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RE: now looking for insurance

If I were in this situation, this is what I would do (your mileage may vary): A) Approach the RV park management, and mention that someone I know wants to RV at this Park next season, and would the management accept an RV with 1 or 2 million $ in liability only coverage. B) I would then shop for liability only coverage for my RV if A) above is positive. If I was an RV park owner, the first concern on my mind would be liability (especially in Mexico, where getting commercial liability for my Mexican Park could be difficult or prohibitively expensive). Liability insurance on an RV (say, 2 to 4+ million) is very expensive, and I think it is the most expensive portion of the insurance policy, because the potential down-side for an insurance company (risk analysis/actuarially speaking) could be catastrophic: ie. an RV catching fire, and burning down 1, 2, 5, 25 of your neighbor's $20,000 to $400,000 rigs, and potentially much of the campground, depending on environmentally-specific/proximal circumstances... ....anyhow, again, this is how I would approach this; YMMV. On another front, deciding whether to actually insure MY RV for loss is predicated on: the risk of loss from acts of God (hurricane, wind, flooding), vandalism, theft, and collision. I would examine each of these criteria separately, then on a weighted scale, let the scale determine if and/or what genre of insurance is required... Good luck.
silversand 04/15/14 09:58am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: I need a larger camper

...I just had a "recollection" (getting old; losing my memory! Or, my mind?): Bran is the chap that (I believe?) designed the "Smart Truck" series (Smart Truck II, based on a Silverado 2500HD; and perhaps the inspiration for Smart Truck III ?)... ...In fact, I think that this rig needs a toed to round it off (say, the Smart Truck III ?). Really, not much is available to the public on these series (I think the technology modules themselves may be classified?)... On edit: Tiger: that "item" on the Ford chassis above could be the Smart Truck I (precursor to the II {(Silverado HD) and III (International) ?}... _shrug_
silversand 04/13/14 11:57am Truck Campers
RE: I need a larger camper

....I think that this unit is more an expression of "art" than "utility". The designer obviously has enough resources to expend, however, practically speaking, the unit is a bit over engineered. Looking at some of the roof-top sensors, one could now simply "call" regional sensor data into and manage the called data in a "smart phone". I've learned that Globally, there are hundreds of millions of sensors (with cumulative value in the $billions) installed that can be "tapped" by one's computer or smart phone and analyzed, very easily. The up-side would be: giving one's daughter the ride of a life-time; and implementing technology that has been developed, but not yet been rested n the "real World" ? Selling the unit shouldn't be any problem whatsoever, with all the cyber advertising the concept is getting. There are tens of millions of multimillionaires (and, thousands of billionaires) out there, so the market may potentially be in the several hundreds... Silver-
silversand 04/13/14 06:37am Truck Campers
RE: Pollen and allergies and where to go for winter

I guess I should haver been more specific. I have a brother in-law who left Florida and moved to Surprise, Az. and said it cured his allergy problems. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ....I hate to tell you: this means NOTHING for your specific situation. No 2 people on Earth have the same allergies. There are hundreds (or, thousands) of airborne allergens in any given place on Earth. One person could be allergic to 3 allergens at Location X, and move to Location Y with few if any issues. Then, another person living in the same environment can have similar (but not the same) allergens, and moves to the same Location Y, and can have/will/may develop allergies to allergens there, too. There aren't ANY guarantees! I read an exhaustive epidemiological paper done on allergies (airborne) in Mexico and the American Southwest, and unfortunately, allergies are increasing at an alarming rate both in Mexico and the Southwest US. As environments change radically (much hotter and longer and windier winter seasons in the Southwest and Mexico, as an example), allergens will change, increase, decrease, extending, shortening by today's unpredictable season. If you do manage to find an "ideal locale during a particular season", count yourself lucky; however(!), don't be surprised if new or even traditional allergens (extending seasons) rear their ugly heads over time!
silversand 04/12/14 05:42am Snowbirds
RE: Charging the truck battery with solar- will a 1.5W panel do?

....several things reduce incoming solar per surface unit/surface area: the 1st is the angle of incidence of the sun (time of day; time of year) relative to your collector aperture (your solar panel); and the second is filtration (clouds; curtains; glass treatment; etc)... You can measure this by buying an incoming solar energy meter and mounting it in various locations inside your truck (on top of your small solar collector) and data-logging (the streaming data) where you park your truck (home and work)...IMO, it would be a dubious endeavor to mount a 2, 3, 4, 5 watt mini solar collector inside your vehicle as a trickle charger, unless you are moving your parked vehicle every hour on the hour, to maximize incoming solar energy at the collector! If you have a parasitic draw (and this is in all likelihood the case, if you have dead truck battery after only 1 or 2 weeks parked!) and can't find it, use a "battery minder" of some sort every day when parked. Off topic: some trucks (and other automobile manufacturers' various models) use steel brake lines that are very susceptible to early corrosion; so knowng this, I've always manually coated all my brake lines "from factory new", every year. I'm happy to read that your later model GMC has factory coated brake lines! Good news.
silversand 04/12/14 05:12am Truck Campers
RE: taking extra liquor to BC Canada

Very few countries have REAL free trade. ....except for the ENTIRE EU (that is: MOST of Western Europe): border crossing formalities have vanished entirely. THAT is "free trade". What we have in North America (the NAFTA: Mexico, USA, Canada) is utter BS. There IS NO free trade in North America entre the countries actually making up North America. We never had it. It will NEVER exist. Imagine being able to drive from Saskatchewan to the Guatemala border without seeing a border station? That is what Europe has; this will never happen here on this side of the Pond. Never. Not in 10 years, 50 years, or in a Century. Silver-
silversand 04/08/14 09:47am Snowbirds
RE: Charging the truck battery with solar- will a 1.5W panel do?

When I bought my 03 Chevy I would not drive it for weeks at a time. When I would go to drive it the battery was dead ...our 2004.5 Silverado 2500HD OFTEN sits for 1 or 2 months after we reconstitute it from winter storage, with absolutely no issue whatsoever vis starting (no battery minder connected, and the batteries never disconnected). We've been doing this since September 2004-- almost 10 years. Our truck batteries are OEM factory, and are just about as strong today, as the day we bought the truck. I did use a battery minder one winter over the past 10 years of storage, however, the other 9 years, no supplemental trickle charge at all. I would say that perhaps rust has played havoc with your electrical system over the years? I rust-proof every square centimeter our truck chassis (both undercoating and the engine compartment, and every linear centimeter of brake line)) twice a year, right from the hour we took delivery from the showroom new almost 10 years ago. I wouldn't replace this 10 year old Silverado even if I was given a brand new one free from GM (I go on record here with this statement).
silversand 04/08/14 09:21am Truck Campers
RE: TC travels, Az, Hawaii, Nova Scotia, * 2013 TR, Pg 531

....on the road, we often (if interesting meteorological phenomena are imminent) use an analytical software (McIDAS-), and draw satellite and radar data (ingesting real-time satellite/radar) from myriad open ADDE etc servers (I always like to see my radar sweep view displayed in 3D), and can chew up 2 gigabytes of bandwidth A DAY. This requires a full unrestricted bandwidth Internet access difficult to find "on the road"...
silversand 04/08/14 08:14am Truck Campers
RE: TC travels, Az, Hawaii, Nova Scotia, * 2013 TR, Pg 531

....mobile internet: Doesn't Millenicom have a 4G "hotspot plan" on Verizon with 20GB/mo for the $89 range (this is the unthrottled high-speed LTE data). ? This plan used to be $69/mo, recently increased...
silversand 04/08/14 07:24am Truck Campers
RE: TC travels, Az, Hawaii, Nova Scotia, * 2013 TR, Pg 531

....I looked up the casino, and the L'Auberge Casino Resort is the second largest employer in the Lake Charles area...interesting. Enjoy the humidity and generally nice weather there! It has been snowing on and off all day here.
silversand 04/05/14 12:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Anyone used ocean-rated yacht hatches: replace the RV scrap?

Hi brian: yes indeed; travelnutz had sent me several photos and a superb write-up on his very versatile custom hatch "system" on his lance. I'll have to dig into my archives for his write-up, however, travelnutz i am sure would be very pleased to share his custom install with you. I'm still looking for a polar-aire replacement lid only (rear hatch). I may go with a swing out vent cover in the mean time... Cheers, S-
silversand 04/02/14 06:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Trip Report: Mojave Road II, 2014-03-13 to 16

Wow! EXCELLENT trip report n every way (narrative; technical; photos; etc) ! I love those pintle hitches; the first time I've seen mountain bikes (fat tire) in a trip report. Nice. Cheers, S-
silversand 03/31/14 05:35am Truck Campers
RE: Fender well storage box?

LoL I just realized I said 926Ah's That would be sweet though. ....holy cow, dude: I though you had been keeping from us a NiNaCl Zebra system installed in your TC :B Damn.....
silversand 03/30/14 03:08pm Truck Campers
RE: Our custom true flatbed truck camper build thread

We are just going to move around the country more often. In Florida in Jan it is sometimes 80. .....Florida is a very large state, with fantastically varying climate (during winter). We froze our a$$es off at Crescent Beach (St Augustine: Anastasia Island) during February this winter (in the 30sF and 40sF). My better half bought a North Face Pertex winter jacket just to stay pliable during our beach walks (these Pertex jackets are used to summit Mount Everest; we could trade it$ in for a new 3/4 ton truck!), during the 28F real-feel of the steady 21 MPH winds, 24/7. I actually ventured into the 50 deg ocean water, but not for long. All in all, thank goodness we weren't in an RV "down there" during winter (we had a comfortable 1700sq ft condo on the beach, with a 60,000 btu heat pump). The only decent warmth I had was behind a 6-foot high fully enclosed garden patio wall, on the south side of our condo (the only place to catch a few rays, when the rays were actually there!). Our friends waaaaay down south of Boca almost froze, too (thank goodness they were in their condo and not in an Rv). Solar in Florida: I tell you, there wasn't enough incoming solar radiation this winter in FL (even in full unobstructed beach) to generate any current from any solar panel this winter in Florida (unless you were in the keys: another climate regime entirely).
silversand 03/30/14 02:44pm Truck Campers
RE: Long Time Mexico Traveler Passes On

Ouch! Very sorry to read about this. We brought our very aged kitty to our new house in the mountains from "the Big City"; we knew he wasn't going to last long, but it was still devastating when he passed away (at home). Sincerely, Sand & Dunes
silversand 03/30/14 01:40pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Styrofoam vs fiberglass matt insulation

I agree with silversand. I wouldn't use spray foam, but I don't think anyone recommended using it. ....Gaetan suggested touching up the perimeter of the block foam panels (after inserting, you may not have an absolutely perfect fit, and spray foam is a good lock-in material)... Just use a hand saw or a sharp knife. ...I use an 8-foot long aluminum level as a cutting edge (I score the 2 inch or 1 inch thick foam sheets about 3/4 ~ 1/2 of an inch deep, then I snap the board in 2 by bending it: bang !).
silversand 03/30/14 01:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Fender well storage box?

There is such a box for batteries. I purchased this one mail order from an outfit in Oregon almost ten years ago - sorry, don't remember the vendor's company name Interesting! Richie, I did some searching, and found that manufacturer of in-line battery boxes: it is Century Plastics, of Richmond, BC (Phone (604) 271-1324 or e-mail: cplast@telus.net ) These people are roto-molders. Here is a link to their full line of battery boxes: Century Plastics Their narrowest in-line box is only 7.75 inches wide (with lid on: 8.5 inches), and 21.75 inches long. THIS may make an excellent fore storage box on one side of the truck bed, and a second storage box could be installed on the other side (fore of the wheel wells) ? Thinking.......this may be a great way to bring along 4 batteries (plus the 2 in the camper = a 6 battery set-up) ? Hmmmmmm. Must check the battery dimensions.....
silversand 03/30/14 12:54pm Truck Campers
RE: Styrofoam vs fiberglass matt insulation

Gaetan make a VERY good point: I will only add: spray expending foam comes in latex (open-cell) and non-latex based closed cell spray expanding. Get the closed-cell limited expanding material (when it dries, the over-expansion foam can be cut with a blade)...also remember: most of the expanding foams are extremely flammable when being applied, and while off-gassing. This s why you need very good ventilation when applying (it is also recommended NOT to spray expanding foam into closed cavities: the explosive gasses cannot escape during curing). Some closed cell foams now come with less explosive carrier, check your product carefully.
silversand 03/30/14 12:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Styrofoam vs fiberglass matt insulation

.....like Buzzcut suggests, don't fool about with anything other than closed cell foam. There are MANY block foam compositions out there. Check the PERM rating and compressive strength (ASTM D1621) for the foam FIRST before settling on ANY for product (Water Absorption, ASTM C272, % by volume, max: 0.3 or better) ! Also, if the better PERM comes from a thin plastic veneer over the foam board, ask yourself: what if this thin veneer is scratched, perforated or abraded? If this happens, then you have just usurped your PERM/vapor barrier spec! Remember this: try and build a toy boat out of glass wool (if you can) and a 2nd toy boat out of XPS closed-cell block foam, drop them in the bath, and see which one survives after a few hours. Now, remove from tub, and dry both off with a hair drier (you've only got 1 minute to dry both: which one will not dry, even after days?). When glass wool takes on even a small quantity of humidity (forget about water!), it will virtually lose ALL its insulating value.
silversand 03/30/14 11:58am Truck Campers
RE: Best way to store a truck camper

....we stored our camper outside on the property this winter for the 1st time since new (2005). I built vent shields out of polystyrene XPS (30psi material), and capped it off with 1/2 inch outdoor (exterior grade) plywood (the plywood protected with an 8mil UV treated clear poly tarp "window"; the exterior plywood is heavily coated with marine varnish, 4 raw cut edges saturated with varnish, too). I taped the entire contraption together with special construction tape. I can stand on these vent shields (I'm 170 LBS), and they don't give at all: http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p318/isladelcisne/topview_zpscd103dc0.jpg http://i131.photobucket.com/albums/p318/isladelcisne/bottomvew_zpsc8eafe7b.jpg Without these over our vents, the 3, 4, 5 foot snowstorms, and the dozen or two ice storms thrown in for good measure, and various and sundry branches that get blown onto the roof over winter (cracking and breaking during ice storms) would destroy completely both roof vents-- absolutely guaranteed. I made a custom woven polyethylene cover that just fits over the roof, and goes about 12 inches down side of camper; this is cinched down over the vent shields, using an elaborate latticework of elasticized tie-downs, and a few strategic applications of very robust outdoor tape (we often have winds here for days on end in the 60 to 70 MPH range on the mountain over winter). We live in real snow country in eastern Quebec near the extreme north side of Vermont/New Hampshire border (we often have -30 to -40 below temps for many weeks or months on end), where it starts snowing by ~10th of October, and stops snowing in June, and as such, I've had to remove snow and large icebergs off the roof of camper and the 2 trucks at least 60 times this winter. We'll see if we store everything indoors at the marina next winter. Anyhow, If this were me, I would custom-make a solution for my particular climate situation, and unique camper structure. ....I'm outa' here to shovel another foot of heavy damp snow off the roof of the camper (3rd time today), Good luck, Silver-
silversand 03/30/14 11:34am Truck Campers
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