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RE: Assume diesel and gasser have same torque, compare...

So. Have we figured out whose Tallywhacker is bigger yet?
tgreening 03/29/14 09:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Toy Hauler for Kids....

You're spot on with the multi-function ability of the toy hauler. Wife and I seriously contemplated a diesel pusher this past winter, and just couldn't see our way past the usefulness of our toy hauler. I 2nd that the garage heat is a joke. Unless the XLR line has really stepped outside the norm, figure on a standalone heater to get the job done when the temp drops. They are heavy. Mine normally runs 16.5K. Probably close to 17.5k when I have the electric cart loaded. Figure on stated pin weight being a pipe dream. My stated was 3100#. In reality it's 4,300, verified. Make sure you've got the beef in truck dept. I would NEVER trade our toy hauler for a bunkhouse. I have a bunkhouse now, when I want it. And a garage, and a playroom, and a 2nd dining room, etc etc.
tgreening 03/12/14 08:30pm Toy Haulers
RE: Anyone Here Have A 2008 Ford E350 4x4 diesel type camper?

I'm not a huge fan of twin traction beam style 4x4 front ends, which I believe is what the company in question uses. Another option is a company called ujoint offroad in North Carolina. They us a normal D60 solid front axle in their conversions, and this is what I'm partial to. Simple, strong, easy to get parts for and maintain.. Not affiliated in any way. Another forum you might want to check out is Expedition Portal. There is just everything there you would ever want to know about "hittin the road" in every kind of vehicle imaginable.
tgreening 03/09/14 10:35pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Dealer refusing to do Warranty work?

I had a sales rep at my local camping world tell me they generally wouldn't do warranty work on units they didn't sell. I needed work done and went to service anyway. When I told them this story the service rep just laughed. He said Sales have their sales goals..and so do I. Bring it in. In the long run I did find myself a local rv service center that does warranty work, and I've been happy with them.
tgreening 02/16/14 08:01pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Pin box bike rack

I like that idea but I don't want to remove my hitch cover do install it. A bit confused. How are you going to install a pin box mounted bike rack, and not remove your cover to do it?
tgreening 02/16/14 07:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford versus Dodge truck for towing 40 foot 5th wheel

this is going to get into a dodge/ford hate fest... I have had both trucks... in a work capacity hard use. by far ford warranty was the easiest to deal with. my cummins dodge felt like it was rattling apart after 50k miles... every little fit and finish product in it was falling apart... I feel the ford is a better "finished" product. I am waiting to get another f350... just waiting to find the right deal. The 6.7 power plant is great. you are always gonna run into someone who is gonna complain about either... especially one who hasn't had both of them... Hehe. Nothing brings out the fan-boys like a "vs" thread. My personal favorites are the ones ready to pounce on any opportunity to point out perceived shortcomings of whatever it is THEY don't drive, real or not, especially when their only personal experience is "my son, brother, uncle, nephew, daughters boyfriends truck" etc etc. I'd be perfectly fine to own a Cummins, I'm just not crazy about the Dodge wrapper. It doesn't trip my trigger. Same with the Chevy/GM. My favorite wrapper has been Ford for quite awhile, except for the Dark Period back there beginning in 1981 when they went to the new chunky body style and made me want to hurl. :) Somewhere along the line they started to get it right again and I forgave them. Chevys I cant get around these days. I liked the older boxier body style better than whatever it is they're doing these days, but maybe they'll get that worked out like Ford did. Dodge doesn't actually look "that" bad, but I'm not a fan of the dually and its bed length molded in fender doo-hickey thingy. Of course that abomination that Ford just created with their new dually fender design is no better. No offense to those inclinded, but I like the old style wayyyy better. To me the new design looks like an aftermarket kit created for people looking to do a dually conversion. As for which one is "better", I'd wager there probably isn't a tremendous amount of real world difference between the latest generation of Big 3, but I do know this much. My last 3 trips to Disney in Florida I made an effort to drive around and count up what people were using for tow vehicles, discounting suvs, vans, and what-nots pulling pop ups and smaller TTs. Fords every single time outnumbered Chevy/GM 2 to 1 and Dodge a solid 3or4 to 1. I figure that campground is about as good a cross section as you're likely to find. Ford my not be the "best" but it certainly appears to be the most popular.
tgreening 01/24/14 03:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What did you do to your Toy Hauler today???

I had them do what they call thick edges which is like a 12x12 footing with rebar. The slab is 4" with rebar. I also had them do about 50 feet of 4 foot sidewalk about 20 yards total at a little over 6k... They did a good job... Thick edges. First I've heard of that, but it makes total sense. Did they do the entry that way as well or just the sides? I'm fairly certain my drive is just standard drive concrete, and running my 5vr in and out of it has started to concern me. It runs about 16.5k, though it's spread across 3 axles, but I'm not sure how much benefit that really is since the axles are so close. I'm going to let it ride for now. My drive is only comfortably wide enough for 1 vehicle at a time, but it's probably about 160' long. The downside to that width is the mouth isn't quite wide enough to swing the camper in without really getting it sideways, and the gaggle of girlfriends my wife has over on a regular basis always park half off the drive into the yard so they can all get past each other when the party starts breaking up. Starting to get hard on my yard (and nerves). I want to redo the drive wider and thicker, with a bigger flaired mouth so I can cut the unit in without having to mostly jack knife myself to get it in there. And I don't want to do any of that until I get ready to raise the roof on my garage, extend it back another 8', and tack another 2 car onto the side. That way my camper will fit, and I'll have someplace to part all the kids vehicles when they start driving, which will be happening wayyyy too soon. Just what every man needs in his life, THREE asian female drivers in his home. If they are anything like mom..... :(
tgreening 01/24/14 10:16am Toy Haulers
RE: What did you do to your Toy Hauler today???

Today I had a 20x45 concrete pad poured in preparation for my RV Port. Hard work,I had to write the check! How thick? Did they do all the site prep work as well, and the ultimate question (if you don't mind) what did it set you back?
tgreening 01/22/14 10:32pm Toy Haulers
RE: Anyone tow a TH with an Excursion?

Anyone tow a toy hauler with an Excursion? V10 or diesel? Any upgrade over stock? "Toy hauler" is pretty broad. How much weight you looking to tow is more helpful than what you intend to tow. I pulled a 33' TT weighing 8,500 lbs rolling with the V10 version, 3.73 gears. For the most part it got the job done, but drove me nuts in the hills screaming at 4,000-5,000 rpm. Got somewhere around 8-8.5 mpg with that combo. Towing experience stock was an incredibly unpleasant white knuckle experience due to sway from wind and/or every semi-truck that blew by at their apparent speed limit of 85 mph. I tried various anti-sway devices/hitches and most were marginally effective. I spent the money for a Hensley and the sway was not minimized, it was elimnated 100%. Extremely impressed with the effectiveness of the hitch. Also added air bags to the rear because I can/t stand rear end squat. Drives me bat s***. Couldnt stand the rpm, and bought a new trailer that was double the rolling weight anyway, so bought an oil burner. Rarely cracks 3,000 rpm (mostly DOWN hill) and gets the same fuel mileage pulling double the weight. Still have the hitch, just because I've been too lazy to put it up for sale. Traded the Excursion (not MY idea) for an extremely manly and attractive mini-van. Happy wife. Nuff said there. Not my first choice for heavy pulling, but liked the truck.
tgreening 01/22/14 09:26pm Toy Haulers
RE: Carrying bikes with a 5er

Bought the bike rack, built the pin box hitch. http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff222/tgreening/Camping/Cyclone/DSC02733.jpg
tgreening 01/22/14 08:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Call the weight police, can't believe what I'm looking at!

My unit weighs 16,500# ready to roll. Pin weight is verified 4,300#. I pull this with an F450. A guy rolled into a campground where I was staying pulling the twin to my unit with an F250 CC. He had no idea the weight of the camper, no idea the pin weight, no idea the GVWR of his truck, nothing. When I filled him in his buddy laughed and said it was no wonder the first stop they had to make after picking up the camper was a garage to have air bags installed on the truck, because it was running on the bump stops. And I kid you not, his next comment was that it pulled "Jussst Fine" down from Canada. :R I just gotta know... Do you ever confuse "Beasty" with "Bossy"? :-) Lyle My continued existence would lend credence to my assertion that so far, I have in fact not confused the two. Anyone who thinks those meek demure Japanese women you see on tv reflect real life, have obviously never been married to a born and raised Japanese female. There's claws and fangs hiding behind the makeup and silk. (Please don't tell her I said that) :)
tgreening 01/21/14 05:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Whats Your Real Weights? Truck and Trailer. The Real Deal

Ok, in response to the title of the post and without fear from the weight watchers international. Here we go, 2012 F-350 Lariat FX4 Crew cab on 20's with me, the boss and our dog full of fuel. Just curious, how much fuel does your brand of dog hold? :)
tgreening 01/21/14 04:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What did you do to your Toy Hauler today???

I put my new cover on. (Note to self: Don't try and put on RV cover when it is windy!) http://i42.tinypic.com/30cblzo.jpg Did you do the Flux-Capacitor mod to your truck?
tgreening 01/21/14 04:49pm Toy Haulers
RE: Call the weight police, can't believe what I'm looking at!

My unit weighs 16,500# ready to roll. Pin weight is verified 4,300#. I pull this with an F450. A guy rolled into a campground where I was staying pulling the twin to my unit with an F250 CC. He had no idea the weight of the camper, no idea the pin weight, no idea the GVWR of his truck, nothing. When I filled him in his buddy laughed and said it was no wonder the first stop they had to make after picking up the camper was a garage to have air bags installed on the truck, because it was running on the bump stops. And I kid you not, his next comment was that it pulled "Jussst Fine" down from Canada. :R
tgreening 01/17/14 08:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Are Ford 6.4 Diesels really all that bad??

Since August 08, we have had the following problems. @ 3k miles when towing, lost turbo pressure, but returned, dealer was unable to identify cause. @ 16k, lost turbo pressure again when towing, dealer claimed hose clamp loose. @ 20k, lost turbo pressure (not towing), dealer finally identified wiring harness shorted against hot exhaust. @ 40k, rear camera stopped working, Camera replaced. @ 46k, fuel/water separator drain lever broke, replaced. @ 50k, fuel/water separator drain leaking, replaced. @ 60k, replaced 4 tires @ 62k, replaced shocks OJ It's hard to call shock and tire replacement at 60k + to be a "problem", especially on a tow vehicle. As far as the rest of that, pretty much non-engine related wouldn't you think?
tgreening 01/16/14 06:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: anyone tow with a 6.8 v-10?

Unless all your towing is uphill, both ways, I'd leave it stock and go. For the minimum towing you state I'd load her up and go. I'd say if you need to "tune" your gas engine to get the job done, you should probably be looking at a diesel. Pick your manufacturer. I had the V10 for towing a 8,500# camper. Flats and low hills it was relatively ok. Going down Rte 77 through W. VA, Va, and some of those hills, not quite so good. It got the job done, but as some like to say "let 'er rev", and that doesn't work for me. A V10 screaming along at 4500-5000 rpm does not make for a relaxing ride for me. Bought new camper, twice the weight, bought different truck with a diesel, and rarely crack 3000 rpm. Most of the time that happens on a downhill. For me that low rpm towing grunt makes for a much more enjoyable ride.
tgreening 01/14/14 07:11pm Toy Haulers
RE: Let's talk about party decks

I don't have one either, but....I've been to places where I could have used it, so... My thought is the next hauler I get will have one because although I may not use it much, when I want it it's there. I'm not good at doing without. :)
tgreening 01/13/14 06:14pm Toy Haulers
RE: WOW, Wish I would have....

I'll take mine with extra butter. What's the reason for the big difference in trucks? Fan Boy brand loyalty. :)
tgreening 01/12/14 07:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.O diesal Truck trade or fix

tgreening 01/08/14 11:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Heartland rigs

Mine isn't exactly the model being discussed, but it is a 2011 Heartland. Just happens to be from the Cyclone toyhauler line. Opinion? Most of the components used are pretty much the same as most other campers, Lippert, dometic, etc etc. and offer no real surprises either good or bad. Construction? Well the hard parts seem to be ok, such as the structure itself, frame (though seems a bit on the light duty side), interior, etc. Where it really falls down is when you lift the skin (beauty only goes that deep right?) and look under. Utility installation is pathetic. Plumbing, electrical, ductwork etc looks as if it were done by the lowest bidder from some 3rd world nation where standards are non-existent, and it had to be done yesterday. Yes, it is that bad. The transfer switch (big metal box with relays in it) was held down with 1 screw, and faith in place of the other 3 screws. There have been a slew of minor problems that were not all that big a deal to handle, and customer service/warranty issues were fairly painless, but bottom line is for the amount of money being paid out, a bit of pride of workmanship is not an unreasonable expectation. In their defense I hear this to be pretty much prevalent throughout the low-mid level rv market, and based on what I saw during production at the Jayco plant I believe it. Yes I did tour Heartland as well, during a plant shutdown actually, which to me was actually a better deal because I got to walk right up to units in all stages of construction and stick my nose in things. Again, expediency of installation seemed to trump all with neatness, cleanliness, and detail of installation taking the absolute back seat to "getting it done". Would I buy another Heartland? Possibly, but I don't intend to next time around, which has more to do with lack of a floor plan that trips my trigger than anything else. Next purchase looks to be an XLR which the DW and I both like and agree on top to bottom. A rare occurrence to be sure.
tgreening 01/07/14 09:36pm Fifth-Wheels
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