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RE: Big Three road tests

I didn't even watch the video because like NC, my truck does all I ask of it and I'm happy. That's all that matters right? I do often wonder though, with everything now days handled by computer why don't these manufactures tune these engines to hold max torque all the way to the max RPM that they set. Example, the Cummins makes 865 lbft at 1,750 I believe, If the engine can hold the cylinder pressures at that RPM then why wouldn't they at 2,900? Having the flat torque line would be a heck of a pulling engine. Cooling maybe?
transamz9 10/31/14 05:29pm Tow Vehicles

Quit driving it like a grandpa and run it. It's not going to hut it to use it for a commuter but you are not going to be able to drive it like a 300 six with three on the tree. You need to boost it so it can burn it.
transamz9 10/30/14 07:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New f350 with the exhaust brake button

You leave it on and it will come on when you let off the gas. IDK about the Fords but my Ram works good but different in normal and tow/haul mode. It is more aggressive in tow haul model.
transamz9 10/29/14 07:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What happened around the 14 min mark here?

For the record Mr. Truck owns a Ford super duty gasser. Well he can't be too smart then......:B jk.
transamz9 10/28/14 06:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What happened around the 14 min mark here?

I am not convinced 400 hp/800 torques will pull the same weight at the same speed with 400 hp/1650 torques on a grade like this. Even if all other factors can be made the same. The massive low end torque of the big truck allows it to have it's hp in a flatter range. Unless the semi is lugging below it's operating range then it has way more hp than the GM truck because it does not have the gears to get to it's hp range. If the gm truck geared down then it would slow down because of rpm limit. A semi with only 300 hp and 18 gears would probably still be able to pull the hill faster with the same weight. Give the GM the same gear ratios as the big truck and them it would be a race.;)
transamz9 10/28/14 03:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: From Tundra to which 3/4 ton

Payload. You've already nailed it. I've been window shopping and had the same internal discussion. (over and over...) Ram Tradesman package with a few choice upgrades is your friend. Best kept secret, I think it is the most truck for the least cost. Add a few choice upgrade packages and you'll have everything you "want" without paying for what you really don't "need". Thanks to ib516, I'm now a 6.4L believer, (he did all my homework). Speaking of the South, my neck of the woods,...here were my two favorites, a 2014 Tradesman 1500 4x4 CC 5.7L with nice options in Chattanooga, TN about 7K off MSRP of 40K. But, a dealer in Bremen, GA has a few 2015 Tradesman 2500 4x4 CC 6.4L decent options about 6.5K off MSRP of 42K. Based on my reading you could be able to shave a fair amount off of the sale prices? As nice as the 1500 version was and in a color I liked, waking up this AM, it seems foolish to not take advantage of the 2500 with the 6.4L for a few dollars more. Can I post the window sticker links here? Regardless of our ability to pay, this is a big ticket item, why not make it an adventure? Email/phone the dealer, cut your best deal in writing, get a plane ticket, get to know the truck on the way home, enjoy telling your story later. I think the small town Georgia dealer regularly entertains out of state buyers, I know they speak "truck" and with our infamous "southern drawl" to boot. Much more enjoyable to spend your money where someone seems willing to do business without a fight. Good Luck Here's a new left over Laramie with with a 5.7. If you qualify for all the discounts, it's a great price. 2014 Laramie Gas Here's a left over Tradesman Diesel for about the same price. I know you said gas but I was just putting it up anyway. 2014 Tradesman Diesel
transamz9 10/28/14 01:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Do I need a Duelly ?

The safest would be tandem duel with 18 speed on tall rubber, but yes a dually will do fine.
transamz9 10/26/14 05:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Diesel Question...

They are all reliable now but just like anything else made by man there is always the chance of a breakdown. If it's out of warranty than yes it could be costly but so could a gas motor if the right part broke. If you go around worrying about this stuff it is going to eat at you all the time and take the enjoyment out of your trip. If you want more truck than what is in your siggy then you could just move up in truck size and stay with gas. If you want a diesel just because you want it then make sure you can afford the issues that may come with it. When I bought my '05 Ram Cummins all I heard was the trans will go and the frontend wouldn't hold up. I'm still driving it on the original trans and frontend parts. Well over half the miles on it are towing miles and most of those are with a programmer turned all the way to max setting. Just take care of what ever you get, don't try to make it do more than it can do and it will last you a very long time no matter what you get.
transamz9 10/22/14 07:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Can a tire explode from Over-inflation?

You guys that are plugging your tires from the outside do know that when you do this to a speed rated tire that you no longer have a speed rated tire right? This is why you have spares. Take the tire to a shop that properly repairs the tires from the inside. ;) BenK, I did the split rims when I worked for Goodyear. Loaded fire trucks are the worse there is. LOL
transamz9 10/21/14 06:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New beams....

I have used am-autoparts.com many time with good results. Here's all four unit's with a 10 year warranty..... 2003 Silverado head lights and turn signals.
transamz9 10/19/14 06:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: White knuckles for 600 miles!

OP, did your height from the ground to the ball change going from the Burb to the truck? You may need to raise or lower your hitch height.
transamz9 10/14/14 03:31pm Towing
RE: Pickup truck squatting when loaded - headlight aim

Our newest two Tundra's at work have a dial on the dash to adjust headlight aim. Yes, power headlight adjustment. My wife's 2011 Jeep had auto leveling headlights. When you started the Jeep the headlights would go up and down then center. I believe it had them for off road driving because the Jeep's suspension would auto level when you loaded it.
transamz9 10/10/14 06:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Anybody consider a semi for a tow vehicle?

Class 8 trucks are duallys usually, except for the ones that are single rear wheel. As long as you get a dually one you will be fine. We are looking at class 8's - saw one with door sticker GCWR 140,000lbs. The missus couldn't possibly pack... Yeah, don't get a SRW class 8, you'll never here the end of it.:D
transamz9 10/09/14 03:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Gray gelcoat and black trim

Something don't make sense to me. Why all the fading on the RVs but boats don't have this problem? Maintenance maybe? Just about everyone I know with dark colored boats are not having fade problems. Do you think it's because they are washed and waxed so much and and RV is hard to keep up the maintenance up on? Absolutely NOT! My therapy is caring for my toys. I treated my new "gray" gel coat no less than once a month with Rejex...supposedly a great UV protectant. I'm not saying you don't maintain it, sorry if it sounded like that. I'm just try to figure out why this is occurring. Like I said, the DW and I are looking at these also but I don't want to if they are fading. These boats I'm referring to are washed and waxed with Bass Boat Saver every time they come out of the water. I'm not doing an RV like that. Not worth that much to me to have it match the truck. Sorry if you misread my post.;)
transamz9 10/07/14 07:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cyclone Toy hauler pulled by a Ford F-250 crew cab.

I'm on my 2nd 2001 F350 and on both of them I've had to replace the front pump seals. I'm thinking that is a Ford thing. :h Did it blow out and spew fluid on the ground? Could be a Ford thing. My 02 f350 did this summer of 2013. I blew the front pump seal crossing north cascades highway 20 in Washington. Mine spewed fluid all over the ground. I was told it was a normal failure point. This summer the rest of the tranny went out Memorial Weekend. Also, crossing north cascades highway 20. I believe I would stay off that highway.:B
transamz9 10/07/14 05:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cyclone Toy hauler pulled by a Ford F-250 crew cab.

I was just thinking that dragging all that weight around put undue strain on the tranny and she finally screamed "ENOUGH!" and gave out at the weakest point. I've been dragging around 18,000 for years with a 2500 that is now 9 years old and still able to drag it around. He just had a bad seal.;)
transamz9 10/07/14 04:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Redwood Need New Truck Help

Not only the weights but the stability that the duallys give over a SRW is w/o question. Trying to beef up a 250 is tried by many but it does not change things when you are pulling the real heavy weights. I'm not talking about beefing up a 250 and this is an RV site so we are not talking about real heavy weights. When you actually hook to a heavy load with your Dually you see that a srw handles it's max load as well as a DRW does it's max load.
transamz9 10/07/14 04:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Gray gelcoat and black trim

Something don't make sense to me. Why all the fading on the RVs but boats don't have this problem? Maintenance maybe? Just about everyone I know with dark colored boats are not having fade problems. Do you think it's because they are washed and waxed so much and and RV is hard to keep up the maintenance up on? The reason I'm asking this is because the DW and I are looking at black and gray RVs. We are anal about washing are 5er but I'm not going to was and polish it regular like I do my boat. Six years and no fade on my boat. http://i968.photobucket.com/albums/ae169/transamz9/my%20z9%20bass%20boat/DSCN2191_zpsdaf7555a.jpg
transamz9 10/06/14 07:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need FAST Reliable cheap ball-joint mech Mesa AZ

Found a guy who will move the truck to another shop for just $55 tomorrow. Going to ask them what they would charge me for just the estimate at the place it's at now. What model year F250 do you have? 2X4 or 4X4?
transamz9 10/06/14 07:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Anybody consider a semi for a tow vehicle?

I grew up with trucks and became an OTR O/O. I used to think a class 7 or 8 would be the greatest thing but not anymore. We sightsee a lot while on or trips and Id rather not go 300 plus miles a day sightseeing in one of those. Craig X2, I drive one at work for hours on end out on the open road going from job to job and in no way is it as comfy as my F350. The Class 8 truck I drive is by no means as nice as they make them but it is a 2007 Freightliner Coronado and very nice but no way is it as quiet and comfortable as my pick-ups. Power? No question that the 475 hp with 18 speed is going to tow better than any pick-up but hey the new pick-ups are no slouch at 385-440 hp on tap. Also remember that these high power pick-ups now days weigh in at around 8000 pounds but a semi is going 12-15000 so some of that power is used up pulling it's own extra weight and wind resistance.
transamz9 10/06/14 06:35pm Tow Vehicles
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