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RE: Credit card shows invalid at truck stop pumps

Typical consumer cards are not used at truck stops and diesel fuel pumps. And if your history does not reflect consistent use of such pumps, they are blocked for your own protection because of the high tabs typically seen at them. All you do is call your CC company and tell them. Its literally a couple mouse clicks to allow these charges to go thru in the future. Although this is logical, don't bother trying to use logical intelligent reasoning IF you have a Wells-Fargo account. If I stick my WF card in a Flying J, or Pilot truck island pump, my card locks up instantly. I have to call the idiots to get their "fraud prevention specialist" to unfreeze the account. I actually had a conversation that went like this, on one such call: Me: How can I resolve this issue, to prevent you from freezing my account every time I attempt to fuel my motorhome. WFI: (Wells-Fargo Idiot) Well sir, if we saw a pattern of such purchases we would allow the transaction to go through. Me: How would one develop a pattern of such purchases when you will not allow a single one to take place? WFI: Silence............. Me: Did the profound stupidity of your last statement leave you speechless? Now this is the same company that just froze my card at the first place I tried to buy fuel at in the Yukon, while returning to the lower 48, from Alaska. Me: Any clue as to why you froze my card again? WFI: Well sir, you did not notify us that you were traveling internationally. Me: Please read the Email you sent confirming my travel itinerary. The one where you list the areas we agreed that I would be traveling in. WFI: CA.OR.WA.Canada,AK....... Me: Ok, now tell me, when exactly did CANADA become the 51st state. WFI: More stupidity induced silence, followed by, "Well sir, your card will be usable in the next 90 seconds"
soren 08/24/15 07:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Alaska earthquakes - July 2015

We were camped at the top of the hill, between the highway and the cliff, overlooking Homer, when this latest one hit. According to the experts, the epicenter was in sight, directly across the bay. I had just stepped out of the motorhome, and walked to a garbage barrel a few feet away. The barrel was up against a small enclosure, surrounded by a 6' high stockade fence. I was mindlessly tearing a cardboard carton apart when I had the strange feeling of somebody pushing me skyward, about half a foot or so, then slowly lowering me down. Like if you were standing in the back of a truck when the driver slowly crossed a big speed bump. As I though WTH was that? I looked up and saw the entire fenced enclosure slowly dancing like a flag in a light breeze. It was all over in a few seconds. I open the door to the camper and found my wife with a death grip on the corner of the dinette. She was a bit pale and said it was pretty scary, and she thought that the rig was going over. I've been through a few others and they all seemed to last a lot longer, or were a lot more violent, this one was a few interesting seconds.
soren 07/30/15 11:35pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Top of the world hi way

Traveled the TOW today, not to bad. From Chicken to the Eagle cutoff went mostly 25 mph. After crossing into the Yukon the road was some good some bad but no real problems. Took. Couple of hours waiting for the ferry. Great day to travel. We did it within a day or two of this report, and I would say that it's a good review of the current status. That said, a few days earlier we rolled into Dawson from Whitehorse. Our toad looked a bit rough from heading north in the rain and several sections of well graded dirt, but it was sparkling clean compared to the traffic just getting of the ferry. It had rained hard on the TOTW during the day, and the RVs coming off the TOTW looked horrendous. There were rooster tails of mud up the front of travel trailers, extending to the roof. Toads looked like unfinished clay sculptures. I violently tossed a few five gallon buckets of water on one guy's CRV to clear the windshield and driver's door to the point that he could safely operate the thing. After seeing that for the first time, and we have spent a lot time in Dawson in the past, I would do a bit of preplanning before I started a TOTW trip. A few weather forecasts, and a bit of time looking at online radar first, might help you decide to delay for a day to let the road dry up. Don't believe all the hype that this is a "good gravel road". A heck of a lot of it is well graded dirt. So, it's either a beautiful, but dusty ride, or it's slinging mud in a downpour.
soren 07/25/15 12:02pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Caravan Trip to Alaska

While the caravan will try to help in the end it moves on. With the caravan we met one member spent 10 days in Fairbanks and the rest moved on. We met a non caravan couple in Dawson Creek that was on their 19th day getting repairs. Stuff happens. It sure does. In the case I wrote of, the couple was on a once in a lifetime bucket list trip. Once they dropped the 7-8K for a entire new rear, they were debating on continuing the trip and spending twice for everything they wanted to see, and had already paid for, and lost, when they fell behind the caravan. If you are of modest means, and lost seven grand in fees, for a trip that you have saved up for, "stuff happens" is a bit too casual to cover the loss. I can appreciate why some folks are most comfortable with caravans, but this is just one of several negatives that needs to be considered.
soren 07/22/15 10:19pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Caravan Trip to Alaska

We are in the middle of our forth trip from Pennsylvania to AK, all done independently. There is one thing that never gets mentioned when this question comes up. We only learned of it while camping next to particularly unlucky couple, stranded in Whitehorse. They had been there for three weeks, and were not even close to getting back on the road. They were part of a caravan, and had a catastrophic failure of the rear axle on their dually pickup. They had fallen too far behind their group to catch up, and the tour company had no interest in their plight. The wife was real sharp, and had already retained a lawyer, and started the process of suing the national brake and muffler chain shop, in Idaho, that caused the problem. At that point their summer was shot, and they were out over $15K in lost caravan fees, repairs and expenses.
soren 07/22/15 08:45pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Taking goods and groceries into Canada

Really surprised an agent would ask for a plate number, typically if the cameras are unable to pick up the plate number (common with rv's), the normal protocol is to ask to see the vehicle registration. Crossed at Sweetgrass, and Top of the World. in the last two weeks. Both times I was asked for my plate number and state. I have an obviously fake "RV AK" Alaskan plate on the front, and they often confirm that it's not the actual plate, then ask if I know my plate number. Never been asked to hand over a state registration. All recent Crossings took less than 90 seconds, with no interest in anything but weapons, liquor, purchases made, or large amounts of cash. In my post that you deleted previously, I was skeptical of the "Advice" to avoid buying groceries until you get across a border. I would love to hear from somebody who decided this is a good idea, and heads from the Interior to Dawson City with an empty fridge. When you get past the agent who couldn't care if you have a Wooly Mammoth steak in your fridge, and then find out that you spent $200 in Dawson, and didn't manage to fill a 6 Cu. Ft fridge, don't forget to post again. I'm sure the $4 green pepper, and $18/lb deli meat will be unforgettable. On the topic of over reactions, there are occasionally posters here with grave warnings about crossing without health certificates for dogs. I never have had them, or been asked. I carry current rabies certs. but haven't had a request to hand one over in a while.Lately, the whole interview takes place with at least one of my dogs standing on the dash, and watching the whole event, hoping that the guy at the drive up window has biscuits.
soren 07/20/15 10:45am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Dog breed descrimination - showing up late un-announced

We probably stayed at thirty places in the last three months. I am actually pretty surprised as how many of them specifically question as to how many, and what breed of mutts we have in the motorhome? It's definitely a big change from past experiences. Funny though, the only problem we have had recently was with a scumbag with an aggressive black lab, who actually told me that he has the RIGHT to let his dog poop all over the community, and local park without having to clean up anything. I would take a quality Shepherd, with a quality owner, over a clown like that, anytime,
soren 07/16/15 11:17pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Odd comments

This one's on me.... Years ago I worked in the office a paper making mill. I was young....and innocent. To get to the office or to your car, you had to pass by the security guard station.....men ran that station. One winter evening I couldn't get my car to start. I thought the battery was dead. Trekked over to the security guard and asked (innocently) "Could someone give me a jump?"....I thought they had an odd look on their faces..... then I said, "I think my battery is dead". The next day at break one of the men's wife asked me if I knew what I'd asked........ yeah, my face was red and I did NOT want to go out to the car that night!!! Years ago I was working on a construction site at a college. A student knocks on the door of a construction office trailer, and asks a foreman if he could jump he car? He gets on the radio and asked for one of his men to report to the office. When his guy walks in, he says, "Jimmy, would you follow this nice young pregnant girl a ride to her car, and then jump start it please" The girl loudly responds. "I'm NOT pregnant" to which the boss smoothly replies, "No, but we didn't get your car started yet, either" Shortly after this, and a few similar incidents, the company got real serious about harassment training.
soren 07/16/15 11:04pm General RVing Issues
Fire between Grand Prairie and the Icefields Parkway

We arrived in Grand Prairie, Alberta. This evening, after heading up the Icefields Parkway today. There is an active, and currently out of control, fire burning on HWY 40, roughly 50 kilometers(31 miles) south of town. At 7PM we were stopped by a patrol officer, who was limiting traffic to one lane, one direction at a time, to avoid head on collisions. At that time there were three tankers on it, including a large jet that came up from the states. The fire is close enough to the road that we drove through a bright red area of retardant, dropped right on the highway. For those of you heading south, and planning on taking HWY 40 from Grand Prairie to Hinton, to visit the parkway and Banff, check in town before heading down 40. Currently the winds have shifted, and the smoke is in GP, giving the sky a weird pink tone, as the sun sets. Be careful out there.
soren 07/09/15 11:05pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: using shark bites on pluming

Shark-bites, et al are not normally used by plumbers/contractors because of price. You buy the crimping tool and dies once and then crimp all of your joints for substantially less. For example; $5.85 for a brass SB 1/2"- 90 or $.75 for a PEX brass 1/2"-90 and $.14 for the clamp. $5.85 or $.89? I know what my choice is since I already own the (approx $100.00) crimping tool and dies. Randy Having plumbed a number of new homes with PEX, I have the crimper for the stainless steel crimp clamps. The tool was $38, does every size of clamp from 1/4" to 1" and is available at Lowes. The crimps are about $0.30 each and it's been foolproof and trouble free for thousands of connections. I can understand using Shark-bites for a repair, but once you are using more than a small handful, I would definitely look into doing it with the band clamps.
soren 07/03/15 01:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Amazing things some folks do

I once watched a European guy dump his rental Class C out, while waiting in line at one of the National parks. He pointed the drain hose AT the dump station, like he was posing for a sexy fireman's calendar, and pull the valve. $#^& everywhere. He then takes the rinse hose and runs it back and forth through the stinky slinky. For the grand finale he took the same hose and filled his fresh water tank. I was trying not to dry heave while watching. On another note, it's amazing how many total jerks there are out there that need to go through some bizarre dumping ritual of water hoses running though windows into the bathroom, repeated filling of the black tank, and carefully watching clear sewer couplings to make sure than the tanks are running crystal clear. Followed by near surgical grade sanitation of the stinky slinky, and all related parts and pieces. All while totally oblivious to the world, and end up taking ten-fifteen minutes to do so, WITH A LINE OF OTHER CAMPERS WAITING BEHIND THEM!!!! I guess if your that messed up that you can't just dump the darn thing and roll down the road like the rest of us, you also are self centered enough that you think the whole world revolves around you, and bring a dump station to a halt, while you perform your obsessive compulsive rituals is your right, since it is in fact, all about you, right? Oddly enough, this whole jerkish behavior is usually done by a guy with no gloves, and in the case of the latest idiot that a half dozen of us got stuck behind, the guy wiped his hands on his shorts, then grabbed his door handles inside and out while getting into the truck, and drove off with his nasty, poop contaminated hands all over his steering wheel.
soren 06/23/15 10:04am General RVing Issues
RE: KOA standard charge now $60?!

Any more a decent cg is gonna be 65 or better and if it's cheap it probably shows. We are on the road about 2/3rd of the time. I would say that we spend $65 or better, about once a month. We are currently at a stunning place in the San Juan mountains in Co. It's $34. We just had a decent string of using Passport America, and ending up in nice campgrounds, all of which were less than $20/night.
soren 06/10/15 09:02pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Average fuel mileage on a 35' with the V10??

2007 34' Winny, pulling a CRV. We put about 10K miles on this year, and I do the math every tank. 6.6 is the most common tank I see. Sometimes barely into the low 7's. and when it spends a few hours pushing a headwind, or trying to keep up with (or stay out of the way of) traffic in the mountains, it can drop into the mid 5's
soren 06/05/15 07:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Search is back to Vista or Sunstar 26HE and only 2 vents?

It concerns me a little that a RV is not made strong enough to hold a ladder. Makes me wonder what would happen in a crash. Safe travels, MM. Bit of a misunderstanding of the structure involved. Doesn't matter who built the unit, if it gets a ladder, it has additional reinforcing added to the stress points where the ladder attaches. In sticks and bricks construction is would be called blocking. If a client tells me that they want grab rails in the bathroom, I add blocking in the walls to attach the rail to. It does nothing for the structural integrity of the structure, the same can be said for a motorhome. OTOH, designing a motorhome that could randomly accept a ladder attached to the exterior, would be asking a lot.
soren 05/28/15 07:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What are the best tricks to get your tourist dollar

There is only ONE clam chowder. "Tony's " cedar key. you can buy it in Publix, it's not cheap Ha! We spent a month, or two, in Cedar Key, every winter. Before we left this year, we commented that stopping at Tony's for a bowl of Chowder is something we should probably do, since there are at least a dozen local signs and billboards proclaiming that it's the "best". Well to be charitable, hopefully we hit a bad batch. It was almost too salty to eat, and I could of spent a buck for Campbell's, dumped a shaker of salt in, and had an equal experience. Clams by the hundred at Southern Cross, killer shrimp and grits at Kona Joe's, and lots of other wonderful things about CK. Tony's, IMHO......not so much.
soren 05/09/15 03:32pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Junk Mail-Continued

RE: Changing the settings so you won't get mail. We have had to make the change numerous times. The settings somehow revert back to receiving mail. I just renewed my basic GS membership, since it, without notice, had expired. After your post, I went into my account to review the settings. "Magically" my settings had been revised to include all kinds of unwanted junk. Oddly enough, the one important choice, "renew notice" was something they just couldn't seem to get right. That said, in the past, I have successfully eliminated a truly irritating blizzard of junk mail from all the GS related companies. I guess the most amazing part of the whole situation is that a company that's this big, isn't aware enough to monitor their own performance. If you spend an extended period of time, bombarding a customer with junk mailings and e-mails, and receive absolutely no positive response, how smart is it to continue harassing the same individual? At some point intelligent companies catch on to the fact that junk mailing is going the way of VCRs and flip phones. My local post office ends up with hundreds of pounds of junk mail, filling the recycling bins, and stacks high on every flat surface, every day! The best days are when phone books get delivered. There are hundreds of them laying all over, as a huge percentage of the box holders have no interest in dragging them home.
soren 05/09/15 07:42am Good Sam Club
RE: Staying clean in camp showers

So, Soren, this guy and his wife will walk a block day or night to use a restroom that thousands of people have used but won't use the one in their rig. Wow ! It truly takes all kinds. Yep, and it's the second time I met somebody like this. Years ago, I was teamed up with a partner at work who confessed that he too does not allow anybody to use the toilet in his travel trailer. He bought the thing used, and the black tank was clogged with the ole' "Mount Poovious" formation, and it was rock hard and bone dry. The trauma of dealing with the situation made him reach the conclusion that once he got it clear, it was never going to happen again, LOL
soren 05/08/15 03:47pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Staying clean in camp showers

Remind me again why you folks don't use the shower in your rig... Shower? I just ran into another fruit loop that refuses to use the toilet, or allow anybody else to do so, in his new motorhome. The guy starts a conversation about my rig, and tells me that the wife wants something bigger, but it's going to be a costly trade. I asked "why not a used one". He then tells me that he just couldn't buy something that somebody else had used the toilet in. I later learn that he and the wife walk a block to the shower house every time they need to use the toilet, day or night. OK, then......................no issue here.
soren 05/08/15 10:36am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: National General has lost my business!_

Of course I wouldn't expect the insurance company to pay for lack of maintenance. Really nice how most of you can just determine that was the problem. Even Camping World hasn't determined the problem yet. My problem is that the insurance company lets you think you are covered but then comes back and says that you dont meet the criteria. Their other than collission requires specific circumstances. Even their water intrusion is only valid for flood. Then why dont they call it flood. No offense here, but you are quite lost when it comes to what you bought (an insurance policy) and what you erroneously think it should be paying for (a lack of maintenance, and/or workmanship or design issues with your rig). "Most of us" can determine that a lack of maintenance IS most likely the issue, because leaks and damage are not only common, but in the vast majority of the cases, they ARE due to a lack of maintenance. In some cases, the RV is just scrap from the moment it left the assembly line, and there is no maintenance regiment that will save it. I experienced this with a Fleetwood travel trailer that was built with defective cargo doors. The doors allowed hidden water intrusion, and the rig was destroyed within two years. My dealer then forced the company to rebuild the unit. This was also something that would of resulted in a denial by my insurance company, since, much like a lack of maintenance, it has nothing to do with the insurance company's contract with the RV owner. Finally, it is no surprise that Camping World can't find the source of the leak. Two issues come to mind. First, finding the origin of a leak can involve extensive demolition of the interior, to track the source. At $120/HR and no real idea if the insurer, or owner will be willing to cover what could be a very large bill, there are limits to how far a repair shop is typically willing to "dive into" this kind of problem. Second, there are many, many seasoned RVers out there that wouldn't let CW touch their rigs, either based on a really bad previous experience, or the reputation that CW has developed when it comes to the quality of their work. Personally, I don't mind dropping in to a CW to spend a few bucks on items that I don't have the time to find online, but there is no way that my rig will even end up in their shop. So the question is, do the have somebody that is competent and experienced carefully investigating your leak problem, or is their a semi skilled, low wage helper stumbling through the job, while his boss peeks in, every hour or so, to check up on him?
soren 05/08/15 07:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Mud Flap

We actually saw folks removing them while on our trip to Alaska. We saw the damage they caused on the gravel roads - a layer of 1" rocks laying at the base of their windshield. We didn't have the stiff mud flap. We only had the flaps behind each tire. We didn't receive any damage on our towed vehicle. Later on, for lack of anything better to do on a heavily-raining day driving on I-15 in Utah, I watched the opposing traffic of motorhomes towing. The ones with the big flaps had a arc of water hitting the hood of the towed. The ones without a flap had the shooting out at the tire level. Do you mean roads like this in Alaska? If you look closely you can see the rocks at the base of the windshield and even see a few on the roof. Naturally the windshield was all chipped in addition to the headlights being broken out. This was with a full width mud flap that was taken off too late. Road damage with a full width mud flap I pulled into a gas station on the Kenai, and saw a Subaru wagon that looked even worse that the pic. you posted. The headlights were gone and the windshield was cracked in five places. The guy was pulling the car with an old class A with a huge tail overhang, and a flap that was about 2" off the road, while parked on level concrete. When I suggested that the mud flap was the issue, he looked at me like I was Forrest Gump....... Oh well, you can't fix stupid, LOL
soren 05/07/15 08:24pm Class A Motorhomes
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