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RE: Winches..110 or 12V ???

For an offroad Jeep that would see many long pulls definitely go with a Warn Winch. The 110V AC winches I've seen have all been very light duty. For an AC winch to be useful at heavy loads it would probably need at least 220v. For very rare use on a vehicle the Smittybilt would probably be ok. Tow trucks using Hydraulics makes sense. Hydraulics on a vehicle that may never actually use the winch doesn't make sense. To use the Milemarker Hydraulic winch I would definitely use a second power steering pump. I would not connect the Milemarker to the factory hydraulics. The top of the line 12k Smittybilt with wireless remote and synthetic line is $649. Still need the mount location, winch plate and recovery kit. Only connect to the top battery studs, never the side connection. Quadratec for Smittybilt winch http://www.quadratec.com/Assets/Images/200097/200097-md.jpg
wcjeep 06/27/16 11:18pm Truck Campers
RE: MH radio with engine off

I'm not familiar with Audiovox radios. With many Kenwood and Alpine radios you can press and hold the "Source" button. This causes the radio into deep sleep but still maintains all memory functions and the clock. Long Press on the source is very similar to turning the ignition off on a normal passenger vehicle. It's been awhile since I tested the amperage draw during deep sleep. It might have been about .06amps (+/-?). Next time you have the radio on. Long press the SRC or Source button to see if this is the case. If so, you could eliminate your switch.
wcjeep 06/27/16 10:59pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Samsung Galaxy 4 App For Image Magnification?

Sometimes you can long press on a picture. Save Image. Then goto your Gallery to view picture. It's then possible to pinch/zoom from your Gallery. In a few cases I have taken a screenshot. Then goto Gallery for pinch/zoom.
wcjeep 06/15/16 10:26pm Technology Corner
RE: Broken Leaf Spring

Floor jacks are great on pavement. If the road surface is not perfect go with a bottle jack. I prefer jacks and jack stands that are over rated for the job. Definitely support from the frame. Be sure to properly secure the other tires. Double check your torque specs before starting.
wcjeep 06/13/16 09:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Elec problem in turn signal, seeking advice

RV? Truck? SUV? Manufacture?
wcjeep 06/01/16 07:37pm Tech Issues
RE: wireless rechargers

I've used a similar insert the OP is asking about on my Samsung Galaxy S3. It worked great. Charging bases seem to vary. I have a couple of LG WCP300's. My wife wanted no beeping. Some bases beep for verification of charge. The light is yellow for standby, blinking green for charge in progress. Never had a problem with the LG bases. I still have them in use around the house. I upgraded my primary wireless chargers because of the Galaxy S7. It's capable of high speed wireless charging. The S5 and S7 both have the red light on front of phone while charging, green notification light when fully charged. I don't recall if the S3 had notification lights. My S3's are now hard lined for power. They are now used as security cameras. For the S4 with the damaged power input, check Ifixit. It might be possible to swap out the input. I did this on one of the S3's. Which is why I converted to wireless QI charging. My charge ports now maintain a new/unused appearance.
wcjeep 05/30/16 11:26am Technology Corner
RE: We Boost

Husband and I are just getting ready for our new full time RV life. I'm concerned about lack of cell phone reception in some areas of the country. If I get the signal booster, are there still areas without reception? As mentioned, a cell booster can extend available coverage. It can not create cell signal. There are many variables to available cell signal. Cell booster installation!!! Vehicles are all different. I've found center of the hood a great dependable location. It may not be the "best" location. Best outside antenna location can change depending on terrain. Many systems come with a 4" rubber antenna. The 4" antenna is generally signal neutral. This means it usually does not help or hurt signal. There are "better" antennas available from Weboost. However, the "better" antennas can hurt either 3g or 4g signal. Where I live AT&T and T-Mobile have less coverage. Verizon is best. Verizon also works way further with a booster where I live/play. Other geographical areas may have better AT&T. Weather can also affect coverage. A few times I've had a booster work on one side of a campground but do nothing on the other side. With Verizon and the booster I have service a few miles before any one not boosted. Your mileage will vary.
wcjeep 05/29/16 02:31pm Technology Corner
RE: Samsung Galaxy 4 Assistance

Hi Mex, I happen to have a galaxy S4. Go to settings tap more tap application manager select the item you wish to uninstall tap uninstall repeat with the next item you wish to remove. I would add after "tap application manager", scroll over to "All Apps". This can vary on version of Android and Touchwiz. Disabled apps will no longer be in the App Drawer. Disabled apps will no longer consume data. It sounds like you have limited Cell Data at times through the day? Turn off Mobile Data when cell connectivity is limited. You can still call and text. This should extend battery life. For advanced battery saving check "Accounts". See what is connecting that probably should not. Also check "Battery" usage. This will tell you what is consuming power. You might have an app that gets hung up. This would consume power for no reason. The quick resolution is turning off Mobile Data. When you swipe down from top to bottom, those quick access toggles can be rearranged.
wcjeep 05/29/16 02:11pm Technology Corner
RE: USB - Micro Cable Durability?

The cable side connector (male) is designed to be sacrificial, it's easier to replace the cable than it is to solder on a new board connector. I forget where I read this, something in the usb spec probably. I've worn out a few cables. For slow hard line charging I like official Motorola and Samsung cables. For Fast hard line charging I prefer actual Samsung Fast Charge capable cords for my Samsung S7. Wireless charging is all about convenience. It's not faster than a hard line. I have used wireless QI charging on my S3, S5 and S7. With my S7 I converted to high speed wireless charging. It's very convenient to lay the phone down and walk away. This also maintains phone plug integrity.
wcjeep 05/29/16 02:02pm Technology Corner
RE: RV.net needs to get with the mobile times

No problem with Galaxy S7 Google Chrome or 2013 Nexus 7 Google Chrome
wcjeep 05/21/16 09:13pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Ram Truck Owners

I am running something similar to the Hellwig on my 2006 Dodge 2500. I think it's called IPD. IPD became a new name by merger or buyout. Anyway, it works great with my Truck Camper. If you are towing and not hauling I'm not sure if it's necessary. Agree with earlier comment about tires. Are the tires correct for towing? Pressure?
wcjeep 05/16/16 10:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Going to Yellowstone? Don't do this...

I wonder what Yellowstone Wolf's eat?
wcjeep 05/15/16 08:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Quality camper

S & S or Alaskan Camper make great non slide 4 season campers. I wanted the S&S. Wife wanted something with a slide. The Arctic Fox is heavy but well equipped. They also make a non slide model that weighs a little less.
wcjeep 05/15/16 08:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Wilson Sleek came in today.

How much of a improvement is the larger antenna over the smaller? The small short stubby antenna is mostly signal neutral. The larger antenna helps in certain signal category's while hurting elsewhere. It depends on your needs.
wcjeep 05/07/16 10:56pm Technology Corner
RE: wifi camera while camping

Buy a Google Nexus phone on the FI network. Install Alfred or similar type app. FI allows you to turn on/off service. Pay for data you use. You would log in with your personal phone. Plenty of project FI reviews on YouTube. FI uses Sprint/T-Mobile combo. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ivuu
wcjeep 05/07/16 10:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Using camper energy savings ideas (LED) in your house?

We have slowly converted our house to LED. Most lights I wait for incandescent failure before replacement. Some lights we rarely use. Rarely used lights are still old school incandescent. Using my Flir, I have found incandescent to reach very high temp quickly. They also cool fast. LED seems to reach a much lower operating temp. LED seems to retain heat over a longer period of time when turned off.
wcjeep 05/07/16 10:35pm Truck Campers
RE: Unsticking a stuck Rancho?

Call Rancho. They are guaranteed forever, and they will send you a new adjuster, which is replaced by R&Ring the two small screws. If they are old Ranchos (with 4 clicks instead of 9) then I think they will send you the whole shock. I read somewhere the Rancho is no longer guaranteed forever. Disappointed since I have Rancho on the towrig and offroad Jeep.
wcjeep 05/05/16 08:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Stereo dilemma

I installed a switch on the accessory line for mine, I did it to turn off the backlighting as it bothered me when trying to sleep. It may solve your issue as well but you can still use the radio as before by flipping the switch. Many Alpine and Kenwood models will go completely off when long pressing the "Source" button. The amp draw also drops too.
wcjeep 05/01/16 09:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is it ok to drive a truck with a bad coil / spark plug?

I drive Ford vans at work. I could always tell right away when a coil was bad. Bad coils do not always set a latched code. It happened so often the mechanics stopped arguing with me. This was on a 2001. Many of the Triton's at work burn oil too. It does not seem to be a big deal. Be sure to check the dipstick occasionally. One quart or so per 3k miles. My current 2013 Ford van has not had a bad coil plug yet at 24k miles. New record for me.
wcjeep 05/01/16 09:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wilson Sleek came in today.

The Sleek really shines when used in a low signal environment. It sounds like your current problem is local network congestion. When used in a low signal environment expect better speed improvement.
wcjeep 04/25/16 10:00pm Technology Corner
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