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RE: I'd like your opinion

Our equipment never got that old, but we had an '04 Southwind that we put 110k miles on in 8 years. I performed every required service faithfully and was fully comfortable that I had done everything needed to have safe travels. Traded it only because the interior was shabby and a major refurb did not seem reasonable on a chassis that I thought was "only" good for another 90k miles. The replacement coach has 48,000 miles on it so far! Any trip that does not have an interesting failure is a blessing. We have had many, but only a couple stopped us for mare then a day. The most recent was a refrigerator failure we discovered upon returning to the coach after a 3 week trip overseas. Saturday afternoon at about 3 PM a began a search for help and by 8:30 pm that night the reefer was cooling! If you are near Blue Springs MO and have a failure call Athena Motorcoach and Jay will bail you out if it is possible.
xctraveler 06/17/17 01:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: tire monitoring system

Had TireTrakker for several years and got tired of false alarms and repeated failures. Really annoyed when they blamed me for using the wrong charger! Still have all the parts if anyone wants it. Now using TST 507 and very happy. It sounded off on both inner duals as we were crossing the desert on a 105 deg day. Temps were very high so I slowed down even more, below 60, and pulled over for a break in some shade to let them come down. Was glad when that day was behind me.
xctraveler 06/17/17 01:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How safe is the dealer with your stuff?

Navyskcs I feel your pain, but in this case CW is within reason, rare I know. Had you parked in any parking lot and been hit by any passing vehicle your recourse would be that person's insurance. I see no real difference in the CW parking lot, UNLESS the passing driver was a CW vehicle mover in which case of course they would be liable. Once CW takes possession of your vehicle and moves it about, it is their responsibility, but not before that. Please note IANAL (I am not a lawyer), I just play one for kicks now and then.
xctraveler 06/17/17 12:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leveling jacks question

My plastic lego blocks look like an elephant has been stomping on them :) I used to use 2x8x2' cut with a slant with barn door handles on the square end. after 12 years of continuous use they began to disintegrate. Never had them on my DP. A friend hung up his keys and gave me some square pads made from plywood and screwed & glued together and epoxy coated. They are things of beauty and will out live me. In reality don't overthink this, an 8 foot 2x8 cut into four boards will give you much of what you will need, add another cut into 8 1 foot boards will be into overkill, find a more level site, but if you have room to carry it you will sleep well at night. When they disintegrate just replace, its wood, not gold.
xctraveler 06/16/17 09:02am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leveling jacks question

I put "ultralevel hydraulic leveling system" in Google search and got a pdf of the manual you are looking for.
xctraveler 06/16/17 07:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Collision with Tree

So I backed into a tight campground with my 32 foot Newmar RV, and although I new I'd brushed a few tree limbs, felt it went well. Until I got home and discovered a small branch impaled on the top of the side wall. Not in the roof, but the metal curve just beneath the roof. Called insurance but until the adjuster get out to view it, is there a way to protect it from the rain? BIt of a tear, about 12 inches long. I am not sure if I can remove the branch and patch with tape until adjuster gets to it, or if I should try something else. ANy thoughts?Take a few pictures and then remove the branch. It is actually your obligation to mitigate against any future damage whenever you have an insurance loss. As a temporary fix, duct tape should be the easiest and cheapest. WEsternrvparkowner got it right. You are obligated to take action to prevent further damage. Whichever of the suggested remedies should be fine assuming you are planning on a professional repair, eterna bond seems to be overkill in this case.
xctraveler 06/15/17 08:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air pressure with the tire off

xctraveler 06/15/17 07:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: low voltage for levelers

There is no reason you cannot run your leveling jacks while plugged into shore power, I mostly do that when leveling. Pull into site and get situated, plug in electric and level and connect water and sewer THEN extend slides, saves many a skull injury. Oh, do get the battery power looked into, it should be adequate to run levelers and slideouts.
xctraveler 06/15/17 07:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leveling jacks question

Sounds like there are plenty of auto level systems that are not smooth. Our, HWH, is quite smooth. There certainly is motion as the system adjusts, but nothing jerky. First rule is no one moves around in the coach while it is doing its dance, that just annoys the genie in the box. never even start the process if the back is way low. We drive up onto blocks to approximate level and then provide blocks for the jacks. Generally okay for a day or two, but would love to find a more level site given the option. For front wheels I don't worry too much for a night or two, but use blocks or move on if I intend to be longer. When hitting retract all I am grateful to feel all four jacks valves open and let the coach down quickly, just be sure no one is under there when you do that, it won't be pretty.
xctraveler 06/15/17 07:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel Pusher Blues

Boy has this thread drifted. Broken down is broken down. I've seen enough suggestions for 2nd opinion to think we have provided what OP asked. D v G is always worth 10 pages :) As noted we have had both, loved both, current Diesel is fine previous gas was too. Floor plan is most important.
xctraveler 05/10/17 02:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel Pusher Blues

lots of miles on gas (150k) and 47k on diesel. Love 'em both when they are working. Not so happy when they fail. Gassers failed on me 3 times. Diesel, not yet!
xctraveler 05/09/17 08:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How long to leak down your air system?

No dog, no kids not old enough to know better, even visiting grand sons are teens+ So no I don't dump after setting up. My leak down is over a night or two. Since we now stay still for longer periods than we used to I have no expectations about finding any air in the system. By the time the levelers come up and the slides are in Air is up as well.
xctraveler 05/09/17 07:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Blown Engine, 8.1l

wa8yxm, Wow, I followed you for years before you broke down and wondered whether you would ever get back on the road. So glad for you that your patience has paid off and you are ready to roll again. We all change with the passage of time and the passage of experiences. I look forward to reading about your travels. Of course I have followed your comments on this forum as well. It seems that Facebook and RVillage have drawn me away from RV.net. Facebook is a waste and RVillage is just starting to get near a sustainable group.
xctraveler 05/09/17 07:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need a narrow motorhome or folding mirrors at least

Glad to hear you have dealt with the apnea thing. I have a dental appliance as well for travel where electric is not available usually far enough off grid that I don't have the coach either. It works for me just not as well as the machine. I would look for a coach with swing away mirrors or a modification to replace existing fixed mirrors with more flexible mirrors. Mine can be moved back flat to the coach.
xctraveler 02/16/17 12:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need a narrow motorhome or folding mirrors at least

Have you considered a sleep study? I was on the verge of being kicked out until I got my CPAP machine 25 years ago. I no longer snore nor do I have any apneas any more. That also could solve your floor plan issues. I know this is way off topic, but snoring can be symptomatic of a serious health risk.:o
xctraveler 02/15/17 05:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gasser Extended Trip and Oil Changes

We are full timers. Even when we were most timers we would run into an oil change interval (usually time not miles) while on the road. Never had a problem finding a shop to change the oil and lube the lube points. Either I would call Coach-net and ask them to get me an appointment or I would stop by the campground office and ask who they recommended - or just look in the cg booklet for an advertiser nearby. Our coach then was an '04 Southwind on a WorkHorse chassis with the bulletproof 8.1L Chevy. Now we have a Cummins and just have it serviced by Freightliner once a year - I doubt I will ever get to the mileage for a required oil change.
xctraveler 02/15/17 05:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thoughts on Used Class A Drive Train and Chassis

Drove our WH 8.1L Chevy 110,000 miles across the country and around the country over 8 years. The drive line was in tip top condition when I sold it and probably had another 90k in it before serious overhaul. The worst noise was when the electric cooling fan kicked in, usually either slugging up a long grade or caught in traffic on a hot day. Sounded like the engine was over revving. Wind noise is a coach manufacturer issue not chassis. Tiffin makes excellent bodies, I have one. Have no idea how the specific unit you are looking at would fare. Drive it!
xctraveler 02/15/17 05:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is a visit to Quartzsite worth our time

If it is luxury RV parks you want Q is not the place to go. If you hate boon docking and despise the desert, by all means avoid it. If lots of friendly people relaxing and enjoying themselves is not your cup o' tea, stay away. If conserving water and minimizing the use of electric while off the grid doesn't start your juices flowing go almost anyplace else. You won't be part of the friendly people enjoying them selves anyway so who wants you there?
xctraveler 02/02/17 04:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is a visit to Quartzsite worth our time

Bill.Satellite how would you know whether or not it is worth someone else's time? You have no idea what they are interested in or what they find enjoyable. Clearly you don't think it is worth YOUR time. At best you can tell what you were looking for and didn't find. OTOH you certainly have an opinion :)
xctraveler 01/31/17 07:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Medical coverage while in Canada

Our first line of protection when traveling out of the US is MASA. I paid for this years ago when they were affiliated with some group in the RV world. As a charter member that is permanent. Second line is FMCA Assist. I have had the MASA since before FMCA had a comparable plan. They have changed carriers and dropped the benefit briefly during my membership and I would not care to be caught needing the coverage while they make yet another change. There are other providers in the market as well. Good Sam has a program as well. Read carefully for the benefits and exclusions. MASA is Worldwide so if we go trekking in the outback we are covered for air ambulance etc. Just one person's experience - have never needed any of these and would just as soon consider the money spent on sleeping well.
xctraveler 01/24/17 11:50am Class A Motorhomes
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