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RE: Am I out of my depth?

There was thread here "restoring the old Girl" or something like that. Started with a unit not much better than what you have, maybe more chassis engine work than you are aware of yet. He spent over a year, long thread, and got it up and went camping with it. Had to sell because his job required him to move overseas. Last I saw the new owner was camping in it. On edit, found the thread,Link to thread It is 71 pages long and is closed, but readable.
xctraveler 11/19/14 07:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help / Stranded / RV will not start /Road Service is no help

Glenn, Good luck on Rochester, we are from there but not in winter anymore. The snow is in Buffalo so none in Rochester. Had a friend with an older coach on Spartan Chassis with Cummins engine and he had to run around back and short a solenoid every time he wanted to start it. Had a screwdriver he kept handy just for that. Sounds like you have replaced the screwdriver with a switch. Hope you can find a decent mechanic to trace it out and repair it for. I have used Tracey Road Equipment in Henrietta for routine Freightliner service.
xctraveler 11/19/14 04:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New NMH designs

We traveled in a 36 foot Southwind for 110,000 miles over 8 years and loved it. When we were shopping we thought dinette booth was the only way to go. Two TVs were more than enough and who needs a washer/dryer, that's what campground laundries are for. Our Phaeton has ll of the above and we have come to love it all, well the 4th TV is a bit of overkill :) I doubt DW would be happy without her W/D ever again. and the Dining table with freestanding chairs and computer desk built in is the greatest. I doubt we will ever buy another coach, but you never know.
xctraveler 11/19/14 04:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: do gassers offer anything like the DP engine brake

I'll just pile on a bit here. We have driven over the Rockies, through the Canadian Rockies and down into Presidio TX in both a gasser (8.1L GM with Allison) and in our current DP with Engine Brake. No problem in either coach towing our car behind (RAV 4 behind the gasser and Jeep Wrangler behind the DP. The secret is to drive down the grade at the speed you came up, in the gear you came up. So if I crest at 30 mph in 2nd, that is how I start down and I use engine braking or EBrake to hold the speed. If the speed rises I apply the brakes firmly just long enough to get to 5 mph below my desired speed. Never let it get away from you, it will be a wild ride no matter what system you have, not that I have any experience of that.
xctraveler 11/19/14 04:07pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Put MH on boards or not for winter

The generator needs to be run at load to warm up the generator not the engine. Moisture can get into the generator portion and cause damage. No way to prevent that other than by getting it thoroughly warmed through, unless you want to remove it and mothball it.
xctraveler 11/19/14 03:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Put MH on boards or not for winter

I have used plastic place mats from WM (cheap) to put beneath my tires when storing for more than a month, just need a barrier. Run the gen under load, a couple of 1500 amp ceramic heaters will do for a start, for an hour or so once a month. Onan says two hours at half load. When I stored longer term (we full time now) I would take it out for a "fun run" every so often, at least 30 minutes at highway speeds to be sure everything is warmed through and no condensate is left in the exhaust system. That was with my gasser. Would do the same with my DP. Once started run it or don;t start it at all. If you are covering it, you may be best to not start the engine at all, but do find a way to run the gen, I use first of the month as my reminder.
xctraveler 11/18/14 09:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: cold weather travel

Shortly after I started RVing I got in the habit of checking tire pressures with a decent gauge each morning before getting on the road. This gets old when it is raining and cold, or just cold, but it "was" a habit. I added Tire Trakker TPMS which monitors temperature and pressure in all 10 tires. I expect to be adding air before I leave Red Bay. It was 70's when we arrived and it is now 30's. Grateful to have a DP with an on board air compressor so I don't have to drive someplace with a high pressure compressor to inflate my tires properly.
xctraveler 11/18/14 09:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Licensing questions

What is Hipo? Guessing "highway Patrol Officer" "Highway Police Officer" "A large fat animal with bad eyes and a mean temperament (badly spelled)" Take your choice :)
xctraveler 11/16/14 11:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Put the motorhome on consignment

The dealer we've put ours with has both new and consignment rigs. Most of the consignments are around 1996 - 2004. What we liked about the deal is that it's a fixed sales fee of $595.00. Friends put their 98 Bounder (32', no slides) with this dealer in late August and it sold the third week in October for only slightly less then the dealer's initial estimate. Our rig is out front by the street. There's still a few details to be sorted. but we're hoping it will be sold before the end of the year. The dealer said that this is a good time for sales, as people start getting antsy about winter and decide be snowbirds. It's always a good time to sell RVs, ask any dealer :) In the dead of winter people are thinking about summer. In the fall people are looking for good deals, you get the drift. As a retired salesman (life insurance not RVs) I can assure you that there is never a bad time to purchase a product that is for sale. If there is a willing buyer and a willing seller, the time is right. Good Luck and I hope your willing buyer comes along soon.
xctraveler 11/16/14 09:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: For Canadian RV'ers crossing U.S. border

Yeah, no border enforcement with Mexico... I wonder how that would go.... About as well as it go on our northern border.
xctraveler 11/14/14 11:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: new to rv'ing just purchased a 1996 31' allegro

REdline771, If you call Tiffin Service with the last 6 of your VIN they can help you identify the specifics on your coach and provide guidance on any fixes you may want help with as well as parts. If you came by Red Bay AL it is worth a stop to take the factory tour and get any service you might need/want taken care of as well. Tiffin Service Center Campground has 120 spaces and will begin to be empty as the cold sets in deeper, they have already turned the water off but there is tap water available at the wash area.
xctraveler 11/14/14 11:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: monochrome RVs

The swirls and fancy designs tend to break up the massive size of the unit. This makes them look a bit more manageable and does not present a solid wall of color. Think of camouflage, not that the designs serve that purpose but unrelieved solid colors actually stand out more than these swirls. Many Prevosts are two tone, solid dark upper color over a lower lighter color. THey look even more massive. Over the road buses are solid because it is much less expense to paint and repaint - ask me - we are "camping" in a paint bay tonight waiting for the clearcoat to set up and avoiding threatened rain. Tiffin uses 4 colors and very elaborate designs.
xctraveler 11/11/14 04:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Require RV Battery Recommendations

I used Trojan 105's in first two coaches, they were OEM. On second coach they began to show signs of failure at 7 years. We used the coach a lot, traveling from 3 to 9 months at a time and dry camping as well. We had plenty of solar power too so the batteries were well maintained. Replaced them with Trojan 105's. Can't remember what is in the current coach - not Trojans - will post it later today when it comes out of the paint shop.
xctraveler 11/11/14 11:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: skylight over shower

Instead of buying a replacement skylight, could the old skylight be replaced with a flat piece of plastic? Does the opening need to be covered for some reason with a domed skylight? Depends on how tall you are, I am only 5'9" and I do like the extra clearance the dome provides. Don't forget the shower usually has a step up from the floor to provide for the drain. For vertically challenged folk like DW (5'0') it would not be an issue :)
xctraveler 11/11/14 09:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV propane water heater

Let's see. Running microwave when gen is on to charge batteries actually uses more fuel since the load on the gen goes up with the use of the mwave. Maybe not noticeable but there is no such thing as a free lunch. When we were dry camping in our former coach with propane/electric water heater we turned it on 15 minutes before we expected to use it. For normal warm water to wash hands etc the tank usually would be fine even though it had been off of a few hours, it is very well insulated, thus you are not heating from cold each time. We were less interested in the cost of propane than in preserving it so we didn't have to break camp and drive to town to refill. In the scheme of total cost of operations propane is small potatoes.
xctraveler 11/11/14 09:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Imformation on Action Credit Services Tucson Arizona

The website is a landing page with NOTHING behind it. The "contact us" is Success Consulting !?!? with no response on Google. SCAM/RUN AWAY/DON'T EVEN ANSWER THE PHONE, they are probably very smooth talkers.
xctraveler 11/11/14 09:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Homemade Jack Stands

I would check the refrigerator mfg website for that tolerance. It is my understanding that with most refers the tolerance left/right (of the refer) is more critical which in normal installation would be fore and aft orientation for the coach. My refer says 2 to 3 degrees off level is acceptable, but it was made in 2011. Slides are a different matter. Although most mfg specify to level first the most critical is to have the coach square with no twist or torque in the body so the slides don't jam.
xctraveler 11/11/14 08:55am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Imformation on Action Credit Services Tucson Arizona

I don't need to have spent my working life as a financial planner to see the problems with this play. The worst case scenario is they have title to your coach and you still owe the finance company. Hmm, that was wrong right there, you still have title because the title is in your name and the current finance company. No way they will release the title to another party so long as you owe them. So you stop making payments assuming they will make them for you. Think about what happens if they do not make a payment. The bank does a repo and you have nothing but the remaining debt. You would be putting your financial neck in the hands of a company that has no interest in protecting you. If you are having a problem keeping up with payments and want to sell the coach sit down with the banker that holds the loan and see if they can work with you while you find a buyer. You will still owe any balance assuming you are underwater like most of us, but you may be able to protect your credit.
xctraveler 11/10/14 09:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Issues with Toad Pigtail

The connector between the coach and the toad worked loose so we reattached everything. We checked the continuity and it all looks good. However, the right turn signal is not working. Everything else is. Are there any hints about what we should look for? Not sure which connector you mean. Was it the pigtail that came loose from the socket or did the socket come of the coach or car? After trying most everything in my history I have resolved this twice by opening the connectors on the ends of the pigtail and securing them and then either wrapping them with electrical tape (not much room to do a good job) or potting them in silicon so they cannot short. I secure the plug at the tow'd by using a velcro strip from the cord to the tow adapter. This reduces the pressure on the connection and prevents the socket from dragging on the road and being destroyed.
xctraveler 11/10/14 09:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: For Canadian RV'ers crossing U.S. border

"Canada, USA and Mexico should follow Europe, no border, no questions, free trade, no declaration, no agent." Like that's ever going to happen with the paranoid anti immigration descendants of immigrants we have in US Congress.
xctraveler 11/10/14 09:00pm Class A Motorhomes
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