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RE: Your Tales Please Automatic Awning vs Manual

i had a fairly long manual one on my TT, and as a Short person traveling alone, it was difficult to open and close. Several times I managed to loose the ribbon in the awning and roll it up in it. Then I had to find someone else and an additional ladder to climb to either end to manually roll the awning out. I converted to a crank type. Cost me slightly over $200 at RV show, for someone to come to my site and install conversion. Took the guys about 45 minutes and they adjusted my top rail so that awning rolled straight. Now it is a piece of cake.
wannavolunteerFT 04/22/17 01:28pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: mail address/physical address in different states

thank you all for comments.. Old-Biscuit you are correct, the family property has not had regular USPS mail service in over 30 years. I could get it set up there, but it is rural and not a secure place to have mail delivered when I was away. Even when my grandparents lived there 40+ years ago, they had mail delivered to local PO Box so that they didn't have to worry about it. There is a physical address, that I am sure I could actually get from the county tax office. gafidler, the suggestion of using my brother might be an alternative for some, but as he has his own issues, plus will be closest to respond if something happens with Mom, I would rather not burden him. (Besides he is not very technically literate... it would take days to get him to scan and email something if I needed it LOL.)
wannavolunteerFT 04/22/17 01:09pm Full-time RVing
RE: mail address/physical address in different states

sdianel, do you use UPS services? I don't know anyone who has used them except for mailing stuff out. There is a UPS store in the town I live now (where I plan to leave as soon as possible). But there is also a UPS store about a mile from my brother's house and 10-15 miles from my mom, so same state and closer to property I plan to claim as home.
wannavolunteerFT 04/22/17 10:44am Full-time RVing
RE: Vacations for those with limited mobility

when I went with my Mom (she was 78 at the time), we rented a scooter from a company referred by cruise line. They delivered to our cabin on ship, and picked up from there when we left. Maybe concierge at hotel where you plan to stay can provide rental suggestions for assistance. Also likely to be able to provide suggestions for tours/trips that are workable for limited mobility. As a separate comment, had 3 meniscus repair surgeries between 40-50 (yes I am a klutz), and the number one recommended therapy was walking... doing exercises from PT and walking. I was released for return to full activity by 3 mos (except jumping and running type activities).
wannavolunteerFT 04/22/17 09:34am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Look at my captain chair repairs

I bookmarked the website, but hope I remember it if I need when I find my next RV
wannavolunteerFT 04/22/17 08:39am Class A Motorhomes
mail address/physical address in different states

As I am beginning to plan to move to FTing in a couple of years, I am struggling with the decision on mail services. Most I see limit have only a couple of state addresses. I am currently a lifelong Georgia resident, and don't have a real reason to change, as Georgia exempts retirement income from income taxes. My family owns a small timber farm that currently has no one residing on it, and I am planning to make that my "home base". It is about 30 miles from my mother, who will likely need more assistance as she ages and my only sibling. Neither of my children plan to live within hundreds of miles of the area, so are not close to be able to help. Does anyone have a home/residence address in one state and a mailing address in another? Would I be better off for simplicity sake moving my residence to FL using one of the mail services? I don't see a huge advantage tax wise, but am thinking more in terms of dealing with banks, government agencies etc if I have a mail address one place and an actual physical locations in another state -- or even miles away in the same state?
wannavolunteerFT 04/22/17 08:25am Full-time RVing
RE: People who pull with a 1/2 ton

my trailer is a little heavier.. 5200 dry weight..6800 max loaded, so still under my tow capabilities. mainly flat land towing. I choose to stay with 1/2 ton truck as it would have to be my daily driver too. I did when I first got the truck feel a little squiqqly feeling, but have figured it out. My truck has P series tires with a soft sidewall. It makes it a very good riding vehicle for my daily commute, but lacking a little for towing. I discovered that adding air to the rear truck tires (from recommended 35 to 42ish) made the truck feel a lot firmer when I have the trailer in tow. When I bought new tires, decided to go back with same tires, since I put a lot more miles commuting that towing. do some research on tires and weights and make your decision based on what YOU need and want, not what the "forum gurus" say you need. Not trying to talk bad about these folks cause they have been very helpful to me, but sometimes the answers don't really fit.
wannavolunteerFT 04/17/17 03:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: New! Increased Fuel Savings at Pilot Flying J

I wish I had printed my receipt this morning... I just filled up at Pilot.. I would like to see if I got the .03 or .05 discount. I didn't really spend a lot of time looking at the numbers, I was trying to fill up and get home before the severe weather hit South GA.
wannavolunteerFT 04/05/17 03:59pm Good Sam Club
RE: Longest time before emptying black tank?

I have left black tank over several months.. and as long as I ensured plenty of water, no issues.. Used TT just before Thanksgiving and ran into issues that I didn't dump. Fast forward to early March before I got trailer out.. used it that weekend and then dumped. Just ensured I put lots of water in it. Also I kept a jug of water in the bathroom, and periodically poured water into bowl. it seems the seal is either not completely watertight or water in bowl would evaporate.. keeping water in bowl over seal seems to be key to keeping smell out.
wannavolunteerFT 03/30/17 04:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Boondocking---sewer black and "gray"

I find a fill my gray tank much faster than my black.. Each are 35 gallon size. I have an use a tote for my gray when I camping without sewer connections. I had a small tote and it was a pain to make multiple trips for gray water. I now have one that is same size as gray tank, so other than having to deal with weight of getting it on truck hitch, it is much simpler. I have never filled my black (except running extra water on purpose to make it dump better), so haven't had to use tote for it. I have 90 gallon fresh water (and use filtered water for drinking and cooking) so can go a long time on it. I rarely camp without water, so can't give a true idea of that. The main place I camp without water, I don't generally stay more than a couple of days.. and I am so far in the boonies that showers aren't a priority.. until I get ready to leave and face civilization again.
wannavolunteerFT 03/26/17 06:48am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: 2016 F150 Questions about Towing and Travel Trailer

I have an older F150 that has similar weight ratings.. I pull a Jayflight TT, that has 24 ft box, but a total length of 28ft. It has a gross max weight of 7000 and a dry weight of 5200.. I can tell the trailer is there and revs go up a bit on long or very steep hills, but not dangerously so. I do have a couple of suggestions as you look. Be sure you look at the actual stickers on any trailers you like. I found sometimes there is a BIG difference between the published dry weight in sales brochure and what the trailer actually weighs delivered to dealer. That published dry weight often doesn't include any accessories or options. The other thing is my truck has the P series tires mentioned previously and they do feel a little soft and squishy when towing. After much research, I learned to add about 5-10 pounds to rear tires when towing. (this is above the door sticker recommended rate - but below max on tire). This helped so much, that when I bought new tires, I chose to go back with the same tire. I use my truck as a daily driver and so for the many more days I make that commute to work, I prefer the softer ride. This decision was made after discussion with several tire companies and truck service companies.
wannavolunteerFT 03/25/17 08:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Travel trailer hitch

I only grease mine when I am trying to be sure trailer drops onto ball easily or comes off ball easier. I don't always get it perfectly aligned so a squirt of silicon will help it slide on easier. If I seems I have to jump up and down on tailgate of truck for it to come loose, I will give it a squirt.
wannavolunteerFT 03/25/17 08:43am Travel Trailers
RE: quick question

yes, I think people see a Motorhome and think you have money... but I don't think it truly affects a professional quote for service. As many have said, there are lots of costs involved in many trades beyond what you see up front. My son works for a tree service and has mentioned the amount of equipment they have (bucket trucks, dump trucks, excavators, and tons of smaller items). these trucks don't get very good gas mileage and have to travel to job site and be operated by skilled operators. expenses like workman's comp are unbelievable and then payroll cost to have the skilled operators show up to do dangerous work in all types of weather is also prohibitive.
wannavolunteerFT 03/25/17 08:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Things that I should get?

I have the same ladder as CB, but just store in pass through storage. I like that it is easy to get to location to use. As an over 50yr old female, I have found I can drag it to where I want, then stand up and spread out.. No real lifting.. and I feel it is sturdy enough for me to climb to clean slide tops and check things higher than I can reach.
wannavolunteerFT 03/08/17 09:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: hearing impaired rv owners

your challenges should be similar to ones you face in everyday life in a S&B, other than the added challenge of new places. I really think you could make modifications to a RV the same as you would a house. do you have a cell phone that will do captions? (not sure if they exist).. you may find making reservations at some places challenging (some parks don't do online reservations). communications with other people who don't understand hearing impairments will be your biggest challenge. I am sure you can get alarms with flashing lights, I would contact a good alarm installation company and talk to them about your needs. I know I had a second siren with flashing light put in mom's house after she set her alarm off several times without realizing and didn't hear phone calls because she hadn't put her hearing aids in when she got up.
wannavolunteerFT 03/04/17 08:15am Beginning RVing
RE: RVers don't like cats

My mom and dad carried there cat in their Class C. She was middle aged when they got her and she began traveling with them, so it took her a little time to get adjusted to a harness and leash for walks rather than just roaming. They were afraid of her wandering off and also understood the leash rule applied to her too. She would be going with Mom and I next weekend, except she started getting car sick about a year or two ago. Her favorite place to ride was on the bed looking out the window at the world go by.
wannavolunteerFT 03/02/17 04:50pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Dry weight published vs real weight

I think the OP was trying to point out the difference between the BROCHURE WEIGHT and the ACTUAL WEIGHT (YELLOW STICKER WEIGHT) and recommended using the GVWR when determining suitability of tow vehicle. This is something I have tried to point out to warn people if weights were close to look at actual weights and stickers to get true carrying capacity. MY TT weighs about 200 pounds more than brochure weight, which means I have 200 lbs less carrying capacity, and if I fill it with water then I am at 1000 lbs less than what the brochure suggests. Some lightweight units only have 1000 to 1200 lbs of carrying capacity, so an extra 200 lbs of accessories could mean not carrying water or not carrying something else. Thank goodness I have about 2000 lbs carrying capacity, so can carry 800 lbs of fresh water if I need/choose to.
wannavolunteerFT 02/25/17 01:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Wow, just wow, The rv of my dreams

well it is in South GA, and down here, we are known for adapting things suit our needs and firmly believe in utilizing what we have on hand to make what we need. for those that mentioned inspections, GA doesn't require regular inspections (except metro-Atlanta for exhaust), but you can be written a ticket for an unsafe vehicle. As long as it runs without spewing too much black smoke, has appropriate mirrors, good windshields and side mirrors, some tread on tires, and brakes and wipers work it is fine. GA quit doing inspections years ago, as they determined that it was just a racket for inspectors and state didn't make enough off it as compared to cost of running the program. I know police officers that wanted to right tickets for unsafe vehicle and they had brand new inspection stickers, so couldn't. I had a dealer tell me my car needed tires but when I said okay, I will go get some elsewhere, they went ahead and put sticker good for a year on my car.
wannavolunteerFT 02/25/17 01:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Curbside or Streetside Kitchen?

bumpy, thanks for mentioning the safety during driving situation. I had never thought of that. I currently have a TT.. and have driven a Class C a good bit, I used mirrors and rear view camera. Never thought about seeing out that side while driving. oh yeah, it had a curbside kitchen, so seeing out wasn't an option. for those that have mentioned the floor, I will look at that. I haven't gone in any of the floorplans I am leaning towards, just know that the ones I was in that had curbside kitchen felt closed in to me, especially those with center living room and entertainment center. I am looking at gas MH's in the 36-38 ft range and hope to find something a couple of years old. Right now my favored floorplans are Georgetown 378TS, Thor Challenger 37KT, and Coachmen Encounter 36KS. I am hoping to go sit in some soon, just have to travel several hundred miles to see any of them.
wannavolunteerFT 02/18/17 08:39am Class A Motorhomes
Curbside or Streetside Kitchen?

As I am beginning to narrow down floorplans for my full-time MH, I see lots of Class A's have kitchen on Curbside. Seems to me that having view blocked on a large portion of that wall would be at cross purposed with looking out your windows. those of you with the kitchen on curbside, do you find you miss looking out at your "own" patio? Do you enjoy looking out the windows at your neighbors (or your sewer hookup)? I really think I would much prefer having kitchen on streetside (driver's side) and more windows on curbside/patio side. Is this something that is an issue? I plan to full-time for a number of years. Right now, I prefer more rustic state park like sites, but know some places that may not be an option. Either way, wouldn't you want your best view from LR/DR to be out across your own patio?
wannavolunteerFT 02/17/17 02:52pm Class A Motorhomes
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