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RE: Slideout

HERE is a detailed troubleshooting guide, Block diagnostics Over-rides: Electronic, Unplug controller and disengage motors Error Codes ________________________________________________________________________ When unplugging at controllers.....make sure you unplug BOTH motors prior to manually moving slide As for the guide, it says 6 blinks is a short. I believe the rv tech said he counted 8 blinks and looked at the label on the controller and he said that was a short. I haven't climbed in there to look specifically at it. But it could be a possibility that the codes could be different in the guide posted here than what is labeled on a controller. I will look at it more this weekend to see.
wbwood 01/29/16 10:49am Tech Issues
RE: Slideout

Yes, that is one way to get a Schwintek in or out. But as always, you were told by someone that has NEVER attempted to do that. He was instructed or read about it, but has never done it. Yes, you can disengage the controller(I prefer to disconnect the 12 volt power which is easier). But it takes some mighty strong People(usually 3 or 4) to push the Scwhintek mechanism. The better way as long as the Red and Black motor wires are not damaged, is to put into OVERRIDE and then use the motors to bring it in or out. IF a motor is defective and stuck then you cannot push anyways. Always try the OVERRIDE method FIRST, then try the manual push in. Doug I haven't heard the term "OVERRIDE" before. How would I put mine in this mode? Thanks That is done at the controller...it is an ELECTRONIC override. Push the 'mode' button 6 times quickly then on 7th time you hold it for 5 seconds before releasing. Then you use the normal control switch to retract slide. If there is a short in the wire and one of the motors is not working, then it will not work would it? You would need both motors to have power to them I would think.
wbwood 01/29/16 04:25am Tech Issues
RE: Where I really envy a Class A

Owning a Class C myself, where I really envy the A's is their cab seats being good inward-facing lounge chairs too. If our little C could do that, and the TV was in easy view amidships, it would transform the comfort factor in the dark winter evenings out here in Arizona. Yes, there are many other ways that an A beats a C. Most of them I can live without in order to have the smaller rig. But even a small C could benefit from a well thought out pair of swivel cab seats. Do the Views and Navions have them? More of your newer C's are starting to have them now. And there are some smaller Class A's out there with them. Some are in the 24-25' range. Any of the Class C's with a merecedes or dodge ram will have the swivel seats...
wbwood 01/28/16 10:53am Class C Motorhomes

Went out of town a couple weeks ago. When we arrived and went to put the main slide out, it stopped after moving close to 6". Pushed button again and only one motor would start going and it only went an inch or so. Tried to retract it and it would only come back that inch. Had an RV mobile tech come out and he found the controller and stated it gave a error code of a short. So, he got his ladder out and removed a screw from the seal at the top of the slide and disengaged the motor. We got it pushed back in. Hadn't had a chance to get it to the dealer to fix yet, but we were at the show in Charlotte this past Sunday and was talking to the old sales manager that sold us the rig (he's at another dealership now). Was telling him about the issue and a representative from Thor overheard us and came and told us there was a simpler way of getting the slide back in. Many people may know this, but we didn't and many others may not know either. This is on a 2013 Thor Chateau Class C with a Schwintek. He said to locate the controller and unplug both cables from it. He said this will free up the motors. He said you should be able to push in the slide. Once you have it pushed in, just plug the two cables back in to the controller. He said this would re-engage the motor (basically locking it from what I understand). It's not fixing whatever issue, but it's an easy way to get the slide back in when you are limited on time and can't do it the other way or get someone to you. It made me feel better that there was an easy way. I told him they need to educate the dealers more on this so that they can include it in the PDI as a what if type of thing. But of course the dealers want you to pay them to deal with it...lol Just some FYI
wbwood 01/28/16 10:51am Tech Issues
RE: Now retired: Pulling a camper, or, driving a motorhome????

A 5th wheel will be the most difficult climbing up and in. TT can be just as bad. It also depends on the motorhome. Class C's sit lower than Class A's generally. Some truth I guess, but a lot of opinion.
wbwood 01/22/16 12:29pm Beginning RVing
RE: Scared and Excited Newbie!

I will echo the sentiments of many others. Look at a good used pop up. You will think it won't be very spacious, but you will be very surprised once it's opened up. We started with a pop up in 2000. Had it a few years. Then in 2010, we jumped into a brand new $25k TT that was 35' long. Didn't even have a truck to pull it. Had to buy one. Had that configuration for a few years. In 2013 we upgraded to a brand new Class C motorhome. Your needs, wants and camping styles will change over the years. Start small and within your means. You will learn what you want and you don't. What you need and what you don't. With a pop up, you will feel much more comfortable than a TT that you will feel that will fit your needs. And at that price, you will more than likely get a dog. While your hubby says 6000lbs, remember that you will need to take all 4 of your weights (probably at least 500 lbs total) and add them up and then deduct them from the 6000lbs...then anything else you add to the suv or camper, that you are going to take with you. Don't forget liquids, they are 8lbs/gallon. So if you take a fresh water tank with 50 gallons, that will be about 450 lbs. Then subtract the dry weight of the trailer. The pop up world likes to stay within no more of 75-80% of your vehicles towing capacity. It's not all about what it can pull, but what it can stop. By the way, what part of NC?
wbwood 01/22/16 12:27pm Beginning RVing
RE: Hilton Head Island

msmith: As our signature suggests, we sleep in a SportsMobile, Class B! Haven't slept in a tent in many years. Still love the outdoors for cooking, eating, relaxing, hiking etc. Just not fond of parking so close to our neighbors that you feel as though you're sharing the same camp site. I rather walk though the woods than down a cobble stone walkway. I prefer to wonder around a moon lit field than down a neon lit path. We all enjoy nature in our own way and as age takes its grip on me, I require more creature comforts. Just not within 3 feet of my neighbor. That's all I was trying to say. Then you need to by pass Hilton Head Island. Neither of the two rv parks will afford you what you are looking for.
wbwood 12/26/15 02:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: St. Augustine/Hilton Head/Savannah

Believe it or not, our 14 yr old prefers Hilton Head over everything, including Myrtle Beach..
wbwood 12/26/15 02:45pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Coffee----what do you like (revisited)

We buy Harris Teeter (grocery store brand). It ranges in price between about $5.50-6 for a can (270 servings) of it. WE used to buy Starbucks, Seattle's best and etc, but it's a pain in the butt and costs twice as much and you get less than half the amount. WE use a coffee maker at home and the melitta pour over cones in the RV. We do have a keurig at home, but do not use it on a regular basis. Is it convenient? Yes, if you are using k cups. If you are refilling the reusable filter type cups, then it's no more convenient. It's still something you have clean out and you can make a couple cups in a regular coffee pot. A lot of people that have keurigs argue that they are the only one to drink coffee or don't want to make a whole pot. Well who said you have to make a whole pot of coffee? Put less coffee and water in and make less. Then you have the cost of the keurig machine ($80) vs a standard mr coffee coffee pot you can get for $10. K cups cost on average about 50 cents a piece. Our store brand coffee comes out to about 5 cents a cup (2 cents coffee and 3 cents paper filter. If you have reusable filter then cut the cost even more).
wbwood 12/26/15 02:30pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: For those concerned about driving through Atlanta - a primer

Atlanta is not that bad...but if you can't stand traffic nad want to be a fuddy duddy, then drive at night and don't stop...lol
wbwood 12/26/15 02:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: I'm caught in his jet wash!

Yes it's normal. You have wind pushing against a big 32' block. that is connected to a truck half it's size on a ball (even though you have WDH bars and sway bars). Things will lessen it, but it will be there somewhat. We feel it a lot let less in our 33' motorhome than we did our 35' TT. Even towing a toad on a dolly, we don't feel it nearly as much.
wbwood 12/26/15 02:09pm Beginning RVing
RE: You guys are good!

A lot of companies do this. Happens to me all the time. Was at Honeybaked Ham the other day picking up a ham. Within 15 minutes of checking out and leaving, I get an email from them. They asked for my phone number at registration which is tied into my rewards account which has my email address. They know what they are doing. In my opinion CW should honor the gift card in this situation. But don't be surprised if you get some lackluster gift. First time, we got a $200 gift card. (we bought a $30k TT). The second time, we bought a ($96k motorhome) and got a gift basket with a tabel cloth, clips, potato chip bag clip, coffee cup, etc. Total value probably $30).
wbwood 12/26/15 02:03pm Camping World RV Sales

I check tire pressure and lug nuts every morning we travel, and tire temperature every time we stop during the day, so the "maintain" comment is uninformed. Also, the trailer (and tires) were new in October 2014. (Open Range 349RLS) 1. First time out with trailer, we had a slow leak due to bad rim. Tire change #1, (11/14). 2. In Montana, the truck tire went soft (bad valve) on I-80 and GS was called. Call #2. (6/15) 3. Outside of Tampa, a tire blew while we were on I-75 between Jersey barriers..... Call #3. (9/15) 4. Outside of Charlotte, a tire on same side of trailer blew on I-77. It took GS 3 hours to respond on a week day 10 miles outside of the largest population center between Atlanta and Washington. Call #4. (10/15) Sounds like a lot to me as well. I live in the area you are talking about as far as Charlotte. I actually live 35 north of center city Charlotte or what we call Uptown Charlotte. I-77 is less than a 1/4 mile from my house. As I work in Uptown Charlotte and travel it daily during rush hour, I can assure you that there is a lot of traffic going on. For it to take them 3 hours to get someone to you, well it could of, depending on the day, time and what else was going on. Since GS probably pays very little for service calls, i'm sure the service trucks will take other calls as priority. Did a DOT safety truck come by? I would say so in the 3 hours. They will assist you as well.
wbwood 12/26/15 01:57pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Roadside Assistance Canceled

Check with your insurance...a lot of times, they cover roadside.... 3 lockouts and a tow does sound like a good bit for a 1-2 yr period.
wbwood 12/26/15 01:49pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: You Tube is pretty cool

We cut off our cable tv a year ago...90% of my tv watching now is YouTube. I have about 30 or so people that I subscribe to and have between an average of 8-10 new videos a day to watch. We also have our own YouTube channel and produce our own videos. So what is it ? And, what are your videos about? Can't post it here as they consider it advertising...they deal with RVing.
wbwood 12/15/15 08:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Hilton Head Island

How much are your rates in the backyard?? LMAO!
wbwood 12/15/15 08:13am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Need Feedback on Jekyll Island Campground

I've recently driven through this CG to check it out, and maybe it's just me, but I don't like it. It was raining, so very muddy. The sites look close and cramped, and nothing separates them. Google the CG name and then click on the images link. The park gets good reviews, but again, not my idea of a nice CG. Us either....the roads are dirt. The alternate to muddy roads when its raining will be dusty roads when it isn't and we have seen people mention this before. The location is good. Tank some skin so soft or equivalent type of stuff for the sand gnats, depending on when you go and the weather.
wbwood 12/15/15 08:12am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Traveling to the south east in February

Starting in February I'd go straight to Fla and warm weather. Below I-4 will be warmer but more expensive especially the closer to the coasts. I'd take it slow going home because by mid March it will be warmer. I agree somewhat. I think in February that you will probably want to get down to at least South Carolina.
wbwood 12/09/15 10:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Hilton Head Island

Made reservations for the week of Easter....can't wait! My in-laws are there right now, sitting on our favorite spot for a few days with their new motorhome.
wbwood 12/09/15 10:36am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: You Tube is pretty cool

We cut off our cable tv a year ago...90% of my tv watching now is YouTube. I have about 30 or so people that I subscribe to and have between an average of 8-10 new videos a day to watch. We also have our own YouTube channel and produce our own videos.
wbwood 12/09/15 07:56am General RVing Issues
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