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Alfa WiFi extender and Alfa Repeater

Trying to figure out if these two Alfa products are good for use in the RV. My wife and I use android tablets while on the road and in a campground, and dont really do much extensive use of wifi BUT.. I would like to have the option if needed. I understand that wifi is always dependent upon line of sight, signal strength etc... So im just looking for anyones experience with these two items. Thanks
suprz 01/01/16 10:12am Technology Corner
Grand Canyon trailer village RV campground

Looking for some real world info on this campground We will be going in oct of 2016 the website has that it is a mile walk to the rim of the canyon. Just wondering if that is true. It states that there is a free shuttle that picks you up at the gate also that would be convenient. Thanks in advance
suprz 12/06/15 07:04am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
tyvek for rv cover?

I have seen pre made rv covers for sale that are made of tyvek. I'm wanting to cover the top and a little of sides of my RV this winter to keep the snow off the roof. What do you guys think about getting some tyvek and making my own cover? Would this even work? I don't any experience with tyvek and don't know if it sheds water, etc
suprz 11/11/15 04:57am General RVing Issues
RE: what not to do before leaving on a trip

I am leafing a Mexican caravan in just over a week. One of the customers decided to wash & polish his rig and fell off the ladder & broke his heel. Pins & screws time. I suspect his wife is miffed to say the least. Moral of the stoy is don't climb up on your rig if you are over 55, or leaving on trip you had planned for a year, especially if you never took out cancelation insurance. I fell off mine about 10 years back, I was lucky, just knocked the ind out of myself. Doesn't have to be a ladder or very high. Maybe just clumsy, I fell off my tailgate when loading just before a trip. Still made trip though. I've got the worlds record for driving with cruise control. WA state to CT. In town I had a string to operate gas pedal. Swelling or pain really didn't go down, saw a DR when we got to CT 5 days later. Turns out I broke my ankle. One of the most painful things I ever experienced. That why you always injure the left foot I broke a bone in my left foot walking out the door to get into my MANUAL shift car to go on vacation..... That was a new experience in pain with every shift until I got on the highway...
suprz 10/07/15 02:56am General RVing Issues
RE: RVQ question

We have and use our original RVQ, (yes, we use it, no, it doesn't burn the side of the rig, and it isn't under the awning) BUT, it has never really had a lot of "power" either. I know that there is a regulator on the grill itself, and the onboard line it uses is from the regulated onboard propane tank. Has anyone used one with grill side regulator taken off? Just wondering. I would like to get the weber Q but don't want to spend $180.00 on a grill right now One thing to think about: the BTUs for that grill could be intentionally limited for safe use when attached to the RV. If you modify it for higher heat output (more BTUs) be careful of potential bad outcomes if you use it attached to the brackets on your RV. Ed I had considered that... I'm hoping that maybe some of burner holes may be getting rusted over, I will make it another winter project to take it all apart and clean it good for next spring. Right now, it's time for getting everything ready for winter... Snowblower, snow shovel, firewood, etc...etc... Winterize the RV, oil changes, ugh....the list goes on
suprz 10/04/15 06:29am General RVing Issues
RE: fuel stabilizer

I will be starting the RV every month during storage, and hopefully moving it a few feet forward and backward . . The worst thing you can do is start an engine and only run it for a short time before shutting it down. The engine will not burn off all the water and acids that are generated during a cold start and the initial run up to operating temperature. The exhaust system will rust out sooner too. You absolutely need the oil to come up to operating temperature. Water is a by product of the combustion process and doesn't get burned off unless everything gets good and hot. The old time rule is that short trips of less then 5 miles are hardest on a vehicle. I believe that to be true. My last vehicle (Honda Element) had 185,000 miles on it when I traded it and it was running like a top. Never did anything to it but basic maintenance. But I drove 30 highway miles each way to work every day. Just my .02 Tim I wish I could drive it in the winter, and I will IF the ground isn't too soft from rain or snow melt, but it's kind of hard to drive it out of my yard with 2 - 3 feet of snow in front of it. Hopefully this year won't be like last year
suprz 10/04/15 06:22am General RVing Issues
RE: EZ Pass issues

Why don't you attach the EZ pass to the window in the overhang above your cab. It should be easy for the reader to catch it in that position. Luckily, my coach doesn't have a front window, it's got a fiberglass cap
suprz 10/04/15 06:19am General RVing Issues

We only connect our hose and dump when necessary - about every 3 or 4 days. For me, the sewer hose hanging off my rig and extending into a sewer hole, in direct view of my neighbors' out door living area, is not a pretty sight, IMHO. Leaving the gray tank open and connected allows the park's sewer gases to use my vent for air. I don't prefer that thought either. X 3
suprz 10/03/15 05:38pm Class C Motorhomes
RVQ question

We have and use our original RVQ, (yes, we use it, no, it doesn't burn the side of the rig, and it isn't under the awning) BUT, it has never really had a lot of "power" either. I know that there is a regulator on the grill itself, and the onboard line it uses is from the regulated onboard propane tank. Has anyone used one with grill side regulator taken off? Just wondering. I would like to get the weber Q but don't want to spend $180.00 on a grill right now
suprz 10/03/15 07:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Lets Talk Slide Outs

One of the things that I looked for when buying my used motorhome was what slide out system it had. I would not even consider one with a schwintek in it. No cable one either. It had to have a hydraulic, or a power gear. ( Which my Jayco has).. unfortunately now, I read that Lippert. (AKA : schwintek) bought Power Gear...
suprz 10/03/15 06:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Turn left, then make a U-turn. Say what?

We have always found that it's better to confirm the route via paper maps before using the GPS. I personally don't trust the darn GPS. We usually turn it on when we get close to our destination and not before. On our most recent trip, it had me get off the highway 2 miles before I should have and took me down country dirt road to get to a campground that was RIGHT off the exit.... Ugh. :M
suprz 10/03/15 06:35am General RVing Issues
RE: EZ Pass issues

Not exactly sure what an EZ pass is, but it's obvious that I'm glad that we do 't have them. Be glad you don't! A lot of the eastern states have tolls on their interstates. Of course they tell you that the money goes towards fixing the roads.... Not according to what I have seen! Someone is getting rich... :(
suprz 10/03/15 06:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Darn little Rascals, made a new hole!

We have 2 cats and on my old trailer, when I winterized it, I had both cats go into trailer with me. I open every closet, cabinet, etc.. And I let them rub up against everything and explore everything...etc. then once I closed it up for the winter, I would take some used kitty litter and toss it under the trailer. NEVER had one mouse even come close. Plus both cats outside all the time. I will do the same with the motorhome
suprz 10/02/15 02:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: propane ?

I would fill it.. Logic... Where I lived and stored my RV good old Detroit Edison now known as DTE Energy was less than 100% reliable. In fact the power company where i grew up (Out on the farm) did a better job of keeping our lights on. So if it's cold, and the power is out..... Well I had an option (run the house off the RV's Onan) but sans that moving into the RV for a while and burning propane instead of natural gas to keep warm would be a very nice option. We luckily have a wood stove for heat so that wouldn't a issue, but I will most likely just fill it when I fill the gas tank for her winter slumber.. Just because " luck favors the prepared"
suprz 10/02/15 02:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: EZ Pass issues

Well from what I can read from various sources,I have to make sure the transponder is oriented so the arrows point up , and that the transponder is 15 inches above the road, and it should be in the center of the bumper.... That's a problem... The Ford E450 front license plate bracket is on the drivers side... I may have figure out some way to mount it in the center
suprz 10/02/15 02:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: EZ Pass issues

We usually try and avoid NY all together and go around or under the state
suprz 10/02/15 10:44am General RVing Issues
RE: EZ Pass issues

Does anyone know if the EZ pass antennas are always above the toll lane? If so, I'll get the roof mounted transponder
suprz 10/02/15 10:15am General RVing Issues
RE: EZ Pass issues

I don't know where the different states have their EZ Pass "readers" maybe the roof is the best place?
suprz 10/02/15 10:08am General RVing Issues
RE: EZ Pass issues

why is it mounted on your license plate? Isn't it supposed to be inside out of the weather? We were told by a report at the EZ Pass office when we signed up that because of the front overhang of our class C. That we couldn't use the windshield mounted transponder. The transponder we have is completely sealed so I'm hoping it's weather proof...lol
suprz 10/02/15 10:06am General RVing Issues
EZ Pass issues

We just got back from our cross country trip from RI to South Dakota. Our ez pass worked sometimes and other times we would get a yellow light stating to contact EZ pass. Other times we would stuck at the gate until a attendant came over and verified the transponder # etc.. on the way back to RI we got caught again behind a gate after crossing a bridge over the Hudson river in NY. The attendant came over asked for the actual transponder... I told her it was on the license plate and I could give her all the info from the official EZ pass paperwork that I had with me. She was a witch and stated that she had to have the actual transponder to verify it and that unless I had that to give her. I had to pay 5.00. I got ticked off and told her that I wasn't to take it off my plate, and that I had EZ Pass so I wouldn't have to pay with $$ she just said that I couldn't leave unless I paid.... Which I did, and got a receipt. I called ri EZ pass, and told that they didn't know why acted like that, and that maybe I needed a roof mounted transponder. Funny thing is that while up on the roof recently, I noticed two strips of what looked like double sided tape right on the top front of the front cap. I'm thinking the previous owner had the roof mounted transponder
suprz 10/02/15 09:31am General RVing Issues
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