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RE: What did you do to your Class A MH today???

sundancer268 - "wife is happy" is the only thing that really matters in life :)
xctraveler 04/28/15 11:04am Class A Motorhomes

I just put in 8.4 gal to top off my tank. I have driven 2500 miles since I put any in and at that point I was showing 3/4 full about 12 gal and I had 5 gal left in the tank. So maybe 6 gal of usage for 2500 miles (the numbers don't work exactly because this is all estimates), mostly open road miles, it does make a big difference. Stop and go will eat your DEF tank much faster.
xctraveler 04/27/15 04:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Flat Towing

Jeep liberty when taking some one else on side trips Older people find it hard to get out of the back of a wrangler. Define OLDER People. We have a 2011 Rubicon and I think we both qualify as older. we do carry a step for some friends who have mobility issues not related to age. Most of them refuse to use the step and get in just fine!
xctraveler 04/26/15 11:23pm Dinghy Towing

I agree with luvlabs. We just dump in a couple of 2.5 gallon containers every so often unless I find an empty truck stop with DEF at the pump so I can go through backwards (my DEF tank is on passenger Side)
xctraveler 04/26/15 10:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Non commercial Class B license Calif

DW and I got our non commercial B's in TX three years ago. The written was tough, who needs to know how to cover a load of gravel? OTOH the driving test was a piece of cake for us. We each have close to 100k miles at the wheel. I used to parallel park behind our townhouse before and after every trip. there was a slot for 5 cars that was just wide enough for the coach, and it was on the outside of a curve no less. I never worry about getting into a camp site, they are easy. NY did not require the noncommercial B, or at least no one knew about it.
xctraveler 04/26/15 10:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New coach

Can't help with 1. There are several "projects" where people have posted about retro fitting remote door locks. Search for remote door locks or similar terms. I do know that all of them have reported that it is a lot of work and you will get very familiar with your storage compartments from the inside. Each door needs to be wired.
xctraveler 04/26/15 10:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class A MH today???

Moved from Ely NV to Wendover UT
xctraveler 04/26/15 10:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: US 50 East from Sacramento

Just to get us back on topic before closing out my attention to this thread I started. We made it through to Camp Ground by the Lake. Very nice and relatively not to pricey. The drive was great and if I hadn't had trouble with the windshield fogging up it would have been delightful. That road is really fun when you are half blinded and no place to stop to try to clear it:)
xctraveler 04/22/15 09:45pm Roads and Routes
RE: US 50 East from Sacramento

Thanks all. We will definitely take US 50 and plan on stopping in Lake Tahoe for then night, probably at the recommended campground.
xctraveler 04/20/15 08:18pm Roads and Routes
US 50 East from Sacramento

We are heading East from San Francisco in a couple of days and we plan to follow an alignment of the old Lincoln Highway that takes US 50 over the mountains. I would like to hear from anyone who has driven this route. We are happy on twisty steep roads in our 36 foot DP having just driven PCH from Malibu to San Francisco. If US 50 is no worse than that, we can do it.
xctraveler 04/20/15 11:33am Roads and Routes
RE: LP gas tank extension question

I don't think Extend-a-stay is any longer. Try MB Sturgis, Sturgisafe. MB Sturgis Cameco and a few others make the same (functionality wise) products. I didn't even know my RV came with one(we're second owners) until I needed it and brought my hose and stuff from the Condo on a trip. A lot of RVs come with them or are add ons that may exist all ready. Extend-a-stay sure does exist. Follow this link Marshall is one of the biggest suppliers of propane equipment. I have nothing to do with this or any other company. Just a retired RVer correcting misinformation.
xctraveler 04/19/15 09:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: TPMS wont register on inside tire

Dill Valve = valve core. google
xctraveler 04/17/15 12:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Road conditions thru Nashville and Louisville

Get off your GPS or tell it to avoid interstates and look for lesser roads through the countryside. It may take you longer, but you will arrived relaxed and without the holdups caused by construction. It is Spring and this is the beginning of major projects north of the snow line. Taking the Interstates is the same as flying over, unless you are on a tight schedule add one day to your travel plans and relax. I have not looked at a map of your route, but it is almost always possible to avoid the I roads.
xctraveler 04/17/15 12:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: used coach

XCtraveler thank you. I know he said that one of the slide seals is torn or broken(I don't remember). He also said that he just replaced the topper and told me they only last 5 years, is that true? I would imagine it went bad because it was out all the time. I had awning toppers last 8 years. They were getting a bit ragged and due to be replaced so we replaced the motorhome :) Had to replace two on our 2 1/2 year old coach, they don't stand up well to rock walls at 40 mph. Don't ask.
xctraveler 04/16/15 01:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Norcold Fire Repair Time

I seem to recall from the days I had a property and casualty license (many years ago) that your fire claim is between you and the insurance company. If they choose to go after another party that is up to them, but they are supposed to make you whole, to the extent of your policy limits, without waiting for the other party, in this case Norcold. It may be that they feel they have a better chance of recovering if they can get the Norcold inspection done before repairs are started. Ask them if they will waive the deductible as compensation for your waiting, then suggest you will have a conversation with the state insurance office if they insist on delaying. that may be far more effective then waiving a lawyer letter at them. They have LOTS of lawyers, there is only one Insurance Commissioner per state
xctraveler 04/16/15 12:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago vs Tiffin

3 years ago I had my sights on either a Winnebago Journey or a Tiffin Phaeton, then the only two quality builders who had a 36 foot diesel. I ended up in the Phaeton almost by chance when the dealer who had the Winnie in stock cold not get it to their shop for me to walk through and drive. We have been delighted with the Tiffin. Our coach had two serious problems, the driver side living room slide out floor rotted and they replaced it at Red Bay on their dime - the change out which required removing the slideout took just under 2 hours!!!. The roof rails also were failing and they spotted in on their inspection and did the work as "good will". those are just two of the stories where Tiffin has come through for us in a manner that has me singing their praise for after sale customer care. It is not likely we will buy another coach, but if I did I would certainly start with Tiffin. Which is not to say Winnebago isn't as good, I have no personal experience
xctraveler 04/15/15 11:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: does this happen to anyone else

I'm a lucky full timer. Dw and I share the joy of the road and of traveling out of the country as well. In 2013 we were out of the country with the coach in storage for 3 months. 2014 was "only" 5 weeks out of the country and 2015 will be 4 weeks again. Next year we will RV in New Zealand and Australia with Fantasy for 5 or 6 weeks and then stop in Hawaii for a week or two. In the mean time the coach is home. The apartment in the northeast is to store the few things we couldn't part with- yet and provide us a place to stay when we return to visit our friends. Our boys are east coast/west coast so we cross the country watching the weather to spend time with both and the grandkids. We generally do not consider what we do as camping, unless we are boondocking on gov't land. We don't eat out a lot because DW much prefers her own cooking - with my assistance - to most any restaurant, can you say SALT. All in all the balance is something we have worked out over more than 50 years of marriage. Years ago I gave up Scuba, because she doesn't like beaches or boats. She has given up some things she enjoys that don't fit in with the RV lifestyle. We have been traveling extended times, more than 6 weeks, since 2001 and full time since 2012. WE will have to stop some day, but that is just acknowledging reality not preparing to change our life style -yet.
xctraveler 04/15/15 11:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: used coach

To add to what has been said closely inspect all rubber seals, especially those around the slides. Rubber and FL do not play well together. If the unit has not been used the seals may not have been maintained and may be ready to fail. Not cheap. No idea how much as type and length play a large role in determining that. Any other rubber parts, belts, etc should be inspected before driving home. They are much less expensive to repair in the yard than on the side of the road. Coach-net has my vote, I'm partial, I have had them since 2001 and like the way they respond, mostly.. Insurance is a cr-p shoot. I am happy with Progressive, never had a problem with GM would insist on a company that offers a fulltimer rider. If they don't acknowledge full time and you do have a claim they have a legit excuse to terminate your policy and NOT pay. Stopping, let someone else write the book.
xctraveler 04/15/15 11:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: LP gas tank extension question

I've had ExtendaStay for some years on two coaches. I have a 12' high pressure hose to supply my grill and a 6 foot hose to feed the coach from a tank when necessary. Love the setup. I keep the grill near enough to the coach that I am not tempted to walk between it and the coach. This reduces the possibility of tripping over the hose. I did have it installed by a propane certified tech as I am a wuss when it comes to playing with propane.
xctraveler 04/15/15 11:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A Information

Another con is that a large Class A won't go down dirt or gravel roads and dispersed camping places as well as a TC. While it is true it won't do as well as a TC on dirt we routinely drive a couple of miles of dirt to get to our son in VA and when in Alaska in 2011 we drove Top of the World highway/Taylor Highway which is 150 miles of baaad dirt. No harm to the '04 gasser we were traveling in then. It depends on how far off the road you want to get. Our gasser mileage was 6.5 for 110,000 miles. Our dp gets about 8.5 towing the Jeep. Never found a place we couldn't get into with a 36 footer although 2/3 of the sites where we are now in Malibu won't take us or anything over 30 feet for that matter and forget quad slides on many sites, this is an old campground.
xctraveler 04/12/15 11:50pm Class A Motorhomes
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