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RE: Opinion Requested

I actually prefer the higher mileage Rexall. That indicates a lot of use which means most likely required and suggested maintenance was done faithfully. Of course that comes with more wear on the interior. I drove a Workhorse W22 chassis for 110,000 miles over 8 years and had no complaints. Even the brake recall which I had performed, did not directly affect me because we never parked it for any length of time. Thus 45K miles on a 2002 would worry me more than anything else, its too little! How many hours on the Gen? If you want to drive it 1,000 miles and park for the season, I like the Kountry Star, If you plan to travel, I wouldn't touch it, the diesel will far outperform it.
xctraveler 12/16/14 02:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Looking for center console for Class A

Here is your "clicky" Clicky
xctraveler 12/16/14 01:58pm Class A Motorhomes

Regularly watch movies using FoxFi, pay for it ONE time and good to go. Last night our Roku had one pause for data catch up during a two hour movie. It was a perfect break moment too :) since my data is unlimited we run 30 to 40 Gb per month using foxfi and another 4 to 6 Gb on the MiFi when the phone is with me away from the coach.
xctraveler 12/16/14 11:33am Technology Corner
RE: campgrounds with cable boxes

I actually would prefer the ethernet even if it not elegant. I used to carry a wifi router so I could take the ethernet and have my own wifi net in the coach. Now just use hot spot on my phone with unlimited data (very old grandfathered account). Will not use cg cable. If satellite is blocked and OTA is no good I still have books and sat radio for news. And if sat radio is blocked and I am out of Verizon data range, I guess I will read my books and tlk to my neighbors who will be in the same fix! Oh right that is what we used to do before all the modern connected stuff came along.
xctraveler 12/16/14 11:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water & Traveling in Winter

Windshield washer fluid could poison the septic system of the next campground you stop at to dump, also may be bad for your sewer system connectors and valve. If you must, use RV antifreeze, it is relatively harmless will accomplish the same and probably cost the same or less.
xctraveler 12/16/14 11:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: where is the electric transfer switch located

Glad you found it. In my first coach, Damon Daybreak '01, they hid the fool thing behind a panel in the bedroom next to the television set about 4 feet above the electric entrance. At that point I didn't know what it was or what it did. It just failed in the middle of the night and defaulted to Gen as it was intended.
xctraveler 12/13/14 05:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water & Traveling in Winter

We have lots of experience with cold temps (too much) being originally from Rochester, NY. Over the years we have frozen the water hose a couple of times and once froze the stinky slinky, threw it away. I don't remember any internal freezes and the includes a week in sub 32 temps at my son's house. Burned a lot of propane and kept a work light lit in the utility bay, love those inefficient light bulbs. The temps you are talking about should cause no problem. The contents of the grey and black tanks contain many dissolved materials which lower the freeze temp and the Fresh Water tank, if kept full, will take an awful long time to freeze at the temps you are talking about. The coach we had the most winter time in was an '04 Southwind 36E 8 years of love and use.
xctraveler 12/13/14 01:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is a Resort REALLY a Resort & is a Park REALLY a Park or??

We are self contained. If I am staying one or two nights "anything" will do, electric preferred a sense of security required. I don't see the benefit of water if there is no onsite sewer. I carry my own. Once we settle in we close the blinds and we could be anyplace. For longer stays I am inclined to do more research because I might care about amenities. I generally would rather not pay for a high end resort. If I am near a city I expect to pay more for less space and sometimes will put up with pretty minimal, like Liberty Harbor Marina and RV Park across the Hudson from Manhattan. It is basically a parking lot with water and electric hookups, but where else can you stay 15 minutes from Manhattan for $80 a night and walk to the ferry right on premises?
xctraveler 12/13/14 01:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Now where do we go?

We were just in FQRV a week ago. Walked from out rig at about 6 PM to St Charles and Canal and caught a trolley to Commanders Palace for wonderful dinner. Given the time and distance when we left we took a cab back to the campground - $10 - on top of dinner at Commanders Palace, not even noticeable. The next night we got back to our coach late afternoon and had dinner on board. I would not hesitate to take DW and go there again. My Rochester apartment is in central city and has the same feel of risk as NO after dark. We travel in NYC by foot and love it. The only pickpocket experience I remember was in the Rome Train station and had he succeeded he would have gotten two pipes and 1/4 pound of pipe tobacco, instead he had a really sore wrist when I swung my arm down to block him. I carry very little on me, a credit card or two and enough cash to pay for a couple of cab rides, don't need a big roll or all my ID for dinner and a drink or two.
xctraveler 12/13/14 12:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: cpap machine

20 years on CPAP and 14 years RVing with CPAP. Whenever I have needed/wanted a new CPAP I have insisted on one with 12 V DC input. The head of our bed is on the other side of the wall from the bathroom. Pulled power off the bathroom light switch and mounted the outlet through the wall. I don't use a humidifier (they were new when I got my machine, "for women" they said) so the draw going directly from 12VDC is pretty small. What everyone else said about invverters/converts etc.
xctraveler 12/13/14 12:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: campgrounds with cable boxes

Cable companies have changed their service delivery so their digital box is required. Once a campground is "upgraded" it is done. This is so cable can deliver digital signal. OTA signal is 99% digital and requires modern TV or converter box We use Dish Satellite and have an RV Mobile account. With a phone call I can put it "on hold" with no payments for any period of time I choose and resume with a phone call. When I move out of the foot print of the local channels to a new area a simple phone call or online chat will get them to reset my reception location so I get the current local channels. This takes not more than 5 minutes with the tech support person, unless you get someone who hasn't a clue in which case ask for RV support. The update to your system can take as much as 15 minutes, so plan ahead if you want to watch the kickoff.
xctraveler 12/13/14 12:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Blue Ridge Parkway question

WE have driven the length of the BRP several time in our various coaches. The present coach and the previous one were 36 footers. The drive is slow, speed limit 35 to 45 and it can be hard to maintain that safely in a coach. It is twisty and can be steep, we love it! None of the "attractions" or parks along the BRP will be open nor will any of the lodges. The real issue I see is getting off the parkway if it starts to snow. Many of the "roads" are forest service routes suitable for my Jeep. Many of the paved roads that come down off the parkway are very steep and twisty, especially if you are in the high mountain areas. Even getting off at Rockfish Gap, the northern end of BRP and the entry to Skyline drive the descent into the valleys is very steep on the main roads. Just something to be aware of, it can be done but you need to put away the Florida "flatlander" mentality. Some people think mountains in the east are tame, they are not! Especially when covered with snow and ice.
xctraveler 12/08/14 08:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water

When we used to begin our winter travel on Jan 2 from Rochester NY we would fill with water in the driveway and dewinterize with the furnace on. The furnace kept the utility bay warm enough and the volume of water in the FW tank was great enough to prevent fast freezing. We drove through some freezing weather and stayed in our son's driveway with temps down to 15 overnight. That coach was an '04 Southwind and before that an '01 Daybreak. We burned a lot of propane keeping warm but I don't remember ever freezing the water system. I would NOT be happy getting fresh water at FJ. I would stop at a campground along the way however and put some water in the tank for travel purposes. Once you get south of I 40 most campgrounds are open.
xctraveler 12/08/14 08:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing 2014 jeep rubicon x

Thanks for everyone's advise on wearing of tires. I towed this weekend, total 120 miles, no visible damage I could see. From the posts I have seen the difference in height from the falcon to the jeep maybe a problem and I will try the towel on the steering wheel next tine and see what it does. Does anybody know if my jeep in Lower then the recommended 3 inches, does falcon make a adapter to lower the telescoping arms? Thanks todd You can buy a drop hitch, they come in 2" 4" 6" and 8" they go in the receiver on the coach and lower (or raise) the mount point for the towbar by that amount. This is not the ball hitch adapter, it has a stinger that inserts in the receiver on the coach and has a receiver for the stinger on the towbar. Do not get a long 6" drop, the leverage on your hitch may break the welds, happened to me in Alaska!
xctraveler 12/08/14 07:31pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Quartzite AZ

I just looked at the Mayo Clinic website. Clicky Most of the information here is reasonable. It would appear that someone with a compromised immune system ought to take precautions such as wearing a mask. The fungus is airborne so staying inside when the wind is up would also seem to be a simple precaution. Given our multiple travel times to the regions where it is prevalent it would appear we have escaped with a mild case in the past, far enough past to be beyond recollection or we shrugged it off as something else. For first timers to the region who are medicare eligible the same precautions as for the immune compromised might be wise. I wouldn't worry unless the wind was high enough to be full of dust. Or I would not choose to be downwind of a vehicle stirring up the dust (actually would like to avoid that in any circumstance). I am not a doctor but I did stay in a Holiday Inn once!
xctraveler 12/07/14 05:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Shopping at Lazydays?

The least happy squawk the loudest in reviews and on these forums. Most happy folk go about their business and are less likely to give a review unless they are exceedingly happy.
xctraveler 12/06/14 09:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing 2014 jeep rubicon x

I am towing a 2011 Rubicon on same tires, with Falcon 2 towbar. Have towed the Jeep close to 20,000 miles and driven it close to the same. We are on our second set of tires. The first set were not worn out, but they got very noisy and rough riding, most unpleasant. This 2nd set is starting to approach that disagreeable state. When I replace them, I will look for a slightly less aggressive tread and see how that goes.Tthese tires just look like they would be unpleasant on smooth blacktop from brand new even though they really aren't. They really are great at pulling up nasty steep dirt cliffs :)
xctraveler 12/05/14 08:30pm Dinghy Towing
RE: I can't seem to get on the road!

WE headed for Red Bay just for the "experience" and to have a couple of relatively minor issues attended to. two days out we had a too close encounter with a rock wall that destroyed the patio awning and seriously damaged the two topper awning on that side of the coach along with some paint and parts needing to be dealt with. So much for minor issues. When we arrived, the inspection team informed us that we needed to have the cap rails on the roof replaced and also the floor of the DS living room slide, both "good will" replacements, just more time. What looked to be a two week service stop stretched to a month. But we continued to live onboard and experienced life in a different locale for a bit. The good news is that it all got taken care of and we both still have the same health we had when we set out onm this latest journey. Not sure I can really say that because we are 3 or more years older and you know when you get to Medicare age those years take more out of us than we choose to admit.
xctraveler 12/05/14 08:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Taking off while the other occupants sleep

in 1976 we rented a friend's motorhome and did what you described, well it was a gasser and there was no tow'd and the "monster" was 26' (seemed mighty big then). The biggest difference in the day was when the boys had been fed DW put my breakfast on the table and I ate while she took over the driving so we didn't even lose eating time. That was when we began our routine of 2 hours on and 2 hours off which we maintain to this day. Now it is just the two of us the boys have boys of their own (no girls) and live their own lives. We consider a 6 hour day to be max windshield time and generally plan on 4 hours so starting at 10 gets us settled by 2:30 or 3 (lunch and fuel). We are both up by 6 or 7 but we enjoy listening to NPR and reading the NYTimes before getting under way. Including the spouse in driving responsibilities greatly reduces stress. For the first couple of days that may not be true :) but if you go away from the Nav seat and let one of the children ride there it will help you not have a nervous breakdown and it will let her learn how to handle it without your "helpful suggestions" - I know, I know we have been doing this for years and I still have to remember that when she is at the wheel, she is in control and I am just the navigator :)
xctraveler 12/05/14 08:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are we alone?

We thought we would miss being "home" for the holidays then the kids moved their families to the coasts ( east AND west). Our friends who we go back 30 to 50 years with are anyplace but Rochester in the winter (those that are still around and those that haven't retired yet). So we visit them in FL or AZ and NM or wherever they happen to be. We are always home now someplace on the road. Winterize only happens if we are traveling overseas and leave the coach where it might get cold. We have friends who ski so winterize and store the coach for winter and go to a leased condo for the ski season in VT. There is a person for every possible routine. No you are not alone.
xctraveler 12/05/14 07:30pm Class A Motorhomes
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