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RE: New life for old XP

Nice read-------------I would like to try Linux on an old laptop that has a faulty CD /DVR drive. Where do I get information as to how this is done? I got hooked up with the local Phoenix user group through a Windows PC club. I went to some of their "install fests". A very welcoming and helpful group. They had all the software you could ever want and helped me install a simplified version on my lap top. I'm sure there are many other groups like them around the country. Give Google a try.
thgoodman 04/16/14 04:50pm Technology Corner
RE: New life for old XP

Or you could load Linux for free and enjoy real computing. First, let me state my bias. I have one PC running Windows XP and one PC running Linux. I love the Linux OS, mainly because it is so much faster than Windows. That said, I do not recommend a Linux install for the technically faint-of-heart. You need to understand that Linux is almost like a religion to those who support it. Ask a question of a Linux guru and it will be answered fully and with fervor. Ask if its difficult to install and they will tell you "no problem", "piece of cake", etc. Mine took about 15min to install the operation system and all day to install all the drivers and other support apps. Also, some hardware is not supported, the existing wifi card in my case. I am very happy with my Linux install. It runs very fast on a very old laptop and doesn't get viruses or other mal-ware. I installed mine by attending a Linux user group "install fest" here in Phoenix. If you can find a user group near you, you may want to explore Linux. If there is no user group near by, I'd recommend giving it a pass. Some people are just meant to be Windows users. I will eventually migrate to a newer version of windows but there will be drag marks in the sand behind me.
thgoodman 04/13/14 11:30am Technology Corner
RE: Velvac Superstar mirror, heads swappable?

when I stopped by Northwest RV Supply this summer, they had a pretty good selection on surplus Velvac mirrors and parts. Everything from individual glass parts to castings. Also, major sub-assemblies and complete mirrors. Prices were reasonable. (866) 678-7467 The guys there were very helpful and knew their interchange stuff. I bought a used base casting for my mirror and repaired the mirror myself.
thgoodman 04/06/14 11:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Home dump station

I did it when I got my 1st MH 20yrs ago... (in the flower bed, even). I've seen dire warnings in other threads on here. Will overwhelm the system with volume, wrong chemicals, chemicals will ruin your septic system and on and on. The only thing is can tell you is from my experience (nothing theoretical). We used our MH to go to the races. My wife and I were out 1 or 2 nights a week from Feb thru Nov. Always dry camped in the race track parking lot and used the water and toilet at will. We would even party with friends from time to time. I never had any problems with my home septic system in the 15 years I dumped into it and the system passed inspection when we sold the house.
thgoodman 03/29/14 02:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Banging Noise from Front of F-550 chassis ?

To build on jerryduffman post: In addition to corrosion failure (rust) you could also have a broken weld on one or more chassis mount brackets. You must inspect them carefully because the broken weld may be closed when the vehicle is at rest and you might see only a very thin crack along the weld. Since you know it makes the banging noise when lowering a jack, the gap would probably open when the vehicle is raised on a jack. Raise the vehicle and support it with properly rated jack stands. If there are broken welds you may have a better chance of seeing them.
thgoodman 03/25/14 11:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Torque vs. Horsepower

Torque horsepower 2010 Torque horsepower 2012 I'm curious to see an answer to the OP's question as well but not curious enough to read through 75 pages of text. Maybe someone can provide a more condensed or specific answer to the OP's question on his C-13. Well said, Scott. Thank you. I guess I should have been more clear. My actual question was kind of buried it the end of the post. "Could the average Joe sitting in the driver's seat even feel the difference if the modifications were made? "
thgoodman 03/08/14 10:44am Class A Motorhomes
Torque vs. Horsepower

My '06 Beaver Patriot Thunder has a C-13 Cat rated at 525hp. The guy parked next to me last week had a similar size MH (looked like a Prevost but wasn't). It also had a Cat C-13 but it was rated at 475hp but with more torque. I know Cat can change engine ratings both mechanically and electronically (i.e., injector timing?) but I don't know why the coach builders' design specs call for different ratings. What I don't understand is how the torque/horsepower trade off affects vehicle performance and if there would be any advantage to going back and paying Cat to making a change to my engine specs (what would I ask for?). How do the changes affect hill pulling, towing, city vs country driving, fuel mileage, etc? Could the average Joe sitting in the driver's seat even feel the difference if the modifications were made?
thgoodman 03/08/14 10:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Coast to Coast resorts issue

It appears the majority of the defenders are the employees. That is another red flag to me. Other than Coast-Admin, who are the C 2 C employees you have identified on here?
thgoodman 02/21/14 01:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: New Dash for 2000 Monaco

Also, try Northwest RV Supply, Inc. They bought out the Monaco parts warehouse in Coburg, OR when Monaco moved their stuff to Indiana. Lots of new surplus Monaco and CC parts.
thgoodman 02/15/14 10:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: thumping of slide awning in high gusty wind

What brand and type of awning do you have. I have a Gerard (sp?) which has a metal cover over the opening between the roll and the face of the awning when the awning is closed. That's the opposite of most RV awnings. My roll is mounted directly to the MH, not the swing out portion of the awning frame. The cover is held closed with a magnate. I had the problem with the cover blowing open going down the road and then SLAMMING shut. Sounded like a blow out. Gerard replaced the magnet with a stronger one and now it only opens when it's REALLY windy, usually resulting in me soiling my nickers. It seems most susceptible with a quartering tail wind.
thgoodman 02/10/14 02:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sales Tax in South Dakota

Sales tax: 3% of the difference between new vehicle price and trade in value Tags: '06 Beaver Patriot Thunder, 43,000 lbs = $632.00 for 2014 '12 Subaru Forrester = $62.00 for 2014 Look closely at insurance costs, also. My Comprehensive, which does NOT include glass, was more than my collision. Then I had to add the cost of glass coverage on top of that. I think that's pretty unusual in most states. The agent couldn't tell me how the price was figured. Says the underwriter does that. I suspect it could have something to do with hail and tornadoes.
thgoodman 02/10/14 02:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is buying an RV lot a good investment?

99 year lease from $175,000 to $265,000, rent $350/month, taxes $74 to $94/ month, insurance, $30/month and the utilities are metered separately. Yikes. You can buy 2 homes one in the south and one in the north for those prices and it would be a REAL investment. Are those prices for an 'empty' lot? Besides the monthly costs what type of up front down payment is needed? my thoughts exactly. one could buy a "home base" house in the North and one in the South and travel between them and elsewhere. bumpy Those lots are directly on the coast. If you want ocean front you'll have to pay for it. Personally, I don't care that much about ocean front to pay those kind of prices. and the weather is only good there for the 3 summer months U can buy a awesome lot in Beautifull outdoor resorts of Indio which is a simply outstanding place for 37K.HOA is 390PM and includes water,sewer,cable tv and garbage Yes, but it's in California. Would you really want to open yourself up to that kind of regulatory and tax situation?
thgoodman 02/10/14 02:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is buying an RV lot a good investment?

Another very important consideration is park management. Most likely, the lot you buy will be is a commercial RV park. Also, you must consider that no matter how good the present management is, RV parks are frequently sold, sometimes to investors (read speculators). So no matter how nice it is now, the park could go down hill fast. Once you buy a lot or buy a park model and put it on a rental lot, you are more or less stuck there and at the whim of who ever the current park management is. I was renting in a park 2 years ago where residents paid for trash collection, sewer and water only when they were there. Those services were provided by the local municipality and the park just passed through the costs to the residents. The park was sold and the new owners saw utilities as a profit center. They added a sir charge and required the residents to pay for all 12 months even though the municipality only charged for the actual use. No amount of weeping, gnashing of teeth or lawyers could get the new owners to relent.
thgoodman 02/06/14 11:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Washing your RV on the road

DW drives me crazy. She wants me to wash ours every year! :B
thgoodman 01/25/14 12:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Outdoor "decorative" lighting RANT!

So, after three nights, I put a sticky note on his windshield while walking the dog at 5 a.m. So how did that work? I have a suggestion. Next time someone does something inconsiderate, don't assume the worst. Inconsiderate means just that. Maybe he just never considered that his neighbor had different values than his. He might be perfectly amenable to accommodating your concerns. So, why not walk over and talk to him instead of leaving an anonymous note. You might be surprised ....... and make a new camping buddy as well.
thgoodman 01/20/14 09:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camp Host

Joe, I might be wrong but I think sds888 IS the prospective employer.
thgoodman 01/20/14 03:06pm Workamping Forum
RE: vehicle license in SD

No state income tax isn't the only factor one should consider. Under ADA (Obama Care) SD and 18 other states do NOT at this time offer Muti-State Medical Plans. So one must consider medical coverage/costs and treatment as one of the factors. Old-Biscuit may well be right with regards to ADA (it doesn't affect me so I don't know). Actually, relatively few people are covered by Americans with Disability Act (ADA) and relatively few will be covered by the ACA (Obama Care). The final goal for ACA is only 15 million people, most with special needs (previous conditions, no employer coverage, low income, not old enough for Medicare, etc) BUT, in any case, you should be aware of where your health coverage is coming from. Many of us SD resident full timers are covered by MediCare. DW and I have MediCare and a Medicare supplemental police from Mutual of Omaha. We are fully covered where ever we go in the US. If you are going to be traveling but maybe spending winters in AZ you need to do your due diligence on health care coverage and make sure what you have is what you need. Bottom line, it's your responsibility to know what your health coverage is and it won't me easy. Everyone seems to be confused.
thgoodman 01/20/14 02:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Which is easier to drive into a tight site - A vs 5th?

It will be interesting to see which responders have experience with BOTH types and which responders just have opinions. First let me disclose that I have only experience with a 45' class A as a DRIVER. DW and I have our signals pretty well worked out and we can get it parked with relatively little problem. However as a camp host, I have a lot of experience getting both class A drivers and 5th wheel drivers into their spaces. My observations are that the 5th wheel folks have the most trouble correctly maneuvering their rigs. The question is: who buys a class A vs. who buys a 5er? It could well be that the demographic that is attracted to 5th wheels just doesn't have enough experience backing trailers. Who knows? It will be interesting to see the responses from the people who have driven both.
thgoodman 01/12/14 10:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: TX state inspection & being out of state for the next year

Watch out for DC. They require a current inspection certificate from the state in which the vehicle is registered. This is primarily done to collect ticket revenue from MD and VA drivers who work in DC. Do your self a favor and avoid DC or stay in a campground outside DC and take public transportation into the district for touristy stuff.
thgoodman 12/26/13 04:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is anyone using Wi-Fi In Motion?

Here's another vendor the OP may want to consider.... I'm using a system called AutoNet. Hdwr is about $300 at Critchfield. Data plan is $59.00/month for 5 GB. It uses a cell connection that is managed by the vendor so I don't have to have an individual account. I think they have contracts with multiple cell providers because it works pretty much anywhere. We use it going down the road all the time. Great for traffic reports and weather. We started using it about 3 rears ago because of all the unreliable campground WIFI systems. En-route service was just a bonus. Looking forward to following this thread to see if there is something new and improved out there now.
thgoodman 12/25/13 09:57am Technology Corner
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