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RE: LOL What is a Dry/Wet bath

my grandparents had a wet bath in their late 60's model TT. the only thing I remember about the bath, was being told about the time in the Smokey Mountains in fall, my grandfather went in the bathroom and with his back to the shower controls managed to hit the cold water handle and was showered with cold mountain water. He was a big man with broad shoulders and couldn't reach the handle to shut the water off. My grandmother said TT was rocking and he was cussing and all she could do was laugh. Funny thing was he was cussing in Spanish so he didn't offend anyone as there weren't too many Cuban Spanish speakers outside of FL (and maybe NY) at the time. Well it just so happened the couple in the next site were Hispanic and came running to see what was wrong. They actually became friends with the couple and heard from them periodically for years.
wannavolunteerFT 08/26/14 07:19pm Beginning RVing
RE: Relocating south, heated tanks or not ?

I live in south GA, but our temp is usually not much warmer than MB. I used my TT off and on all winter last year as guest housing. I did disconnect the Fresh water hose and use water from the tank, the nights it was really cold. Over Christmas holidays, my DD & SIL used the trailer and we just kept heat at a level suitable for my 6 month old granddaughter and didn't have to worry about tanks. When I stayed in the trailer, I kept temp a little lower. Other times, when freezing weather was predicted, I just kept the heat on at about 50-55. My tanks are only heated by the fact that the ducts are just above the tanks, but the bottom is enclosed.
wannavolunteerFT 08/26/14 06:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: What If's and Favorites

I have a Jay Flight that I absolutely love. Love the fact that it has a ton of storage and I love the floorplan. Only thing I don't care for is the jack knife sofa. It isn't the most comfortable for sitting, but I will admit since I mounted TV on swivel, adjustable bracket I can get more comfortable watching TV. I also bought an ottoman so I can prop my feet easily. (I rarely sit with my feet down for long). Consider how many people will be in trailer regularly? Do you need a master bedroom that is separate from rest of trailer? I personally will not buy another RV that you have to walk through the trailer to get from master bed to bathroom. My mid-20's son joins me occasionally and I hate to walk through where he is sleeping in the middle of the night. I want my privacy like master bath in S&B. I see lots of folks that buy bunkhouses for grandkids to go with them, but will they really go enough to make it worth the space that can be used for other things?
wannavolunteerFT 08/26/14 06:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Design Layout - Individual Space Class A Resort

Ivylog mentioned the 30 degree angle would make pulling in difficult, but he forgot to say make backing out difficult and even beyond the capabilities of some folks. I wouldn't want to try it, if it is as close to straight in as I visualize it.
wannavolunteerFT 08/26/14 06:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking for a solution to carry leveling and jack blocks

another vote for Anderson levelers, they are a bit heavier than lynx blocks, but much easier than stacking blocks of any kind. I do keep lynx blocks for under stabilizers. Lynx blocks stay in front storage in the bags that they come in. For anderson levelers, I have found the easiest thing to do is put them in floorboard of backseat, behind driver. Take them out from wheels as I pull out, and put them under wheels when I get where I am going.
wannavolunteerFT 08/24/14 03:19pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Humidity

go to the dollar store and buy damp rid... buy the kind with the little buckets... (only $2-$3 a bucket) and sit them out.. when they are half full of water, replace.. also keep ac running to help. Although I don't FT, I keep my TT plugged in and AC on mid 80's with several of the damp rid buckets in it. I have not had problems with mold. Keeping the air circulating is critical along with moisture capture. and yes, we have high humidity and high temps.. it was 99 degrees here yesterday with humidity enough to make heat index be 108
wannavolunteerFT 08/24/14 02:30pm Full-time RVing
RE: Florida Gulf Coast Spots

Tyndall AFB Fam Camp.. on the bay... but you need to check for space, I think they are often full in Winter..
wannavolunteerFT 08/24/14 02:18pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RVing with a newborn

My granddaughter turned 1 month old in my TT. this after a long flight from WI to TX and four nights in hotel while her Moma attended a conference. then a flight into GA and 5 nights in TT (it was parked in my yard, so house was available too). That being said, I have to agree with poster that toddler was more difficult. I made the trip to TX to conference with my DD to babysit and a one year old in a hotel is much more difficult.
wannavolunteerFT 08/24/14 08:54am Family Camping
RE: Other Work aming sites

lostdog, that is my plan, only volunteer positions without the "bottom line" mentality. just a few more years with DoD and I hope to be in the position you are.
wannavolunteerFT 08/24/14 08:24am Workamping Forum
RE: Weight Distribution bar - using a pipe ... ?

okay, I do the lifting with the tongue jack (electric no less), but I still have to use pipe because my hands aren't strong enough to fully lift the brackets even with NO weight on them.
wannavolunteerFT 08/24/14 08:15am Travel Trailers
RE: Frustrated with Starcraft AR-ONE 14RB - At Dealer

Not sure where in GA you are located or what dealer you are using, but if you are interested, I can recommend my dealer. He is a small dealer, owned by an RV'er who has always been great about educating me and helping me learn how to use my TT and how to take care of it. Let me know and I will post here or PM with the info.
wannavolunteerFT 08/24/14 08:12am Travel Trailers
RE: TT Guest House

As far as water use and disposal while using TT as guest house, there are ways to deal with it. I am not sure what the regulations are for where it will be located, but when I use my TT on our family farm (with no connections other than elec), I use gray water for watering trees. At my house, in another rural GA county, I use gray water for landscape watering, When at farm, I bring black water out and dump at nearby park or other dump location. At home, there is a park less than a mile down the highway from me, that charges me $3 to dump. It takes a long time to fill black tank, so I just hook trailer up and haul to park to dump. It takes a lot of $3 dumps to equal the cost of the macerator, and I don't think hooking up is that much more difficult than running the macerator and hose across the yard and drive way more than 50-60 ft. My JAYCO has a 32 gal black tank which is really a lot and takes a while to build up. I have never filled it except by adding extra water. Granted I don't have small children, but have used it several weekends with 2 adults and not come close.
wannavolunteerFT 08/24/14 08:00am Travel Trailers
RE: RV Drivers License

In response to the OP's question about driving, I know Lazy Days has a drivers course. In FL, they are not far from Orlando, heading towards Tampa. I am not sure exactly where you are are going as many people say Orlando and they just mean that area, but there are lots of RV dealers in the area, and I imagine most of them can refer you to a driving instructor.
wannavolunteerFT 08/22/14 06:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Coach Registration by State - Question

boozecamp, not sure when you bought 5er, but don't forget GA changed a lot of the registration costs and laws a couple of years ago. Not sure how 5ers and TT's work under the new laws, but for cars, you pay a large tax bite at purchase time, and then only pay basic registration fees each year thereafter ($20, I think).
wannavolunteerFT 08/18/14 07:56pm Full-time RVing
RE: Camping in Chicago

I am still stupified by the fact that you can't drive a pickup on lake shore drive and other roads. How the heck do people that own trucks get around? One of my bucket list trips is to Chicago and see all the architecture (my art degree and architectural history classes scream for me to go to the beginnings of modern architecture). Guess that trip will have to wait until I can afford a Class A and toad. So are SUV's restricted too?
wannavolunteerFT 08/17/14 02:50pm General RVing Issues

sounds like a plan to me... just be sure you ask someone who really knows the answer. I took an early morning flight out of a small town airport a few weeks ago, called to find out what time security opened, as I didn't want to check in and then wait an hour for security. airport admin (who supposedly asked airport police) told me 4am. I got there about 4:15 and security didn't open until 5:00. I was not a happy camper, as I was up real early to sit and wait.. and there wasn't even a snack bar open to get a cup of coffee.
wannavolunteerFT 08/17/14 02:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class a vs. small trailer

I currently have TT and truck and am fairly comfortable towing it. Hooking up and unhooking takes more time and effort than I would like as I age. I was talking with someone just Friday about driving a Class A. He has one that is 32-33 ft long and I was asking about test driving it, because I think I want to make the move to a Class A for security reasons as I travel alone. When I told him what I was driving and towing now, he told me that the MH would be an easy transition. He said he had driven trucks and trailers of various types, including semis and he felt like the Class A MH was much easier, even towing a vehicle. OP, you say you won't drive if you stick with MH, let me encourage you to learn to drive. There are classes available from some dealerships and also a couple of companies that teach courses around the country. Even if you don't drive regularly, knowing you can in an emergency will help you feel better about traveling far away from home and family. I plan to take one at the point I buy a class A, just for the guidance and confidence. I had a truck driver instructor work with me for about an hour or two on backing my trailer and it sure helped my skills and confidence to go where I want.
wannavolunteerFT 08/17/14 08:00am Full-time RVing
RE: About 99% sure it will work.

I am always surprised at the folks that think they know the "best" way to go full-time (or even part-time) and how much money you have to have saved before you can take off. I see all the comments about putting money aside to buy another house, and I just want to scream. Not all of us will want to own a home when we are older. I am tired of the never ending maintenance my house requires and do not plan to go back into a house when I can't fulltime any more. My plans are to fulltime for 10-15 years give or take and then somewhere between 70 & 75 settle in an apt somewhere that has transportation options and let someone else worry about the maintenance.
wannavolunteerFT 08/16/14 01:22pm Full-time RVing
RE: question about campers inn .

A friend bought his MH from one in Byron, Ga.. he recommended them, said they were much more customer friendly than the Camping World just across the interstate. He traded his TT for a big Allegra diesel and felt like he got a great deal.
wannavolunteerFT 08/16/14 07:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Jayco Eagle 322fks vs. Jayco Jayflight 322fks

I bought the Jayflight version instead of the Eagle version of my floor plan, because it was lighter and less expensive. I decided the smaller slide (the Eagle had the wardrobe in the slide out and the Flight didn't) and a manual awning would be fine for my use at that time. I do like the looks of the smooth side over the aluminum that my Jayflight has, but again, I made the decision based on economics for my use.. weekend use once every month or two.. not enough to justify the extra costs. that being said, at this point, I could stay in my Flight for longer times without major struggle.. but I do know I love my floorplan as it works for me.
wannavolunteerFT 08/16/14 07:15am Travel Trailers
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