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RE: Rescued my camper

I have visited all of the dealers in Byron, plus others in GA, and I must admit the CW there in Byron made my blood boil. I wanted to look at some specific MH's and stated plainly I wasn't ready to buy. The salesman kept insisting on asking me questions and trying to "qualify me" for buying. I don't know if it was because I was a female by myself (yes, he asked what my husband thought) or it that is standard. But what I owe on my current RV and current Vehicle should have in NO way been asked at that point, when I clearly said I was passing through Byron on the way home from a business trip and I wanted to physically look at to get a feel for size, some of the MH's I had looked at on-line. OP, I would not accept any RV with a wet floor as hot and dry as it has been here for so long. Water under a slide is a real scary situation. I believe I would be contacting a lawyer as I contacted corporate. Maybe even have lawyer write a letter on your behalf. Contact CW in writing with a demand for full refund. Then look at other dealers. I know several people that dealt with Campers Inn there and were quite happy.
wannavolunteerFT 10/23/16 09:44am Travel Trailers
RE: Raleigh to Ocean Lakes

although you are there already, for future information US 1 from Raleigh to NC line is pretty good traveling. It is not as good into SC, as it is narrower and a bit curvier, but is still doable. I took US1 from Columbia all the way to Raleigh on a trip up there pulling TT and it wasn't a bad trip. I often take US1 out of Raleigh to somewhere around the line, as my DD lives near US1 in Holly Springs.
wannavolunteerFT 10/22/16 03:36pm Roads and Routes
RE: brake or wiring issues

Tvov, I thought I had read something about some Ford trailer plugs/integrated truck brakes being suspect, but couldn't find anything.. I will keep watch... as I had brakes even when truck said I didn't... or at least I didn't ever feel the trailer pushing the truck. just glad I don't see a big bright NO TRAILER warning anymore.
wannavolunteerFT 10/22/16 09:05am Towing
RE: brake or wiring issues

okay, update on trailer issue.. truck was giving "trailer wiring fault" error and if i touched brake controller, I got no trailer. error appeared sometime (not immediately) after I had the breakaway replaced. Did have to drive off the road to go around a tree down on way home last trip before error appeared. Took trailer to local trailer shop (not RV shop but a commercial trailer repair shop). Less than an hour after leaving it, I got a call, they had jacked up each wheel tested the brake with power and tested the breakaway and found nothing wrong. couldn't get it to not work on any wheel. Mid afternoon, I went to pick up thinking I would have to take truck to Ford dealer for computer analysis. Mechanic jacked up and demonstrated braking and breakaway for one wheel. I then plugged my truck in to check with my truck and NO ERROR.. everything worked like it should. Trailer shop exorcised a gremlin. No real clue as to what problem was, unless the jacking up and down wiggled something. Drove home and parked trailer with no lack of connection. anyhow, I am good now.. still don't know what happened, but happy I didn't expend tons of money chasing a gremlin and that I get to take the trailer out next weekend, since I missed last weekend due to concern over brakes.
wannavolunteerFT 10/22/16 06:59am Towing
RE: brake or wiring issues

okay, I just saw another post about breakaway pin being pulled and trailer hooked to power causing issues with brakes.. I did have my breakaway pin broken possibly activating brakes. I cut wire at direction of shop, to take trailer to get breakaway assembly replaced. no issues on trailer then or at beginning of next trip. Now I am wondering if the breakaway pin caused this issue.. If so, I am getting angry, because yard guy broke pin... and didn't tell me.. I just found cable sitting on top of propane tank.
wannavolunteerFT 10/16/16 04:05pm Towing
RE: brake or wiring issues

I know it is either wiring to brakes or brakes themselves. No brakes when towing.. lights all work. I tested truck with new trailer and everything worked. Would a semi trailer type shop be a good option? Or RV shop with 2 mechanics to do everything be better?
wannavolunteerFT 10/14/16 10:38am Towing
brake or wiring issues

I have an issue with my brakes on Jayco TT or either in wiring. My truck (2010 F150) gives a trailer wiring error when I plug in. I have cleaned connections and used dielectric grease, no help. I tried plugging in new trailer and got no error. I have a local dealer that I trust, but they are a small shop with only a couple of mechanics so have to do a wide variety of types of work. I am considering going to trailer shop, (like for semi trucks). There are a couple in our area, that have been around for a while but no online reviews. If I call them, what kind of questions should I ask? I know just before I had the error, I had tires replaces and bearings checked/greased. Returning home from next trip (about 50 miles each way), severe thunderstorms had brought down a tree in road, and I had to drive off side of road to get around (yes, slowly). I had a flash of an error during that trip home, but I forgot about it until a month later when I went to go again. At that point, I blamed error on dirty connections and drove the mile to very local campground. Could driving off the road have caused a brake issue? should I recommend shop look at brakes on that side first?
wannavolunteerFT 10/14/16 07:23am Towing
RE: Is it worth paying for Workamper News?

Starfire, you probably need to sit down with someone and talk through your resume. You need to emphasize your skills and not create a time linear resume. If what you plan to do requires being self-directed, then you should highlight where you have been that way. If you are trying to work in gift shop or reservations/check in, you should emphasize where you used customer service skills. If you have done something as a volunteer that would demonstrate appropriate skills or experience, list it. You may have to do several different resumes for different jobs. Everywhere now expects a resume tailored to the job. Do not expect to make the same amount of money as a temporary worker as you do full-time in a permanent career type job. Yes there are some temp jobs that pay very well, but many do not pay that great. Be prepared and aware of what prevailing rates for those type jobs are.
wannavolunteerFT 10/13/16 05:42pm Workamping Forum
RE: Hurricane Mathew

I stayed at my daughters house. It was such a nothing event the pool level didn't even rise. could have been much worse Be glad it was a nothing event for you. My DD lives just outside of Raleigh, NC and spent Saturday fighting to keep flood waters out of her house. She was supposed to be at Myrtle Beach, but decided to stay home. From the pics of MB and the flooding in NC, she made a good decision, but is still surrounded by closed roads.
wannavolunteerFT 10/09/16 12:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Table top

Hudsoner... thanks for the link to the BB&B folding chairs.. I hadn't thought of them, but they have some really nice looking ones to keep in mind as I plan remodel/upgrade of Class A I plan to buy.
wannavolunteerFT 10/09/16 09:17am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Hurricane Matthew and I-95

For those of you that are avoiding I95, thank you. My DD is there and they have a big mess with the flooding. Unless you have lived through flooding like that you can't imagine the mess, horror and stress those in the area are going through. As you travel through Atlanta, if you come in on I85, stay on it and then take 75 South as they divide. I would seriously taking the I85-I75 connector straight through time rather than I285 around town. 285 is always extremely busy with lots of big trucks pushing all the lanes, since they can't go through town.
wannavolunteerFT 10/09/16 08:57am Roads and Routes
RE: Hurricane Matthew and I-95

Just heard on weather channel that flooding in NC has caused issues with I95 near Fayetteville... so fairly far inland. Again, I encourage you to see another route and not interfere with locals trying to recover from storm.
wannavolunteerFT 10/08/16 11:28am Roads and Routes
RE: Short RV Park/Campground Website Poll

It affects my decision a lot of the time. If it is somewhere I have never been, pictures of sites and a site map are extremely important. I don't need to see pictures of people sitting around campfire, kids playing in field or similar pictures that really aren't helpful. Pricing being available is also important. Ease of making a reservation is extremely important. I have attended a couple of group campouts in a nearby park and I absolutely HATE trying to deal with their reservations procedure and absolute lack of system. They don't have any kind of system other than a notebook that doesn't get updated appropriately.. and the people making the reservations don't have a clue of what camper will fit in what site.. and will change your paid for reservation from one site to another without asking.
wannavolunteerFT 10/08/16 10:38am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Jayflight 29 RKS but the kitchen is at the back

I have a jayflight 24RKS,,, I have had it for 5 years and the only dish I have ever had broken is the cup I left sitting on the table by accident. I often forget to put something in the microwave on back wall to keep glass tray from moving, and although I have to re-situate it, but have never had it break.. and I have to enter and leave parking at my house over a curb..
wannavolunteerFT 10/08/16 10:31am Travel Trailers
RE: Hurricane Matthew and I-95

You need to plan another option... The locals don't need tourists causing more congestion and confusion. Campgrounds and hotels are full even several hundred miles from the coast.. I95 was the border line for "mandatory" evacuations in South Carolina and Georgia and most of that area is not opened back up yet. The storm has not gotten really into NC yet.. They are still predicting flooding (from rain and from storm surge) as well as tornadoes in NC. Please be considerate of the folks that have evacuated who live in the area and don't even know what things are like in their homes yet. Please find another way to go, if you absolutely MUST go now.
wannavolunteerFT 10/08/16 10:12am Roads and Routes
RE: Going to be working from home!

OP, most people got into the technicalities of working via internet connectivity, and I am not going to go into that, but I will talk about your truck and trailer idea. I am single and have an F150 extended cab with 8600lb tow rating.. I have a TT that has 24 ft box, total length of 28, that weight empty is 5200 and total weight capacity is 7000lb. I tow with a WD hitch and friction sway bar and have had no issues. Size is great for one person.. I could live in it long term or full time if I needed. Sofa isn't most comfortable, but other than in the evenings, I don't sit on sofa much.. I can sit sideways in dinette and prop my feet or sit at table to use laptop or for other work/tasks. My TT was bought new, and may be more than you want to spend, but you can find a used one for a lot less. Not a lot of difficult/expensive maintenance if you are somewhat handy. As I am now old enough, that I am not as comfortable balancing on top of ladder or crawling on ground under, I find I can hire a fairly competent young person to help with my directions. I just last night had a young man help me replace my backup camera. He did the ladder climbing balance act to get the screws in straight, while I provide tools, cold water and guidance. Although it took us nearly two hours, I paid him half the shop rate for one hour. He was happy to have a little cash, I was happy to get it done for less, plus we did it where the trailer sits, so I saved the time of going to and from dealer.
wannavolunteerFT 10/07/16 04:18pm Beginning RVing
RE: Factory Installed Integrated Brake Controllers

Also, the Ford IBC seems to be very sensitive to having totally perfect electrical connections. If anything get slightly flaky, it will error out. The Prodigy seems more forgiving. yes, the last time I took my TT out, I noticed I got an error. Lights were working and I was only going less than a mile, so I just went anyhow. I am planning this weekend, to go out and clean connections..
wannavolunteerFT 09/30/16 07:03am Towing
RE: Wildlife

yeah, I had the squirrels eat my propane hoses too.. One thing I do now is leave the tank cover open at the house. They wont get in there with it open like they did when it was closed.
wannavolunteerFT 09/25/16 06:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Checklist For Buying New Camper?

I agree, if you could post it, then some of the rest of us sure would appreciative of your organization skills to help us out.
wannavolunteerFT 09/16/16 10:12am General RVing Issues
RE: Camp ground laundries

I have been in a couple of state park campgrounds laundry and seen people putting dirty things in the dryer to just dry them. Especially after a rain storm. throwing sandy, wet stuff in to dry out a bit and don't worry about cleaning the mess left. I have seen some pretty nasty stuff in washer (fish scale, gut and blood coated) and the washer wasn't cleaned afterwards. I have also seen some dirty things at laundry near my house and had the heat from the dryer melt the backing on a bedspread. (granted it was a cheap one) First dry it was still wet... second was melting nylon. A half a day blown to wash and dry clothes and over $10 to wash bedspreads, blankets and rugs from RV. I went to laundry because the comforter wouldn't fit in mine and I swore off going again. I will wash either one item at a time or wait until I am visiting DD and can use her large family size front loader.
wannavolunteerFT 09/16/16 10:00am General RVing Issues
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