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RE: Deka Batteries ??????

House batteries in the coach ate Deka 8D AGMs. Best bang for the buck imo.
wny_pat 04/18/14 10:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bad GFI ?

A GFCI outlet is called a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). It's there to protect people from electrical shock, so it is completely different from a fuse or circuit breaker. It monitors the amount of current flowing from hot to neutral. If there is any imbalance, it trips the circuit. There can be additional protected outlets down stream from the GFCI outlet, depending how the circuit is wired. If you don't know what you are doing, get someone who does to help you!!!
wny_pat 04/17/14 09:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel fuel filter info

Yep...a great way to ruin your engine. Why would you want to do anything like this? I don't understand why you would want to carry diesel fuel either...my Ford and GM diesels just need to be either electrically primed or pump primed. You should NEVER add fuel to the filter before putting it on as this puts unfiltered fuel into the engine, and it will explode :)Have seen lots of folks, including diesel mechanics, do it. Back in the old trucking days, we used transmission fluid as injector cleaner. It consist of anti-wear additives, rust and corrosion inhibitors, detergents, dispersants and surfactants (which protect and clean metal surfaces); kinematic viscosity and viscosity index improvers and modifiers, seal swell additives and agents (which extend the rotational speed range and temperature range of the additives' application); anti-foam additives and anti-oxidation compounds to inhibit oxidation and "boil-off" (which extends the life of the additives' application); cold-flow improvers, high-temperature thickeners, gasket conditioners, pour point depressant and petroleum dye. In a bind, your diesel will start on it, and it isn't going to hurt a thing. And it will not cause your diesel to explode!!
wny_pat 04/16/14 01:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: No shift

Sorry, but I don't know anything about your Allison 647. However, I Googled it and came up with a similar shifting problem discussed on iRV2.com. http://www.irv2.com/forums/f125/a-little-advise-requested-mt647-no-shift-126622.html Good luck. sorry to say, if you dont know the answer to a persons post, why do you post and say you dont know? just askingWait a minute, you're the guy who uses a air nail gun to install the front bra on a motorhome, and your questioning the guy who offered a decent link???
wny_pat 04/14/14 09:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What manufacturer do I purchase?

Yep - RV-Coach is about as close as you will come, and it doesn't do justice to some coaches, while it rates some others to high imho. And yes, your question has been asked many times. Be careful what you buy and be extremely careful when listening to RV salesmen.
wny_pat 04/14/14 07:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Gas Chassis Choices

Spartan Chassis Announces Timothy Hamm as VP Sales Managing RV Business, CHARLOTTE, Mich., Feb. 18, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)
wny_pat 04/13/14 10:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ford Ecoboost gas mileage and reliability???

And the bad! My son brought one of the earlier ones. When ever it saw a hill approaching, it started shuddering. Ford could not fix it and he took the lemon law approach. Got a very large settlement from them, close to 5 figures. They still have not been able to fix the shudder. Other that the shutter, he likes the truck, and it is still afraid of the hills!
wny_pat 04/13/14 10:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cruise Control - Not Working

Have you thought about asking over at the Winnebago Industries Owner's Forum?
wny_pat 04/12/14 09:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Trucks or Buses Left Lane Only. Does that mean me?

"The answer, according to Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission spokesman Carl E. DeFebo Jr., lies in the special conditions presented by the construction zone. In order to keep traffic moving as efficiently as possible during repairs, engineers sometimes route vehicles temporarily onto road surfaces not designed for full-time traffic, DeFebo said. For instance, when driving on temporary lanes through a construction zone, you might actually be using what's normally the shoulder of the road, or a stretch specially built for use only during the work, he said. As the Warrior has reported previously, roadway "shoulders" are not as deep as main travel lanes, the subsurface materials vary, and other differences make them unable to sustain heavy loads or lots of traffic without failing prematurely." source: http://articles.mcall.com/2003-09-05/news/3485580_1_lane-concrete-barriers-roadway
wny_pat 04/11/14 08:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Auto locking refrigerator?

I don't expect to watch a lot of TV going down the road either, what I object to is being told I can't. What if I'm in place I've never been before and a threatening sky looms. Wouldn't it be nice if my wife could locate a local station to get an update?You best get use to doing what your told to do. Good many LEOs out there just waiting to meet up with you. Most states have "laws" that say you cannot watch TV while you going down the road. If you want a weather update, pull into a rest area and turn it on. In your own home state: "CHAPTER 266 EQUIPMENT OF VEHICLES Equipment Prohibited Section 266:75 266:75 Image Display Device. – I. In this section, "image display device'' means equipment capable of displaying rapidly changing images as follows: (a) A broadcast television image or similar entertainment content transmitted by other wireless means to the equipment; or (b) A dynamic visual image, other than text, from a digital video disc or other storage device. II. Except as provided in paragraph IV, no person shall drive a motor vehicle while viewing a broadcast television image or a visual image from an image display device when the vehicle is in motion on a way. III. Except as provided in paragraph IV, no person shall drive a motor vehicle with an image display device intended to be visible to the driver in a normal driving position when the vehicle is in motion and when restrained by the vehicle seat belts adjusted in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. IV. Paragraphs II and III shall not apply to: (a) Emergency vehicles. (b) Image display devices that are displaying images that provide the driver with navigation and related traffic, road, and weather information. (c) Image display devices providing vehicle information, controls, or information related to the driving task. (d) Image display devices used to enhance or supplement the driver's view forward, behind, or to the sides of the motor vehicle. (e) Image display devices that permit the driver to monitor vehicle occupants seated rearward of the driver. (f) Image display devices that do not display images to the driver while the vehicle is in motion. (g) Any use of an image display device while a vehicle is parked. (h) Any image display device for displaying information intended to enhance traffic awareness. (i) Image display devices that permit the driver to monitor horses or livestock in a vehicle intended to carry horses or livestock, or in a trailer being towed by the vehicle. Source. 1949, 45:1. RSA 263:9. 1981, 146:1, eff. Jan. 1, 1982. 2011, 136:1, eff. June 7, 2011."
wny_pat 04/10/14 10:24pm Beginning RVing
RE: Along the Mexico border???

Just recently ran US 90 from San Antonio to Del Rio, to Van Horn. Stayed at Langtry, and Marfa. No verizon signal most of the way. I hear the Consumer Cellular (AARP) uses all the various carriers towers and may be the best cell phone provider to have in Texas. Langtry Tx has a "self serve campground". 2 of the 5 spots appeared to be occupied by vacant units (the Bounder looked real bad). The 50 electric worked well, but we did not hook up to the water. Very quiet there. You see more Border Patrol on that road than any one else, and will go thru a permanent Bordor Partol check point. Not a lot of traffic on US 90. You will also get to see their large tethered radar blimp just west of Marfa. We spent two days parked at the Marfa lights observation area. Had no problems along the road anywhere and say nothing unusual to worry about. Spent over a week in the El Paso area and had not problems. El Paso had been rated safest city of its size in the US for the past 4 years. We also stayed one night at Mountain View RV park in Van Horn. Very nice campground ran by very nice folks. One thing we found is that English is pretty much the second language in that area. Even found that with clerks in Walmart. Asked one where the Pet Depratment was, and she had no clue what I wanted! Depending on where you are from, you may find West Texas very differeent to what you may be use to! Oh, Fabens got mentioned by someone before me. They forgot to tell you about the Cattleman's Steak House there. Highly recommend that you visit Cattleman's if you like steak. I got the little 1 and 1/2 pound T-bone. It was best steak I have ever had! And I have had some good ones. My DW does not eat red meat and got the grilled salmon, and declared it to be the best salmon she has ever had! It was well worth the "gamble"!!! Go, stay on the beaten path, do the Mission Trail in El Paso, stay out of dark scary places, and all will be okay.
wny_pat 04/09/14 10:10pm Roads and Routes
RE: fire extinguishers: how many and where?

For the very best RV fire info, Mac The Fire Guy is your best source! 1
wny_pat 04/05/14 09:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: wheel size-might be the dumb question of the year

Golden_HVAC has it right!!! It is all about axle and tire weight ratings, not length or ride.
wny_pat 04/05/14 09:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Insurance in Washington State

I never put much faith in insurance information quoted in RV forums, unless it is quoting info from one, or more, of three different sources - a State Insurance Commissioner or Department, a state Attorney General Office, or JD Power Insurance ratings. When it involves these sources, you can usually bank on it. Good catch!!!
wny_pat 04/05/14 09:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Flex Shot for Fiberglass Roof Caulking

I googled, and the minute I heard the name "Phil Swift", I closed that page very quickly. He makes every thing sound wonderful! That stuff is so good that you can make a yacht out it and a screen door. Couple spray cans of that stuff and you could seal your whole roof, along with the sides and everything!!! You can even use it to make your toad look wonderful In other words, use the proper RV or Marine products to do your fiberglass roof seam sealings!!!
wny_pat 04/05/14 08:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Rough ride

You've been a member since 2004. What did you have before that rode so much better? Is it empty, or do you have it loaded for traveling? Sometimes even filling up the fresh water tank will help hold down the back end.
wny_pat 04/05/14 08:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tailgater satellite--pros and cons in various campgrounds

I use a standard direct tv dish and tripod, and setup normally takes me about 5 minutes. I just select the view signal menu, turn up the volume on the tv and listen for the beeps to get right while I admit cost me about $30 on eBay. I sue it even if the in motion dome is working.Dish is much more difficult to aim, because the antenna needs to be tilted properly in addition to elevation and aiming. The Tailgator takes care of that stuff automatically. Plus it gets High Defination! 10 to 15 minutes and it is up and running, and you have everythng you want, and no head aches!!!
wny_pat 04/04/14 11:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: wet generator

What Spizzer said. And your lucky it did not get Hydrolocked!
wny_pat 04/02/14 11:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: CoachNet - First experience = Awesome!

Almost a month back, Coach-Net towed me 125 miles to the closest Cummins Coach Care facility. Best ERS I have ever had!!!
wny_pat 04/02/14 11:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: CB channels...

Breaker Breaker 19, Looks like we got ourselves a "Convoy" !!It was channel 10 back then. The truckers moved to channel 19 because they got to much flack about interfering with channel 9.
wny_pat 04/01/14 11:17pm Class A Motorhomes
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