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RE: Starting reseach on Super-C, Thoughts? Opinions?

Just casually shopping it seemed to me you could get a Class A diesel for about the same price as a Super C. I would choose a Class A over a Class C or Super C. I see more Class As pulling race car trailers than any other type of MH.
the bear II 03/03/15 02:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Carlisles ST's? Straight Up, Yes or No?

Michilen LT tires or RIBs then feel safe. This is the only way to go for me. After a year of research on this, other RV and transporter forums the Michelin RIBS stood out as a great tire. I've had them for two years still going strong. Many of the posts from high mileage drivers during my research indicated they were getting more miles out of the Michelins than they have with any tires. Most were on their second or third set with no issues other than normal wear. These were folks that average 200 to 300K miles every year towing heavy trailers (cargo or recreation).
the bear II 02/12/15 03:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Death Valley

Off of Hwy 190 to the west of Death Valley you can camp pretty much anywhere the BLM signs allow. There are lots of 4X4 trails leading up to old mines (Borax, Salt, gold siver and..) plus other geologic features. Look here for more info http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/fo/ridgecrest/panamint.html Inside of Death Valley a few of the campgrounds are nothing more than parking spots with tables and pit toilets which I would consider boondocking. We've never stayed east of Death Valley but based on the terrain and remoteness I'm sure there will be BLM designated areas.
the bear II 02/12/15 03:15pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: TV Parking

Even cities are getting tough. The city we live in you can't park a vehicle that is more than 7 feet tall or 25 feet long on a city street over night. In addition, you are not allowed to have derilect vehicles or junk that can be seen from the sidewalk. I had to prove that a small RV that I bought to restore, parked on our driveway, could be moved. All I had to do was turn it around so the next time the code enforcement agent came by they saw that it had moved.
the bear II 02/12/15 01:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Weight & Length Considerations

With the proper hitch setup and tow vehicle, weight is a non-issue when it comes to towing stability. In addition, you shouldn't have sway unless some outside force creates it (wind, passing semi, uneven pavement). So the hitch setup is important along with the right capacity tow vehicle. The extra 4 feet will be noticeable when maneuvering especially in tight situations. If towing with the same truck you will notice a slight drop in MPG (maybe less than 1 MPG) and slower hill climbing speeds with the 2000 lb heavier trailer vs the lighter trailer. My advice is to choose the trailer that fits your lifestyle and then buy a truck that has way more capacity to tow it. Plus get a good hitch setup. You'll have years of comfortable and safe towing. Don't skimp now if you have the opportunity..."go for the gusto"
the bear II 02/12/15 12:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dogs out west and hazards to avoid...

We've spent many years camping in the deserts of California, Nevada & Arizona with our dogs. I never let them off of the leash. I was taught from an early age to always be careful when turning over a log, rock or anything that's been on the ground. Because the dogs were obedience trained, they always stayed close to our side when hiking. The only times we have run into snakes or scorpions was when the dogs weren't with us. which is just a coincidence. The dogs did end up with ticks one time. Keep your dogs close when hiking, don't let them run loose and they will be fine.
the bear II 02/12/15 11:56am RV Pet Stop
RE: How was Quartzsite?

Based on the above descriptions the crowds are down. I can remember 15 years ago not being able to move in the Big Tent unless the person in front of you moved. Even the outside vendor areas at the different sales areas (Tyler Wells, Main Event & others...Rice Ranch didn't exist) on the weekends you had to pretty much flow with the crowds. Parking spots were hard to find and you would end up walking a mile just to get from the car to the sales area. Traffic on the roads looked like rush hour in LA...bumper to bumper, stop and go.
the bear II 02/12/15 11:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: California Body Type ( BTM) Codes

CA is tough when it comes to registration fess. I only use my 4500 to tow the 5th wheel travel trailer. I fought with the DMV to get it registered as a motor coach but they would only register it as a commercial vehicle, it's a 2007 and I pay over $800 per year for registration. What was worse is Allstate wanted to charge commercial truck insurance rates for it. So I went with Progressive and they registered it as a MH. Nearly a $1000 savings over Allstate.
the bear II 02/12/15 08:24am Truck Campers
RE: WiFi thermostat

Common folks you are missing the point of camping.... to paraphrase Tom Hanks "there's no remotes in camping"
the bear II 02/11/15 01:41pm Beginning RVing
RE: Great tool for any RV owner

It's funny.... I often needed a powered impact wrench and then I bought one 10 years ago to carry in the truck, haven't needed it since. Knock on wood.
the bear II 02/11/15 01:35pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 2014 Federal Income Tax guidance

X-3 turbo tax.
the bear II 02/11/15 01:32pm Full-time RVing
RE: Thoughts on pull out sofa/couch

Our first TT only had sleeping areas that required making them up each night and putting them back to normal each morning. It became routine and part of the camping experience. I find the new type air mattresses are very comfortable once you find the right pressure for you both. To make them a little better add a down filled mattress topper or memory foam topper or unzip a sleeping bag. Then use sheets and blanket(s) to make it feel like a regular bed. The topper can be rolled up and put out of the way in the tow vehicle or a corner in the bedroom. If you were me, I wouldn't make any changes for the baby. In my opinion they need to learn to live with change and noise just like we all do. At 3 months old I was camping in a tent with my 5 member family. We travelled in an old military jeep on the weekends to go camping in the desert. My mom said they would put some army blankets in the bottom of a metal ice chest that was between the seats of the jeep and then lay me in the chest and cover me with a couple of baby blankets. Of course they would leave the lid off of the ice chest. And that's how I travelled when we went camping.
the bear II 02/11/15 01:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Showers and water fill

Truck stops, campgrounds and even Hotels may allow you to use showers for a fee. Fresh water is available wherever there is a spigot...you just need to get permission to fill your tank. We have stopped at gas stations, fire stations, city parks, truck stops, even farms and asked to fill our freshwater tanks. We offer to pay but most times all have said "go ahead and fill,keep your money".... I do carry two collapsible 3 gallon water jugs in case we need spare water. We also have a solar shower. It's a 1 gallon bag with a hose and shower nozzle to use for boon dock showers. Let the bag full of water heat up in the sun, put up a tarp for privacy and take a shower. When travelling on a several week trip we typically boon dock several nights and then stay in a campground one night for water, showers and to dump. Then back to boon docking for several days and then stay in a campground one night...
the bear II 02/11/15 08:54am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: RV Trip Throughout the Northern U.S.

Good questions 8-10 weeks is enough if you stick to a schedule. I hate to have a schedule. Here's one of the reasons...We stopped for the night at the Waffle Farm Campground in Coldwater MI. It's in the center lower Michigan area. Unfortunately we had to be in Flint the next day to visit relatives. Waffle Farm is one of the best RV Campgrounds I've ever seen. http://www.wafflefarm.com/ It is on our list of go back to places. I would have like to spend a few days there. Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, Mt Rushmore, Devils Tower, Columbia Gorge river & dam, and more.....
the bear II 02/10/15 03:03pm Roads and Routes
RE: When to get rid of tow veichle

My truck began having problems about every 5 trips... some were small but when the A-arm pivot point broke just as I was getting ready to hook up the 5th wheel for a trip, it scared me to the point where I began looking for a replacement truck. All I could see in my mind was heading down the freeway at 55MPH towing a 15000lb 5th wheel and the A-Arm lets go. That would be one wild ride... It did take another year of searching to find my dream truck. Luckily I had a windfall so the hit on the budget wasn't too bad.
the bear II 02/10/15 01:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How many tow miles can one used truck handle?

Unfortunately used truck prices have sky rocketed. A 10 year old pickup in the past would have been in the 10-15K range. As others have said it really depends on how well the truck has been maintained. I bought a truck with 90000 miles on it. The single owner had documentation for all work supposedly done on the truck. In going through the paperwork nothing major stuck out. It appeared to be well maintained. It had been primarily used to tow a 24ft TT. I put another 100K miles on it towing a 15K 5th wheel about 50% of those miles. Only major problem was a tranny rebuild and two fan clutches which caused overheating so two radiators had to be replaced. I still have the truck and use it to haul stuff to the dump or run errands. It starts on the first try even after sitting for a few weeks.
the bear II 02/10/15 10:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tuning TV using Winegard Antenna

Most private campgrounds as well as some state & national will show the available channels on the campground map or other info they hand to you as you check in. I usually raise the antenna and leave the amplifier off. Turn the antenna to see if you get a signal from a station and then flip the amplifier on. Turn the antenna to fine tune and then check other channels and fine tune until you get the best signal on all the available channels. I've even lowered the antenna slightly to improve reception in a couple of spots.
the bear II 02/10/15 07:05am Beginning RVing
RE: 5th Wheel Guy going to Class C General Questions

There are a whole new bunch of smaller Class A models being produced by the manufacturers. I feel you lose some liveable space due to the driving area in a Class C. The driving area in a Class A becomes part of the living room when parked. I would choose one of these smaller Class A models over a Class C.
the bear II 02/09/15 02:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Metered Electricity

We stay at Chula Vista RV Resort from July through October. If the outside temp is above 75° our air conditioner is on 24/7. Plus electric water heater, refrig on electric and we use our stackable washer/dryer. Our electric bill runs close to $200 per month averaged over the 4 months.
the bear II 02/09/15 02:13pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: F350 srw vs chevy 3500 srw rear sag?

It depends on the weight ratings and load. If you watch a few Fords and Chevys/GMCs (F350 or 3500s) going down the road with TT and or 5th wheels some sag and some don't. I'm guessing if you were able to find a Ford and GM with identical weight capacities and towed the same trailer with both (an apples to apples comparison) both would sag equally or not sag. Your best bet is to determine what load you will be carrying and then get a truck that has more than enough capacitiy for the load. The worst truck you can get is one that is at (or over) maximum capacity when loaded.
the bear II 02/06/15 11:43am Tow Vehicles
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