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RE: 2500 HD gasser

I get 8.5 to almost 10 when towing depending on terrain pulling 11k pound 5th. You have a late model truck with electronic ignition; I have found a nearly 10% improvement with 89 octane when towing, but no improvement when not under load. One more idea: I carry a 5 gal tank in the back so I don't sweat the gas gage so much. I've never needed it, but that extra 45 miles of range helps me relax. Dd the same when I had a diesel.
slarsen 08/24/14 05:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: The ideal GPS route

I think dash-mounted GPS's are becoming obsolete. There are so many smartphone/pad GPS's available, many for free, that have regular map updates performed automatically. And they seem, to me anyway, superior to GPS's. On my most recent 2,000 mile trip two weeks ago, I tried out three of them: Google Maps, MotionX and GPS Copilot. I liked Copilot best. It loads the entire US in so it doesn't have to access the internet at all while traveling. Only once for just a few miles, was there an issue with recent road work leaving me driving "no where" on no roads. All GPS's do that from time to time. I would like MotionX best, except that it wants near-continuous access to the internet, which isn't very feasible. Except maybe around big cities. I was using all of them on an iPad, btw. My phone is too small for my old eyes, but the iPad is great. Oh, and it has a car/truck/RV option that lets you establish height limits and specific road preferences. If you want verbal prompts, which I don't, then the 'free' GPS costs, like, less than $10 per year. And again, all updates are free.
slarsen 08/19/14 08:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gas Buddy.com not working?

Try rebooting your phone. Like the computer it is, rebooting fixes most issues.
slarsen 07/14/14 08:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Diesel fueling Etiquette

Aux tank is a good but expensive option. I carry a 5gallon container in the truck bed, rigged so it can't move about. It gave me the satisfaction of having emergency range, and after 4-5 yrs and maybe 25 K miles, I never actually needed it. But I still regularly use it as my 'security blanket.'
slarsen 07/13/14 03:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ok, this is just getting stupid

Well, Dad/admitted GM employee: I see you are at least partly right: the state and federal investigations are targeted mostly at the dealerships that are producing fake recalls. The article ends with: "The auto industry was already learning how to turn recall lemons into lemonade, but GM under CEO Mary Barra is teaching an advanced seminar on the subject." added: I wasn't pointing a finger at GM, but you as a GM employee are accomplishing that quite well. I wonder why you chose to drop that part of your ID in later posts. And I should note that the article was making many points, among them, that cars in general are getting so good, it is getting hard to get people back into the dealership. So maybe this recall thing is just part of the natural evolution of car sales. (my own words/interpretation, since you like to get so technical, Dad.)
slarsen 07/08/14 08:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ok, this is just getting stupid

I don't know how to link on my ipad, but I found the article. The author is Holman Jenkins and it is dated July 4th. With that, you should be able to Google it, but you may need a WSJ subscription to read more than the 1st few sentences. The title is: Your car recalled? Buy a new one!
slarsen 07/07/14 06:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ok, this is just getting stupid

I read an article, I think it was in the Wall Street Journal, just a few days ago. Part of the reason for all the recalls is to get people into the dealership, where while they are torquing some "loose" nut holding the windshield wiper, a salesman will try to get you into the showroom. Apparently they are selling a lot of new cars this way. The article suggested a government investigation into bogus recalls. So that, plus the earlier mentioned "excess of caution" probably explains the many recalls . . .
slarsen 07/07/14 02:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Don't have a bucket list, do it now!

I really enjoy threads like this one. People are so honest and willing to share their stories, and these stories are likely the most important things in their life philosophy. People ask me if I am bored in retirement, and I say: sometimes. But not bored enough to do anything about it! I like my lack of responsibility and ability to do what I want, when I want. Too many years of meeting others' expectations.
slarsen 05/13/14 10:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Leaking Air Bags?

I pulled the hoses out of a T fitting, and one by one, I attached a fitting for putting air into the system. I had a spare, since I combined them into a single feed. Then I reattached the lines to the T. It could be introduced at the fitting that is presumably mounted in the bumper, but I wanted it inserted closer to the bags. I was able to verify the leak(s) weren't anywhere else along the way, so either the bags or the fittings at the bags. Since this is intended for inserting directly into a tire, the bottle easily connects at a filler point. You just remove the valve core temporarily.
slarsen 05/12/14 12:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: My new Hybrid Camry

I wish my F-250 did, too! I love this car. 3 year lease, payments just under $300 a month, 15 K miles per year, and with the $100 a month gas savings, I felt like I couldn't NOT do it. I gave my old car to my son, so I needed something in any event. And a part of the lease: all maintenance is paid for by the dealer. All I buy for 3 years is the gas. I drove off without paying so much as a dollar; first month's lease payment was paid out of my trade-in. Added: my trade-in was my son's 11year old car with 215K miles and a windshield cracked from one side to the other. I was surprised they gave me anything and maybe all they gave me was what I would have gotten for no trade-in. But at least it is out of my driveway.
slarsen 05/11/14 08:30pm Around the Campfire
RE: Leaking Air Bags?

Leaks on mine: would have to remove the bags completely to check the bags OR the fittings. The brackets completely cover the fittings. Can't even see them. A huge hassle. But the 'slime' was a 15-minute fix. No contest, if you ask me. The leak may well have been at the fittings, I don't know.
slarsen 05/11/14 08:19pm Tow Vehicles
My new Hybrid Camry

It's a long story how I ended up with a Hybrid, but for the reader, the interesting part is the result: I hit the expressway after the purchase with just 7 miles on the odometer and I was averaging about 37 mpg already. My first trip out of town, holding 70 mph, averaged 39. My return trip, now with about 300 miles on it, same speed, averaged 42. And around town, similar mileage. That's where the big payoff is, for me: around town. I can hardly believe it. You have to experience it to really understand. I can drive for weeks without a fill-up. The Camry is a nice, comfortable, quiet car, btw. On a par with a couple Lexuses I owned before retirement; have to economize, now. I figure, based upon the 15K miles a year I drive and compared to my trade in, I'll save about $100 a month on gas. That helps quite a bit in the justification for a new car. One last point, a negative: the GPS has ridiculously outdated maps, and updates, whenever they come, would buy an entire GPS, which would probably have free lifetime updates. Save the money, use your phone or iPad or whatever; they're always updating my phone maps, and for free.
slarsen 05/10/14 02:53pm Around the Campfire
Leaking Air Bags?

Possibly useful information regarding leaky air bags: I have Firestone air bags. They wouldn't hold air for more than about 3 days. This went on for quite some months, and was a real nuisance. About two months ago, I squirted some green Slime (tire sealer) into the tubes feeding the air bags I squirted it just upstream from where the bags are, about three/four feet, where the tubes join into a single fill tube. I had to inflate them about two more times, after which . . . I've gone two months now with no noticeable drop in air pressure. I keep them around 20 psi for day to day use. And there it has stayed. Before treatment, it would drop to zero in, like I said, about three days. Just for whatever it's worth.
slarsen 05/10/14 02:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The Definitive Torque vs. Horsepower post

To the OP: I appreciate your bicycle analogy. I've long struggled with HP vs torque, and this helped me see the difference. BTW, I have a gasser, and it does the job very well. I'd list my many reasons for preferring them, but the last time I did it, the thread was immediately closed.
slarsen 05/10/14 02:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Diesel and Gasser question in terms of cost

I had a diesel, and I traded it in on a gas F250. Reasons: *Now I can hear my radio. *Every station has gas, some have diesel. If they have diesel, it’s usually at two pumps, side by side. If someone is at one of the pumps, you probably aren’t getting into either of them when towing, and since the diesel pumps typically also sell gas, there is a pretty good chance one will be occupied. *If you go to the diesel (truck) pumps out back, they don’t take credit cards. You go inside, get in line behind the people buying lottery tickets and junk food, prepay or leave a large cash deposit, go outside, fill up, go inside, get back in line . . . you can spend a half hour fueling up, not counting the bathroom stop. *Diesel doesn’t evaporate off the ground like gas at the pumps. It’ll get all over your shoes and hands. And it stinks for hours. Hello, headache. *For the extra cost of a diesel, if your gas engine fails after the warranty runs out, you can get a like new Jasper Engine replacement with a 100,000 mile warranty and have a lot of money left over. Or a new factory engine. If the diesel goes out outside of the warranty, even just getting the fuel delivery system fixed seems to cost at least $10,000 according to numerous posts at this site. *Practically anyone can diagnose and fix a gas engine, but diesel repairs are much more specialized. If you have a problem, you may spend a week in a motel or in your trailer in some parking lot, and there goes your vacation. *Higher upkeep costs. Those turbos don’t like dirty oil, so you’ll likely be changing oil more often, and a diesel holds about 3 times the oil. Oh, and filters, etc cost more. Who changes gas fuel filters, but if you don’t change your diesel filters, you’re asking for trouble and voiding your warranty. Water can and often will destroy a diesel engine. *If you really need the admittedly stronger torque, say you have a 15,000 pound trailer, then a diesel is the clear choice. But my 2012 F250 is rated to pull, if I remember correctly, about 12,000 pounds and my trailer weighs about 11K or so. I’ve pulled my trailer from Indiana over the eastern mountains about five times (Carolinas, Florida, West Virginia, etc) and last fall, over 6,500 miles to San Francisco via Denver, and back through Nevada and New Mexico. The hills were no great problem, including going up and down 9 percent grades around Lake Tahoe. In fact, I prefer going up to coming down: I just feel more secure. The diesel was marginally better going up mountains, but how often does the typical person go up a mountain while towing, and how important is that 5 minute savings? The gas engine does the job, and does it well.
slarsen 03/26/14 06:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Unbelievable price differences

I did basically what Bob & Ann described. Offered a local dealer $30K on a 43K list Mountaineer. Said I'd rather buy it from him than go to Michigan. He hemmed and hawed, then said OK. Worked out perfectly.
slarsen 02/25/14 06:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: rear kitchen 5er

2010 Mountaineer with rear kitchen. We've towed it from coast to coast to coast, multiple times to some coasts. We avoid glassware and put a velcro strap through the handles in the cupboard above the sink. Once we learned these things, no more issues. Who needs glassware, anyway? I unbolted the table and made it free-standing, and usually put it along the wall close to the door. Got rid of two chairs, as we seldom used more than two. That gives us much better access when the slides are in, and more options for placement of the two reclining chairs. We really like the RK.
slarsen 02/17/14 08:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: confusion gas vs diesel prices

Someone above made reference to a statement that diesel would never be higher than gas. It reminds me that several years ago, I predicted that natural gas (for residential heat) was going to go up faster than electricity, so people should opt for a heat pump when feasible rather than gas heat. Then we elected a guy who doesn't like coal five years ago, which has tended to push up electric rates thanks to the EPA's tightening emission rules, and the 'fracking' revolution has led to a huge drop in gas prices. A few years ago, who among us had heard of fracking? It keeps one humble. (BTW, a heat pump still runs cheaper than gas heat at reasonable outside temps, say down to 40 degrees. If anyone cares, I'd recommend a hybrid system today: gas heat below about 40, heat pump above. All the major HVAC companies have hybrid/dual fuel systems available.)
slarsen 01/03/14 04:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Has anyone here had Gastric bypass?

It requires a major change in eating patterns, even with the surgery. I've lost over 40 lbs after reading 'Wheat Belly' - it'll scare you into changing how and what you eat. Remember Atkins? He was right, but he just didn't have the science and studies behind him. Well, now the science is established, and studies all over the world support low carb. Above all else: don't eat wheat. It's cheap, it's plentiful, and it is creating the weight problems all over the world, in ways I can't explain here in a few paragraphs. Before going such a radical route, why not read Wheat Belly? Three chapters, and you'll be looking at foods very differently. It's pretty cheap from Amazon . . . My daughter is an MD. We got her a copy, and she posted on Facebook: Wheat Belly has changed my life! And she's young, and slender. added: And now she has a 'fix' for her steady stream of desperate patients.
slarsen 01/02/14 08:23pm Around the Campfire
RE: safety first

I ADDED a smoke detector to my 5th wheel: in the basement, as someone said on this site that that is where most fires start. New batteries in every unit every spring. I'm a believer.
slarsen 01/02/14 07:28pm General RVing Issues
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