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RE: Electric only sites

Go to Walmart and get you a few 5-6 gsllon water jugs.
wbwood 07/31/15 01:10pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: stone mountain park

We were last there in 2000 or 2001. Many sites were unlevel then. The only level ones were in a loop near the office. Hopefully they have fixed a good bit of it by now.
wbwood 07/31/15 01:04pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Good Campground near Asheboro NC

We prefer Zooland and it is closest to the zoo. We've heard some decent reports about zooland...not sure really of any others closer to Asheboro.
wbwood 07/31/15 01:01pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ok,change in direction! Atlantic ocean in February(ish)!

Miami and south is a long way to just go swimming with the sharks...lol As Terryallen mentioned, the oceanfront parks in MB have heated pool. We were at Ocean Lakes at the end of January and was able to score a sit that was ocean front. There were actually plenty of sites ocean front available. View from the front door http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j331/brianwood69/Ocean%20Lakes%20-%20January%202015/B6329B5B-F64F-4D5D-8A6E-067F256FC19A.jpg width=800 Our site http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j331/brianwood69/Ocean%20Lakes%20-%20January%202015/78D88CB6-F003-4EDF-AB7D-E4FBF71E67EB.jpg width=800
wbwood 07/31/15 12:55pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Pigeon Forge Area ideas to eat

Apple Barn, Old Mill and Alamo
wbwood 07/28/15 10:56am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: KOA ridiculous charge

The city is Central city in CO.I don't have rezervation but that is not a reason to charge so much for nothing.and I forgot to mention that the regular price was 43$. That's what you gotta deal with when you are winging it and not making reservations. The good thing is that you had an option.
wbwood 07/28/15 10:54am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Leveling side to side method from seasoned campers

I built a set of airbags for mine TT. I've never had to put more then 8psi in them. Just back onto them, inflate until level and you're gold. I build a small duel inflator adapter so I can inflate both at once. Doesn't it give some when weight it put down on it when walking in the trailer?
wbwood 07/16/15 05:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Grayton Beach

We were in site 54
wbwood 07/15/15 08:25am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Security System?

To me, alarms area nusiance. Especially when the person is not even around to turn it off. There is a reason why municipalities are charging homeowners for nusiance alarm calls. 1) Someone else probably has the key to your camper already, unless you have changed the locks. This goes for the door and the common CH751 bay doors. 2) If your next to me and your alarm goes off because of your dogs or any other reason, and you are nowhere to be found, you will probably come back to removed or cut battery wires and your RV unplugged from power. Hopefully it won't get too hot or cold for your dogs inside. 3) Don't take anything of value with you camping. If there is a concern, take it with you, when you leave. As others stated, we've only had a cooler taken from underneath our old TT once. It had beer in it and the cooler was found that morning in the dunes at teh beach, minus the beer. Our unlocked Cannondale mountain bikes were sitting 10 feet from teh cooler and were not touched. If I felt concerned, I would just lock up everything, not leave the campsite at all or go elsewhere. Rving is about relaxing. RVing in fear is not relaxing.
wbwood 07/15/15 08:15am Beginning RVing
RE: 2015 Keystone Passport Battery Drain

Add a battery disconnect switch or just disconnect the battery cables. That is what we did with our Keystone Sprinter TT we used to have. We learned pretty soon that with the LP detector, it would kill the battery after a week or so. In the beginning, it seemedto us that the battery would last a few weeks. But ti kept getting shorter and shorter on the time. We essentially were killing our battery. Ours did not have a disconnect switch. Ended up buying a new battery and started just removing the battery and bringing it home with us since ours was stored in lot by that time. Our class C has a disconnect switch. We still have to remember to turn it off, but we usually do within a day if we forgot. If you add a disconnect swtich, remember it has to be in the on position for it to charge. If it's off, it will not charge up.
wbwood 07/15/15 08:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Unique situation -- not sure what to get

Another thing....new or used?
wbwood 07/15/15 07:01am Beginning RVing
RE: Dual Axle Leveling help

Lynx blocks work. We carry 3 sets of them and a few pieces of wood. The lynx blocks are lighter and won't add weight if they get wet. Plus if you get dirt or mud on the blocks, you can rinse them off. Rinse the wood and it stays wet for a while. Since it's a trailer, I assume you must be pulling with a truck? You can get away better and easier throwing 5' sections of wood in the back of the truck. We are limited on space in our Class C and don't want to have to dig out the wood pieces of that size. Like I said, we do carry a few pieces with us, but they are no more than about 18"-24" in width.
wbwood 07/15/15 06:59am Beginning RVing
RE: Unique situation -- not sure what to get

There are probably some motorhomes out there that have a tub. Although the only type of tubs I personally have seen are rather shallow. As someone mentioned, most RV showers do not put out a lot of pressure. Too bad you can not have your son test out an RV shower before hand. The tub thing will definitely limit your search. Also, if you plan on doing any camping without sewer hookups, filling up a tub will fill up your gray tank fast. Are there any other kids in the family? Will it just be you and your 5 yr old? As far as type goes, that will have to be up to you. You will need to figure out what you want in one, the size, budget and etc. A Class C typically will cost you less than a Class A. Both have their advantages and disadvantages....More of what you are looking for as I mentioned would help. But being that we have a Class C right now, I would say they are normally best for a family and/or getting outdoors more. Think of them as more utilitarian than Class A's. Not always, but for the most part. Class C's sit lower to the ground, so less steps to climb. Driving one is more like driving a van and little less intimidating. Please tell us more of what you want or what your expectations are. Also, wht kind of car will you be towing and how? Tow dolly or 4 wheels down. You will need to consider how your car can be towed, the restrictions on it and the cost.
wbwood 07/15/15 06:11am Beginning RVing
RE: Interesting class B+/C - is it a motorhome?

I would call it a Class B if it's an RV
wbwood 07/15/15 05:37am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 32 ft class c a/c in the southern temps.

In the hot Arkansas summers, I put this stuff between the pull down shade and the window glass .. it really helps ! http://images.lowes.com/product/converted/716511/716511320017.jpg height=480 width=640 Probably helps, but it looks ugly in the windows....lol
wbwood 07/15/15 05:34am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Combo RV/auto insurance

I wouldn't have NGI based on the stories I have heard. But having been in accident recently where the other party (who was at fault) had NGI, I will say they took pretty good care of me. The only complaint is that the person handling the injury claim was hard to get a hold of. We played a good bit of phone tag. But it all worked out.
wbwood 07/15/15 05:31am Good Sam Insurance
Brake Light problem

We have a 2013 Class C on a Ford E450. I noticed the other day when my wife was backing up the motorhome that the back up light on the left side (drivers) was not working. I thought the bulb was burned out and remove the cover to that light. Pulled out the bulb and it appeared to be ok. Put bulb back in and it still did not light up. So I replaced the cover and would deal with it later. The next day I went out there and hit the outside of the light cover and it came on as it should. But I noticed that the brake light there to the right of it would not light up when the brakes were applied. The tail light part would work however. I assumed that one of the filaments of the bulb was bad and the bulb needed to be replaced. I had to remove the entire light from the RV in order to get access to it. I noticed that one of the screws had a broken head and there was a tiny gap between it and the RV. When I pulled it off entirely, I could tell that water had been getting down in it. I pulled the bulb and it appeared to be good. Switched the bulb with the good side and still the same thing (not the bulb). Any idea what could be the issue? Below is a picture of what the back of the RV looks like. The light in question is on the rear drivers side. The clear cover comes off without removing the entire light from the RV. However, to get to the two tail lights, I have to remove the entire light. I was able to get another screw to pull the light housing in to the rubber gasket and seal it good. Once I get it all workign correctly, I'm gonna run a light bead of silicon around it to make sure it stays water tight. Funny thing is that it just past inspection with CW....lmao http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j331/brianwood69/2013%20Thor%20Chateau%2031L/AE06FF39-689F-4AA4-928F-663FF4BFAF71-4689-0000081F45963185.jpg width=800
wbwood 07/14/15 12:13pm Tech Issues
RE: rhinoflex hose, removing elbow for storage

I use something like this for Rhinoflex storage. What we use also.
wbwood 07/10/15 06:02am Beginning RVing
RE: They're dropping us!!

My problems were varied. Locked out once, flat tire on truck once, flat tire on trailer twice, lost wheel and tire on trailer 3x, something wrong with truck brakes twice (not our fault! Poor brake replacement). I think that's it...over a period of 10 years. BUT, just got a call from Josh at Good Sam Roadside Assistance and he said we received that letter in error. Yeah, right. Any way, he apologized for the company so I guess we will keep them for now. That's 9 instances in a 10 year period. Stuff happens. When it rains, it pours. Does sound like a bit much in my opinion. But they said it was a mistake. Glad it worked out for you.
wbwood 07/10/15 05:43am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Another Fishing Question! Tennessee & North Carolina

A lot of people fish Price Lake just a ways up the Blue Ridge Parkway from GrandFather. Price Lake is a small pond. It is a pretty tourist destination, but the biggest fish you will get there will be about eight inches long. If you are looking to just dip a worm it is fine, but if you are looking for a good fishing experience, I would never go there. From a local ! Jack L Price Lake is on the BRP. I don't know about "touristy"...sure if you go intop Blowing Rock or Boone, which are miles down the Parkway, but even then, not so much. As far as small pond, I would not say it's a small pond. Small lake perhaps. It is 47 acres. And that's a good bit of paddeling in a canoe or kayak.
wbwood 07/09/15 06:20am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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