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RE: 2005 F350 6.0 (Turbo)

I checked the codes on the truck and two came up, One was Underboost and the other was overboost. I can turn the truck off and then back on and the trubo is fine. Im having to replace the glow plugs this week as to #8 is out. Im really just curious of the Turbo is on the way out. Thanks for the help. You just need to take it off and take it apart and clean it. I have to do mine once a year. If it goes into an overboost for a long pull the truck will go into limp mode. It sux pulling a load and trying to climb a hill and only have 2000 rpm and no boost to work with. ;)
transamz9 08/19/14 10:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram Eco-Diesel vs F150 2.7 TT - Davis Dam

Here is another way to look at it. You can rough calculate HP by taking quarter mile trap speed with a known vehicle weight. The torque curve can be any of an infinite # of scenarios but the HP is the same. A vehicle with a higher or flatter torque curve may "feel" faster but at the end of the day it is the HP component that did the work. Horsepower does no work, it is a calculation that tells you how muck work can be done in a time frame.
transamz9 08/17/14 07:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram Eco-Diesel vs F150 2.7 TT - Davis Dam

Hey T&P. Remember that one person telling us that HP is just a calculation and doesn't really exist like TQ does? Lol LOL, that guy was right. Look up the definition. You will notice that 'torque' is the measure of 'work'. Work requires a force. That force is torque. All horsepower adds to the equation is time, so horsepower is just the ticking of the clock. This guy quoted below works with horsepower all the time for his livelihood and this is what he has to say about it. What This Means As we proved above, horsepower is simply an extrapolation of torque applied over time. When an engine is measured for its power potential on a dynamometer, horsepower and torque are not measured as separate entities. Rather, torque is measured, and horsepower is then calculated given the torque at the specific RPM level. Car owners often use “horsepower” as the end-all be-all rating for engine performance. This perspective is flawed. First of all, when you hear of a car having X horsepower, it only refers to the peak horsepower on the dyno graph. Secondly, it doesn’t indicate what the shape of the torque curve is. You can feel the torque that an engine generates as you’re pushed back into your seat. http://www.roushperformance.com/blog/2010/12/the-meaning-of-horsepower-and-torque/ Bye,,,,, again. But if you are talking about a chassis dynamometer (that is what you will find in the field) They measure horsepower and the torque has to be calculated. Also torque is not a measurement of work. Torque is only a force measurement. You can have a 1000 ft lbs of torque with no work being done. But if you have 300 hp work is being done. When you are being pushed back in you seat that is horsepower. Being pushed back in your seat is torque overpowering the resistance. Horsepower is just a mathematical calculation that tells you how much torque you are putting out to overcome that resistance.
transamz9 08/17/14 07:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How to move a million pound load

It should be assembled on site. At a point in time if a load was too heavy for the roads and bridges then it was sent by rail. Our roads are broken to pieces now and we wonder why. It has enough tires on the trailer that it won't do any more damage to the roads than a standard semi load. Actually , probably less because it is going so slow. All the axles also steer so it doesn't scoot tires like a normal tandem trailer would.
transamz9 08/17/14 06:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Well!!! Huh?

Guess I have it made full-timing anywhere I want and working on the road at 62. If I had to actually 'go' to a job every morning I'd go kicking and screaming. LOL!!! I believe if I didn't have a job to go to every morning I would be screaming and kicking the wife! HAHAHA!!! I would definitely keep my line wetter. The only problem with that is that my wife loves to fish as much as me. Maybe retirement for me and the DW will be two boats/ HAHA!!
transamz9 08/14/14 02:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Well!!! Huh?

I work all week and vacation on the weekends.
transamz9 08/14/14 10:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: '15 Ford F450 vs RAM 3500 HD Extreme Towing Review

If I want to race then I will build a truck for that. I mean really. the only place racing should be going on is on a track. How many races you go to and see bone stock off the factory racing heads up? I would just take my '05 Cummins to the test if I wanted to beat the F450 towing 30,000. It's really a tit for tat thing. All ram would have to do is put 4500 Acola's on and turn the Cummins up a little and then Ford would go back to the drawing board again. It's gotten a little silly now and it will get to the point the big "G" will start putting their foot down when every day Joes get in these big pullers and expect to just go down the road towing 30,000 like they are out on a Sunday drive and not know what they are doing and kill a few people.
transamz9 08/13/14 09:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Mico lever lock supplemental parking brake

All of them that I have ever used have worked great but I wouldn't use it for long term parking. The slightest bit of by-pass will release the brakes.
transamz9 08/09/14 06:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.4L Hemi tow report - weights added

I'm just wondering why the chart don't have the Cummins info in it? I would say the info was probably provided by Ford.
transamz9 08/06/14 11:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dueling Deisels

If you are talking about pure stock then the Duramax most likely will win. Simple reason more horsepower in stock form. But look at the numbers Ford and Ram are claiming on 2015 models. THey are higher than the current Dmax 397HP/765TQ. Which begs the question how they are getting those numbers?Probably the same way they got bigger numbers back in 2011.. The Dmax was dyno tested under strict SAE standards. The other two... NOT. Think about the difference between peak and continuous ratings... BTW, The Dmax power numbers is the same as it was back in 2011. The highest powered Cummins is still 12 hp short of the D-max. I don't think Ram has ever tried to claim top prize on hp or speed.
transamz9 08/04/14 07:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Diesel vs gas......................

A diesel tech on another forum says as long as you don't tune a 6.0 and take care of it, it's a good engine. If you put in studs and a few other things he says they're great. He also says the Fords and Chevys are what keeps money in his pocket as he doesn't see many Cummins... You just proved the point about the 6.0. Unless YOU add studs and a few other things ($$$).... Hell, the 6.5 TD also had the potential to be a great engine to with some "extra" work. hate to bang one out from over a year ago but have been reading this thread for a while now "gas vs diesel" and have to say i went through the same issues trying to figure out the "best" for me/us going forward. I must say in reading this and other thread on forums i believe a diesel, even with the increase maintenance cost, will in the long run, be a better vehicle to own to pull a travel trailer, especially is you are semi full-time traveling, and go out west a bunch. Now back to the quoted post.. Now, can you imagine how great it would be if Ford had chosen Cummins engines instead of dodge/ram? That would be the ultimate combo of all time and Ford with be the absolute leader in diesel powered pickups in the WORLD. just sayin. No , they would have over tuned it and ruined it too. Their's nothing wrong with an International engine.
transamz9 08/04/14 04:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: EGR Failure on 6.7 Power Stroke

Guys, I have trucks with way more hours per miles on them than that. BTW, the hour meter on a 2005 F350 will not go past 9999.:W In the real world of the truck being used as a tool and not just transportation you will rack up a lot of idle time per miles. I have one truck (5.9 Cummins) that has averaged 25 mph during it's life. The problem with the engine in the video is that it doesn't get blown out near enough because of it's location I would say. Running around in the city limits it's whole life.
transamz9 08/03/14 05:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram Eco-Diesel vs F150 2.7 TT - Davis Dam

Guys. Lets not forget it is a Ford advertisement. Of course the ford is going to be the best. I don't doubt that the 2.7 ecoboost is a fine engine but I wouldn't draw a single conclusion from a Ford ad claiming it is the best. It may be the best but I wouldn't take Ford's word for it. Yeah I think it's kind of funny that they stress how the lighter f150 is the main reason it did so well but yet in their HD truck shoot out they sand bagged so the weights would be equal for the test. LOL! Your statement makes zero sense... LOL :R Read this. It will make perfect sense.:R Ford sand bagging.
transamz9 08/02/14 06:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram Eco-Diesel vs F150 2.7 TT - Davis Dam

Guys. Lets not forget it is a Ford advertisement. Of course the ford is going to be the best. I don't doubt that the 2.7 ecoboost is a fine engine but I wouldn't draw a single conclusion from a Ford ad claiming it is the best. It may be the best but I wouldn't take Ford's word for it. Yeah I think it's kind of funny that they stress how the lighter f150 is the main reason it did so well but yet in their HD truck shoot out they sand bagged so the weights would be equal for the test. LOL!
transamz9 08/01/14 06:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2014 Ram 3500 SRW Cummins vs 2014 Ram 2500 6.4L Hemi

Wonder what the re-sale value will be like in say 10 years :W The diesel will certainly be higher. Probably reasonably close to the initial price differential. :) So what you're saying is that in the end the diesel won't cost any more?
transamz9 07/31/14 01:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford vs Ram

Not that it really matters much and who really cares but if the Ford is a 2015 and the Ram is a 2014 then they can really both have the title. Now when the 2015 Ram comes out and it tops the '15 Ford is Ford going to quit claiming top dog? I think is really a stupid and childish thing they are doing. I'm about ready to stop buying any trucks and start building my own. I might call it AMC. Take a little from all and just go camping. If I need to haul 30,000+ I'll just get in the Freightliner and head out.
transamz9 07/28/14 12:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: ELectric Fans on a Cummins ?

Well you answered your own question. If you drive mostly empty, your fan should never really engage except really hot weather maybe. I can count on my hands how any times the fan has kicked on in my 07 unless I was towing or hauling something substantial. And my radiator fins are all smashed in thanks to my kids a few years ago! Installing electric fans seems like a waste of time and $ for very little to no gain in a normal daily driver vehicle. You would be surprised at how much your fan runs. If you run your A/C then your fan is constantly cycling. The OE fan is variable so you won't here it kick in 90% of the time because it only runs what is demanded of it. If this were me and I wanted to us electric fans I would just leave the OE fan in place and operating and then just add electric fans to help with the load. I would get a temp sensor rated at a higher value to add in and wire it so the OE fan will come on at a certain temp. Let the E-Fans do the light work like everyday running and A/C.
transamz9 07/28/14 12:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: ELectric Fans on a Cummins ?

For $600 or so FLex a lite makes a fan kit for the CUmmins 5.9 Anybody using it? is there a noticable MPG gain running empty? Does it work well enough to cool the truck when loaded? Why are you wanting to do this? Is there something wrong with your factory cooling?
transamz9 07/27/14 12:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dealer's service dept frustrating me

The cap that they have to remove to put oil in the truck tells them what weight oil they need to use.
transamz9 07/24/14 04:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: 265/70/17 or 285/70/17

Lol I know what you mean about getting pulled over, but they pulled me over for going 2 miles over the speed limit on a downhill part of the road. Another time I was pulled over for having my tow mirrors up for towing but I had just left the campground to go to walmart for food. Literally a mile away from the campground. He followed me and I had to prove I had my tt at the campground. Just to add to that I am active duty military and it was memorial day weekend. The cop said, well I was never in the military so I dont give breaks. He still made me put my mirrors down before I could drive to walmart. so, the love me state, common wealth of virginia can be a fun place to drive through. Next time just tell him to right you a ticket for the mirrors being up and tell him to put the number of the written law on the ticket. I have never heard of a law forbidding a tow mirror on a truck to be up or extended. That Cop was bored and needs to do something like walk main street and write parking tickets.
transamz9 07/22/14 07:27am Tow Vehicles
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