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RE: Gray tank capacity - two seperate tanks

To pump from one tank to the other if you have two separate dump valves for the grey tanks, you could get by using a 12v water pump but a macerator pump might be better. The macerator pump would break up any small solids (hair, sand, gunk...etc) that might come from the shower. You can get caps with garden hose attachment bibs, connect a garden hose between the two dump valves. Cut the hose and tie in the macerator/water pump to pump from one to the other. The macerator pump would also provide the ability to pump out all of your tanks to something other than a dump station (like a sewer clean out connection) if needed.
the bear II 07/25/14 09:44am Tech Issues
RE: question on XPS Ribs

G rated would be a better choice and provide an extra margin of safety.
the bear II 07/25/14 09:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Are there any quality RV manufacturers?

What happens from time to time is an RV line or model will become really popular. The factory tries to keep up with demand and unfortunately quality begins to suffer. At the time ours was built the factory was running three shifts to try and keep up with demand...so you can imagine lots of stuff would be left for the next shift to take care of all the while the next shift had to keep on schedule so it would leave the stuff for the third shift. The next day the first shift would start on something else thinking the other shifts took care of it. The QC inspectors were over worked so they let stuff slip and hoped the dealer would catch it. The 5th wheel we bought had lots of quality issues. It took several trips back to the factory (closer than the dealer) to get everything taken care of to our expectations. The 5th wheel is now 20 years old and hasn't had a one problem that can be attributed to build quality. So you may be better off in staying with the current RV.
the bear II 07/24/14 03:40pm Toy Haulers
RE: Will this vehicle safely do the job?

After pulling for many years with an at capacity truck and now pullling with a truck that has way more capacity than I need, I would go for an F250.
the bear II 07/24/14 02:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is there a better tank monitor panel/display

After a while you begin to know when it's time to dump or add water. To me the monitors are useless with the exception of a good battery monitor. But even with the batteries we've learned how long they will support us depending on our use. So I guess, "I don't need no stinking monitors"....
the bear II 07/24/14 02:42pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Where to Camp to Explore Sequoia National Park?

Our favorite place to stay is a private campground near the town of Three Rivers. It is the Sequoia RV Ranch. New owners took it over a few years ago and have been making improvements. We really enjoyed our last stay there. It's close enough to drive in to the Nat'l park for the day. Although the park seems spread out most of the great sights to see are confined into a small area. So you can see most of the major attractions easily in one day.
the bear II 07/24/14 02:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: My suggestion for a "must see"

Seqouia National Park is the best place to see the giants. On one of the downed trees they have cut a cross section and listed historical events corresponding to the growth rings of the tree. Goes back to ancient times. If you ever get the chance to be in Yosemite Valley during a full moon it adds a whole 'nother look to the place. The granite outcroppings like Half Dome an El Capitan plus the waterfalls glow in bluish light. Very beautiful.
the bear II 07/24/14 08:14am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: TowMax Tires

Even LT tires will break up internally under certain conditions (low pressure, curb strikes, too narrow of blocks under a tire..etc) I had a goodyear lose the entire tread down to the steel cords and still had 80 PSI. Luckily very little damage to the 5th Wheel. Sometimes it's tough to tell when a tire has an issue.
the bear II 07/22/14 02:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: List of questions to ask

Ask why are they selling it...most people will be honest and if there are problems the answer will include a list of problems and or reasons. If you like the MH ask if you can spend at least a half day in it to try everything out. If the seller allows, then do the things you would normally do...watch TV, fix lunch, try the toilet/shower for comfort (not use). Heater, A/C, water pump, levelers...etc. do they all work ?
the bear II 07/22/14 02:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: anxious dog

I think like humans, dogs get excited when placed in a new environment. They have better hearing and smell than we do so the new noises and smells can be disturbing until they get used to it. The two dogs we had would start calming down after the second day in the same place. One thing that worked is frequent or long walks. They would be tired and nap. The howling when left alone is hard to stop. Some have had luck with the shocking collars. Our dog trainer suggested using a metal lunchbox with some stones in it. It requires some time to take effect. Leave a window open where you can toss in the lunchbox. Act like you're leaving, one of you stays out of sight by the RV the other drives off or walks off. If the dog begins to howl the person on the outside in a stern voice says the dogs name followed by "No" and then toss in the metal lunchbox. Make sure you use a window that is away from where the dog normally is located and one they can't get out of. We used a window next to our kitchen sink so the lunchbox would fall in the sink. It took about two weeks for both dogs to stop. This same technique can be used to stop other behaviors...it's real effective for keeping dogs from running out an open door.
the bear II 07/22/14 01:56pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Need Some Help with Awning Repair

Replace the material...lots of videos on YouTube Two to three person job takes about 2 hours with luck. Not hard to do. Or pay to have it done. Tape will only delay the inevitable... I bought the tape but before I could put it on a big wind came through and tore the material away from the RV.
the bear II 07/22/14 01:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Just avoided a tire disaster

Glad to hear you dodged that bullet. (Somehow "dodging a bubble" doesn't quite have the ring . . . .) Does sound like a gun when that bubble bursts so the bullet analogy would make sense.
the bear II 07/22/14 11:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 454 Running Hot

On my 454 the several times I had a heating issue it was: > Once- A bad theromstat > Twice- Bad Fan Clutch. Both seemed OK but once replaced heating issue went away. One did not work at low speeds, the other was allways on so it blocked the flow of air through the radiator at high speed. > Seam at top of radiator cracked and was allowing antifreeze to leak. I attributed this problem to overheating when the fan clutches were bad. > I also discovered the factory temp guage read almost 20 degrees high. So when it showed 210 I was closer to 180. > Found a Royal Purple product that works well to help keep the temps down when going up hill or in stop and go traffic. It's called Wetter Water. Really works great. Available where auto supplies are sold.
the bear II 07/22/14 11:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Advice needed: how to keep a rig cooler...

We have a 38ft 5th wheel. All windows have awnings, plus patio awning. Inside all windows have mini-blinds. We have a ducted Duo Therm 15K BTU A/C. To keep the inside cool we: Deploy all Awnings Turn the mini-blinds so the sun doesn't come in Set the A/C at 56 degrees with fan on low Turn on the ceiling fan Tell our guests/kids they either stay in or out to limit the door openings A/C stays on and we put on coats if we get chilled Use protable fans to direct cool air into warm areas If outside temp is above 80 degrees the A/C stays on 24/7 Our inside stays very comfortable into 100 plus outside temps.
the bear II 07/22/14 11:09am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Are large gas motor Rv's underpower?

Gas vs diesel power boils down to torque. The same sized basic gas engine will have less torque than the same sized basic diesel engine. Torque equals pulling power. My 300hp Duramax Diesel provides over 600lbs of torque. It's a lot smaller than the old gas 7.4L (454 cu inch) I had before. The 7.4L Gasser put out about 390lbs of torque. The diesel pulls a 6% grade at nearly 20MPH faster than the old 7.4L gasser. RVs are identical in weight and size.
the bear II 07/22/14 09:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generators for 5th wheel power

X2 Honda 3000.... if you search you can find them with a remote start added.
the bear II 07/22/14 08:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Diagonal frame bracing

Ours has straight cross braces between the hangers. At first the factory forgot to install them and on the first trip the front axle moved out of alignment by about an inch. The factory realigned everything and then installed the cross baraces. No problem since...the 5th wheel is 20 years old with over 40,000 miles on it.
the bear II 07/22/14 08:09am Towing
RE: Locking out overdrive???

I always stay in OD unless the trans begins to hunt for gears. Then I drop down 1 to 2 to 3 gears depending on the grade.
the bear II 07/22/14 08:04am Towing
RE: How to clean fresh water tank?

An old timer RVer told us to go out and buy the cheapest gallon of wine we could find and let it slosh around in the tank while traveling down the road. Then flush and fill with water. No bleach taste but may get a little wine flavor with the first tank of water.
the bear II 07/22/14 07:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Dish Network satellite dish choice

Last year we bought a Tailgater antenna, it requires the use of one of two specific receiver boxes but it works well to pick up 110,119 & 129. I also have a 3 lnb dish (don't remember the model number) I can mount on a tripod, I haven't used it since getting the tailgater. It will serve two receivers. It's convenient for sites with obstructions. I carry a 200 ft cable which allows me to move the dish away from obstructions in most cases.
the bear II 07/22/14 07:55am Technology Corner
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