface the FRP will be adhered to, you may want to focus on the Azdel substrate, and its excellent moisture resistance. Also, the adhesives area is also very critical (depending on the adhesive chosen by the various RV manufacturers, there is another set of adhesive application criteria that will usually involve application using very tight (PLC) process control automation). Concluding, manufacturing an RV (or, any other road-going unit) shell with FRP paneling is a very, very finicky manufacturing operation, requiring extremely tight process control... Good luck in your hunt for an FRP-clad shell.
silversand 06/01/15 12:52pm Truck Campers

Cal: NICE ! Super region; lots of terrain diversity; an exciting overlander for sure. I wouldn't have even seen this report if it hadn't been raining here like the Panamanian Darien Gap, but as cold as November :B I got our camper out for one jaunt only this year, just to warm up the engine and tranny (a run down to the marina for supper on Friday) ! Cheers, S-
silversand 05/31/15 10:41am Truck Campers
RE: When Fear in Mexico is Real

Woah. Glad the treatment and outcome of your situation "up here" was outstanding! You are very lucky. I read this morning that the life expectancy for someone with a blocked heart / heart attack, or similar is only ~3 hours or less. I think as we get older (I mean over 55 ~ 60), we have to realize that the probability of us encountering severe accidental health situation diminishes tremendously; however, our probability of running into catastrophic health issue due to being over middle-age (ie. any of the myriad heart conditions that can lead to rapid mortality) increases tremendously. So, as we age, we trade one set of potential negative health cohorts for another. Its a tough call whether to travel in the 3rd World (or, least-developed countries) when we're post ~~60. Life is all about probabilities-- thousands, millions of possible outcomes whether we stay at home, or travel through least developed places. I suppose, if we live in a post-industrial highly-developed country, one could stay at home, work out in the home gym and pool; order all our food from grocery store delivery; never drive in winter; avoid public transit (cesspools of human-to-human airborne pathogens) and air and train; organize your life so you set up at your office in your home; have an emergency plan for the 7 most likely scenarios to befall one (flood, tornado, hurricane, civil unrest, earthquake, medical emergency); avoid alcohol and tobacco completely; mitigate most potential health disasters by having every relevant test done annually.........but how many of us do all this religiously, a little bit, more than a little bit, or 100% ? IMO, if one practiced just 5 of the above religiously, this alone would probably prolong our lives some x years...hmmm? S-
silversand 05/25/15 08:56am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: How HI and LO you been?

silversand 05/24/15 09:57am Truck Campers
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