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RE: Is a little rust a deal killer?

As the owner of an '07 Winny, I'm taking a break while spending another day under the thing, dealing with rust and sealing issues, where caulk has failed and allowed water to penetrate the skirt. Bottom line with Winny is that they have no real rust resistance when it comes to any sheet metal they installed on the Ford chassis.. They appeared to have fogged a coat of paint on, unprimed, unprepped, bare metal underneath, and it comes off in big sheets, it's a joke. Is it a deal breaker, not at all. But there are going to be darn few Winny coaches of that age that do not have at least a little surface rust.
soren 05/19/16 09:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Old Post-Do you remember?

I'm curious if this is the Forum that had a gentleman whose RV broke down somewhere in the South and he was going to wait to have it repaired while he saved up the funds. It was quite an expense if I have this right. Does anyone know of this? IIRC, it was a replacement engine for an older gasser.
soren 05/19/16 08:12am Class A Motorhomes
RE: EZpass help please

A word of advice. Stay off the Pa. Turnpike if you have anything more than a car. It is BIG BIG BIG $$$ anywhere on it with a MH. And most of the road is either in construction with 40MPH speed limit or is so rough you will want them to pay you. Gee, I spend a lot of time on the 476 portion, the road is fast, with a 70MPH post and nobody seems to care if you are ten over, not that I would drive a MH that fast. On the thirty miles I use most, there are two short sections of 55 limit for two new bridges being built, other than that it's in great shape. I wholeheartedly agree about the insane cost, and the fact that they want you to have a separate transponder for any six wheeled motorhome over 14K LBS.
soren 05/17/16 04:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do they cut hose end off at dump station on purpose?

Well, I've always felt like there's always at least one jackass in every crowd. Guess we just found the RV.NET one. Mike Well there is that, and the fact that his last post is pretty much unintelligible blather.
soren 05/16/16 07:56pm Beginning RVing
RE: Do they cut hose end off at dump station on purpose?

Here is one actual other reason. In Montana, state law requires that a hose be available to rinse down the dump station pad. That water line MUST be labeled "Non Potable" and is actually required to be constructed so that it cannot be threaded onto a fresh water fill. That's funny, since most older RVs have a gravity fill inlet for their fresh water tank, and a cut-off hose will actually fit into that inlet while a threaded end won't.:DAny hose I have seen won't come remotely close to reaching my gravity fill I said it here before, but it's worth repeating. I was once behind a French guy who was dumping at a national park. He was in a rented rig from the outfit that decorates all of them like a rolling billboard. He hooks the stinky slinky up, and pulls the black valve. Next he grabs the hose like he is holding a fire hose. He sprays it in the direction of the drain, and for the most part, keeps the mess inside the recessed "sink" area surrounding the 4" sewer hole in the ground. After he does both tanks, he takes the short fresh water hose, located on one of those spring loaded towers, and slides it through his hose like he is cleaning the barrel of a gun. For his final act he stretches the hose tight, holds it in opening and FILLS HIS FRESH WATER TANK! I managed to control my gag reflex and not toss.
soren 05/16/16 06:11pm Beginning RVing
RE: Do they cut hose end off at dump station on purpose?

Ok Buttercup! We should all be as sweet as you! You should actually look at your self in the mirror someday!! Again,, didn't say I was trying up or holding anybody up. Because we know how important your life is as compared to others!! Good Day Eh?? No Jack, we should all be considerate of others, and believe it or not, the vast majority of us are. I find it absolutely hilarious that you have the Heuvos to say, Again,, didn't say I was trying up or holding anybody up. When you started this whole mess by boasting about what a self absorbed jerk you are, remember this line Jack? If there is a line behind me,,oh well,, should have gotten there earlier. As for "my life being more important than others" you once again miss the point. I am considerate of others, and do not waste THEIR time, specifically since I am NOT more important than others. Once again this is a trait that separates most of us from those suffering from Narcissism. Good luck Jack. I hope your a much better person in the real world.
soren 05/16/16 06:02pm Beginning RVing
RE: Do they cut hose end off at dump station on purpose?

Ha,, thats precious!! What the heck do you all gotta do with dump times?? Do you sit in line with a stop watch?? And its not just one state,, its our Country (and yes i'll drag the Canadians in also) seems to be about ME,, Oh poor you,, I took five extra minutes rinsing my tank,,Why??? Cause I have a rinse appliance!! I used it! Lets outlaw it and we can all get along with our lifes in an expedient manner!! So is it just me because I only have a half ton pick up pulling a three quarter ton load going up hill slowing you down. I am sure in Colorado and Canada they all own one ton diesels and go about it merrily!! Right?? Oh yeah Right eh!! No Jack it isn't the whole country, and it sure as heck isn't Canadians. There is also a huge difference between being a self absorbed narcissist, who truly believes that the world rotates around them, and being a decent human being. Generally, pointing this out to a narcissist, is about as successful as trying to teach a pig to play the piano. When you believe that you are the chosen little snowflake who is above everyone, you simply can't fathom the fact that most see you as you truly are. It's always somebody else, how could it be possibly be you?
soren 05/16/16 02:06pm Beginning RVing
RE: Do they cut hose end off at dump station on purpose?

Prime example of how perception clouds the truth.. The OP NEVER said antything about how long it took to use the rinser. I never said I take any extra time and hold up the line! What your all perceiving is that because YOU don't have one I take extra precious time away from you! You see waiting is a part of life (currently waiting at DMV). Also,, where is that we who use a tank rinse are abusing the facilities? Do some math, figure how many gallons are in your holding tanks, now figure the flow rate to empty, now give me a figure of quick you can hook up and unhook. Some people take a little longer and thats ok! But roughly ten minutes for me to do what I need and you all have a cow?? Who's the troll here?? Being a troll involves posting things you do not believe in, to elicit a response, for your own entertainment. Being a self-absorbed narcissist is another affliction, unrelated to trolling.
soren 05/16/16 01:03pm Beginning RVing
RE: Do they cut hose end off at dump station on purpose?

"jake2250".....Your method is fine if you're the only one left on earth. I think COMMON SENSE needs to be applied if it's a busy time or weekend. Not everyone is retired and can wait an hour and 20 minutes to dump, which is what you're asking them to do if there is more than two people behind you and the others are being as selfish! Luckily, I can dump at home, where I do my thorough tank flushes. It all evens out,, for the FIVE minutes extra I spend,, You can hurry up and vice versa, If I pulled up and there were that many people that it would be an hour and twenty minutes before I could dump,, First I would look over and apologize to the wife that I was to lazy to get up earlier and get there before the large crowd, second I would do some quick math in my head and determine where on earth i would be in an hour from now! If it worked out that hauling that stuff home would be better than getting stewed waiting in line and I would live longer (because we know stress is a killer) by not worrying about it I would probably blow off the dump and head home,, After all, allot of Camping World facilities have free dump stations and My storage place has free dumping. Or I could learn a lesson and chalk it up to being what it is and wait in line? But on average it all works out in the end,, hence thats why we are at the dump station!! If the dump station gives you chest pain and everyone else needs to hurry because you are waiting,, Then it's really not about ME is it?? What did the salesman tell you when he did his walk thru when you bought your trailer?? "Hurry Hurry Hurry,come on now get with it You need to dump as fast as you can Hurry"Also,, did the campground post time limits?? You ever use a pay toilet?? If your from the east coast you sure have! Do you hurry for the next guy?? My dad always reminded me, "never Push"!! Its my quarter I will get my moneys worth and get the job done right the first time!! So how does this differ?? I don't consider myself the only person on earth,, But where I am at that given time and place is the place I am at!! The guy that just left the dump station before me doesn't care about me,, I am sure he didn't care about me being in front of me either! Do you also think he looked in his mirrors and gave a hoot about me as he pulled up to dump?? HE had a job to do,, some people take longer than others,,THATS LIFE!! Its all one big pooh sandwich and we all gotta take a bite,,, Just smile and move on!! California calling!! and a newbie as well. Down the road he might learn some RV courtesies??? How about it. Talk about a great state, with a mind numbing percentage of self-centered idiots. They might be offended if their state's motto was changed to, "It's all about me", but thousands of locals from the Canadian border to Colorado, would all be nodding their heads in agreement.
soren 05/16/16 01:00pm Beginning RVing
RE: Do they cut hose end off at dump station on purpose?

Not only should they NOT have a threaded end on to, prevent filling of fresh water tanks, it also helps speed up the selfish idiots who think that taking ten to fifteen minutes of slow ritual, while dumping, is just fine. Even though there is a line backing up behind them. I can only imagine how bad it would be if the same type of clods add a tank flushing ritual to their list of OCD procedures while dumping. It's simple, put a pair of disposable gloves on, connect the hose, dump the black, dump the grey, put the hose away, move on. If it takes more than five minutes, and there is somebody behind you, you need to rethink the ritual. Unless you are putting the RV away for the season, there is zero need for a tank flush. Once you dump, use the onboard water to add a 2-3 gallons to the black tank, as a bonus, toss in a small amount of liquid laundry detergent, and drive away. After decades of doing this, and dumping many hundreds of times, I have never seen a need for a flush system, or had a tank clog, while on the road. Sitting for months at a time, in a seasonal site, yes, on the road, never.
soren 05/16/16 07:05am Beginning RVing
RE: my first disappointment

Who would like some reading? The conclusions are that DRLs saves lives and injuries. http://www.swov.eu/rapport/R-97-36.PDF Unfortunately, the same guys who make silly statements about topics like this, are the same ones who can read a well documented study and say, "nah, I still don't believe it". I have a good buddy who refuses to wear seatbelts since, "you're better off being thrown from the vehicle". This guy is far from an idiot, on most issues, but..............
soren 05/10/16 12:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: my first disappointment

This thread is a winner. Clearly some of the oddest comments ever. lighting on moving vehicles is useless and dangerous? Who knew? LOL. This thread could be topped by a new one about how silly seatbelts, ABS and airbags are....
soren 05/10/16 11:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: IS https://www.americanrvcompany a trustworthy site

Totally straight up company. I have used them for years, often because they have great prices on repair parts.
soren 05/10/16 06:24am Travel Trailers
RE: Thermal Breaker

8".....6".....7" No need to share your personal information. Be aware however, that, as any competent statistician will confirm, all self reported data is considered suspect Nice job Max. Good to hear that she is heading to the park. We have always had great experiences with the volunteers there, nice to hear that they found another good one.
soren 05/01/16 08:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thermal Breaker

One thing that needs verified and IT NEEDS TO BE DONE FOR SAFETY REASONS. Access the 120 breaker panel in the RV and verify the tightness of the incoming 30 amp power wires(Black and White) to the breaker and breakers. After 25 years, they may have melted/burnt and now has a loose dangerous connection. Doug Yea, I covered this already. I certainly wouldn't want to wait a few decades to do this. My latest rig was eight years old when I got it. The #6 wire feeding the DC bus was so loose the eyelet stake-on was barely touching the screw holding it to the bus, and the screw was two turns from falling off. This connection got so hot that it melted insulation on the wire. The #6 12 volt feed from the converter was also flopping around in the terminal, and got hot enough to melt the "tinning" off the bare end. I re-torqued everything I had access to, 120V and 12V.
soren 05/01/16 02:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: CR-V transmission issues

We have a 2013 CR-V. 59K miles on the ODO, 40K miles +/- additional being towed. We did the tranny service last year, at the dealer. Zero issues with the trans. BTW, if you test drive a 13 or 14 and you heard a really strange noise as you pull out from a stop, it's a pump on the back differential. It literally sounds like a frog croaking under the back seat. It's a quick fix, and should be under warranty. Good luck. CR-Vs are far from exciting, but they are a durable transportation appliance that won't let you down.
soren 05/01/16 11:20am Dinghy Towing
RE: Thermal Breaker

There is NO 120 volt Thermal Breaker that will auto reset in any motorhome. Especially a 25 year old 30 amp RV. I will bet the CG system was OFF and when it came back on she got her 120 power back. Odds are also on a 1991 WINNE/Itsasca 30 amp RV there is NO 30 amp transfer switch. Back then, Winne used a hardwire plug in the shore Cord compartment and you had to plug in the 30 amp cord to that receptacle to get Genset power. Doug I agree with the lack of a thermal, and the probability that there is no transfer switch. The CG power is not the issue however. The OP is the owner and builder of the CG, and a all around talented guy. He would be the first to know if the power was out.
soren 05/01/16 08:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is it water damage or normal wear and tear?

Yes it's water damage. Yes, the owner is FOS. Nobody cleans the floor of an RV like they are swabbing the decks of a commercial kitchen, giant rag mop flying about, and a pail full of suds on wheels, with the built in wringer. I have bought several used RVs in the last two decades, and looked at hundreds of others. For me it's real simple, if I even think that it may have water damage, I move on. No rationalizations in my mind that it's "no big deal", no good story from the owner, no salesman telling me that's it's "just cosmetic" no nothing, walk away. An owner of a repair shop gave me this advice, years ago. He said leaks are like icebergs, you only see a tiny bit on the surface, the real damage is hidden, and it's often huge and ugly. He told me that he occasionally gets a client who asks him to fix "a tiny leak at the shower skylight", or another harmless looking stain from a "small" leak. Once he starts digging, the tiny leak has gone on for years, the bathroom wall is moldy mush, and the floor behind the shower is starting to rot.
soren 05/01/16 06:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Thermal Breaker

The last two replies mention inverters. I would guess that a 25 year old, thirty amp RV has a simple converter, which would have nothing to do with this issue. There is a possibility that the main breaker is failing, and intermittently failing to provide power. If the issues reoccurs, I would check both sides of the breaker with a meter, to confirm that power is actually flowing through the breaker. Remember that this breaker is typically wired backwards, as compared to a typical residential panel. The incoming power wire from the shore cord is attached to the screw lug on the breaker. Power flows through the breaker and feeds the bus bar, which all the branch circuits are attached to. As for a thermal reset, doubtful. As an electrician for 25 years, I have never seen one used in an application like this. A quick search online offers nothing about 120V auto reset thermal breakers used in RVs, except as a component inside of an inverter. If this was an odd situation, where there really is a thermal overload breaker in the 120V system, I would also expect to see a reset button. That said, I've never encountered a non-resettable, thermal only breaker in any 120V system. Not to say that it's never been done, but it sure isn't typical. In this case, I would be real concerned about the integrity of all the 120V connections from the cord cap to the panel box. This could easily be a heat related issue, due to a high resistance connection. I would trace the wiring, and pay particular attention to any connections and splices. The shore cord typically ends in a 4" square junction box, where it converts to 10/2 Romex. I would definitely want to tear into that box and look at condition of the spices. If the 30 amp plug on the cord is a replacement, I would take it apart and check all connections. I would also retighten all the terminal screws in the panel box. The other issue could be a failing transfer switch, if it has one. On a lot of the older/cheaper units, the transfer switch was an option, and you simply plug the cord into a 30 amp receptacle fed by the generator. Max, I hope you encourage this customer to have a qualified electrician take a look at the 120V part of her electrical system. I have done a lot of troubleshooting, and repair work, on 120V systems. Problems that "cure" themselves tend to make me nervous.
soren 05/01/16 05:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: should we pay off house

bbaker2001 If you own the house it will NEVER be paid off. I finished making mortgage payment a few years ago but I still owe on it... There are taxes (hundreds to thousands a year)every year, there is insurances, there are utilities, there is repairs, there is yard work, it never ends... that is why a lot of people go with FULLTIME... yea you have bills there also but not as much as owning a S&B/This is true. We have paid everything off as quickly as possible and have paid very little in interest our whole lives. But - the expenses are still there. I was shocked to find it costs us $10,000 per year to live in our paid off house. Just with taxes, insurance, utilities - the bills just keep coming. And that doesn't even include general upkeep and maintenance. UGH! It does feel good to have no monthly payments that include interest... For what that's worth. :) The one huge factor missed by many folks having the "OMG, I can't believe how expensive it is to own a paid off house" conversation is the concept of "lost opportunity cost". That being, what you could be doing with your money if it WASN'T bound up in the value of your paid off house? In my case, that money would be sitting in a mix of Vanguard index funds that have done exceptionally well for me, over the last few years, and have a well documented, long history of returning way more than 3-4%. I live in a rural area of PA. that has seen very little post recession recovery in the real estate market, and appears to be bobbling on the edge of another downturn. If I sell my paid off house and full time, I would be recovering approximately $19K. per year in expenses, and lost opportunity costs. This figure includes the investable proceeds of the sale, and shedding expenses, including extremely high property taxes, HOA dues, homeowner's insurance, snow plowing fees, yard maintenance, and the never ending repair and maintenance costs. We now snowbird, and typically spend several months on the road in spring/summer/fall. Which makes us "3/4 full-timers". At this point the biggest hold up is the wife, who is still on the fence, and fighting the "nesting urge" of wanting a place to call home, no matter how little used, and expensive it might be to keep one. She is coming around, and the house will be listed in a few weeks.:B
soren 04/28/16 06:51am RV Lifestyle
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