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RE: Texas Toll Roads

The only people that support toll roads are bureaucrats, politicions, the wealthy, and idiots. But those that oppose them just can't seem to be heard. I am not a bureaucrat or a politician, nor am I particularly wealthy so I must be an idiot! I love toll roads, they leave more room for me on the old roads they are built to bypass. In NY US 20 is much easier to drive without the trucks taking the parallel toll road - I 90, for example. In Texas I do not need to drive 130 as I won't do 85 mph under any conditions and I 35 goes where I want to go. Through Chicago is another story, I will drive 150 miles out of my way to avoid going through there. Even in Canada, the 407 ETR keeps the people in a hurry to get to T out of my way while I cruise the QEW at a more leisurely pace. Its all a matter of perspective :)
xctraveler 01/15/16 10:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why would anyone want an outside TV?

I had one on my coach when new. I removed it because I wanted more storage compartments. With the age of yours I can understand that. TV's in that vintage were BIG. We plopped one in the basement of our '03 but only when we knew we'd be using it. The flat panels sure have opened up a lot of opportunities. Yep! They were big and heavy. I have replaced the one in the bedroom also with a modern thin TV, and I would like to replace the real big one in the front of the coach, but I do not know who does that kind of work to make it look professional. The cage in the front is made from angle iron making it hard to cut and replaced with some other kind of set up. In my old coach I made a mount for the new TV that was hinged, turned the caged area into another storage space behind the TV.
xctraveler 01/13/16 05:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: East Coast

Uh, East Coast is usually not tornado country, it does happen, but like the center of the country. Texoma and Indiana are hardly east, although you must find your way through the Tornado belt to get to the east. there is plenty of bad weather in the Northeast and along the coast, mostly winter weather into March. Even open campgrounds will have their water systems drained with fw access at a central location. I think I saw that OP was reconsidering their schedule to later already. we are beating this dead horse for no good reason. How about South Carolina, North Carolina, Arkansas are they east coast? I had tornado warning through out most of those states. Tornado alley. The Carolinas are certainly coastal. Arkansas not so much. I didn't say they have NO tornados, just that they are not in the primary tornado zone. What ever, have it your way, not worth arguing about!
xctraveler 01/13/16 04:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: East Coast

Uh, East Coast is usually not tornado country, it does happen, but like the center of the country. Texoma and Indiana are hardly east, although you must find your way through the Tornado belt to get to the east. there is plenty of bad weather in the Northeast and along the coast, mostly winter weather into March. Even open campgrounds will have their water systems drained with fw access at a central location. I think I saw that OP was reconsidering their schedule to later already. we are beating this dead horse for no good reason.
xctraveler 01/13/16 02:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Texas Toll Roads

xctraveler, I don't think the proper term is "complaining" about tolls when they represent just another set of false promises (lies?)from government officials, especially a high tax state such as New York. I'm sure you being from California you too are quite used to it. I am very aware of the two lane alternatives to head East or West, or the very nice North South routes such as the 390 to 86 which is a popular route to the New York City area. In addition Rts. 81 or 87 will take you to the St. Lawrence Seaway area of NY or the vast state parkland of the Adirondack Mountain areas best known by Lake Placid. In fact on this forum and others when I read of newbies joining the lifestyle I will welcome them to the forum and point out to enjoy the "two lane" as much as possible to take in all of the beauty and charm we are so fortunate to have in the country. Unfortunately many of us are not retired and we are left to long weekend get aways or one or two nice road trips per year. That of course leaves us no choice most times being at the governments mercy and getting banged by tolls, just another form of taxation. Actually DW and I were both born in Rochester NY and lived there all out lives until about three years ago - still have an apartment there. TX is Domicile and CA is just camping. I am choosing to not pay NY anymore income tax and frankly avoiding what was their devastating Estate Tax when we left. Toll roads are a choice in many cases. I pay then for the convenience of shorter distance or quicker time. Some places they are unavoidable, usually bridges. Taking Interstates is the equivalent of taking a plane, you don't get to really see the country you are passing through.
xctraveler 01/12/16 09:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Texas Toll Roads

For those in NY complaining about getting around high tolls. There are many roads that provide toll free travel if you are relaxed and willing to travel a little slower. From the PA border to Albany, take US, it is prettier than the Tway and about the same distance. The limit is 55 and there are many wonderful small towns along the way. From NYC to the west try I84 through PA then pick up I86 through to US 20 west of Buffalo. There are many other toll free routes in this country it you are willing to drive two lane roads and pass through the fascinating small towns that make up this country.
xctraveler 01/11/16 07:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Favorite Travel/Truck Stops for Class A

When we had a gas MH I really preferred Flying J as the RV Island made for easy access (relatively) and mostly kept me from trying to dodge cars racing me for the pump. Loves was always a PITA, never enough maneuvering room for a clean exit. Now with diesel I still prefer Flying J/Pilot but will fill at any diesel truck island. It is faster and the in/out is easier. In AZ it is mandatory as we weigh more than 26,001 lbs.
xctraveler 01/11/16 07:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: CCW Conumdrum

I am not a gun carrier, but I understand that if you carry unconceled, that doesn't need any kind of permit. So, just strap it on your hip and go. I see it in Alabamy qUite often. Your post reads like a troll. Don't even think about that in the Northeast. NY and MA are very harsh. VA just cancelled reciprocity with many states. Also don't plan on carrying across the border with Mexico or Canada. I am not a lawyer or a gun carrier, but I can read.
xctraveler 01/11/16 07:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Why would anyone want an outside TV?

Dang WW, I only have two phones, one jetpack, two tablets and two kindles, plus two laptops for the two of us. I'm going to have to get a couple more phones. We also are short one TV, one over the windshield, one facing the other way in the dining area, one in the bedroom and of course one outside which I turn on while grilling so I don't miss the news or Antiques Roadshow:) We are not much for sitting outside with the TV on, generally it is more comfortable to watch inside. When we are out, we are looking forward to meeting and greeting our neighbors. Of course we seldom have kids on board and when we do they all have very limited screen time which they would rather spend on their devices then on TV.
xctraveler 01/10/16 12:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Campground Opinion

As I have noted I have stayed there a few times. It is tight, but what isn't in the East? We need 12'4" clearance and never had a problem with tree limbs, nor did the other coaches we were with. Facts not conjecture!
xctraveler 01/10/16 11:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are you satisfied (repair cost wise) with your MH?

On the road for 15 years part to full time. Bought the first coach new, cheap, had a couple of chassis problems, not related to "cheap" but between warranty and Coach-net cost us nothing but a couple of days inconvenience. Drove that coach 45,000 miles in three years and completed the trade while broken down in rest area waiting for a tow, paid for by Coach-net. Replaced that coach (Damon Daybreak 33') with new '04 Southwind 36' on Workhorse Chassis. The only mechanical failure in 110,000 miles (including Alaska) was burnt out exhaust donuts, total cost $250. I had every PM service in the book done on time or early. The only thing I did myself was the routine Generator service every 100 hours or year. Coach was sweet in good repair when traded, but the interior needed to be redone after 8 years of living in it. Bought the current coach in May 2012. There has been a fair amount of repair work done, but it has all been self inflicted. there were two major repairs, new floor in the DS/LR slideout and the roof rails were replaced. Tiffin took care of the that, even told us it needed to be done. Cost was a couple of week camping on their dime in Red Bay. Not the most pleasant camping but we all have to be someplace. The interior failures have been minor, no more than you would experience in a s&b and mostly fully covered by Tiffin. We love the coach. Clearly this is not a poor person's activity and I am prepared for large expense should it happen, but it is our lifestyle and it fits within our financial ability. I know there are much less expensive ways to RV, but those were not our need or choice.
xctraveler 01/09/16 05:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What does 1/2 reading on LP Gauge mean

I don't see how the Innard page helps in this topic. Gauge calibration is just that >>> calibration. You can scale it any way you want. I have not seen a gauge that would show 80% on tank filled up to capacity. If such thing exist, it was design by idiot. No offence. Sorry Keyteg, I have had three coaches with ASME horizontal tanks. On each the gauge ON THE TANK showed/shows 3/4 (approx) when the tank is full and liquid propane is coming out the tank full vent. The idiot lights IN the coach read Full at that point. I have little faith in the on board lights so as soon as it shows less than full I duck outside to verify with the direct read gauge on the tank. Most other coaches I have looked at seem to have the same set up. Must be that all the people involved in designing these systems are idiots if you are correct.
xctraveler 01/09/16 04:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: It's about to get cold....

I've said this elsewhere. For a sub 25 F night be sure your fresh tank is full then turn off and drain your hose at dinner time. Also close your grey tank valve and be sure the stinky slinky is empty. I disconnect and lift the connector end up then milk the hose. The only thing worse than a frozen water hose is a frozen stink slinky, I know from personal experience - ONCE - 13 years ago, it was a sufficient lesson.
xctraveler 01/09/16 04:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Campground Opinion

We have stayed at both parks. We prefer Bear Creek because it is possible to walk around in the park without hiking sticks. As for site size, our first time there we were with a Tiffin Travelers group coaches ranging from 36 to 45 feet in the back ins on the upper level of the park. Everybody got their coaches parked without damage and without undo hardship. One lady who was on her first trip since alone her DH had died asked me to provide ground guidance and she was able to back in on the first try. Staff were as nice as could be and the location is the best for seeing Asheville and the Blue Ridge sights as well.
xctraveler 01/08/16 03:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: East Coast

If you go west to Charlottesville area,walk the mall and go to Monticello and eat at Michie Tavern, Jefferson era style. And if you have any energy go on to Ash Lawn - James Monroe's home. OK I'll stop there. Trip Advisor has lots more to do in the area. We spend a lot of time there as our son and d-i-l live just south of the city with two of our grandsons.
xctraveler 01/07/16 04:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: East Coast

We are - or at least were - winter drivers from Rochester, NY. We stay away from the East Coast from November to April. The possibility of snow and ice makes it far to unpleasant for us. I will not drive my coach on snow and it takes a lot to stop us. The salt that is used to clear snow is far more damaging to the coach than to the car. There is so much unprotected automotive equipment under there to rot. Not sure where you are talking about in Virginia, its a big state with many areas ranging from the tidal areas to the Blue Ridge where snow can be devastating. WE spend a lot of time in Charlottesville area, but nothing much is open from mid October through mid April for camping.
xctraveler 01/03/16 11:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Aging

"I'm 50 Today" Married 52 years and counting, we keep truckin' Love my hearing aids, "wait a moment I need to change the battery"
xctraveler 01/03/16 10:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: We want to buy our 1st coach and eventually go full time

On the subject of financing, Interest rates today are as low as we are likely to see in the near term. My current rate is 3.95% before tax and I am doing better than that in the market. Fed is starting to RAISE interest rates for the first time in many years. It won't be long before rates for MoHo loans start to rise. Thus waiting 8 years could result in substantially higher payments both for interest and for higher prices. IF you are going to use the coach today, and not let it rot in the drive, consider buying what you want today, especially if diesel. Size is very personal. We are full time in a 36 with 4 slides and Queen bed and we have room in the cupboards and storage areas, even with a 16 year old grandson visiting. Others would feel cramped in 45 ft. We are 3000 lbs UNDER our GVWR at last weigh in. As I have mentioned elsewhere we are size limited by our younger son's driveway. 36 ft takes up to 30 minutes to get turned and situated, any longer and I doubt we could do it.
xctraveler 12/31/15 11:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Damon owner questions

I would look for an "extra" coax connector in the utility bay or electric bay. If there is one it should connect to the "Sat In" it is for a carry out dish on a tripod. Haven't owned a Damon since our 2001 was sold in 2004, it was way too primitive to have anything like a satellite prewire. Sorry I can't be more help.
xctraveler 12/22/15 10:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: I jinxed myself. Now I have a water heater problem.

Haven't had to deal with plug in water heater tank in a while as we have On Demand water heater, but had 11 years experience with plastic plugs. I learned there are two different plugs! The threads are the same but one is tapered to make it easier to get started and the other - newer? - is straight and I found it a bear to get started which meant I was less likely to take it out and redo the teflon tape when it started to drip. Eventually I found a supply of the tapered plugs that lasted me until we sold the coach. needed one or two every year.
xctraveler 12/21/15 10:34am Class A Motorhomes
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