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RE: Boondocking---sewer black and "gray"

We had a tote when we had the TT. Used it a few times. Then never used it. Took up room in the back of the truck. When we got the motorhome, we sold the tote. Just as easy for us to pull the slides in and drive to the dump. Don't know why it would take someone hours. One thing to remember, is if you can go a long time (week), then you have some pretty big tanks. Bigger than what a tote will carry and heavier than what you will want to deal with. You are having to make multiple trips with the tote to empty your tanks. At least 2 (1 for gray and 1 for black), and that's if your tote is the same size or larger than each of those tanks. If you have 60 gallon tanks and a 30 gallon tote, then you are making 4 trips to empty it. I'd much rather just hook up and go dump and be done with it.
wbwood 03/26/17 06:36am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Portable Induction Cooktops

The induction cooktops are faster also. And even though some say 1800watts, that's on high. The lower the temp, the lower the wattage. We have a nuwave one and have taken it in the RV. Never had an issue with popping a breaker before. But I am not sure if we had other things running either. Many new motorhomes put them in instead of gas stoves.
wbwood 03/26/17 06:27am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Anyone making VIDEOS of your trips? (INCLUDE LINKS)

I've been through a process of thinking about "who" I was making the videos for. You make them for your own enjoyment. Not everyone is going to like them. I thought I was making them to share experiences with others. But, as mentioned, even if it is more interesting than an old school slide show, people just aren't interested. When I first started, I spent a hundred or more hours editing down a 7 hour version of our summer. We have a few family members and one set of close friends that actually watched them all. But that was it. Even had some family flat out say, "no way". LOL Um yeah...7 hours is a bit long....lol I actually prefer family not to watch them...lol I realize now that my audience is myself and hopefully my kids will find them to be a treasure after I'm gone. And you know what...that's a good enough reason for me! You're audience is who ever enjoys them and the trolls too....lol You do have to view the process as fun, otherwise it is way too much work. For now, I do. Exactly....my wife used to get on to me for spending hours editing. Then she decided to give it a try and quickly let me know that she now understood why I spent so much time. It's an outlet for creation... Michelangelo wasn't a great painter when he first used a brush. It took him time and he got better.... I am planning to go through all of ours and edit them into youtube friendly segments. I think we have something worth watching, if I keep them to 5-7 minute episodes. Yeah we try to keep ours down on time. There are some people that I watch that will have 30 minute videos. I won't watch everyone with long videos though. Generally if it's under 10-15 minutes, then I will. And then of course if I don't like the first couple of minutes, then I stop it. I also am trying hard to put myself in more and narrate so that there is a storyline, not just scenery. I'm uncomfortable in front of the camera though...and feel like an idiot talking to a camera in front of people. Hoping I get over that. I hear ya. I'm normally an introvert myself. I feel like I am getting better with talking on the camera and being in front of it. But sometimes, you just gotta show the scenery! lol
wbwood 03/26/17 06:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone making VIDEOS of your trips? (INCLUDE LINKS)

We haven't had cable tv in a couple years. Got tired of the rising prices and the fact that the tv told me when I needed to watch things. My wife and daughter like Netflix and Amazon Prime. I like YouTube. Besides making my own YouTube videos, I subscribe to a bunch of people and I watch their videos. Everyday that I log on, there are a bunch of new videos to watch. Do I like all of the videos? No. And I don't expect people to like ours either. It's a hobby and it's fun. Some like to turn a wrench for fun or build stuff. This is what I like.
wbwood 03/26/17 06:16am General RVing Issues
RE: I guess I don't understand Good Sam

Do anyone know if they still give a Discount on Sams club membership? it use to be 25 dollar gift card with renewal Not sure if they do or not. But we are Life members and also have roadside service platinum + until 2020. Never had to use the roadside. We just got a card in the mail the other day for $10 off any item at Camping World. They use to put it on the catalogs, but not sure if they are still doing that or not. Happens yearly.
wbwood 03/26/17 06:09am Good Sam Club
RE: Anyone making VIDEOS of your trips? (INCLUDE LINKS)

I've spent many years taking stills (mostly of female models). The cell phone has come a long way and can often perform nearly as well as the DSLR. I will take stills, but usually with the cell phone. My DSLR shoots video as well, but I really haven't used it for that, due it's weight. We have a couple GoPro's, Feiyu tech gimbals, DJI Osmomobile, etc....I like the idea of the cell phone for shooting video. The Osmomobile is not really that good with the iPhone 7 plus. It does ok in vlog (selfie) mode, but issues the other way around. The GoPro's are good to use. They are small and easy to use. But you have to keep batteries charged. Take them out of the gimbal, replace battery, etc...sometimes a pain in the butt. But overall, I like video better than stills. There's more work in producing a video than a picture. We are still learning and hopefully getting better. At least it keeps us interested. Plus the wife isn't too keen anymore of me photographing half naked women that are half our age...lol
wbwood 03/25/17 11:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone making VIDEOS of your trips? (INCLUDE LINKS)

We have a Phantom 3 Standard drone....the only issue is that depending on where you are at, whether you can fly it. I guess here in the east it's more restrictive (if you follow the rules).
wbwood 03/25/17 11:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Dangers of campground lot ownership

Obviously people are letting others use their sites by giving them an access card. Sounds like they are trying to stop this. with it being a secured location, I'm sure there are lot owners who are concerned that people are "renting" out their sites to other and there may be a good bit of transient traffic. I would not be concerned if they are going to a more secure way of controlling traffic in. As stated, a fingerprint is not going to do much.
wbwood 03/25/17 07:27am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Anyone making VIDEOS of your trips? (INCLUDE LINKS)

Here's our latest from last weekend. Hutchinson Homestead - Stone Mountain State Park, North Carolina There's plenty of other videos that you can find under our account there. We are leaving for Florida in a few weeks and will be adding a lot more videos.
wbwood 03/25/17 07:19am General RVing Issues
RE: RV Financing / Zero Down Options?

Remember, RVs are a huge depreciating asset. With zero down and decent monthly payments your likely going to be up side down for a really really long time. Unless your plans vall for keeping it for at least 10 years, its not such a good financial decision IMHO. You are correct about the depreciating value.... but you are going to lose money no matter how much you put down. Let's say you put down $20k on a $100k RV. And you decide to sell it in 2 years. The value of that RV is now probably $80k (or maybe less). If you say great, I'm breaking even because I put $20k down. But are you? You already prepaid the depreciation on it. You aren't getting it back. The only difference is the difference in interest on $20k in a two year period. While there is a difference, is it that big of a difference? The only issue I see is that if you put the money down, then you don't have to come up with the money to break even, where as you would if you did $0 down. Of course the longer you keep that RV and make those payments, then the bigger the difference in that interest. You get to a point where it is almost financially better to hold on to the RV until you can break even, if you plan on RVing in some sort of fashion. But that will be years down the road when your balance catches up to what the rig is worth. They eventually stop depreciating as much as they did in the beginning and start to slow down. Don't know when that point is. But people need to do what they feel is right for them and not worry about what the rest of think.
wbwood 03/25/17 07:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Slide seals question

I use the Thetford Rubber Seal Lubricant. Work well...Some use baby powder...
wbwood 03/24/17 09:25am General RVing Issues
RE: Free Water

Got some trips planned that do not have water fill up ability. Need to fill up before arriving. Dont want to travel 100+ miles or more with 66 gallons of water onboard. Any suggestions where I should or could fill up close to destination? I understand some ranger stations allow rv'ers to fill up but don't have any other ideas. Thanks Do some research about your locations. Are you boondocking or are you in an organized campground? Where are you going to dump? I'm sure whereever you dump, there will be water nearby somewhere. Maybe not right next to it, but within the same general park or forest.
wbwood 03/24/17 09:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Free Water

I have traveled a few times with a full tank only to find that on big right hand curves there is water gushing out the vent hose and running down the side of the TT. Do you guys have some kind of clamp on that hose? It will only gush out for so long. Once it gets down to a level where it won't reach that height. Otherwise, don't fill it up all the way.
wbwood 03/24/17 09:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Crooked as they come

OK I just got a call from Camping World located in Midway Florida. I was told that the guy that I had dealings with told her that he made it quite aware that I was getting a credit card..... WRONG!!! He never mentioned Credit card and when I told her I was only ask for two things, income and my date of birth she stated that I also had to put in my last four of my SS. We are in the process of looking for our retirement home and that opening up another credit card will hurt my credit score and possibly cost me more money. I told her if I was aware why did I call just minutes afterwards and cancel the card out in the parking lot. This a scam and I just wanted to let others know so you don't get scammed like me. I guess I not as smart as some here are making out to be. So you put in your last 4 of your social? I think there are two points to look at here. 1) People need to be more aware of giving info and why they are giving info. 2) I believe the OP is probably correct in the fact that the cashier more than likely did not imply that this was a credit card. The fact that the cashier was given a commission for every one he gets to sign up kind of plays into other ways that CW works (and many other businesses). We all know that they try to get you to renew your memberships when they aren't due.
wbwood 03/23/17 06:08am Good Sam Club
RE: Where are you camping this summer

Not summer, but the week of Easter, we will be heading to florida. 2 nights at Manatee Springs State Park, 4 nights at Grayton Beach state Park, followed up with 3 nights at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park. In the summer (July) we are hoping to head up to New York City.
wbwood 03/22/17 06:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Downsizing trailers, need opinions

I agree it's a personal decision...You've had larger and decide you don't need that big. My personal opinion is that the simpler, the better. I would opt to not have a slide. Dropping down 9' in length or so will make a big difference, especially without a slide. But I would rather give up a couple feet of width to avoid potential issues while camping. The idea is to enjoy camping, not worrying or having to fix things. The fact is, when there are more things that can go wrong, you have higher odds of something going wrong. The more advanced and technical that thing is, the more you will have to rely on others to fix it for you. I need to be quiet...I'm about to talk myself into a tent...lol
wbwood 03/22/17 06:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Trading in

I don't think the dealer will give you even the $15k as mentioned...I think you are probably looking at $10-12k. They may put a little into it and put it up for sale for $20k for a quick sale (showing it below book value). They make take a couple thousand less. Will still get them out with about $5k in their pocket...
wbwood 03/21/17 08:51am Beginning RVing
RE: Parts Shipping Cost

One question... Did you check on Amazon.com? Free shipping and prices beat CW every time. Yes and why I could get most of the stuff with free shipping. I don't understand how a consumer can purchase something at a cheaper price and get cheaper (often free shipping). I know the business is looking to make money. And let's face it, Camping World is not a mom and pop shop. They are a large entity in the RV world with a lot of influence. And it's not so much the cost of the parts...it's the cost of the shipping that I am referring to.
wbwood 03/21/17 08:46am Camping World Service and Installation
RE: National General Insurance

Wbwood- I wanted to address a few things outlined in your posting. I am not sure of when Bob sent you a private email but he has been gone from Good Sam Insurance Agency for over a year. I am the current director of GSIA. National General is one of our main insurance carriers but we also write with Progressive, Safeco, Allied, Foremost and National Interstate. The commission structure is different for each carrier and is based on many different variables. We now have a software package that is called a comparative rater that returns rates for all our carriers at once. Rates vary greatly by state, risk, RV type, etc. Our agents are trained to look at coverage's and rates for customers and offer what is best for the customer. They do not know what commission each of our carriers pays and they are not trained to offer policies based on commission. Our focus is on the customer first and offering the coverage's that they need. I am sorry that you got the impression that we offer policies based on commission. That is not the case. It is coverage's and rates and they are fully reviewed and outlined with each potential customer. As I stated above, it was 3 years ago. I know what you should be doing, but I know what you were doing also. If the agent was supposed to give me the best coverage and rate, then why did I need to give them the info a separate time? And then when they came back with the rate for Allied, it was nearly half the price of NGIC. I think Bob's message, which I have saved, kind of tells it all. You can't tell me that your agents don't know which ones pays the most. Especially when your then VP is telling me and your online quoter automatically goes through NGIC as well. I call BS!
wbwood 03/17/17 08:01am Good Sam Insurance
RE: Very noisey water heater

wbwood 03/16/17 11:56am General RVing Issues
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