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RE: Your ideas for making driver"s seat more comfortable?

Auto wrecker would have tons of seats to test. I don't see what seat you have now. Many vehicles came with different seats from the factory. This would make it a perfect bolt in. Some offroad shops have new examples on the show room. I think some late 90's Ford Explorers came with a small air pump to bolster back and side support. May have to redrill the seat frame.
wcjeep 05/27/15 10:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Can I test my Wilson Sleek without leaving town?

The Sleek excels in a low signal environment. It is possible to power the Sleek off a portable battery pack. Test in a movie theater? Using the Sleek in a good signal environment can degrade signal. Be sure to use actual signal DB level. Do not depend on how many bars are on the screen. Bars are a representation. They are not accurate. Real DB level is more accurate.
wcjeep 05/24/15 12:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Samsung Galaxy S 6 vs Apple iPhone 6?

Do yourself a favor. Pay full price for the phone. This will keep your Unlimited data intact. 3g, 4g doesn't matter. Verizon continues to call and mail flyers inviting me to spend more money on capped data plans. Avoid the iPhone 6+. Too big. Either the Galaxy S6 or IPhone 6 will do fine. I prefer the Galaxy for the screen quality and software. Camera reviews tend to pick the Galaxy. Though its close. Near 50/50 when compared to the I6+. The GS6 has built-in wireless charging. It is extremely rare I plug in my S5 to charge my phone.
wcjeep 05/20/15 10:48pm Technology Corner
RE: jump starter et.al.

The battery packs work great. I carry a diesel truck rated unit. It's possible to jumpstart more than one vehicle from a single charge. I just bought a used Ford Explorer for driving around town. It had bad battery cables. No one else that arrived before me could start the vehicle. My Fuseled POD allowed me to jump start the vehicle. Price was below book value. I scored thanks to the battery pack. Jump Starter
wcjeep 05/15/15 06:08pm Tech Issues
RE: 2014 Jeep Cherokee needs new tranny

Gee this is a lot of bunk, my wife would tell you that I spend too much tine on this forum - first time I have heard of ANY transmission problem. I bought mine in November 2013 and have 29,000 miles on it and have pulled it over 11,000 miles There is one post about towing problems but the guy says it was an alignment problem For those who claim there are problems post a link to prove it - you claim 5 you have met have a wobble problem I have not met one and I have camped in 68 campground with the Cherokee The 2014+ Jeep Cherokee 9spd ZF tranny is very delicate. Software updates performed by the dealer have killed the transmission. Yes, I meant software update. Acura is having problems with the same ZF 9spd. Our 2014 Trailhawk was lemon law'd. The tranny never shifted correct. It was lemon law'd for other reasons. Our repair records were so extensive the Regional Manager did not argue with our claim. I can't speak to the towing/wobble issue. The 2014+ Jeep Cherokee is the Edsel of our time. Even Fiat CEO has apologized in a news article for subjecting Jeep owners to the ZF 9spd.
wcjeep 05/13/15 10:52pm Dinghy Towing
RE: New to me camper with pics

Be sure to swap all safety sensors before camping. They have a 5 - 7 yr max life span. Be safe. Enjoy the camper.
wcjeep 05/11/15 10:38pm Truck Campers
RE: Torklift Superhitch

If your truck has a larger than factory exhaust system or a short bed or both, the Torklift Superhitch will reduce the size of what spare tire you can carry. I carry a 285/70R17 and it is the absolute maximum; I'm pretty sure if I didn't have air bags that the tire would rub on the diff cover. It has never hit, but it's damn close, and I rotated my spare into the rotation in hopes that it will wear down some and give me a little more clearance! If your truck is a long bed, you won't have to worry about this as much, I don't think, as I believe a long bed is at least slightly longer between the rear axle and bumper, despite the fact that most of the distance is between the cab and axle. I have to air down my spare 19.5 to zero psi. Otherwise it doesn't fit. Stock tire size should have no problem. I also have onboard air via AirZenith.
wcjeep 05/10/15 12:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Torklift Superhitch

Fishing the frame for bolt install isn't too bad. Follow the directions and use the correct star washers. I'm using a different swaybar. It all all eventually fits.
wcjeep 05/10/15 11:25am Truck Campers
RE: Got My Vision 19.5s

Looks great. I'm ready to replace my Toyo 608z MT. Those look like great tread. More Highway biased.
wcjeep 05/10/15 11:21am Truck Campers
RE: 19.5 tires/wheels on a Chev 3500

Zero problems. I also do not corner like a race car. GOinG off memory, when empty the front weighs 4500lbs, rear 2500lbs.
wcjeep 05/09/15 06:36pm Truck Campers
RE: 19.5 tires/wheels on a Chev 3500

That explains the rough empty ride.
wcjeep 05/09/15 12:42pm Truck Campers
RE: New Tablet ?s

Goto to the store and surf for a few minutes. Some find the full size iPad too big. wife and I each prefer the mid size tablets.
wcjeep 05/09/15 12:32pm Technology Corner
RE: 19.5 tires/wheels on a Chev 3500

What air pressure are you running empty? On my Dodge I run: Empty - front 60, rear 50 Full - front 85, rear 110
wcjeep 05/09/15 11:57am Truck Campers
RE: good deal or not?

The Lemon Law can be a major pain in the butt, I know from experience. Basically, your vehicle can be in the shop 50 times in a year but if it was in for different items you're screwed. It has to be the same repeated problem. We had a brand new Ford Expedition and my entire family has never owned any vehicle besides Ford since they literally started making them. The Expedition was at the dealer constantly the first year, new transmission at 2000 miles then it only got worse. My problem was it was always a different problem. I was told Ford did their job and fixed each problem and though there was no doubt it had been a terrible vehicle the Lemon law did not apply. I swore I'd never, ever buy another Ford. It took about 12 years then I bought my F250. Hope it works out but get some good advice before going the Lemon law route, it can be a major pain in the butt. After I lost, I drove it straight to the Mercedes dealership and lost my butt when I traded it in. I was pissed but thrilled to get rid of it. There was no way I could personally sell it to another person. I literally lost thousands of dollars but the stress and being constantly pissed off was just not worth it any more. Sometimes you just have to move on. Every state is different with the Lemon Law. Our 2014 Jeep Cherokee was so bad the local regional manager ok'd the Lemon Law with no argument. My state also has strong consumer Lemon Law protection. I think Michigan has poor protection for the consumer. Going the Lemon Law we received all money ever paid towards the vehicle minus a mileage penalty. I found the amount owed for mileage to be acceptable. Trading in the vehicle would have been at a significant loss. We were way ahead with the Lemon Law. To the OP, recommend calling Dave Smith in Idaho for normal every day pricing. If the manufacturer price is well below them you might be onto something.
wcjeep 05/08/15 11:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: TV for my TC

We initially bought an offbrand 12v Television for the truck camper. Now everyone has a smart phone and a tablet. Tablet runs movies off a travel router. Have not turned the TV on in two years.
wcjeep 05/05/15 10:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Springs or Bags

Does Torklift have Stableloads available for your truck yet? There are two versions.
wcjeep 05/05/15 09:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Had to replace the TIPM in my 2006 Dodge Ram

To the OP, does your trailer have any electrical issues that caused the TIPM to fail? I don't like connecting anything to my truck that isn't mine. Always conscientious of the TIPM failure possibility. I should just splice in some fuses.
wcjeep 05/01/15 05:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cyanide Poisoning in 3 of my dogs.

Hard part is the stump grinding. Hope for a full recovery.
wcjeep 04/29/15 07:50pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Cell phone signal

I have the WeBoost cradle, and I've never had any luck with it. In fact, sometimes it actually degrades the signal. I've spend hundreds over the years on antennas and boosters and not had much success with any of it. Using the booster in a good signal environment could degrade signal. Never use the signal bars to judge actual and boosted signal. Use the actual numerical signal level. The bars on the main screen are easily fooled. Apple at one time was purposely lying.
wcjeep 04/29/15 07:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Simple Q: playing files through 3.5mm cable

A hard line is usually better than Bluetooth for music quality. For convenience I only use Bluetooth. For the OP, it appears to be the Jenson is the weak link.
wcjeep 04/28/15 09:25pm Technology Corner
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