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RE: Washer & Dryer option worth it?

I think the value is mainly one of convenience. Sometimes the park laundry might not be available when you want to wash, then you have to watch the time and get back over there to move from washer to dryer, then again to get out of the dryer and hope there is a decent/clean place to fold. With the onboard units, it is much easier to work the chore into other things you want/need to do. If a full-timer or heavy traveler, I think it would be worth it, maybe not so much for weekend warriors. Didn't know they now have 240V dryers. I'd definitely go that way if I had the choice.
tkcas01 06/14/15 05:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Store manager yelled "Get the (sounds like duck) out of my p

Maybe RV owners need body cams. Would make for some interesting YouTube episodes perhaps! We could call them "Customer Service Cams."
tkcas01 06/11/15 08:11pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: Does "free WiFi" ever work?

Not something you can depend on. Often frustratingly slow even for surfing when it works at all. I have satellite and broadband so seldom even try to log onto the park wifi. Normally just a big waste of my time.
tkcas01 06/07/15 09:45pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Lat Long

I had noticed an issue with GPS coordinates on rvparkreviews.com and submitted a support ticket. It sounds like they get the coordinates from wherever Google Maps thinks the address is. So it is likely the underlying map data that is incorrect. Good Sam probably does something similar - no one is actually looking at a map and capturing the coordinates. Instead their system probably calls a Google Maps function, gives it the address and it returns the coordinates of where the map data thinks that address is. Or not. :h For example, here is a web developer describing that very thing: http://atomiku.com/2012/12/get-gps-coordinates-from-google-api-with-php/
tkcas01 06/06/15 02:42pm Technology Corner
RE: HELP door latch broke

Yep, mine broke and Trimark was very helpful. If you can send them a photo it would help, and they will likely send you a spec diagram. Based on that I ordered, got what I needed, did a better job than Monaco at adjusting it and it has been better then new ever since. As a fulltimer on the road, probably one of the only things I have ever paid overnight delivery on!
tkcas01 06/02/15 09:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bathroom Smell

Look under the sink your vacuum breaker might be bad.Does the toilet hold water in it? This it often the cause of such odors, and in fact coming from the grey tank. There is typically an "auto vent" near the sink, the lav(s) and washer area. Even if your rig is plumbed for a washer and does not have one, it may still have an auto vent in place for it. They do go bad over time and let air from the tank back into the RV. You can get them at any home improvement retailer. https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ1n7Wx2rkPIeDWj-jwrY42hIxp0oQZ6j4kbuPivzI28IHModfg_Q
tkcas01 06/01/15 11:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Back Porches, lets see em!

https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR0M38r9itbzPS1ReM1na8noaPIEcRIRfOvgdCFVwTv8zypXqFo Oh, I thought the subject said Black Porsches.... Time to call the eye doc! :E
tkcas01 06/01/15 08:49pm Truck Campers
RE: Why is Crater Lake a must-see?

I plan on going later this year. Maybe I will have the place to myself if enough people think it is meh. Heck, the Grand Canyon is just a hole in the ground. What's the big deal? If it was really something, they'd have a Grand Canyon ride at DisneyWherever.
tkcas01 05/27/15 07:52pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Amana Conv/Micro Radarange

Sounds like the control board may have gone bad. Did you try unplugging it for a few minutes then plugging it back in? Sometimes that can "reset" them. We are about to replace our oven that is almost 10 years old. We are going with this Whirlpool WMH76719CS currently on a good sale at both Best Buy and Home Depot. At this post you can find the report from another RVer that recently installed it and enjoying it - reports that he has since seen it in new rigs.
tkcas01 05/23/15 11:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to remove bottom step???

I've seen some people that have luck by leaving the step extended and driving around a bit! :B Sorry, couldn't resist!
tkcas01 05/22/15 01:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: [OP Update] Windows 8.1 compared to Win7 - user experience

Another OP Update Continuing to fine-tune her Start Screen. Found a free program called OblyTile that helps make custom tiles. In the updated image below, the first set of tiles launch directly to some of her most used websites and I was pretty easily able to make some nice tiles using images from the internet. I made the tiles 270x270 pixels for the medium sized tiles. link to larger image http://www.tlkemp.com/images/StartScreen2_sm.jpg
tkcas01 05/19/15 03:51pm Technology Corner
RE: Silicon Valley Region Shop for Convection Oven Replacement?

Excellent! Glad you got what you wanted! For me, not interested in doing it myself, not interested in the same model I am replacing and AM interested in outside venting. Did some searching and Almaden RV Service in San Jose seems like a good candidate and for the most part has positive reviews.
tkcas01 05/19/15 11:28am Tech Issues
Silicon Valley Region Shop for Convection Oven Replacement?

Class A full-timer currently in Monterey, CA about to head north on the 101. Needing to have the microwave/convection oven replaced, potentially adding outside venting. Curious if anyone has experience with RV shops between here and San Francisco you'd recommend for this potentially "invasive" project. Some mods may be required based on the way the new oven mounts and of course the venting means cutting a hole in the wall! :E Needless to say, not a job I'd want to trust to just anyone.
tkcas01 05/19/15 09:59am Tech Issues
RE: [OP Update] Windows 8.1 compared to Win7 - user experience

That's the flexibility of Win8.1, being able to configure the tiles with just the ones you want to use. My desktop too is almost blank. I just group the tiles with the ones I use the most and remove the rest. You can also create tiles for the shortcuts to websites you use most often. Anything I needed to access from the start menu I created a tile. I agree that one of the current shortcomings is being able to edit the look of the tile instead of just the size. Excellent comment on putting tiles on the Start Screen to go directly to a website. I discovered that over the weekend and put a few on there for her - made a special named group for them. For example, being 82, one thing she likes to do every morning is check the local obituaries - see how she is stacking up. :W So, put on a tile for that. Also a couple to get directly to her credit union and Discover card accounts. For the desktop, I am thinking of using it just for putting shortcuts to files she might access frequently.
tkcas01 05/19/15 09:56am Technology Corner
RE: [OP Update] Windows 8.1 compared to Win7 - user experience

You do know that if you left mouse click and drag downward from the top of the open app that it closes the app, right? No, I had not read that anywhere. Will give that a try and see if it is easier for her than hovering in the upper right corner waiting for the red "x" to appear.
tkcas01 05/17/15 11:26am Technology Corner
RE: [OP Update] Windows 8.1 compared to Win7 - user experience

Thats a good start. Make sure she understands that if she want to just go back to the normal screen to click on to desktop. Keep in mind you caqn also pin the most popular to the taskbar which make her life real easy. Yep, I am training her to know how to get back to both the Start screen and Desktop, but I am leaving the Desktop blank - no app icons. It is better for her to just have one place to go to launch applications, else she would likely get confused. As I said in my post above, the one awkward thing for me so far is how to get OUT of Metro apps. The little hidden titlebar might be problematic for her, and having to remember hotkeys is not good either.
tkcas01 05/17/15 11:00am Technology Corner
RE: [OP Update] Windows 8.1 compared to Win7 - user experience

Question can you remove the tiles that you do not plan to use and replace them with tiles for the apps you like to use? Don Yes, you can put whatever tiles on the Start screen you want and choose what size they should be. For me, it was seeing that out-of-the-box Start screen that made me think Win8 was too big a change - it just had a bunch of tiles that I had no idea what they were for. But once you tailor it with the tiles of programs you use it is much more comfortable. Since there are new "apps" available for Win8 from the Microsoft store that run in the newer "Metro" interface, I chose to group my Mom's into "Desktop Apps" and "Metro Apps" to help her remember the difference and know where the familiar stuff is. You can name your own groups or leave the names off. One negative is it seems you can't easily change the color of the tiles. I think you can by editing some XML files, but that is certainly not user friendly. For my Mom, what I wanted her to stay away from is the Apps Screen. Depending on how it is configured, the Apps screen may come up instead of the Start screen or the Desktop when you hit the Windows key or icon. The Apps screen has a icon and name for everything installed on the computer and is just way too confusing for those less technical. But you right-click on the icons on the Apps screen and tell it to pin it to the Start Screen, taskbar, etc. Then on the Start screen you can move the tile around and resize it. As I said, I am training my Mom to use the Start screen as her main launching point for the apps she uses. The one thing I find annoying and non-user friendly is that in the Metro apps, the titlebar at the top hides automatically, so you have to go hover up there to make it reappear so you can close the app. I'm afraid it will be hard for my Mom to remember that, plus she has lost much dexterity in her hands so mouse work is getting harder for her. Other than using hotkeys to make it appear, I have not found a way to make it stay visible up there so it will be easier for her.
tkcas01 05/17/15 10:56am Technology Corner
RE: [OP Update] Windows 8.1 compared to Win7 - user experience

Update from OP OK, the new computer is up and running. Thankfully with the backup it was easy to get files, emails, favorites and other configuration data back. I then started messing around with it assuming I would get her to ignore the new Start Screen and use the familiar Desktop. However, after getting used to it, I decided to do just the opposite. I removed all shortcuts from the traditional Desktop and started populating the Start Screen with what she normally uses. Realizing that there are some nice apps that run in the new "Metro" interface, I installed some of those (like for weather and Netflix) and showed her how they worked. Having never used Win8, I am actually pretty impressed with it and even she agrees it is more pleasant looking and maybe more fun to use. We'll see after she gets some time working with it. Here is a screenshot of how I configured the Start Screen so far. I'll fine-tune it as she lets me know what she likes or doesn't like. I can understand why some don't like it at first, but after just one day with it, I think if you figure out how to configure it to do what YOU want, it's actually nice. link to larger image http://www.tlkemp.com/images/Start Screen sm.jpg
tkcas01 05/16/15 07:33pm Technology Corner
RE: [OP Update] Windows 8.1 compared to Win7 - user experience

From OP.... Thanks again for some of the more recent responses. My Mom's new computer with 8.1 installed arrived today, so we will just config it to make it look as familiar to her Win7 experience as possible. I hadn't heard it was faster to boot. That's nice. Sometimes with Win7 I wonder what in the HECK it is doing!
tkcas01 05/13/15 06:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Mortorhome Dinghy towing problems

Keep in mind when you're backing up and have another person steering the toad...IF/WHEN the steering wants to go, most likely you'll be enroute to the emergency room with a couple broken arms. Also, the tow bars aren't really designed to "push" so it could result in damage.
tkcas01 05/11/15 10:40am Class A Motorhomes
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