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RE: Towing a cyclone 4100

The 40' Cyclones has three 6k axles which can make for some light pin weights. Three 6k axles = 18000 lbs of braking performance plus your truck 14500 = 32550 lb of combined braking performance. This is why we see so many one ton DRW trucks pulling some very heavy loaded 40' GN triaxle trailers. I would check on heartlandowners.org forum and see what other Cyclone owners report on pin and gross weights. Good luck 2011 Heartland Cyclone 3950. Advertised pin weight of somewhere around 3100-ish pounds. Actual scaled pin weight is 4,300 lbs. Trailer weight normally 16.5K. I ran across a guy pulling a twin to my unit, with a 3/4 ton late model dodge. Don't remember the exact year. He had no idea what his trailer weighed, no idea what his pin weight was, and no idea the actual ratings of his truck. When I enlightened him to his likely pin weight, he laughed, saying it was no wonder his truck was on the bump stops when he left the dealer. First stop was a truck garage for some air bags. Met him at a KOA in mid Ohio. He was from somewhere up in Canada, and his exact words were "it pulled it juuuust fine".
tgreening 10/13/14 11:15pm Toy Haulers
RE: Cyclone: Almost burned it down. Thanks Heartland Q.C.

I know this is old, but that breaker looks like it was defective rather than a heartland assembly issue. Unfortunately rv's are not built by licensed electricians, or plumbers. Defective how so? It wasn't just some cheap chinese knock-off which is what I first suspected. It was a cutler/hammer breaker, which is first rate.
tgreening 08/21/14 09:39pm Toy Haulers
RE: Help me find an XLR

Just order one. Yeah I know. Smarter and probably faster in the end, and if I can't find something by seasons end that's probably what will happen.
tgreening 07/22/14 07:02pm Toy Haulers
RE: Help me find an XLR

XLR 415 Probably too far, but I guess it depends on the savings. Thanks for the link but it's not what we want. Both of us are set on the full body paint, along with the mechanical bells & whistles. Found one in Georgia at camping world. Not "exactly" what we want paint wise, but it'll work. Waiting to hear back from them and see if we can make a deal. I'm not sure how willing to deal that chain is, but I guess we'll find out.
tgreening 07/22/14 03:55pm Toy Haulers
RE: Help me find an XLR

I've looked till I'm sick of looking. The only one in the ball park is down in Florida, and it's been listed for decades as new, but for sale by owner. Pictures look like it's set up in snow bird park someplace, and there's tooth brushes and other personal items in the photos, yet asking dang near new pricing. Not sure whats up with that one, but other than that,I'm striking out.
tgreening 07/20/14 11:26pm Toy Haulers
RE: Cyclone: Almost burned it down. Thanks Heartland Q.C.

Custer south dakota. Water pump exploded on the last night there and flooded basement. Yee haw....
tgreening 07/20/14 09:05pm Toy Haulers
Where to from here? (Custer S. Dakota)

I'm in Custer with a bit of time to kill. I'm thinking of taking 90 over to Billings, then 94 back through N. Dakota, and dropping down into the Minneapolis area. From there I'm good with what to do/where to go. My question is if the Billings / N. Dakota route is worth the trip, or if I should consider a more southernly route back east?
tgreening 07/18/14 11:07pm Roads and Routes
RE: Holy cow, Indiana toll roads $$$$$

I just came across 80/90 from Ohio to S. Dakota pulling a tri-axle fifth wheel. Indiana/Illinois banged me so hard on tolls I felt like a cheap hooker. Illinois especially. I think the route home might be.a different path.
tgreening 07/18/14 10:51pm Roads and Routes
Help me find an XLR

I'm looking to buy a new Forest River XLR 415 AMP. Full body paint, most of the major bells and whistles. Prefer the Black Pearl paint but would entertain the Victory Red. I've looked online and can't find what I'm looking for. I figure the more heads involved the better the chance of somebody finding that perfect unit that's hiding in some unknown dealer lot. I'm heading out tomorrow headed to S. Dakota from Ohio. I plan on spending the better part of a week there, and then kind of winging it around that area headed maybe south and eventually making our way back to Ohio. A side trip to some dealer out that way to trade up might make for a fun little mini adventure. Release the Hounds!
tgreening 07/13/14 02:23pm Toy Haulers
RE: Cyclone: Almost burned it down. Thanks Heartland Q.C.

Yeah, I wouldn't putz around. We got lucky. I'm guessing one of these campers would go up like a box full of drier lint once it lights off.
tgreening 07/09/14 03:21pm Toy Haulers
RE: Cyclone: Almost burned it down. Thanks Heartland Q.C.

Here's the offending circuit breaker. This is as it came out of the breaker box. The contacts fell out when I pulled it. I can't believe it was actually still functioning till I pulled it and it fell apart. http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff222/tgreening/Camping/Cyclone/8B8FE5D8-ED4B-43FF-9A0E-15B0A2F33D81_zpskspkpvlc.jpg width=640 http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff222/tgreening/Camping/Cyclone/28DF541B-4B88-4CB5-9AE3-B043D2D14DFE_zpsu5kzlnlu.jpg width=640
tgreening 07/08/14 10:01pm Toy Haulers
RE: Ford PS 2015

Ford did not change the design of the turbo, and upgrade the tranny and fuel sytem for no reason. Obviously there were flaws in the original design. Nothing wrong with taking the savings, however new 2014 is now a year old what you save at purchase you lose in immediate depreciation. What sounds like a deep discount really is just the current market value of the truck now that the 2015 are here. If you can afford the latest model get the 2015. If funds are tight than there is no decision to be made and take the discounted 2014 Flaws? Maybe that 40 hp & 60 ft lb of torque had something to do with it. That and they are nice marketing bullet points. Just because they "upgrade" something. doesn't necessarily mean it was flawed.
tgreening 07/07/14 08:50am Toy Haulers
RE: Cyclone: Almost burned it down. Thanks Heartland Q.C.

Purchased new. As far as electrical work goes, the only thing worked on was the transfer switch. It went bad a year or so ago and was replaced. The initial install was amazingly slopoy. There was one screw installed holding it to the "floor". The lid was just sitting on top the box with no fastening screw in place. The wiring was run with the idea of just getting it there. Most dirrect route from point a to point b with no nod to neatness or orginization. Disappointing work. I double checked the replacement and it was installed as well as could be considering what the tech started with. I'm on my way home now and will get a photo or two uploaded. I saved the breaker, for some reason. Just a reminder I guess of things to check on my next unit.
tgreening 07/07/14 07:28am Toy Haulers
RE: How many miles do you get out of your good tires?

This is year 5 on my factory China bombs. Been told from day one they'll explode any minute. So far not so much as a flat or seriously low tire. My TH is a tri-axle and generally weighs between 16.5K - 17.5k on the road. I'm guessing somewhere around 15-20k miles on them. Center axle waz perfect, front and rear axles weee showing moderate shoulder wear from scrubbing. Mostly from getting in and out of my drive without leaving tracks in the yard across the street. I bought one new tire and rotated in the spare. Center axle tires went up front, new and spare went on the rear, best of the rest went to center, and the best of the last went to spare, leaving a spare spare in the garage. I would expect to get to double the mileage traveled so far, but the trailer is slated cor sale or trade at the end of this season. China bombs done me good on the last two trailers I've had.
tgreening 07/05/14 07:24pm Toy Haulers
RE: Cyclone: Almost burned it down. Thanks Heartland Q.C.

Extended warranty maybe, but the breaker irself was only about $10 @ Lowes. The corner of the pathetic plastic breaker box is melted away, and I wouldnt replace that with anything except a metal box anyway. Nobody got killed or injured so I'm guessing the factory could give a rats patootie, and if someone had gottne injured I'm guessing their care factor would begin and end with caring about their potential liability.
tgreening 06/29/14 07:42pm Toy Haulers
Cyclone: Almost burned it down. Thanks Heartland Q.C.

Spending a couple of weeks at Disneys Fort Widerness. Needless to say its hot, so 2 ACs running, some fans, etc. I was out n about the campground when I get a call from the wife that the breaker panel is smoking, hurry back. Get back and yes its smoking and smelling weird as well. Pull all the******from under the sink, because it seemed like a good idea to put your main electrical right under a major wet area, but other than one waywRd baggie with some sink stoppers i. It, nothing hot gotten close to the backside of the panel. Baggie wasn't melted, but I could see smoke coming from back of the panel as well.pet my hand on the main breaker and boy howdy was he hot. Eight people and 3 dogs to keep cool in the 95 heat had me reluctant to shut it down but I told the wife to go kill power at the post. I was reluctant to mess with the breaker box till then. The breaker was never seated properly from the factory. Inside the panel were two metal fingers that were supposed to press between corresponding contacts inside the breaker. Hold your hands in front of your face in a praying position. Those are the breaker contacts. Slide a finger between tose two hands and you get the picture. One finger was where it was supposed to be. The other finger was bent uup and simply resting on top the contacts and not pressed between them. Enough for "contact" but not a good connection. And of course we all know a poor contact, with some decent amp draw means excess heat. In this case enoguh, over time I'm guessing, to finally melt the top out of the breaker. When I pulled it out the entire top of one side was gone, and the contacts fell out into my hand. I wish I could get a photo up right now but for whatever reason my cell service is declining to cooperate. Luckily everyone was awake and they spotted the issue. Everything I care about in the world was inside that camper...wife, kids, mutts. If I had lost them to some schmuck too concerned about "gettin anothern out da door", well, I was a decent hunter back in the day. I'll post the photo first chance.
tgreening 06/29/14 07:27pm Toy Haulers
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