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RE: A.C.E. Motorhomes

Spent 12 years with rubber (actually Dicor) roofs. Never had any issues other than performing the routine resealing maintenance every 6 months. Spent 30 minutes on the roof with a tube of Dicor caulk and cleaner and checked all the seals applying caulk anyplace I spotted a void. With my fiberglass roof, I get up there and do the inspection just out of habit :) It also gives me a chance to look for any damage from falling objects or low trees that have reached out to embrace us.
xctraveler 10/20/14 09:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are Most Class A Motorhome Owners Hermits?

We are Full timers. The coach is home. Mostly we do not "camp" to me sitting around a campfire to keep warm is senseless when I have a perfectly good furnace. Sitting out in 90 deg heat is equally senseless when I have perfectly good a/c. Happy hour on the patio when the weather is right is nice. Over the years we have met and made good friends who we see all over the country from sitting on the patio or taking a walk - no dog or cat to walk in our coach. Right now it is beautiful out, temperature about 61, too cool to sit outside and participate in this forum, lunch soon then we will drive to visit friends who live nearby, the reason we are even in Charlotte NC. We have done some touring in town and will certainly do more. The campground _"RV Resort" is next to Carowind on the weekend it was crawling with "campers" here to go to the rides. Now it appears to host mostly RVers here for other reasons. The park is quiet at mid day.
xctraveler 10/20/14 09:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Spring trip Minneapols To Fairbanks Alaska.

In 2011 we drove up the Klondike Loop to Dawson City then over Top of the World Highway etc. We spent 2 weeks going from White Horse to Dawson City because we wanted to take it all in, no idea if would ever go that way again. I would tell the newby in a hurry, "Enjoy Yourself, we'll catch up with you in a couple of weeks." It can be done 300 miles per day, but I would not commit to it for myself. We saw many informal caravans travelling together before White Horse and ran into the parts along the road as they split up because of different travel paces and different desires to stop and smell the moose droppings.
xctraveler 10/20/14 09:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire insurance?

I would worry about 5 year old tires not knowing how they have been cared for during that five years and how many miles. In this case more miles is better as it reduces the dry rot that sets in from sitting still, heat and motion circulate the protective chemicals through the rubber (from Michelin or Goodyear web site). If you are concerned you might go to a tire shop and have them expected. This would include dismounting them to inspect the interior. This will not be an inexpensive operation, but it is less than replacing a tire along side the road.
xctraveler 10/16/14 02:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fuel Prices............WHY ??

In addition to Diesel costing more in Europe, European Diesel does not have to be the Untra-Low Sulfur diesel that is mandated in the US. So selling non Ultra Low increases the oil companies profits even more because, Ultra Low Diesel has to be refined 3 times what old regular diesel does thus increasing profits EVEN more. Uh triple refining increases COST three times which is a significant part of the reason diesel price went higher than gas and will in all likelihood stay there. Profit dollars may be higher but profit percentage relative to cost is probably the same. In other words the refiners are no better off with the higher price.
xctraveler 10/16/14 02:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Down SIZING Without Downgrading

Just FYI, we full time in a 36'er (see signature). Our size is limited by access to our son's farmyard, takes 5 to 7 point turn to set up with the current coach, 40' would not make it. This is our third year in this 4 slide coach. Before this we lived in a 36 foot two slide Southwind with gas engine. We have a lot more storage now and DW is more than happy to take her share of time behind the wheel, we switch every two hours. As I write we are both in the LR area with our computers on in our son's yard while they do schooling and work.
xctraveler 10/15/14 10:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Oregon RV site Ownership

Not likely to be in FL for us. Actually Escapees has a bunch of alternatives from leases on spots in their campgrounds for 5 years with storage lots, to cooperative campgrounds where membership includes a campsite with provision for storage building to titled lots with ability to build any kind of onsite facility from carport with add on room to full house with RV garage. We keep looking but haven't found a place we want to stay for an o extended period nor have we determined that we actually want it yet. Fortunately money is not particularly an issue at this point in time.
xctraveler 10/11/14 04:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: CA 36 over the mountains

Thanks for the advice. 36 does look a bit hairy from 101 to Redding, just wanted confirmation. I'm thinking I want to get to Reno or CArson City and pick up the traces of the Lincoln Highway and follow it east. There are at least 5 alignments to choose from as we cross the country Clicky I do not want to retrace to SF to pick it up there as going over the mountains looks like fun too. We have crossed the country on one road before for instance US 20 from Florence OR to Boston Commons in Boston. Although we started that run in Yellowstone NP After having driven just a bit of it in OR. We stayed on that to I 390 in NY.
xctraveler 10/11/14 03:34pm Roads and Routes

It seems counter intuitive, but C's are generally equipped for families with sleeping quarters for more than two for extended travel and A's are generally most comfortable for two people for extended travel. WE have driven to and from Alaska only one time going up the Klondike Loop and over Top of the World Highway to Taylor highway into Tok and back the other way :) with a stop in Haines and ferry to Skagway then down to Atlin for a side trip. This was all in a 36 foot 2 slide gasser towing a RAV4. The high vantage point and the broad windshield offer a great view and a lot of comfort. We never felt cramped and we made most of our stops in AK and YT on the side of the road or just off. The tank capacity for freshwater and sewage was very important as there are just not a lot places to dump and fill and there can be a charge for every time you need to dump (they do not measure volume) When I get into the driving compartment of a C, I feel cramped and I don;t like that so much of the coach body extends well out to the side from where I am sitting. In the end this is all very personal and we each either like what we have or are looking to change.
xctraveler 10/11/14 01:41pm Class A Motorhomes
CA 36 over the mountains

I'm looking way ahead to next Spring and we will be in Ferndale CA (up north on the coast) and I see CA 36 crossing the mountains into Nevada. It seems to be fairly twisty and I suspect it may have some relatively steep parts too. We have driven down to Presidio in TX - 13% grades - and not suffered any additional hair loss. We have driven the Ice Field highway in Alberta and taken Top of the World Highway from Dawson City to Chicken AK. Which is to say we don't mind "interesting" roads if they are passable/possible in our 36 foot coach with Jeep in tow. Has anyone driven CA 36 in any vehicle, more importantly has anyone driven it in a motorhome? Snow would be a major No No for us, we both grew up in it and lived with it until we turned 65.
xctraveler 10/11/14 01:26pm Roads and Routes
RE: First time, 6 months on the road!!!

Welcome to the wandering world! We try to stay out of Florida as much as possible, just stop by to visit my b-i-l in St Pete area then move on west. Our "home" is Livingston TX and we do visit there every so often just because it is so hard to go coast to coast and stay warm in the winter without passing through :) We started with a 6 week trip in 2002 and added 2 weeks at a time until it was time for me to sell my Financial Planning Practice in 2008 when we extended to 9 months out. We declared ourselves Texans in 2012 and haven't looked back. sold the townhouse and rented a small apartment for "storage" for things and for us for a couple of months in the summer. Time on the road is precious, we left in mid August and circled northeast NY and then down through the DC area and over to Charlottesville where our younger son and family live. Left the coach in their yard for two weeks to go back North to see some doctors for good health checkups and in a day we head back to pick up the coach and move on until June. We will travel to Israel in December for two weeks to take the whole family and then back on the road in the US. We only have two reservations right now, one near Charlotte NC to visit friends in a week and one in Livingston TX for a month while we fly out of Houston in December. The best way to travel is to wake up in the morning and ask "are we moving on today or staying put?" followed by "if moving on where to?"
xctraveler 10/11/14 12:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Oregon RV site Ownership

I must admit I've never entertained the thought of owning a lot, or even a longer term rental as we tend to move around a lot. However after rolling for 13 years with stops in an apartment in our hometown for the summer the prospect of having a place to call our own that we could rent out when not using it is attractive. The only problem being "where"? I cannot sublet my apartment short term nor would I want to, but an RV lot is a different kettle of fish. I'll need to think on the subject. Thank you for asking the question and for the answers I have seen so far.
xctraveler 10/11/14 12:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: TPMS Recommendations

Does the tire monitor work on the spare or does the tire have to be turning? No the wheels do not need to be moving. Actually with Tire Minder the tire must turn to deactivate the battery saver. Can't get a current reading on tire that has not rolled. That is another negative, instead of reading tire pressure before rolling off the site, the first valid reading is several minutes after the tires roll. If I am concerned, I drive to the campground exit and wait a minute while checking out for the system to update. Or if I need to move before hooking up that is sufficient time to get a reading.
xctraveler 10/10/14 02:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV consumers Purchase question ?

It has been a while since I looked at RV Consumer. I used it when considering our first two buys. Their biggest negative was wheel base under 60% (?) of overall length resulting in potentially difficult handling. I would not disagree with that thought. Not only will such a coach be difficult to handle in any kind of wind or any passing large vehicle, the overhang will swing out and hit objects would would not expect to hit in low speed maneuvering. If you are stopped parallel to a wall 1 foot away and turn the wheel sharply away from the wall your tail will hit the wall before forward motion moves you clear. I did some other research on them and found them to be honest if somewhat biased.
xctraveler 10/09/14 12:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Highway 77 in Arizona - recommended for a 39' motorhome?

Grades of 6 to 7% can be trying, but we have traveled on 13% grades without too much sweat. Keep the speed down on the descent using the transmission (or engine brake in a diesel) and use the service brakes to bring the speed back down after it has risen a bit. We have done this both in an 04 Southwind on a WorkHorse chassis and in our current DP always with our tow'd connected. No worry about going too fast climbing :) If you have driven the Cabot Trail you won;t see any more difficult on this route. Do watch for high wind warnings, we have seen empty tractor trailers blown over in our travels. Also if there are windsocks flying as you exit a pass be prepared for a sudden gust (for the most part slow down a bit).
xctraveler 10/09/14 12:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Questionable Sales Tactic by Lazydays

Generally if they "have a unit coming in" it means they have sold a new unit and are waiting for delivery to make the exchange. They ought to be able to give you the VIN at the very least, it must be known to them. Phaeton's are among the most popular DPs and I see relatively few offered for resale. Owners tend to keep them. We wanted a 36' Phaeton DP and at the time we were looking 2.5 years ago, there were only 3 on the East Coast unless we wanted to wait 12 weeks for a new build. Not in the cards for us at the time. Thus there would be high demand for such a coach.
xctraveler 10/09/14 12:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: TPMS Recommendations

We have had the TireMinder on our coach and tow'd for a couple of years. Would not want to be without it. It has had one failure, the monitor unit died and was replaced under warranty within the first year. We have had a couple of false alarms in that time as well. One was an early battery failure and the other was source unknown. The fix was to remove the wheel sensor (unscrew from the stem) wait for a 10 count and re-install. The monitor is easily portable so I just carried it out with me to the wheel in question and was able to see the reset as soon as I put the sensor back on. I doubt that it is any better or worse than anything else in the market. It's what I have and I like and trust it.
xctraveler 10/08/14 07:32am Class A Motorhomes

Just to add some ways to save a buck here and there: Passport America offers a directory to campgrounds that offer 50% off to members with certain conditions (not when they can sell out for full price). They are usually a bit out of the way and either new, just getting started, or old and a bit rundown. Escapees which is a club for all RVers, but is especially good for Full and Most Timers. They provide an answer to how to handle mail, and many campgrounds at reasonable prices. Check them out at escapees.com. To my way of thinking they are not a luxury like FMCA. If you are on SS Disability, I believe someone mentioned the Access Pass which provides free access to many federal parks and half off at most accommodations in those parks. I will not join in the chorus that says this may not be the best idea. It can be made to work if you are willing to make the adjustments to make it work. It probably will not save you any money relative to renting an apartment and the argument against renting - you pay and get no equity - also applies to your coach, you pay and end up with no equity. Just for an idea of values. WE bought new an '04 Southwind 36E for $125K (give or take) we lived in it most time for 8 years and drove it 110,000 miles. When it was time to trade, most dealers considered it worthless because of the miles. I can't say the engine wasn't going to breakdown in the next 10,000 miles, but it was the Chevy 8.1L and it had been very carefully maintained and had never missed a routine service interval. I figured it had another 50,000 miles before needing a major overhaul. A coach like that would be worth 10,000 to 15,000 today. So don't avoid high mileage, to get there you have to use it and maintain it which is better than leaving it sit in the yard or campsite year after year with very little use.
xctraveler 10/08/14 07:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Will that ladder and roof hold a 300-pounder?

I get on my roof quite often. Mostly to inspect seams (on my former coach with dicor roof I needed to real them every 6 months) and change angle of solar panels when dry camping in the desert. I do not weigh 200 lbs (close on occasion) and have never felt any challenge using the provided ladder. When we started motorhoming I had a fear of heights but I had to conquer it as so much work needed to be done on the roof and to pay tech rates for simple jobs was ridiculous and DW is mighty but she is small and not mechanically inclined.
xctraveler 10/07/14 02:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan Generator

It has been run 35 hours in the past four years. My initial guess is that there is an electrical failure in the generator side and the engine is not getting a signal to keep running. Other possibilities are low oil level and sensor is shutting down for that or fuel starvation from partially gummed up fuel line won;t provide sufficient fuel to support the load when the generator once it tries to pick up the load. I wonder if there are any codes? There is a light on the switch, it should provide an initial code such as 2 blinks followed by 1 which leads to another code which can be found in the manual. This is where real trouble shooting begins after checking out the simple stuff like oil level.
xctraveler 10/07/14 02:17pm Class A Motorhomes
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