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Battery disconnect wiring

On the house batteries, do you break the positive or negative on the disconnect. Am seeing it done both ways?
tarnold 12/07/17 07:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Batt discharge rate

Op, 2oldman, that was a good read, thank you. So the answer to my question per that read was lead acid will discharge " 1 to 15%" per month with a whole lot of "depends". AGMs will discharge 1 to 3% per month. After that read, Wish I could get some GC batts in my confined space, just not enough head room.
tarnold 11/29/17 05:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Batt discharge rate

Op again. My question was what should you expect as "normal" or acceptable discharge of a 12 volt wet cell that is connected to nothing, just sitting on the floor. .10v per week, month?
tarnold 11/29/17 03:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Batt discharge rate

OP again, don't know which one was down stream, got shuffled. Using a Schumacher shipnshore. Set to charge @15 amp, deep cycle. Each one charged for over 12 hrs. Charger shows charged to 100 %. These are MAXX everstarts, 29DC.
tarnold 11/29/17 09:30am Tech Issues
Batt discharge rate

I have two 12v deep cycles, will be 3 years old next month(warranty) Batt 1 was charged to 13.4v, next day 13.05 then 12.71 then 12.61 then 12.53 Batt 2 was charged to 13.64v, next day 13.21 then 13.12 then 13.06 These are currently just siting on the basement floor, not connected to anything. What should if anything be a "normal" discharge rate just sitting?
tarnold 11/29/17 09:00am Tech Issues
RE: Chevy 8.1 Engine Issues Again!

Well, Seafoam can be bad on 02 sensors. Loaded up my 6.8 E350 with Seafoam, and, and within 20 miles it had knocked enough crud loose to cause a check engine light, "faulty 02 sensor".
tarnold 11/06/17 06:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: V10 temp guage

The sensor in question is located right behind the thermostat on some type of crossover that carries collant to both cylinder banks. I'll see if I can find a new wire harness for the sensor. BUT my real question is about the red high temp light and it's operation in conjunction with the temp gauge. Thanks!
tarnold 10/12/17 05:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: V10 temp guage

Scan gauge will clear the code, but it keeps coming back. Just want to know if there is a major problem, the red temp light will still come on even if the gauge needle doesn't rise.
tarnold 10/12/17 10:52am Class A Motorhomes
V10 temp guage

97 Ford v10 had a p0118 error code, bad coolant temp sensor, replaced. Still get code. Now the Cold Hot gauge doesn't work, stays below the C. My scan gauge is showing a constant temp of 40* after engine is warm. There is an idiot temp light on the dash. If one doesn't work does the red dash light still operate if an overheat condition exists? The light does come on, as do all of the other lights when you turn the ignition on, then goes out as it should. Can live without the gauge for now, just need to know if the light works off of a different circuit.
tarnold 10/12/17 09:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: What's left of Our Progressive EMS Unit

On my portable, all 4 screws holding down the contractor backed out and one jammed under the contact.
tarnold 09/23/17 05:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Blinking led

Mex, more detail please.
tarnold 09/20/17 04:02pm Tech Issues
Blinking led

In one of my overhead lights I have installed a small led bulb. It has 4 rows of 3 leds mounted on a small circuit board. One row of lights have started blinking all others are ok. Any way I can fix or clip out that one row without turning off the other rows.
tarnold 09/20/17 10:39am Tech Issues
RE: New radio install

What gauge wire would I need for the inside with a ring terminal linked to the antenna base?
tarnold 09/13/17 05:58pm Tech Issues
RE: New radio install

Looking for something better than that.
tarnold 09/13/17 11:58am Tech Issues
New radio install

Wish to add a second radio. Antenna install is the question. This is for a Chinook, all fiberglass except the cab. Don't want to tap into the existing antenna. Is there an antenna I can use that does not need to be mounted to a metal base. Spent some time on YouTube, but every example is mounted to a metal part of the chassis, those shark fins just mount to existing antenna. Ideas?
tarnold 09/13/17 10:43am Tech Issues
Another Hellwig install

Box came today. Set about with the install, should be a piece of cake, not. Not Hellwig fault, but. I have a front receiver hitch mound for a bike rack. That old sway bar Will NOT come out with that installed. Now this is on a 97 E350, newer might be different. After that when installing the brackets that hold the new bushings, the Roadmaster RSSC frame mount is in the way. The new bushing brackets are bigger than the stock. The old brackets wouldn't work, too small. Had to loosen the rssc and reposition for clearance. All back together now, took about 3 hrs for all the "extras" I incountered. Hints: get 2 pieces of wire to hold the sway bar in position if working by yourself. The new brackets that hold the bushings have a big hole and a little hole that you use the old bolts to mount. Now on mine, the bolts are both the same size and rather small for what they do. Had to put a big flat washer on the bolt that goes in the big hole, head would almost slip through the hole. Don't be afraid of that mounting plate on the I beams. It's a lot thicker than it looks in all the pictures, can't believe it's ever going to bend. I added some red locktight to the jam nuts that go on the big U bolts. Reall an easy job if nothing is in the way.
tarnold 09/05/17 04:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Roadmaster RSSC

No, the first time it was under the spring, and I thing it got snagged on the u boltswith the back and forth steering. Now the bracket is mounted per the instructions, even though the drivers side u bolt is just starting to mount where the drag link goes from round to the swell.
tarnold 09/02/17 12:17pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Roadmaster RSSC

Not at the coach, so no pics. The RSSC was to replace the original stabilizer that was real wimpy and starting to leak on both ends. The fitment issue is the drag link starts to get fat where the u bolt is attached. File marks I made on the 2nd unit show that the unit has not shifted from where it was attached after about 5k miles. As far as shimmy, I can get up to 65mph and on a interstate let go of the wheel and it will track true for at least 10 seconds. As from another thread, the new Hellwig front sway bar will be here Tuesday, so that will make it even better. The install on the RSSCis super simple, just make sure you have your front wheels dead straight ahead when you bolt up.
tarnold 09/01/17 06:47pm Class C Motorhomes
Roadmaster RSSC

I'll start a new post to keep things in order as questions were asked in another post. I have a RSSC mounted on my 97 E350. Works and operates great now, but let me explain a problem I had. First let me say their tech support is great! Prior to a trip and doing an under carriage inspection I saw that the spring at the end near the ubolts on the drag link, had slipped over the washer that enables it to stretch. (Hard to explain this). Called tech support and they told me how to put the spring back as it should be. Remounted the RSSC and pulled right out again. When I mounted the unit originally there was a clearance issue and I called Roadmaster, keeping this short they said I could mount the unbolt bracket 180* the other than normal way. When I removed the unit the second time, I noticed wear marks on the spring where it had been rubbing against the end of the ubolt. I think somehow the spring snagged on the end of the bolt and pulled it loose. I have spoken to Roadmaster about what might be a problem. So the good part is Roadmaster overnighted me a brand new unit to a camp ground I would be staying at. I mounted the u bolt bracket in the "proper orintation" though it could fit better. No problems so far. They wanted me to send back the old unit for inspection, which I did. Very good service. ,
tarnold 09/01/17 09:02am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Front sway bar "slop"

$283 vs $ a whole bunch more! Their prices are all over. Roadmaster has a nice mounting bracket, BUT! I ordered this am from Michigan spring, already got a tracking number. Called SD first, but not in stock, will take 14 days " to bend and paint".
tarnold 08/31/17 02:03pm Class C Motorhomes
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