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RE: Myrtle Beach state park

Stayed at MBSP and I like the trees. Have heard good comments on both. We are going to MBSP and plan on checking out HBSP. Will HBSP let you drive thru the campground? What sites are the most shady and private sites at HBSP?
tbolt2000 04/13/14 01:17pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Set Up WD Level?

See how it tows. If its pulling good dont worry about it. If you feel its not as stable as you like try adjusting the chain to add a little more weight to the back of your truck. Where you have it now or 1 link less hanging will prob be fine. My truck drives much better with more weight on the bumper. I will say before adjusting the head you could for sure see that it was way high in front and towed like crap. It dolphin and seemed to sway left and right. After I did all this it towed good did not dolphin or sway. The looking at the frame to see if it appears level is difficult because of the frame see picture. I did measure the front and rear corner of the TT structure (not frame) and the rear was about 3/4 lower that the front. http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i267/thunderbolt2000/tt_zps775fc6c3.jpg
tbolt2000 04/09/14 04:30pm Towing
RE: Set Up WD Level?

The above comments about leveling the trailer are right on regarding using a level street. Your trailer does look like it is nose high which is not good. If you are on the lowest hole of the shank, then you will need to exchange or purchase a longer shank so you can lower the hitch head - probably one more hole lower will do it. It looks like, upon enlarging your picture, that you have an Equal-i-zer brand 4 point sway control hitch. I would not move the L brackets if you have the bars level with the frame now. I would take it to a scale and make sure that the hitch is transferring back to the front axle ALL of the weight that was removed by putting the tongue on the ball. If it is not, then you would need to tilt the hitch head back towards the trailer by using another washer or two. Level the trailer by moving the hitch head up or down on the shank. Level the WD bars by changing which hole is used on the L brackets. Change the amount of weight distribution by changing the tilt on the hitch head. Barney Thanks good info on what lowering the head does, what the tilt does, and leveling the spring bars. Before I ordered a new shank I measured the TV and TT separately and got measurements see My post below. I emailed my measurements and etraier recommended the shank. They also said If I went to the next that does more drop it would be to long and may bottom out in certain situations. My other post
tbolt2000 04/09/14 04:04pm Towing
RE: Set Up WD Level?

Better way to look at it is you need to make the trailer parallel to the street. Understand trailer being parallel Did not think of this. I looked all over the place to find a parking lot as level as I could get.
tbolt2000 04/09/14 03:57pm Towing
RE: Set Up WD Level?

Maybe it is the camera angle but it looks like the road is lower in the left of the pic than the right side. Level is only good if the road is level otherwise measure the frame front to ground and back to ground. I suspect the trailer is not level. The parking lot was about as level as I could find. It was level length wise and only maybe had a slight tilt side to side.
tbolt2000 04/09/14 03:55pm Towing
RE: Set Up WD Level?

Did you measure the distance from the trailer frame to the ground at the four corners? I'll be watching this thread, as I'm getting ready to set up my new wd hitch. Did not measure the 4 corners of the frame.
tbolt2000 04/09/14 03:53pm Towing
Set Up WD Level?

I set up the WD for the new TV had to get a new shank to drop the head down. I followed the instructions and the measurement for the front fender measurement went from 35' to 35 1/4" the rear went from 37 1/4" to 37". Instructions said the measurement should be about 1/2 to 1" difference from the starting point. Looking visual at the trailer it looks (appears) to still be jacked up in the front. When TT is connected to the WD I put a 6' level on the TT floor and it shows level. It also shows level when the level is placed on the roof. The spring bars on WD are parallel to the ground. Is it level? I think so based on the level on the camper floor and the 1/4" difference in the wheel measurments. Have not weighed it yet want to get close to level before getting axle weights. Look Level? or looks can be deceiving based on the level and wheel measurements.Thanks in advance! I can not drop the head down any more. etrail suggested the shank based on the measurements of the coupler being level and the difference of the receiver on the TT height before http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i267/thunderbolt2000/level_zps6cc4f8e5.jpg
tbolt2000 04/08/14 06:17pm Towing
RE: Need New WD Shank and Help with Which One

If so, the Reese 63971 will drop an additional 4 ½” from where you are now. Thanks, I contacted etrailer and the said I would need the 63971. They was quick to help.
tbolt2000 03/24/14 04:52am Towing
RE: Need New WD Shank and Help with Which One

Do you have a hitch shop nearby? Don't have a one close by. One is about 1hr away. I tried to adjust the pictures to be a little smaller but unable to.
tbolt2000 03/22/14 06:53pm Towing
Need New WD Shank and Help with Which One

I have a Reese Strait-Line WD System w Sway Control-Round Bar-10,000 lbs GTW,600 lbs TW from etariler.com Item number RP66086. It came with the Shank pictured below. We have a new TV and need a shank with more drop. See pictures below. With the TT hitched up the bottom of the coupler is 22" above the ground with the TT unhitched and level the bottom of the coupler is 17" above the ground. That is a 6" more drop with the current shank. The receiver is 2" Can anyone help in telling me which shank I would need to get from etrailer.com? Thanks in advance. http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i267/thunderbolt2000/Reese/3fd16188-b25f-4959-b85b-eb7641e5ebaf_zps48f1c043.jpg http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i267/thunderbolt2000/Reese/ReeseHitched_zpsf132b436.jpg http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i267/thunderbolt2000/Reese/ReeseUnHitched_zpsafb9669d.jpg
tbolt2000 03/22/14 06:40pm Towing
RE: What do I need for initial set up? Tranny cooler and?

Just transferred our P2 to a 2012 Tahoe. Not plug and play had blunt wires just above the brake pedal. I just had to splice in the P2 and connect the wires up under to hood. Took about 30 minutes. I used this for the instructions on installing the P2. How do you install a prodigy trailer brake controller on a 2011 Tahoe Ours also does not have the Aux tranny cooler, we are gong to have one installed in 2 weeks by the dealer.
tbolt2000 03/15/14 04:13pm Towing
RE: 2012 Tahoe 3.08

GM's half ton SUV tow ratings are about: 3.08: 5500 pounds 3.42: 6000 pounds 3.42 with HD towing package: 8500 pounds. My understanding is that the HD towing package is 3.42 gear, Tranny cooler and a engine oil cooler. How can the difference between the 3.42 only and the 3.42 w/ addition of the Tranny and engine cooler increase the towing by 2500#? I am I missing something? Don't see a tranny cooler increase the towing #'s. So what's wrong with using the Dodge 1500 as a TV? Dodge 1500 is not ours.:( If me I would get a real truck but the wife wants a SUV because it will be her daily driver. My little Tacoma SR5 is not ready for an upgrade, but when it will be a 1/2 ton truck.:)
tbolt2000 01/15/14 04:36pm Tow Vehicles
2012 Tahoe 3.08

Currently we have a 2002 Trailblazer 4X4 130,000 miles 4.2L I6, 4-Speed Automatic, 3.42 gears, and #5500 tow rating. We tow a hybrid with a Reese's dual-cam sway-control system that actually weighs in at 4200# with gear(we weighed it). The Trailblazer does a decent job for towing as long as no major hills. We have towed the TT with a Dodge 1500 and of course it does better than the Trailblazer. Looking at a 2012 Tahoe LT 4X2 5.3L 6 Speed Automatic, 3.08 gears. and tow rating 5500#. I believe the Tahoe weighs in at approx. 5500# with a GVWR @ 7200, so I don't think we will ever reach the payload of the Tahoe. Just me/wife and 80# dog with approx. 200# extra in TV. Would I expect any difference in the tow "feel" between the Trailblazer and Tahoe? I have read that with the Tahoe in 4th gear would essential be that same as a 3.42 gears. So towing the same TT with the same WD would I see or feel any difference in the towing between the TB and the Tahoe with the Tahoe having a 5.3L compared to the 4.2L and the increased HP in the Tahoe? Don't plan on upgrading to a heaver TT, but if we do would it be worth considering to put the 3.42 gears in the Tahoe at that time?
tbolt2000 01/12/14 06:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Adventure Trail Campground, Whittier, NC

Never stayed there but once when camping in Cherokee we rode by to check it out. Personally I did not care for it the sites seemed close. It is off the "beaten path" and on a quite road so that was not to bad for our taste. We use to stay at Happy Holidays and liked it a lot, until it closed down. It reopened about a year later under new management and some sections of the campground was not opened with the rest of the campground. When Happy Holidays closed we started staying at Indian Creek. It is 15 min out of Cherokee and really nice sites on the river. Sites 2B thru 12 are in a row and seem close for my likening. We really liked site 1B it is set back and private, although not right on the river and no hookup or water. We also stayed at site 31. Again not on the river but nice. Sites 1 and 2 are large and would be great for two families, but difficult to get. They seemed booked months in advance. My favorite is 1B. overall the campground is off the beaten path and very quite, well maintained. There are no houses even close to the campground and approx. 1 mile up the road it turns to a dirt road. just my 2 cents worth as I like sites not on top of each other, quite, shaded with trees and not close the hustle and bustle. http://www.indiancreekcampground.com/default.php
tbolt2000 12/17/13 07:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tenting separating from frame

We just replaced our "J-Lock" on our 2004 Cub. Had a time finding the J-Lock. I contacted Lippert Components Inc 2703 County Road 36, Goshen, IN (574) 971-4100 They gave me a the phone number of: Topstitch 2727 Industrial Parkway Elkhart, IN 46516 (574) 293-6633 that carries the J-Lock. I removed the tent and took it to a upholstery shop and they replaced the old J-Lock on the tent and I installed it back on the camper. They may be able to help you if the manufacture is unable to. My manufacture was unable to help with the J-Lock and I went to Topstitch.
tbolt2000 09/06/13 01:14pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Microwave where to find one

If the old one is "built in" and vents from the top with a metal channel directing the air flow to the front trim. So any small counter top microwave will work? The cabinet the old one sits in has some open space in the back so that would be enough to vent if cant find one that vents to the front?
tbolt2000 09/01/13 10:57am Hybrid Travel Trailers
Microwave where to find one

Where can someone find a microwave for the Hybrid that vents on top wand has a the metal cover to direct the air flow to the front of the microwave? Ours went out.
tbolt2000 08/31/13 09:18pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Campfires aren't what they use to be

While I don't necessarily agree with burning trash or littering. I can tell you it would not interfere with my overall camping experience because I would be busy doing my own thing vs. spending my time watching/monitoring what my neighbor was doing. Unless directly confronted with a unavoidable issue I try to let the CG management enforce the rules, and monitor the CG happenings. I go camping to escape the rat race and relax. It's going to take more than a couple of playing kids and trash burning to interfere with my camping experience. X2..I try not to sweat the little things. Been a few times where I have to clean the fire pit out, no big deal, I clean it out, stack my wood, start camp fire, sit back have a drink and enjoy MY campfire, the outdoors, and the scenery. Which would you rather have: http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i267/thunderbolt2000/Misc/office-with-cubicles_zps560e443b.jpg or this? I choose this even though it is a down poor I still choose this. Do not sweat the small things. http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i267/thunderbolt2000/Misc/be65f3c9-0b51-4382-a2bf-b783ad046cdc_zps2b7d7fd6.jpg
tbolt2000 08/24/13 09:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Repairing bunk canvas

Well, just for anyone that may need some info on J-Lock. I found a place that has them. I ordered me a set each was 78" long. Having a upholstery shop sew them on for $100 with me removing the tenting from the camper. Upholstery shop said that he has done them and just about every one he has ever done the J-lock was tore at the corners.
tbolt2000 07/15/13 05:13pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Cant find the low drain valves in aerolite cub hybrid

What are the low drain valves for? I really wasn't sure but when I winterized the camper I opened them up and drained until no water ran. Is there anything else they are used for?
tbolt2000 07/15/13 05:09pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
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