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RE: 19.5 tires again-more input needed please

I previously had Toyo 608z all terrain tires. Too rough for highway tires. Now running BFG tires which use Michillen casing. Great tires for the highway that were easily balanced. Each tire took 4ounces to balance.
wcjeep 11/05/16 10:44am Truck Campers
RE: Rieco-Titan Powerhead

Get new plastic access caps for the other motors.
wcjeep 11/05/16 10:27am Truck Campers
RE: 10 speed F150 axle ratios

Latest Consumer Reports found big multi speed transmissions problematic. Are you sure you want to be the first on the block with the 10spd?
wcjeep 11/02/16 11:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Rieco-Titan Powerhead

When one of my RT power heads failed it was due to water intrusion. The little plastic access cap on top had failed due to the sun. I bought a new power head from RT. Also bought new plastic caps for the other jacks. Swap was easy.
wcjeep 10/23/16 08:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Replacing old house lights with LEDs

My wife is very particular about lighting. She prefers 2700k. She will put up with 3300k. 4000k and above is too much. Order a small amount and verify the light temperature is OK. I bought expensive led lighting. Zero problems. Not sure if your air conditioning will be affected by swapping to led.
wcjeep 09/30/16 09:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Streaming Video from RV Park Wi-Fi

I'm surprised rv parks do not block Netflix. Blocking access would stop most people.
wcjeep 09/27/16 08:38pm Technology Corner
RE: Air Bag Recommendation needed

Also check on Torklift Stableloads
wcjeep 09/27/16 08:36pm Towing
RE: Age of tires on your tow vehicle/ When to replace?

I go upto 6yrs max. Then swap.
wcjeep 09/22/16 09:59pm Beginning RVing
RE: Why can't I get what I want with manual transmission

My Dodge towrig and offroad Jeep are both manual transmission. They are probably my last manual transmission. Auto transmission now get the same or better mileage. I can see manuals on select sport cars. Most manuals will likely be gone within 10yrs due to projected federal Safety regulations. Something about the vehicle needs to sense traffic and possibly stop/start on its own.
wcjeep 09/22/16 09:57pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Disaster averted but barely. Thanking the good Lord above.

Steel rims can be more forgiving. Aluminum rims prefer correct torque all around. Edit: infrared heat gun or Flir might have found the problem
wcjeep 09/21/16 11:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: TV or tablet in your camper?

We have a TV for the truck camper. Took it out. Realized we rarely used it. Everyone has smart phones and tablets.
wcjeep 09/21/16 10:52pm Truck Campers
RE: New to me 2007 Ram

Thanks. I've actually been happy with the mileage. I got 22 mpg bringing it home about a 300 mile trip on the interstate over the smokey mountains. In addition to making sure the computer flashes are upto date. Never rely on the computer to tell you accurate fuel mileage. Some call the Dodge mileage computer the Lie-O-Meter. I have the 2006 with the 5.9 Cummins. At 110k miles I'm still on my factory brake pads. I use the exhaust brake all of the time. The Exhaust Brake does all the work. This allows the brake pads to stay cool. Cold brakes mean maximum emergency stopping power. Avoid Fram anything. I use Napa filters. Napa filters Meet or Exceed OEM spec.
wcjeep 08/31/16 10:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Warning Seattle drivers!

This is everywhere I only driven a few days in Boston, but I'm sure there are plenty of ding dongs there too. But dude, I'm tellin ya it ain't this bad everywhere. I drove around Denver last winter for a week or so. Haven't really been there for a few years. I didn't see the general stupidity or lack of normal driving skills or etiquette. I've been driving a company pickup for 20 years now, in and out of a half dozen major cities. Here in Seattle, me and my co workers driving company rigs are routinely called in by "concerned or irate" motorists to the office for driving complaints. Could read into that as us being unsafe or a hole drivers, but most of us know the drill now and conscientiously drive with this in mind. No, I don't drive slow. I'll drive with traffic if that's 70-60 or 30 mph. I'll let 2x the cars merge at lane drops mist to not get the finger from someone and another call from the office! This compared to being called in twice in the previous 15 years before moving to Seattle. One time I had it coming, passed a lady on a snow packed road and I was doing about 85 mph...In 2wd! No harm, straight road for miles. Other time was a guy called the cops in ALbq on me. They came to the office (when cops actually responded to things like this). Said I passed him like he was standing still, had to be going 80-90 mph! Idk what his issue was, but I happened to be driving an old loaner truck with straight 6, granny Lo 4 speed and a bad tire vibe! When I showed the cop the truck and the reason I couldn't have possibly done that he laughed! I've been called for "going at least 60 on HWy 18". Speed limit is 60! Talking on the phone. (Yeah whatever, was a few years ago) Not using my turn signal. Again, whatever, maybe I didn't. Usually do, But it was a right turn only lane! Who the f cares! And a few for passing on a 2 lane! Hey Nitz, you're doing 30 in a 45 and that's what the dotted line is for. It's 5:45am on Wednesday , not Sunday afternoon. If you're offended you got passed, speed up! I'm sorry if your pos 1993 granola mobile Subaru with a "Clinton" sticker in the back window from the slick willy days can't go any faster. Or maybe it can. Put the doobie down and step on the skinny pedal! Guess what the call was about today? Lol And it's not like I've been stockpiling stupid driver stunts for a while. Most of these are from the last week or so! And 4 or 5 from the last 2 days! My work the employee is guilty until proven less guilty. In the Seattle area I fear school drop off area filled with Cadillac Escalade driven by moms on their cellphone.
wcjeep 08/24/16 10:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wanted: Stock Radio, Ford E450

And just what would I do with my almost 500 music CD's? :) 500 CD's would easily fit on one Nano USB. It would cost $10. You could decorate with your CD's. http://cdn.earthporm.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/recycled-diy-old-cd-crafts-8__605.jpg
wcjeep 08/24/16 01:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Wanted: Stock Radio, Ford E450

Reading this thread I'm surprised so many people use CD's. All of our vehicles now have USB. I use Nano USB memory sticks. Usually 16gb. It holds 8-10,000 songs. No more flipping through CD albums. I keep the originals at home as a backup. If the Nano USB is stolen I'm out $10. I carry zero CD's in any vehicle. I usually carry 4gb of music on the smart devices. This is in addition to Bluetooth streaming of Pandora, Amazon Music or IHeartRadio. Amazon Music allows downloads for offline use.
wcjeep 08/23/16 10:05pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: EGT Gauge - Necessary???

Be sure to give it a minute or two to cool after a long tow before shutting down. If any modifications you need it.
wcjeep 08/23/16 09:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Adding backup lights, Wiring help needed.

I would place the diodes to protect the truck wiring harness. Also place a diode between the second trigger (switch) and the relay. I would not place a diode on the actual supply to the lights. The diodes protect the switch and truck harness where slight voltage drop is acceptable. Do not place a diode on the high(er) amperage feed from battery thru relay to the lights. Edit: there are very specific laws regarding vehicle lighting. Placing backup lights to point outward would probably be a violation. I had a long uncomfortable conversation with an officer while using offroad lighting on my Jeep on the beach. The beach is considered a state highway. I didn't receive a ticket even though I was in the wrong. Didn't know I was in the wrong previous to our conversation. I use my Dodge and Jeep supplemental lighting off road or in the RV park while setting up. I avoid using supplemental lighting on the pavement. I try to avoid uncomfortable talks with law enforcement. Your laws probably vary.
wcjeep 08/22/16 10:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Security Camera Question

I am thinking about installing some cameras to keep an eye on the house while we are camping. I was looking at the Blink cameras. They use the home wi-fi system to upload video/pictures to the cloud and allow monitoring from a smart phone. Unfortunately they require an upload speed of 2 Mbps minimum. Our lousy CenturyLink only has an upload of from .4 to .75 Mbps. Are there any cameras that will work with this speed? Any help is appreciated. What speed does the Centurylink router say? What was the promised internet speed? That seems really low. It seems you have something running on an unknown device, the home dsl filter is in the wrong place or you have bridgetap killing the speed before it hits the house. Check the primary router speed first. Then unplug everything but one reliable computer. Then check the primary router speed. Turn off the smart tv, smart blu ray player and everything else. Does or did your house have an alarm system? Even an alarm system no longer in use from previous owner? Is the primary router on a home run wiring? For inside the home monitoring I use old smart devices tied to a single app. I turn on the motion detection. I get small snippets of motion. I have bought one tablet so far with a free cellular connection. My plan is to have the cellular tablet connected to wifi. When/if the power drops the free cell connection will kick in. The tablet will have a couple of hours before it dies. Mine uses Freedom Pop. It's a Sprint reseller. Coverage can be spotty depending on where you live.
wcjeep 08/22/16 06:40pm Technology Corner
RE: Adding backup lights, Wiring help needed.

You absolutely want a relay to control the lights. I did not see if you posted the size of the lights you plan to add. If they are smaller lights plan on at least 1 amp per light. The problem I see with your plan is adding front lights to the trailer. Backup lights point backward. You would have to check your state laws on adding forward facing "backup" lights. Some relays have two separate triggers. One of them would be required to activate the lights. The Diodes allow one way voltage. Expect the diode to drop the voltage by .5volts. Wire the diodes on the trigger or control side of the relay. This allows maximum voltage to the lights. Be sure to fuse the power. I would add a fuse before the relay. If your two lights draw 1amp each, use a 5amp fuse for two light protection. I would add two separate circuits. One wired to the truck for rear facing backup lights. Another separate circuit for forward facing clearance lights. Have you considered a wireless remote control system? Not expensive to purchase. Have the rear facing backup lights wired to the truck and the wireless system. Either could engage the lights. Wireless switch #2 to the forward facing clearance lights. If you have extra wireless control circuits use #3 to control clearance lights under the stairs. Have #3 lights pointed downward to avoid glare. As you approach the trailer at night you could click on #3. Circuit #4 could point to some dark blind spot? Don't use expensive lights. Do buy an extra for replacement. This allows the future replacement to match the current lights. I use Kawell lights from Amazon. They are cheap and easily replaced. No idea if they are the best. They have worked for me. I also included a video of my Dodge. The lights are a combo of the included link and another style from the same manufacturer. I have many of these lights on my offroad Jeep. Kawell from Amazon My towrig clearance lights. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/41A4WIG5ghL._SX425_.jpg
wcjeep 08/22/16 06:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Grand Cherokee Owners - Help & Advice Please

Thanks so much for the quick replies. I should have mentioned we were also considering the Cherokee Trailhawk, hence the wiring comment, but are afraid it might prove to be too small. We are avid back country folks currently running trails in our Polaris Ranger. Downsizing from a house to a MH will not allow me both a trail toy and a touring car so we want an SUV that will stand up to moderate trail riding. The Cherokee line really fits what we need out of a car/trail toy, and I simply can't afford to make a $40K mistake. Please keep the comments, thoughts, and experiences coming... They are invaluable to me. RVers really are the friendliest and most helpful people on the planet! Absolutely do NOT buy the regular 2014+ Cherokee. We Lemon Law'd one. Very happy to see the Cherokee Trailhawk go away. The 9spd transmission was never ready for commercial release. Some computer flashes wrecked the entire transmission. The same transmission in other vehicles is also problematic (Acura, Honda, Range Rover). It's also smaller on the inside than it appears. In the year we owned ours it was nearly trouble free the first two months. It usually sat at our house or the dealership awaiting repair. The Grand Cherokee has no relation to the smaller Cherokee.
wcjeep 08/09/16 10:22pm Dinghy Towing
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