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RE: Update on Nashville Officer killed by Motorhome

I am one of the 72 y/o geezers pushing a 32,000 lb DP and my wife is the same age and she drives too. We recognize that OUR reflexes are not what they were when we were in our 40s and that handling the coach is certainly not the same as driving the Jeep. But driving is driving and there are way to many distractions in all our vehicles.
xctraveler 02/22/15 09:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Family Owned MH Manufacturers

I have owned and lived full time in the coach in the signature for just short of three years. About 80% of the problems I have had were self inflicted, can't blame Tiffin for lost keys or hitting a rock. The balance were mostly minor and two majors were noticed by Tiffin inspectors when we stopped by Red Bay and they got me in and out with no cost to me. There was a problem with a slide floor (known issue) and they removed the largest of my slideout rooms (DS LR) replaced the entire floor and put it all back together in under 2 hours. It was like watching a well choreographed dance. The other issue had to do with roof rails and once again the job was done swiftly and carefully. The one issue that went on and on was a dealer failure. They had the part but didn't want to install it under warranty so they "repaired" the shower door. I got it replaced over a year out of warranty at Red Bay, no cost. Bob Tiffin is still running things and contrary to what someone posted there is no daughter to take over, Bob has three sons. They will be taking over soonish as Bob is 72 (that age has a familiar ring to it). We considered Winnebago but the salesman didn't get his act together in time to compete with the Phaeton. Currently they seem to be having issues at Tiffin with the new databus electrical system and the Paramount awning available only on the Bus so far. I expect both will be resolved soon if they haven;t been already.
xctraveler 02/22/15 09:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: With out the tow

The last time we traveled without the tow'd was in 2003. We were going to the Indy 500 and staying with friends in Indy, stored the coach in the factory yard then parked it at the track (reserved well in advance) and used their car to get back and forth. Piece of cake until we wanted to stop near Put-in-bay on Lake Erie. The nearest campground was a two mile walk on the highway to the state park ferry out to the island (famous War of 1812 Battle site). We then walked all over the island and at night had to walk that highway back to the campground. No place to park an RV at the SP back then. Have never traveled without it since. Now we full time and have no place to leave the tow'd.
xctraveler 02/20/15 09:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bounder Critique

In storage situations I have used I want the steps retracted to eliminate the possibility of my neighbor destroying them with his coach while going in or out. Hard to see those steps while trying to back into a tight storage spot.
xctraveler 02/20/15 08:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

We had an '04 Southwind, brother to the Bounder. Drove it 105,000 miles over 8 years of extended time use - 3 to 11 months at a time. It served us well and we only had one failure that I can attribute to the WorkHorse Chassis not Fleetwood. Most of my expenditures were normal maintenance and wear and tear from extensive use. Traded for my present coach only because I was concerned about putting a lot of money into refurbing a tired used interior on gas chassis with that many miles on it. We loved it and it was as well built as anything could have been in that price range. Do watch out for older low mileage units, they tend to have not been continuously maintained the engine oil needs to be changed by the calendar whether it is driven or not, etc.
xctraveler 02/20/15 08:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class A MH today???

Okay, had a couple of hours in a campsite with no one close on my driver side. So it was time to tackle the stuck macerator. I disconnected the hose from the pump and then had some fun flushing the connections and the ground nearby, fortunately there was not to much "stuff" in the hose (it broke while pumping black tank, but as the job was almost done). As soon as I flushed the pump entrance I could see a part of a white plastic disk jammed into the impeller. Reached in with my needle nose and extracted it. bump the switch and saw (and heard) the impeller spin. Put it all back together. Total time including cleanup 15 minutes. Extra time to clean me thoroughly but that was not part of the project. Still wondering where that debris came from. The coach is almost 3 years old and we are full time so have been using the system regularly. I am hoping it was construction debris that just took its time finding its way to the exit. Can't imagine what it might have broken off of to get where it was.
xctraveler 02/20/15 07:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class A MH today???

Undid 4 screws and removed the valence on the bedroom window to reset the dual roller shades that had gotten misaligned. total project time including retrieving and storing my tools, under 15 minutes. Watch this space for the next project. The macerator pump jammed while pumping the black tank. It is currently disconnected and the stinky slinky is doing its thing until I decide to tackle the project, someplace not as crowded as the place I am now.
xctraveler 02/17/15 09:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Any tips for backing into my camping site solo?

You should also have sound on your backup cameras. That would be one additional warning to stop. Lifting the tag would make it a little more maneuverable for tight turns. I have audio on my backup camera, I can hear the engine fans just fine, nothing else gets through. that is with a DP. On my old gasser the audio worked fine.
xctraveler 02/01/15 08:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Photo print blurry,won't dry!

Problem resolved! Ran "Deep Clean" and head align. Double checked settings and prints are just fine now. Thanks all for the help.
xctraveler 01/31/15 02:02pm Technology Corner
RE: Photo print blurry,won't dry!

You might also ask at the Moab support forum Great, we are looking there now! This forum is awsome - as always.
xctraveler 01/31/15 10:51am Technology Corner
RE: Photo print blurry,won't dry!

Will double check paper settings. She is usually very careful with that function, but may have missed this one time. Waiting for a break to try another print job.
xctraveler 01/31/15 09:45am Technology Corner
RE: Photo print blurry,won't dry!

Are you using OEM ink cartridges, or some generic or refilled cartridges? Bruce We are using OEM ink cartridges. Have tried generic, much less expensive, DW is professional photographer and did not like the results at all. Oh and these cartridges are fairly new, bought in last 6 months and put in printer recently.
xctraveler 01/31/15 09:37am Technology Corner
Photo print blurry,won't dry!

We use a Canon MG5300 printer that uses 226 series ink cartridges. Yesterday DW printed a color photo on Moab by Legion paper. The ink stayed on top of the paper, ran a bit and never did dry even over night. Since she has printed on this paper with this printer in the past, we are wondering if exposing the cartridges to temperature extremes in the coach may have changed its characteristics. The coach was stored in Livingston TX Dec 22 to Jan 6 with thermostat set to 45 deg to protect the water lines. Since then we have been gone during the day a couple of times with the coach closed up and no AC on (no pets) and came back to internal temperatures in the 90's. These hardly seem like extremes that should damage the ink although it is hard to find the storage specs anyplace. DW does not have Canon brand paper on board to experiment with. Has anyone had this experience?
xctraveler 01/31/15 09:14am Technology Corner
RE: Door locked

Coach-net and GoodSam ERS both have lockout service. Call your ERS and have them send a locksmith. No ERS? call your insurance company, maybe they have a lockout service to prevent a broken window. PS this one service call could pay for a years premium.
xctraveler 01/30/15 04:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Special License to drive a class A MH

To respond to TX. We had to get new licenses when we changed domicile there. Our coach weighs more than 26,001 pounds. We studied the CDL Manual and took a written test that was essentially the same as the CDL test. Once we passed that, first try after a day's study for both of us, we had a driving test that ignored most of the very specific safety checks for the airbrakes as well as the rest of the "preflight" inspections. Drive around the block and then backup in a straight line for 100 feet. WE are now proud holders of Texas Class B licenses, non-cdl and we can't tow more than 10,000 lbs, not that we would ever want to.
xctraveler 01/30/15 04:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class A MH today???

Washed the grit and filth off from our drive down TX 16 from San Antonio area to Falcon SP. Couldn't use the hose so I used lots of fresh water in my bucket with my lambswool swab. looks great now.
xctraveler 01/26/15 10:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bath and half with double sinks

The Allegro 36LA seems to have most of what you saw, it does not appear to have duel lavs in the rear bath. You would need to go to a 40 footer on a Diesel chassis to get that next step.Click Here for a link to Allegro floor plans.
xctraveler 01/24/15 08:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2001 Bounder with 8000 miles

I would hesitate getting involved in this coach. That old and used as living space for treatment recovery would lead me to doubt any maintenance was kept current. At the very least it would need tires, batteries, and service updates. The title issue alone would lead me to look elsewhere. There are lots of good quality used coaches looking for new owners, keep looking. We traded away an '04 Southwind with 110,000 miles two years ago for about $10,000. Regardless of the mileage, it had been maintained to the mfg book and had new tires and batteries (about a year old) when we traded it. There was at least another 50k miles left before the engine was likely to need major overhaul.
xctraveler 01/24/15 08:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leaving seat while driving

We change drivers every couple of hours, STOPPED either at a rest area or on a wide shoulder. That gives us both opportunity to use toilet without moving around. We stay belted in most of the time. Sometimes whoever is in the nav seat will get up to use toilet or grab a snack. This is done in consultation with the driver who has final say because that position has situation awareness. We certainly would not be heating anything while underway or lying on the bed or sofa. When we have grandkids with us they trade off the nav seat with non driver and we set up the belts on the sofa - for what ever they are worth (very little in my estimation, but maybe better than nothing). Coach has no separate recliner or dinette booth with seat belts.
xctraveler 01/24/15 08:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: stress fracture

To update you all, it's now been in shop for a week and they haven't yet completed their diagnostic. They say it will be at least another week before we know anything from Monaco. I'm really upset, but cannot physically pick everything up and move to Indiana right now, so I'm patiently waiting to see what they say. I expect we may end up at the factory eventually, though. One of the slides is crooked and won't come out at all, and the other has this huge crack shooting off it. I am sad for you. We all have problems with our coaches from time to time, but usually after we have had a chance to come to love the lifestyle and understand what needs to be done. Following the manufacturer's advice in a case like this is the best route to go. They have more at stake than the dealer. Also, if need be, they have resources to bring it back to the factory for necessary repairs and replacements. Note I said they can bring it back, not you can drive it to the factory. Keep on top of your factory service rep, let him drive CW to get it right. You have a lot in the coach and Monaco owes you a good coach. My coach is over two years old and has never been back to the selling dealer. It has been back to the factory (my choice) and I received excellent service and a couple of good will upgrades, but that is Tiffin, still owned by the founding family.
xctraveler 01/23/15 08:47pm Class A Motorhomes
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