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RE: Anyone running BFG TA KO2 tires on their offroad TC rigs?

....Michelin LTX A/T2 tire I just replaced these tires (at 6.4 years of age: started significant sidewall cracking on 3 tires). I was impressed by them, however, I need a legally rated and performance-tested snow tire rubber compound and tread, that doubles as all season (with the U.S. Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) and the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC) severe winter rated logo stamped on the tire). We expect to do some snow and ice driving now that we are on the cusp of full retirement (ie. we will encounter potentially significant snow and ice traversing to/from warmer climes several times a year). The only load-rated E tires on the North American market, as far as I am aware, with this capability are: Goodyear Duratrac and BFGoogrich TA/Ko (and K02) full sized truck tires.
silversand 01/09/15 08:14am Truck Campers
RE: Alternative to Capri Campers

....as suggested above, I've seen Spacecap Diablo 8 models outfitted with beds, porta-potti, numerous windows (and, skylights), electric, and seats with dinette selling used in the $9000 ~ $10,000 range, in near mint condition... The only question is east~west bed size: iffy. The least expensive brand new (on edit: hard-side) truck camper on the market currently is Travel Lite (ie. the 700W {2015 models} are selling in the $10,800 range USD) Barring the above, a used Travel Lite?
silversand 01/08/15 12:18pm Truck Campers
RE: A KIT Kamper Rebirth - a plan in the making

Sounds like a very cost-effective plan! Will be following along. Have you got the Kreg jigs? Have you thought about using epoxied in oak dowles to hold the fame together in lieu of metal bolts/screws? Have a look at these honeycomb aluminum sanwich panels, from Pacific Panels (ie. all cut-outs and camper shell sides pre milled and ready to assembled in polar white?): here-->
silversand 01/08/15 12:00pm Truck Campers
RE: South-TX Weather Has Been Wonderful (So Far)

....what I'm seeing in Brownsville this moment is 38F (!), with little chance of exceeding 47/48F today. Not good. 55F Friday; 42F Saturday; 58F Sunday (I won't even go into the lows for these days!). Ya better look at Cancun (or, Jupiter to the Keys in Florida) !
silversand 01/08/15 08:32am Snowbirds
RE: Anyone running BFG TA KO2 tires on their offroad TC rigs?

Thanks Guys! The reason I started this thread so early in the game (our new Duratrac tires are literally brand new, 1840 miles on them; they are excellent in every respect....so far), is that I want to start accumulating experiences as an future alternative tire. DJ: I got a chance to see the Toyo MTs first hand (on a very nice imported Land Rover) in North Carolina, this past October. They had a good review by owner. Tks.
silversand 01/08/15 08:20am Truck Campers
RE: Photobucket Hacked?

Chrome is one of the safest web browsers out there (better than free Firefox; the one I use)....but nothing is free in life! However, what would Google Corporation gain by giving away their free web browser, ask yourself ! Hmmmmmmm? LOL
silversand 01/07/15 02:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Its time to start complaining

outside of Rocky Point you would be hard pressed to find any RV park in Mexico that is not at least 2/3 Canadians. ....nobody in Mexico cares how many Canadian tourists visit Mexico by RV (about 1.5 million Canadians vacation in Mexico annually; how many are RVers? 10,000 ? 5000 ?). They only care how many Americans visit Mexico: a meager 150,000 A DAY !
silversand 01/07/15 02:42pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Its time to start complaining

...here's one for you: ... "Mexico Inflation Rate Keeps Rising Mexican annual inflation rate accelerated further to 4.3 percent in October of 2014 from 4.22 percent in September, pushed up by higher food prices. Monthly inflation accelerated to 0.55 percent, the highest in nine months. Published on 2014-11-07" (site: Trading Economics, 2014) ....whenever a country's inflation rates soar / their currency dives, the only hedge for the population is to use US dollars (regardless of it's legal implications in any given country)....so, what is the World's currency benchmark (against which all other currencies are measured) ? If you recall the Bretton Woods Conference of 1944, thereafter, every country on Earth pegged their currency exchange rates exclusively to the US dollar. Worse in Mexico, Mexico is the US's largest trading partner...so, which currency does the Mexican economy prefer??? Certainly not the ever increasingly worthless Mexican Peso. Try and exchange Mexican currency in Canada, Argentina, Colombia, the Bahamas, the UK, France, Switzerland, Germany, etc, etc...and see what happens! In literally every Latin American country I have ever been in, I could use US dollars to either out-right buy goods and services, or to exchange for the local currency (I only exchange just enough; never too much!).
silversand 01/07/15 02:34pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Photobucket Hacked?

....just logged into my Photobucket account (free, non paying account)....no issues whatsoever. No pop-up ads, nothing untoward at all...boring. I'm using Firefox 34.0 on Windows 7 Enterprise (an IBM pre-install on Lenovo small-footprint workstation); surfing on a severly reduced profile (read: not surfing in Admin account, fully open to attack!) fully sandboxed (with lots of advanced custom settings); Ad Block + with lots of custom filters... Could your computer be infected? What op-sys are you using???
silversand 01/07/15 01:03pm Truck Campers
RE: New prototype truck camper

....looks interesting. The roof is one-piece aluminum "seamless" (sounds like the Livin-Lite roof); the heating system sounds interesting (a heat exchanger, too; the heating system will keep camper heated when you are driving). Not enough additional info to make a detailed analysis (ie. no dimensions inside or out, etc)....will follow this one closely! S-
silversand 01/07/15 12:54pm Truck Campers
Anyone running BFG TA KO2 tires on their offroad TC rigs?

Is there anyone out there running the new KO2 BFGs on their rigs? We're now running Duratrac meats on our rig, but would like to gather info on these babies... LT285/75R16 (126/123R) E (3750 lbs @ 80 PSI)
silversand 01/07/15 12:07pm Truck Campers
RE: South-TX Weather Has Been Wonderful (So Far)

It's quite amazing to read the temperature departures from normal (DFN) in Florida. Example, Nov 2014, Pensacola's departure from normal was -6 F from the 54.7F average! Now, down in Orlando, their DFN for November 2014 was -3.2F; and all the way south at Key West, their DFN was a staggering -2.5F (worse than Miami region!). The departures may not look Earth-shattering, but consider that Pensacola's DFN represents a drop of 10.9% and Orlando's drop is 4.9% in the average over the month! I graphed the temperature average for Orlando winter season from 1964 to 2013 looking for patterns or cycles, and found that from about 1991, Orlando has a steady cyclical 4~5 year roll from peak high average, to a peak low average. Years 2013 and 2014 are in a very low average dip now (ie. a very cold average in the cycle), so we expect 2015, 2016 and 2017 to be up-swing temperature years...I chose Orlando because it is fairly near the geographical centroid of the peninsula; well, close enough, because I had to choose a place with reliable long-term climate data near center of peninsula :B Let's see how this plays out over the next 3 years! I have yet to do the above for the RGV region...
silversand 01/05/15 01:39pm Snowbirds
RE: The fickle finger of fate was messing with me again

USDF Region seven Championships where we came away five times as class champions. Wow, nice! Driving on our hairy freeways: I'm still near a point personally where I will soon avoid these high-speed freeways with the truck camper rig (unless no other choice would exist to get from b to c), opting for less dense tertiary roads. I think I would feel more comfortable kayaking a remote area of a war-torn 3rd World hovel during a tropical storm, where I would have more control over an easier (more predictable) set of independent variables coming my way :B
silversand 01/05/15 12:49pm Truck Campers
RE: F150 and a Camplite 6.8

ouch....I would change this out ASAP. P rated tires really are not intended to carry much load. Air them to the max rating and take it slow on the way home. ....have you changed out your passenger car tires yet, for truck tires? We have P rated tires on our new SUV (rated to near what yours are rated to), and I wouldn't haul more than 200~300 LBS with those.
silversand 01/05/15 12:22pm Truck Campers
RE: The fickle finger of fate was messing with me again

Buzz: Has DW ever attended an FEI World Equestrian Games (I think the 2010 was held in Lexington) ? Those near accidents make me apprehensive of ever driving on a high-speed Interstate or similar again, with a heavy rig. I can't even imagine how this felt driving with trailered horses! One could be a very practiced defensive driver, however, there are infinite permutations of disasters that can happen randomly, anywhere. Cheers, Silver-
silversand 01/05/15 11:57am Truck Campers
RE: Truck Campers 10 years from now?

5: Furnaces and water heaters as one unit, powered by propane, electric, or both. Truma has a model which does this. This saves a lot of space and allows for more versatility. With addition #1 above, one could run the truck's engine for electricity and use electric heat. I saw the Truma water heater/furnace in operation in a truck camper at the Overland Expo East in October. This product alone will change the North American RV immeasurably; their other power product (their fuel cell) would be icing on the cake (the Truma guy from Ontario was discussing with me a suggested retail price in the ~ $1300 range for the water heater/furnace on this side of the Pond)...
silversand 01/02/15 01:24pm Truck Campers
RE: South-TX Weather Has Been Wonderful (So Far)

And your point is? ....my point is to give those not familiar with a particular climatological definition a baseline to work with, a) to weed out marketing BS and false expectations; b) a general idea where the tropics climate actually commences; and C) to understand why people are so miserable living outdoors within a certain temperature and high humidity regime in the generally poorly-insulated RVs we all use in North America (ie. knowing that discomfort zone will give one better decision-making tools towards avoidance)... ....nothing more...nothing less... :B
silversand 01/02/15 12:39pm Snowbirds
RE: South-TX Weather Has Been Wonderful (So Far)

Once I gave up the marketing illusion of a semi-tropical southern Texas at half the rate of a true semi-tropical location ....it helps to first throw out terminology not used to describe climate zones: "semi-tropical" is purely a marketing invention, helped along because it is used so often by the unknowing masses, and somehow the term becomes adopted, wrongly, to describe some part of the tropics. The real tropic belts are only two: 1) subtropics; and 2) tropics. Nothing more, nothing less. South Texas falls inside the subtropics zone, having its northern boundary at approximately the 38th parallel (just about at Wichita, Kansas), and its southern boundary at about 23.45° Lat (near Mazatlan, Mexico). So, Brownsville, TX (RGV) is a mere ~157 miles from the north boundary of the "tropics", and ~828 miles (!!!) from the north boundary of the "subtropics". So, this would place the RGV at the near extreme south end of the subtropics, very, very close the the "tropics" northern frontier. Additionally, the subtropics is divided into 3 zones (none of them called semi-tropical!). The RGV is called a savannah climate regime, replete with a monsoon season. The subtropics is defined by a high and low temperature ceiling; the low basement (in the Northern Hemisphere) are temperatures ranging from 35°F and 55°F...sounds cold yes? You bet it is! The most miserable temperature ranges for the human body are between about 25F and 55F, especially when the (RH) humidity is in the 80%+ range (as it is in the south regions of the subtropics!). I think there are some snowbirds who would perhaps find it more comfortable in the "tropics" south of Mazatlan, Mexico? There really isn't much geographic space between the RGV and the line demarcating the tropics: only 157 miles! This would in fact place the RGV in the really southern geographical sector of the subtropics, by every climatological measure out there. ...that's it for today folks :B
silversand 01/02/15 11:46am Snowbirds
RE: Winter Camping in New England - Suggestions?

Recompense Shores (near Freeport, Maine) have a few campsites open over winter, here--> Silver-
silversand 12/31/14 01:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Ford and Chevy get all twisted up

I like our open "C" channel ladder frame, with boxed frame under the entire engine area. The open C is extremely good a vertical load handling/stability (look at tractors pulling trailers), and is less rigid in torsional dimension (bringing loads over hilly terrain, the C channel torsional flexibility is needed to keep all 4 wheels on the ground, all the while providing exceptional vertical load stability with the C). Open C under the load bed area needs a different leaf spring rate design (just as rear boxed needs a different leaf spring design when compared to open C springing). ...if we ever had to go with a newer truck (God forbid), I would do everything in my power to source a truck/frame with open "C" channel, with ladders under the load-bearing part and engine/tranny of the new truck (I hope this would not have to be an MDt or Class 8 !)...
silversand 12/30/14 02:48pm Truck Campers
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