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RE: Natchez Trace PKWY - doable?

Just a quick Natchez Trace Parkway story. In 2003 as we left Nashville TN to drive down the parkway the first time it started to snow! (This was February). It actually snowed 12 inches in a few hours. It took us 4 hours to drive from Music Valley to the Parkway covering a total of 37 miles. We stopped at Bird Song Hollow pullout just before the Double Arch Bridge at 2 PM and decided to wait out the storm. As we got comfortable a ranger stopped by to tell us they were closing the road. He agreed that we were probably safer sitting tight than trying to move on and told Tupelo we were staying put. We had a wonderful day of snow play and reading and in the morning the ranger came by to see how we were. We decided to move on south, slowly, and plan on meeting him at the southern gate, about 10 miles further on, where he would open it to let us through. It took us over an hour to cover those 10 miles! The snow was pristine with the only disturbance being the tracks the ranger had left. In Tupelo at the headquarters/visitor center we agreed that the young ranger in training could have all the snow he wanted off our tow'd. He had never seen it before. The rest of our trip on the Parkway was a bit less eventful but we have repeated the drive several times now.
xctraveler 03/21/16 12:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Natchez Trace PKWY - doable?

We have been on it several times. We love to stop for a break at Metal Ford and Emerald Mound. Rocky Springs, near the southern end of the Trace offers a chance to see and feel the history of the Trace also dry camping in a lovely setting, if the boy scouts are not there. You might want to pick up Nevada Barr's "Deep South" and "Hunting Season" before you go. She writes murder mysteries using National Parks for her background and Anna Pigeon, Ranger for her detective. Excellent reads and you can follow the stories on the ground as she is very careful to represent the parks accurately. It made our first visit to Rocky Springs very meaningful and fun.
xctraveler 03/19/16 06:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: class A devaluation

Good planning can look a lot like overthinking. Key items in order: If wife is not on board forget all the other items. This is a major lifestyle change and all parties, even the dogs need to WANT to to do it. You will be living in at most 350 sq feet (large motorhome) and in each others face all the time. You need more than love, you need to like being with each other AND like the lifestyle that comes with it. Take a couple of extended rental trips to see how it works out for both of you. In our case we started drafting our lists of wants and needs on day three of the first such trip. Only after you have agreement that you are equally invested in the idea should you look at finances. Regardless of how you get there you need to have in a safe investment enough money to get back into a s&b without counting on anything from the sale of the rig. That leaves lots of cushion for all the things that can go wrong, including health. You might reach a point where you compromise and want a fixed base and the coach, you never know. If you don't do this, you will have burned your bridges and you take what comes. There are alternatives but they are for people who know and love the lifestyle and don't want to ever come off the road. Even for them health may have other ideas.
xctraveler 03/18/16 06:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Who has best Roadside Assistance Program?

I am on a Freightliner Chassis and while I still have Coach-net as I have since we bought our first coach in 2001, I will call Freightliner first for support and tow service, it comes with the chassis.
xctraveler 03/17/16 11:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: class A devaluation

Back to the beginning. An RV is a depreciating asset. It is NOT a financial investment, it is a purchase. We all of us will lose some substantial part of the money we put into the purchase. We all have made the determination that that cost is what we are anxious to pay for being able to live the lifestyle. And there is no one lifestyle. Some of us are Retirees and some are young working families. Some of us like to move around a lot and some prefer to stay in one or two places. Many of us change patterns as we change. The underlying thought is the depreciation of the RV is just one of the expenses required to live the lifestyle. The relative cost to other lifestyles is irrelevant to many of us. We all eat, need clothes (less in the RV lifestyle) burn fuel - either in our own vehicles or in trains and planes - and pay for entertainment of our preference. The RV is just a way to get there and to house ourselves. We wouldn't give it up for anything and we don't worry about the cost since it is within our means.
xctraveler 03/17/16 10:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How Did You Get Started RVing

Camped as a boy scout, hated it! camped in the ADKs from camp, didn't much care for it. Fast Forward to 1976, we needed to take the family to MN for a long weekend family event. Friend had a 27 foot Unger Crown Commander (Dodge Chassis) he was willing to rent to us. Ended up driving around four of the Great Lakes. Had a ball, dropped the ball. 1999 we went on a Kayak trip, camping in tents on islands near Vancouver Island. Rented a 28 foot C for a week driving the Fraser River and Ice Field Highway. We were hooked! Took us two more years to buy our first A, a cheap entry level breadbox. It broke down and we had fun keeping it together. Next up was a 36' Southwind with 2 slides, life was wonderful for 8 years and 110k miles. Traded one last time (it says here) to our Phaeton. Currently living in it in Jojoba Hills SKP Resort until we develop hitch itch and we will off to complete our 16th round trip crossing of the North American Continent.
xctraveler 03/17/16 10:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fleetwood slide question

"stuck in the full deployed position and I had a hard time starting it back to stow position." Does this mean you succeeded in getting it to close eventually? If so, there may be a circuit breaker which overloaded and then reset after a period of cooling. Have that from time to time with our hydraulic slide mechanism, usually results in an "oh sh-t" moment until I remember to look for a strain point and ease it before trying again after a few minutes. Could be something binding or just too much draw from the power supply at that moment. If you did not get it closed, that is a different set of issues :(
xctraveler 03/17/16 09:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Special Drivers License

Whatever licensee your home state requires is accepted in all 50 states. A licensee does not make one a good driver...knowledge and attention is required. Yeah, but when you "move" to another state, to get the license there your current license has to match their requirements, otherwise face the test as we did. It sure does not make one a good driver, just a legal one.
xctraveler 03/15/16 11:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: GPS and travel along East Coast

In case it hasn't been said elsewhere: Whatever you forget to pack can be bought along the way. The most critical items are specific spares for the coach (fuel filter, replacement serpentine belt) prescription meds, especially any sched 1 pain killers, items you just cannot live without - in our case a couple of stuffed animals that decorate the bed.
xctraveler 03/14/16 01:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Special Drivers License

TX driving test they had us stop in the middle of a quiet side street and back up in a straight line for not more than 30 feet. Not a big deal. Parallel park would be fun :) used to have to do that to get into a parking spot behind my townhouse, and it was on a curve!
xctraveler 03/14/16 12:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is this "normal" number of problems with motorhome?

My list certainly different from yours, but not much shorter. In my S&B I always had my tools handy to deal with "small stuff" that wasn't working the way it should. Those same tools are traveling with me. I do not put up with doors that squeak, latches that don't and cabinet doors that decide to split for no apparent reason (Tiffin sent me new one even though we were past warranty). So I guess my list is long because I want to keep everything looking and working nice. We have been mostly in one place since Dec and the only work I've needed to do is tighten door pulls that loosen up as the cabinet wood dries out in the desert air. When we get on the road in June, I expect to find stuff that I want to make work better.
xctraveler 03/13/16 07:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Special Drivers License

In Texas we were required to get a Class B license for a motorhome with gvwr greater than 26,001 lbs. We took a written (computer) exam and a driving test. With a couple of days to prepare the written was easy to pass. The driving test was trivial since it was in the coach we had already driven 8,000 miles in (w/NY license). It took some time as we had to schedule the driving test. DW got a bit shook about how to know where the oil and coolant level were. They are now neatly labeled in the engine room :) - States may differ in their requirements, but if there is a cutoff they seem to use the Federal cutoff of 26,001.
xctraveler 03/13/16 07:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is there a 'I wouldn't buy a ? Motorhome' - and why?

Check out how much license plates are for the particular unit. It has astounded me some of the prices people pay for plates/tabs. Vehicle registration fees vary widely from state to state. RV's usually take the biggest hit in those states that asses registration fees based on the value. Weight based registration fees tend to be much lower. States that impose personal property taxes on RV's is another annual cost issue to consider. NY State is not known for being tax friendly, but when it comes to vehicle registration fees, it's a different story. Private passenger vehicles, including mixed use motorhomes, pay by weight up to 6950 lbs, and a flat $70/year fee above that. There is no personal property taxes, although some counties do collect additional specialty fees at registration time, that can bring the total to $100 or so. Many other states are not as economical... Yes but, NY has very high INCOME tax and if you own real estate it has the highest real estate taxes. They don't get you goin' but they got you comin' what you save in registration fees, they take back in spades elsewhere. EX New Yorker (I hope)
xctraveler 03/08/16 06:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is there a 'I wouldn't buy a ? Motorhome' - and why?

Newmar and Tiffin are both well built. I can speak for Tiffin that they have taken good care of us over our 4 years of ownership. Would not hesitate to recommend either. Assume you are talking diesel as Phaeton is diesel only. That leaves you with Cummins in anything recent. Again can;t go wrong. More power may be better, especially if mountains are your thing. But we have experienced underpowered (gas) going over the mountains and for the most part there are pullouts and multi lane stretches.
xctraveler 03/08/16 11:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Asbestos in RVs

Do you have a functioning CO monitor? CO poisoning causes flu like symptoms, of course it also leads to reddish skin tone. Low level continuous poisoning may not kill you right away, but it can lead to confusion. Not likely at all, but worth considering!
xctraveler 03/03/16 10:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: GPS and travel along East Coast

Along the east coast corridor verify any GPS with careful study of the actual paper maps, so that closed lanes (accident or construction) bad traffic etc will not sting as much, you can route around on the fly. Also helps to avoid off ramps into surface streets. I will run two or three gps at once and use the majority opinion in case of disagreement, but all of this presumes I have prepared by understanding where I want to get and the possible alternatives. Often we will shift driver so DW has the wheel and I have the map since I am better at nav than she is and we are equally comfortable in traffic at the wheel. I do not ever trust any gps altogether!! Their algorithms can mess up and their data can be wrong.
xctraveler 03/03/16 09:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Texas Toll Roads

The only people that support toll roads are bureaucrats, politicions, the wealthy, and idiots. But those that oppose them just can't seem to be heard. I am not a bureaucrat or a politician, nor am I particularly wealthy so I must be an idiot! I love toll roads, they leave more room for me on the old roads they are built to bypass. In NY US 20 is much easier to drive without the trucks taking the parallel toll road - I 90, for example. In Texas I do not need to drive 130 as I won't do 85 mph under any conditions and I 35 goes where I want to go. Through Chicago is another story, I will drive 150 miles out of my way to avoid going through there. Even in Canada, the 407 ETR keeps the people in a hurry to get to T out of my way while I cruise the QEW at a more leisurely pace. Its all a matter of perspective :)
xctraveler 01/15/16 10:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why would anyone want an outside TV?

I had one on my coach when new. I removed it because I wanted more storage compartments. With the age of yours I can understand that. TV's in that vintage were BIG. We plopped one in the basement of our '03 but only when we knew we'd be using it. The flat panels sure have opened up a lot of opportunities. Yep! They were big and heavy. I have replaced the one in the bedroom also with a modern thin TV, and I would like to replace the real big one in the front of the coach, but I do not know who does that kind of work to make it look professional. The cage in the front is made from angle iron making it hard to cut and replaced with some other kind of set up. In my old coach I made a mount for the new TV that was hinged, turned the caged area into another storage space behind the TV.
xctraveler 01/13/16 05:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: East Coast

Uh, East Coast is usually not tornado country, it does happen, but like the center of the country. Texoma and Indiana are hardly east, although you must find your way through the Tornado belt to get to the east. there is plenty of bad weather in the Northeast and along the coast, mostly winter weather into March. Even open campgrounds will have their water systems drained with fw access at a central location. I think I saw that OP was reconsidering their schedule to later already. we are beating this dead horse for no good reason. How about South Carolina, North Carolina, Arkansas are they east coast? I had tornado warning through out most of those states. Tornado alley. The Carolinas are certainly coastal. Arkansas not so much. I didn't say they have NO tornados, just that they are not in the primary tornado zone. What ever, have it your way, not worth arguing about!
xctraveler 01/13/16 04:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: East Coast

Uh, East Coast is usually not tornado country, it does happen, but like the center of the country. Texoma and Indiana are hardly east, although you must find your way through the Tornado belt to get to the east. there is plenty of bad weather in the Northeast and along the coast, mostly winter weather into March. Even open campgrounds will have their water systems drained with fw access at a central location. I think I saw that OP was reconsidering their schedule to later already. we are beating this dead horse for no good reason.
xctraveler 01/13/16 02:32pm Class A Motorhomes
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