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RE: What can I tow w/ a Chevy Express 2500 4.8L?

Towed an arctic fox 19b with a Tahoe 5.3L and it struggled on the hills. I guess if acceptable is 20mph up hills then you will be ok. So with your 305 hp Tahoe and 4400lb TT (plus gear, passengers, etc), you could only hit 20 mph on the hills? Yeah, that'd be a problem. I don't understand this. Did you have 3.08 gears and 315/75/16 tires? Yea, this is interesting. I put tens of thousands of tow miles on two different Tahoes, pulling a 26' 4600 UVW TT, and never climbed a mountain pass in the Rockies at less than 35MPH. Both were 3.73s and the older one was the 4sp auto and the old 5.7. I didn't know that there was such a wide range of towing performance with them.
soren 09/21/16 09:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: Online wholesale RV dealers - any experiences?

I bought two TTs from online dealers. Both saved huge amounts, and were worth it in the end. Neither deal went smooth however. The first was from a giant online wholesaler. They were so busy they were running around like headless chickens. The salesman would not even return calls. I asked him to personally do a through inspection of the unit to avoid us driving eleven hours to pick up a unit with issues. He failed to note the giant roof leak and the mattress with gallon of water pooling on it. We did a twenty two hour round trip for nothing but frustration. The management did step up and make it right, including arranging free delivery of a fresh unit, and really going to bat for us, when that one had to be returned to the factory, since it was leaking also. The other TT was from an upstate NY outfit, and they were, and are, shady slippery buggers. The saleswoman flat out lied to me. She took a deposit and deliberately excluded the fact that they wanted to be paid, in full, prior to us taking delivery, and would be titling the unit in our names, before we ever saw it. This was for an in stock unit. We eventually took possession of the thing, but it was nothing but repeated lies, including claims like, "the state makes us do it this way", when a call to the state resulted in me being told, "no, that sounds illegal". In both cases we got several years of quality use out of the Trailers. The one with the leak issues ended up being a great product, overall. We sold it, two years later, for $100 more than we paid. The other one was also a good product that we used hard for three years and sold for $2400 less than our initial cost. Overall, it went well.
soren 09/20/16 06:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ok to drive home from dealer without a Wdh?

Why not wait and pay camping world to install the hitch? The best reason is that doing it yourself means that you will read the directions, install it properly, and adjust it correctly. My first hitch was a dealer install. After my first camping weekend, I had to disassemble everything and do the job properly. Since then I have installed at least five more, including two that had to be reinstalled for friends, after it was obvious that the dealer should of never been allowed to touch the thing. Paying CW $150/HR to do something that requires the ability to follow simple directions, and use hand tools, isn't a great idea if you can avoid it, especially given their less than impressive track record in doing work promptly and properly.
soren 09/20/16 05:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Moab

Where is or resident Spanish Trails slandered when you need them? Maybe that cease and desist letter cooled the fire. Just kidding, LOL. Did you ever try the one just north of the entrance to Arches? Not much shade, so it can get wicked hot, but WOW, there are some stunning views from there. Canyonlands, in the middle of town is nice, super convenient to everything, but a tight fit, with small sites. On our most recent trip we spent a week at Spanish Trail, on a shaded site in the very back of the park. Everything was fine, the staff was friendly and there was a real good laundry on site. I did notice that they were expanding to the south, and there are a lot of sites out in an open field, which is something to consider, when booking.
soren 09/19/16 09:11am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How do you answer when a stranger asks about MPG?

I had some flake of a woman who really wanted to create a scene at a gas station, over this topic. She started by standing at her pump, shrieking "sir, sir" repeatedly, from fifty feet away. As I asked her if she was talking to me, she shouted, "how much gas does THAT use?" I answered, "about seven miles per gallon". She then let out a dramatic scream. It was over the top. I then asked how many MPGs HER house gets? She got defensive, and said, "well that ISN"T a HOUSE!". I replied, "Well, it has a bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom, and I live in it, does that sound like a house to you?". She said, "well, I never though of it that way", got in her car, and took off. What a fruit loop.
soren 09/19/16 08:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: proper glue for installing vinyl flooring tiles in RV

what is this stuff in the picture? house areas are way larger and I doubt u will see anything this bad in a MH some parts of Canada have extreme weather temp changes but lots of it do not I did a glue down vinyl plank in my motorhome. I did the install, mid-winter, in Florida, and it has been in for about eight months now. The rig spent the spring and summer above the Mason line. The manufacturer is very clear about installing the product in a temperature controlled environment for a good reason. It can fail, in a manner similar to the picture, if it ends up exposed to large temp. swings. I have end gaps between my planks, and always will, due to simple physics, not installation issues, or glue selection. My floor is not nearly as bad as the picture, and it is a top quality, thick, beveled edge commercial product by Armstrong. The reason for the gaps is simple. Vinyl has an expansion coefficient that is roughly 4-6X greater than wood. My vinyl planks are 36" long and will vary in length by 1/8" depending on how hot it is inside the RV. The problem is that the installation is done at a comfortable temp. say, 65*. Later, the rig sits in the hot sun, and hits 100*, or more. The planks expand and push the flooring, length wise. The planks all move a bit, and the ones at the front and back of the rig, move the most since the expansion pushes them farther. Things cool down to the "base line" temp. that the installation was done at, and they DO NOT return to their original position, but still have visible gaps of 1/32 to 3/32, since they are glued to the floor, but have all slightly shifted by virtue of expansion and relocation while they were "hot". The only time my floor is truly tight is if it's parked on a hot day, and it's really hot inside. I know however, that once the interior cools, the gaps will return. Bottom line is that Ernie is right. Vinyl is a pretty marginal product for use in RVs, and if you are going to put a huge amount of effort in to doing it right, the cost of a quality,engineered hardwood product is well worth the upgrade.
soren 09/19/16 07:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hit a tree in the rv park

One of the most painful things I ever watched was a very large, and very new trailer being freed from being wedged between two trees. The owner was obviously a newbee, and decides that his huge bumper pull would fit just fine, down a paved campground road that was slightly bigger than a golf cart path. This was in the tenting section, BTW, where NOBODY pulling anything belonged, or could fit. He came to a jog in the road (think of a mini serpentine section)and negotiated it with the Excursion he was driving. As he wove the trailer through it got stuck on one side, and he tried to correct and managed to lever it hard, between two trees. He has it so stuck that the recovery crew, used a steel beam, on a forklift, to raise the back end. They then used a winch to pull the trailer sideways, as the trailer frame slid on the beam. The noise was like nails on a chalk board, as the trailer crushed and crumpled. The TT was crushed severely at the drip edge, on both sides. I wouldn't be surprised if he had totaled it. Yep, those trees were also guilty.
soren 09/10/16 05:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: LCI - Lippert

Doug you may, in fact, be an exceptional, experienced, and well trained RV tech. I think the OP makes it pretty clear that is is more than qualified to handle the task, also. That said, the righteous indignation you rant about needs to be weighed against what most of us face. That being that there is a significant percentage of "certified RV techs." out there that do little but stumble around and screw things up, while the company they work for collects $120/HR and more, for the clown show they preform. I'm not a space ship mechanic, but a homebuilder, electrician and plumber. I have yet to have any of my rigs end up in the shop for repairs, once they are out of warranty, for several reasons. First, I have yet to encounter a mechanical issue that I can't resolve. Second, when I have had new rigs repaired, under warranty, there is a fifty-fifty shot that they will correct the problem. I have repeated had to rework and correct screwed up workmanship from factory certified techs. Nothing personal, but when you start with "how dare you" I'm not the only one that chuckles. If you are as good as you claim, you know darn well that you are surrounded by monkies wearing the same uniform you are. If not, both you and your shop are an exception.
soren 09/10/16 03:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ice in Black Tanks?

Add Calgon softener and Dawn dish soap. Helps a lot.I use Dawn but don't use Calgon. What does the Calgon do? When I'm done RVing I empty my tanks then add 1/2 cup of Dawn and 5 gallons of water and just let it slush around while driving to my next destination. My coach has a oscillator which I use to clean the sensors. Calgon liquid water softener is part of the "GEO method" that had followers here, in the past, and maybe still does. It works, but I do what you do, and it's easy, and never fails. I dump, then fill up a drywall bucket with about four gallons of water. Before I dump that down the toilet, I give it a shot of liquid laundry detergent. If I had a stuck sensor, the problem is gone after that soapy water has had a nice road trip, and a chance to slosh around the tank. I have also used bleach to control tank smell, and have done so, successfully, for decades.
soren 09/10/16 05:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Mount Rushmore in Late Sept

The parking was built and is operated by a non-profit group that has raised, and spent, tens of millions of dollars on improving the area surrounding the monument. The area looks nothing like a midway carnival, it is tastefully done to include an Avenue of flags, mounted on granite columns. The avenue leads to the carving, where it ends at a huge granite stadium, concealed below your sight lines, when visitors can watch fireworks. There are not multiple gifts shops as you claim, nor is there any "junkie stuff" on the grounds. There is a gift shop and restaurant with tall glass walls overlooking the carving, and a well done museum with a theater. Given the fact that congress refuses to spend enough to maintain and upgrade our national parks, this is as good as it gets. I was there before the Memorial Society really stepped up and got things going. The grounds were a disaster, and looked like some third rate, backwoods state monument, that was failing from neglect. There was about a 1/4 of the amount of parking actually needed for the crowds, and you looked at the monument while standing on old, rickety wooden decks, it was a disgrace.
soren 09/09/16 05:36am Truck Campers
RE: Mount Rushmore in Late Sept

Endless choices at that time of the year, from Rafter J, which is probably the nicest local privately operated CG, to multiple CGs in Custer State Park. Great time to be in the hills. Warm days, cool nights, and the crowds are gone. Have a great trip.
soren 09/08/16 05:37am Truck Campers
RE: Floor plan 1995 HR Imperial...New to this adventure

Sadly, when it comes to specifics of a single floor plan, the manual on a $200K 2017 unit will often be nearly as useless as not having one at all. My rig came with an odd transfer switch that does nothing but allow the generator to run both AC units. It's a Winnebago, and was bought from a Winny dealer. During the PDI, the switch stumped two dealer techs. We then grabbed the company provided, soft sided briefcase with fifteen pounds of various manuals to read about the switch. You guessed it, absolutely no info. They had to call factory support to ask. Since then I have found several issues similar to that. I generally don't bother with the mass of paper provided by the company, and head straight for the laptop, and see what kind of support I can find online. Without exception, it has always been a lot more useful. Some companies are great with providing info. on older units, some could care less. In the end you have a somewhat hand built house, on a truck frame. The thing was built on a fairly crude assembly line, often with semi-skilled, low paid help. The level of precision, execution and documentation will probably be pretty disappointing to somebody with an aviation background. OTOH, even with lack of documentation, and proper care, very few motorhomes fall out of the sky, LOL. Good luck, and try not to keep your standards too high, since it only leads to frustration.
soren 09/08/16 05:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: ReadyBrake Failure Coupler

So basically you are saying the OP lied and so did the others when they said that Todd was less than helpful, and, in one poster's opinion, a bit arrogant. Because YOU had a good experience, you believe EVERYONE has had a good experience with this company and it is all the customer's fault if there are any misunderstandings. If you want to stick up for the company that is fine, but other's also have their opinion of the company and their opinion is worth as much as yours. I'm a customer of ReadyBrake also, not an outsider. Seriously, do you bother to read ANYTHING, or just bang on the keyboard? I never said the OP lied, I said you accused the owner of a company of being a liar, without any first hand knowledge of the facts. Big difference! As for Tod being less than helpful, I assume that you are referring to the tale of the guy who broke the plastic nipple off his cable, and admits the it "could of" been vandalized in the parking lot. Like any other plastic part on the exterior of your vehicle the manufacturer does not warranty it for life. Big surprise there, right? Now he calls the manufacturer and is told to buy a new cable since the kinked and smashed end of the old one, generally will not be able to be reinserted into the tube. He then orders and pays for the parts, gets a wild hair up his butt, and decides to make a new nipple and spend time working the kinked cable into the tube. He then refuses the parts he ordered, and paid for, and bad mouths the suppler. In your mind this is further proof of a arrogant and dishonest company. Sorry, if that doesn't pass the sniff test either. No doubt that at least two of you on this thread have a pretty odd way of viewing the world.
soren 09/07/16 03:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing 33', 7500 GVWR trailer with 1/2 ton truck.

I just think it's irresponsible to tell someone who is new to hauling, and new to RVing in general, that they should have no issues pulling their 8,000lb trailer no problem with their 1/2 ton truck, and if they are, then CLEARLY something is wrong. That's great if you're OK doing it, but not everyone is. So the majority of this thread is about the need to properly set a tow vehicle up, so that you have all the correct equipment, properly installed and adjusted, to allow for a safe, comfortable towing experience, and all you got out of it was this? Hum, interesting. BTW, after fifteen years of TT towing, and a huge amount of learning here, I bought a properly equipped "half-ton" pick-up, hitched it to a new 30' 8000lb trailer, using a new dual-cam WDH that I installed and adjusted. Over the next year of use, I never had a single moment of thinking anything but, "this is one sweet combination" while towing for 13,000 miles. it's all about the right knowledge, equipment and experience, in that order.
soren 09/06/16 07:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Passport America and its ilk

Hey smart boy! If you have or had employees during the year you are paying into the unemployment fund with fees for having had employees. Of course, you want others to think your property tax assessments and insurance premiums stop and all your utility bills stop instantly when you close down after the season. What kind of mickey mouse business are you running anyway? Also, you likely pay a certified account and/or book keepers etc who keep the IRS away from your door or don't you even pay any taxes? Whoops, forgot about your lawyer/legal guru too. Wow! Sounds about right! Go ahead and keep trying to tell anyone that you have ZERO fixed business costs while your CG are closed and with no monies coming in. Breathing people know better and they don't even have to be business owners! You are not as smart nor as convincing as you want forum readers to think. I'd avoid any of your CG's for sure! Just smarter than to be fleeced by someone like that with a big I little you mantra who is bent on high profit thinking only as you have stated with your own written words. All I have to say! Unfortunately, not worth wasting your time attempting to reason with your opponent, in this case. It's along the same lines as trying to teach a pig to sing. IIRC, he was recently advocating brutal cancellation policies, since otherwise he would be unable to fill his establishment on holiday weekends, this week, a different story, the place is too full to believe. As you correctly noted, PPA can be a valuable tool for savvy CG owners. It only takes a few minutes of looking at the campground availability details of specific properties, posted at PPA, and a basic grasp of economics, to understand how the system works. There are plenty of desirable CGs that use it as a carefully managed tool to keep the house full, during times when sites would go empty. When you attempt to reason with a "businessman" who argues that empty sites are better than full ones, well............ remember what Forest Gump's mom had to say about intelligence.
soren 09/06/16 11:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Speed is not your friend

Wish I had a dollar for every time I got blown off, like I was parked, and the culprit was a diesel pickup, with a 4" lift kit, and oversized tires, on cheap Chinese rims. Hooked to a bumper pull toy hauler, or huge bunkhouse TT, that is shod with cheap Chinese tires and rims. Typically these rigs have weight distribution without sway control, or a single friction bar, (like that would do any good). Clearly not the best option when traveling at 80-90MPH.
soren 09/05/16 02:58pm Toy Haulers
RE: SEVERE TIRE WEAR- followed by tire blowout at 55mph

I suffer through the weak axle game with Fleetwood, with an '03 that repeatedly bent axles due to being under built. They worked hard to deny the warranty, but I had a little, honest dealer, who forced them to do the right thing. Three years later I bought the exact same trailer from Jayco, same size, layout, and within a hundred pounds of dry weight. That one had the same axle failure, drivers side rear would bend to the point that the top of the tire was leaning in, drastically, when you eyeballed dawn the side of the rig. Jayco's legendary warranty wasn't, and it took one heck of a battle for them to even get Dexter to ship an axle to the dealer at no charge. The dealer charged me more than the axle was worth, for installation, and I was still stuck with a defective product. Ah, the joys of RV ownership.
soren 09/05/16 07:02am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Towing 33', 7500 GVWR trailer with 1/2 ton truck.

My first combo. in the late 90's, was a used Tahoe, and a fairly heavy, old school 26' trailer. It was one nasty mess to operate. I jumped on the forum, yelled "help" and got some really knowledgeable folks to help. Now, this wasn't the idiots who will tell you that anything bigger than a pop-up needs a one ton dually, it's the guys like need-a-vacation, who will guide you toward real knowledge. In my case I bought a quality, properly sized, Reese Dual-Cam WDH, and installed it myself, since the dealer had badly screwed up the original hitch install. I installed a Prodigy brake controller, since a $50 pendulum controller only adds to the circus like experience of a bad tow. I installed air bags in the rear coil springs, and a got rid of the car tires it came with. They were replaced with Firestone Transforce E rated LT tires. By the time I was done, towing was a completely different experience, stable, safe, and pleasant. Your truck, properly set-up with the right equipment can be a whole other beast, if you take the time to do it right. Good luck.
soren 09/05/16 06:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Passport America and its ilk

I first discovered PA four years back, when my father was dying in the San Diego VA hospital. We pulled in to town, to respond to a real medical crisis and quickly found that we were, #1, going to need to be there for a long time, weeks at best. #2 were in a lot of trouble, as it was summer, and parks wanted $100+ a night and had no availability on Friday or Saturday nights. We found Santa Fe Park, which was an ideal location. They honored the PA rate for our entire stay, which ended up being nearly a month. We paid less than $40 a night, and saved over $1500, as compared to any other option. Since then, we have been loyal fans of PA, and usually recover our annual dues pretty quickly. We have stayed at parks that vary from pretty rough to beautiful, and never paid more than 1/2 of the going rate in the area, sometimes a heck of a lot less. On one hand it's not for everybody, on the other, the claims by some that they must be jacking rates up, or that it isn't really a half price offer, are incorrect.
soren 09/04/16 04:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: ReadyBrake Failure Coupler

Update, I talked to Todd at NSA and reminded him that when I had my failure problem that I was told that my only option was to purchase the new style coupler unit, He now says that I could sent my whole unit back they would have repaired it, that was not offered to me. I told him that he should stand up and fix the old units without trying to make money off of a warranty items he said that he would do so, also I told him that wasn't asking for any money back or anything else. All I wanted was for him to respect the stated Warranty. Hopefully he will comply. Thank you for clarifying the situation. Now that we have both sides, it appears that ReadyBrake was originally trying to dodge the repair under their warranty. Only after it became public on this forum did the company respond and decided to stick by their warranty and do the right thing. I'm glad that it will all finally work out for you. Sometimes a company just needs a little push to honor their obligations. Nice job, once again, slandering a well regarded company, based on your assumptions, which you somehow derived from two phone conversations that you were not a part of. Oddly enough, when I called Tod, and explained that I had a heavily worn tow bar, and asked what it would cost to rebuild it, he replied, "you get it here, we will rebuild it at no cost to you, and ship it back on our dime". That certainly sounds like a scammer, right? :R Did you ever think that the fact that the guy took the time to jump on this thread, explain that it's all been an unfortunate misunderstanding, and make the offer to correct the problem, MEANS EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID IT MEANS. Man, you really take the cake.
soren 09/04/16 01:09pm Class A Motorhomes
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