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RE: So did winter storm Selene affect you.

Joe: The Weather Channel has unilaterally decided to "name" noteworthy storms (unlike scientific naming of tropical storms, under an industry-wide (spanning the Globe) naming convention). This started in 2012 appx. They argue that naming (winter) storms makes it "easier" for the layperson to track individual systems (say, if 3 systems are going to strike the US over short periods of time)... On the flip side, other WX companies (weather expert providers) argue that naming storms only adds to confusion, confusing "media spin" with science. I personally prefer that every storm that comes by isn't named. YMMV :B
silversand 03/24/16 08:28am Snowbirds
RE: is 2500 +/- each way road trip pratical in 10 days?

Google looks like 30 hrs drive time, so I am thinking 3x10 hr drive each day... ....that's 83.3 MPH and not a second under the entire way....carrying a large truck camper. You'll be breaking every speed limit on every road you travel on. Also, what if you hit traffic? You have to go through numerous "choke points" along any route I can see; this will almost certainly kill your destination clock (3 days ticking down...). We drive to north Florida from Canada in 2.3 days in a pretty well equipped SUV for speed, with tires rated at 115 MPH, and collision avoidance system, and it takes me about 2 days to 3 days to recover from the heavy psycho-physical toll on my system, staying 120% alert during the drive absolutely demolishes your physical health doing 7~9 hours actual driving a day. So, I personally would never do this driving a large pick-up, with a swaying load perched on the bed at such velocity. And, on top of that, 10 hours of driving a gas-hungry truck at a tremendous fuel premium (83 MPH will give you hellacious gas OR diesel mileage), you will need to make numerous looooong refuel stops (probably 6), at say 40 minutes a stop (really, a pit-stop), will add AT LEAST 4 hours to your 30 hours. Forget about visiting anything along the way. So, at this time of the year, you will be doing quite a bit of night driving, probably quite fatigued. If this were me, I would reconsider the daily mileage/destination/speed. But, hey, YMMV. Good luck with it! This certainly wouldn't be my plan.
silversand 03/23/16 08:32am Truck Campers
RE: Canadians filling at the pump in USA

Second; not all systems require a zip code when using a credit card. ...yep. Correct. Happened at ~4 stations: swipe and fill (no PIN or ZIP required), using a Canadian chip card... It is the Merchants who don't want to spend the money to upgrade terminals that is the real hold up. ....yep. Correct. This is what we were told by a good selection of retailers.
silversand 03/22/16 11:24am Snowbirds
RE: Canadians filling at the pump in USA

...NEVER had an issue, using the OP's method: across 7 states to Florida....and back (just back recently).
silversand 03/22/16 11:21am Snowbirds
RE: Looking for opinions on automatic vs stick

Too bad it would be a hassle to do but don't we remember the B&M click shifter? ...hah hah! Ya. In a SS350 Camaro retrofit...THAT was fun :B
silversand 03/22/16 11:13am Truck Campers
RE: Looking for opinions on automatic vs stick

Auto transmissions now-o-days are light years ahead of the ones made even a decade ago. The loss in mpg's, visavis a manual has evaporated. ...man, you can say that again! Its nary impossible to find a stick in todays trucks (the exception: a Jeep Wrangler). Virtually every high-end sports car (even those costing well in excess of $200,000) have auto (paddle) shifters. I don't think that there is anyone alive that can outshift an automatic in a work truck-- either a Unimog electro-automatic EAS, or North American full-sized 6 or 8 speed auto pick-up -- (or, in the sports car genre: do a 2 Porsche competition: a stick 911 against a 911 GT3 auto tranny....the auto GT3 will win every time). The World's most sophisticated supercar-- the Aston Martin Vulcan ($2.6 million US), used a steering wheel mounted Xtrac, the transaxle sequential (TS) gearbox (this new road car will compete with a Formula 1 track car). ...that being said, I LOVE a stick, not because they are better than modern contemporary auto trannies, but because they are just fun to drive. We've been toying with getting a Wrangler (old and well used) just for the pure pleasure of driving a stick.....again.
silversand 03/21/16 11:13am Truck Campers
RE: Reverse snow-birds.

...here's a view at low tide from our campsite, Wolfe's Neck, Maine, September: Morning: http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p318/isladelcisne/fogline.jpg Afternoon (4 lighthouses are visible at night, as a bonus): http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p318/isladelcisne/window.jpg Here's a view from our camper on the OBX (Outer Banks, NC), mid June: Oceanside: http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p318/isladelcisne/part2b.jpg Pamlico Sound-side, looking out the window of our camper: http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p318/isladelcisne/P1000575Medium.jpg Nothing like ocean-front :B ....anyone for a ...night in Rodanthe... ? http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p318/isladelcisne/DSC03334Medium.jpg
silversand 03/20/16 06:59am Snowbirds
RE: Is it ok to drive with the bed mat and no tailgate?

...drove 2300 miles with the bed mat in the bed, and tailgate off (8 foot bed; 2500 HD). I had a 70 LB cargo bag pressure-strapped to truck's two bed lugs at the bed bulkhead, the 70 LBS of cargo sitting on the rubber mat. YMMV.
silversand 03/17/16 12:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Reverse snow-birds.

Those areas are not low in cost, though. Maine campgrounds are pricey on the coast. ...$700 a month range on the Maine coast full hook-ups for "season" (May 15-October 15), view of the ocean from several sites. Huge lots; launch kayaks from the campground. Ocean-front lots are cheaper, but the ocean-fronts are water only (ie. you need to be self-sufficient, with solar or generator). Waterfront (ocean-side) lots are huge. ...or, summer on the Outer Banks (OBX) of North Carolina. Several seasonal rates campgrounds there --we camp here on skip years (ie. every 2 years in early fall)...
silversand 03/17/16 11:55am Snowbirds
RE: Spring Skiing TR

Bill: ....did you ever ski the waterfall (exit the tram at summit of Big Jay, ski down ~200 feet; climb over the rocks on your left, put skis back on, then ski nearly under the tram line...pretty close to a vertical wall of powder (about 200 feet oblique from tram line) ? ...other fave was: "The UN" (on the smaller little Jay, left side of T-bar going up) Oh, on edit: my fave hills out west are: Sunshine, and Fortress (in the Kananaskis). Skied Fortress in the early '70s, nearly every weekend for 2 seasons... We hiked it (Vail) in 2004 (most recently). A buddy of mine (and 3 friends) got the special pass they give to "royalty visitors" of foreign countries (from the then executive running Vail): they flew everyone out to Vail from Montreal; lodged them, gave everyone a Hummer for the week, and had a stand-by chopper near the lodge for heli skiing the whole week (you carry a special "passport" on you and flash it everywhere you go in Vail for special service)...then flew everyone back to Montreal (on board Vail's private aircraft)
silversand 03/17/16 11:12am Truck Campers
RE: Spring Skiing TR

Here's a shot of Jay I made the last weekend it was open last spring (May 2nd 2015), looking at Big Jay and the back-side of Ice Haus Arena & obliquely, Tram Haus Lodge...I made this photo from the Jay Resort Golf Course parking area. http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p318/isladelcisne/JayPeakMay2015_zpsaksfyr0b.jpg ...I skied Smuggs many, many a time; and use to visit the "Topnotch" tennis championships; "Stowe Open" (many years ago) in Stowe, VT. I've met and talked to nearly every top ranked tennis world champion from the 80s. Back then, you could walk back to the lodge talking with the world's top champions without being mobbed :-)
silversand 03/17/16 10:55am Truck Campers
RE: Spring Skiing TR

....we (and Sabconsulting in the RV following us) drove by the Killington Skyeship base lodge last September. Pretty impressive facility. I've never skied Killington (too far from home-base), but would have liked to. I skied primarily Jay Peak, and the most distant was Smuggler's Notch. I was looking at the stats for Killington season opening (historically mid to early October). And their season has been shortening since about 2007 (November), with a few earlier (normal) years... Jay Peak is open now, with 49 trails and 9 lifts open (roughly a 30 inch base)....this mountain is kind of in a snow/cold pocket in the Vermont mountains.
silversand 03/17/16 09:37am Truck Campers
RE: Spring Skiing TR

This is our snow outside the house 8 minutes ago (and we're 90 straight-line miles northwest of Mount Washington, NH !) : http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p318/isladelcisne/wheresthesnow2016_zpsec0voyzx.jpg This was the snow last March 11th -- and, at only neck deep, 2015 was a very low snowfall year! : http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p318/isladelcisne/sametime2015_zpsbrgd6oqu.jpg
silversand 03/16/16 01:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Anyone decided to leave RV year round in FL?

Upon further questioning they were talking about the pollen falling on their picnic table. They were in a pine forest! Duh!! ....I wish it were pine pollen! Oak pollen is hellacious. We live in a partial hemlock forest in the north, and when hemlock starts pollenating, everything turns ochre :B The only thing I'm allergic to are ash and oak pollen, and cold weather :B
silversand 03/16/16 01:14pm Snowbirds
RE: Anyone decided to leave RV year round in FL?

Unlike Northern Pine trees and Northern Oak trees. The Florida Oak and Pines heavily pollinate. and I mean they POLLINATE! ...the pollen started flying very early in St Augustine this year (in January) because the temps were warmer. By February 1st, 2nd, 3rd, there was a s*#t storm of pollen flying; we could see it suspended in the air going by in waves, on the 20~30 MPH incessant winds (BRUTAL winds this winter in St Augustine, and almost no rain). The worst offender during winter in this area is pollen from the "live oak" trees. This pollen just about killed me. I was on Claritin virtually every day. Never seen the live oak pollen so bad since we've been wintering here. Our SUV was COMPLETELY covered in pollen just ~4 hours after I washed it....every day. And, we were more than 1000 feet away from ANY live oak (ocean front) ! 2016 was the 1st winter I was ever affected by live oak pollen so bad.
silversand 03/16/16 01:01pm Snowbirds
RE: Spring Skiing TR

Wow! You actually have snow. Nice report. We're somewhat north of you, and have zero snow outside our home (on top of a mountain in the Townships of Quebec). Never seen anything like it. It was 57F here yesterday, and 51F out the door right now. On edit: and, the grass here is getting green :E
silversand 03/16/16 12:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Lots of TC on road today

....we saw A LOT of truck campers in the St Augustine, FL region this winter. I lost count. Quite a few pop-ups (and one all the way from Vermont; a newish Phoenix).
silversand 03/11/16 06:55am Truck Campers
RE: Another one of our TC Members is now Famous! GpnAZ

A great read, Mike! Kudos to you for rustling-up the 0.1% who push the truck camper genre to the "outer limits" :D Keep up the tremendous work; good luck on the WRT expe. S & D
silversand 03/11/16 06:48am Truck Campers
RE: New (to me) Outfitter Juno 10

Hi Dave! Ah Silver, I've spent many nights on the ground in the Mojave. Used to rock hound as well as hunt rabbits and chukar with my father from 1964 on. How bout the Mojave River?? ...possibly. After researching this, I came to the conclusion that it was probably PG & E and the e-compression of gas (supplied through the gas pipeline) through the Western Region Natural Gas Pipeline system...
silversand 03/08/16 11:25am Truck Campers
RE: Winter road de-icer (salt?) corrosion on TC hardware

Plowing and some sand works on private roads. ....in our region, everyone has drilled wells (and, shallow water wells), so our "municipality" uses no melting chemicals on the gravelled roads (we have about 60~70% gravel roads in our region). However, on any paved roads, lots of cheap corrosive salt is put down. The gravel roads are "chained" during ice events, and abrasive gravel and sand is applied. We always wait for the roads to "dry out" before we venture to the village with the SUV to get groceries, etc. Colorado has transitioned from sand to the chemical route. The problem with the sand is that it ends up causing air pollution. Much of Denver's "brown cloud" is caused by sand on the roads. I don't think there is any good solution. Yes. This happens throughout the Northeast. Tremendous air pollution during winter when the myriad salt-melting road chemicals and gravel dry out on the roads, going aerosol. Have a look at Montreal. They are an nearly constant "air quality" warnings, from end of December to roughly 1st week of April (from aerosolized toxic road chemicals). Thank goodness we don't live near any town large enough to create the ingredients to trigger this toxic air quality warning! ....someone else mentioned bridges, and infrastructure: we have collapsing concrete overpasses in Quebec from a combination of corrosive road salt (rotting the concrete, and sub-standard rebar), and shortcuts taken in their construction. Underground parking garages in the part of the world are also severely degraded by melting salt/chemical/undercarriage glaciers built up under vehicles when driving. Entire underground parking garages have to undergo massive re-construction regularly (roughly every 15 years). Imagine the cost of that?
silversand 03/08/16 09:22am Truck Campers
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