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RE: Lot of newer trailers have fewer windows. Why?

From a structural standpoint fewer windows means greater shear value from the walls. This COULD result in reducing the main frame. As a homebuilder, designer and having a bit of engineering knowledge, I would say you are 100% correct, except.........You would pass out if you saw some of the design and construction hidden in trailer walls. The brochure says, "welded aluminum square tube stud construction" and then you tour the plant, and watch a guy carry a structural side wall from the pile of them to the laminating table. No headers over smaller openings, a "stud" every 36", no backer for the substrate sheet, and a 26' long wall that he is carrying with one hand. The only reason it's not built lighter, and with less material, is that they are simply out of corners to cut. They need something to define the perimeter, and to screw the doors, floor and roof to. The average RV owner is under the misconception that the structure of the rig they own is FAR more substantial that it actually is. They think they own a lunch pail, but they really have a nicely decorated paper bag.
soren 06/16/18 06:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Sidewalk chalk

Ever had the "talk" with your veterinarian? The one where he gives you the sad face and says, "Rover had a pretty good life, but it's time. He really needs to be put out of his misery, and it just isn't fair to anybody to let him go on like this". Every wonder if the same rules should apply to miserable old cranks? Ever wonder if crabby complaining about children harmlessly enjoying themselves, should be listed in the medical literature in the "when is it time to put your grumpy old curmudgeon down?" section? If you are that miserable that you are horrified that children are harmlessly enjoying themselves, it's time to stay home and limit your misery to the four walls of the room you are in. Stop spreading your disease.
soren 06/16/18 04:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Taking Personal Responsibility to new lows.

Ralph Cramden wrote: we couldn't get a very certain power company (public utility) to return our phone calls or emails. So we sent them an email (copied everyone) and told them we were going to dig right next to their primary pole and that since no one would advise us, we couldn't guarnatee that the pole wouldn't fall over. Within minutes, we got a phone call from an upper level supervisor. LOL, that brings me back to the start of my career, in the 80s. Im a helper for a very "interesting" small time contractor. We were rebuilding a brick row home, in an old northeastern city. We had installed a new electrical service, had it inspected, and were waiting for the utility to install a meter, so we could work without running a genny and enraging the neighbors. Showing up to put the meter in was apparently something that the utility had little interest in. One day my boss had enough. He cut some 1/2" copper tubing, smashed it flat, and stuffed it into the blade holders where the meter should be. He then called the electric company and with a fake, old German accent, says, " Zis, is zee plumber. I have fixed the meter box, and zee power is on, no need for to send your donkies here to put zee meter in. Ya, it's goot, zee power is on". I can hear the customer service rep. absolutely losing her mind, on the other end of the conversation, and I'm trying hard not to LOL. By the end of the day, the new meter was in place, and a lineman is walking around, with a piece of smashed copper in his hand looking for an imaginary old German plumber, who needs a talking to, about safety.
soren 06/15/18 05:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Assateague Island: Generator Use your experience

We were at the national park about two weeks ago. It was fairly warm, low 80s and sunny. We were camped up north at the Indian River Inlet, but did several trips south to ride our bikes in the park. We rode all of the campground roads a few times. I was surprised by several things. First, there was very little generator use, or anybody at their campsites, mid-day. Second there is a no generator loop. Third, there was a real mix of rigs with a lot of huge TTs, fifths, and class As, mixed in with the folks who were in tents. Finally, the sites on the ocean side were quite loud from the surf, and the sites were far apart. Unless some moron was on the next site with a 5500 open frame genny, and it was dead quiet, It would be tough to really suffer from somebody else's genny noise, or at least as bad as it gets in some other no-hookup situations.
soren 06/12/18 07:30am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: KOA Campground Cancellation Policy

Pretty rare when I agree with anything that WesternRV has to say, but his two posts in this case are 100% right. He noted something that I'm stunned that some government parks are willing to tolerate. That being a reservation system that has a facility listed as "fully booked" and the situation on the ground is that 1/3rd of the park is empty. I would guess that a lot of this is due to reservation and cancellation policies that are way too lenient. We frequent a state park beach CG. It's common to find a spot, mid-week, for a few days, and have the reservation system indicate that the park is nearly full, then spend a few days camped there, and find that they barely have a 50% occupancy rate.
soren 06/11/18 01:42pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: thoughts on this camper?

I bought a new 2008 Sunnybrook. I no longer have it, but fully expect that it will be the best quality RV I'll ever own. It really was rock solid, and overbuilt. Good luck, if it's in A+ condition, that's a pretty small pile of Canabucks to pay.
soren 06/11/18 11:58am Travel Trailers
RE: Lot of newer trailers have fewer windows. Why?

Interesting responses. I think it has to do more with energy efficiency than anything. My all seasons Nash has far fewer windows than any unit I've owned previously. For a typical trailer, energy efficiency is too far down on the list of priorities for builders and buyers to be a factor, unless like yourself, they seek out a decent manufacturer and want a quality 4 season unit. Windows are one of the highest dollar parts used in an RV, and detract from wall space to put hot buttons like extra cabinets, or useless interior decor items. When we first got into the hobby, nearly two decades ago, I almost bought a travel trailer that had an amazing number of windows and still is unforgettable, all these years later. It was unfortunately too heavy and too worn out to pull the trigger on. It was an old sticks and tin build about 26' long. It had front living, mid-bath and a rear bed. The entire curb side had windows, roughly 30" square, running from front to back. There were seven or eight of them. The interior was light and airy, and much like a sun-porch, compared to some of these bunkers built today, with a handful of black tinted gun slits on each side. OTOH, there is a price to pay for all that poorly insulated glass. We later had a large Rockwood with a big slide. The slide had floor to ceiling windows on all three sides. Once it got to near freezing outside, sitting in the slide was like grabbing a chair and camping out in a walk-in cooler.
soren 06/09/18 03:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Pilot/Flying J

I'm not even sure how to address the absolute lunacy of the statement: "A truck stop isn’t a place to camp or a place to slide out your slideouts unless you want to lose them. I’ve known “drivers” who actually get a thrill from ripping off the sides of slides….The trucker who pulled in beside you was sending you a message and you would have been wise to roll it up and move on.” I don't care where I'm parked as long as it's legal, any trucker that hits me while I'm legally parked better have REALLY good insurance and, if there's even a shred of evidence to support that it was intentional, Yea, that's a classic case of a "writer" pulling stories out of, well lets be polite and say his hat. My son is the safety director of a large construction and trucking company. Standard protocol for any accident is. You immediately shut down and call it in. You stay with the rig until a company official can get to you. You are driven to an approved location for a drug test. Refuse the test, lose your CDL. Fail the test, lose your CDL. At that point the company man reviews your history, and the accident, and if it is investigated by local LEOs, discusses the situation with the investigators. IF, you are squeaky clean, drug free, and an asset to the company, you can take a hit or two on your record, if you screwed up and are at fault in an accident. If not, you are fired. Your driving record is critical, and most legitimate firms will need to see your entire CDL and company history before hiring you in a new gig. Bottom line, 99.99999% of all drivers in a big rig would avoid intentionally doing damage to anything, anywhere, as it's a great way to make it your last day on the job, and make it much harder to find a new one.
soren 06/09/18 06:13am Beginning RVing
RE: Squeeking Door

Don't know if it helps for your year, but I have a Vista that about six years older, that had the same issue. I bought it used and found some funny evidence that it was driving the previous owner about half crazy, as there was a massive amount of duct tape residue all over the upper screen door frame. I went to the Winny section of IRV2 and did some research. I then went out to the rig, and wrapped two or three layers of electrical tape around the latch post on the door frame. This is the 1/2" smooth bolt that the latch catches. That totally eliminated the problem. Eventually, in use, the door latch "bites" through the tape and starts banging on the post again. So it takes another $.02 worth of cheap electrical tape, and two minutes to fix it again. I've done the same thing to a 2010 Vista a friend owned, and it worked. Hope it works for you.
soren 06/09/18 05:56am Tech Issues
RE: Camping World online...........Seriously?

And here are the same complainers expressing their opinions on things most people care nothing about. Since you know how to order cheaper and faster, why don't you take your own advise and order from Amazon. Quit complaining about CW as you have been doing for the past 10 yrs. You would think a reasonable person would learn in this amount of time. Maybe its true, you can't fix STUPID. Full disclosure: This poster is a dedicated apologist for any CW related discussions, and has been for many years. You have been totally screwed over by a CW RV purchase or service? Express your frustration and disappointment on a new thread, and get a few dozen like minded responses, until this guy chimes in an tells you how wrong you are, and should not be disrespecting his God-King Marcus, on this forum. You might find it hard to believe 1968whatever, but your act really gets old.................
soren 06/08/18 06:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Tow Dolly costs

Our gas engine class A drops exactly .5 MPG once we hook our CRV to the back.
soren 06/08/18 06:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping World online...........Seriously?

Did CW actually stock the part or were they having it sent from another distributor? Stocked and shipped from their location, in a box that was roughly 2-1/2X the required size...............why? Who knows.
soren 06/06/18 08:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping World online...........Seriously?

I'm trying to figure out your beef with CW. Sounds like to me you should be complaining about the carrier. Was this UPS, Fed EX, ect.... Yes, because clearly the carrier sat on the order for four days before shipping. The carrier made the decision to ship the product from the other coast. The carrier made the decision to ship it as slowly as possible, for the lowest cost. Sound like you have this all figured out. Oddly enough I just purchased a bike rack that was direct shipped from the manufacturer. The company received my order, processed it, shipped the rack, and had it on my porch in less than 96 hours. Phoenix, AZ to rural south central PA. Amazing eh? Free shipping and all. Was it done by slipping through a wormhole in time and space, or was it a well run company that runs a tight operation? Take a guess..............
soren 06/06/18 08:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping World online...........Seriously?

Do you pay Prime membership to CW? so its not an apples to apples Amazon free ship non prime has taken as long as 9 days for me. and i order DAILY from amazon. go order free ship from Home depot, i have stuff taken 14+ days.. Sorry, but a Prime membership has little to nothing to do with CW's lack of performance here. I pay for Prime, which gives me a massive video library, AND subsidized shipping, for less than my Netflix account. Prime is far from "free" or guaranteed instantaneous shipping, nor does it create a system when "non-prime" customers are treated poorly, with the shipper waiting a week or so, until they get around to throwing your order in a box. The issue here is a CW system that doesn't drop ship, has no distribution for the product I ordered that is closer than three thousand miles distant, AND apparently finds a four day lag in actually getting the product out the door to be acceptable. If you have a issue with Amazon, as another posted noted, give Walmart.com a try. They blow the doors off CW's performance in this case. Any everything, no matter how heavy and costly to ship, can be picked up at the closest store in a few days, at no additional cost. If you really want to see mind blowing service from a smaller online provider, and the exact opposite of my CW experience, try Rockauto.com. I have placed orders with them and gotten massively heavy truck parts to my door within 24 hrs, for a fraction of what the local NAPA charges, including shipping and taxes. In ordering dozens of parts and spending thousands there, I have yet to have anything take more than four days to get to me. Finally, the Home Depot comment is really odd. So, if CW is failing at this game, we should accept that, since HD sucks even worse?
soren 06/06/18 08:42am General RVing Issues
Camping World online...........Seriously?

I generally limit my CW purchases to stopping in one of their stores, while traveling. This is almost always done to replace something RV related that's broken, and needs to be replaced immediately. While renewing my Good Sam membership, I noticed an offer for essentially getting a second year for free, as the two year plan came with a $25 gift certificate. Since I needed new sewer hoses, I took this option. When the certificate arrived, I went online and bought a hose kit. Not factoring the certificate, the kit plus shipping was 7% more expensive that ordering it from Amazon Prime. Not a huge deal, less than four bucks in the end. The amazing part is that it took ELEVEN days to arrive. Four days after placing the order, they sent an email that it was shipped. (great job there, BTW, no rush, when others get product out the door in minutes to hours, I'm sure that most of a week is totally fine, eh?) Seven days later it arrived. If I were to place the same order with Amazon at this moment, it would not only be cheaper, Amazon will have it on my porch by 6 PM tomorrow! It might be time for Marcus to give some thought to finding whoever is in charge of the online sales mess, ask them to change out of their parachute pants, turn their cassette Walkman off, and head out into the world. Maybe find some of those "hipster, millenial" folks with those shiny little computers in their hands, and ask a few questions. Things have changed a bit in the last few decades, and having an online presence that performs like it's 1999 is a great way to alienate customers. I can say for sure that I'll never waste time ordering anything else from the online CW store. To put this in perspective, I can remember being a kid, FORTY years ago, and calling the west coast from PA. I would order bike parts from a black and white newsprint catalog, and hand the phone to my dad, so he could put it on his credit card. Six or seven days later, the parts would be at the front door. Almost half a century later and CW can't do better than eleven days? Amazon and others are doing deliveries in hours in some markets and testing nearly instant drone delivery. CW is apparently longing for the 1940s, and testing various mules and horses to fine tune their delivery system.
soren 06/06/18 06:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Pilot/Flying J

Went to Flying J few days ago in McAllen, Tx.--put my D.C. into pump and filled up. After fill up the gas pump receiver declined my card :h Went into station and my card was declined again-tried a different card-it was declined. Paid cash--got home and phoned bank and there was more than enough cash in accounts to cover fuel costs. Still scratching my head, on that-but, won't be going back there.This has been an issue forever. When you buy diesel, especially at the big truck islands, they attempt to put a $500 hold on your card as soon as it processes your data from the swipe. Many banks look at this as an attempted fraud, and it automatically gets rejected. I discussed the problem with Wells-Fargo, who explained the what and why, and also made it clear that they couldn't care, and would not resolve the issue. The solution I found was to go to the counter and tell them that you want 100 gallons of diesel, and then leave the card with them. Not an acceptable solution, so I stopped bothering with the game you needed to play to buy diesel there. I also fired Wells-Fargo, which I waited far too long to do. Glad to be rid of that circus.
soren 06/05/18 04:29pm Beginning RVing
RE: Truck Campers Ain't For Everyone

Not nearly as bad as the 1 yr old $500k Class A MH you see for sale. The minute they drive off the lot, they lost more than this guy paid for both the truck and camper. I would bet that a significant number of cases like that involve a motorhome owner who is relieved to be free of a lemon, no matter how much of a financial beating they are taking. I have met several owners of new, high end fifth wheels and motorhomes who were, or had been, wasting months of their lives at dealers and factory service centers, while attempts are made to repair, replace and rebuild major issues on their RVs. After a year of that, it's not unheard of to dump the thing at a giant loss, and even give up on the RV scene entirely.
soren 06/05/18 08:19am Truck Campers
RE: Well, here's one I've never seen before!

In MS last year I saw a car pulling a car with a tow bar and that car was pulling a dolly with a car on it. The back two cars were damaged in the front. The middle one had the hitch welded to the frame where the bumper was torn off. Two sets (six cars) 65 MPH down the road. No plates on the middle car. That was probably a road train heading for the Mexican border, for import. It's common to see the front bumper removed, and replaced with a rigid tow bar. I would assume that the axles are also removed on FWDs. they stuff the vehicles with any marketable used goods that will fit. I recently saw a large flatbed pulling a road train of two minivans. The flatbed had eight foot of a class 8 truck frame with a full diesel drivetrain bolted to it, and everything from a garden tiller, to a child size, battery powered, ride on Jeep, piled high. I have seen them as far north as New England. They do follow the rules on doubles in states that don't allow it. Seeing a convoy of cars and vans, each pulling a similar sized vehicle, heading for Mexico, is pretty common up north.
soren 06/05/18 05:59am Towing
RE: Taking Personal Responsibility to new lows.

I get the feeling that a lot of folks believe that insurance companies and courts are awash with petty and fraudulent claims. I learned a lot on the topic when an ex-friend fell off a step ladder at my house. He was doing something stupid, with one foot on a step ladder and another on a window sill, when he lost his balance and broke his wrist, severely. He then decided that he was owed a windfall of cash for his injuries. After he told me that he found a lawyer and was filing a suit, my insurer sent an employee to collect the ladder. This guy was not a lawyer, or even a paralegal. Yet, he handled the entire claim, and dealt with the injured guy's lawyer. He explained that his company doesn't waste money on lawyers to deal with trivial cases involving ambulance chasers, and that there would be no settlement or trial, the case would go away. The injured party's lawyer failed in any attempt at discovery, as in I would not provide any useful information, not allow him on the property to review the scene, and my insurance company would not allow him access to the ladder. The claim was then made that the new fiberglass industrial grade ladder was "defective". My insured notified the manufacturer, who sent a blistering letter to the injury lawyer. The letter essentially said that they will team up with my insurer and myself, and make them deeply regret ever making a fraudulent claim against the ladder manufacturer. In doing so they will provide the vast resources of their legal staff to the homeowner at no charge, and have no doubt as to the outcome of any court proceeding. In the end, the ex-friend was told that he needed to put $5K down for the case to continue, or his lawyer was walking away. The guy tried to find anybody else interested in the case, and failed. The friend and his BS claim disappeared. This is apparently how the system typically works, and for every case that get's traction, there are another fifty "I slipped on the grass at campground, and am owed a million dollars" cases that lawyers simply refuse to take. During my case, a lawyer friend connected me with a very successful litigator, who then spent a few minutes listening to the situation. After she got done laughing, she commented that she guessed that the injured party's lawyer was probably young and clueless. As in, he is learning the hard way that you don't even think of taking a case until you know you have a good chance of winning, and there was simply no way to win that one, or the vast majority of the potential cases you are presented with.
soren 06/05/18 05:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Towing CRV...Question

Yes. Also start engine each evening and let it run unless you have a battery charge line from the coach. There is draw on the battery during towing. With the proper fuse pulled, or better yet, a fuse eliminator switch installed, as per the requirements for flat towing a CRV, there is no battery draw. I once forgot to hit the switch on my 2013 CRV, and after a long day of towing, the battery was very dead. The car needs to be restarted and run for three minutes, every eight hours. You can't pull the key at the end of the day, then just stick it back in the ignition, restart and let it run for a few minutes the next day, prior to starting a multi-day trip. The process of moving the shift level to the various points, and holding it in drive for five seconds, before it is moved to N for three minutes, in a sequence that tells the computer that you are about to flat tow the vehicle. There was once a member here who was extremely mad at me, since I pointed out that Honda was correct in not honoring his claim that they owed him a new transmission. He went into some detail, in two different posts, explaining how he shifts the transmission to get it ready to flat tow. The problem was that both descriptions differed from each other, and both had little to do with the procedure listed in his owner's manual. Finally, I have flat towed two CRVs almost 70K miles. I had a long conversation with the head mechanic at our dealer about flat towing, and strongly agree with him on one point. Change the trans fluid frequently if you flat tow. It is incredibly easy to do, easier than changing the oil, and it only takes a few minutes and three quarts of OEM fluid. I do mine every third oil change.
soren 06/05/18 04:58am Dinghy Towing
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