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RE: Once a week

Plans are also already made. Just sold my Escape 17B, will be picking up an Escape 21 in Chilliwack, BC in August, hang out in the northwest until southern Arizona cools off, then the LTVA in Quartzsite & Imperial Dam.
vermilye 07/24/17 09:23am Snowbirds
RE: Southern Idaho and Wyoming Ideas

If you have any interest in the "birth" of nuclear produced electricity, you might stop at the EBR-1, the first reactor to produce usable electricity. The building is a museum - among other things on the self guided tour is a chance to use a set of remote arms. Located about 20 miles east of Arco. Outside the museum is something I never realized existed; prototypes for atomic powered aircraft engines. Designed for bombers that would fly for days at a time: https://lakeshoreimages.com/images456/_ADS9114.jpg width=500 Some more images from my journal.
vermilye 07/24/17 09:09am Roads and Routes
RE: Route from Maine to Gatlinburg? Least traffic?

trailertraveler.....Ricketts Glen.....great idea! I've heard of it but never been there. And we don't mind occasionally sleeping at a truck stop or Walmart. But we've never just pulled in a random parking lot. I wouldn't feel safe. :-) But we'll probably try to make a reservation. Thanks for the info! Ricketts Glen is my favorite state park. If you enjoy hiking, leave time to follow the streams around the 22 waterfalls in the park. By the way, plan on arriving (and leaving) via the north entrance. Going south, state Rt 487 between the park & Red Rock, PA goes down (or up) an 18%, 2 mile grade! Some Photos of the park.
vermilye 07/24/17 08:55am Roads and Routes
RE: Campgrounds around Devils Tower

I've stayed at both the KOA & the Belle Fourche River Campground in the park. Both have sites that have a good view of the tower, although both also have sites from which you don't have a view. If you can dry camp, I prefer staying in the park. At times, there is a long wait at the entrance station to the park if you are staying at the KOA. Site B17, Belle Fourche http://lakeshoreimages.com/images396/_ADS4178.jpg width=640 Site 24, KOA http://www.lakeshoreimages.com/images128/ASD_5021.jpg width=640 More photos of the park at Devils Tower Photos.
vermilye 07/22/17 09:10am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New LG lithium batteries $600 per KWH

According to Trump's "made in America" program, the US Dept of Energy will shortly be releasing designs for a liquid sodium battery that will destroy the dependency on foreign lithium batteries I'm holding my breath And, you better upgrade your air conditioning. Sodium melts at 208°F, and the articles on liquid metal batteries I've read talk about operating temperatures in the range of 500°F - 1200°F. At least you will no longer need a furnace for winter camping!
vermilye 07/22/17 08:53am Tech Issues
RE: Was it really only 25 years ago.

Before the WWW, I ran a Gopher site that provided floor plans of theaters for touring companies. The arrival of the WWW & browsers, along with concerns about posting floor plans after 9/11 killed the service. Another early WWW site that was interesting was the Rome Labs Snowball camera. Wasted a bit of time playing with it...
vermilye 07/19/17 08:37am Technology Corner
RE: Sirius-XM Beware!

I have 2 XM radio accounts, one for the truck & one for the trailer. They don't have a credit card - I get a mailed & emailed bill. About 2 weeks before the renewal date I call & ask for the retention people. The price goes from a couple of hundred per year each down to $76.05 per six months for both. It is a bit of a pain to do this every 6 months, but I spend a fair amount of time outside internet connections and in areas that don't have much over the air radio (example, Big Bend NP) so XM is useful.
vermilye 07/19/17 08:32am Technology Corner
RE: Ricketts Glen SP

It is your call. I've towed my 17' trailer up the hill with a RAV4. No bad curves or drop offs, but is is an "interesting" hill. Here is the sign at the top: http://lakeshoreimages.com/images273/ASG_7318.jpg height=480
vermilye 07/17/17 08:36am Roads and Routes
RE: Antelope Valley Tours

I've done the upper canyon twice & the lower once, all as photo tours. The upper canyon has a flat, sand floor, easy to hike, but usually very crowded - there are multiple touring companies all doing tours at the same time. As others mentioned, the photo tours are best, at least for photographers. The guides know when to be at different locations for the best light, and they will hold up the other tours to let you take photos (within reason!) The lower canyon is more rugged with built in staircases/ladders in several locations. Far less crowded, particularly if you go early in the morning. I didn't find the lighting as interesting as it was at the upper canyon. When I was there there were no guides - you paid & they turned you loose for a couple of hours. I have a page on my website with lots of photos and information that might be helpful: Antelope Canyon. Upper Antelope Canyon http://lakeshoreimages.com/images96/ASC_7694.jpg width=640
vermilye 07/09/17 09:57am Roads and Routes
RE: Mid and West Washington State

While they don't have much of a campground (Dry camping in the overflow parking lot for anything over 20') Palouse Falls State Park about 2 hours southwest of Spokane has an interesting waterfall: http://lakeshoreimages.com/images359/_DSC1036.jpg width=640
vermilye 07/01/17 12:31pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: AT&T Unlimited LTE Hotspot $20 without AT&T phones

Still no update to the 1.0 firmware after 3 weeks. I suspect I will have to wait until I hit the road & get closer to a tower since even with an amplifier I'm still running -100dBm. Fast enough to be useful, but evidently not for an update.
vermilye 07/01/17 08:45am Technology Corner
RE: informed delivery

I'm still stuck on the fact that when in Florida.....you pay for 'overnight' mail that takes '2 days'. AND the postal clerk tells you that up front that it will take 2 days! :R When I lived in Wisconsin I could send an overnight mail to 'anywhere' in the US and it would get there the next day. So what's up with Florida mail? It depends on where you are anywhere in the country whether a particular address is eligible for "overnight" service. The more rural the area, the less likely it offers the service. Last winter we received several overnight mailed documents in Bushnell, FL that were sent from upstate NY.As Dutch said, it all depends on where you send from & to. I had an "overnight" letter sent to General Delivery in Deming, NM from Binghamton, NY. No problem with overnight from Binghamton to most cities, but not Deming. It took 3 days. They did tell the sender that it wouldn't make it overnight...
vermilye 07/01/17 08:42am Technology Corner
RE: Test Light "Look Ma! No Ground Clip!

Does this have to pierce the insulation, or is it proximity like this AC tester? https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61QAXvbHu2L._SL1500_.jpg width=320 Unlike the AC equivalents, the GTC CT8002 Cordless Circuit Tester does require piercing the wire. The advantage is you don't need a ground connection. I wonder it anyone has attempted to make a hall effect version that would not require a positive connection.
vermilye 06/30/17 08:09am Tech Issues
RE: What apps are good to have?

My favorite campground finders are AllStays Camp & RV and The Ultimate Campground List for non commercial campgrounds.
vermilye 06/30/17 08:01am Technology Corner
RE: AZ (old) 66

Greg, "Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel across the country from coast to coast without seeing anything." - Charles Kuralt Matt - who still has two states to do. While I loved the travel segments by Charles Kuralt, he kinda "borrowed" this statement from John Steinbeck's "Travels With Charlie" (a great travel read): John Steinbeck: "When we get these thruways across the whole country, as we will and must, it will be possible to drive from New York to California without seeing a single thing."
vermilye 06/23/17 08:08am Roads and Routes
RE: Picking up Wi-Fi

Well, that was helpful...NOT! "You don't want it"..."Use your phone"...."Call the cell phone company".... Lots of different ways to improve WiFi....Check out this site http://www.technomadia.com/ Great site with tons of info about cellular and WiFi Also, https://outsideourbubble.com/ He has a very inexpensive WiFi booster DYI that works great. I use it all the time to access McDonalds, Panera Bread, and huindreds of other WiFi hotspots while on the road. I even find that during the day, many campground wifi systems are fine. At night they tend to get overloaded. If you go with the system described in the outside our bubble YouTube video, and want the Air Gateway (and the Nanostation) to run on 12V, this power supply is a plug & play substitute for the 120V power supply supplied with the Nanostation. The plastic "lock" supplied with the original combination won't work with the 12V supply, but a rubber band takes care of that.
vermilye 06/22/17 09:23am Technology Corner
RE: Lake Havasu RV Park Recommendations

We've stayed at CatTail Cove and have reservations in April 2018 but might need to make some changes. Due to illnesses we may need to spend more time in Havasu next spring. I can't extend the state park reservations due to the 14 day limit. I'm looking for a 2 to 3 week stay prior to Cat Tail and it would be the end of March to early April. I don't know much of the other parks near Lake Havasu but did think the island parks were either too crowded or starting to be run down. I'm looking for opinions on a park to use with a 37' HR Neptune DP with toad. We are looking at Havasu Falls RV Park, Prospectors RV Resort, or D-J's RV Park. Lake Havasu State Park would work for only two weeks but not if we needed 3 weeks. This is the end of the snowbird season and before school being out so I'm also hoping we don't get locked out by too many still staying. I've looked at reviews on RVParkReviews.com but rely more on personal experience. Did searches on RV.net but could not find much and looking for comments. Did you check on extending with Cattail Cove? Last time I was there that had an extended stay program that let you go past 2 weeks.
vermilye 06/14/17 10:56am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: AT&T Unlimited LTE Hotspot $20 without AT&T phones

Well, it has been two weeks, and the firmware had not upgraded from 1.0. AT&T Chat wasn't much help -told me to plug it into the computer, run iTunes, choose the device, and download the firmware upgrade. While I found the USB port on the Mobley, iTunes never found it... Other than that, it is working OK. A weak signal here (-110db) but still useful up & down load speeds.
vermilye 06/14/17 10:29am Technology Corner
RE: Grand Canyon and Utah

Thanks for the comments. Speaking of parking lots, If you ever want to see the need for the shuttles, visit the park the week before the shuttles start. A parking lot is what the entire Zion Canyon Scenic Drive looked like the day before they started the shuttles in 2014. Cars parked on both sides of the road hundreds of yards on either side of the usual stops. Many section one lane only. I'll never do that again! While I don't like the shuttles, many of the national parks are getting so crowded that they are necessary. I prefer to have my vehicle (with my gear) handy when I stop to take photos, but that is becoming an impossibility in many parks. Some of the parks have photographer's passes - for example Denali that let you drive your own vehicle. A bit too expensive for my budget, plus I probably wouldn't qualify, but I was very envious of the guy camped next to me as he drove by me while waiting for the bus!
vermilye 06/11/17 09:51am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Grand Canyon and Utah

While Capitol Reef may not hit you in the face as much some of the other National Parks in southern Utah, it does have some impressive scenery. A photo of Pectol's Pyramid from the Rim Overlook Trail: More Photos of Capitol Reef: http://www.lakeshoreimages.com/images379/_DSC2542.jpg width=640
vermilye 06/10/17 11:52am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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