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RE: Good Backup Camera, Your Recommendation?

I'm sure you will get lots of suggestions. Mine is a 2 camera wired system from Rear View Safety...
vermilye 05/28/15 05:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Why is Crater Lake a must-see?

I wouldn't pass by Crater lake if I was in that area. I've visited it a couple of times and marvel at the color and the amount of snow still around in late spring/early summer. While there are no rivers feeding the lake, there are a couple of waterfalls fed by snow melt if you want to see something besides the lake itself. Some photos of them from my last visit here.
vermilye 05/28/15 09:33am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Campground Guide

I use a bunch of different apps, but AllStays Camp & RV combined with RVParkReviews is my usual source, and the Ultimate Campground Project app for non commercial sites.
vermilye 05/28/15 09:22am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Help me Understand my Dometic Dual Frig

It is also possible that the thermostat is bad. I've had to have 2 of mine replaced in the last 4 years on a Dometic RM2510. The propane side of the thermostat worked fine, however the contacts on the 120V side failed intermittently. Resetting the temperature dial would sometimes start it working again, however once it reached the set temperature, it would open the contacts, then never close them again. Obviously, if the heater is hot, this isn't the problem, although the intermittent connection can cause a problem...
vermilye 05/28/15 08:59am Tech Issues
RE: Sine Wave Inverter Anomaly

There is little advantage to bonding a portable generator if there is no low impedance earth ground (i.e. an 8' 5/8" driven ground rod ... Which obviously none of us are going to do in a campground. However, bonding neutral to ground, as indicated by my measurements, does eliminate strange voltage readings where one wouldn't expect them so the question is whether there is still value in bonding to prevent these voltages from possibly causing any problems with the equipment being fed. :@ BUMP ... in hopes someone may respond to this question. :@ I notice my twin fan which exhibits no motor noise at all when powered with 120 vac shore power but does squeal like crazy when powered with an MSW inverter also does still squeal ever so slightly when powered with my new 1000 watt sine wave inverter. Curious whether this has anything to do with errant voltage readings between the inverter's neutral and ground when not bonded I just tested it with the output bonded and found no improvement, the fan still squealed slightly. That tells me (I think) this slight squeal probably has nothing to do with these errant voltages and that this inverter's sine wave output really isn't as "pure" as the manufacturer would have me believe and is likely still somewhat ragged compared to shore power. I'd still like to know though whether these unusual voltages between neutral and ground when the inverter output is not bonded present any danger to the equipment being powered. :h Any comments? :@ While I obviously can't prove it from here, I suspect the "stray" voltages you are seeing are inductive leakage. The high impedance of your volt meter don't load the connection enough to eliminate them. You could prove it by switching the meter to amps & see if there is any current between the neutral & ground. A safer (and possibly less exciting) test would be to get a pigtail lamp socket with a 15 watt incandescent lamp & use that to make the connection. I would be very surprised if it lights. If it is inductive coupling, the available current will be so low that it is unlikely to cause any problems with equipment. As to the "noise" created by the pure sine wave inverter, the only way to really know if it is the waveform is to throw a scope on it. Without doing that I can only speculate, but you might try loading the inverter with a load around 10% - 25% of its capacity. Many devices (including non inverter generators) produce lousy waveforms unless loaded. Some interesting examples of device waveforms is linked here.
vermilye 05/28/15 08:17am Tech Issues
RE: Sine Wave Inverter Anomaly

There is little advantage to bonding a portable generator if there is no low impedance earth ground (i.e. an 8' 5/8" driven ground rod (or as required by my utility, 2 of them)). In fact, there are disadvantages as the referred article points out. The main reason for bonding the output of most inverter generators is so that your EMS will allow the trailer to connect. The reason most RV mounted generators (and some inverters) bond is to meet the requirements of NEC 250.34B & C. Even some NEC approved systems do not bond the neutral. Sound Guy may have run into some of them, although they are more often used for computer rooms and health care facilities. Called "balanced power" - 2 hot legs, no neutral & a ground, 60V between either hot & ground, 120V between the two hots. NEC article 647 describes some rules for these systems. They are designed to prevent ground loops in sensitive equipment. As to definitive answers, some generators have a switch to bond/unbond the ground/neutral because even OSHA inspectors are confused by the grounding & bonding requirements. Since only one bonding point between the neutral & ground is allowed by the NEC (for good reasons) the switch can be used to correctly use the generator on its own or tied to an already bonded system.
vermilye 05/26/15 03:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Lake Erie & Ontario

The Seaway Trail across NY along Lake Ontario passes many state parks. Most do not have sewer connections, but many have sites on the lake or the Seaway.
vermilye 05/26/15 08:35am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Sine Wave Inverter Anomaly

3 light testers, surge protectors & other EMS devices cannot actually detect an open ground because they have no way of detecting an open connection between the ground wire & the earth - they cannot reference the earth. Instead, they "look" for the bond connection that usually takes place at the service entrance. If that connection doe not exist, the device assumes that the ground is open. While a good ground is critical when the power source is the local utility, it is not necessary (or, according to many, even desirable) with a locally supplied source. Floating the system without a neutral bond is allowable by both the NEC & OSHA for 120V low power (under 5KW or so) systems. Here is an interesting PDF that discusses bonding & grounding of small generators that is worth reading. It explains the reason the utilities ground their systems, and why small portable systems don't always require grounding or bonding.
vermilye 05/26/15 08:31am Tech Issues
RE: Opinions for First National Park Visit

My favorites in order are Glacier Canyonlands The Tetons Yosemite (for the beauty, but not the crowds) Arches There are also a number of state parks that are within reasonable drives of some of the national parks. Some favorites include Dead Horse Point, Goblin Valley, and Kodachrome Basin, all in Utah. I have links to photographs of many of the National & State parks I've visited here.
vermilye 05/22/15 08:20am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Any eastern PA "Hidden Gems"

While both campgrounds are probably booked up for the weekend, Ricketts Glen State Park is my favorite state park. 22 waterfalls along a 7 mile hike. Dry camping, however hot showers. Some photos here. On of of our trips to Ricketts Glen we stayed at the Pioneer Campground (water & electric), a fairly short drive to the glen.
vermilye 05/22/15 08:11am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Wiring to charge trailer from my van's alternator?

If you don't include a continuous duty solenoid it the charge line between the battery & pin 4 of the 7 pin connector, you can unplug the connector each time you stop for more than a half hour or so. The problem is if you forget, particularly if the refrigerator is running on 12V, a dead tow vehicle is likely. Far better to add the solenoid... In my case I went with a #10 charge wire & a #12 brake controller wire. At best, I get 8 amps charging current on the charge line. As Chandalen stated, it is also important to add a fuse. I'd go with a minimum of a #10 wire, however a short in a #10 wire between the battery & ground would draw enough current to melt the wire. While some individuals have run heavier wire to produce less voltage drop between the tow vehicle & the trailer battery, it is unlikely to provide much more than 5 - 10 amps. If you are lucky, it will be enough to keep the refrigerator running on 12V while you drive.
vermilye 05/21/15 02:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Install solar on a hybrid trailer

ยท Is it ok to add a battery disconnect switch to the positive line in between the controller and battery for when I want to run a generator or connect to shore power (microwave or AC)?It's ok, but not necessary.I don't know about the design of the Prostar controllers, but many solar controllers are unhappy if the battery side is disconnected while the panels are still connected. Since you can charge the batteries with multiple sources, as oldman says, there is no reason to install a disconnect between the controller & batteries. A fuse would be a good idea...
vermilye 05/20/15 09:09am Tech Issues
RE: Suggestions for N. Ca and Oregon sights

Check out Burney Falls in northern CA.
vermilye 05/18/15 06:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Best route to Crater Lake in Oregon

If you want a nice overnight along OR 138, check out the Susan Creek BLM Campground. Dry camping, but hot showers. A pretty location near Susan Creek Falls. Susan Creek Falls: http://lakeshoreimages.com/images388/_DSC3642.jpg width=640
vermilye 05/18/15 07:51am Roads and Routes
RE: Mesa Verde, CO to Capitol Reef UT

Thanks for the replies so far. We have already spent some time in Page AZ on a previous trip. Really enjoyed Lower Antelope Canyon - stunningly beautiful. We'll talk about it, maybe we'll go through there again and check out the Upper Antelope Canyon - have you seen both? By the way, I should have mentioned, we will probably go from Capitol Reef to North Rim of Grand Canyon. We've been to the North Rim but only briefly and want to explore more this trip. Not sure which way we will head after that so either way, we'll probably end up going through Page at some point in the next 3 - 4 weeks. I've seen both. The upper canyon is easier to walk through since it has a flat floor, but is far more crowded. I prefer the formations & lighting at the Upper Canyon, but taking photographs without including people on tours is a challenge. Some photos & tips for taking them at both Upper & Lower Canyons here.
vermilye 05/18/15 07:43am Roads and Routes
RE: Camping Website/App

One of the problems with developing an app or site that includes everything is that there are so many "must haves", often each different for each individual. Finding a way to provide links to the different "most haves" without making the site too cumbersome is the trick. For example, AllStays link to a Google search for campground reviews worked well in the past, however I've noticed that the rvparkreviews.com link is moving lower & lower in the search results. A direct link would probably be more useful... I think AllStays (and the others that use filters) provides a useful interface, however if you added Maps, Satellite views, local attractions, and some of the other suggestions, I suspect it would become more difficult to use.
vermilye 05/15/15 08:27am Technology Corner
RE: Keeping a Journal

I do both a Blog and an on line journal with more photographs (links are in my signature) as well as a spreadsheet of campground & fuel costs. I did everything on paper for years, but found that adding photos as I traveled was more useful for both myself & friends that wondered where I was. It is also easier to find a location doing a google search through a journal than trying to find it in a paper journal. Keeping a blog on Blogspot isn't any more difficult that doing it on paper...
vermilye 05/13/15 07:53am Roads and Routes
RE: Planning a trip to Nova Scotia

For what it is worth, here is a journal of a trip to New Brunswick & Nova Scotia I took with friends during June, 2013.
vermilye 05/11/15 03:22pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Washington San Juan Island advice

There is a county park about a half mile from the ferry terminal st Anacortes. Decent but pretty shady if I remember correctly. We walked on and drove on for a week of visiting the islands. If you have the time and your passports be sure to also go to Vancouver Island and visit both Victoria and Buchard gardens. Both worth a day. I believe you are describing Washington Park, an Anacortes City Park. I stayed there in 2011 - a shady, pull through site (36) with water & electric. The photo in my signature is the site.
vermilye 05/07/15 09:07am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bucket List - New Yorjk

Rather than taking the expensive & boring NY Thruway between Niagara Falls & the Adirondacks, follow the signs for the Seaway Trail. Much of it is along Lake Ontario, most is good 2 lane roads, and a pretty, relaxing drive with a number of state parks along the way. Even as someone that moved from the NYC area to upstate NY, I do suggest a couple of days in NYC. See a play, visit some of the museums, the Statue of Liberty, etc. Upstate NY has many beautiful areas. My favorite waterfall is at Chittenango State Park (no camping), the Adirondacks are beautiful (outside of black fly season!) There are many festivals throughout the year that are worth checking out, from small, free Sunday lawn concerts at places like Sodus Bay Lighthouse to huge weekends like the Oswego Harborfest. Lots to do if you stop at local visitor centers to find out what is happening in the area.
vermilye 05/07/15 08:10am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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