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RE: Basic Class A questions - looking for used 1997-2002

Last year we decided to cut our losses and sell an eleven year old DP that not only was terribly outdated, on the inside and out, but needed about $10K in work on many systems. (brakes, basement air, dash air, etc.....) All this work was required, but did absolutely nothing to the value of the coach. We replaced it with a seven year old 33' Gas Winny Vista, that not only was affordable, but in pristine condition. That said, having owned both, I find a lot of these comments questionable. I am not basing my comparison from a P30 to a DP just on the one 1994 I had. We also had a 1982 34' P30 southwind that handled equally bad. All the suspension parts underneath are not made to handle the weight of anything besides an empty motorhome. Add water and all your stuff, guess what, you're overloaded. We broke a leaf spring and could never get the alignment right on the '82 due to inferior parts that were not heavy duty enough. Now, the DP has several things that are different from the gas counterpart. Here are some of them. 1. The gas engine is screaming between the driver and passenger, the diesel is out back and you cannot hear it. Sorry, but "screaming" is for drama queens. The motor will bump to about 4K on occasion, but even them, the dog house is well insulated, and normal conversation and radio listening are still happening without issues. 2. The diesel pusher almost always has an exhaust brake which aids in slowing the rig down considerably. And the DP will have air brakes. The five speed Ford trans. has grade braking that is, for all intent, a "Jake brake" and controls the speed impressively. My 2014 Chevy truck does the same thing. 3. The maintenance costs will be more on a diesel. More oil capacity, more expensive filters that have to be changed more often. It is easy to do all these things yourself if you're even remotely mechanically inclined. 4. Tires on a DP cost about twice what they do on a gas RV. I bought tires for my '94 P30 before I sold it. They were the cheapest new thing I could find, and they were $1600 for all six mounted out the door. Definitely more costly on the DP. 5. The handling on a DP versus a gas is a complete 180. Death grip on the gas, one or two fingers on the wheel with the DP. More drama. My current gasser handles perfectly adequately, and is as relaxing as the DP was. It's a trade off, the ride is not as smooth without the airbags, the handling is better, but the DP was extremely short and had a bad rep. for being twitchy. 6. Carrying capacity on the DP is a lot more. Pretty much load up whatever you want to bring, you'll be able to handle it without going overweight. I have two tons of carrying capacity on the gasser, I'm pretty sure that's enough. 7. The storage bays on the DP are huge, some have pass-through storage on a few bays. This makes it really nice for putting in things that are long, like tables, flag poles, skiis, etc. I have a pass through and a rear compartment that's bigger than anything I have seen on most DPs, like 5'x8'x4' 8. The diesel generator has enough power to run everything on board at one time if it's the 7500 onan quiet diesel. I can run both ac unit's, the microwave and all the lights. On a gasser, be prepared to shut down an a/c unit to run the microwave, depending on the size of the microwave and a/c. I run both A/Cs without incident, lights, TV etc.....at once, if I need to run the micro, it takes a moment to drop the rear A/C, hardly a deal breaker. 9. A DP is not outside your price range. Go drive both and then report back to us. You won't believe the difference. Stop by a big rig shop and price out a few maintenance tasks and repairs for a DP, and like the man says, "you won't believe the difference". Pretty typical to pay 2-5X as much to do the same work on a DP. 10. I'm not saying that the gasser is a bad choice. But I am saying that the resale value will be higher on a DP. Not to mention the ear to ear grin you'll wear as you're driving it down the road. Resale is a tricky issue. You might do better with a DP, or you might get stuck with a tough to sell rig. You pay less for a gasser, and have a wider audience when it's time to sell. The other big issue is what happens with a major failure on an older DP. A 20 year old gasser might need a new trans, or a junkyard motor for $3-5K. On a DP this could be a $15-20K problem.
soren 09/07/14 04:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Now why cant Winnebago make a motorhome like this - in a 25'

Earlier this summer I asked our local Winny dealer about the 26' model that everybody sells for $69,995. He said they ordered one, it sat for eight months and they dumped it for little profit, to make it go away. It was the first and last that they will order for stock. Somehow I doubt that very small class A's are a market with much potential.
soren 09/07/14 03:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why buy out of California

There is much information in this thread that is in error or not correct.Pub 52 will give you the way to avoid paying California taxes, note i said avoid not evade as tax evasion is illegal. On a $150,000 RV the tax at 7.25% (I think the lowest for CA some as high as 10%) is $10,875.00. To answer the question why buy out of California? To save the sales tax on the purchase. If you buy a vehicle in CA you will pay the taxes for where you live if a CA resident or you will pay the taxes for the jurisdiction where you buy if you are not from CA. If a CA resident that lives in CA but properly buys out of state the vehicle will still be registered in CA through the DMV with the tax clearance from the Board of Equalization (BOE) if the RV does come back to the state. Note the DMV has authorization to collect for the BOE. JimR My late father ran with a very wealthy crowd, as he spent his retirement years in Newport Beach. When it comes to very expensive toys such as collector cars, yachts and Prevosts, this demographic isn't afraid to go to great lengths to avoiding the onerous cost of ownership in CA. I have heard tales of everything from shell corporations in Vegas that own, maintain and deliver high end coaches to "corporate officers" for their use, to taking delivery of large boats in international waters, and keeping them docked in other states (or countries), until things cool off. It's a pretty high stakes game of cat and mouse when the BOE is expecting a six figure check for the new Prevost you ordered, only to be disappointed. There some great stories out there regarding the tenacity of the BOE agents. One guy told me that he nearly laid an egg when his cell rang while piloting his boat in FL. He bought it six months previously, never notified anybody of the purchase, and it was in dry docked in FL. while undergoing renovations the whole time. The agent called his unpublished number, addressed him by his first name, and asked if he was enjoying his 50' brand X boat? He ended the call by telling the boat owner that he looked forward to the owner and boat returning to CA.
soren 08/17/14 08:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Boondocking in Hyder?

Wow. Paving in Hyder. It just doesn't seem right. A few years back we were heading into town with our rig, and I noticed that the bumper mounted spare tire carrier was cracked apart, and about to leave the tire dragging down the road like a tail. Since it wasn't our first trip, the wife was deeply concerned that there was absolutely no way that we would find anybody to repair the thing in a place as small and backwoodsy as Hyder. I told her that I could guarantee that we will get it patched back together, and it wouldn't be a problem in the least. While checking in at the office at the Run-a-Muck, I asked the owner about finding a welder for a small repair. He directed me to a local who spends his summers at the CG. This guy took the pieces to a buddy, and returned with then the next day. The repair was 3x stronger than the original part, and will last for few hundred years. He then asked if I thought $20 was fair........ Great town, great people, I can't wait to go back.
soren 07/21/14 07:22am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: tay away from Muncho Lake, BC

Got my butt chewed there one time. I had fueled up and pulled across the highway to park, and eat lunch in the camper. We had a Tahoe pulling a small travel trailer at the time. I'm parked next to a huge box truck with several men unloading it. A guy walks up and unpleasantly tells me to move, since I parked on a runway. "Runway" as in no signage, and nothing but another gravel pit looking barren spot on the edge of the highway. I motion to the box truck, which apparently is not an issue, and the guy says, "move it" and walks away. Now if I did accidentally park on an unmarked runway that looked suspiciously like a gravel truck parking lot, complete with truck, I have no issue with moving immediately. However, being a jerk wasn't a requirement.
soren 07/15/14 09:44am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alaska or Not?

You've discovered the very reason some Americans ride American made bikes...the noise keeps animals off the road and alerts other motorists to our presence. Might as well ride safer as well as look good on American iron:) Hate to break it to the "loud pipes save lives crowd" but the noise you create to "ride safer" is something that gets there after you do. There is zero evidence that being a nuisance, and creating irritating noise, is beneficial to your safety in any way.
soren 07/07/14 07:30pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: How do they do it?

I have seen some of "those" in campgrounds. The owners usually spend all of their "outside" time rubbing on the RV in some fashion or another. Different strokes... I have observed this phenomenon to the point that it borders on mental illness, on several occasions. #1 Gassing up in Prince George and I start a conversation with a class A owner. It's early in the season, but I am surprised to hear that he is heading south, and has plates from a southern state. He tells me he got a few hundred miles up the road and was simply too stressed by all the horrible road conditions to continue. he simply couldn't handle the idea of a dirty coach, or a potential rock chip. #2 We got set up at border city about 8PM while heading northbound. The next rig to arrive was a stunning black 40'+ class A with a matching black SUV. They pull into the wash bay and get the pressure washer going. At TWO AM I wake up, and see them still at the job. #3 We are at one of the prettiest place I have seen on this earth. Backed up to the canal leading to the small boat harbor in Valdez. The weather, scenery and fishing are perfect. Two couples step out of a class A that backed into the adjoining site. The husband of the couple who owns the rig stays behind while the three others spend the next TWO DAYS touring the area. He spends his time obsessively washing and detailing the coach. He will not even engage is a conversation of more than one sentence with anyone walking by. Bottom line. If you are obsessive about material objects, and you are the kind that can't relax unless your RV is ready for the judges at a car show, don't even bother heading north. It isn't fair to your S.O or anybody else that has to deal with you. It isn't hard to imagine that in all examples I encountered, the spouses had an experience that varied from unpleasant, to downright horrible.
soren 07/06/14 08:05am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Black Hills SD

Remember bike week is coming up very quick. Prices of everything will likely double soon We have camped in the hills, every year, since the late nineties. In that time we have been there for the rally at least five or six times. We camp in the southern hills for the most part. Although there clearly are accommodations in Sturgis and close by, that get a premium during the rally, your claim is more than a stretch. Not only have we never been overcharged in the hills due to the rally, as the rally is winding down, we have gotten some amazing buys at vendors who were dumping merchandise to prevent having to drag it away. The only rally related issue we ever had was at a campground, a hundred miles away, where the manager refused to honor GS discounts, since it was rally week, and "we were luck to find a spot, at that price, since most campgrounds charge double this week", His campground was half empty at the time, and his game put $3 in his pocket, but earned him a negative review on rvparkreviews.com, and a guarantee that he will never see another dime of mine.
soren 07/04/14 05:41pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Changing Insurance to State Farm, your input requested

Good to see that many of the loyal SF users take the time to shop around for better rates. My long term experience was much different. the wife was with SF from the day she left the nest, and her parents were with them for many decades before that. The auto rates were constantly climbing, and I got suspicious, since there were zero claims. I shopped, switched us to another major brand and lowered the rate by 40%. for significantly increased coverage. The next move was to shop homeowners. I stopped at another agent, asked for a quote based on NOT being a current SF policy holder, and got a bit of a surprise. He quoted me a dollar less per year for twice the coverage. When they were caught, they simply said, too bad. We will give those rates to a walk in prospect, but not to existing customers. As you might guess, I haven't done business with SF in many years.
soren 07/03/14 09:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Any suggestions for good eats in Cody,Wy?

can't beat tripadvisor.com for answering questions like this. A quick search comes up with thousands of reviews for seventy restaurants in and around Cody. In our travels, this site has been extremely helpful for finding everything from odd attractions, to interesting places to eat.
soren 06/27/14 11:13am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Look at coach for me in Florida

I can only add that we looked at a nice gas MH there last year. The management was consigning it for an older lady who was, regrettably, deep underwater on the thing. We spent some time with a guy who seemed to be pretty high up the chain of command there. He struck us as a straight up, no bull, kind of guy. If you do a lot of coach shopping in that area, the straight up folks stick in your mind, since they are pretty rare. Good luck.
soren 06/18/14 03:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pocono Raceway camping advice

On thing about infield camping the campground will be a cross between a Drunk Tank, a Zoo, and an Insane Asylum. Absolute fact, or at least it was for many years. I spent much of my career in the area, as a contractor. The stories from employees and coworkers were legendary. Years ago, a fellow apprentice in my class disappeared at the race, and reappeared a few days later. He got blind drunk and fell in a campfire at the race. The first responders took him north to Wilkes-Barre for some repairs. Wearing nothing but a hospital gown, and still totally sheet faced, he decided to check himself out of the ER a few hours later. As he is walking past the VA hospital, after dark, he runs into security. Since he is babbling, with no shoes and wearing a gown, they assume he is an escapee from their mental health lock up, and they return him to where they thought he belonged. Two days later, he convinces the staff that he is just a drunken idiot who really shouldn't be there. A local excavator got so sick of the stupidity that he banned his crew from attending. it was nothing to have one or two key people out of commission after a race. Everything from being too drunk to work on Monday, to falling off a bus roof and breaking an arm.
soren 06/03/14 11:59am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Pocono Raceway camping advice

We literally live within "Hearing" distance of the track. We generally try to jump in the RV and head out of town on race weekends, since the area can be a bit stressed with an additional 1-200K folks in town. That said, I hope you have great time. At the moment the area is stunningly green and the weather is perfect. Be safe, and have fun.
soren 06/03/14 10:53am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Caulking Removal...

I once bought a used pop-up, that was in nice shape, except for the massive quantity of silicone caulk that the previous owner had slobbered over every body seam. It was a pretty grim situation until a local dealership owner told me that they typically use Coleman fuel as a silicone solvent. It worked GREAT. In places where it was too tough to just loosen up with a wet rag, I used a fuel soaked compress covered by plastic wrap. IF you are not in danger of damaging painted surfaces and decals, Coleman fuel will remove all the silicone with little effort. Good luck.
soren 06/03/14 10:46am Tech Issues
RE: children in Motorhome Update

NJ only requires lap belts on school busses. Now if I were to strap my 3 YO into my car using only a lap belt there would be all kinds of problems, outrage and possible police citations. Yet that is exactly what they can (AND DO) with tiny children on buses. My son was in a school bus accident (thankfully minor) this year and when it came up for my 3 YO daughter to ride w/o proper restraints we simply said no and either provide private transportation or she doesn't go. IMO there should be laws at the national level requiring ALL buses (school/motor coach/public/private) to provide for the same passenger restraints as in our personal automobiles. Anyone recall the high school children who were ejected from the bus (which also burned) in California recently? Seatbelts could have save lives there. So think and say what you want, but doesn't the lack of seat belts (and crash-worthy roll-over survivable vehicles) really come down to a matter of the almighty dollar? OK, off my soapbox. Hope its food for thought for someone. This has been studied for decades, and is far safer than you would like to believe. Compared to a motorhome, school buses are safer, more crashworthy, and capable of protecting their passengers, by a wide margin. Just because you perceive something to be an issue doesn't mean that it is. Of the eight hundred children that die in vehicle crashes, nationwide, during school travel hours every year, FIVE are killed while riding in school buses. It's far more dangerous to WALK to school. Don't know about "food for thought", I'll stick with facts. http://www.trb.org/Main/Blurbs/161028.aspx
soren 05/29/14 08:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dangerous Campgrounds

This became an issue when I was still in school and involved with a ski club. The ski area wanted a multi-page hold harmless contract, parents signed it. A student was injured, nearly fatally, due to a screw up by the ski company. It didn't take a good lawyer long to end up with a seven figure settlement. I would love to hear the opinion of a lawyer who currently deals with these type of issues. I often wonder what would happen if you took a bit of time to sign your name in a manner that is nothing like your typical signature? Typically, the signing takes place with a desk clerk who is in a hurry, and just getting that step out of the way. If something does happen that is clearly the fault of the CG, how would it look in court, a year or two later? "Is this your signature?" No, it doesn't look like mine. "Is this document witnessed or notarized?" No. Hum, now what?
soren 05/08/14 02:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone else have this problem when fueling???

I had a bizarre problem with a Wells-Fargo Visa, and it took me a bit of digging to get to the truth. If I stick the card in a Flying J pump, it is automatically declined. If I try it again, it freezes the account, if I walk to the fuel desk instead, the account will still be frozen. After several conversations with FJ staff and wells, Wells admitted that their security denies FJ's attempt to place a $500 hold on the account. The best part of attempting to resolve the issue with Wells was that my conversation quickly degraded into a Monty Pythonesque comedy routine, that should of been called, "you have reached the minister of circular logic" I was told that this problem would go away once the system started to recognize a pattern of high dollar fuel purchase activity at the retailer. I then asked how it would be possible to generate a history of high volume fuel purchases if Wells would not allow me to purchase a drop with their card? She then repeated here claim that all I need to do was buy more. Eventually I forced her to admit that she was speaking gibberish, and she then admitted that the situation was unresolvable. Doesn't really matter to me, since a BOA visa of mine works flawlessly.
soren 05/06/14 07:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Camping World Prices - Internet vs In-store

The cost of shipping goods to a retail location is a cost associated with operating the establishment, as are payroll, rent, utilities, etc... If I wish to have a product delivered to MY HOME, I do so with the knowledge that there is a lot more cost incurred to do so, as reflected by the shipping charges. Wrong. The cost of running a brick and mortar retail location is a lot higher than shipping an item to you from a warehouse. The item was not manufactured in the store so obviously the retailer also had to pay shipping to get it to the store. Just because you see it sitting on the shelf in the store does not mean there were no shipping charges. I see no reason a retailer has to match the on-line price and eat his shipping costs. If you aren't happy with the price in the store then order it on line and wait. If twisting logic and misquoting other folks paid well, you would be wealthy. Slow down and I can break this down for you. First, I made it clear that a sticks and bricks is welcome to do business with me on mutually agreeable terms. If they choose to sell me an item at a price I found on line, or at a competitor, or any other terms we both find acceptable, fine, we can then exchange goods for payment. If, as a select few here claim, they want to charge me for the COST OF WAREHOUSING THE PRODUCT AT A DISTRIBUTION CENTER, PICKING STOCK, HANDLING AND PACKING FOR SHIPMENT, AND PAYING A SHIPPER TO DELIVER IT TO MY DOOR, without actually performing these services, we will not be doing business. Second, nobody here claimed that goods magically appeared in a retail location without cost. That is just another claim you created. That said, If a retail has dozens of units of a product direct shipped to their location via an LTL carrier, it's not only cheaper on a per unit basis, but it is a tradition part of the cost of doing business for the retailer. So, when most of us rational folks ask a retailer to match a price that we found on the same product elsewhere, we also expect that the answer will be yes or no. Not, "yes if you are willing to pay extra for delivery to your door, even though we will not be providing that service". Your comment about seeing no reason that they "have" to match prices while eating shipping is another piece of your twisted logic. They don't have to do anything, and conversely I do not have to agree to their terms. They are not "eating" the cost of shipping, it is a normal part of doing business as a sticks and bricks. OTOH, they are not going to be compensated for a service that they are not providing. Finally, you have twice commented about waited for an online shipment if the price in the store doesn't suit you. Like I have noted previously, in general, if you are going to shop online for RV supplies, you quickly become aware that CW is typically not going to be competitive. The generator I bought is a classic example. Currently $999 with FREE shipping at CW, and since they have sticks and bricks in my state, an additional $60 in tax. My supplier is at $949 with FREE shipping and no tax, or a savings of $110. Bottom line is that, if pricing is an issue, I doubt that too many will willing to walk away from an overpriced retail location, then head home to overpay for a product on the same retailer's website.
soren 05/05/14 11:20am Camping World Accessories
RE: Camping World Prices - Internet vs In-store

And the "logic", for a few of you, gets even stranger....... This really isn't complicated. If I approach a retailer, in a stick and bricks location, and ask if they will match their online sale prices, the answer is either yes or no. Not, "yes, but you have to pay for shipping to YOUR HOME, even though we are handing you the product." The cost of shipping goods to a retail location is a cost associated with operating the establishment, as are payroll, rent, utilities, etc... If I wish to have a product delivered to MY HOME, I do so with the knowledge that there is a lot more cost incurred to do so, as reflected by the shipping charges. As for doing business with CW in general, since generally they tend to be much more expensive that the competition, they typically are my option of last resort. The wife recently announced that we "must" order a CW lawn chair, from their mailed circular, since the sale was ending shortly. The chair was $49, marked down from $79, available on line only, with defined sale dates, and $9 in shipping. I told he that I would be happy to do so, after a bit of research. A quick search at Amazon quickly provided dozens of options, and I order the product for $49, and free shipping. It was ordered late on a Tuesday, and at my post office Thursday morning. That has been a typical experience for me, and I generally end up spending money at CW, while on the road, and only to replace a need item that broke, and can't wait to be replaced.
soren 05/05/14 05:45am Camping World Accessories
RE: Windshield Repair at Factory

Well, with a response of that caliber, it's not hard to imagine the manufacturer's less than enthusiastic to your request for assistance.
soren 05/03/14 06:31pm Class A Motorhomes
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