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RE: Transmission Overheated

I borrowed a friend's F250 with the same motor and trans to tow my 38ft 5th wheel when my truck was out of commission. I ended up in stop and go traffic in 85 degree heat and after about a half hour I started to smell hot anti freeze and saw that the temp gauge was way too high. I pulled off into a parking lot and when I shut down the engine not only was the anti-freeze boiling out but there was transmission fluid boiling out. I let everything cool down and put in a couple of quarts of fluid in the tranny. Some anti freeze to get the levels up and headed down the road. The traffic had cleared. Everything was great, no more problems with overheating or boil over. MY friend has never had the problem since.
the bear II 05/27/15 03:06pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: ordering tires

Also be aware you may not be ordering from Amazon. Lots of vendors list items for sale through Amazon (kind of like E-bay or Craigslist). Pay attention to the ad it will show what company is offering the tires for sale through the Amazon website. We found out the hard way after ordering a book. It never reached us and when trying to find out why we discovered it was offered by another vendor through the Amazon website. Amazon wasn't able to help us and we were never contacted back by the vendor.
the bear II 05/27/15 02:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: TT Advice

Manufacturers will modify their floor plans to meet disability requirements. It comes at a price of course but allows you to have an RV that really fits your needs and abilities. In reality, I find a small TT and the large 5th wheel we have about the same for setting up or breaking down camp. Once you get used to the size it's just as easy to tow a 40 foot trailer as it is a 20 foot trailer. Today's TT and 5th wheels can be equipped with auto levelers and other automated items to make it easier to hitch/unhitch and setup camp.
the bear II 05/27/15 02:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie needs HELP please!

The trend viva is a new version of Class C so it's in the early stages of product life cycle. Popular style right now. The Minnie Winnie is in the later stages so it's already covered development costs and popularity is less. Price reflects what the market will bear.
the bear II 05/27/15 02:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Well...we've reached that point

My brother and I slept in the back of the pickup with a campershell (cap) on it from the time we were 9 until we stopped travelling with the parents. My dad had built a bunk for each of us along the sides of the pickup bed. He stored extra stuff and tools in milk crates under the beds. We felt like we had our own bedroom.
the bear II 05/27/15 08:07am Travel Trailers
RE: Mt Shasta to Tahoe

Wow that's a tough one. Mountain roads with climbs and descents no matter how you get there. For the least amount of time on a mountain road, my first thought would be I-5 south to Hwy 50 east to South Lake. I've done it with a 23ft TT but nothing larger. HWY 50 is a winding road in most places and two lane with some 4-lane sections or passing lanes. The other option would be I-5 to I-80 east to Donner Pass and then south on Hwy 89. Never done this with an RV only by car. My choice would be Hwy 50 route and take your time.
the bear II 05/26/15 04:02pm Roads and Routes
RE: Anyone not want to retire?

On the street I grew up on, the father of one of my friends worked for 40 years at the same aerospace company. Monday Through Friday, 8 hours per day. He never had a day off (no sick days/ no vacation days) except for a week he took to go back east after his mother passed away. He retired and within a year he died at a young age of 71. I plan to retire as soon as it is financially possible. I look forward to working on projects around the house and travelling in the RV as much as possible.
the bear II 05/26/15 02:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Why is there a 3 inch hole in the roof of my wolf creek?

> Ease of installation > Allows a Winegard Type TV antenna to be installed (this would be my first choice) > Worker said Oops and put the radio antenna in place to cover the mistake > Plywood is precut using a template- Same piece of plywood is used on different models and on other models this hole would be used for a holding tank vent (second choice)
the bear II 05/26/15 02:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Applying WAX to TT

I use an RV Detailer... he does all the work and I pay him. Takes him and his wife 4 hours to wash and wax. I do this every two years and spend $300. Between waxes all I need to do is rinse off the trailer and it looks as good as new. If it gets dirty like from travel in the rain, I use a long handled soft brush attached to my hose to loosen the dirt.
the bear II 05/26/15 01:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: If a tire blows.....

Don't even think about a trip like that with iffy tires. A blowout could endanger you and other drivers near you. Majority of blowouts on RVs are due to: Overloading Improper Inflation Tire Age Tire Condition (cracks, worn tread, unusual wear...etc) Road Hazards I've read where a blowout has caused the trailer and tow vehicle to rollover. Others have had significant damage to the trailer from tread impacting the bottom and sides of the trailer while trying to slowdown and stop. One RV'er caused damage to the vehicle behind when a piece of the blown tire impacted and broke through the windshield, luckily no one was hurt.
the bear II 05/26/15 11:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Another tow capacity question - very confusing!

When I first began towing a TT many, many , many years ago no thought was given to towing capacity for the most part. Heck, people were towing 25 to 30 ft TT with 4 dr sedans or station wagons back then. You just copied what others were doing. A 25ft or less TT a 150/1500 would work but a 250/2500 was what most used (by the way back then they were 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton trucks). Anything over 25ft and you saw mostly 250/2500 as tow vehicles. 35ft and longer began moving into the 350/3500 (1 ton) range. That being said a truck rated at 8000 towing capacity will tow a 9000lb TT. But to be safe and increase the life of the truck drivetrain and limit your liability in an accident; it would be better to have a truck rated at 10000lb or more.
the bear II 05/21/15 03:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bizarre California health care sitch

Doctors working out of a hospital do not have control of the billing. All billing is controlled and processed by the hospital. The hospital would have been the only entity that can offer the discount. My Dad's dermatologist left the hospital and opened his own practice because he was upset by how much the hospital charged his patients.
the bear II 05/21/15 03:47pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Chevy cut away chassis putting gas in

I have a 1986 Chevy truck with an aftermarket add on crossover fill for the two fuel tanks. A previous owner had installed it. Most pumps work OK but often I will run into a pump that will only work at a slow fill or if I turn the pump handle so it is nearly upside down the fuel will flow at a normal rate. It's awkward when you have to maintain the vacuum seal for the pumps with the vapor return boots like in California.
the bear II 05/21/15 10:41am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dish VIP211Z + hard drive question

Not on the 211 it has a single tuner so only one channel at a time. A 722 has two tuners and other receivers also have two tuners. Most of the recent receivers will accept a hard drive as well to provide additional storage capacity. If you are using the Tailgater antenna from Dish there is another receiver beside the 211 that will work. I don't remember the model number and I think it is a dual tuner model. You'll need to do some research to find the model.
the bear II 05/20/15 03:28pm Technology Corner
RE: Insurance

Progressive was the least expensive I could find for our RV. It was one third the price our longtime insurance carrier (sounds like Allcake) wanted us to Pay. There's a couple of others a lot of RVers are happy with and get good prices from.... I can't remember the names but they aren't the big carriers. Read through the entries at www.rv-dreams.com he has done a lot of research for RV insurance providers and chose one of these.
the bear II 05/20/15 02:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Which Dish receiver to you travel with?

I have traveled with Dish in our RVs since Dish first offered service. Currently we use a 211 receiver with the Tailgater automatic portable antenna. The 211 is not a DVR but it does have the capability to record to an external hard drive. This of course requires an additional fee on your Dish bill. Prior to the Tailgater setup we used either a 722 or 611 (I Think that's the model number maybe 612). Anyway both of these are HD and DVRs. With these units I used a portable Dish HD satellite antenna mounted on a tripod stand. We've never had a problem taking a receiver from use at home to the RV and back...it's pretty much a plug and play. You do have to wait 5-10 minutes while the receiver negotiates with the satellite before you get a picture on the TV. Setting up the Dish Receiver and running the cable from the Sat Dish to the receiver is very simple. Very DIY. Some RVs are already prewired with cable connections you can use. Setting up the portable Sat Dish does require some careful assembly. You have to make sure the mount is as close to plumb as possible. And pointing the Dish can require some patience unless you use a "dish finder" device. The Tailgater is the way to go for a Sat Dish antenna. You set it where it has a clear view of the southern sky and it locks on to the proper satellite automatically. Just be sure to secure it with a good lock and cable so it doesn't walk away. The Tailgater will only work with a 211 and one other receiver (I don't remember the model). It will not work with the 722.
the bear II 05/20/15 02:38pm Technology Corner
RE: Any benefit to upsizing my tires/wheels?

If you do decide to change, if possible go to 15 inch. A friend had a really difficult time trying to find reasonably priced 14 inch tires recently. You have a lot more choices with 15 inch, but watch out for clearance issues especially above the tire contacting with the floor of the TT..
the bear II 05/20/15 01:22pm Towing
RE: Rare find. Used HD F150.

No matter what it is, I wouldn't choose an F150. For reliability, safety and future needs I would go with at least an F250 but my vehicle of choice is always an F350/ 3500 or larger. Get a truck that will meet your needs now and when you decide to go with a heavier RV like most RVers end up doing within 5-10 years.
the bear II 05/20/15 11:13am Towing
RE: bears

We were camped in the Sequoia Nat'l Park and sitting around the campfire after dinner. My wife asked if bears ever come around to the campsites. I said yes that's why they have the bear proof trashcans we saw as we drove around the loop. A few minutes later my wife exclaimed " Oh Sh*% !" and jumped out of her chair. A black bear had sat down next to her. We all got on the other side of the fire and yelled at the bear. It took off. My wife had fixed tacos for dinner the bear must have been drawn to the smell. The next morning a VW Rabbit in the next campsite had it's driver door ripped open. The bear had opened it to get to food that was left inside.
the bear II 05/19/15 03:37pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Reversing TT with F350- Crew Cab Short Bed

It's funny, if you look at your drawing, your goal is to get the TT to follow the dotted line. Based on the line the pivot point is between 4 and 5. In real life, I would use 4/5 as the pivot point. "Art imitates life...."
the bear II 05/18/15 02:25pm Towing
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