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RE: Straps instead of bolt down too risky?

There are multiple camera solutions that would work for backing the boat. Some better than others. Do you have a GoPro? Might be able to use that with the GoPro app. Linking to a high dollar solution. Mr Truck review on Youtube
wcjeep 04/29/18 09:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Android phone and Pad issues

Agree with some of the responses. It's an advertisement. Also a scam. Clear Internet history, cache. Avoid the website that's sending her to the ad for awhile. Web advertising can come from many locations. It's not the wife's fault. It's not her equipment. I usually see this ad (scam) when scrolling news websites. I read multiple sites from different points of view. Does not matter if left or right side news. The ad (scam) finds a way.
wcjeep 04/22/18 10:09pm Technology Corner
RE: Samsung Tablet Users..

Buy another Samsung Tablet (we just picked up a 10" TAB E for $179) and then use the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app to move everything from one to another in less than 30 minutes. I just did that after switching from Verizon to T-Mobile (another story about HUGE savings) and getting new Samsung S9's to replace our S6's. Everything on the old phones are now on the new ones and it was completely painless. This. Load Samsung Smart Switch on both tablets. Connect the two tablets via hard line. It won't take long to transfer. You will probably need to reenter passwords to various apps.
wcjeep 04/15/18 10:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Boosting Cell Phone reception

I own multiple cellphone boosters from Wilson Electronics. They have since changed their name to Weboost. I have a few variants of the Sleek. I have two of the Mobile 4G or whatever they are calling it today. The Sleek is the cheapest and probably more than enough for most peoples use. I average an 18db signal strength increase with the Sleek. If your current situation is spotty service, the Sleek should get you to somewhat reliable. The other booster I own is the Mobile 4G. They call it something else now. It's advertised as a 50db gain with Four devices at one time, each seeing 50db gain. I regularly see 35db gain. Have not seen 50db gain. I only see 35db gain when placing the phone(s) next to the inside antenna. Inside antenna on this model good for upto 5ft of separation from the devices. If it's a work call, place the phone on the inside antenna. Use Bluetooth or wired headset. They sell "RV" model boosters. These require greater distance between the inside and outside antenna. Advantage is greater interior freedom to move about the RV. I bought the car based boosters. I can move it to my vehicle if necessary. No cellbooster is magic. There must be some signal to boost. Some cellphone manufacturers respond better to boosters than others. Some cellphone technology performs better with boosters. Verizon 3G service responds well to cellphone boosters. Some people like to upgrade the cellbooster antenna. This helps and hurts. Antennas have tradeoffs. Antennas that work great with 4G service might hurt 3G and 1x. I have found the center of a vehicle hood to be a good consistent spot for the magnet mount cellbooster antenna.
wcjeep 03/25/18 10:51pm Technology Corner
RE: Trouble finding a honest dealership to buy Ram 3500

When you call Dave Smith, the price is the price. No weird one off price changes. I bought my 2006 from them new. Saved at least $12k vs local dealers. I would prefer to buy local. I did not, still don't, make $12k per day. It was worth my time. At least call Dave Smith motors for your preferred optioned truck. See how the price compares to what your locals are offering. Costco sounds like a good idea. Still call Dave Smith. It can't hurt. Dave Smith has changed owners since I bought mine. I've heard nothing has changed. One price. That's it. They make their money off high quantity. They don't service most of what they sell.
wcjeep 03/25/18 10:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New steps for my Arctic Fox

Also consider the hand rail designed to work with the Glow Steps. It keeps the wife and daughter happy.
wcjeep 01/29/18 10:33pm Truck Campers
RE: 2001 Dodge towing chart

I would be more concerned with proper fuel pressure for the injection pump.
wcjeep 01/29/18 10:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: A camper that fits in the trunk of a Car

The Lemay car museum has one on display in Parkland, Wa. Can't upload pics. I did create a picture collage to YouTube. 42sec long. Edsel Trunk Camper
wcjeep 09/19/17 10:25am Truck Campers
RE: Did you get hit with the Equifax hack?(or who didn't)

The security people were shown the door. The official Equifax tools were broken. They were spitting out random info. Many people that checked were randomly assigned info sign up dates. Now the government is checking on the executives stock dump before going public the hack.
wcjeep 09/18/17 10:41pm Technology Corner
RE: Shimmy in the rear :) and one side hotter than the other

I carry an infrared thermometer in the truck and Offroad Jeep. Occasionally carry my Flir for checking heat. The Flir makes everything obvious.
wcjeep 09/18/17 02:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking at 2005 Dodge 3500 for out Lance

100% agree with woodhog. It's almost due for its second valve lash maintenance. Not a big deal. I'd also consider rear sway bar addition and Torklift Stable loads. Skip the airbags. Ask if the rear driveline Ujoints have been replaced. Factory was installed with injected plastic. Easy upgrade for a shop to normal Ujoints. Check the rear passenger Dome lights and speakers. The wiring harness can rub itself open in the rear door jams. Easy fix. Has the owner ever checked the lift pump fuel pressure? Not a high fail item. Doesn't hurt to ask. Check out www.tdr1.com. More info over there. Www.genosgarage.com can help lighten your wallet. Also, new diesel trucks are more than $50k. That truck will have the 5.9 with no pollution gear on it, if body is in good shape, the tranny as good as it looks and the front end suspension parts are in good shape, you will have a truck that will easily go double its present mileage. A new one can leave you on the side of the road, with a DEF sensor etc. with a few days to try and get it fixed, eventual plugged filters. This one will have none of that... Also an exhaust brake can be added to the 2005 models... Check your payload weights, tire weight ratings marked on the side walls. Put on a rear sway bar. Set of torklift stable loads. Give your left over 45,000 - 50,000 to the oil company and not the bank..
wcjeep 09/18/17 02:32pm Truck Campers
Goldline vs Adco vs Elements

Has anyone tried the Goldline rv cover? I had an Adco that lasted about 4yrs. The Elements cover barely made it one year. It's junk. The side facing the sun has thinned the material. We tossed the Adco because the zippers no longer worked and a few very minor tears. Does the Goldline live up to the 5yr warranty.
wcjeep 09/17/17 10:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Tablet with GPS

I download Google Maps Offline navigation for use in case of bad reception when going anywhere. It's good for 30 days. There are apps that do not have the 30 day limitation. Google offline is free and works. A dedicated GPS device works better. However, dedicated GPS devices are another thing taking up room and dash space.
wcjeep 09/03/17 10:23pm Technology Corner
RE: Tow Strap

For recovery I like something like Bigfoot Rope. For flat tow avoid anything with metal hooks. When airborne they carry extra kinetic energy for removing body parts. I use Bigfoot Rope. You can also use soft shackles. High end rope is typically safer. It carries less energy. Bigfoot Rope https://d3ciwvs59ifrt8.cloudfront.net/3e0a9d9f-6c32-4f19-9e16-0b67da3264a3/96f4ca45-bf8f-41b0-ad26-c6eb997f6a80_l.jpg
wcjeep 08/06/17 08:17pm Truck Campers
RE: Urgent question re diesel

If running high biodiesel blends than normal be sure to carry spare fuel filter.
wcjeep 07/28/17 11:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Northern Lite 8-11 hitch extension ( ideas? )

I have a 2016 Northern Lite 8-11 Queen Special Edition on a 2013 Chevy 2500 HD Diesel and just bought a Reese 48" hitch extension. Reese says max on load carrying is 5,000 lbs with 500 lbs tongue weight, with weight distributing, 7,500 and 750. I may have to trim about an inch off the extension as the GM spare tires crowds the receiver a bit. I have a class 5 receiver. Go to etrailer.com....lots of good info. Phil My combination makes for a tight fit. I let all of the air pressure out of my spare tire. At Zero Psi everything fits just fine. I have on board air. I'm usually towing the Jeep which also has on board air.
wcjeep 07/28/17 11:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Northern Lite 8-11 hitch extension ( ideas? )

You won't really know how much extension is necessary until fully loaded. If you need 21" or more extension go with Torklift. Their stuff is not cheap. It is good quality hardware. I would also recommend Torklift frame mounted tie-downs, Super hitch if necessary, Fast Guns and Stableloads. Skip airbags for now. Try the stable loads before purchasing airbags. Airbags unload the suspension. Airbags support the weight on a cushion of air instead of the rear suspension. Stableload engages the truck suspension immediately. Non Torklift extensions usually decrease tow capacity quickly. I'm using round numbers. Do consult your specific owners manual. A non Torklift extension typically decreases your tow capacity by about 1/3. Most extensions are not rated for weight distribution hitch. They decrease bumper pull by 1/3 from 5k lbs. The max your truck could tow would be about 3500lbs +/-. SuperHitch with weight distribution starts at 10k lbs a day and goes up depending on model. I changed out the car hauler trailer tongue jack and used some wood for a great step when exiting the camper.
wcjeep 07/27/17 11:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Last shot at a TC...

Artic Fox makes a non slide model that probably fits your request.
wcjeep 07/13/17 12:03am Truck Campers
RE: 12 Volt freezer? Is this an option?

I have an ARB fridge /freezer. It will create ice in the desert. It's really good. Also expensive. Not sure who makes the ARB freezer. The cheap food 12v coolers are typically ok for 30deg temp reduction only. 90deg outside? Your fridge is only 60deg +/-. The expensive units are truly awesome.
wcjeep 07/13/17 12:01am Tech Issues
RE: How and were to get the best price on a Truck?

Call Dave Smith. Prices right over the phone. Not sure if Oregon residents pay taxes. For those that pay taxes some dealers in low tax districts end up with the best price. Last new Ford we bought was in 2001 from Bowen Scarff no Dicker sticker in Kent. In Washington State, you must purchase from an in state dealer to qualify for future Lemon Law protection.
wcjeep 07/12/17 11:57pm Tow Vehicles
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