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RE: Winnebago Vista Motorhome

The bottom line is, it's an extremely obscure VW product. Now, it's quite possible to keep this thing motoring along happily for many years, but it might take some real effort. Including being out of commission until you locate a competent repair facility, or end up having to wait until parts are shipped from europe. I was quite an obsessed fan of the brand as a kid, and owned a total of 20+ air cooled VWs in my time. At some point my son, a college kid at the time, decided that he couldn't live without a 2005 Passat. That was my turning point. They had become grossly over engineered, under built, and ridiculously complicated junk. I do all of my own wrenching on my motor home and other vehicles, and I just can't see any good reason for another VW product in my life. It's your call, but remember, if you keep it long enough, and use it hard enough, you are going to hit that point when you say to yourself, "I wish I never bought this POS"
soren 08/26/16 04:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Never Again

Keep in mind, all you that defend GS without the whole story, that this happened in Carlisle PA. A town where you can't swing a cat without hitting something truck related, including giant hubs for some of the national trucking outfits, several truck stops and many, many truck repair and towing outfits. This is one of the busiest trucking routes on the east coast, and minutes from the state capital, a large metro area. I wouldn't be surprised if there are 40 to 50 or more, towing companies within an hour of where this rig quit. IF GS needs half a day to get a tow truck to you in that area, I guess you will be nothing but a dried up skeleton by the time they get to you in the real remote areas of this country. I have never heard any intelligent reason to drop my Coach-Net coverage, and this is nothing but more of the same.
soren 08/21/16 03:26pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: "waves" on the rear panel

If it really bothered you, I'm sure it could be pulled down with some screws. Do it right, and use the right screws, and it would look like it was original. I wouldn't recommend this. Assuming you could find a suitable substrate to hold the fasteners, as soon as the ambient temp. is 15-20* higher than when all the drilling and screw installation was done, the fiberglass sheet will buckle, and "inflate" between screws, and end up looking like some sort of failed upholstery project. The next issue would be what exactly would those screws anchor to? A nicely laid out pattern of surface fasteners will have exactly nothing in common with the surprisingly small amount of framing located in the rear wall. The screws will be hitting nothing but foam and very thin Luan. Overall, this would do nothing but look awful and create a few dozen more places to leak.
soren 08/18/16 08:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rv Crashes Into House,Driver Killed

Would you want to live behind a wall like that? Yes, like most folks with enough common sense to not pick their nose with a paring knife, I wouldn't occupy a house that sees regular duty as a target for high speed vehicle crashes, without an adequate barrier in place. A waist high row of precast lane dividers would stop the majority of those that are bent on hitting the home, and cost a lot less that continually rebuilding the place. Therefore, the question is not, "would you want to live behind a wall like that" it's actually, "When do you run out of luck, and die in your sleep, after a big rig collapses the structure on top of your lifeless body?" This whole scene is like the joke about the guy who prays to be saved from a flood, and ends up drowned after he turns three sets of rescuers away, since he has faith that "God will save him". After too many crashes to count, don't be whining at the Pearl Gates, that you didn't see it coming, LOL.
soren 08/17/16 03:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: My first post: sacrilege....

It would be absolutely silly to skip Passport America, and Good Sam, for a year of traveling. Unless you are going to avoid any privately held campgrounds, you will quickly make up the cost of both memberships, and save a ton of money after that. Don't be fooled into the idea that state parks will be a bargain. I was in the mid-west recently, and got on the phone with a state reservation clerk. She told me that after paying daily passes for our motorhome AND toad, we would be billed a total of $47 for the night at a run of the mill state park. We found a nearly private park, with a pool, and other nice amenities, for $31. State parks are not guaranteed to be cheaper than private parks, and in some states, they are flat out crazy. Thousand Trails and other high dollar camping deals are one thing, but there is no excuse for hitting the road, for any extended trip, without Passport, Good Sam, and maybe the KOA discount card.
soren 08/16/16 08:17pm Beginning RVing
RE: Beware Pilot in NJ

"There are also worries that young, inexperienced drivers run into trouble when visiting neighboring states and forced to pump their own gas for the first time (that was an issue for the author of this story when he drove in Pennsylvania as a teenager)." good lord. politicians. by the time a teenager in NJ or OR reaches driving age they have surely seen gas pumped into vehicles hundreds of times. it's not rocket science. Well, it might not be rocket science, but you would be dumbstruck by how many adults(as in way past teenager status) from NJ haven't got a clue as to how to put fuel in their vehicle. I live about a half hour west of the border, in PA. I have lost track of how many times I have patiently assisted folks with Jersey plates, who are standing there, looking at the pump like it's some alien life forum. I would stop for coffee every morning at the local general store, and it wasn't uncommon to have one of the good ole' boys shout, " I got this one" as they got off their perch, and graciously headed outside to help a clueless visitor fill their tank. Given our current crop of teens, who seem to spend every waking moment staring at a smart phone, I bet there are more than few from Jersey who couldn't successfully pump their own gas if you offered them a $1000 to do so, and wouldn't know a pump handle from a pick axe.
soren 08/16/16 04:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Purchased a DRV from Camping World in Marion NC today

It seems at this time, that what I saw on the roof, (a very small section), was/is overspray of paint That is very interesting because I don't believe anywhere in the manufacturing process the RV is put into a paint spray booth and painted. Nowhere is paint sprayed onto the Rv after assembly. If I am right, how and why was there paint overspray on the roof? Seems very unlikely to me. Then you have not been to the factory to watch the build process. Yes indeed the unit is shipped off the property to a painting faculity that paints and clearcoats the exterior. Many different colors are applied and it is very possible overspray has gotten in places you would not expect it. The area was about a foot long and only about 3-5" wide..I could see it being an overspray...Actually makes more sense thank you for your input. Jim I totally agree that IF, and that is a big IF, the RV has full body paint, then it was not painted during the manufacturing process. That is very common in motorhomes and less so in towables. Unless the OP's 5th wheel is a full body paint (not very common), I am correct!!!!!!! Typically, towables are assembled with components already painted and decals only applied during manufacturing. Painting is done on a component basis. Sorry, but no. Like others have stated, the entire Elkhart region is full of grey Class A's, Class C's, fifth wheels and toy haulers being shuffled around to painting facilities. In nearby Breman, In. there are lots staged with recently painted Redwoods and Voltages, and you can drive by several large painting contractors at this time and see the doors open and workers busy prepping fifth wheels for paint.
soren 08/16/16 08:08am Camping World RV Sales
RE: *Updated* Fresh Water tank fell off while driving

I had it happen to the fresh water tank on a mid-2000s Fleetwood Wilderness. It ended up riding on the axles, so it never actually fell completely off. It came with a sad attempt to support the bottom of the tank with some light gauge 1" angle steel. Unfortunately, the assembly monkeys ran out of the correct bolts and nuts to connect the angle to the mounts, and thought that 1/4" bolts would be fine. Turns out that they were wrong. They then supply the dealer with a replacement tank that's slightly thicker than ziploc bag. This piece of trash ends up ballooning to comical proportions when filled, and blew the spun welded supply fitting right off the top. The shop monkey at the dealer decides to repair this by using a full tube of silicone to build a huge mound around the broken fitting. This fails, and I have to let the monkey in on a highly secret piece of insider knowledge, that being, Silicone really doesn't stick to most plastics. Tank number three did the trick, and magically stayed in place for a few more years. When Fleetwood stock dropped to $.08 and they failed, I just smiled. Couldn't of happened to a nicer, more competent, decent, well run company, said no one, ever.
soren 08/14/16 08:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: If only they had a dually...(Travel Trailer rollover)

Apparently no chains, no WDH, just hammer down and pray for the best. Never saw any brake lights. Heck, the big rig didn't slow down very much until the TT was in it's death throes... You really think those chains do much more than shoe laces would, once a trailer is violently snapping away from the truck at that speed? My son was in a horrific accident pulling a large equipment trailer that suffered two tire blow outs at once. The witnesses said that as the trailer snapped free of the hitch, it looked like an invisible hand grabbed the one ton pick-up and tossed it down the interstate, like a bowling ball hitting the alley. Not only did both chain snap like twine, the pintle hook twisted, and tore out of the receiver.
soren 08/02/16 09:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Rural PA roads may be a Crock

In May we went to Yellowstone and back. We found that most of Pa's roads were as good if not better than many of the states we traveled through.A few years ago, the legislature raised the gas tax and many other fees. There is a lot of road work going on in the state right now.6 miles of Rt422 in western Berks County is getting a complete overhaul. This is the current reality. We just did the same trip, got back a few days ago. Ohio was fair, and things degraded as we got further west. The toll road in IN. is a disgrace, and the interstates in IL, Wi, And MN. are degrading quickly. PA. is doing enormous amounts of road and bridge work, and it's obvious. In 35 years of crossing the state on RT 80, this year is the best I have seen it.
soren 08/02/16 07:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Bad experience Lancaster KOA

The OP..remember?? the one who started this thread.. was not singled out for anything. Everyone has to pay the price or dont come in. My response was specifically addressing WRVPO's sickening attitude toward disabled guests, not the OP's complaint. That said, being denied the ability to have someone enter the park, briefly, to pick up a disabled guest, without an outrageous fee, is a pretty textbook definition of failing to make reasonable accommodation. Not only would this situation look pretty bad in the local press, and any RV review site that is willing to post it, but it's well worth contacting the state's disability advocate office with the info.
soren 07/10/16 08:53pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bad experience Lancaster KOA

ADA requires reasonable accommodation of the disability. Based on OP's description, what was requested was reasonable if the distance from the campsite to the gate could not be easily traversed by the HC person. In addition to posting to the various campsite review sites, formal ADA complaint should be filed with a copy to the CG and to KOA main office.It is this thinking that causes businesses to want to get any disabled person in and out as soon as possible. The Drumbeat of sue, sue, sue makes businesses fear the disabled customer, not want to accommodate them. It is this thinking that causes businesses to want to get any disabled person in and out as soon as possible. The Drumbeat of sue, sue, sue makes businesses fear the disabled customer, not want to accommodate them. As far as whether or not the requests were reasonable, in my opinion absolutely not. Why should a disabled person get to bring in guests without a fee when everyone else has to pay. Not all parks have the ability to monitor all visitors. We can, but we are in Montana and very few of our guests from Thailand have visitors stopping by. But if a park is located a short distance from major metro areas and serves primarily locals, it would be close to impossible to administer some visitors in free and others pay. As for the golf cart, our insurance specifies that we are not to allow any non employee to operate or ride in park vehicles. Maybe as the owner I would take that chance, buy I don't empower my employees to make that decision. You have a well earned reputation on this site, and it isn't a good one. However, this may be a new low, even for you. My wife has been severely disabled for over two decades, and has NEVER experienced the mentality you express. Fortunately, if and when it happens, there are a number of avenues available from a governmental and legal standpoint, to make somebody like you suffer a significant price for singling out disabled folks for abusive treatment. BTW, one of the most memorable experiences we had while traveling was a CG owner who realized that my DW would end up struggling while accessing one of his buildings. He asked us to give him an hour or two, and spent that time with a tractor and a crew, while he pulled a patch of unused sidewalk up, and reinstalled it, to create a smaller step in to his lodge. That is what have character means, not trying to get disabled folks of your property, ASAP, since they might have issue with your attitude and behavior. WOW, you really hit bottom on this one........................you must be proud.
soren 07/09/16 11:09pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Indiana Highway RV Torture Test

No offense taken. We all have opinions on everything. I for one have been driving/towing on Indiana roads since 2000. I have never experienced the things you describe in your post. And yes I have experienced rough roads in almost every state we have been in at one point or another including yours. Have a nice day. They must hand out those rose colored glasses when you renew your driver's license in Indiana, LOL. We just headed west from PA. to Montana. Pennsylvania has greatly increased their gas taxes, is now spending a ton on rebuilding and resurfacing roads, and repairing and replacing the thousands of bridges we have that are in trouble. For the first time in my lifetime, I can honestly say that PA's roads are good and steadily improving. Ohio was a lot better than in previous years. Indiana, specifically the toll road, is sadly, a national disgrace. To actually have the stones to charge motorists a considerable sum, to travel Indiana toll road, while allowing it to basically self-destruct, with little evidence of repair, and ZERO evidence of actual improvement, is simply unbelievable. The service plazas are disgusting relics of half a century ago. That is the ones that are still standing, as some are now just piles of rubble, and garbage strewn lots. Obviously Illinois is no better, and Wisconsin and Minnesota are only slightly improved. For the first time in two decades of making this trip, you can actually close your eyes an feel when you get to South Dakota, since the motorhome is no longer porpoising up and down on the lifted, rocking slabs, and slamming into cracked up slabs and ridiculous bridge transitions. We put about 20K a year on our motorhome, traveling all over North America. I can assure you that the poor condition of Indiana roads is far from a matter of opinion.
soren 07/06/16 06:03pm Roads and Routes
RE: Needing help in Cambridge Ohio

There is a Camping World facility in Akron Ohio, about 75 miles north of Cambridge, going north on I 77. I don't have any info. to recommend or not recommend this place. JMHO, but............... #1. Antique coach #2 on the road and needing immediate attention That pretty much puts CW at about dead last on my list.
soren 07/02/16 08:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: So ca to Black Hills and Sioux Falls SD

Two thoughts. First, there is a great domicile service in Rapid, so it worth the extra 700 mile round trip to drive right past America's Mailbox. on RT 90 in Rapid, and spend two days on the road, heading back and forth to Sioux? Second, the Sturgis rally ends on August 14th. I would be real sure to avoid the entire area from the first of August until the 14th. Enjoy SD. We love it, and after celebrating the 4th in Yellowstone, we will be heading back to SD. for a while. Good luck.
soren 07/02/16 08:42pm Roads and Routes
RE: Help With Busted Sewage Pipe!

What does the primer do? Not much on the black ABS plastic, since it doesn't need primer.
soren 07/02/16 08:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Change your oil- yourself or shop

I have the Ford V-10 and do it myself, even if it's on the road. I stop at Wal-mart and grab the Motorcraft brand oil and filter, then change the oil wherever it looks like I'm not going to create an issue. This has included the parking lot of a Marina, several abandoned lots, rest stops and roadside pull-outs, and most recently, while parked in a friend's yard. I put a small plastic tarp down, make a catch chute with cardboard to guide the mess into the catch pan. Typically, I don't end up with a dropped spilled on the ground. The oil and filter cost $30, and I have been quoted from $60 to $169 to have it done "professionally". I save a few hundred a year doing this, and know it's done right, with the proper materials.
soren 07/02/16 08:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thor buys Jayco

Everyone is having knee jerk reactions to this, including me, but because I have a horse in this race..I went a bit further..The President of Entegra (Tadd Jenkins) is speaking or in correspondence with all Entegra Coach owners. This is going to be an independent freestanding entity which has Thor as a parent. Now no one can predict the future years from now, but for now, NOTHING IS CHANGING...no coaches, no warranty and more importantly NOT CUSTOMER SUPPORT nor any personnel including upper management (Bontrager included)....I believe Thor is going to use the Entegra flag as their upper echelon to break into the luxury market..Only time will tell but for now Entegra will stay as it is..and I have one with the up to date and proven old standards plus my 2 year warranty. The fact Tadd Jenkins took the time to actively reassure me and gave me his cell number tells me the dedication that current management has and that although there is a parent, things will stay the same as long as Entegra has sales, and they do... You may be right. OTOH, spending half a million on a luxury product, and having the president of the company spending time to personally contact you, when a major shake-up happens, is something I would expect any intelligent company to do. Look at Tiffin as an example of how to properly kiss up to keep the customer happy. That said, will the owner of a Thor/Jayco $18K Jay Flight end up benefiting from the deal? My guess is the best they can hope for is the existing status quo, which is hardly impressive.
soren 07/02/16 02:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thor buys Jayco

Jayco's lack of quality will be a perfect fit within Thor. Lol's Thor got to get their investment money back so they'll have to make some costing cutting efforts that unusually includes quality.Not sure how Jayco could cut costs any further unless they just throw all the parts in the box and ship it. Jayco has the only 2 yr. warranty. Because you will need it. Amen to that. Our first Jayco was a 2008 Jay Flight. It was a nice, fairly well built trailer. We then went with a 2013 Eagle. WOW, it was junk. We suffer through the garbage build quality, which was compounded by a dealer who did things like dealing with carpet wrinkles by stapling them down, and screwing up everything else they tried to repair. Now that Thor is in the picture, I can only imagine how well these thing will be tossed together. I predict that it's only a matter of months until the two year warranty is reduced to one. There will be a press release with weasel language along the lines of......... "bringing warranty service in line with industry standards, to improve the customer experience" LOL
soren 07/02/16 08:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help With Busted Sewage Pipe!

My first move would be to grab a small can of ABS cement, and run a big bead of it, right over the crack. If that fails, there are kits made to repair broken plastic pipe.
soren 07/01/16 09:44am Class C Motorhomes
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