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I hope that no one has a camper in the Rio Grand Valley now:

....there could be a tremendous quantity of rain coming for the RGV Friday/Saturday. I hope this doesn't materialize!
silversand 08/24/17 11:15am Snowbirds
RE: Trip Report: Across country delivering Sleepy's camper

TREMENDOUS trip report Steve! That report is both a work of enormity and of overwhelming friendship and kindness. It took me (well, "us") quite some time to read through "cover-to-cover", but we did it :B A great reference "thread" too for anyone wanting to do an extensive camper rebuild, with people who can do the job very competently! Cheers, Sand & Dunes
silversand 08/17/17 09:33am Truck Campers
RE: Traveling through BC wildfire area

The following is the interactive Canadian Wildland Fire Information System here--> This is what I do if the possibility of driving through wildfire territory presents itself. Your mileage will vary, and you will have to make up your own mind as to the risks you want to assume. I zoom in to the appropriate scale, turn on the "Active Fires" layer, and the "Fire M3 Hotspots" layer, then pan along my proposed route(s). Smoke direction and visibility is highly variable, and can change in literally 10 ~ 20 minutes (nobody can predict where smoke will be; only in situ observation will inform real time). Fire perimeters and directions change in minutes, too. Predicting where wildfires and smoke will spread and how fast hour-by-hour is very problematic. I am on my own when I enter wildfire territory, only I can decide what risk I want to assume. I do my due diligence right up to the minute before I leave.
silversand 08/10/17 09:15am Truck Campers
RE: What wax works best for you?

I tried Fluid Film at one time but the stuff is gooey and not cheap. 1-3 mix of diesel fuel and 30 weight motor oil works just as well. ...I've been using FluidFilm on our vehicles' undercarriage for about 15 years now...I put a drop sheet under the truck before spraying. It is gooey, but the undercarriages of both of our vehicles (and a third vehicle sold in 2014) are as good as new.....and this in Quebec (salt roads on steroids for up to 7 months a year). 2 of our vehicles are/were driven to Florida every winter leaving here in February; the truck / camper rig does not get driven outside April to October ie. during winter (full disclosure). Back to wax: ....I use Nu Finish paste way and Black Magic wet shine most of the time on all vehicles and camper. I also have a spray-on wax I use sometimes after a wash on all vehicles, this applied when vehicles are wet (I can't recall the name).
silversand 07/27/17 12:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Is there a story behind this accident?

....the C DOT traffic cam imagery is hellacious. Little can be deduced. This is the little I can deduce from the imagery: -when the camper "landed" on the on-coming inside shoulder, a tractor trailer rig (based on the width of the dual wheels skid marks) had both feet on the brake pedal to the floor to swerve out of the way of the camper (this begs: what was a tractor trailer doing in the inner-most passing lane); -the pick-up truck's bed bottom appears to be severely warped / damaged; -as Suds mentions, pick-up ended its journey in the inside breakdown lane; -broken light standard ended its journey on the on-coming inside shoulder / breakdown lane... // ....need to see crash investigator photos of the pick-up from every angle to determine more.
silversand 07/19/17 08:58am Truck Campers
RE: Avion camper rebuilds - hundreds of photos

Steve: .....just wait till the overturn of the landmark 2015 net neutrality rules happen soon...the free and open Internet may be a concept of the past soon (this will really hit consumers in the pocketbook!).
silversand 07/14/17 01:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Advice on TC for 12 month trip to Europe

but Sprinter vans in Europe are regularly reported to make 2,000,000 km without overhaul, so even buying older one is not coming with high risk. ...LOL, I have no doubt that the Sprinter "mechanicals" will go very, very far, but thinking back to the last 2 Sprinters I saw on the roads around Quebec, literally the entire body above the frameworks were so rusted out, I'm sure the drivers of those vans was feeling like they were driving a block of hole-filled Swiss cheese :B I imagine that the EU countries have very little ice melt chemicals on the roads (at least, perhaps they don't use ice melt chemicals longer than the months of January/February, unlike on this side of the Pond, where they are used for at least 6 months of the winter) ? If if wanted to keep a Sprinter for the long term, I would anti-rust spray under-coat it every season...
silversand 07/14/17 01:32pm Truck Campers
RE: Avion camper rebuilds - hundreds of photos

.....interesting, and catastrophic! Jeesh. I've had a Photobucket account (free, not paid) since 2004 (1 year after this hosting service was founded). And for 14 years, never ever had an issue linking to or accessing my photos. All of my linked photos still "function" no problem (across the myriad forums I have posted to)....but for how long....hmmmm? I do have my own "web servers" where I host a number of domain names (belonging to me). I wish I could host all the photos here (through a custom storage interface), but even I couldn't host a waterfall of photos on my terabytes of SAN...it would simply cost too much. Its a real ****-shoot relying on any (whether e-mail service or photo storage provider) "free" service. I've been through dozens of on-line service company "takeovers" and mergers (including Rocketmail, in the very early days of the Net: Rocketmail set up a special mail server host for me at Yahoo....which itself was just taken over recently LOL), but have been very lucky in that I have never been "stranded".....yet LOL.
silversand 07/11/17 01:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Shopping for a 3/4 ton, What fit issues should I expect?

I'm not understanding why the tailgate opening is a potential issue, my camper is 48.5" wide all the way to the tail and I'm certain the tailgate opening is much wider than that. ....a lot of truck campers have a T shaped tub :) If you decide to get a different truck camper, check the tub configuration...
silversand 06/28/17 02:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Shopping for a 3/4 ton, What fit issues should I expect?

.....jack extension bolt-ons are available for some jacks; I can't tell from the photos if your jacks are round or square leg? Really REALLY pay attention to the rear truck bed opening width vis a vis your existing (or contemplated) truck camper rear tub width (as Kohldad writes, above). You can get the truck bed widths from truck manufacturer's up-fitter web databases (like GM body builder up-fitter drawings for all years light-duty truck models, here--> )
silversand 06/27/17 09:47am Truck Campers
RE: Converting from traditional aluminum siding to smooth skins?

....have a look at Foamular C-300, at 30psi compression strength (shiplap), 96 inch lengths...Owens Corning.
silversand 06/27/17 09:35am Truck Campers
RE: Converting from traditional aluminum siding to smooth skins?

Gaco Western (Firestone Building Products), here--> ...that sounds like a very interesting and robust roof build-up! I'll probably use Gaco to 2nd skin my TPO roof down the road (perhaps in 7 years....BEFORE a roof leak happens). Have you considered just using 3 sheets (do the cut-outs) of marine ply (12-foot sheets for sidewalls all the way out to tip of cabover, and scarf lower & scarf a couple of smaller ply sheets to form the rear wall) and doing the same build-up as the roof (as a smooth camper "skin") ? ...also, check the under-wings and camper tub and tub under-floor for rot, too. I had to re-build mine a few years ago...also, it appears (in your photo) that the cabover underbelly could be delaminating (??)
silversand 06/27/17 09:18am Truck Campers
RE: camping policy at national parks

2. A pickup with canopy with a foam pad, pulling a TT. ...this is an excellent topic, and though I am not happy for the OP's experience, we will be doing something like wnjj writes, above: 2 of us pulling a base camp tow trailer (21 foot) with our 2500HD pickup, with compact pop-up truck camper on truck. The pick-up/truck pop-up camper will be our daily driver (and grocery getter, and remote 4x4 expedition rig for deep offroad explorations without basecamp trailer), and the trailer our base camp to be left in various regions hooked up to paid service(s) for up to 1 or 2 months. Several campgrounds we visited in Florida have said: no problem with this....you are only 2 at the site; while other campgrounds were not sure (they said they had to check with the owner (private campground) or municipality (municipal campgrounds), State (State Parks), or Feds (National Parks) ). However, no one we inquired with said absolutely "no". On edit: a member of this Forum (Jim) years ago (a couple traveling full time) had a Class A diesel pusher, towing a truck camper rig (the towed); I never read from them of any problems with this set-up at any campground...
silversand 06/21/17 08:15am Truck Campers
RE: Size max and budget for Mexico and Guatemala

Brian Sue: .....Microsoft "Maps Pro" is the replacement for discontinued S & T. It can function on a Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 system. I would have to infer from your experience with the import --> GPX function you tried on your S & T install that S & T is trying to "prompt" you to get Maps Pro. Maps Pro of course can import entire OSM country routable roads, tracks and points, and indeed can also import snap-shots of satellite coverages (at one fixed scale: you can't zoom in past the scale you observed whilst selecting your coverage, but you could probably zoom out; so take this into consideration during your route building endeavor) too. Maps Pro can import: CSV, KML, KMZ, GPX, GeoPDF and GeoJSON files, and can also import complete routable country data from OSM for total off-line navigating (as I mention above) from any place on Earth. So, in effect, you could grab Mexico and Central America, and you'll have routable vector data that is street searchable and directionable, and display points of interest, all while off-line. Have a read of the Maps Pro tutorial, here--> Now remember, I am not an S & T nor an Maps Pro user, so you'll have to do your own due diligence by experimenting. I build my own core GPS solutions using a GIS platform (QGIS) rather than relying on apps (or, stand-alone commercial solutions). I do experiment with several navigation apps (freeware), but not S & T... On edit: ....I also read that Maps Pro has the capability of communicating with a Bluetooth GPS puck...
silversand 05/30/17 10:06am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: bent my differential cover -- plus fix

The AAM 11.5 is used with all Duramax and 8.1L gas engines, and many Dodge trucks. (from 2003?? until current ASAIK) ....thanks for the clarification....I'd completely forgot about that monster 8.1 L gasser motor (with Allison) and big ring gear LOL
silversand 05/30/17 08:38am Truck Campers
RE: Outfitter Apex electrical schematic??

....this is part of our disaster mitigation tool-kit (everyone may want to consider it inside every camper Class A, Class C, Trailer, 5th Wheel, truck camper, etc): -a set of screw drivers to remove any broken lock from the inside of the camper (on the Outfitter lockset like ours, it is a Phillips screw driver if you ever have to remove the door lock from inside the camper) -2 fire extinguishers (1 within reach of your cab-over bed) and 1 under the propane stove mounted to the cabinet wall -in the case of a pop-up camper or truck camper with soft walls: a very reliable knife (like a Ka-Bar) to slice through through the vinyl softwall in seconds to escape, if there is an emergency that precludes you from getting out through the camper's rear door and your cab-over roof hatch is too small to exit through -an emergency window breaking device in case a propane fire ignites so quickly, you can't get to the rear camper door, nor to the cab-over escape hatch, and you can't negotiate the large dinette window emergency opener -two 700 to 1000 lumen flashlights (1 in the cabover mounted to the ceiling or, in an emergency velcro device; a second one mounted to the face of a kitchen cabinet) -1 additional propane detector mounted near your propane lines; 1 additional CO detector mounted near the bed (in addition to the camper 12V system detectors that may not work if your 12V DC system fails (!) And, in all your vehicles: a seatbelt cutter and emergency window smasher securely mounted to your seat, where you can get to them (ie. if your seatbelt cant be released easily and you find yourself upside down in water, or after an accident your vehicle catches fire). ....sorry...back to the program: electrical 12V issue (I would try Joerg's seemingly easy fix first, for Outfitter owners that have split (left/right) electrical circuits :D)
silversand 05/30/17 08:18am Truck Campers
RE: Size max and budget for Mexico and Guatemala

I wonder if there is any way to find a format or whatever that could be used with Streets & Trips to update the maps? ....could be. I'll have to check the S & T ingestible formats... ....OK, in S & T: in the "Data" menu, click "Import Data Wizard", and see if you have OSM, SHP, GPX files available to convert to S & T coverage. Let me know (I don't have a copy of S & T)... I know all of the "other data formats" that S & T uses...they are mostly US-centric GPS data...the only agency that would have foreign data would be the NGIA (the NGIA, formerly NIMA, would likely not deal with you at all vis GPS data because they are a combat support & intelligence agency)....but the absolute best and up to the second world GPS data comes from OSM (Open Street Maps). On edit: ....I should add that NAVTEQ is one of the world's largest **commercial** GPS data providers, and will (probably) account for 99.999% of the GPS layers that S & T uses (Google Maps, Google Earth and the Google mapservers that seed all their mapping products used to use NAVTEQ as a product provider....however, I believe that Google had switched to TeleAtlas some time ago ....2009??...). I think that NAVTEQ had been 100% merged into Nokia about ~~5.5 years ago....and even more recently, the brand is now called Here WeGo (or, Here), and is now owned by a consortium of German automotive companies (they use the GPS data of course in their on-board automobile navigation systems)....but this is probably way more than you wanted to know LOL.
silversand 05/25/17 11:57am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: bent my differential cover -- plus fix

...nice job Cal! Those massive 10.5 and 11.5 GM Corporate (later, made by AAM) diffs are freaking awesome. I think that the Allison 1000 tranny with Duramax comes with the 11.5 inch rear end in the 3500? The only thing with these big 14 bolters is: ....you know a GM Corp axle has been down the trail when you see plow furrows down the middle of the offroading trail LOL... I think the only way to get that pumpkin higher off the trail is with very large diameter tires (and a change of ratio to ~4.56 with ~41-9 teeth...and fly-cut that big housing down an inch or more-ish). The gear oil quantity is very well known for those diffs...after you put in the correct quantity, you bench-mark the level through the filler hole with a 90deg bent white wire tie..marked with indelible black marker..and throw that new tool in your glove box :D
silversand 05/25/17 11:23am Truck Campers
RE: Severe Storm Closes Laredo Bridge III

....fog on the Baja means super humid warm air at ground level hitting very cold ocean water (advection)... I just checked the near real-time SST-A (sea surface temperature anomalies) off the Baja Pacific-side, and they are running from -0.6 to -1.3 C below "normal" ( 16.7C to 19.1C....then down at the tip 25.2C and in the Gulf in the 25C range ), except right at the tip of the peninsula...
silversand 05/24/17 01:16pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Severe Storm Closes Laredo Bridge III

GTLA: ....the public was the entity that reported possible "tornado on the ground" at locales: 2200 UTC 5/21/2017 Arnaudville. Also, a tornado appears to have been confirmed in Fort Bend county; and Brookshire, in Waller County, between 255 PM to 310 PM, on 5/21/2017. I have mapped of all the May 21st report locations from the Laredo area (if anyone wants to see it). ....there were some hail and 1 or 2 strong wind reports near Laredo, but not in Larado on May 20th, but nothing as severe as the May 21st outbreak of downdraft and outflow winds, and recordings of ~70 MPH wind gusts, and 2.5 inch hail stones...
silversand 05/24/17 09:50am RVing in Mexico and South America
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