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RE: If you had to buy again today...

We started in a 33 foot no slide in 2001. That lasted 3 years. Then 8 years in a2 slide 36foot gas coach (Southwind). Loved it. As we prepare to full time I wanted diesel but 36 is the max I can shoehorn into our son's driveway so 36 it is, but now with 4 slides. We have space and ccc for more storage and want for nothing. I would like 2 foot longer and put 1/2 of that into the throne room and 6 inches in the dining area and the other 6" in the bedroom. That is not likely to happen.
xctraveler 11/25/15 12:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gas Range burner not working

MountainAir, insect in the tube! Will check that out asap. We have had an infestation of bmsb (brown mamorated stink bugs) since leaving VA two weeks ago. Altitude is sea level, in FL. Haven't been higher than 1200 in a couple of months. Oh yes I have been "under the hood" just didn't want to begin disassembly two days before T day without an idea what I might be looking for. May wait a couple of days to get at it, we still have two burners and are having dinner with family in their s&b.
xctraveler 11/25/15 07:09am Class A Motorhomes
Gas Range burner not working

Went to turn on the left rear burner on the range top - Wedgewood Vision 3 burner - and it would not light. The other two burners light just fine. There is plenty of propane and water heater also works fine. I lit the burner with a lighter and it lights, but burns with far more yellow than the other two burners - clearly needs the air/fuel ratio adjusted. Upon inspection, sparking the igniter with no propane on, the spark for the burner is not as intense as for the other two working burners. So it appears there are two simultaneous failures on one burner. To the best of my knowledge nothing was dropped on that burner between the two mornings when DW used it to boil tea water. I am open to suggestions for repair. Also what could have happened.
xctraveler 11/24/15 07:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: O.K. guys and gals, here, I believe, is a new one...

Once you get the new filter in go through the faucets the water ran through and change/clean the final screens. When I had a filter freeze and deposit charcoal in the system I had to replace the diverter valve for the kitchen sink as well. Great job diagnosing and fixing, all!
xctraveler 11/23/15 09:16pm Class A Motorhomes

Propane detector on my 2012 Phaeton does not have a shut off switch. I doubt that is any different on a 2010. Can resolve that question with a call to Tiffin Tech Support to be certain, just have last 6 digits of your VIN handy when you make the call. While you are on the line they may have suggestions for fixing the problem. Best source of actual real information for most Tiffin parts! Don't hesitate, they close for the holiday on Wednesday afternoon.
xctraveler 11/23/15 08:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Leaving this forum, I've seen enough.

I've been active on this forum for a while and at first I learned a lot from everyone who had something positive to post and just ignored those who had nothing useful to contribute. Eventually I found I had something from my own experience to contribute and became an active participant. I have been seduced by tiffinrvnetwork as it provides great support for my coach and recently by the Fulltimers sections of FaceBook. I keep coming back here because the depth of knowledge and experience is so great. The Tiffin forum is wonderful for what is specific to my coach, but it stops there. And the FaceBook forums have way to many people offering dangerous solutions and foolish answers and too few people who have any real world experience in RVs. I can contribute there but there is little for me to learn. Even after ten years here and full timing on the road I have plenty I can learn from many of you. Effy, you are one of those.
xctraveler 11/19/15 07:41pm Around the Campfire
RE: Need a place to park for a week in LA

We stored at Ironwood RV Storage in April 2014 for less than a month. Cost less than parking the car near the airport for the same time. Place is secure, clean and neat. Lots of RVs mostly mid to high end and many boats. We had electric and ISTR there was a dump as well. People were pleasant.
xctraveler 11/19/15 07:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Crossing border into U.S. from Vancouver with 39' MH

We carry Nexus passes and use them for all crossings between US and Canada. A close reading of the rules shows that the inspector can require us to present a passport even though we have the Nexus Card. That has never happened, yet, but the passports are always available in whatever vehicle we are in. They do freak out a bit when we cross with Nexus on the Niagara bridges with Texas plates and a NY address on file. It adds an extra question, "Why?" Have lived near the border all my life and crossing is a regular experience, half my DW's family is from Canada.
xctraveler 11/19/15 07:01pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Questions on Discovery motorhome

Our AC/HP system works fine down into the high 30's. When the heat pump cannot keep up and the interior temperature drops 5 deg F below the set temp the propane furnace kicks in (this is an over simplification but close enough). I would expect that the Discovery has a similar setup if the units are Coleman Mach with RVComfort Thermostats. In any event the propane furnace sought to keep the water compartment from freezing in temps into the mid 20's below that I throw an incandescent worklight in the bay with a 100 W bulb, never had a freeze up. Double check the Discovery owners web site and documents for more specific information about the coach.
xctraveler 11/19/15 06:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: The continuing saga of tire pressure...

Therefore, the burden is on you to get your coach weighed and look up the manufacture's proscribed inflation pressures. Conditions vary for sure but............. IF you get the same size and load range tires with the same max. pressure rating, I don't see how the recommendation at less than max. load is going to be that much different, no matter what brand they are. I use my RV more like a camper; it doesn't have much extra load. Those who use one like a mobile house probably should pay closer attention. Even use as a "camper", whatever that means, may include fresh water in the fw tank, propane in the propane tank, one or more people on board and food, not to mention a few sundries like dishes and cooking stuff and just a change of clothes or two. You might be surprised at how fast that can get over 1,000 lbs. Just for laughs a giggles, weigh it empty and then set up for a camping trip and weigh it again, with the people who travel with you on board. Michelin seems to think a couple of hundred pounds of load makes a difference, but what do they know? they just engineered and built the tires.
xctraveler 11/19/15 06:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Congratulate me

I pulled away from my house without unplugging my 30amp.cable. Haven't done that (yet), but after a couple of times leaving something on a counter or a door unsecured, I took a few minutes to put a DEPARTURE CHECKLIST on my cellphone. Haven't had any problems since. I have departure check lists, arrival checklists, DW had lists of our lists. I still don't think to look at them because I "know" what's on them ! :(
xctraveler 11/18/15 06:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Congratulate me

How far can you tow your toad with the emergency brake set on it? Ask me, I know. Depends on whether it's on asphalt, concrete, gravel or grass. Gravel works better than asphalt. :S Need someone else to comment on the others. Or better yet, all four. :B About 100 yards on asphalt. Flat spots weren't too bad :o
xctraveler 11/17/15 12:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Letting a Class A sit for a month or two but full timing

The idea of a fiver or TT with a truck sounds great until you start touring in the truck, they are not very fuel efficient for one person to travel in when not towing. You can find a small modest car that is suitable for a tow'd that will provide reasonable fuel mileage and not be a pain to maintain. We know couples that travel with a fiver pulled by a truck and the DW follows in the small car so they have something reasonable for around town and they save the truck mileage for towing. This does not tickle my fancy. DW and I share driving and enjoy being with each other on the road even after 51 years, but that is way off topic :)
xctraveler 11/16/15 08:23pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Emergency Stop

Try to avoid situations that require intense braking, but every now and then someone will cross to close in front of me and then slow down, and that is on Freeway with 70 speed limit and I am going 62 just to avoid that kind of interaction. Once I was going about 30 in a 45 approaching an intersection, my light was green, had been for a bit. As I approached a car hurtled across the intersection running the red. I did not come to a full stop but managed to reduce speed enough that she was able to clear the intersection in front of me. When we got to our our stopping place (can't remember if it was a campground or a WalMart) I indulged in a double dose of my favorite adult beverage, after we got everything picked up.
xctraveler 11/16/15 08:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: The continuing saga of tire pressure...

Endless repeat. Tire guys in the shop have no idea/some idea/actually know something about proper tire inflation. Take your choice. I have run into guys who wouldn't let me out of the shop without inflation to max sidewall number, I pulled out of their door and deflated to mfg number for my weight in their driveway! Others ask and use the psi I give them, they do note that I asked for that inflation pressure on the work order. Opinions about inflation are just that. Facts are provided by the tire manufacture. Your choice to use an OPINION or FACTS, there are no tire inflation police, just the laws of physics.
xctraveler 11/12/15 12:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: coach net or good Sam roadside service?

Just be sure you have one of them! Have had Coach-net since we bought our first coach in 2001 and the dealer gave us free year. Used it twice on that coach for tows! Thanked the dealer and kept Coach-net. Haven't had a tow in 10 years or more.Have called them for tech support and to locate a service center in an out of the way place. They have been very helpful. I am less dependent on them now since we have a Freightliner and the FL 24/7 helpline is always there to answer a question about what to do in a pinch - the other day the "water in fuel" light came on. The help line told us to get some additive and keep driving - call back if it doesn't clear in an hour or so. It cleared before I put in the additive, but put it in anyhow.
xctraveler 11/10/15 08:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What was your best DIY road side repair?

Spitfire story reminded me of a TR-4A story. It was a snowy day (in Rochester NY that was just normal) and I was driving in 8 to 12 inches of snow on a back road. The gen light came on and the lights went dim. When I looked under the hood, I could see a wire hanging down beneath the generator (this was a while ago - I had a generator, not an alternator) figured the wire had come off the bare spade lug I could see on the bottom of the generator. Ended up replacing it two or three more times before I got home. The snow kept knocking it off. In the comfort of my garage I got underneath and drove a screw through the connector so it couldn't be pulled off so easily. I hated everything to do with the Lucas electrics on that car. In the rain the spark plug leads would get wet and the current would leak to ground.
xctraveler 11/10/15 08:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Class A

Welcome to the Class A group. It is a great way to go and a great group of people - well, mostly :) Never having dealt with a 5th wheel I have no idea what the differences are. We have plenty of storage and love our Phaeton. It is home!
xctraveler 11/08/15 08:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can anyone post a review on the Roadmaster even brake 9400

Since we have towed only one car at a time have not wanted a "portable" unit requiring setup and removal at every stop. Have had a now orphaned US Gear system for two coaches and three different tow'ds. Yes it costs to change over, but just connecting the pigtail on departure and disconnecting on arrival sure makes things easier. Will switch to M&G Air system when this one gives up the ghost.
xctraveler 11/08/15 08:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Upgrade to Gas or Diesel Class A?

So if you need towing power buy a stinky diesel. Rather offensive! Modern diesel exhaust is cleaner than most cars and is no longer stinky or black with particulate matter. I can stand in the exhaust from my coach and only feel the hot air blowing on me, it leaves no smell or particulates.
xctraveler 11/04/15 07:29pm Class A Motorhomes
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