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RE: First TC Trip Report! - Western Virginia

Sounds great! Congratulations. Could you post a pic of your rig "on the road" when you get to posting thing worked out?
silversand 11/19/14 11:43am Truck Campers
RE: Caulking a large gap?? (pictures)

I've seen that stuff glue some crazy things together.... ....me, too. Like the front pocket of my working jeans :B
silversand 11/18/14 02:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Basic First Aid Kits

Very comprehensive! Superb. I especially like the nitrile glove section. You have highlighted a few new items we will add to our "kit". I used to travel with a surgeon (carrying a substantial portable "surgical kit" on major kayak expeditions through Latin America), however, this is not always convenient or possible :B Cheers, S-
silversand 11/18/14 02:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Caulking a large gap?? (pictures)

OK. Sounds like you thoroughly dried out that section. Great. Proflex: ...this is what I used in certain areas of my major camper repairs, this summer. I liked the specs: dry adhesion to aluminum, wood and glass; elongation a break is about 1194%, tensile at peak ~500psi; tac free time ~30 minutes; cure time 4 days... EternaBond: if you go this way, make sure you get the real thing (with a fresh use before date), and not a Chinese knock-off. S-
silversand 11/18/14 11:52am Truck Campers
RE: Caulking a large gap?? (pictures)

Q: what underlying structural/stress dynamics are causing that large "fold" and "wave" in the aluminum skin ? Suggestion: try and make sure that the "spongy" soft rotting rood is absolutely thoroughly dry before covering it up; not doing so would guarantee your spongy wood turning to powder VERY rapidly, if just covering it up with caulking. The problem with patching, is that water could not only be infltrating in the immediate obvious area(s), water could be getting in a foot or two + further along... Good luck. How long are you planning on keeping the pop-up? S-
silversand 11/17/14 12:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Odie of the Outback, Capital Reef style.

Odie, you caught me flat-footed with that trip report! That little pup has some big shoes to fill, but i have a feeling that little fella has a heart as big as a Bear ;) I wish some kind of run flat technology existed out there for the intrepid with our genre of rig?! You two and a half are lookin' good ! Cheers, Sand 'n Dunes
silversand 11/16/14 06:29pm Truck Campers
RE: RV Tourism in Mexico

I could never rv there again. Apart from high gas prices (as high as $5.80 a gallon) and outrageous food and rv park prices, it is a beautiful country. We saved a ton by flying from Ottowa to Halifax versus the fuel and park prices. Don't know how Canadians do it. I think they are all rich ...remember, Canada is the Switzerland of the Western Hemisphere (in every way: $$$$$ for everything, including taxes: however, taxes give us nearly free university, and free health care) :B Mexico is still "dirt cheap" for Canadians, however, we are a quarter of a hemisphere's drive away from Mexico (especially driving from Ontario, Quebec and Maritimes, where ~70% of the inhabitants live), so it is FAR cheaper (both in dollars and in the most expensive commodity: time!) for us to fly there, rent a super condo with a view of the ocean (say, in Campeche), and fly home. If Mexico saw any future in the RV tourism sector, they would be promoting it. As it stands now, the RV tourism dollar is probably what, less than 1% of gross tourism receipts? For those that are geographically advantaged to access Mexico by RV...fantastic! Enjoy :) On edit: we see the desert Southwest a VERY cost-effective place to RV during winters; Mexico is just too far...
silversand 11/12/14 03:07pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: TC Tour of Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks

A really informative and detailed write-up, with inspiring illustrative photos! We hope to visit this area some time in the future... Cheers, S-
silversand 11/12/14 02:23pm Truck Campers
RE: TR: Some time at the Reef

Wow man; outstanding trip report! That sun and dry looks fabulous ! We have out 1st sunny day and warmth (53F) here today in our region in ~5 weeks. I'd almost forgotten that the sun even existed any more ! Cheers, S- On edit: correction...it just hit 62F here; looks like we could be headed for 70F in the great white northeast!
silversand 11/11/14 09:26am Truck Campers
RE: Frong suspension upgrades for GM, any experience?

2004.5 2500HD, gasser: after 10 years, the front passenger-side bumpstop (orange in color) had disintegrated (broke apart, similar to dry rot) at my post winter inspection...coincidentally, after the coldest winter in ~70 years here (and, the 1st time I had ever stored the truck outside over winter: a coincidence?). I then replaced both front bumpstops with GM OEM part #15835666 (not the 667). The driver's side bumpstop looked perfect ( still retain both parts in the garage). They both appear to take the same loads, so I am leaning towards a QC issue at the OEM parts manufacturer... No suspension adjustments are made to my front end. Our camper adds ~1300 LBS to the payload, total (very light camper). Not much unimproved roads travel. Thanks for the info on the Z71 OEM yellow replacements. I will keep a close eye on the new rubber next season...
silversand 11/11/14 09:08am Truck Campers
RE: Super Storm in North Pacific

.....yawn....ya, sure its a big storm, but big deal (last time it happened was ~20 years ago; it will happen about 3 times over a human lifespan); this "superstorm" moniker is just the (shameless?) WX industry marketing for more "hits". It will only be meaningful to a handful of government and academic climate researchers. Its not like this big low pressure area is a hurricane headed for Miami Beach (where millions of people live). This so called "superstorm" will hit an area where what, 2000 people inhabit? By the time it reaches inhabited regions of North America, it will have substantially diminished in every way. Sure, it may generate a small snow storm, and some perturbations in rainfall; but no one knows where (not even in the most speculative dreams of rogue WX forecasters). ....the same marketing scenario for "polar vortex". Ya we will see successive "waves" of cold; but hey, its winter. We won't see the end of the World as we know it. OK; back to the program...:B
silversand 11/08/14 05:09am Snowbirds
RE: TCM calender Results

Wow! Many World-class photos from members here! Congrats to all who were selected at all levels! S-
silversand 11/08/14 04:49am Truck Campers
RE: Weather is saying get going!

Hi Mike: PACF1 (Panama City station datalogger) shows 42F since 5:24 AM; nice and toasty on the coast :B
silversand 11/02/14 05:27am Snowbirds
RE: Weather is saying get going!

Just as predicted: Currently, ~35% of Florida are in the mid 30sF to high 30sF. South Florida: Just west of Lake Okeechobee in La Belle: 39F Lehigh Acres (just a few miles east of Fort Myers): 39F Central Florida 5 AM: Lakeland (Winston): 39F Zephyrhills North: 38F Springhill: 37F The Villages: 36F to 38F North Florida: Ocala International KOCF: 36F Gainesville Regional Airport: 38F Panacea (Piney Island): 37F (!) Elgin AFB (Fort Walton Beach north): 37F ....jeeez; I hope this isn't a harbinger of things to come in 2 months :E Key West is going to be awfully crowded in Dec, Jan, & Feb.
silversand 11/02/14 03:45am Snowbirds
RE: Weather is saying get going!

....you'd better be going very far south in Florida this weekend. It will be in the 30s F at least up to ~Orlando. I've been following the ENSO (El NiƱo-Southern Oscillation forecast) our 3 months (the NDF up till January), and it looks like the RGV will be solidly below normal temperatures (Florida and Georgia is predicted be near normal). January till end of February is predicted to be below normal for Florida (all the way to the northern Keys), and all of Texas and Louisana will be substantially below normal... If anyone would like to read the October ENSO Diagnostic Discussion (an excellent on-line paper showing how the forecast tracked with the observations), read this: here--> I personally only subscribe to the 3 months out diagnostic (not the 4, 5 or 6 month out forcasts: an outstanding 18 hits, with only 4 misses with 3 month out for September model runs for OND, over 33 years of tracking)... S-
silversand 11/01/14 06:27am Snowbirds
RE: Floor discoloring?

....every discoloration instance of vinyl flooring has to be assessed each on its own (forensically) ! ...it could be from MANY causes: improper adhesives used by camper maker not specifically sanctioned by vinyl / plastics flooring manufacturer; polyurethane patching of wood sub-floor by camper maker will yellow linoleum flooring; even chip-board or waferboard will yellow linoleum. Among numerous other scenarios/interactions.
silversand 10/28/14 03:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Little trip to the Keys.

After nearly 11 days of straight rain up here, it sure looks nice down there! We'll probably be in key west for a time in February (no firm arrival time) :)
silversand 10/27/14 06:52pm Truck Campers
RE: Blue Ridge Parkway/Fall Festival, so so color report

Obx: Nice to see all that sunshine! Some incredibly interesting tractors, at what looked to be a good fest. When we travel to see leaf colors, most times we are disappointed, and on returning home, are dazzled by our local maple, beach, aspen and ash. We are bracing for 8 to 12 inches of snow on friday :E this event will be exclusive to vermont, new hampshire, northern new york and quebec :D our rig is stored away for winter as of 9 am this morning... Cheers, Sand & Dunes
silversand 10/27/14 06:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Best SIMPLE Non-Speaking GPS For Mexico

....you could also download all the World's DNCs (declassified patches) from the NGA; Mexico is comprised of DNCDX014 & DNCDX013 DNC civil public domain use disclaimer: DNC is being made available to the public for GIS use only. (GIS is geographical information systems) ...he'll need a very high-resolution shoreline vector layer, too (at MSL) and port approaches, not the crappy generalized shoreline layers found in terrestrial GPS units. I would have suggest that he use OpenCPN (a free GPLv2 chartplotter AND GPS navigation software), however, free NOAA RNC geo-referenced digital images of the charts and ENCs vector files of chart features (in S-57 format) are only available for the entire Gulf of Mexico to just north of Belize City, and not the Mexican West Coast any further south of Vicente Guerrero (Baja Norte)...eg. using OpenCPN, he could plot his own navigation (at home on-shore), and output via the Route Manager, waypoints, routes, tracks and layers to GPX format. GPX files that any cheap water-resistant GPS could ingest for water navigation (connecting the GPS to his laptop via USB or serial cable).
silversand 10/23/14 05:05am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: TR: roaming the Parashant

Cal: Well documented with super photos! Now, other investigating doing this route know the roadblocks and issues. Cheers, Silver-
silversand 10/22/14 07:47am Truck Campers
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