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RE: Just Have To Vent, Thank You ...............

Interesting that on all the reviews at rvparkreviews for this CG that mentions the Wi-Fi, there is only one other that had a beef with it - and that was because they used to charge 4.95/day back in 2008.
the_happiestcamper 08/28/14 06:43am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Can we expect these shenanigans?

Everybody tries to nickel and dime you nowadays. How many places have tip jars at the register now?
the_happiestcamper 08/28/14 06:28am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Blue Ox Sway Pro Installation

I'm in the processing of buying a trailer, and for safety reasons I can't pick up without a distribution hitch (fully understand that). The dealer is asking $1000 including install for a Blue Ox. Is that reasonable or are they taking me. Should I just buy it and install it in the parking lot. I paid 556.25 for mine from Amazon - I wouldn't think an install would be charged more than $100 IMHO. If you are buying a Blue Ox from the dealer that is selling you the trailer, you would think they would install it for free - or heavily discounted.
the_happiestcamper 08/26/14 06:25am Towing
RE: How to Run TV from 12 Volt Receptacle in Trailer???

They make 12 volt tv's.
the_happiestcamper 08/22/14 06:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Road runner campground red river nm

Why did they close the first time - coyotes?
the_happiestcamper 08/14/14 05:43am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Black flushing

Attach the clear elbow so you can see if it is flushing stuff out.
the_happiestcamper 08/12/14 11:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Big SUV or truck

I've got an $800 stroller that I don't want scratched up. $800 stroller? And you're worried about the cost of fuel and that an SUV costs more than a pickup?
the_happiestcamper 08/08/14 08:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: # of ford, gm, dodge/ram trucks at our CG this weekend

My official count from my trip the past 5 nights - first three nights I enjoyed Heineken Lights, the 4th night Corona Lights, and last night I had a bottle of Pinot Grigio and finished that with a couple of Sierra Nevada Pale Ales. When I did look at other sites, I was looking more at the TT's, FW's, A's and C's (and tents) than what the TV's were. Tonight since I am back home, I will go break out the Cabo Wabo. FWIW, out front is a GMC, a Ford, and a Honda.
the_happiestcamper 08/04/14 04:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is the left side of my trailer heavier?

Could be heavier if your slide is on that side.
the_happiestcamper 07/28/14 05:23am Towing
RE: Vehicle taxes where you live... how bad?

That's because your Yukon is an SUV body - they only do the GCVW thing for trucks. I was given the option of not declaring the gross combined weight, but was told the tickets are very expensive if I'm caught overweight. They didn't do that when I had F-250 nor Dodge 2500 either. Maybe it's just in your county.
the_happiestcamper 07/23/14 01:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fridge won't work on 12 volts

Popups usually have the three way, as those fridges are so small they can run on 12 DC. If your fridge has two doors on the outside (one for fridge, one for freezer), it is only LP/110. While the amount of gas used is negligible, you can run for 4-6 hours on the hottest day with nothing turned on to the fridge - provided it is already cooled down, full, and the doors stays shut. I usually start my trip with it off then turn it on after gassing the TV later down the road.
the_happiestcamper 07/23/14 11:46am Travel Trailers
RE: What to use to keep battery charged while sitting?

The main item affecting fuel mileage is frontal area, not weight. The frontal area of a plastic box would be about the same as the aluminum one. What Barney said.
the_happiestcamper 07/23/14 11:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Vehicle taxes where you live... how bad?

I live in SC, and I've never heard of having to add the weights together. My Yukon's tax bill lists it as 6100 lbs, the Dutchman's tax bill lists it as 5600 lbs. SC does limit sales tax at $300 max on purchase, so someone buying a vehicle for $6,000 or $60,000 pays the same. Yukon's last bill was $91.40, Dutchman's last bill was $271.17.
the_happiestcamper 07/23/14 11:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tail Wagging the Dog Issue

Had a similar situation last week. There was a cement mixer that was shaped almost like a box. He would go 70 downhill but only about 45 uphill. So I passed him going uphill since his combined actions were slowing me down from my consistent speed of 60. After the pass, on the second down hill, all of a sudden I got the severe tail wag, Turns out the jerk got inches from my trailer's bumper, causing it to get loose like NASCAR.
the_happiestcamper 07/15/14 09:30am Towing
RE: How do I find fun parks like this one??!!!

But one of their rules states "Liquor sales on Sundays at 9:00 am" - since quiet time is until 6:30, that gives you 2 1/2 hours to get ready to drink again. :W
the_happiestcamper 07/15/14 09:16am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Movie- The long,long trailer....

Great movie - but when they get to the park in California, the park has an employee take over at the gate and go set everything up. While that is a nice idea, the employee (who was trimming the hedges) is about 60 years old, not skinny, is shirtless and all sweaty when he gets in the driver's seat. Eww.
the_happiestcamper 07/14/14 07:07am Towing
RE: TT Gas Milage

What they all said.
the_happiestcamper 07/02/14 06:39am Travel Trailers
RE: What Portable Grill Do You Use ?

http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/81DTMdWkikL._SL1500_.jpg height=480 width=640
the_happiestcamper 07/01/14 07:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Best way to engage WDH

That's how I did it with my old EAZ Lift hitch on my old trailer. Put a little pressure on the ball then lifted the snap up brackets. I basically do the same thing with my new Equalizer. In fact, that's what Equalizer recommends. I don't need the pull up bar. Equalizer's web site says different: 1. Place the Equal-i-zer hitch head and shank into your tow vehicle receiver. 2. Back up to the trailer, lower the trailer onto the hitch ball, and lock the coupler. 3. Insert the spring arms into the hitch, and pin them in place. 4. Use the tongue jack to raise the trailer and tow vehicle until the spring arms are high enough to swing easily into place over the L-brackets. 5. Occasionally you may need to use the included snap-up lever to lift the arms the last inch or so onto the brackets. 6. Pin the arms into place, and retract the tongue jack completely to lower the weight onto the hitch again. 7. Connect everything else (breakaway cable, safety chains, and electrical connections), and you're ready to go. 8. Have fun.
the_happiestcamper 06/26/14 06:20am Towing
RE: victim of dishonest Seller

Don't know him - that is also an insinuation. I apologize if I read in there that you told him his work was shoddy. You did keep contacting him every time you found more damage - by those actions the guy feels backed into a corner - and maybe he deserves to be in that corner. Whether he knew all this or not ahead of time only he can answer for sure. You did ask about legalities ("what are some legal implications the seller could face because of not identifying the ongoing leaks at the time of sale") - so don't be surprised that people are trying to give you answers about what your legal options are. I'm glad you're getting the trailer up to where it should be. You obviously have some talents for fixing it. What are the chances you know him and are replying on his behalf.... Interesting.he is from SC originally as well. I did just remove him from Facebook the other day.I sent him pictures and told him what I found..I never once criticized his work in contact with him. He just stopped responding.yes, he did offer to help but honestly, after the work I saw done, I had no interest in him helping me at all... I didn't ask him for a refund, I didn't ask for help... I simply pointed out to him what I found.. yes I made the mistake of trusting his word and also not havi g it checked out... I asked about legalities for bothe sides of the situation.. I never said I was going to go after him for money or anything so I'd appreciate it if people would stop insinuating that. I live literally 2 miles from him... If I was going to ask for compensation I would go to his house...it obviously bothers him enough that at olive garden yesterday he was being seated right next to my wife and I and he asked to move...why? Guilt? I'm not the type of guy looking for confrontation and would not interrupt his meal... But acting like that and being a military man like myself where we handle issues and not avoid them tells me there was a little dishonesty I the deal on his end...I could see if I harassed him but I didn't... I simply showed him what I found and told him about the heater... I also told him I didn't want anything from him and I was just showing him what damage there was... That's it... I will post up our text messages to prove that....and if you know Jeff then tell him he doesn't need you to relay anything he can come straight to me..... Legally, you have no recourse (at least from what I've seen on Judge Judy). You did not have it checked out before you paid for it. The seller did not offer a warranty or money back guarantee. He did offer to help you at first (remember, the guy is no RV technician or repair specialist). He started to ignore you because you kept contacting him saying his work was shoddy and the repairs were mounting. About the only recourse you have is to un-friend him on Facebook.
the_happiestcamper 06/24/14 09:44am Travel Trailers
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