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RE: Spare Parts To Carry

I carry the usual with me for years, fuses, wire, multimeter valve caps for tires (?) basic tools to tightening or loosening things and a power drill. Recently added a serpentine, oil filter and water separator at the suggestion of Camp Freightliner. During a recent service the old serpentine was found to be split lengthwise. I had them put on the spare and bought a replacement to carry (basic inventory rotation). Note I never intended to do any of the work myself, that was in years past, today MasterCard or Amex if they will take it.
xctraveler 07/22/16 02:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Shift Inhibit and a crash

Thank you Ranger Smith. No indication which of these circumstances were present.
xctraveler 07/20/16 04:16pm Class A Motorhomes
Shift Inhibit and a crash

I am cross posting from Tiffin Network since this could have been far more tragic. I will accept that this was an anomalous occurrence. Unfortunately it resulted in the coach hitting 8 cars and essentially destroying the front end. I pulled into a parking lot and found that there was insufficient room to complete my turnaround. I got out to guide my wife in maneuvering through the lot - this is not an uncommon behavior for us, in tight quarters I will guide and she will drive. She has over 100,000 miles over 15 years driving our coaches. When she attempted to engage D the dash lit up with "shift inhibit" and the shift panel went dark. Instead of shutting down she tried again and the engine revved and the coach jumped forward hitting 8 cars before stopping. The great news is no one was injured, not even my wife. I was standing just enough off to the side to avoid getting hit myself. My question is has anyone else experienced an issue with shift inhibit and subsequent loss of control? FL has declined to inspect the coach unless my Insurer insists. I will let it drop unless I hear about other instances even if no damage was done.
xctraveler 07/20/16 04:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Roadside Assistance - Tires

I would not drive on a "repaired" tire. This is not a 4,000 lb car with plenty of extra weight carrying capacity in the tires. Our coach is within 1,000 lbs of the permissible weight on the rear axle. I repaired tire is an accident waiting to happen.
xctraveler 07/16/16 08:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Roadside Assistance - Tires

Recent experience with Coach-net. Hydraulics failed in campground just outside Grand Canyon South Entrance. Sunday morning! Could not retract 2 slides or store jacks. With in 15 minutes of my call a tech called me and walked me through 30 minutes of attempts to locate and resolve the problem which failed through no fault of the tech. He promised to get a mobile tech out to us. I assumed it would be hours so I booked another night in the campground. Within the hour, as promised, Randall arrived and spent about an hour working on the system. It was clear we would not be able to fix it altogether, but he showed me a workaround that has kept us on the road happy until I get someplace to have an RVIA Certified Hydraulic tech work on it. Lost time actually none as we toured another part of the park we had thought to miss.
xctraveler 07/16/16 08:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Mount Rushmore in the Winter

AS a snow country driver (from Rochester NY) I have worked very hard to never be in a position that requires me to drive the coach in any kind of slippery weather. I know how to do it and am quite competent at it, just would rather not have 30,000 pounds of motorhome plus tow'd start to move sideways or not at all. I understand the desire to have the parks to yourself just need to prepare yourselves and your equipment for extreme cold. sitting in my son's driveway in VA when the temps dip into the teens (in the mountains) the propane starts to go very quickly. I use external 30 lb tanks (7.5 gal) to avoid having to make a nasty trip in the coach to top off, I run through one in just a few days! I keep a spare filled in case we run low over a weekend. It should be fun, just not for me, DW is complaining because it is under 72 right now :)
xctraveler 07/16/16 07:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Arizona 64 from Grand Canyon Village to US 89

Thanks all for the feedback. It looked fine on the map and on Google Satellite but I've had some interesting drives when I didn't ask :)
xctraveler 07/06/16 11:50pm Roads and Routes
Arizona 64 from Grand Canyon Village to US 89

If this is a second post I apologize, can't find my original. I am thinking of taking this lesser road to avoid back tracking. We want to get to Four Corners area from GC Village and the gps route is a retrace to I 40 then up US 89. Does anyone have experience on this route with a rig. We are fine with narrow twisty roads so long as they are passable to 36 foot DP with Jeep in tow.
xctraveler 07/06/16 10:20pm Roads and Routes
RE: Dash air vs generator

And some of us may keep track of expenses for reasons other than budget. I know I have a lot of expense data that I look at from time to time out of curiosity. No way I need to change my behavior as a result of having the data. If I do plan a long trip I like to know I can position the cash to cover it in advance so when the bills come in they get paid without my having to do anything further. Also when someone asks about expenses I can report what my expenses have been based on my own experience not a SWAG. Just one person's rationale for seeming to be OCD about expenditures. To get back on topic, I run what I need to be comfortable and to keep DW comfortable (even more important).
xctraveler 06/29/16 05:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Power steering just failed in 1998 Monaco Dynasty

OUCH! hate loud grinding noises.
xctraveler 06/28/16 10:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dash air vs generator

For the sake of the environment I would love to burn less fuel. Given that argument I should travel in a Prius not a DP. My generator burns 1/2 gal per hour under moderate load and 1 gph under full load. If we are driving for 4 hours a day (not unusual for us) and running one roof AC on the gen I will burn through 2 gal of diesel for the privilege of keeping the house cool for when we stop. Worth it to me! Run the dash air too as the panorama windshield functions as a greenhouse.
xctraveler 06/28/16 10:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: No water pressure

If water continues to flow into the tank after switching to city my guess would be the check valve on the pump may be leaking. Another inexpensive place to look.
xctraveler 06/28/16 09:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: engine on reduced power

WE had two 8.1l vortecs from 2001 to 2012. The second one pulled us along for 110,000 miles with only a replacement of the exhaust donuts at 90k. It did have some quirks. the dash would reboot from time to time - disconcerting to have the Tach and speedometer drop to -0- and all the instruments flat line and then go through their "normal" start up routine - all at 60 mph! The engine derated (reduced power setting) a couple of times when the oil foamed at high temperature. Also once while climbing through Vail CO on I70 it coughed and missed a couple of times just shy of the peak. that was heart stopping, we were pulling at about 5,000 RPM at 28 mph. Your issue sounds like it derated because of the abnormal start, it maybe oil pressure had not come up fast enough because of the long storage time.
xctraveler 06/28/16 02:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Air compressor will it work?

Phew, you guys are running high air pressure in your tires. Having taken 4 corner weights on coach and run the numbers into the Michelin Inflation table for my tires I run 85 front and 95 rear. No problem maintaining those pressures with on board compressor. May just be that my coach is a lot lighter then yours - actual weight is around 29 - 30k lbs (depends on water and fuel levels more then anything else).
xctraveler 06/26/16 06:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Batteries

Hi TitaGyrl Welcome to this great forum. Lots of helpful information. Stay with us, let us know you are reading these posts and fill in the information we lack so the battery and electric guys can get you going in the right direction. None of us knew all this stuff when we started. I've been here since 2002 to get help and eventually to give help, but you do need to participate for us to be able to help.
xctraveler 06/26/16 05:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Issues with new coach

People are buying, the factories are making just a bit faster than maybe they should. Tiffin has changed is production line to be able to build more than 12 a day. Hope they can restore quality to what is has been in the past. CW does not have a Tiffin dealership anyplace. For that matter when they bought a large dealership that sold a lot of Tiffins, Tiffin pulled the contract. Bob wants nothing to do with CW. If more stories about dissatisfied Winnebago purchasers from CW I imagine they too will have a conversation. Winnie has been known for good customer service. Just FYI this board is supported by CW
xctraveler 06/26/16 05:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newmar/Tiffin vs. Coachmen Miranda Select/Fleetwood Bounder

Careful Andy F once you start looking at diesels it may be hard to go back to gassers :) We found that interiors in diesels are generally much more substantial than in Gassers, more weight carrying ability to work with. Even within the Tiffin line the interior finishes are lighter in the gas units - no tile floors etc. I won't even go into ride and handling since we spend much more time living than driving. The whole DP idea is coming on stronger and stronger. I drove school bus through college and had the opportunity to do some cross country trips to deliver buses from MN to Seattle. Those were front engine diesel conventional buses with spring suspension. Then I got the unique opportunity to fly down to LA and drive a rear engine Gillig transit-style school bus back to MN. The air suspension ride and the rear engine was quite a more comfortable experience. Then I drove transit bus for a while in college while waiting for my full time law enforcement opportunity. Those transit Gillig buses were a very sweet ride. I guess I hadn't seriously considered a DP. But buying one used brings the price down into our price range and I always buy my cars used anyhow. As I said :) dangerous path to tread. Given your experience you might even look around and see if there are any Gillig conversions on the market. I have heard of people making them over into motorhomes.
xctraveler 06/13/16 07:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newmar/Tiffin vs. Coachmen Miranda Select/Fleetwood Bounder

Tiffin, Love 'em or hate 'em. We have had several of the well known "issues" with our 2012. Tiffin took care of them without our even asking. They have had the parts I needed when stuff wore out and people to talk me through how to repair/modify stuff to my needs. The worst stuff has been self inflicted except the DS LR slideout floor and the roof rails. So we LOVE ours and would certainly own another should we manage to outlive our perceived usefulness of this one.
xctraveler 06/13/16 04:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newmar/Tiffin vs. Coachmen Miranda Select/Fleetwood Bounder

Careful Andy F once you start looking at diesels it may be hard to go back to gassers :) We found that interiors in diesels are generally much more substantial than in Gassers, more weight carrying ability to work with. Even within the Tiffin line the interior finishes are lighter in the gas units - no tile floors etc. I won't even go into ride and handling since we spend much more time living than driving.
xctraveler 06/13/16 09:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Newmar/Tiffin vs. Coachmen Miranda Select/Fleetwood Bounder

If I remember correctly Winnebago has used drop rail frame for some time now. Tiffins used raised rail which gives some storage above the bottom of the rails, not as easy to access as drop rail storage, but more of it:) "Seems like Winnebago would adjust their chassis structure to catch up with storage space." would be a major re-engineering starting with a different chassis design. They needed the drop rail for their basement AC among other things. The class A gas chassis uses the standard frame rails, as delivered by Ford, Chevy or Workhorse. Richard Right you are, not sure where my brain was when I posted that.
xctraveler 06/11/16 10:09pm Class A Motorhomes
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