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RE: Roku and Chrome stick

Is it a waste of money..... Roku is not a waste of money, my house and RV is setup for Roku, its a lot cheaper than cable or satellite by a long shot and 10 times the programs with no or very few commercials.. :C
timmac 12/05/14 01:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Are we alone?

Never have to winterize and camp/travel year round, I guess that's one good thing about living in the SouthWest
timmac 12/05/14 01:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: what happens when you take the dealers word

I can't say it enough. Stay off of r.v. dealer lots. They will take every cent they can from you and not look back and they won't know you after the sale. Plus their junk is always grossly over priced. While in most cases you are right but my 08 Bounder I bought from a California dealer 18 months ago was a good deal, nothing has gone wrong as of yet, fair price, no dealer add on fees and good interest rate and a easy going place to deal with, cant say that about the car dealers here in Vegas, always looking to steal from you at every turn.
timmac 12/02/14 09:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 12 volt CFL bulbs blowing, how are LED's?

Edison base? Is that 120 vac? Otherwise a quality LED will last the life of the RV. Not so true, I replaced all my bulbs with LED about 6 months ago and one of the new LED went bad on me just last week, I am happy with the LED but the statements that they will last forever is not so true anymore, they will go bad..
timmac 12/02/14 07:12pm Tech Issues
RE: what happens when you take the dealers word

After we had a tentative deal, they informed us that the water system, the leveling system, the generator, the generator slide, the engine and the large slide out had issues. They said they talked to the owner, and informed her that it was her responsibility to make the repairs. She told them she would pay to have the coach taken to Cummins to have the engine and generator looked at since it was beyond the dealers ability to deal with. Ken Gasbarri I hope your new motorhome works out well but if I was told of these many issues from the dealer I would have said nope this is not the right motorhome and moved on.
timmac 12/02/14 06:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: K&N filters

Lab test are that just lab test, in the real world it does not work like that.. Ever wonder how a outboard boat motor can last 30 years without a air filter, there is even some antique ones still running good after all these years without a air filter, someone needs to call Mercury marine and show them this lab test, maybe they will start putting paper filters on outboards. :R Lab tests are crucial to emulate real world scenarios. If they didn't reflect reality they wouldn't be required for a lot of products. As far as boats go, did you really think about that statement before posting it? Have you seen too much dusty water? Yes I did think about my post, as to dusty at lake yes it is, the air will still have dust, yes much less than driving down the road but still plenty of dust around, go down to your local marina and look at boats that have been sitting for a few months and see the dust built up on them. So many false claims about the K&N, it collects enough dust to still keep your motor clean even beyond 200,000 miles.
timmac 11/26/14 11:27am Class C Motorhomes
RE: K&N filters

This chart shows for example that the AC Delco filter passes 0.4 grams of dirt and takes 60 minutes of testing until it is clogged. The K&N filter passes 7.0 grams of dirt and takes 24 minutes until it is clogged. Lab test are that just lab test, in the real world it does not work like that.. Every time someone mentions K&N filters all the haters show up and toot their horn, I just wonder why there is not hundreds of thousands of broke motors being reported from using K&N filters ?? Ever wonder how a outboard boat motor can last 30 years without a air filter, there is even some antique ones still running good after all these years without a air filter, someone needs to call Mercury marine and show them this lab test, maybe they will start putting paper filters on outboards. :R
timmac 11/25/14 11:20pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Chinese to buy Travel Trailer company

As Stated in article below, I would like to see that quality built RV to withstand what they want because we all know most other brands cant do this. The Chinese group initially approached a number of towable manufacturers, including Riverside, during last year’s Louisville Show to build trailers that were durable enough to be used in extreme environments like the base of Mount Everest in Tibet. After an evaluation period, the company decided the Riverside product “best suited their needs.” “During the negotiation and design process we were so impressed by the product and the company that we decided this would be an excellent investment opportunity,” said Michael Liu, chairman of Beijing Dixing Taihe. As part of the agreement, Riverside will be building and shipping trailers to several locations in China and Tibet.
timmac 11/25/14 11:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: More lack of control in Chinese goods

I think that song from the late 70's or early 80's needs a upgrade, it now should be called {I Think I Am Turning Chinese} http://youtu.be/gEmJ-VWPDM4
timmac 11/25/14 10:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: K&N filters

desert captain, you been out in the sun to long. IF you follow k&n,s directions you,ll clog up you mass air flow in about 1k miles. Your post is rude, ignorant and simply false {you must be so proud}. :S Tens of millions K&N customers have had no problem following their instructions (these are the folks who actually read and follow them), for decades with excellent results. Not sure why you hate K&N so much but then I really don't care. I have been using K&N filters since 1998 with excellent performance, saving hundreds of dollars over the cheap (often Chinese), paper filters. :R Desert Captain don't let these folks bother you, I to have ran into a few knowitall's on here but the funny thing is they don't know Jack.. :C
timmac 11/25/14 10:41pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: K&N filters

I have the Banks ram air intake, its designed to allow more flow and not allowing the mass air sensor to get oil on it, a K&N by itself does nothing, you need a whole new air intake system to get the benefit. Note the Banks uses a filter same as K&N but there intake has the filter housing sitting lower than mass air sensor. http://assets.bankspower.com/prod_images/1027/ford_ramair_0607_68L.jpg
timmac 11/25/14 06:19pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford cruise control

I really don't understand all the bitc+++g. If you are unhappy with the noise levels, add some insulation to the dog house. If you are unhappy because it kicks down too easy, learn to shut it off on hills and just use the gas pedal at a moderate setting a so it kicks down at a slower speed. I've learned to put my foot on the throttle to over ride the CC when going down hill to pick up some speed. I will also kick it out of O/D a little early when climbing a hill to ease the shift and maintain the desired speed. In any event, the CC on my old F53, pulling a 5000 lb toad, works as good as I can expect. Its not that we are bitc+++g just pointing out that CC have not gotten better over the years as the rest of the chassis, same as with our Nissin truck, every time it gets to a hill the CC shuts off, they can develop a smart CC that knows its in the hills and slows down the speed and just down shift 1 gear and not 2 gears, when I am on a long hill and maintaining 45 mph I can do it in 4th gear but if I put the CC on it wants to go to 3rd gear. I think todays CC is the same as 30 years ago, nothing has changed in this department.
timmac 11/23/14 01:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford cruise control

Last two Mh's have been on the Ford chassis. My only major complaint has been with the cruise control - seems technologically in the dark ages. I've learned to be super alert to the slightest grade, but too often is seems I don't quite sense the grade change and the transmission suddenly shifts down and we're travelling at super high RPM's. My daily drivers seem to sense the change, shift down a little to compensate & continue on without dramatic effect. BTW - the first was a 2005, the current a 2013. Ford can certainly do better than this! I so agree with this post, the cruise control on my 08 Bounder is the same, does seem like old technology don't work with the new technology V-10 and 5 speed transmission, what Ford needs is some R & D put into the cruise control to adapt to hills, I can maintain the speed in 4th gear on a hill but the cruise control keeps it in 3rd gear.
timmac 11/18/14 04:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cool Double or Triple...An AC Question

2 a/c's will work ok but a extra fan to circulate the air will be needed, also putting some foil on south facing windows will also be needed even if you have 3 a/c's, running the generator with 3 a/c's will eat some fuel.
timmac 11/17/14 07:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Adding a 12V Ceiling Fan

What you need to do is this.. http://www.modmyrv.com/2008/07/28/rv-fantastic-fan http://i.imgur.com/OPgk283l.jpg]http://i.imgur.com/OPgk283l.jpg
timmac 11/16/14 08:11pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Montana LLC

My Class A motorhome and car are registered in my home state/county- Nevada/Clarke. I am a full timer and registration, particularly emission inspection, is a pain. Besides, I am paying $1500 per year registration. It looks like I could save most of that money and all the hassle, if I got a Montana LLC and registered the vehicles there. What experience do other have with this? Is it a swamp or easy to do? I am thinking about using a firm called Deer Creek. http://www.mtvehicles.com/vehicles/learn_more Is anyone familiar with these guys? Jim Decker My neighbor next door to me did this to save on taxes and license fees on his newer motorhome, he has to buy me a fifth of JD every month so I don't turn him in.. :B
timmac 11/16/14 08:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: If you had Eight Years to Plan

8 years to plan for RVing ??, heck why wait, get one now and have fun than you will really know if that is what you want when you retire. I am still young and working but have many years traveling in a motorhome under my belt, heck if I ever retire I might just stop RVing..
timmac 11/15/14 06:16pm Full-time RVing
RE: Towing a cargo van

You all have talked me into a cargo trailer. I will try to buy one so I can sell it again at the end of the line, instead of renting one. wait, what about the cargo van with a 454? Towing the motor home? No one commented on that? Well, some of you mentioned no brakes. And I would have to reconnect the drive line if I have to move it in a forced back up situation. Ok, Cargo trailer it is. Thanks for all your input. A open used utility trailer is not that much, look around on craigslist they can be had for as little as 500 bucks sometimes. If your that tight on money with babies and young children you should not be doing the motorhome thing right now, stick with a small car and tent and save your money, a motorhome broke down on the highway will cost you lots of dollars dealing with freeway repair shops.
timmac 11/15/14 06:08pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Towing a cargo van

Well, there is a van up here for sale that doesn't run, for $300 and I figured I could sell motor and transmission for scrap, getting at least half of that $300 back, then sell the rest in Calif, for maybe another $150, and spare myself the $400+ trailer rental. Thought I could improvise. As well your income and my income could be entirely two different animals. But I'm liking the idea of trailer brakes and no tickets, more and more. Thanks for all your help. Buy a used utility trailer for goodness sakes.. :R
timmac 11/14/14 06:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: AlbanyRV/RVone should I feel disappointed or ripped off?

I don't usually check the dates on tires when having them done on my truck or Jeep but did check them when having my motorhome done before install and I guess I was lucky because all 6 were just 6 months old. However my spare is 6 years old but never used.
timmac 11/14/14 05:52pm Class A Motorhomes
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