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RE: Slide-Outs @ Walmart

Another thing to consider when purchasing an RV. Our TT was like that. With the front slide in, you couldn't get to the kitchen (fridge or stove) or bathroom. well you could get to the bathroom, but you had to enter it from the rear door and that was also the only access to the rear bunkroom. The main bedroom was up front and you could only use one of the doors and had to climb onto the bed to get to the other side. Fortunately, we didn't boondock or overnight anywhere in it. But when we traded it in on our motorhome, it was one of the things we considered. A lot of people don't think about it.
wbwood 05/01/16 08:58am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Thoughts on ACME Electric Tow Dolly?

Imagine flat towing w/ the steering wheel locked in center position. That is exactly how a rigid frame dolly works, you are dragging the tires around corners. It works, but the steerable wheeled dollies make a lot more sense. There is only one reason to make a rigid frame dolly, cheeeeeeeep ! And the only people that would buy electric over surge brakes, are the ones who don't know any better. With the steering wheel unlocked, the steering wheel turns on the car. The front wheels sit up over the wheels of the dolly, there is still turning. No tires are being dragged around corners. watch the video....
wbwood 05/01/16 08:46am Dinghy Towing
RE: Thoughts on ACME Electric Tow Dolly?

We had and ACME tow dolly with the surge brakes. We don't have it anymore, not because we didn't like it. But because we no longer had a towable car at the time being. We sold it for what we paid for it as the prices went up a little on them. We will be purchasing another in the future as we now have a towable car. We loved ours...Fortunately for us, we live only an hour away from the manufacturer and pick up from them, saving the freight charge (which is now higher than it was a couple years ago). I don't think you will be dissatisfied with it. If you can swing the extra $100 for the surge (hydraulic brake) one, then I would go that way. No need to worry about a brake controller. They are really nice people and the owner quickly responds to emails. wbwood: I'm looking at the ACME for my VW, towed behind our Winnie Aspect 30J. I see your rig is similar in length. I have no experience with dolly towing and have read all the negatives on them, but am thinking it might be the solution to our wanting to reduce the weight we are pulling with the E-450. Our current toad is a Chevy Equinox which weighs in at 4,400#. Question: What sort of tongue weight did you experience with your car and did you feel the car back there? I guess I should ask what car you were pulling on the dolly. Our VW has a front axle weight of around 1180#, which translates loosely to a tongue weight of around 227# according to ACME website which says tongue weight is 10-15% of front axle weight. 227# is significant compared to the roughly 50# that our Blue Ox weighs. To stay with 4 down we would have to purchase another car, which is also in the mix....say a Smart Car or Mini. We towed two different cars. One was a Toyota Yaris, and weighed around 2200lbs. The other was a Ford Focus and weighed over 3000lbs. Not an issue on either one and no, could not tell that they were back there.
wbwood 05/01/16 08:42am Dinghy Towing
RE: Tow dolly

Let's see.... I was quoted over $4300 (by two different RV dealers) to set up our 2016 Ford Focus for flat towing. That included tow bar, base plate, braking system, wiring, labor, shipping and etc. I did get my local CW to do it for the labor costs (roughly $800) if I purchased the items on my own tried to save money. Was still gonna spend over $2000 for those same exact parts, but was going to save over $1000. Still was gonna cost around $3000 or so. We can get a ACME tow dolly with surge brakes for $1800. One with electric even cheaper. Other dollies similarly priced. The ACME is the lightest on the market and can be stored upright. We had one before but sold it when we no longer had a toad. We never had an issue with storing it on site. Matter of fact, we could easily roll it to the end of the site and back up the RV over most of it. Only really needed a site that was a few feet longer than the RV. Hooking up or disconnecting never took more than 10 minutes or so once you got used to dealing with it. Would flat towing go any quicker? Maybe. I don't know, I've never done it. But it's not a race for me. Saving a couple thousand dollars will go a lot longer than saving 5 minutes every time I hook up or disconnect. But we are not full timers and are not doing it every day.
wbwood 05/01/16 08:37am Dinghy Towing
RE: Re sealing a class c

And you will need to check the roof yearly and reseal as necessary...
wbwood 05/01/16 08:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: fill MH propane tank

It would be nice if someone would develop an app like "Gas Buddy" for propane (Propane Buddy?). It would be able to pull it up on a map with the price. Hint hint to all you app developers out there... I came across Campers Helper app that supposedly lists a lot of different things for campers on a map. Propane refill is one, but it's one of the categories that you can't see unless you purchase it ($9.99). Not sure how well it works.
wbwood 05/01/16 08:05am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Oakwood, GA CW - Should I Bother?

The time it took to write this post , you could have called them and asked for a the sales guy or the manager... Maybe I am different , but when doing stuff like this , I like the personal touch... talking... face to face.. or by phone.. We have all blamed our lack of wanting to communicate on being busy...Your not alone.. My professional qualifications may not matter to you, but I communicate for a living, sitting right here at my keyboard 10-12 hours a day (my average work day) every day. I clearly don't need face to face to work out a 6-digit salary and negotiate an operational product team generating $100mil in revenue a year. Thanks. ditto...I much rather communicate in written (email) format. For one, whoever I am contacting and myself can communicate when we have the time to do it. With that said, it should be in a timely manner. Secondly, it helps keep things in order. When dealing with various dealers, you can keep up better with what was said and what is going on. And finally, its a record of what is being said. None of this "I didn't say that".....Face to face or on the phone leads to a good chance it was never said. What do they always say? Get it in writing!
wbwood 05/01/16 06:47am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Insurance Discount???

Tattle tales! lol
wbwood 05/01/16 06:43am Good Sam Insurance
RE: Charged for miscellaneous shop supplies

Hello wbwood, Thank you for your time and posting. If able please send me a PM with your contact information. I would like to have our leadership team reach out and address your concerns. Thank you in advance. Ella Thanks, but no need. I will email Scott my receipt.
wbwood 05/01/16 06:40am Good Sam Extended Service Plan
RE: Charged for miscellaneous shop supplies

DCS7, I agree with you 100%. If you took your RV to a Good Sam Preferred Provider, which of course Camping World is, you should not have any out of pocket expenses beyond your deductible for covered repairs. This is part of our insurer's agreement with Camping World and all other Preferred Providers. Obviously, someone did not get the memo in this case. Please fax or e-mail me your invoice with the shop supplies and I will get a reimbursement out to you ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience! If that's the case, why was I charged $66.82 on my last warranty work? I have a $50 deductible. I was charged for shipping of a part they replaced and etc.
wbwood 04/30/16 09:55am Good Sam Extended Service Plan
RE: Travato 59K Price?

did a search and found the 59K listing at anywhere from 143,899 to 78,395. how can there possibly be that much of a variance? bumpy Listing errors. You forgot to put up the quotes Bumpy.. "Listing errors"
wbwood 04/30/16 06:10am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Charged for miscellaneous shop supplies

Can't remember if I was charged shop supplies, but I was charged for shipping of a slide motor (beyond the $50 deductible) that they replaced under my extended warranty. It was less than $20, but I think that is kind of crappy. The warranty company is going to pay to replace the motor and even pay for the motor, but it's up to us to pay their shipping rate on it? Heck, I probably could of ordered it on Amazon with my Prime membership, got free shipping and it there in 2 days.
wbwood 04/30/16 06:06am Good Sam Extended Service Plan
RE: Good Sam Vehicle Insurance Plan

I hate it when people think that Camping World is actually an insurance provider. They are a broker. They will write you through various insurance companies. They will initially try to quote you through National General (which used to be GMAC) because they provide the highest commissions. If you request a quote from their website, it will automatically quote you through National General, per Bob Fulcher (then VP of Insurance Services with Camping World). He also told me that his agents are instructed to present National General first only if they are competitive with other companies, which is total BS. Because I called to get a quote on our motorhome and the y gave me a number that I thought was high. I asked who it was through and they said National General. I asked them to quote me through Allied (which was the company we had on our TT). I had to go through all the questions again, so how would you know what the other rates would be? Duh! Anyway, Allied came out to about half the price of National General. So don't get caught up in their web of deception as far as the insurance thing goes. Many people don't realize this...Let my experience and my conversation that I had with Bob Fulcher help you to make some better choices and to ask questions.
wbwood 04/30/16 06:02am Good Sam Insurance
RE: Good Sam Vehicle Insurance Plan

Good Sam and Coach-Net are better suited for roadside assistance on RVs than the regular auto insurers. A year of Coach-Net service came with my Jayco, so I've stayed with them. Like most insurance, you hope you'll never need it. Within a half an hour of picking up our new Eagle, I encountered a problem in a parking lot where we'd stopped. It was raining and generally miserable that evening, but a call to Coach-Net got me to a tech who explained what I'd done. With his help I found the problem and we were on our way within a couple of minutes. I've since learned that there's a hitch to that. If true, it is that if you accept tech advice and you still can't get back on the road, calling back for a tow is on your dime! Check the fine print, whatever you purchase. I think you are posting in the wrong category...you are referring to roadside service and not insurance.
wbwood 04/30/16 05:45am Good Sam Insurance
RE: You may want to wait on LED's - incandescents might be back!

My LED's will burn out by then...lol
wbwood 04/28/16 11:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Trying to buy a motorhome

Yep, if a buyer owes any money on the RV, they are going to have to pay it off in order to get the title from the lien holder. Even if you buy a used unit through a dealer, there's a chance that they don't have the title in hand. Often they are consigning and money is still owed to the Bank.
wbwood 04/28/16 11:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Keep it or trade it?

Isn't there a TV show on HDTV with the same subject? HDTV? You mean HGTV?
wbwood 04/28/16 07:52am General RVing Issues
RE: No road side Assistance! Blow out on interstate!

In addition, to the OP...you could of called a towing company. Either looked up one or asked GSRA for the name and number of a towing company. Also, you should chekc your insurance policy on your motorhome. Many insurance companies include roadside service in with the policy. Also, you can call the local law enforcement agency and they can give you info on towing companies. And as others mentioned, it's a good idea to carry a spare. Would save on possibly paying for a tow versus having them change the tire for you. And with a tow dolly, it would be something you could probably do yourself with the proper equipment. Just things to think about.
wbwood 04/28/16 07:50am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: No road side Assistance! Blow out on interstate!

I feel compelled to respond to this post. Many million dollars are spent every year for these Road Side Assistance programs. Too many times they are useless!!!!! It has been my experience - once in New York state and once in Ca.- that the Highway Patrol WILL help you. 911 will get help. Both times the Trooper changed my blow out himself. He said "this is my job". If he can't help himself, he will get help to you. And his help is FREE! Just saying........ You are only hearing the small percentage of bad. Even those aresults more often than not spend in favor of the op. Exactly and on a forum dedicated for this one service. I'm sure if there were forums (maybe there are, but they aren't here) based on other roadside services, then there would be disgruntled customers there as well. I don't see anyone posting they had a bath experience with Coachnet or AAA on here, unless they are debating something. Why? Because this site is about good sam...Seriously...if you get hundreds (maybe more) of service requests and you are only getting one complaint posted every few days, then that is pretty good. But, you aren't seeing the disgruntled customers that don't post on here. But you also don't see positive remarks either. It would be interesting to see some numbers on number of service calls versus number of complaints. Not defending GSRA at all, just saying people need to look at the whole picture and not just a little snippet here or there.
wbwood 04/28/16 07:31am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Flojet Question

I've been using a flojet at home for a handful of years to do exactly what you're looking to do. I have 100' flat run to my septic. I bought two 50' lengths of 1" gatorhyde hose (doesn't kink) and have no problem emptying. If you use 3/4" hose I would watch the heat of the motor (monitor it with your hand) and stop to cool it if it starts getting too warm. Thanks...ours will be downhill with about a 15-20 drop in elevation over about 100'.
wbwood 04/27/16 09:49am General RVing Issues
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