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RE: My Time Has Come

Nothing is life is free. If the dealer is going to spend money to have a technician complete the "inspection," then that inspection, or a high percentages of inspections, must turn a profit or the dealer is soon out of business. It is offered to get you in the door for "needed work." CW is not the only ones to do this. How about brake shops offering a "free" brake inspection? Or a tire dealer offering free tire rotations? Recognize it for what it is, a marketing/sales technique. True....but CW boasts on the "Elite" membership thing....you would think that good will work would go a long way. I know Discount Tire earned my business when they fixed a flat for me for free. I had a chip of paint on the lower part of my rear passenger door. Took it to a body shop to get an estimate and they touched it up for free. Yes they could of told me it would be $300 to redo the whole door or it would rust away. But they didn't, they insisted on touching it for free. I didn't ever buy anything from them. But they sure did earn my respect and I would recommend them to anyone. You would think when someone spends a lot of money purchasing an RV ($70k +) and then for all the things they buy from your store and pay you to install things, that they would take care of you. Especially on a nearly 2 yr old unit. Hell, we even bought the extended 7 yr warranty! I know the warranty doesn't cover these things, but you would think they wouldn't try to screw you. I imagine that not even half of the elite members take advantage of the free 22 point inspection. The funny thing is that not all 22 points are checked off one way or the other. Now I wonder if they checked them all.
wbwood 04/27/15 03:56pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: My Time Has Come

I once would disagree with you all, but at this time, I do not... bob...yes I believe it's the cheap foam filter....I think I cleaned it out last year...need to do it again..
wbwood 04/27/15 03:49pm Camping World Service and Installation
My Time Has Come

After years of supporting Camping World with it's Sales and Service, my time has finally come to where I can no longer be as supportive as I once was. This morning I took in my 2013 Thor Chateau 31L Class C motorhome for the annual NC safety inspection (required) and for the "free" 22 point inspection that CW gives for the first 3 years after you purchase and RV from them. Safety inspection was completed without issue. But "surprisingly" the 22 point inspection did not go too well. Below is a list of items listed under "Additional Recommended Services" along with a ball park quote to have it done by them. 1) roof needs reseal - $550 2) exterior fascia's, belt lines, etc need exterior reseal - $500 3) debris in water heater and refrigerator. both need maintenance - $79 x 2 (one for each) 4) AC filter clogged. need AC service/maintenance - $99 5) singe slideout maintenance - $129 Total of over $1400. First of all, I know there are maintenance things that need to be done. When I asked about how debris got into water heater since they winterized it and the cap was on it, the reply I got was probably bugs in the outer unit. When I got home, I popped open the water heater cover and the only thing I saw was a wasp and very tiny beginning of a nest being built. I removed it. I opened the refrigerator vent cover and the only thing there was some dust and what I call a "helicopter seed" from a tree. I will get out the vacuum and clean it. But to say they need service? I will clean the AC filter. Haven't looked at it yet. Slideouts need maintenance? Funny you just replaced both motors less than a year ago. I have no doubts that the roof probably could use a resealing. I hate that you would need to do something like that on a unit that is less than 2 years old. But I feel like my intelligence has really been insulted and the list. Trying to sell me things that don't need to be done or something so simple (vacuum out the vents) that you would think that CW would take care of especially when you purchase a unit from them and purchase a warranty (which obviously doesn't cover). You know the main part of the list that bothers me is the part where beside each item, that it says "need maintenance". I wouldn't mind if it is said that they recommended that you clean it out. Or clean/change filter or something. Arggghhhh I ordered some bug screens from Amazon. I will clean out the WH, fridge and AC. I will lube the slide mechanisms and the seals on the slides. I will clean the AC filter. I will order some Dicor and other sealant. I will spend all of $150 (maybe) or so and spend half a Saturday afternoon doing it. I will save myself $1300 and will stop shopping from you..... online, retail or via RV sales.
wbwood 04/27/15 03:04pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: campgrounds in North or South Carolinia

Our preference for right on the beach would be Ocean Lakes at Myrtle Beach. If you are in a motorhome and don't mind being a bike ride away from the beach, but would like a nice luxurious park at a lower cost than the ones in Myrtle Beach, then that would Hilton Head Island Motor Coach Resort in Hilton Head Island, SC (not too far from Savannah Georgia).
wbwood 04/27/15 02:24pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Lancaster area restaurants?

I'm sure they aren't talking about Lancaster, SC either...lol
wbwood 04/27/15 02:10pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: question for the experts

I would suspect the Low Battery.... get one of the $100 solar chargers to keep your battery topped off when the RV is in storage. Better yet, take the battery out and carry it with you to keep it and a solar charger from being stolen.
wbwood 04/24/15 08:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Dinghy Battery

We tow a car on a dolly, but the key is in the ignition and turned to allow the steering wheel to turn. I have driven over 12 hours without issue.
wbwood 04/24/15 08:25am Dinghy Towing
RE: What % of income for monthly payment consider okay

now we have people who want to dictate how others live and spend their money. The amount of people reading what I said, which was worded pretty simply I think, and not coming close to comprehending the problem I guess, just goes to prove WHY the problem is so bad......and why the recent crisis didn't wake up near enough people. I am not trying to "dictate" anything to anybody, except maybe education. But on the other side of the coin, I don't think I should have to pay for the care and keeping of people who make better money than I do and, for instance, spend more money on beer in a weekend than they spend on food for a whole week. I think it is sad when folks spend themselves into poverty. I think it is a national disease and needs treatment. I don't think that treatment should be forced on anybody but I think they should be prepared to bear the consequences of their stupidity and not put that off on others. So, those that disagree with that......exactly what part of it do you disagree with ?? Do you think it is somehow good that as much as 30% of the population is chronically over their heads in debt even though they have steady jobs ? Do you think it is somehow good that these people repeatedly take bankruptcy about as often as the law allows ? Do you think it is somehow good that they end up old and feeble and probably sick due to bad choices......and flat broke so that the Government (which really is everybody else) has to take care of them ?? If you think you should be allowed to live like a King and then force others to pick up the bill for you later, I have a serious problem with that. Education is the key. It should start in grade school but seems to be completely absent. Then the mere mention of getting back to a sane and responsible financial life plan brings angry responses like this. SIGH. First of all, I believe it's more than 30%. No one said that people shouldn't reap the consequences of the choices they make. I am in full agreement on that. What I don't agree with is for you to tell people that they are socially inept because of how they choose to spend their money. How much of taxpayers money goes to things in relation to some people's "issues"? Smoking, drugs, alcoholism, sexual diseases, obesity, heart disease, cancer (some), etc? Don't pick just one....lay them all out in a line. That way maybe some politicians can see the need to enforce the school systems and parents to keep the kids in a straight and narrow line. Don't get me wrong, I am against welfare. At least long term welfare. I don't think it should be easy, nor do I think it should be a lifestyle. But I don't think it's fair to tell a grown person that if they spend their money or live their life a certain way that they are a bad member of society. If that's the case, then everyone is a bad member. Because I may not agree with how you are dealing with things also.
wbwood 04/24/15 08:16am Beginning RVing
RE: RV insurance

NO points or accidents. I'm in Florida where a third of the population is uninsured. My home insurance is almost $5,000 and I have a regular home in a subdivision. Insurance in Florida is very expensive Remind me not to reside in Florida. lol I think municipalities have a lot to do with it also. Then again, I have a coworker from Miami and I was in a car with him driving once. Never again. Perhaps that's why the rates are high there...lol
wbwood 04/24/15 06:19am General RVing Issues
RE: What % of income for monthly payment consider okay

He really should be asking for professional financial help in learning how to determine that on his own. And yet you gave him professional financial help by how? Going on your postings, I suppose you do not do any "careless things" yourself? Hopefully you don't speed, smoke, drink, eat fattening foods, etc...why you can become a burden to the rest of us... I've thought I've seen it all. I thought the me-me-me thing was bad...now we have people who want to dictate how others live and spend their money.
wbwood 04/24/15 06:02am Beginning RVing
RE: What % of income for monthly payment consider okay

This is really going sideways now. It was inevitable I suppose. I'm on the page with Vulcan; it's nobodies business UNLESS people are putting toys ahead of the needs and responsibilities on his list. People who do that, and then want us to support them with social support programs after living the grasshopper life are all our business. You gotta be kidding me.
wbwood 04/24/15 05:51am Beginning RVing
RE: RV insurance

Since I'm considering a motorhome instead of TT when I upgrade, when you say insurance, is this comp/collision/liability? Obviously liability comes with varying degrees of coverage. I've always preferred 100/300 even though that's more than most/all legal minimums. Yes...but if you don't have it financed, you only need liability. Not that I would do that, but that would be the minimum.
wbwood 04/23/15 03:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV insurance

I am insured with AARP through The Hartford. My MH, Subaru sedan and Ranger pickup cost me under $1900/year. $1900/year is about what we pay for our 2013 MH, 2013 Ford Explorer and 2014 Ford Focus. But we are insured with Allied on the MH and Erie on the cars.
wbwood 04/23/15 03:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV insurance

I'm assuming they took off, the awning coverage to lowball the policy Low ball? Your quote is a lot higher than what we pay. If you look beside the Awning Replacement thing I posted, it says $8.11 for awning replacement coverage. You obviously must have a much larger and much more expensive unit than what we have or some points on your driving record. We don't have any, so not sure if that is making a difference or not. Or perhaps it's your location.
wbwood 04/23/15 03:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Concerned over ACME Tow Dolley Straps

We have used the Acme EZ tow for the past several years and could not be more pleased. With our 16" tires the straps are more towards the top. Your 20" wheels/tires will make if further back. I have always had great response on both the phone and e-mails with any questions. Maybe you request got lost. I would call them back and ask if they have straps that are longer on the back side. They have changed strap designs several times. Same here...I have emailed them after hours and received a response back from the owner rather quickly. Fortunately I only live about an hour from them. So I can go see them if I need to. Matter of fact I picked mine up from their shop and saved the shipping cost.
wbwood 04/23/15 03:34pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Can I lift my Camper with a jack ? (pictures inside)

I would just hook it up and pull it forward. Ditto....you could of already done it by the time you came on here and asked the question. Don't make it any harder...
wbwood 04/23/15 12:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV insurance

Boy, Flo will not be happy with those numbers. Whenever I get something new I call my agent and she finds a policy/company for me with the coverage I need at a good cost. Are all these companies quoting on the same things/amounts? I have only heard o2. not RV America, Allied yes same quotes except Allied quote does not cover awnings. I'm not fulltime. The quote is for 30-150 day usage 100/300/50 coverage We have Allied and it covers our awning. What type of RV do you have? We have a 2013 Class C (paid $70,000 for it brand new). We are not full time and our yearly price is around $500/year.. maybe a tad more. Coppied from our policy.... Additional Coverages per vehicle Awning Replacement Yes 8 . 1 1 Mexico Physical Damage Coverage No Cov Safety Glass Replacement Coverage Yes 27.48
wbwood 04/23/15 12:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: What % of income for monthly payment consider okay

We want to go camping again. Since the accident, we are now ready to go shopping again, but this time we are thinking about Class A instead of TT. That means it will have larger payment and longer term than we would had with TT. Is there some sort of general rule about how much per month based on percentage that is consider acceptable? I am thinking 5% since car payments are not supposed to exceed 10 percent. RV is consider a toy, so I am thinking 5%. I know some of you will only pay cash because this is a toy. I want to create memories with my family, and paying cash is not possible. I don't want to get in debate about cash vs. monthly payments. I am going to get one regardless, but what is consider acceptable vs. too much. I will be looking at used class A. Acceptable based on what? What the finances companies consider? Or what society considers? More than likely, finance companies are going to look at a debt/income ratio. As far as putting a percentage on it, I have never had any finance companies give a number like that. If you are talking about society, who cares what think.
wbwood 04/23/15 11:51am Beginning RVing
RE: RV parks with cable connection

Our experience on the east coast is that most private RV parks offer some sort of cable, but state and federal parks do not. We mostly use DishTV anyhow because we are often places were over the air is unreliable, and then we know we have the channels we want ..... Some sate parks do offer cable. Well at least one that we know of...Topsail Hill Preserve State Park. Most private parks usually will offer some of some sort. Sometimes, the connection could be better.
wbwood 04/23/15 11:45am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Long Picnic Tables - Need cover

Try this
wbwood 04/23/15 11:36am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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