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RE: Source engineering fan

Source Engineering knows their products. Yes, give them a call. Several of them worked with/for Safari/Monaco at the time your chassis was built. http://sourcerv.com/
wolfe10 05/20/16 01:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire alignment

Do you have any unusual tire wear presenting on the old tires? 4 hours is excessive, IMO. Check ride height (3 valves). Check caster (changed with wedge shims, so unlikely to be out. Yes, of coach pulls to one side and swapping front tires does not cure it, then caster may be out). Camber not adjustable (unless bend axle). Toe-in easy to set/adjust. Can use either long stick or machine to do it. Yes, if "dog tracking" or other issues, then an alignment will cost more.
wolfe10 05/20/16 11:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cat 3126E oil level

Agree with Brett, been doing mine since 2007. AND I always watch and remind them HOW to do it. If they have a issue, then I say thank you and go someplace else. By the way, oil will blow out and cover your tow. No hurt to the engine If you have a rear radiator it will blow all up into the CAC and rad which will act like glue for dirt and you will have over heating issues down the road. Correct. Best to extend the crankcase breather tube to BEHIND the fan shroud. Easy and inexpensive.
wolfe10 05/17/16 08:54am Tech Issues
RE: Cat 3126E oil level

Best defense against improper amount of oil is to make a label and put it next to the oil fill: OIL CAPACITY INCLUDING FILTER 19 QTS. Won't keep an idiot from doing it wrong, but should help.
wolfe10 05/17/16 06:27am Tech Issues
RE: Fueling DP is SLOWWWWW

you probabley have 2 have 2 fills, take the cap off the the opposite fill and pump away, took me a while to figure it out. But, it wouldn't take many times doing this before you are filling on the "slightly higher side" and fuel is pouring out the "slightly lower side. Most fuel islands are sloped away from the pumps so water doesn't accumulate next to the pumps. So, IMO, NOT a good solution. Best advice is to start by verifying that both fill and vent lines flow smoothly down hill from fill to tank with no drip loops.
wolfe10 05/17/16 06:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cat 3126E oil level

I would not go through a "fire drill" for a quart. Remember, no engine manufacturer provides the engine oil dipstick-- that is speced and installed by the chassis maker. It could be accurate for the engine, but strongly suggest you CALIBRATE IT. It is free at the next oil change. CALIBRATING THE ENGINE OIL DIP STICK By Brett Wolfe We continue to see questions about oil "consumption" and oil on radiators and toads on RV.net and other RV sites. It seems to be universal-- across all brands of diesel engines. THE NUMBER ONE CAUSE IS AN OVERFILLED CRANKCASE. CALIBRATING THE ENGINE OIL DIP STICK TO ACHIEVE THE CORRECT OIL LEVEL IN THE PAN "FIXES" OVER 90% OF THESE PROBLEMS. Step one if you "think" your DP has an oil consumption problem or you are seeing oil mist on your toad (or you just want to verify that yours is correct): CALIBRATE THE DIP STICK. Since the same engines/dip sticks are used in many different applications with different angles of installation, do not ASSUME that the dip stick is correctly marked. Calibration costs $0. At the next oil change, drain oil, remove old filter (as usual). Then install the drain plug and new oil filter and add the engine's correct oil capacity LESS THE NUMBER OF QUARTS you want between the "add" and "full" marks (let's say 2 quarts). So for a C7 with 19 quart capacity you would add 17 quarts. Run the engine a few minutes, shut off and wait until oil has descended into the pan (minimum 30 minutes). Pull the dip stick and use a file or dremel tool to mark the oil level "add". Add the remaining two quarts, let the oil settle in the pan, pull the dipstick and mark this the "full" mark. In many/most cases, you will find that your engine "throws out" the access oil and then "consumption" settles down to next to nothing. Put in the correct amount and your "consumption" issues may go away. This applies to all ages (including brand new) of motorhomes and boats with every brand of engine.
wolfe10 05/16/16 06:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Freightliner XC Leaf Spring Susp or Rigid Front Axle?

Sorry, the question needs to be rephrased. You may have a SOLID FRONT AXLE or IFS Second question is "how is it sprung". So, you could have a solid front axle with leaf spring OR air suspension. Go here to get more information on your chassis: http://www.fcccrv.com/coaches/
wolfe10 05/16/16 06:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Allegro front engine diesel

http://www.fcccrv.com/coaches/ Click on 2008 Allegro. Kind of a cross between a gas chassis and a DP. Front engine, Allison 2000 series transmission, hydraulic brakes, leaf spring suspension. Brett, are manufactures still making FREDS or is everything in the rear now? Sorry, don't know the answer. But a quick call to Freightliner, Gaffney would tell you.
wolfe10 05/16/16 06:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Battery disconnect or isolation solenoid? HELP!

Yes, short term, you CAN "jumper" the solenoid. But, do NOT use a jumper wire. If either end of the jumper were to come off and tough metal, you would have a DEAD SHORT from one of the batteries. Safe way is to label the wires on one large lug and ADD THEM TO the wires on the other large lug. Return then to their original position when you want them separated again.
wolfe10 05/16/16 10:06am Tech Issues
RE: What is this on my batteries (and second question)

That is about the last place that you want to place the circuit breaker. It's a vented battery so the circuit breaker is sitting right where it can get maximum corrosion exposure. The circuit breaker is most likely not explosion proof rated so in theory it's an ignition source when the battery is gassing. It most likely would never be a problem but again, it's about the worst place to install it. If the previous owner did that poor of an install I would look at the circuit and see what is needed to properly carry the current. Go over any wiring and cable ends. They make nice flip lever circuit breakers that can be used as shut offs too. My thoughts exactly when I saw the picture. Replace it with a marine in-line fuse instead. If you really need a resettable breaker (can't imagine why if you have a fuse) get a longer wire from battery, put a fuse at the battery end and relocate the breaker to a "cleaner" environment.
wolfe10 05/15/16 08:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Allegro front engine diesel

http://www.fcccrv.com/coaches/ Click on 2008 Allegro. Kind of a cross between a gas chassis and a DP. Front engine, Allison 2000 series transmission, hydraulic brakes, leaf spring suspension.
wolfe10 05/15/16 08:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Differences between Freightliner Chassis?

Different engines Different transmissions Side vs rear radiator Straight vs IFS front suspension Not really fine print. If there are two specific coaches/chassis you want to compare, can point out the differences (unless they are on the exact same spec chassis of course). What do you want to compare?
wolfe10 05/15/16 02:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Converter/Inverter wiring

All ATS's have a "default" primary source. Do not see a significant difference between built in and separate ATS. Yes, a little more wiring with the separate one. Depends on price difference of built in vs separate. I would pay something for the built in, but there would be a "pain threshold". If no open breaker in the main breaker box, see if you can combine two low-amp circuits so the inverter can be on its own breaker.
wolfe10 05/15/16 01:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Differences between Freightliner Chassis?

Go here for details on a number of different Freightliner chassis: http://www.fcccrv.com/coaches/ You bet, lots of differences: Different engines Side vs rear radiator Straight vs IFS front suspension ETC!
wolfe10 05/15/16 01:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Converter/Inverter wiring

VERY SIMPLE. If your new inverter has a built in transfer switch (often called "pass through feature"), wire like this: Shore power in to main breaker box. Separate fuse in main breaker box for inverter IN Inverter OUT to sub-panel of only those things you want powered by inverter. If the new inverter does not have a built in transfer switch, you will need to add one. Wiring would be: Shore power in to main breaker box. Separate fuse in main breaker box to new ATS Inverter OUT new ATS New ATS to sub-panel of only those things you want powered by inverter.
wolfe10 05/15/16 12:41pm Tech Issues
RE: A/C Shroud Repair vs Replacement

When our A/C covers/shrouds cracked, went with these-- much better quality than OE: http://www.icondirect.com/penguin-dometic-duo-therm-air-conditioner-shroud-pw/
wolfe10 05/15/16 10:43am Tech Issues
RE: Fueling a DP

When pumping 200 gallons of fuel, I love the larger flow hoses at the truck stops. Also, their fuel is filtered at the pumps...to each their own.....Dennis Totally worthless for me, in fact even worse. I can't get my tank to accept fuel from truck nozzles at even the lowest detent in the holding mechanism. I have to stand there and hold the handle feeding in very slowly. Jerry, Yes, do crawl under and verify that both fill and vent line do not have a drip loop, but angle smoothly down from coach side to tank. On our Safari, the vent line was 8" too long which formed a drip loop and materially slowed fill rate. Discovered this when the vent line developed a crack (leaked fuel when filling). Fixed it when I replaced the line with new diesel tolerant line. Inexpensive and made a big difference.
wolfe10 05/15/16 09:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Eastern states with no sales tax on tires.

On your way east, stop in South Bend, Indiana to the Tirerack.com facility and have new tires put on there. Very reasonable tire prices and then you won't havta worry about sales tax. Just check first to see if they would have the tires you need. Mine were pickup truck tires tho'. I did that two years ago heading to MI from IL. Huge tire warehouse and have at least a dozen lifts. In my case, $550 for 4 truck tires compared to $850 from local tire shops. Can't hurt to ask. I did not see any DP size tires listed there/no 22.5 tires.
wolfe10 05/14/16 03:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Extreme Newbie question

Just a suggestion, but if you go to your post and change the title to Mexico Gulf Coast Water Front Camping, might get more responses.
wolfe10 05/14/16 12:11pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: 2000 Alpine

Not the year you are looking at but some years had a steering bracket issue. Lots to read Here Correct. That applied to 2004 and newer. Basically a reinforcing bracket added.
wolfe10 05/14/16 12:09pm Class A Motorhomes
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