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RE: Amazing things some folks do

I once watched a European guy dump his rental Class C out, while waiting in line at one of the National parks. He pointed the drain hose AT the dump station, like he was posing for a sexy fireman's calendar, and pull the valve. $#^& everywhere. He then takes the rinse hose and runs it back and forth through the stinky slinky. For the grand finale he took the same hose and filled his fresh water tank. I was trying not to dry heave while watching. On another note, it's amazing how many total jerks there are out there that need to go through some bizarre dumping ritual of water hoses running though windows into the bathroom, repeated filling of the black tank, and carefully watching clear sewer couplings to make sure than the tanks are running crystal clear. Followed by near surgical grade sanitation of the stinky slinky, and all related parts and pieces. All while totally oblivious to the world, and end up taking ten-fifteen minutes to do so, WITH A LINE OF OTHER CAMPERS WAITING BEHIND THEM!!!! I guess if your that messed up that you can't just dump the darn thing and roll down the road like the rest of us, you also are self centered enough that you think the whole world revolves around you, and bring a dump station to a halt, while you perform your obsessive compulsive rituals is your right, since it is in fact, all about you, right? Oddly enough, this whole jerkish behavior is usually done by a guy with no gloves, and in the case of the latest idiot that a half dozen of us got stuck behind, the guy wiped his hands on his shorts, then grabbed his door handles inside and out while getting into the truck, and drove off with his nasty, poop contaminated hands all over his steering wheel.
soren 06/23/15 10:04am General RVing Issues
RE: KOA standard charge now $60?!

Any more a decent cg is gonna be 65 or better and if it's cheap it probably shows. We are on the road about 2/3rd of the time. I would say that we spend $65 or better, about once a month. We are currently at a stunning place in the San Juan mountains in Co. It's $34. We just had a decent string of using Passport America, and ending up in nice campgrounds, all of which were less than $20/night.
soren 06/10/15 09:02pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Average fuel mileage on a 35' with the V10??

2007 34' Winny, pulling a CRV. We put about 10K miles on this year, and I do the math every tank. 6.6 is the most common tank I see. Sometimes barely into the low 7's. and when it spends a few hours pushing a headwind, or trying to keep up with (or stay out of the way of) traffic in the mountains, it can drop into the mid 5's
soren 06/05/15 07:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Search is back to Vista or Sunstar 26HE and only 2 vents?

It concerns me a little that a RV is not made strong enough to hold a ladder. Makes me wonder what would happen in a crash. Safe travels, MM. Bit of a misunderstanding of the structure involved. Doesn't matter who built the unit, if it gets a ladder, it has additional reinforcing added to the stress points where the ladder attaches. In sticks and bricks construction is would be called blocking. If a client tells me that they want grab rails in the bathroom, I add blocking in the walls to attach the rail to. It does nothing for the structural integrity of the structure, the same can be said for a motorhome. OTOH, designing a motorhome that could randomly accept a ladder attached to the exterior, would be asking a lot.
soren 05/28/15 07:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What are the best tricks to get your tourist dollar

There is only ONE clam chowder. "Tony's " cedar key. you can buy it in Publix, it's not cheap Ha! We spent a month, or two, in Cedar Key, every winter. Before we left this year, we commented that stopping at Tony's for a bowl of Chowder is something we should probably do, since there are at least a dozen local signs and billboards proclaiming that it's the "best". Well to be charitable, hopefully we hit a bad batch. It was almost too salty to eat, and I could of spent a buck for Campbell's, dumped a shaker of salt in, and had an equal experience. Clams by the hundred at Southern Cross, killer shrimp and grits at Kona Joe's, and lots of other wonderful things about CK. Tony's, IMHO......not so much.
soren 05/09/15 03:32pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Junk Mail-Continued

RE: Changing the settings so you won't get mail. We have had to make the change numerous times. The settings somehow revert back to receiving mail. I just renewed my basic GS membership, since it, without notice, had expired. After your post, I went into my account to review the settings. "Magically" my settings had been revised to include all kinds of unwanted junk. Oddly enough, the one important choice, "renew notice" was something they just couldn't seem to get right. That said, in the past, I have successfully eliminated a truly irritating blizzard of junk mail from all the GS related companies. I guess the most amazing part of the whole situation is that a company that's this big, isn't aware enough to monitor their own performance. If you spend an extended period of time, bombarding a customer with junk mailings and e-mails, and receive absolutely no positive response, how smart is it to continue harassing the same individual? At some point intelligent companies catch on to the fact that junk mailing is going the way of VCRs and flip phones. My local post office ends up with hundreds of pounds of junk mail, filling the recycling bins, and stacks high on every flat surface, every day! The best days are when phone books get delivered. There are hundreds of them laying all over, as a huge percentage of the box holders have no interest in dragging them home.
soren 05/09/15 07:42am Good Sam Club
RE: Staying clean in camp showers

So, Soren, this guy and his wife will walk a block day or night to use a restroom that thousands of people have used but won't use the one in their rig. Wow ! It truly takes all kinds. Yep, and it's the second time I met somebody like this. Years ago, I was teamed up with a partner at work who confessed that he too does not allow anybody to use the toilet in his travel trailer. He bought the thing used, and the black tank was clogged with the ole' "Mount Poovious" formation, and it was rock hard and bone dry. The trauma of dealing with the situation made him reach the conclusion that once he got it clear, it was never going to happen again, LOL
soren 05/08/15 03:47pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Staying clean in camp showers

Remind me again why you folks don't use the shower in your rig... Shower? I just ran into another fruit loop that refuses to use the toilet, or allow anybody else to do so, in his new motorhome. The guy starts a conversation about my rig, and tells me that the wife wants something bigger, but it's going to be a costly trade. I asked "why not a used one". He then tells me that he just couldn't buy something that somebody else had used the toilet in. I later learn that he and the wife walk a block to the shower house every time they need to use the toilet, day or night. OK, then......................no issue here.
soren 05/08/15 10:36am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: National General has lost my business!_

Of course I wouldn't expect the insurance company to pay for lack of maintenance. Really nice how most of you can just determine that was the problem. Even Camping World hasn't determined the problem yet. My problem is that the insurance company lets you think you are covered but then comes back and says that you dont meet the criteria. Their other than collission requires specific circumstances. Even their water intrusion is only valid for flood. Then why dont they call it flood. No offense here, but you are quite lost when it comes to what you bought (an insurance policy) and what you erroneously think it should be paying for (a lack of maintenance, and/or workmanship or design issues with your rig). "Most of us" can determine that a lack of maintenance IS most likely the issue, because leaks and damage are not only common, but in the vast majority of the cases, they ARE due to a lack of maintenance. In some cases, the RV is just scrap from the moment it left the assembly line, and there is no maintenance regiment that will save it. I experienced this with a Fleetwood travel trailer that was built with defective cargo doors. The doors allowed hidden water intrusion, and the rig was destroyed within two years. My dealer then forced the company to rebuild the unit. This was also something that would of resulted in a denial by my insurance company, since, much like a lack of maintenance, it has nothing to do with the insurance company's contract with the RV owner. Finally, it is no surprise that Camping World can't find the source of the leak. Two issues come to mind. First, finding the origin of a leak can involve extensive demolition of the interior, to track the source. At $120/HR and no real idea if the insurer, or owner will be willing to cover what could be a very large bill, there are limits to how far a repair shop is typically willing to "dive into" this kind of problem. Second, there are many, many seasoned RVers out there that wouldn't let CW touch their rigs, either based on a really bad previous experience, or the reputation that CW has developed when it comes to the quality of their work. Personally, I don't mind dropping in to a CW to spend a few bucks on items that I don't have the time to find online, but there is no way that my rig will even end up in their shop. So the question is, do the have somebody that is competent and experienced carefully investigating your leak problem, or is their a semi skilled, low wage helper stumbling through the job, while his boss peeks in, every hour or so, to check up on him?
soren 05/08/15 07:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Mud Flap

We actually saw folks removing them while on our trip to Alaska. We saw the damage they caused on the gravel roads - a layer of 1" rocks laying at the base of their windshield. We didn't have the stiff mud flap. We only had the flaps behind each tire. We didn't receive any damage on our towed vehicle. Later on, for lack of anything better to do on a heavily-raining day driving on I-15 in Utah, I watched the opposing traffic of motorhomes towing. The ones with the big flaps had a arc of water hitting the hood of the towed. The ones without a flap had the shooting out at the tire level. Do you mean roads like this in Alaska? If you look closely you can see the rocks at the base of the windshield and even see a few on the roof. Naturally the windshield was all chipped in addition to the headlights being broken out. This was with a full width mud flap that was taken off too late. Road damage with a full width mud flap I pulled into a gas station on the Kenai, and saw a Subaru wagon that looked even worse that the pic. you posted. The headlights were gone and the windshield was cracked in five places. The guy was pulling the car with an old class A with a huge tail overhang, and a flap that was about 2" off the road, while parked on level concrete. When I suggested that the mud flap was the issue, he looked at me like I was Forrest Gump....... Oh well, you can't fix stupid, LOL
soren 05/07/15 08:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: I'm confused - Suburban 1500 tow up to 7,500 lbs?

We have pulled a medium size (26' 4600lb UVW) trailer with a 99' Tahoe with a 5.7/3.73, a 2006 Tahoe with a 5.6/3.73, and a 2003, 2500 Suburban with the 6.0 and 4.10 rears. IMHO, a 1500 Suburban, from that era, is going to leave you one unhappy camper once you head into the 6000+UVW range. The best you will probably find is a 5.3/3.73 combo. and it will be very marginal, at best. The other thing we found is that there are a hundred 1500 Suburbans available on the used market, for every 2500 out there. When we narrowed it to a condition and price range, I found four within a few hundred miles of us. Good luck.
soren 05/04/15 05:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: 10 year rule, I figured it out

Most if not all RV Parks, won't allow you to have an RV Tech work on the outside of your rig. So that's not it. It's the looks of a 10+ year old rig, they're substandard in many cases. I've stayed at several hundred different CGs in the last fifteen years. In that time I have never read, heard or seen any posted information regarding rules for RV Techs, and what they can, and can't do to your rig, while parked in your site. I have seen that many, maybe the majority of the privately owned CGs, have ads for at least one mobile repair service in their site map and guide that you receive at check in. I have been to several that have techs. that have their own site in the park, and spend the season toiling away on customer's rigs. As for your claim that "most, if not all" ban repairs to the outside of your unit, sorry, but no. Ten year rules are not complicated, they are a way for the management to keep Jed Clampitt from showing up with a piece of******that they would rather not see in their facility. I spent part of the winter in a nice high end resort, parked next to an sweet 1984 Bluebird. It's obvious to anybody with half a clue that it's WAY older than ten years. The owner, a full-timer, reported that they have never been questioned about it's age or condition, when checking in anywhere. The whole issue is a lot bigger on forums than it is in the real world.
soren 05/03/15 08:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Storage Shelter Etiquette

Theft is theft......even a 25 cent brick. All of the 'justifications' posted crack me up. Guess I was raised different. If it isn't yours---ask first. Can't ask....then leave it alone. It ain't yours. No need for justifications, since nothing was stolen. Standard protocol to block your wheels before unhitching, and it's pretty common to grab whatever is handy to do so. I have occasionally dropped a trailer at the dealer's storage yard, and followed their instructions to, "grab some of the wood lying around, and block your wheels". Scrap brick, up against a fence is no different. Doesn't matter if it's a piece of firewood, a few bricks, or short pieces of 2x4, if its laying around, it's not out of line to assume the last guy used it for blocking and left it..
soren 05/02/15 10:26am General RVing Issues
RE: 4 wheel drive V6 vs. 2 wheel drive V8?

I'd skip the 4.7... I'm not that impressed with the power band on the early 4.7...and I'm not sure it's an upgrade from what you have now. The half ton trucks with the big V8's would be a step up. If you like SUV's the bigger SUV's like the Armada, Expedition, or Tahoe type SUV's would do well as well. thanks! Jeremiah Pay close attention to some very good advice above. We spent years camping with another family that pulled a 21' ultra-lite with a 2004 4wd 4.7 Dodge. The truck was built for mileage, with very high rears, and it was absolutely pathetic watching how poorly it towed a very small, light travel trailer. You could end up "upgrading" and gaining zero in towing ability and losing 4WD.
soren 04/30/15 06:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Flat tire 36 hrs after I purchased new

The valve stem extender is not what keeps the air in the tire, the core in the value stem does. Take it back to the tire guy and let him fix it. What? Ask a tire service guy how many times he did service calls that involve tightening a lose extender and re-inflating the tire. It happened twice, in a few weeks, at the large CG we spent the winter in.
soren 04/27/15 06:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Taking the plunge to full timing & need advice

Just an FYI in case you don't know. When you hit the GA/FL line......the CG's in Florida start charging you 'extra' for electric if you stay a week or more. Most have meters. You use it, you pay them for it! And IMHO if that same site was rented out for 2 day stays for the entire season with no extra electric charge.....why should I pay extra for it because I stayed in one spot for 2 weeks? Crazy but it's Florida, it's there job to make money off of us! :B AND when they advertise the CG rates? When you are done signing in you will have state tax on top of the rate AND a bed tax. So if you are on a budget be sure to find out what the daily rate PLUS all their taxes are. :W I did not know about bed taxes and extra charges for electric. I traveled mostly in the Midwest and no matter how long you stay you do NOT pay extra for electric. Then went full time and headed south. Was a bit of a sticker shock for me! Not complaining I am still here but I was not aware of it. I'm surprised that any of this would shock you? I have seen site electric meters all over the country, not just south of the "Welcome to Florida" sign. As for separate billing being "crazy", I'll take it any day. We spent part of our winter at a great resort in west central FL. It was $58/day or $19/day if you paid by the month. The electric was an additional $60, or so, for the month. I'll take $21/day over $58, every time. You're right about taxes, they are steep. I don't think Fl. hides the fact that they have no state income tax, and are happy to let the tourist pay a lot of the costs of running the state. It is what it is, warm and affordable, all winter long, which is how I like it.
soren 04/26/15 04:30am Full-time RVing
RE: deeded rv property

As Bill.Satellite wrote seasonal rental is always and option. And does have the advantages he mentions. We also considered that. But we found some disadvantages to that too. So I guess the advice is...It all depends on what you want. Here is why we steered away from the seasonal idea. First of all the campgrounds we researched were privately owned for profit campgrounds. And they varied quite a lot in their services, and style. But one thing we found was that for the most part the owners, were quite cost conscious. And would avoid spending money for landscaping, and maintenance. They were more interested in taking money out than putting money in. Basically they did the minimum they needed to. We didn't find any seasonal campgrounds that were nice enough that we really wanted to spend six months in. This is your personal observation, but as scientists like to say, "the plural of anecdote is not data" We are on our second year of snowbirding in Fl. and have stayed in several beautiful, well landscaped and run private rental parks. In several, nicer parks we stayed in, the investment situation was quite the opposite, with owners dumping significant money in, to improve the facilities, every off season. Location...The private campgrounds were typically very close to major roadways. Don't know why, really. But I suspect it to be because the cost of land was much more reasonable. The ownership campgrounds are generally developed with sales opportunities as the primary strategy. So they are in more desirable locations. Away from heavy travel routes, trains, airports, etc. Again, you find what you seek. Want a nice seasonal rental location that is a peaceful area, spend the time to find it, there are countless opportunities. And in the interest in building their revenues, private rental camps tend to squeeze campers in real tight. So the sites can be quite concentrated. Because they are private campgrounds, you may have neighbors that are short term campers that are on vacation. Generally, not a problem. But sometimes you get what you get. And maybe not the best to your liking. This can happen in an owned site too. But the chances are much less. Stuck with a jerk for a neighbor? Do you want a rental guest who is staying for week, or the one who just bought the lot next door. No reason to believe that the lot buying crowd is something special, there are jerks everywhere, and you aren't trapped next to one if you rent. The owned campsite has the advantage of increasing in value if you ever need to liquidate. With a private seasonal campground, you don't have the problem of selling it. But once you spend your money, it is gone. The is no reason to assume that any real estate will continually increase in value. The great recession proved this beyond question, and a significant portion of the owned resort lot segment took a huge hit. The other issue is liquidity. There are many members on the Escapee forums who end up listing lots for a year, or more, while constantly lowering prices and adding goodies, in an attempt to dump their lots. These lots sometimes sell at a significant discount under the "list price" that the developer is trying to move new lots for. There are more considerations too. You have to be careful if selecting an ownership site. I will add those in another post. You are correct, there is a giant consideration that many folks tend to ignore when making these purchases, that being lost opportunity cost, when you remove a significant amount of money from your invested assets, and spend it on a resort lot. There are many scenarios where renting a premium lot on a seasonal, or year round basis, costs roughly the same as paying the taxes, HOA fees and other costs of maintaining an owned lot. By renting, your nest egg continues to grow, and in the last few years at a very healthy amount for most of us. Renters do not own an asset that can be difficult to liquidate, and do not own an asset that may be depreciating, as many have been doing in the last few years. When it comes to ownership, IMHO the best route is to rent in the location you are thinking of buying, for at least a few seasons. Then, if you decide to buy, run the numbers and get a real idea of your true cost to own. Every time I do the math, it fails to add up.
soren 04/26/15 03:49am Full-time RVing
RE: Honda CRV

We upgraded from a 92 Tracker to an 07 CRV back in June! Installed a Demco Baseplate to match the Demco Excalibar Tow Bar that I already had on hand. Also went with their Wiring Kit ..Plug and Go ,I used a 7 Pin connector to the MoHo! I considered a charging wire to keep the Toad Battery charged ,but decided to just install a switch to the fuse for the Radio.So far it works fine. The only critisism that I have is the Michelin Tires make this car very noisy to drive. I met a fellow who had replaced His with Bridgestones from Costco ,He claimed they were much quieter ! Mine are still like new ,but will replace them at the first opportunity! We have owned a 2010 CRV, which was lost in a deer collision, and now have a 2013. I really, really doubt that you are going to be happy switching tires to cure road noise issues on a CRV. Up until recently Honda was continually criticized by the car reviewers for what seemed to be a real unwillingness to address road noise on all of their products. Our 2010 was ridiculously noisy with the factory Continental tires, and the Michelins that replaced them. The 2013 is dramatically quieter, and it has everything to do with lots of sound insulation that was added to the redesign. I just got rid of the nearly bald factory tires on the '13, and went with Hankook's latest and greatest. If there was any improvement in noise level, it is very slight. It's your money, but dropping $600 to throw away perfectly good tires will make little difference in a car with very little noise control built into it.
soren 04/09/15 09:27am Dinghy Towing
RE: Custer City, SD KOA Campground

Stay away in August as over a million motorcycles will invade the area. Prices skyrocket everywhere, 100 mile radius. We have been spending at least a week, or two in the Black Hills, most years, since 1994. I personally attempt to avoid being there during rally week, but to advise avoiding the entire area for a whole month is a bit extreme. As for "skyrocketing prices everywhere", um, no. Campgrounds can be expensive and full in the Sturgis area during rally week. Custer is sixty miles away, and I have never seen, or heard of any business there trying to gouge anybody based on it being rally week. With the exception of high priced lodging of all types, near Sturgis, it's been our experience that we have never seen any gouging of any sort in South Dakota, in connection with the rally. As for the claim of an excess of a million attendees this year, I'm going to take a shot at this being a bit of wishful thinking by organizers. Last year's numbers were around 400k. It seems hard to believe that that number will increase by 250%, or more, based on it being the 75th anniversary. Not only did the last milestone year (70th) only result in a small bump over the previous year, attendance overall is down by roughly a third, in the last few years, when compared to the high numbers seen in the early 2000s. How's about $675 a night for a hotel room in Sturgis during rally week? That's what I was quoted last fall, a month after the 2014 rally. I'd call that price gouging. And they got it, no rooms available at the moment at any price, that I could find when calling around in the last week of December. The OP asked specific questions about the CUSTER SD. KOA. This campground is 73 miles from the rally. I just looked at their online reservation service and found sites available during RALLY week, for less that $50/night, with a KOA card. As I stated, having done this for two decades now, overpriced lodging is an issue in and around Sturgis, during rally week. Other times, other locations, not a problem. You can get a piece of grass at the Buffalo Chip or similar campground for cheap, but hope you don't like to sleep much.... I found a basic no-frills dorm-style room at a location 20 miles away. Only $400 for the week PRIOR to rally week, $700 for the week of. Those are sold out. For a non-rally camper, I'd stay way away from there from around July 20 to after the rally in August. Things should be back to normal by then. If you look at the daily attendance statistics, which appear in the Rapid City Journal, you will see that the rally population tends to build and fall in a real tight bell curve. The numbers build to a peak, mid-week, than drop off hard until it's a ghost town by the end of the weekend. I have dropped by vendors on Sunday afternoon and walked away with bags full of high end embroidered and dated shirts that were marked down by 75%. The streets were nearly empty, and the sellers didn't want to pack them up. You have gone from recommending that folks avoid the area for the entire month of August in your first post, to adding two weeks before the rally in this post? Seems way over the top, given that the rally doesn't really impact too much outside of the official dates, which are August 3rd to the 9th this year. Also, the First Annual 3-wheeler rally is in Deadwood from July 16-19 I think. They aren't the camper type, but it will bring some bikers in even earlier than the "week before" crowd. As Max from Beaver Lake CG, and others can attest, it isn't easy to make a living in the hospitality industry in the Hills. Claims that it's best to avoid the entire area for weeks, or months, due to the rally is not only inaccurate, but it doesn't help those who have a short season to make a living. IMHO, the second half of August is a great time to be in the Hills, a lot of the families have packed up to head back to school, the weather is great, and everything from campgrounds to restaurants tend to be less crowded that they are in mid-summer. This year I would avoid the area for the first ten days of August, just to stay away from all the noise and crowds, but before and after will be just fine.
soren 03/28/15 07:39pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Topsail Hill Sites Being Repaired??

Well accept you totally ignored the fact that St Andrews draws many more visitors each year and is only 30+ miles away and is allowed to fall into disrepair while Topsail spends millions each year on "improvements" like a new sign, entrance, etc. Having spent time the last few years at many state parks in Florida it is quite obvious some connected politician is influential in how state park infrastructure money is dolled out to their favorite park. Sorry, but I'm not buying it. I have stayed there recently, and spent a decades long career as a contractor. I'm well aware of what "spending millions" looks like, having done it many times. The park is fairly well maintained, but in now way are there any signs of extravagance, particularly millions of dollars wasted. finally, I did indeed ignore your issue with St. Andrews, and the condition of a hundred other facilities in the system, since it has nothing to do with this conversation. You have a serious chip on your shoulder, and firmly believe that money is being wasted on a profitable, and popular park. I'm sure all the information that you base your "beliefs" on is a matter of public record. Why not dig up the facts and post them? Might take a while, since your search for the "wasted millions at Topsail"" might be a long one.
soren 03/26/15 07:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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