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RE: Making the bed easier

when I had a corner bed in my previous TT, I used a plastic ruler to help tuck things in. I saw a slipcover tool in a catalog that they were selling for about 10 dollars and realized that a 50cent plastic ruler would do the same thing. It really helped tuck into those tight corners and saved my knuckles as I always seemed to scrub them trying to tuck in the back side. Now I have a set up similar to yours, except I am not quite as much of a perfectionist. If I get sheets, blanket fairly smooth, so that the comforter covers it, then I am happy. Use my pillows to cover area at head that doesn't get covered by comforter easily.
wannavolunteerFT 10/31/14 08:42am General RVing Issues
RE: I 75 road construction

as a Georgian, I will tell you there is always construction somewhere on I75 with 300 miles of it from North to South of the state.
wannavolunteerFT 10/28/14 05:31pm Roads and Routes
RE: T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park

you want to stay in gulf breeze unless your RV is a popup or very small TT. The other campground, Pine whatever, is extremely difficult to navigate with anything over maybe 15 feet. I have camped there in an ALiner and found getting into the sites was a challenge because of all the trees. You might could get something bigger in the few sites on either side of the entrance, but you may end up having to go the wrong way on the road to get out. Gulf breeze does not have the divisions between the sites that the other does, but is the only section you can get a larger RV into. Look at all the pictures of the various sites and you will see lot of trees.
wannavolunteerFT 10/28/14 05:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Can I just brag for a moment?

Chock, Glad your DD got the chance to go and take her friends. I know you are proud that she felt capable of hosting and taking along friends who are new to camping. It is scary taking non-campers tent camping for the first time. Glad things went well. by the way, my DS23 was tent camping (except he chose a hammock and no tent) this past weekend too, except he was with several hundred of his friends and many of them were first time campers. The rest of the story is it was a Cub Family camp-out weekend, and he was an adult leader and helped the boys and parents enjoy the weekend.
wannavolunteerFT 10/27/14 03:51pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Reflectix 'panels' for winter storage?

For those that put reflectix on storage doors or cabinets, please post some how to's and pictures. I would like to do more to help insulate, but am not sure how to attach the stuff.
wannavolunteerFT 10/27/14 06:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Reflectix 'panels' for winter storage?

I have reflectix in all my windows on my TT... helps keep sun out when it is hot and cold air out during our few cold days... Leave them in bedroom windows more often than not, as they make great "blackout shades" allowing me to sleep without being disturbed by cars in campground or folks that think they need a million lights on their RV to be "safe" in a state park. I also like the fact that when I do park truck and trailer to go in WalMart, grocery store or other location, no one can see in my TT, to have any idea of what I may have or the fact that mine is decorated kinda "girley" since I travel alone.
wannavolunteerFT 10/26/14 01:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Over Priced Used Motorhomes.

Frankdamp hinted at one of the big problems with using KBB or NADA prices. Most people don't understand how to use them for RV's. You start with your unit, and only add the things that were NOT part of the standard build for your RV. For example, on my TT, I don't add for slides, for the vinyl floor throughout, the type AC/furnace or stove because they were all put in by Jayco.. not even the power tongue jack or scissor jack stabilizers.. because they were standard on the model I own. I have seen folks list their MH for sell and have everything checked on the NADA list and add over 20-30 thousand dollars to the price, but everything was standard for the model for sale. I have found lower end of the base price range to be pretty accurate as to what will actually sale, and close to the "dealer/bank" book.
wannavolunteerFT 10/22/14 06:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: floorplan with hallways

The new Winnebago Vista 36Y is my ultimate... now just hope I can find a slightly used one in a few years when I get ready to make the change to a MH. The 36Y is a bit longer than what the OP mentioned, but I also believe that at least one of the models he mentioned are also longer.
wannavolunteerFT 10/21/14 04:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: stay a while lp problem, I think

I would call a gas company... many of them have licensed gas service techs.. in GA, it is a specialized plumbing license.. the gas companies can work on heaters and fireplaces in homes and some will work on RV's.. My parents had their extend-a-stay installed by gas company.
wannavolunteerFT 10/18/14 05:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bumper cargo rack on 5er?

Does the thing that looks like the northern tool cargo hauler, except it is bigger and has a pivoting wheel cause the same lift on tongue? I don't know what the thing is called, but I saw one in use the other day with a golf cart on it. Seems like it would be like having a longer trailer..
wannavolunteerFT 10/18/14 04:19pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Exit Stratagy

Okay, I agree you should have some idea of what you might do if you can't or decide not to continue RV'ing at some point. What I don't understand is why some of the same folks who say how freeing it is to get rid of everything and fulltime, seem to think you have to purchase another house or condo at some later point. When I sell this one, I have no plan to buy another ever. I do plan to use the farm (we grow trees) that has been in my family since the land grand days as my home base, but will not stay there once I can't travel anymore. It is too far from medical or any other type of service or needs. At that point, I will not be wanting to mow roads, maintain tractors or any of those type things. I will find an apartment, probably in a senior complex of some type, so that someone else can be responsible for fixing things.
wannavolunteerFT 10/18/14 04:04pm Full-time RVing
RE: Are tents next to RV at campgrounds okay?

Georgia State Parks allow one RV and one tent...or two tents... for a total of no more than 8 people. I think FL State Parks are the same.
wannavolunteerFT 10/18/14 03:31pm Family Camping
help identifing 60's TT

I have inherited my wanderlust, from my grandfather. Recently came across these pictures of my grandparents' TT. I think this one was purchased about the time my grandfather retired in the mid60's. I am not exactly sure when. The film was developed and pictures printed in Oct 1968, by the date marked on the edge of the print. I am trying to determine what this TT was. The two pictures were made at different locations. It may have been the same time of the year, but the locations are marked. http://i.imgur.com/oeOzRTcl.jpg This one was made at St Andrews State Park in Panama City. http://i.imgur.com/NNsvtqyl.jpg This second one is marked at Pine Mountain, but I am pretty sure it was at FDR State Park in Pine Mountain GA and not at a private park. I have other pictures but these two show the trailer the best. I cannot read the writing on the back of the one, because I have not idea of what the word might be. These are prints that are nearly 50 years old, so the scan is as good as it gets.. Any suggestions as to what the trailer might be? I really would like to mark them for my family. Only my mother, who also inherited the wanderlust, understands my desire to fulltime in the next few years.
wannavolunteerFT 10/18/14 03:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Medical and veterinary needs while full timing.

I use Walgreens for my perscriptions... I am not fulltiming yet, I have a few years before I can retire and afford to fulltime. My doc already writes my scripts for 90 days with 4 refills. Also 90 days is generally less expensive than 3 30 day fills. I can easily change my pickup location and go online or call to request refills. Another advantage to using Walgreens, I can order prints of pictures I have made to be printed in my hometown, and picked up by my Mother so she can have "pictures in her hands", as she doesn't do email/computer so well.
wannavolunteerFT 10/18/14 08:28am Full-time RVing
RE: Recommend a good document scanner for the rv

seeing this makes me think that I should invest in a feed scanner and begin scanning photos, documents, etc while I am waiting for time to retire and purchase fulltime MH. I have an all-in-one printer/scanner/fax but having a feed scanner would sure make getting all my paper under control before I get to the point that it becomes a time crunch.
wannavolunteerFT 10/18/14 07:39am Full-time RVing
RE: UGH. Mildew!--Update pg 2

Hey Chock, Glad your DH is doing well enough for you to get out to your TT. Don't know if you know it or not, but they make damp rid buckets with charcoal. I really like them as they seem to help with the musty smell as well as absorbing humidity. I keep a damp rid bucket sitting on counter in bathroom (put in sink when I travel), and it absorbs a lot of moisture from the air. Keeping the doors and closets open also helps. I do leave my bath vent open, but I have a vent cover and am parked in full sun almost all day.
wannavolunteerFT 10/18/14 06:06am RV Lifestyle
RE: Women purchasing RV's

I was lucky when I bought my TT as I had a previous relationship with the dealer. Small dealer and the only one in town. They had done repair work for me previously and had sold and/or maintained at least 4 previously for my parents. One day when my parents were in the shop, owner commented to my dad that I really knew what I was talking about, that I obviously researched things before I purchased. My truck was a different story. Tried to buy from dealership, I bought my son's car from. Salesperson was helpful, but her salesmanager wouldn't let her deal. He kept coming up and trying to get involved in price discussions. He wouldn't give me a price... only kept asking me what monthly payment I wanted. He also wouldn't get trucks that were more what I wanted from other locations for me to look at.. kept insisting the one truck they had that was close to what I wanted, but was UGLY color and horrible interior color, would be fine for me. After having spent 3 hours during 2 different appointments at dealership, I still didn't have a sales price for any of the trucks. I left and bought a truck from a dealership 100 miles away via email. I told salesperson at orginal dealer that it was her salesmanager's attitude. It was obvious he thought a woman shouldn't/couldn't buy a truck.
wannavolunteerFT 10/18/14 05:55am RV Lifestyle
RE: Loaning Trailer to Friend -- UPDATE

OP, I am so glad you didn't let all the negative posters affect your decision. Glad you were able to help your friend through her bad situation. You demonstrated to a lot of negative people the true meaning of Friendship, and how we are directed to "love one another"
wannavolunteerFT 10/11/14 02:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Need Advice on TT size for 3-4 months

Bob, I am towing with a 2010 F150 5.4 v8 with tow package. It is the supercab (extended cab) with LWB. It has a 8200lb tow capacity but I am limited with a 1600lb payload. It has P series tires, and because they are soft, I have discovered, I need to air them up a bit for a more comfortable ride when I am towing. When I replace in the next year, I will go to a stiffer side wall tire. If I don't air up tires, then the truck feels a bit squirmy sometimes. It isn't a sway, as my WD and sway bar manages/prevents that; it is just a seat of the pants feel that is a bit squirmy.
wannavolunteerFT 10/11/14 11:52am Travel Trailers
RE: How much will my stuff shift when pulling a TT?

putting stuff into containers/tubs/bins helps keep it from shifting so much. that being said, filling cabinets helps. If I have loose space it will shift. My cabinets and drawers have never yet come open, but I did leave a glass of water sitting in fridge (I intended to get it as I got in truck to have while driving) and glass tipped over and that 12 oz of water turned into gallons as it ran the full length of the trailer floor.
wannavolunteerFT 10/11/14 11:36am Beginning RVing
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