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RE: Obbessive Compulsive Dumpers?

Yea, definitely pass on the gloves. Disposable surgical gloves are a few pennies each, and take a few seconds to put on and remove. It's way better to do it bare handed and end up with a viral or bacterial infection. Heck, a few weeks of feeling like a road kill, or if you're really lucky, a few days of knocking on deaths door, laying in a hospital with all kinds of tubes stuck in you, while the family fights over who gets your gun collection and truck when you're gone. I should just find that box bag of disposable Harbor Freight gloves and toss em' in the trash. Why be a wimp? Now I'll save at least $0.12 every time I dump.
soren 05/27/17 05:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bearing Buddy mess

Whether it is ten shots every tow or two shots a month, eventually the seal will give and grease the brakes. On true "Bearing Buddies" the grease has nowhere else to go but past the inner seal. Not to be confused with the greasing systems that come on almost every new towable RV. Are you suggesting that there isn't an issue with grease blowing past the inner "double lip" seals on the glorious Ez-lube axles? I have dealt with a trailer right out the factory that had grease blown all over the brakes from incorrectly greasing them. There are many here that think they are the greatest invention ever. I'll go with the opinion of the owner and head mechanic at a family dealership where I bought several trailers. He told me, almost two decades ago, that they are a gimmick and nothing but trouble. He said it's common to find blow seals and greasy brakes from DIYers who think they are magic, and they are best ignored in favor of regular, real maintenance. Since I do my own work, his only gain was a few bucks in seals, not like he was trying to sell bearing repacking jobs.
soren 05/27/17 01:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Obbessive Compulsive Dumpers?

Don't feed the trolls. IIRC, this is not the first time this member has pulled the exact same stunt, claiming that he has a right to tie up a dump station for as long as he pleases. This is nothing but entertainment for him, so don't give him any.
soren 05/27/17 11:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Obbessive Compulsive Dumpers?

I would give my lifetime achievement award to a pair of French couples I saw in a rental RV. I was in line behind them at a National Park, out west. A guy gets out at the dump station, puts the drain hose on and proceeds to grip it like he is a fireman, with bare hands. He pulls the handles and lets it rip. The sewage is spraying everywhere. He is in a semi-squat as he attempts to direct most of the flow toward the drain hole. That part was insanely entertaining, but it got better. He then takes the rinse hose and runs it through his waste hose, vigorously sliding it in and out to clean the inside, until he is satisfied that the inside of the slinky is clean. Now there is waste splatted in a five foot radius at this point, including, obviously, his shoes and lower pants, so wanting a surgically clean hose is curious. Next, for the win, he pulls the cap off the fresh water tank fill, and fills his tank with the same hose he just rinsed his sewer hose with. During this stunning event there have been a total of four people from the camper, standing at the rear of the RV, chatting away like everything is just fine. In a few minutes water is bubbling out of the fill. He takes his filthy, sewage tainted hand and reattaches the fill cap. He then heads for the drivers seat without cleaning his shoes, the poop strewn area he created, or his hands. I doubt I'll ever top watching that event.
soren 05/26/17 06:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Nice Parking Job

ROTFLMAO....a tube top I don't think I have saw one of those in over 30 years. I'm honored to be of assistance, please carry on.
soren 05/17/17 07:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Nice Parking Job

I'm ok with it. My car has a steering wheel so I can just steer around it. I think pedestrians are more of a parking lot hazard than a parked RV. I have, on several occasions, had idiots attempt to merge behind my class A, totally ignoring the toad firmly hitched to the rear. You really think leaving a car abandoned across the driving lanes of a Walmart parking lot is going to end well? At some point one of their "special" customers will be crossing the lot while paying attention to more important things, like trying to get the 44 OZ Big Gulp back in the holder, screaming at the kids who are pulling patched of hair from each other's heads in the back seat, and adjusting her tube top, when her barely insured 1994 Grand Am center punches that toad like a bull hitting a matador. Were talking Walmart here.
soren 05/16/17 05:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Delamination help

Lol ? Darsben 1, I'll take it upon myself to apologize for this moron's present day crude demeanor... 3 tons Well instead of name calling, maybe you should give it some thought. I found the LOL pretty funny, since I have done business with the biggest dealer in his area, and I know exactly why the OP might find them to be, at best, lacking...................... I would let them scrap dog poop off my shoe, since they would probably screw that up too. So, the poster enjoys the OP's sense of humor, and that: #1 makes him a moron? #2 makes you the official in charge of determining that he is, and apologizing on behalf of the entire forum. Well, somebody is pretty full of themselves, eh?
soren 05/16/17 05:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Travel Trailer: Making a decision based on value, first buy.

dear lord dude chill out, you have added nothing here, move on quietly. You don't understand I weight all of my options, used or new, if you don't have anything positive to add then... I know maintenance better than most people, period, that is my job. Why would i want to buy a rv known to require more maintenance than another? sheesh, really starting to regret joining this dam forum. and from your attitude, others are probably regretting it also. bumpy Seems the valuable advice of "if you don't have anything positive to add......." applies pretty well to you, also. Totally unnecessary post on your part, and one of the reasons that new members leave quickly, and head to places like IRV2, where folks actually know how to act civil and provide valuable information. and coming on here one day after joining the forum and has that attitude. no big loss if he leaves. my valuable advice is not act like a jerk your second day here. bumpy So being a jerk is something you are entitled to once you become a seasoned member? I'm not sure how that is "valuable advice"? Of course, there are many here that would benefit from the concept of actually reading and comprehending posts. The first thing the guy says is that he is an aviation mechanic. He then gets a response claiming that he doesn't care about maintenance, and offers that "RVing may not make him happy, or keeping him out of a tight spot". Whatever, the heck that means? Doesn't matter if he joined in 2000, or a moment ago,He is no less important than you. It's posted in "beginning RVing" which would indicate that it's just where it belongs, as he makes it clear that he is new to this. Nobody needs nasty replies to serious questions, or your attitude, when they express that they don't appreciate that kind of nonsense. Believe it or not, the fact that you have been her a while means absolutely nothing to most, and fails to give you the right to decide who is, or isn't, welcomed here.
soren 05/14/17 10:17am Beginning RVing
RE: Travel Trailer: Making a decision based on value, first buy.

dear lord dude chill out, you have added nothing here, move on quietly. You don't understand I weight all of my options, used or new, if you don't have anything positive to add then... I know maintenance better than most people, period, that is my job. Why would i want to buy a rv known to require more maintenance than another? sheesh, really starting to regret joining this dam forum. and from your attitude, others are probably regretting it also. bumpy Seems the valuable advice of "if you don't have anything positive to add......." applies pretty well to you, also. Totally unnecessary post on your part, and one of the reasons that new members leave quickly, and head to places like IRV2, where folks actually know how to act civil and provide valuable information.
soren 05/14/17 06:42am Beginning RVing
RE: Mechanic in Tampa Bay area?

Your first trip calculations may be way off, you might want to use the thing several more times and fill the tank 1/2 dozen times or so, before determining a more accurate average. That said, through maintenance of the engine might get that number up by two MPGs or so.
soren 05/11/17 05:38am Beginning RVing
RE: Be Perpared to Pay if you want to Play

Math is math and of course your payments will be high on a 5 year note. That's a lot to cram into a short span. That's why they offer 15-20 year notes on RV's.That's why they offer 15-20 year notes on RV's. Sure you pay a lot more in the long run but the monthly sting is less and makes actually living on a budget manageable. While shopping for our last two motorhomes (used) we continually ran into people who were suffering greatly because they took out a long term loan on a liability that depreciates far quicker than the loan balance. It's common to find really nice 6-10 year old rigs that are overpriced, and firm on the price, since they have a 15-20 year loan, and they owe tens of thousands more than the thing is worth. Saddest of all is the widows we met who can't handle the motorhome at all. They have never driven the thing, and would have no idea how to set it up on a site. They are now alone and saddled with a stupid mistake their husband made. Trapped in a mortgage that far exceeds the value of their motorhome, and have no idea how to get out of the mess. Sure taking an irresponsible long term loan on a steeply depreciating liability WILL make the payments more "affordable" short term, but for many, situations change, and half way through a long term mortgage, they discover that they really managed to screw themselves pretty well.
soren 05/01/17 12:35pm Beginning RVing
RE: Be Perpared to Pay if you want to Play

Also, the Credit Union said it is a clever idea to get a loan or loans before retirement because if your income drops, you just might not qualify for the amount you requested.Now there is some of the worst advice on retirement I have ever read. :( Seriously. I have a buddy who is unbelievably bad at handling his finances. He desperately wanted to retire at 58 Y.O from a crappy job. He was too young for his SS, and took a steep discount on his small pension to start early. As a final act of stupidity, he trades in a perfectly good older motorhome and finances a new, very low end Class A. He does this based on his current income, then retires as soon as the motorhome is in his driveway. There is simply no way he can afford to own the thing is his retirement. As for the OP's rant, take the advice of a few savvy folks here. Buy what you can afford to pay cash for. RVs are not an investment, they are a horrible financial decision and depreciate like a rock falling off a cliff. A new truck and fifth wheel might look like it's going to run $1800 a month for payments, but you can add at least another ten grand a year in depreciation on top of that, for the first 3-5 years. My motorhome was seven years old, with low miles, and in extremely good condition. It cost me exactly 1/4 of what a similar new one would be. Meaning that it lost roughly 10% of it's original purchase price every one of those seven years.
soren 05/01/17 12:24pm Beginning RVing
RE: Dawn vs Laundry Detergent

I do not know why people want to clean holding tanks. A few gallons of water left in the tank and a few miles down the road with the water sloshing around and the tank is clean. Well, because I have repeatedly succeeded in cleaning level gauge sensors with water AND a small amount of liquid laundry detergent sloshing around while rolling down the road. Water just didn't do the job as well. Not really sure why you ask why people would want clean tanks, then provide a method for doing so? I had a coworker who got a good deal on a private sale used Travel trailer. The original owner apparently didn't see the need for cleaning the tanks. For some reason the black tank had several inches of hard crusty solids, and the clean out was pretty unpleasant. Given that a half full drywall bucket of water and a shot of clothes soap can leave the tanks looking spotless, if done regularly after dumping, I'm not sure what the issue is.
soren 05/01/17 12:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Campers Threatened at Bear River CG Placerville, CA

A story full of unverifiable claims, contradictions, and questions, poorly written and reported by Faux News. Darn, that's pretty unusual, eh?
soren 05/01/17 11:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Cancellation of Roadside Service for using 6 times in 3 yrs

WesternRvParkOwner Wrote: "Yet another business you can run better than the people that actually own and run them. In what world is gross revenue equated to income? I don't understand why you haven't started a roadside assistance company. You can obviously charge less than the other companies do, since you will have all that "income". There is no overhead because others are paying for that and obviously not passing those costs on to you. Like you said, it is a "business no brainer" So what's the hold up? Do you have no brain?" It is interesting how you personalize everything in a rather uncivil way. If your definition of "uncivil" is, That you and a few others are sounding like a bunch of clueless teenagers who have no idea how the world works, and are offended when an actual adult calls you out on your clueless babble, well, I guess you're right. The world is a harsh place, and WRVPO does not suffer fools quietly. I couldn't care what kind of insurance you are buying, with the possible exception of health insurance, if you are an unacceptable risk, the provider has a responsibility to either adjusting the premium to justify the risk, or drop the client and eliminate it. As the grown ups have tried to make very clear, if you are using RV road service six times in a three year period, you are an unacceptable risk, and a well managed company should, and will, drop you. I have driven various RVs for hundreds of thousands of miles over the last two decades, and always had coverage. During that time I used the service once. OTOH, I don't own junk, and I maintain everything properly, which is largely the reason that, like most, I'm not on the side of the road waiting for service every few months.
soren 04/30/17 12:40pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Many say get FL mail service, but which one do you have?

Tough to beat St. Brendan's for service. We have had them now for 3-4 years as our snowbird mail service, and it's been great. They scan the front of all first class mail and post those scans to view online. They send you an email when you get mail, put the junk mail in the trash where it belongs, and will open and scan any of your mail for a small fee. I can literally end up not handling a piece of mail for months. If something is important, like a tax document, or bill that can't be paid online, I have them scan it and I print it out. I never had a single mail problem that I can attribute to a mistake that SBI made. All of my mail problems have been USPS screw ups, which the US post office handles in two ways. First they deny that there is even a possibility that they could of done such a thing. Option two is to admit that it probably happened, but they will do nothing to correct it.
soren 04/28/17 06:35pm RV Lifestyle
RE: 2013 F-150 Ecoboost 3.5 problems

My son run one for his work. At 70k or so, it developed cam issues. The dealer did $3K worth of work, failed to follow the service bulletin, and decided to skip a few replacement parts. It now has the same issues again, the dealer admits to doing the work wrong, and says they will do nothing to correct the issue. Same dealer did the same work on another company truck. They failed to properly secure a timing gear and blew the motor up. They are replacing the engine at no charge. Sounds like a fairly unreliable product and seriously incompetent factory service are far from uncommon.
soren 04/28/17 06:24am Tow Vehicles
RE: A Devastating Discovery

Call your insurance too. See what they say. Water damage can be major. So, without any real knowledge of the extent of, or existence of, any significant damage, you recommend calling a insurer and asking their opinion? You do understand that they can open a claim in your file, even if they never send an appraiser, or spend a dime on your behalf? You do understand that opening a claim can have a negative impact on your policy cost, and you ability to keep a policy, or switch providers? You do understand that, if you call at some time in the future with a legitimate concern, they can screw you by saying, "I'm sorry we already closed a claim on that issue" Yea, just call your insurer with minor to imaginary issues, I'm sure it will go great.
soren 04/27/17 06:09am Truck Campers
RE: Unbelievable find

Anyone who thinks $3000 for that truck isn't a terrific deal considering the overall condition clearly hasn't shopped for older trucks lately! I'd hop a flight from Seattle with $3000 in my pocket for it tomorrow, and I understand all the shortcomings of it. I challenge anyone who says otherwise to show us better or even comparable deals, on clean straight nice low mile extended cab 4x4 diesels of any brand. I just bought an '02 Silverado ext. cab 4x4 gasser. I shopped hard for a decent, low miles truck in excellent condition and found one, for $8800. That said, in this area anything with a diesel and 4wd is at least $5K and looks nothing like the pics. of the OP's great score. Typically at the $5K mark, you're looking at a well beaten, super high miles unit with rotted rockers and fender lips, and a real mess underneath, rust wise. When it comes to spending $3K, in my area, you probably won't find anything worth dragging home, maybe if your lucky, a gas engine 2wd, regular cab with lots of rot and 1/4 million miles on. I could take the OP's fire truck, toss a new gas motor in and still come out ahead in this market. Bottom line is that $3K was a steal.
soren 04/23/17 04:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 80mph gusts wind ..ripped off half roof

Although this is a year old thread, it's important that owners are aware of a major fiberglass roof weakness. Winnebago roofs are notorious for having the roof peel back in strong winds, and it has happened to Winnie's sitting on dealers lots right after delivery from the factory as well as aged Winnies. Their roof to sidewall attachment method simply isn't good engineering practice and yet it seems they don't want to give it up, or improve factory inspection, preferring to insist it's the owner's lack of maintenance that causes it, or to even deny it happens. Roof peelback in windstorms or on the freeway has been happening to Winnie's since they invented the attachment method. Not being a big fan of hard work on a rooftop, I opted to protect my roof with a DIY solution before the rig gets caught in a windstorm. And the best solution I've found is using 2" wide Eternabond tape along the edges. Here's my blog post about it: Fiberglass roof... Sorry, but having owned two older Winnies so far, I just don't believe a lot of your claims. As the scientific community likes to say, "the plural of anecdote is NOT evidence". The fact that a small number of any product has issues, clearly does not make that product "notorious". I have seen issues with older Winnies, and peeling roofs, on several occasions. Far less that a 1/10 of one percent of all Winnie products I have observed in use, BTW. Oddly enough, a quick view of a rig with a peeling roof, from 30' away, typically makes it quite clear that the roof is just one of many issues on a coach that clearly been abused, and neglected. In other words, "oh look, it's a twenty year old Winny that looks like it a mobile meth lab, and has the sheet beat out of it. But the roof is peeling due to the crappy Winny design, NOT from ignoring all maintenance for the last decade, right?" As for you claim that it even happens in dealer lots to new units, absent printed proof from a reliable source, I'm not buying it. Finally, In travelling hundreds of thousands of miles in RVs over the last two decades, I have seen exactly zero peeling roofs on any class A, while it was rolling down the highway. When it comes to travel trailer and 5ths, I have seen rubber roofs that had air forced under them and were inflated like balloons, literally too many times to count. I have owned two obsessively maintained trailers that suffered roof leaks, and my two Winnies were/are as dry as a ghost fart. Strictly anecdotal indeed, but it has lead me to conclude that I'll take a glass roof over rubber, any time.
soren 04/16/17 10:11am Class A Motorhomes
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