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RE: Need new satelite dome

I've been happy with my Winegard Trav'lr so far.
tkcas01 08/14/14 10:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Check engine light 4 days away from vacation

check your fuel cap! Up until a month ago, this suggestion would have resulted in me scratching my head. But recently the check engine light came on and it was emission related and turned out it was the fuel cap not sealing properly! Agree - take it by an auto parts store. Most of all, let us know what you find! If it is the fuel cap you might have to drive it around for a while after you tighten it before the light goes out. It took ours till the next day after driving that evening for the check engine light to go out, after tightening the gas cap. Agree. Mine did not go off immediately either, but eventually it did.
tkcas01 06/25/14 08:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Check engine light 4 days away from vacation

check your fuel cap! Up until a month ago, this suggestion would have resulted in me scratching my head. But recently the check engine light came on and it was emission related and turned out it was the fuel cap not sealing properly! Agree - take it by an auto parts store. Most of all, let us know what you find!
tkcas01 06/25/14 03:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2004 Monaco Executive

You say new batteries. Are they new since you last used the rig? Maybe they got wired incorrectly?
tkcas01 06/24/14 04:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Traded rigs

Nice upgrade. Gorgeous. Congrats!
tkcas01 06/23/14 11:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Slide Awning

My report on replacing the slide topper might help: http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/25357620.cfm
tkcas01 06/23/14 05:18pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Replace M/H window awnings?

I recently did my Carefree window awning canopies. Here is my report. If you have a different brand this might not apply. http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/27722917.cfm
tkcas01 06/18/14 09:40pm Tech Issues

The way I read the OP, the problem is that the pump will not operate even though the fuse is fine, so it is not a problem with the tank - and besides he says he is using grey tank only.
tkcas01 06/16/14 09:48am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: RV Convection oven

Yes, they bake just fine. A feature mine has that I like - not sure if all have it - is a mixed mode. The convection cooks at 325, but it also throws in microwave power - either 10% or 30% power. I use it for meats, frozen lasagne and such to speed up cooking and still provide browning unlike all micro. I don't run mine on the inverter. It sounds like it is struggling, so maybe the amperage is not there. I have read of others burning theirs out that way. Probably depends on specs of oven vs inverter.
tkcas01 06/15/14 03:45pm Beginning RVing
RE: Everglades/Airboat/Must Sees

Check out Shark Valley down off 41.
tkcas01 06/08/14 11:36am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV'ers logic

Must not be much to do in that campground.
tkcas01 06/07/14 11:51am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Slidder Topper suggestions help needed

I agree, you really don't notice the fabric so much as it up high. I will offer another piece of unsolicited advise. If possible, have them install the unit so that the fabric will slope down from the side of the rig. Many get installed so the fabric is horizontal when the slide is extended and that allows water to pool on top of the topper. There is also a model that has some kind of peaking mechanism for the same reason - not sure how much extra that costs.
tkcas01 05/31/14 09:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Can anyone see this picture?

I would have voted "terlit."
tkcas01 05/22/14 06:52pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Jeeps - Patriot vs Liberty vs Compass vs Cherokee

You don't say whether you are looking at new or used Jeep. If used, be aware of this ongoing N23 recall that many of us are battling right now. http://www.irv2.com/forums/f85/jeep-gc-recall-done-now-xfer-case-wont-shift-into-neutral-186935.html
tkcas01 05/22/14 06:19pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Slide gasket reattachment

tk, did you replace the seals yourself or have it done? Do you know the method and material that was used? I did it myself. I mainly just used my fingers to seat the new seals, but on a couple of sides there was not enough room for the seal AND my fingers so I used tools there to press the seal into place. Sorry, I don't remember exactly what I used - a wood chisel, maybe. I just started at the bottom of one side of the slide and worked my way around. To better conform in the corners, Monaco had cut the blade, overlapped the edges and glued them together. I used Super Glue Gel for that. To make sure I got the right thing, I ordered directly from Monaco, but the part for mine was ED50470 - Deal, Double Bulb w/2" Blade. Your rig may take something different.
tkcas01 05/21/14 02:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Slide gasket reattachment

The ONLY correct repair is to replace the complete slide gasket. The new gasket comes with the metal clip installed. They do not sell the metal zipper clip by itself. NOTHING will adhere the existing gasket to the gasket frame edges. Only the metal clips will hold it in place. Doug I had the same problem on one of my slides and did indeed replace all 3 of my slide seals. My slide toppers needed replacing as well so I did them at the same time, as the toppers are in the way of putting the seal in place across the top. Not a fun job, but glad to have it done.
tkcas01 05/21/14 02:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ebay Hacked

Can't hurt to enable two factor authentication as well. You're making me feel dumber than I am, what is two factor authentication? I think he is talking about the security questions that some sites provide.
tkcas01 05/21/14 01:32pm Technology Corner
Replacing Canopies on Carefree Window & Door Awnings

A couple of my window awning canopies needed replacement. As they match my large awning which is still in good shape, I wanted the same fabric. I emailed Monaco and they were able to give me the part numbers for each of the awnings. Turns out you should also be able to find a sticker on the awning roller that has the part number - just unroll the awning all the way. I had tried a couple of online dealers without much luck and finally gave Shade Pro a try. They said that with the model number of the awnings they knew exactly what fabric and sizes I needed - no need to measure anything. I had my order placed in about 6 minutes. They arrived just a few days later. Now, how to go about replacing? I found threads about replacing fabric on large awnings, but not about the window awnings. I kinda figured it out as I went and thought I would share my experience. In the end it was incredibly easy. This applies to both window and over-the-door awnings like mine. First, fully extend and secure the awning. Remove the hex screw from the cap on the end of each arm. Note on the end of the cap it shows which way to turn them to tighten the spring. http://www.tlkemp.com/images/awning1.jpg In preparation to release the spring tension, attach vise grips to one of the arm caps. Not shown here, but you may want to put something there to protect the cap from getting scratched. Get a good hold on the cap/vise grips and carefully slide the cap off the end of the arm. You may need to bump it with something to get it going. Don't worry - the tension is only moderate and will not get away from you if you grasp it firmly. Continue holding the cap/vise with one hand and grasp the end of the roller with the other. Let the end cap slowly spin in a controlled manner until the tension is relieved. MAKE NOTE of the number of turns so you can reapply tension properly. For me it was 6-7 turns. Once the tension is off one spring, put the end cap back on that arm and repeat for the other side. http://www.tlkemp.com/images/awning2.jpg I found that on the coach side of the canopy, they crimped the metal to hold the fabric on place, making it difficult to get the old canopy out and the new one in. Rather than doing that on the side of the rig, note that the slats in the awning cover can be slid out. Just remove the screw on one end of the slat you want to slide out. Slide the roller off both arms, being careful not to let them fall and damage the rig. Roll the fabric up on the roller and then slide the assembly out of the awning cover - away from the screw you removed. http://www.tlkemp.com/images/awning4.jpg Once the awning roller and canopy is off, do what is required to open the crimped slat and remove it from the fabric. I used a combination of screwdrivers and pliers to uncrimp it - just be careful not to damage the side that shows. I also took a drill bit and tapped it into the slot to make sure it was fully open so the fabric would slide easily. On one end of the roller, drill out the two rivets and remove the end cap assembly. Make a note of the orientation of the scalloped edge of the fabric to the roller and slide out the fabric and pull-strap. http://www.tlkemp.com/images/awning5.jpg Slide the new fabric into the roller, making sure you orient the scalloped edge properly. DON'T FORGET to also slide in the new pull strap in the opposite slot. Replace the end cap assembly and secure with new rivets (3/16" diameter, 3/16-1/4" grip). Slide the slat back onto the other end of the canopy, again making sure it is properly oriented. Use pliers to re-crimp the back of the slat. Roll the fabric up on the roller and then slide the assembly back in the awning cover on the rig. Unroll the fabric and place the end caps back on the arms. Replace the screw in the end of the slat. Without spring tension, the awnings will seem too long, but not to worry... Again use the vise grips to grasp one of the end caps. Slide it off the arm and turn in the direction indicated on the end cap to tension the spring. Turn it the same number of turns as you noted when relieving the tension. Place the tensioned end cap back on the arm, replace the hex screw then repeat on the other side.
tkcas01 05/21/14 10:54am Tech Issues
RE: Ebay Hacked

Yep, and though they say that PayPal info is on another network, I went in made changes there as well. Probably a good idea to change security questions too.
tkcas01 05/21/14 10:06am Technology Corner
RE: Norcold refrigerator for coach

Are you sure there is nothing tall in the top bin of the door that is hitting the inside top of the fridge, or something on the shelves that the the door bins press against when you try to close the doors? That was always the source of my beeping.
tkcas01 05/16/14 08:17am Class A Motorhomes
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