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RE: Color of LED bulbs

One thing a friend told me as I was trying to understand how to convert to LED's. As we get older, the lenses in our eyes yellow and we see things as being yellower. She recommended going to a higher K light to offset the yellow that my eyes naturally see. I like one in the 4000-5000 range.
wannavolunteerFT 09/19/14 02:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Off-grid vs RV park

If you can't go the box planters like muddydogs suggested, do some research on growing veggies in pots. there are lots you can grow if you sit several flower pots around. by using pots, you may have to water more frequently or fertilize (you can do it organically) but you can have veggies without the permanence of regular garden. My mom grows all her tomatoes, peppers, etc in pots rather than the ground, just because it is easier. Good soil to start, no digging holes in clay and then soil conditioning and she has less weeds. With pots, she can move to adjust amount of sun/shade, if a plant isn't doing well and watering pots actually uses less water than watering ground. (She uses old coolers, that have broken handles, hinges, etc.. helps insulate the roots both winter and summer. She has these in back yard of house, where they are not visible to street.. you may not have that option).
wannavolunteerFT 09/13/14 09:09am Full-time RVing
RE: You might be an RVer if.

you might be an RV'er if you are woken by loud partyers at 2am in hotel hallway, and you find yourself looking for quiet hours on the hotel info on door. (True story -- sad thing is I did it 2 nights in a row)
wannavolunteerFT 09/13/14 08:56am RV Lifestyle
RE: Why?

I invested in one of the folding ones that folds down to a square about 6" X 6" and is 7ft long. long and narrow fits in my pass through storage. I don't have ladder on the back to strap anything to. I decided to invest in folding ladder since the only step ladder I have at home is 6' wood ladder and that is too heavy and bulky to carry in TT. I use my ladder to clean off top of slide, have used to to hang lights and to do random chores around campsite. At barely over 5' tall, there is lots on my TT that I can't reach from ground.
wannavolunteerFT 09/13/14 07:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Learned something new about camping....

I am with you Laman, I look for a big oak tree in the summer. I can't imagine camping without having them overhead. Yes in the fall they do make some noise, but they are not as rough on a roof as pinecones and pine sap.
wannavolunteerFT 09/13/14 07:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Good Sam Rally, Phoenix, AZ

I was at the Rally in Atlanta last fall and the setup was the same as mcthomps said for 2012. I was in electric in early parking lot. I can say the parkers did an outstanding job.. they were pulling everyone in, and staggering rv's pull through further and less, so you were front bumper in line with rear bumper of next site over. I will try to find the overhead picture I purchased and post. As a fairly new RV'er who was traveling by myself, I was concerned that I would have to back my TT in between huge and expensive MH's but as I said we all pulled in.
wannavolunteerFT 09/06/14 04:26pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Increasing the TV tire pressure.

my F150 shows 35 all around for the P tires that came on my truck, I bump up to 40 when I am towing (maybe even 42 if I am towing heavy) and I don't have that too soft feel that my P tires give me otherwise.
wannavolunteerFT 09/06/14 03:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: What Accessories/Options Are Must Have?

power adapters, up and down from the size of your connection (if you have 30 amp, you need 30 to 15 and 50 down to 30).. buy ones that are bigger, not just the hockey puck type. for me, I had dealer install a large level on the front, it is marked so I can tell without getting out of truck if one side needs to go up 1 to 4 inches. really makes getting level easier.. I think this is absolutely my favorite addition. Covers for the roof vents... can leave the vent open and don't have to worry about rain coming in. when I bought my new TT, dealer installed for free any things I bought from him that day.
wannavolunteerFT 09/06/14 03:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dinette & jack knife sofa covers

sounds crazy and probably not what you are looking for, but I discovered a standard double bed size fitted sheet fits my jack-knife sofa fairly well. My upholstery is in good shape, just wanted to cover the suede when my mom and her CAT joined me for the weekend. I will continue watching and looking at pictures on this thread, as I hope to move from my TT to Class A soon and will likely buy used MH and will want new uphholstery.
wannavolunteerFT 09/05/14 08:15am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Too much of a good thing? Retirement on the Road NYT

The idea of being close to children and grandchildren is great and part of the reason I intend to fulltime when I retire. My DD, SIL and DGD currently live 500-600 miles away. In a little over five years of marriage they have lived in 4 states, and could move again, dependent on his career. Don't ever see them living in this area, as there are no opportunities for him here. DD has a more flexible profession, so can move with him. My DS has already stated he has no plans to stay in the area, once he graduates from college. Most of my friends/coworkers children are doing the same. I moved here for a job 30 years ago and have nothing to keep me here. I do intend to set up my portion/share of family farm, so that I can use it as homebase/retreat in times of needing to be "home". My brother and Mother live about 40 miles from there, so can check on the property and I can be close if they need me. I can travel to areas my children and grandchildren to visit, without imposing on them and forcing them to change their routines and life to fit me in. (I know when I stay with them now, one or the other of us has to change our routine and lifestyle.) I have traveled on my own to places that pushed me. Just traveling alone for work to unknown cities or traveling with TT alone even a few hundred miles has given me the knowledge that I can manage the travel and being away from familiar area just fine. Also being alone in my home here in a town where I have few true friends is not that drastically different from being alone in my "home on wheels" in an area that I am interested in exploring.
wannavolunteerFT 09/05/14 08:01am Full-time RVing
RE: If I sell it -- How do I get paid??

When I helped my parents sell their MH, the MH was at my house, since it is closer to Interstate and major highways and easier to find and access. My parents lived 40 miles away and the purchaser traveled about 6 hours to buy. Going to either bank was out of the question, so buyer simply brought cash. Actually they brought cash when they came to look after several phone calls and lots of pictures emailed. They came back 2 weeks later and picked up MH and had decided to buy toad at that point, so brought cash for it then. Although it was a large amount of cash, parents bank with small town bank and have known the banker since he was a young boy. The bank helped with the paperwork for the large cash transaction. Mom just showed the bill of sale we made and copy of the signed title.
wannavolunteerFT 09/05/14 07:15am General RVing Issues
RE: New rig ! Done deal!

Congrats!! From someone who has traded from one brand to another, be sure you know how to work things... one manufacturer uses specific brand components and the next uses different ones. I knew there was a difference in my water heater, so I asked about that. Didn't know there were differences in awnings and how they worked. I had to go online on my phone from the boonies to find a you-tube video to be able to work my new awning the first time I took new TT out. Live and learn.
wannavolunteerFT 09/04/14 04:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: 1st East Coast DOG(Dutch Oven Gathering) & Cook-off

Would love to join you, but PA is too far. Please let me know when something is in SouthEast.
wannavolunteerFT 09/03/14 05:19pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings

OP, I have a '10 F150 5.0 and tow a TT that weighs about 5200 lbs empty and can carry 7000 lbs loaded. I have not added airbags or leaf springs, just careful to stay under my payload (per sticker on truck). The thing that I have to pay most attention to is the tires. My truck came with P265 tires on it and they are just too soft without some extra air. Sticker recommends 35PSI, but I have found for towing bumping the pressure up to about 40 makes it feel less squirmy in the back. When I buy new tires (next year), I will probably buy a different load rating and get some with a stiffer sidewall. Just gotta decide if the amount of towing I do justifies the stiffer ride I will have all the time.
wannavolunteerFT 09/03/14 05:18pm Beginning RVing
RE: Dolly towing a 4 down vehicle

some vehicles don't recommend towing on a dolly. check with manufacturer's website or owners manual. don't believe the salesmen; they usually don't know.
wannavolunteerFT 09/02/14 06:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anderson levelers

Like ScottG said, the only time I have had an issue was squishy wet grass.. and mine just disappeared into the mush.. used a board with it and I was good..
wannavolunteerFT 09/02/14 05:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Labor Day Horror Stories

The only thing wrong with my holiday weekend, besides not camping, was working on putting up a new gate near the highway and watching all the RV's and boats go by on their way out of the state park about 5-6 miles away. I lost count of how many I saw go by yesterday while we were sweating on the new gate and gate posts.
wannavolunteerFT 09/02/14 05:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Selling of MH

Roy, a suggestion to help it sell when you get ready.. take all the cushions and fabric things that can be removed without destroying and sit out in the sun a whole day. Leave RV windows and doors open so lots of fresh air can get in. You would be surprised how much fresher it will smell if all the cushions, mattresses, etc go outside in the sun for a day. The sunshine will kill all the closed up, unused, musty, dusty smell.
wannavolunteerFT 09/02/14 04:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Im Shopping for a used Travel Trailer

If you had offered me 50% of the asking price of any of the RV's I have sold, I would have been insulted and likely hung up on you. I have researched selling prices and NADA values of what I sold and priced accordingly. That being said I have seen a number of different types of RV's priced for load payoff rather than the true value. The TT that I traded in, I took a bit less than I could have gotten selling it myself, but I took less because it was worth it not to have to fool with selling. It was getting old and was about to need some serious maintenance done to it. Do your research and offer only slightly less than low retail NADA. When you input options, do not include any as the price guide includes most that comes on the unit standard. Also personalized options don't usually increase value. You can also check with a bank and they will give you the loan value.. a good starting point.
wannavolunteerFT 08/30/14 03:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: New cabinet install - major surgery

WOW!! beautiful work. I wish I had the skills (and tools) to do something like this. I plan to buy a Class A in a couple of years, and hope I can find someone with similar skills to do a couple of mods I want done to make it work for me as a FT home.
wannavolunteerFT 08/30/14 10:10am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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