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RE: RVVillage, why?

Here's the issue: The original RVillage has only 1 V in their web address. Someone at Camping World had the bright idea to register the web address http://www.rvvillage.com with 2 V's, to try and capture those folks who type the URL in manually, rather than clicking on a link from elsewhere (e.g., FMCA.com). (BTW, I looked up the domain with ICANN WHOIS, and it is registered to Camping World's parent, Freedom Roads, with the administrator listed as Camping World's webmaster.) If you're typing manually, you'd tend to spell it correctly with 2 -- but the founders of RVillage are creating a unique name with an overlap on RV and Village. What Camping World is doing isn't illegal; it's a typical Web marketing maneuver these days. Any idea which domain was registered first? I would take a guess and say either CW did first or they bought it from someone else... I cant imagin RV Village wouldn't go with the two V's.
wbwood 09/07/16 12:25pm Good Sam Club
RE: Sprinter motorhome boondocking

Beginning to sound more like survival camping on this thread....I would never go camping if I told my wife we needed to do half of what was said here. With that said, we have a 40 gall fresh 29 black and 30 gray. 3 of us can go easily several days. But I do add another 12 gallons or so of water to the fresh in between. The only thing we really do differently is that when taking showers, we use the cut off switch and do the get wet, turn off, lather, turn on and rinse. That's a big savings in itself. We also added a water reducer for the kitchen sink that flows at .5 gallon per minute. It helps out in the kitchen as well. As others stated, it all depends on what you want or are willing to do. You can go in survival mode as others have mentioned and probably easily go a week or two. Or you can just do a couple simple things and extend your stay out for longer than normal.
wbwood 08/27/16 12:02pm Class C Motorhomes
A good perk of being a member

Wanted to pass on to those that may be thinking of joining Good Sam or may be a current Good Sam member and not know what I am about to mention. With your Good Sam membership, you have access to the SaversGuide. SaversGuide gives you discounts on dining, shopping and entertainment. I was skeptical about it, but when I looked for my area, there was a good bit of deals. We've used it twice. Once at Steak n Shake to get a free premium milkshake when buy one and then last night at a restaurant, where they offered by one entree and get one free with a $7 maximum. The dinners were more than $7, but we got $7 off the meal. Those two times saved me over $10. Nearly half price of a years membership. While this is not the only perk of the club, it's a good one to have. We have a Lifetime membership, so we will always have this for as long as they work with it. Thanks Camping World.
wbwood 08/21/16 06:57am Good Sam Club
RE: Good Sam discount at Camping World?

Our local Camping World has honored their online prices in-store previously with us.
wbwood 08/21/16 06:50am Good Sam Club
RE: Moving from SC to MA in the winter towing TT

We were actually impressed with the clearing when we lived up there and according to them it was a record year back then. As soon as it started to snow, we would hear plow trucks within 30 minutes or so. They did a good job keeping the main, secondary and even the little road (no lines on it) cleared. But to try and save a few bucks on a hotel for a couple nights, I wouldn't bother with it. Enjoy your trip up there and don't worry about the camper. Leave it in storage and get it later and make a nice vacation trip back with it in nicer weather.
wbwood 08/20/16 06:53am General RVing Issues
RE: In general, when do schools start classes?

Georgia starts at the beginning of August. South Carolina around the middle. North Carolina at the end of August. So I would say that sometime in the month of August. lol
wbwood 08/18/16 07:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Best Practice to tie up dog?

We are ones that hate to see the fencing and pens when we pull up into a campground. Our experience has been that it means there are going to be a lot of yapping going on. Would rather listen to a steady vroom of an open frame generator than little yapping dogs barking at everything that walks by or every leaf that moves. Plus it looks like someone has moved in permanently. I guess we are weird like that. Heck we don't like to see the fridges sitting out there or tables set up permanently with the coffee maker and electric griddle. lol
wbwood 08/18/16 07:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Best Practice to tie up dog?

6' leash. Is that the law?? Thats only when your walking with them,, you can tie them up with 40' of chain if you desired,, But if your lab is not a chewer I would use Flat Stock webbing, its cheap and light weight you can get at most sporting good stores. I use 20 feet of flat stock with loops sewn in the ends and I bought two of those giant carabeeners from Home Depot,I can hook one end to the picnic table leg and my dog is close to us. He will not chew thru unless his life is in danger!! If yours is a chewer, get some light weight chain!! I believe every place we have stayed says they must remain on a 6' leash at all times. I've never seen it say only when walking them.
wbwood 08/18/16 07:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Moving from SC to MA in the winter towing TT

Live out of it along the way? Shouldn't take you much more than a couple days. We moved from SC (North Augusta) to Massachusetts (Lunenburg - west of Boston and north of Worcester) back in 2002/2003. Left on December 31st and arrived on January 2nd (only due to a breakdown of our moving truck in NYC (going across the George Washington Bridge). Arrived in 6" of snow. Had another 1.5' drop the next day. I would stay in a hotel. Do you have a place to store the camper when you get up there? You might want to leave it in SC in some storage and make a trip back next spring or summer and get it. That's what we did with the pop up camper we had at the time.
wbwood 08/18/16 07:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Free dumping at CW! But poorly designed dump station.

Sidewinder won't work as the sewer pipe opening is higher than the tank outlet connection. If the hose isn't laying on the pavement the tank won't drain completely. It only drains into the hose and then the hose has to be repeatedly lifted higher than the outlet to drain what's in the hose. You don't get a good flush when it only goes a couple gallons at a time. **** doesn't go uphill and I'm sure many of the RVs they sell and work on don't have sewer solutions. As far as complaining about a free service, I'm not. Maybe it sounds like it to some but I'm just letting them know there is a design problem with their dump station. I think it's great that they let club members use it. A simple trip inside and a discussion with store management would have been 'informative' Besides didn't someone check your 'club status' Posting here is complaining They don't check your club status at ours. But at our local CW, you wouldn't know where the dump is unless you ask. Our CW is in two sections with a road in between. It's in the section where the store isn't. Where the second repair facility. I know where it is and just go to it and dump. No one there to check my card or at least no one has attempted. But those who aren't aware have to go into the store and ask for the location.
wbwood 08/11/16 12:38pm Good Sam Club
RE: Free dumping at CW! But poorly designed dump station.

It is free, why complain? BTW, it is the height of the tank that matters, not the discharge. Water will run uphill with adequate head pressure behind it. The hose would only need lifted when the tank was empty. What I was thinking...
wbwood 08/11/16 12:35pm Good Sam Club
RE: Winterize City Water Line?

If you push antifreeze through your lines, then pull off the screen on the city fill. Push the center valve until the pink stuff comes out. I recommend not standing in front of it.
wbwood 08/06/16 08:56am General RVing Issues
RE: WiFi

One note about public CGs, not one I have ever been to offers WiFi. Most state and county parks departments can barely afford their staff. Topsail Beach state Park in Florida has it. You have to be close to the store/pool to get it, bu they do offer it there.
wbwood 08/06/16 08:47am Beginning RVing
RE: New vent covers

The black ones look really good but sure do cut some light out. And cuts out some heat also...
wbwood 08/06/16 08:45am Beginning RVing
RE: RV Park Reviews and Trip Advisor

Our rating of a campground was more in line what the overall rating on Tripadvisor over RVPR was ... But again, just opinions. Many people don't mind parking on unlevel grass/dirt or junk infested permanent sites with flat tires on the RV.... But our opinion is different.
wbwood 08/05/16 08:59am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV Park Reviews and Trip Advisor

The number of stars is meaningless. Some posters don't get them right. I've seen one star reviews that rave about how great a place is. I also look for other reviews by some posters. Sometimes they're just complainers. Never happy with anything. You saying they don't get them right is your opinion.... I do agree that when I read the reviews I take with a grain of salt on certain things. Also it could be an unusual occurrence.
wbwood 08/05/16 08:57am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: National Parks - ReserveAmerica shows full - accurate?

I would call and ask, just to be sure.
wbwood 08/03/16 08:10am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: RV Park Reviews and Trip Advisor

Every one knows they are opinions. I was following up on a request on another posting about my comment about the variation of the reviews between the two and which one would be closer to our take.
wbwood 08/02/16 08:00am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tremont Cmg.-Townsend, TN-BEWARE Rates & Cancellation Policy

For Labor Day weekend, plenty lead time. And no problem with them filling a river site. And I did post on all venues, with the exception of contacting the campground via e-mail (none provided). As we are seasoned campers (esp. with that campground), we are careful to not throw anyone under the 5th wheel unless warranted. Plus we have been members of this forum for over a decade have never posted a negative "vent" or make generalizations. Over $80 per night (not advertised) and lost over $100 deposit. Shame on them 1x...shame on me the next. I believe that is part purpose of the forum is to inform. On their rules page, it clearly specifies that deposits are non-refundable.
wbwood 08/02/16 06:59am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tremont Cmg.-Townsend, TN-BEWARE Rates & Cancellation Policy

I know that folks, (including me), come on here to vent, but you may be better served by posting a review on RVparkreviews.com, or what ever review site you choose, you may save someone else problems. I agree, it's okay to post here but you will probably get your message to more people by using RVparkreviews. I would have to disagree about posting a vent on rv park reviews. Sure, mention the thing about the rates, but I wouldn't let that bring down my rating based upon the site and amenities.
wbwood 08/02/16 06:54am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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