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RE: Contacting owner of lost wallet. What is best way.

Turn it over to the police department
wbwood 11/11/17 11:25am Beginning RVing
Coax cable

What's the best outdoor cable to use. Apparently the last couple of cables I have bought were not that great as the ends ended up breaking after several uses. I don't think the quality of the wire was that great either. Is there a premium gauge or something I should be looking for?
wbwood 08/29/17 06:09am Tech Issues
RE: RV Plus Card website screwed up and a joke

First I do not think it is a joke or screwed up. OK: The web site is not working like it should and yes I have always called when I had questions or needed to change things, but help me out on this one, did we not when we first signed up and entered our bank information had to wait a couple of days while they verified the bank accounts? I thought we did but maybe I am wrong.When you first entered the info and setting up your account perhaps. But this is not in reference to permanently changing the bank account info. This is in reference to a one time inference. The ability is on there website to accept this. Even going with what you said, it didn't take a few days to go through. It was the next day and it didn't even go to the difference bank info I put in. It went automatically to the old account. Which I was told at the time would not work and why it did it the way it did. And as I mentioned in the other posting, Lauren from Pilot said there was an issue as they had other complaints. Yes that is my opinion and I still believe there is no fraud here but maybe a poor way to do business. From Dictionary.com - noun 1. deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage. 2. a particular instance of such deceit or trickery: mail fraud; election frauds. 3. any deception, trickery, or humbug: That diet book is a fraud and a waste of time. 4. a person who makes deceitful pretenses; sham; poseur. Question after the person signed up so you would get a credit did they do what they were supposed to do? Enter your ID code and was there a purchase to credit to? Yes, they entered our 7 digit info. They sent us an email stating so. And to top it off, as I mentioned earlier, Lauren from Pilot apparently was not aware of the program.
wbwood 07/21/17 08:59am Good Sam Club
RE: RV Plus Card website screwed up and a joke

Received a call the other day from someone with Good Sam. It was later in the afternoon/evening and they left a message for me to call them back the next day (yesterday). Before I could call yesterday, I received a phone call from Lauren with Pilot/Flying J. She said she was over the RV part of Pilot. She said they had received other complaints about the same issue with the website (putting in other bank account info and it going to old bank account) and promised it would be fixed by Saturday. When I mentioned the $5 referral credit program they had, she seemed like she didn't know about it as she asked me where I saw that at. That left me a little leery of the whole thing. If she is over the RV part of pilot, how would she not know about it? She did leave me with her direct number so I can call her if there are any other issues. :R On a side note, people, don't be fooled on the forum when one of the reps here ask you to contact them and to give them your contact info. That is a ploy to see if you are serious about the issue or not. They have your info. I've received calls from them numerous times over the years (including 2 with the last couple of days) without having to send them a message with my phone number. They are just rolling the dice that you won't contact them and "crisis" can be averted.
wbwood 07/21/17 08:13am Good Sam Club
RE: RV Plus Card website screwed up and a joke

First I do not think it is a joke or screwed up. I do not think you gave them time to change banks for you payment expecting bank validation in less than or near 24 hours is not reasonable it takes more time than that. According to them on the phone, you have to call them to change the bank account. However, when you go to make a payment, it gives you the choice of using the existing bank information they have on record or to enter new information. You select the button and enter your routing number and the bank account number twice and then submit. It tells you it completed. I did that with the new account. It automatically reverted to the old account. They admitted that the "new" account feature does not work. Also even after you terminated the call to them they did call you back and give you the credit but I do under stand that the credit probably should have been issued if you did the following. REFER A FRIEND AND EARN $5.00 ON YOUR NEXT STATEMENT. Anytime you refer a friend, have them enter your 7-digit User ID in the ?Promo Code? box when they apply. Once your friend applies and is approved for the RV Plus Card, you will receive a $5.00 credit on your next statement. There is no limit on the amount of friends you can refer!They did enter my user id # in the promo code box! I sent several messages concerning it and no reply. The only reply I got was on the message I sent asking if the message system was working. I do not think there is any fraud here. That's your opinion. To say you will give a credit when people sign up and they don't and when you offer a way to make a different payment and willingly know that it does not work, I consider that both fraudulent. JimR
wbwood 07/20/17 05:42am Good Sam Club
RE: RV Plus Card website screwed up and a joke

If it is the Pilot FlyingJ RV PLUS CARD then your complaint is with them not Good Sam Club. https://www.rvpluscard.com/ It's all connected.
wbwood 07/18/17 04:22pm Good Sam Club
RV Plus Card website screwed up and a joke

We have been promoting the RV Plus Card on our website. According to the RV Plus Card website, you get a $5 credit on your bill for everyone that joins up. We know of at least one person who did sign up for it and we never received the credit. I used the "Contact Us" feature on the RV Plus Card website and submitted an email concerning not getting the credit. I waited about a week and after no reply, submitted another message. Again, after no reply, I sent a message asking if the messaging program was working. After a couple days, I get a message saying yes that the messaging system is working. I respond back with the same question about the credit and have not gotten a response. It's been at least as week or two. Last night, I go online to pay our bill. Since we are in the process of changing banks, I went to make a payment out of our new account as that is where most of our money is now. Old account was very low on funds and we were about to close it. I chose the "New" button to enter our new banking account info. I put in the routing number and then the account number twice. I then submitted. Surprise to my dismay today when I get an email from our old bank account that the draft was submitted for them leaving our account in a negative. I had to make some moves around today and hopefully have avoided any overdraft charges. I called the RV Plus Card phone number and spoke a very nice gentleman. I explained to him about the issue and about the not receiving emails concerning the credit. He put me on hold. After I was on hold for a good while, I hung up as I figured it wasn't doing any good. About 5 minutes later, he called me back and said that he spoke to his superiors and they said that even if you put in the new information, it's not going to take it and it will revert to the old bank account on file. That's deceiving and can really cause some financial issues for others. It should not even be there, available and show that it accepted it, if it's not going to work. It's short of fraud. As far as the credit, the gentleman said he was going to give it to me himself. So now, it makes me wonder if the credit referral thing is not fraudulent as well!
wbwood 07/18/17 02:44pm Good Sam Club
RE: Rant about fulltimers

Well..maybe... Once again today while perusing an RV Park Review (you know where) I came upon the statement praising the park for not allowing fulltimers "with all their junk and noise." As I've been plotting our travels for the summer I've often read reviews denigrating the park for having fulltime/longtime campers, apparently as opposed to casual daily campers, and equating them to the Squatleys etc. Where do they get off??? Reviews are personal opinions. I don't care for parks that have "residents" that have a butt load of ****. Heck I don't like it when daily campers set up an entire kitchen (fridge/sometimes freezer, table with coffee pot, stove, food, cases of drinks, coolers, etc) under the awning. Having something out and using it is one thing, but when an entire kitchen is set up and left out there, I just don't care to look at. But that's my opinion. It's no offense to those who do it. It's just something we don't like. Kind of like the dog fences with all the little yappers out there that bark all day long. Or the unsupervised kids that run/ride through your campsite.
wbwood 05/17/17 08:36am Full-time RVing
RE: Newbie to Dinghy towing....which dolly?

I've mentioned this numerous times before, here and elsewhere. But one of the things that those who are "anti-dolly" keep mentioning as a negative about dolly's, is storing them. Below is a picture of our ACME tow dolly stored on our campsite. Our motorhome backs up over at least 2/3rds of it. Making use only need less than 18-24" of additional length to our motorhome. http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j331/brianwood69/Miscellaneous/904592F4-BAA6-4C5E-A1A3-7D3E05A86F32.jpg width=800
wbwood 05/04/17 06:25am Dinghy Towing
RE: outer banks NC

We went during the summer last year. Stayed at Oregon Inlet. Was very windy. We survived the heat, but the wind and skeeters got us. We left after about 4 nights when it felt like our motorhome was being lifted off the ground. We drove from Corolla down to Hatteras and took the Ferry over to Ocracoke. Our favorite places were the northern end (Duck, Nags Head, etc) and Ocracoke Island. If or whenever we go back, Ocracoke will probably be our main destination... Here are some videos from our trip. Enjoy.
wbwood 05/01/17 04:12pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Michigan

I think the Ann Arbor art fair is in July. If you're into that it covers most of the downtown area. If you're not into that you do not want to be in town during it. It's around July 20th...we are looking at before then...
wbwood 04/09/17 11:33am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Michigan

Thanks all. I got some more research to do. Not sure how much we will get to see or do, but we will give it a shot. I think we will mostly stay to the west and up with the exception of Ann Arbor. Only reason for there is for my daughter to see the college campus and she picked to go there for her 16th birthday. So I am thinking part of a day there and then north(west).
wbwood 04/08/17 11:14am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

Entertaining the idea of going to Michigan (from Charlotte, NC area) in July for a week. We would like to start off with a short stop in Ann Arbor (maybe one day at most) and then go and see was much as possible. Not really looking to go and stay in one place for the entire week. 2 or 3 places would be ok as long as we could use them as anchor points and then use the car to explore a little. Any recommendations?
wbwood 04/04/17 09:27am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Best golf cart , best bang for the buck

There are definitely more with restrictions or that don't allow them, than those that don't care if you do or what you have.
wbwood 04/01/17 12:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone making VIDEOS of your trips? (INCLUDE LINKS)

Brian, I had a half hour this morning to look at more of your channel. I'm subscribed! Hats off for "putting yourself out there". It does take some courage to be yourself and make it public. You are certainly many steps ahead of me and I hope to learn something from watching yours. lol...yeah some of my more popular (most viewed) videos are not so popular. Being that they are opinion based for the most part. Had to turn off the comments to some of them. Be amazed at the trolls that you can bring out....especially RV salesmen....lol
wbwood 04/01/17 06:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone making VIDEOS of your trips? (INCLUDE LINKS)

Brian, we are the same. Haven't had cable in 15 years. Have Netflix and Hulu, but in the last year, YouTube has been our go to for the majority of our viewing. I can watch exactly the things I am interested in, exactly when I want to. I really like that it gives a format for creators to show their work without needing any budget at all. There is some very high quality production being done by amateurs. I believe it will redefine television one day...it already has for many. Some of my youtube favorites: Long Long Honeymoon The More We Explore Gone with the Wynns Less Junk More Journey Keep Your Daydream and many others. Our favorite has become Keep Your Daydream. I think mostly because they are the closest to what my family does. I also am trying to model and learn my editing from theirs. I highly suggest starting at season 1 and watching if you haven't. Yep, I am subscribed to all those, plus many more...We also are subscribed to a lot of channels of those who sail....
wbwood 04/01/17 06:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone making VIDEOS of your trips? (INCLUDE LINKS)

Advice please. First of all, I am not a techie, so simplicity is important. For years I have been making slideshows of our trips. I am looking for program(s) where I can add text to the photo, add some videos and add music. Of course I also need to burn these to a DVD. I currently started using MS Movie Maker because my previous program did not allow adding videos. I have read the above and will look at them, but given my needs, do any of you have a recommendation? Moviemaker will be your best bet for simplicity. There are others out there that give you more control, but you will have to learn them and they cost you. I've used Sony Vegas and Pinnacle. They work very similar. But we now have Macbooks and I just use iMovie for the time being. I will probably eventually move up to Final Cut Pro.
wbwood 04/01/17 06:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Best golf cart , best bang for the buck

Most campgrounds won't allow gas golf carts. They usually require electric. Many also require insurance (at least $50k worth). As far as brands go, you can't go wrong with Club Car and EZ Go. Campgrounds that we have stayed in that had rentals, used Club Car. Matter of fact, we bought one of their old rentals and had it for about 6 years until we just sold it for what we paid for it ($2000) 6 years before. But I did have a little money invested in it (lift kit, wheels and tires). Batteries were on their last leg (about 6-7 years old).
wbwood 04/01/17 06:30am General RVing Issues
RE: Water Heater bypass question

I have been using the same antifreeze for years and only topped up one gallon last year after 4 years. Why? It's only $3/gallon
wbwood 04/01/17 06:23am Beginning RVing
RE: Boondocking---sewer black and "gray"

We had a tote when we had the TT. Used it a few times. Then never used it. Took up room in the back of the truck. When we got the motorhome, we sold the tote. Just as easy for us to pull the slides in and drive to the dump. Don't know why it would take someone hours. One thing to remember, is if you can go a long time (week), then you have some pretty big tanks. Bigger than what a tote will carry and heavier than what you will want to deal with. You are having to make multiple trips with the tote to empty your tanks. At least 2 (1 for gray and 1 for black), and that's if your tote is the same size or larger than each of those tanks. If you have 60 gallon tanks and a 30 gallon tote, then you are making 4 trips to empty it. I'd much rather just hook up and go dump and be done with it.
wbwood 03/26/17 06:36am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
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