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RE: Privately Owned Parks that Just Do Not Want Your Business

At first looking at the website I said to myself "you gotta be kidding me" I then checked out their Facebook photo album and begin to think their focus is on NATURE and nature tours. I get the feeling he is really into and knowledgeable about all aspects of a swamp ecosystem. I feel if your looking for that line of experience you would definitely get the experience from staying their. Maybe his "business model" is nature and not camping, but the camping is just one small aspect to the main experience of staying there. Might be similar to hiker climbing Mt Everest. You have a base camp as a starting/staying point but the experience is the hike to Mt Everest. just my take on it.
tbolt2000 11/15/14 10:02am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: ARGH, leaks! When will they solve this issue?

Why cant they get some design features from tractor trailer trailer, I don't thing they leak and they are on the road for 100's of thousands of miles.
tbolt2000 10/03/14 07:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Tom Johnson Camping - Concord, NC (sales)

Couple of years ago we looked at a PU at the Marion site and seriously considered it and when we started to talk to sales I got the feeling they did not want to budge any. We ended up getting a Hybrid from a different dealer. We are wanting to upgrade to another Hybrid and although they are about the only dealer close to us that seem to have any substantial Hybrids in stock, they seem higher in price. I compared a 2015 Forest River Shamrock 23SS at Peco Campers with what Tom Johnson had and Tom Johnson was approx.. $8000.00 more on the web site. That is a huge difference in a starting point and lot of haggling to me. With Tom Johnson having many in stock I'm using them to see and get the "feel" of the different models to see what suits us best and will most likely wait and see when other dealer within driving distance has the one we settle on Just my opinion. I must say we have not purchased from them, but the one time we were seriously looking they seemed to be awful proud of what they had. Not saying once purchased from them that they would provide exceptional customer service. We live about 1 hour from both locations and have several other RV dealers within 2 hour drive but the others rarely have Hybrids. But I can use TJ to walk in the hybrids look at them etc. and wait for others to see if they get one with better price. Peco is 4 hour drive and it is worth to me to drive for a $8000.00 difference right off the bat, just may have to wait until it comes in stock. Just My 2 cents worth.
tbolt2000 09/05/14 05:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: 50 amp to 30 (dirty power?)

Moved it to the 50 amp side with same results. Yesterday as campground became more empty the meter is not dropping below 115 mostly 116 and 117.
tbolt2000 08/19/14 06:27am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: 50 amp to 30 (dirty power?)

Don't worry about it so much. Only worry about it dropping below 108 volts while running the A/C then keep an eye on it. Fred. Thanks I remember reading somewhere here about if volt drop to low with at on it could damage the car. Just did not what the lower limit was. I also have the digital meter type, easy to read.
tbolt2000 08/16/14 11:07am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: 50 amp to 30 (dirty power?)

I made an adapter with a 50 amp male plug and two 30 amp female pigtails. I could choose the side that had the best current. bumpy I would be intrested in how to do this.
tbolt2000 08/16/14 11:01am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: 50 amp to 30 (dirty power?)

It may or may not. You can try it. Normally 50 amp connections are not as worn as 30. You may also have some line loss within your rig. Thanks One reason I ask was when I connected power and noticed the low voltage I went back to the supply and seemed very easy to plug in. So my thought was move to to 50 amp and might be a tighter connection. Last camping trip the voltage from meter was good. I have one plugged in camper all the time so I can watch it. Normly it goes from 117 to 118. I can sit here and watch it and see in a 5 min period it goes from 114 to. 116.
tbolt2000 08/16/14 07:48am Hybrid Travel Trailers
50 amp to 30 (dirty power?)

At a campsite and the AC Voltage on my AC line meter I'd reading 116 to 115 voltage. It has jumped from 113 to 116 with AC running. Last night when it was down to 113 we ran the microwave and it dropped down to 111. The question is if getting a 50 amp to 30 adapter and move to the 50 amp might have better results with the AC Line meter reading?
tbolt2000 08/16/14 07:28am Hybrid Travel Trailers
Permanently attached tent ends when did this happen

What year or when did Hybrid manufactures start having the tent end permanently attached to the bunk ends? We out looking and noticed that a 2014 had the end permanently attached to the bunk ends. I thought this was a great design. No more Velcroing the bottom of the tent to the bunk ends. Seemed an improvement in Hybrid design and Hybrid setup. Just drop the end drop and drop the mattress down.
tbolt2000 08/10/14 05:36pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
Hybrids going by the wayside?

Does it seem like Hybrids might be going to the wayside? I been looking for a NEW Hybrid and seem to find only 3 manufactures that make 1 to 2 models only with a slide. Coleman (Coleman RV CTE236) and Aerolite (Aerolite 204ES), Kodiak (216ES and 206ES). So many Travel Trailer but few choices in Hybrids with slides. I feel Hybrids with slides actually have more "living space" than Travel Trailers because the bed area do not eat up the "living Space" square footage space. When compared to the shorter trailer length of Hybrids with it counterpart travel trailer of approx. the same length you cant beat a Hybrid.
tbolt2000 07/21/14 06:39pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Anybody flush their black tank with a hose onto the ground?

Just let Natural Selection process work and be on your merry way. Natural selection is Darwin’s most famous theory; it states that evolutionary change comes through the production of variation in each generation and differential survival of individuals with different combinations of these variable characters. Individuals with characteristics which increase their probability of survival will have more opportunities to reproduce and their offspring will also benefit from the heritable, advantageous character. So over time these variants will spread through the population.
tbolt2000 07/06/14 04:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Smokey Moutians Dinner show

Been to Dixie Stampede when they had it in Myrtle Beach years ago and enjoyed it. Went to Hatfield & McCoy last year in Pigeon Forge and although it was nice If had to do it over Dixie Stampede would be my choice again.
tbolt2000 06/25/14 05:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Portable propane grill with a griddle

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. We went with the Weber Q 1000 for several reasons. Light weight 25#, reasonable cooking service 189 sqft, price $109.00 on sale. When compared to the Coleman Road Trip that has the stand the Coleman weighed almost 50# almost twice as much. For me the extra cooking area for the Coleman did not justify the added extra weight for the stand. Also with the Q it seemed it would be easier to pull out and set up on table. Looking at the burner on the Q it appeared that the way it was designed it would not create any cold spots throughout the cooking area. We found Wal-Mart had the Q for 109.00 when regular price was 169.00. The money we saved we could get the griddle for the Q and if we feel that a stand is really need we could get it at a later time. Thanks again.
tbolt2000 06/15/14 05:50am Hybrid Travel Trailers
Portable propane grill with a griddle

Any suggestions on a Propane grill that has a griddle instead of the grill? I know the Q1000 has an accessories for a griddle but can only get it for one side.
tbolt2000 06/12/14 07:39pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Tahoe Towing Tow Mode or Range Selection Mode?

I can't believe how many questions get asked about tow/haul mode. I don't get it. If you are towing a trailer put it in tow/haul mode. Period. I'm not sure why it would be questioned. Sorry I asked...........NOT Thanks everyone for posting their experiences in the Tow/Haul and the tranny hunting.
tbolt2000 05/06/14 04:59pm Tow Vehicles
Tahoe Towing Tow Mode or Range Selection Mode?

2012 Tahoe 6 speed which is best for towing.. Gear shift in "Tow/Haul Mode" or set the " Range Selection Mode" to maybe 4th or 5 gear? Range Selection Mode is a feature where you set the mode to Manual and select the highest gear it will automatic shift to and not go past that gear. e.g. set it for 4th gear and the transmission never goes into 5 or 6 gear. The manual states: The vehicle may have a Range Selection Mode. The Range Selection Mode helps control the vehicle's transmission and vehicle speed while driving down hill or towing a trailer by letting you select a desired range of gears. To use this feature, do the following: 1. Move the shift lever to M(Manual Mode). 2. Press the plus/minus buttons, located on the steering column shift lever, to select the desired range of gears for the current driving conditions. When M(Manual Mode) is selected a number displays next to the M, indicating the current gear. This number is the highest gear that can be used. However, the vehicle can automatically shift to lower gears as it adjusts to driving conditions. This means that all gears below that number are available. When 5(Fifth) is selected, 1(First) through 5(Fifth) gears are automatically shifted by the vehicle, but 6(Sixth) cannot be used until the plus/minus button located on the steering column lever is used to change to the gear. Grade Braking is not available when Range Selection Mode is active. While using Range Selection Mode, Cruise Control and the Tow/Haul Mode can be used. Wonder if Tow/Haul Mode with the Range Selection Mode set to 4th gear would be best?
tbolt2000 05/05/14 06:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: After owning for 3 years I did not know!!

We thought our Uncle was tearing up his awing when I seen him unlatch it from the side of his TT. All the pictures I have ever seen have always been the poles angled to the TT. I had to search for picture I posted. Live and learn.
tbolt2000 04/29/14 05:36pm General RVing Issues
After owning for 3 years I did not know!!

After owning the camper for 3 years I just learned something new about our awing. For 3 years I thought our camper had a design flaw. The door to our camper is right next to one of the awing supports, which prevents the door to open fully next next to the camper wall and also unable to use the T-Holder for the door. Well this past weekend went camping and I seen a family member unlatch one of their awing support poles from his camper and set it on the ground were the pole would be horizontal. I knew this was the procedure for our PopUp but never knew you could do it both ways with the hybrid. I have seen the "contraption" at the bottom the support attached to the camper but never really paid much attention to that you could unlatch it and set the support pole up and down on the ground instead of angled to the trailer. Cant wait to next camping trip to do this and be able to open the door fully and even latch the door with the T-holder!! Not sure if this post is in the right forum... but thought would help hybrid's and TT people instead of waiting 3 years like did to learn something new. I did not know, https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRTJZYSqxKOOrolo60mCrmUAwrWKZ8iRgw3f3kGEc0d7FIYg5Hv
tbolt2000 04/29/14 05:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Myrtle Beach state park

Stayed at MBSP and I like the trees. Have heard good comments on both. We are going to MBSP and plan on checking out HBSP. Will HBSP let you drive thru the campground? What sites are the most shady and private sites at HBSP?
tbolt2000 04/13/14 01:17pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Set Up WD Level?

See how it tows. If its pulling good dont worry about it. If you feel its not as stable as you like try adjusting the chain to add a little more weight to the back of your truck. Where you have it now or 1 link less hanging will prob be fine. My truck drives much better with more weight on the bumper. I will say before adjusting the head you could for sure see that it was way high in front and towed like crap. It dolphin and seemed to sway left and right. After I did all this it towed good did not dolphin or sway. The looking at the frame to see if it appears level is difficult because of the frame see picture. I did measure the front and rear corner of the TT structure (not frame) and the rear was about 3/4 lower that the front. http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i267/thunderbolt2000/tt_zps775fc6c3.jpg
tbolt2000 04/09/14 04:30pm Towing
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