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RE: Buying a RAM HD truck without 5th wheel prep?

Haha, I wasn't looking for the factory puck when I bought mine because I already had the Companion that fit the turnover ball system but it was all ready in it. I removed the factory gooseneck hitch and installed the B&W turnover. Lol
transamz9 08/17/17 05:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram air suspension

I wouldn't get it, personally - adds needless complexity. I like Timbrens better than airbags, factory or otherwise. Complexity? The only difference between my truck and one without air is my truck don't stay squatted after the load is applied.
transamz9 08/17/17 05:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 8' or 6.5' truck bed ?

Din, you forgot to read the previous post on size of fuel tanks. short box/little tank went out of style with granny's high button shoes. :W Rams 8' bed has larger tank ! Turning radius larger on a 8' bed By 1 gallon. If you are cutting it that close you are going to have more problems down the road then bed size. You'll be one of those coming on here complaining about your fuel system blowing apart.
transamz9 08/17/17 01:05pm Towing
RE: Ram air suspension

"And you must not have been on here much for the last two years as I have posted on this topic MANY times. It's WELL worth the $1,300 option. " I have had some busy periods where I could very well have missed your posts but I do appreciate you posting again. I was also hoping to hear from some people with lighter trucks. Are you talking about the 1500's system? There are three different systems on the Rams. the 1500 / 2500 / 3500 all offer air but they are all different. The 1500 is on all four corners and does a number of things.
transamz9 08/17/17 12:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram air suspension

I have a 2016 Mega Cab SRW 3500 with the factory air assist. I really like it and I won't go back to the standard system. All I can wish for is that they improve on it as far as options. On the 3500 it is a hybrid system. The suspension is still basically the same as the standard system it just has air springs added to bring the loaded truck back to original ride height. It also takes away the bounce when loaded heavily. I only wish they had it set up like the 2500 which is full air (no steel springs) on the rear and then give a manual mode and auto mode. I have a 2005 2500 that I put full air under the rear and it's the cat's meow to be able to dump the air completely when loading and unloading out of the truck. I can literally put the tailgate at the height the bumper is normally at which is around 30" off the ground when normally 40".
transamz9 08/17/17 06:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: The real HP/TQ numbers this is going to hurt!

From what I heard, the Ford engineered 6.7 is working out to be a good engine. Not at all surprised at the results, how many V8 Diesels are in OTR trucks? Not many, usually straight 6 and 8 since they will produce more torque just by the fact they have more journals, one for each piston, where V8's have shared journals, and the V design takes away from the stroke where that torque comes from. V8's, great for racing, but if you want a powerhouse for pulling a house down, you can't beat a straight 6. It's just too bad the Cummins in in a dodge. What the heck were they thinking putting a 5 foot bed on a dually? Interesting that the V8 Duramax makes more torque at a lower RPM than the Cummings straight 6. Also makes much more horsepower. and uses more fuel. Put the same fuel through the I6 and you'll get more power.
transamz9 08/16/17 04:13am Tow Vehicles
RE: Major Repairs

Any of the big 3s (Ford, Ram, GM) newest diesels would be extremely pricey to repair out of warranty. Example: I had a 2002 Ram/Cummins. I bought 6 new Bosch brand injectors ("RV275" injectotors for more power) for it for $350 (CDN). I'm pretty sure a new injector for a 2017 model of truck would be $1000+ each no matter the brand. And they do wear out. That kind of thing is one of the reasons I went with a 6.4L Hemi in 2014 after owning 2 diesels. I can get new Bosch injectors for $536 each. From what I have heard the collateral damage of a failed pump far exceeds the cost of the pump itself. Unless you start changing pumps as part of routine PM program it is the collateral damage that gets you. Pumps on the Cummins don't take out everything like the others. The Cummins is what I was quoting.
transamz9 08/13/17 10:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Major Repairs

Any of the big 3s (Ford, Ram, GM) newest diesels would be extremely pricey to repair out of warranty. Example: I had a 2002 Ram/Cummins. I bought 6 new Bosch brand injectors ("RV275" injectotors for more power) for it for $350 (CDN). I'm pretty sure a new injector for a 2017 model of truck would be $1000+ each no matter the brand. And they do wear out. That kind of thing is one of the reasons I went with a 6.4L Hemi in 2014 after owning 2 diesels. I can get new Bosch injectors for $536 each.
transamz9 08/13/17 10:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: Brake dust......ugh!

What do you all do to limit the amount of brake dust on rims? Washed mine before last trip and by the time we were to the campground, rims were all yucky again. Have stock pads/rotors and just over 31k on them. OR is it just a fact of life we live in due to what everything is made of and just have to keep up w/elbow grease? Wax your wheels and then wax them again. When you get done, wax them a couple more times. My 2005 can be sprayed of with a garden hose and be spotless. The trick I have is I have a touchless car wash that I ran it through weekly sometimes twice a week. It does nothing but spray high pressure water to wash the truck. I always did the undersplash with hot wax and regular wax. Dirt and mud does not stick to it at all now. I can literally wash it off with a garden hose spray.
transamz9 08/10/17 03:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New high (or low?) in overloading

I saw one towing the space shuttle......
transamz9 08/10/17 01:51am Towing
RE: 8' or 6.5' truck bed ?

I always haul plywood in my short bed trucks with the tailgate up. I do have to leave the tailgate down when I haul 16' lumber though.:)
transamz9 08/09/17 03:36am Towing
RE: Manual vs Automatic transmission.

^ Yup the clutches in them s uck. Well known downside, easy and not so cheap permanent fixes are readily available, but they're the best manual trans available today in a full size truck! Lol IDK.....I'm kind of partial to the 18 speed in our Freightliner.:B
transamz9 08/08/17 03:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: FCA Receives Certification for EcoDiesel

What oil do you put in your Cummins that you do an oil change for $49? And how many quarts does it hold? I didn't mean I did a $49 oil change on my Cummins. I looked up the fuel and oil filters for the ECO Diesel and that's what I could change it for. I run Fleet Supreme 15-40 for oil. I get it bulk for ~$8 a gallon.
transamz9 08/08/17 03:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: FCA Receives Certification for EcoDiesel

The oil change is no more expensive then that of the Cummins. The filter has come down in cost to under thirty bucks. I'm showing that I can get both oil and fuel filters for $28 and I'm also showing 15-40 for oil unless below 0 then 5-40. The oil I use would cost ~$21. $49 ain't bad for a self service oil change.
transamz9 08/08/17 09:25am Tow Vehicles
RE: Overweight Again....

I had a little over 4,000# of concrete pavers in the back of my old 2500 Ram this weekend. Oh yeah, 6 concrete pillar tops and 2 bags of concrete too. It's a wonder I didn't blow the tires out on it. Lol
transamz9 08/08/17 03:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford Explore recall.

You are wrong. We have a 2016 Chrysler 200s loaded out and it is nowhere that quality of our truck. It's not even as good of quality as my previous 2013 or the 2005 I still have. That has nothing to do with Ram vs Chrysler/Dodge quality. That is a specific vehicle. And you are correct, the quality of the 200 was not that good relative to its competitors. There is a reason that vehicle was dropped. I think you're sadly mistaken here. One of the primary reasons for going independent was to allow them to focus on their money-makers (AKA TRUCKS & fleet, construction - ProMaster, vans, etc) and compete head-to-head with Ford for market dominance. Since that move, RAM has really come into its own. Say what you will about their quality as a whole (which I still disagree with you about) but I don't think anyone will argue that the quality of their truck lineup has increased dramatically compared to what it was pre-'13 or whatever it was. I don't really know what we're even arguing about here. They went from cheap snap-off-in-your-hand parts, horrible fit and finish, nasty NVH / ride quality, etc.. to near-luxury-sedan specs on all fronts. The Laramie Longhorns were always nice, but the bump from the '11-12 Laramie Longhorns to the '13+ is night and day. That leather-stitched dash and legit chrome belt buckles in the floor mats blew me away - I was driving a Range Rover Sport at the time and the "truck" made it look like a beater. :) Some you guys are getting Quality and Luxury confused. No, nothing to do with luxury. The 200 didn't come in a trim package that even comes close to the trim package of my truck. What I'm talking about is fit of doors. How they close. Sun roof trim. How the dash fits together. Rattles.
transamz9 08/04/17 06:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford Explore recall.

Yep. And despite my screen name I have owned Fords all my life. I was a Mopar tech at a dealer for 20 years, hence the screen name. But the way Fords rot away and/or start to rot after 3 years has me in a Ram Megacab for my next truck!I laughed so hard when I read your post I blew coffee out my nose. You're afraid of rot away so you're buying a Ram!. Yep! I think you are thinking of mid 90's early 2000's Rams. The ones from the last 10 years seem to be holding up! I haven't seen any rust under those when they come in like the Fords do. So yes. Ever since RAM went independent from Dodge their QC has been really impressive (started a couple years before the split actually). I have no dog in this fight, but I manage a restoration shop and have lots of experience with all vehicles (and came about a pen-stroke from buying a '14 RAM 1500 Laramie Longhorn). They're definitely the most finely-tuned trucks out there, the approach to engineering and QC / long-term reliability / testing is very good. More like a higher-end lux car than a truck. Too bad the nice ones are ~50k. I really do love the IRS though - everyone thought they were crazy for introducing that a few years ago, now it's a major selling-point that others are copying. Plus it enabled them to use a modified version of the grand cherokee's active-level air suspension. Anyways back on topic - I'm sure the explorer is a great vehicle, but I lost a lot of respect for them after copying jaguar / land rover designs almost consecutively with the explorer (range rover, range rover sport) edge (LR3 / lr4, range rover, including the lettering on the hood, signature LR "floating roof" blackout pillars, etc) and fusion (Aston Martin, Jag, headlights grill etc). I don't even think they're hiding it anymore. Maybe a little revenge for poor sales when Ford used to own jag / lr? ;) I just don't like the car-like platform mostly. But for its current market segment and target audience, it's a great seller (always has been, always will be) and I'm sure people get a lot of bang-for-the-buck, especially with the ecoboost engine. Ram may be its own brand now but in no way is independent from the rest of old Chrysler with respect to corporate culture, engineering, quality or otherwise. If you are seeing improvements in quality it is due to the general efforts to improve quality corporate wide. Not some change of direction because of the brand restructuring. You are wrong. We have a 2016 Chrysler 200s loaded out and it is nowhere that quality of our truck. It's not even as good of quality as my previous 2013 or the 2005 I still have.
transamz9 08/02/17 07:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: adding chip to F250

They also have to provide proof that the aftermarket part caused the problem.
transamz9 08/02/17 06:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 8 ft v 6ft

Do what you want but the 8' bed has no compromises. I do understand the Mega has more room in the back but the Crew has PLENTY IMHO. Perfect tow rig IMHO. No compromising. http://i.imgur.com/0dfoAYFl.jpg Mega Cab back seats recline. What storage you gain in your tool box I have behind my back seat. I lay my back seat down in the mega cab and the floor is flat from the front seats all the way to the back of the cab. Mega Cab also has a tighter turning radius.
transamz9 08/01/17 06:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2500 VS 3500 for xlite 5th wh?

At 8500 lbs, a 3500 might be a little overkill. The reason I'm considering it is because Ram offers an air ride suspension that supposedly gives a good ride. Here's where I get the (It's a truck, so how did you expect it to ride?) people. The truck I have in mind is a new 2018 regular cab (We have a short driveway and don't need the back seat and want the long bed) however, the 1 tons ride stiffly for a short wheel base and the air suspension only comes with a 1 ton dually. Any one out there have a newer Ram reg cab dually and how does it ride? Is it better than a 2500 reg cab without the air suspension where it's not offered as an option? Thanks. You can get a 2500 with air on the rear. You can also get a 3500 single rear wheel with air. The 3500 is a hybrid system that has leaf springs with air bags to level the load. The 2500 is full air only on the rear. Honestly my 3500 with air don't ride any better unloaded that one without air.
transamz9 07/31/17 01:37pm Tow Vehicles
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