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RE: Solar Questions

Don't want to put on roof because I don't want to put on roof. The suitcase wires already have the mc4 connectors. There just alligator clips at the end of one of the wires. I will look at the Andersen connectors. Anderson Power Pole connectors are great for most amateur radio connections but are far inferior to MC4 connectors which are definitely superior in weatherproofing and current carrying capacity. In my opinion they are also easier to install. For your solar system wiring I'd stick with MC4 connectors ..... readily available on Amazon. Do they have a mc4 quick connect type of thing that will go to the battery posts? Was wanting to attach a quick connect (like the anderson type) underneath the rv leading to the two batteries. I did see an mc4 to anderson plug pigtail online...
wbwood 05/21/16 03:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Solar Questions

Don't want to put on roof because I don't want to put on roof. The suitcase wires already have the mc4 connectors. There just alligator clips at the end of one of the wires. I will look at the Andersen connectors.
wbwood 05/21/16 12:10pm Tech Issues
Solar Questions

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 28884991
wbwood 05/21/16 08:50am Technology Corner
Solar Questions

Just switched out our batteries (mismatched group 27's) with a pair of Duracell (Deka) group 31's (matched). I have a Renogy 100 watt solar suitcase. I understand that it won't be enough alone to charge the batteries. I would like to add something else that can be portable to boost the solar charging. I don't want to permanently add anything to the roof right now. We don't do extensive dry camping. We will be going to the outer banks for a week next month and staying at a NP campground. We do have the onboard generator and can run it when we can to charge the batteries if needed and let the suitcase work during the rest of the time. Can I get another solar panel from Renogy (100 watt) and new charge controller (20 or 30amp), disconnect the old charge controller (10amp) on the suitcase and run the suitcase panels (2x50watt) and 100watt panel to the new charge controller and then to the batteries using the alligator clips? Will 200watts be sufficient for the 2 group 31 batteries (105ah each)? I would ask about two different suitcases, but a single 100watt solar panel is half the price of the suitcase and the charge controller would not be enough I would imagine for two 100watt panels. Also another question. I've seen The Wynns use a solar suitcase and they just connected to a more permanent connector underneath their RV, instead of using the alligator clips. Anyone know what and where I can get these?
wbwood 05/21/16 08:50am Tech Issues
RE: newbie - How do I lubricate the slide out?

Surprised nobody asked what kind of slide-out mechanism he has. They're different you know. Yep, according to Lippert Components, if you have the Schwintek, there are certain places to lube it and they recommend a certain lube...
wbwood 05/12/16 05:35am Tech Issues
RE: Solar Panel Availability

Just don't buy used panels. Unless it's a temporary thing. Why is that? I thought they were pretty indestructible. I've never seen used panels at lower cost than new, with the downward prices, but if I did...? I agree...they usually have long warranties...I think my renogy has somewhere near a 25 year warranty....for $150, I think it would be worth taking the chance...lol
wbwood 05/12/16 05:31am Tech Issues
RE: Champion 2000 Watt Inverters

Bought one about 4 or 5 years ago and never had an issue with the oil or gas...
wbwood 05/12/16 05:28am Tech Issues
RE: RV manufacturers

I agree Newmar would be the first one....now as far as Thor and Winnebago, I would classify them pretty close to each other. First of all, we have owned to Thor products (TT and Class C). Very little issues and not really Thor issues, but more or less components (slide motor in Class C). I have a friend that had Winnebago and had to have an interior wall replaced, water pipes leaking under the bed, and the main door adjusted because they could see day light when inside. All those issues were not components, but build issues. Every manufacturer produces RV's with issues. Many people are against Thor, because they hear a lot of stories about issues... Well Thor is the largest manufacturer in the US of RV's. So based o that alone, they are susceptible to more reports of issues. But I would almost guarantee you that if you looked at it on a percentage basis, that they are not going to be any worse than their competitors. Heck my in laws have had issues with every motorhome they have owned. Even the $500k monaco they used to have had issues...problem being that their issues were a lot more costly. Stick to what you like and check it out good. You will be more happy than worry about what everyone else is saying or thinking....
wbwood 05/09/16 04:48pm Beginning RVing
Heritage RV Park - Augusta, Ga

I've never given Heritage RV Park in Augusta, Georgia a good rap...But I am here to change that. Back in March, my father was put in the hospital after a massive heart attack. While he was in the hospital at Fort Gordon in Augusta Georgia, my sister and her husband were going to bring their Wanderlodge Class A motorhome and staying it. Heritage RV Park was a few miles outside Gate 1 of Fort Gordon and where the hospital is. Before leaving one day, I decided to drive through the park and check it out for my sister. I was pleasantly surprised when I drove though it,. Needless to say, I relayed to my sister that it was a suitable place. Unfortunately, my father did not come out of a coma, was taken off life support and passed in less than week. This past weekend, we decided to take our motorhome to Augusta to see our mothers. We stayed at Heritage RV Park and found it to be peaceful and quiet. The owner, Don, is apparently doing a lot of work to the park. It's not perfect, but it's on it's way. One think we dislike are the dirt roads, but they are not too bad. I had advised the owner that we would be coming in after hours. We arrived to our site around 9pm friday night. A little before 11pm, I received an email from the owner asking if we made it in ok. Now that's service! So if you are going to be in Augusta or passing through on I-20, be sure to stop and stay at this park. It's just about a mile and half off of I-20. Get off at the Jimmy Dyess parkway exit. There's also a Cracker Barrel and Pilot travel Center at the same exit.
wbwood 05/09/16 04:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Dislike of 'Reservation Only' camping

We always make reservations. Or I should say we always have made reservations. We both work, so time is limited for us. We need to know that after driving several hours to a location that we will have a spot. 8 or 9 pm in a friday night is not the time to start trying to find a place...
wbwood 05/09/16 03:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Slide-Outs @ Walmart

Another thing to consider when purchasing an RV. Our TT was like that. With the front slide in, you couldn't get to the kitchen (fridge or stove) or bathroom. well you could get to the bathroom, but you had to enter it from the rear door and that was also the only access to the rear bunkroom. The main bedroom was up front and you could only use one of the doors and had to climb onto the bed to get to the other side. Fortunately, we didn't boondock or overnight anywhere in it. But when we traded it in on our motorhome, it was one of the things we considered. A lot of people don't think about it.
wbwood 05/01/16 08:58am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Thoughts on ACME Electric Tow Dolly?

Imagine flat towing w/ the steering wheel locked in center position. That is exactly how a rigid frame dolly works, you are dragging the tires around corners. It works, but the steerable wheeled dollies make a lot more sense. There is only one reason to make a rigid frame dolly, cheeeeeeeep ! And the only people that would buy electric over surge brakes, are the ones who don't know any better. With the steering wheel unlocked, the steering wheel turns on the car. The front wheels sit up over the wheels of the dolly, there is still turning. No tires are being dragged around corners. watch the video....
wbwood 05/01/16 08:46am Dinghy Towing
RE: Thoughts on ACME Electric Tow Dolly?

We had and ACME tow dolly with the surge brakes. We don't have it anymore, not because we didn't like it. But because we no longer had a towable car at the time being. We sold it for what we paid for it as the prices went up a little on them. We will be purchasing another in the future as we now have a towable car. We loved ours...Fortunately for us, we live only an hour away from the manufacturer and pick up from them, saving the freight charge (which is now higher than it was a couple years ago). I don't think you will be dissatisfied with it. If you can swing the extra $100 for the surge (hydraulic brake) one, then I would go that way. No need to worry about a brake controller. They are really nice people and the owner quickly responds to emails. wbwood: I'm looking at the ACME for my VW, towed behind our Winnie Aspect 30J. I see your rig is similar in length. I have no experience with dolly towing and have read all the negatives on them, but am thinking it might be the solution to our wanting to reduce the weight we are pulling with the E-450. Our current toad is a Chevy Equinox which weighs in at 4,400#. Question: What sort of tongue weight did you experience with your car and did you feel the car back there? I guess I should ask what car you were pulling on the dolly. Our VW has a front axle weight of around 1180#, which translates loosely to a tongue weight of around 227# according to ACME website which says tongue weight is 10-15% of front axle weight. 227# is significant compared to the roughly 50# that our Blue Ox weighs. To stay with 4 down we would have to purchase another car, which is also in the mix....say a Smart Car or Mini. We towed two different cars. One was a Toyota Yaris, and weighed around 2200lbs. The other was a Ford Focus and weighed over 3000lbs. Not an issue on either one and no, could not tell that they were back there.
wbwood 05/01/16 08:42am Dinghy Towing
RE: Tow dolly

Let's see.... I was quoted over $4300 (by two different RV dealers) to set up our 2016 Ford Focus for flat towing. That included tow bar, base plate, braking system, wiring, labor, shipping and etc. I did get my local CW to do it for the labor costs (roughly $800) if I purchased the items on my own tried to save money. Was still gonna spend over $2000 for those same exact parts, but was going to save over $1000. Still was gonna cost around $3000 or so. We can get a ACME tow dolly with surge brakes for $1800. One with electric even cheaper. Other dollies similarly priced. The ACME is the lightest on the market and can be stored upright. We had one before but sold it when we no longer had a toad. We never had an issue with storing it on site. Matter of fact, we could easily roll it to the end of the site and back up the RV over most of it. Only really needed a site that was a few feet longer than the RV. Hooking up or disconnecting never took more than 10 minutes or so once you got used to dealing with it. Would flat towing go any quicker? Maybe. I don't know, I've never done it. But it's not a race for me. Saving a couple thousand dollars will go a lot longer than saving 5 minutes every time I hook up or disconnect. But we are not full timers and are not doing it every day.
wbwood 05/01/16 08:37am Dinghy Towing
RE: Re sealing a class c

And you will need to check the roof yearly and reseal as necessary...
wbwood 05/01/16 08:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: fill MH propane tank

It would be nice if someone would develop an app like "Gas Buddy" for propane (Propane Buddy?). It would be able to pull it up on a map with the price. Hint hint to all you app developers out there... I came across Campers Helper app that supposedly lists a lot of different things for campers on a map. Propane refill is one, but it's one of the categories that you can't see unless you purchase it ($9.99). Not sure how well it works.
wbwood 05/01/16 08:05am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Oakwood, GA CW - Should I Bother?

The time it took to write this post , you could have called them and asked for a the sales guy or the manager... Maybe I am different , but when doing stuff like this , I like the personal touch... talking... face to face.. or by phone.. We have all blamed our lack of wanting to communicate on being busy...Your not alone.. My professional qualifications may not matter to you, but I communicate for a living, sitting right here at my keyboard 10-12 hours a day (my average work day) every day. I clearly don't need face to face to work out a 6-digit salary and negotiate an operational product team generating $100mil in revenue a year. Thanks. ditto...I much rather communicate in written (email) format. For one, whoever I am contacting and myself can communicate when we have the time to do it. With that said, it should be in a timely manner. Secondly, it helps keep things in order. When dealing with various dealers, you can keep up better with what was said and what is going on. And finally, its a record of what is being said. None of this "I didn't say that".....Face to face or on the phone leads to a good chance it was never said. What do they always say? Get it in writing!
wbwood 05/01/16 06:47am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Insurance Discount???

Tattle tales! lol
wbwood 05/01/16 06:43am Good Sam Insurance
RE: Charged for miscellaneous shop supplies

Hello wbwood, Thank you for your time and posting. If able please send me a PM with your contact information. I would like to have our leadership team reach out and address your concerns. Thank you in advance. Ella Thanks, but no need. I will email Scott my receipt.
wbwood 05/01/16 06:40am Good Sam Extended Service Plan
RE: Charged for miscellaneous shop supplies

DCS7, I agree with you 100%. If you took your RV to a Good Sam Preferred Provider, which of course Camping World is, you should not have any out of pocket expenses beyond your deductible for covered repairs. This is part of our insurer's agreement with Camping World and all other Preferred Providers. Obviously, someone did not get the memo in this case. Please fax or e-mail me your invoice with the shop supplies and I will get a reimbursement out to you ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience! If that's the case, why was I charged $66.82 on my last warranty work? I have a $50 deductible. I was charged for shipping of a part they replaced and etc.
wbwood 04/30/16 09:55am Good Sam Extended Service Plan
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