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RE: Big car, big cigar and no gas.

What is the upper end of the scale. If I could afford $150,000 per year indefinitely after paying cash for a $500,000 bus would I be able to enjoy the thing without having to worry much about the price of fuel? Back to the basic question posed here; Assume you can buy the $500k coach for cash and then have an after tax cash flow of $150,000/year my personal experience say the answer is YES. I have no idea what the lifestyle other than RV expenses might be, but there should be plenty of room for what ever you might want to do on this continent. Fuel will be the least of your expenses. Assume 10k miles a year (a lot unless you go to Alaska) at 8 mpg = 1250 gal of fuel at $4 per gal = $5,000. big deal!
xctraveler 09/16/14 01:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Big car, big cigar and no gas.

As a retired financial planner I can say I began to down size my practice development at age 59 and taking extended rv trips, starting with 6 weeks and eventually 4 months while putting in time to support my existing clients by phone and email. I continued this until I turned 67 at which point I sold my practice and began to extend travel time limited by the need to attend to my mother from time to time until 2011. My coach is NOT $500k, but the Phaeton is a very comfortable home. My budget does approach your number at $10k/month net and there is plenty of surplus for luxuries. Foreign travel is from a separate budget which I am fortunate to be able to support. Life style will certainly impact the budget. We dine out seldom, because the food we prepare for ourselves is healthier then what we can get in restaurants. We do not hesitate to take in concerts, plays, museums and dine out with friends. I'm other words there is nothing that more money would get me that I miss. For people living on $30k/year the biggest differences are going to be travel miles and choice of campgrounds. As well as dining opportunities. The options for entertainment are far fewer with fewer dollars, but the cost of basic living is not going to be much different once the coach is acquired. We travel with and spend time with people with all different economic circumstances from much wealthier to those with limited means and time around the campfire is still what makes this a great life style.
xctraveler 09/15/14 08:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Big car, big cigar and no gas.

$150k/year US is definitely doable. If you want to "live up" to a $500k coach it might take a bit more. In a $250k coach it is easy. To add overseas travel you will want to add the cost of the travel to the budget as an add on. This assumes minimal cost for another living space, in our case a rental apartment so no unbudgeted maintenance expense or taxes. Normal maintenance on a new coach should fit within the budget. You need a cushion for the unexpected that I'd not insured. All in all I would say it sounds comfortable and welcome to the club, although I have my doubts that we will still be doing this 9 years from now, due to age and health not finances or desire.
xctraveler 09/14/14 08:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Full-Timing...what's your opinion...

I'm not even sure what full timing means. We have ties to the community we raised out family in and are back there in a rental apartment for a couple of months a year to do the doctor thing and see all our friends. We travel overseas for a month or more at a time. And generally when on the coach we are on the move every week or so. This pattern is not new, we have kids on both coasts and have driven cross country 14 times or more. We do miss some of the community activities we used to help run and the more often happenings of funerals of friends, but there are more places in this country and in the world we haven't seen yet. We will look for op and any others on this thread at our next campground happy hour and we will not wonder if you are away for a month or 11 months if you have some good stories to share
xctraveler 09/14/14 05:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: water pump help (fresh water)

I did not see you mention that you had checked the strainer on the pump. You might disconnect the output pipe from the pump and see if the pump has good flow without the system (connect a short hose to flow the output onto the ground). Once you have verified good flow from the pump, make sure you shower head valves are open and the faucets are closed. Check that your water heater tank is full! If the tank is empty that could cause a short term issue until it fills. I'm about out of diagnostic ideas if the pump is working. All my other ideas would result in water spilling from a cabinet or out on the ground which you surely would have noticed by now.
xctraveler 09/14/14 04:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: What did you do to your Class A MH today???

Replaced shower hose after old one started to leak. Then replaced the shower head with new Oxygenic when the former shower head disintegrated when I turned it on with the new hose. It would have been more convenient had the shower head disintegrated first then I wouldn't have a surplus hose. Majority of time spent driving to campground store twice and selecting the correct wrench for the job.
xctraveler 09/14/14 03:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Storage question

We have always stored with jacks in travel mode and slides in. Generally pull the coach into storage slot with water system winterized, disconnect batteries (disconnect switch) and lock up and walk away. Come back every 30 days to check water levels in batteries and run generator with load - electric heaters are good in winter, a/c in summer.
xctraveler 09/14/14 03:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Working on something ALL THE TIME

Since we spend most of our time living in the coach and moving about the country there are usually thiings large and small that need attention. Also as we live in it we find modifications that make life just a bit more comfortable. The great news is we don't own a house, a cottage or even a second car. We do rent an apartment in case we want to stay in Rochester for a while and also to store the stuff we don't want to part with, yet. I cannot imagine living as we do without my tools. Every screw seems determined to work itself loose at the worst possible moment and the electronics are always making me crazy. It keeps life interesting.
xctraveler 09/09/14 07:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: windshield wiper adapter

I downsized to 26in blades and they work fine. They clear all the windshield I really use. I often have my shade down over the top of where the 32 in blades clear so I am losing very little usable area. Initially I did this because I had no choice. Old blades were disintegrating and all that was available was the 26". It was raining and looked to rain for several days. I am quite happy with them and see no need to spend big bucks just to clear more glass.
xctraveler 09/09/14 10:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winnebago rolls again?

Many people find it hard to believe that with our current government we could have had a recovery. Therefore any good economic news is a surprise and will lead to something bad. Boomers are retiring or planning for it and many have appreciated homes and decent retirement plans. They will soon be making it hard for me to live my prefered lifestyle of no planning more than two hours ahead. When all these wonderful new coaches come back on the market to flood the used market I don't expect it to have any impact on me. Otoh, my kids will be able to get some excellent deals.
xctraveler 09/08/14 05:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: backing up your toad

We were towing a RAV 4 4 down behind a Southwind. We pulled into an E-Z Pass Lane and the idiot ahead of us did not have a functional pass and the attendant didn't know how you raise the gate. After several minutes I decided to back my rig out of the toll booth. I got in the Tow'd and started the engine. Had dw on the phone and she very slowly backed us out of the lane. I was able to hold the wheel straight without too much effort. Dw drives half of all miles we travel, she is very comfortable at the wheel. We both agreed that we had made a mistake and should have disconnected the tow'd even though it worked out okay.
xctraveler 09/08/14 05:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 50 amp service

You need to know what the power at the pedestal, where you pulug into 50amp Is the first place to look. We were plugged into 30 amp recently and watched the voltage drop to 106! It was heading for 90 deg F (33 C)and the utility had reduced the voltage in a Brown out. With 50 amp at 120 volts I can run two a/cs, microwave, and coffee Brewer with no issues. As others have said, check the power you are receiving then follow the power into you coach through the inverter. When you find the low voltage you have the source of the problem
xctraveler 09/08/14 04:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Technical advances in diesel engines and drivelines.

The answer to op is yes there have been significant changes in diesel engines (gas too) over the last decade. Some are for the better and some may be problematic. I am not a tech or particularly biased user. I own my first diesel pusher, Cummins isc 2012 with def. From the pov of a fulltimer who runs maybe 15k miles a year I expect the engine to outlive me. It is quiet, the loudest noise is the radiator fan. It doesn't stink. It is 50% more fuel efficient than my 2004 gasser. Dang about every 3 months or so I need to put some def in the tank. At 2.79/gal (at the pump) it may cost me a penny a mile or 2, less if I stay out of cities and out on the open road. The benefit to the environment of the epa requirements cannot be denied. I don't worry about it for me, I'm over 70, but I have 5 grandsons and I'd like them to be able to breath clean air. Not to mention their children. Loving the old ways may feel good, but it is pretty selfish. Leaded gas spread lead through the atmosphere and reduced the iq of everyone. It's gone thanks to got regulation. End of rant!
xctraveler 09/08/14 04:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Rhinebeck NY to Liberty Harbor Marina & RV Park

XCTrav, are you referring to the "Cherry Hill" that is a suburb of Philly, just across the river and containing pretty much NOTHING whatsoever to recommend it? No! Cherry Hill CG in College Park MD. We just left the Elks Lodge in Marlton NJ. It has less than nothing to recommend it other than we were meeting friends there to go to dinner, elsewhere.
xctraveler 09/08/14 03:24pm Roads and Routes
RE: Rhinebeck NY to Liberty Harbor Marina & RV Park

My current intended route is to go to the Elk Lodge in Cherry Hill and thence down to Baltimore. Or in other words, we are leaping from the frying pan into the fire. Even more likely from insanity to insanity. Once we leave Baltimore (Pikesville actually) we may just escape to the comfort of a mountain dirt road south of Charlottesville VA. At least there is only one route, hard to take a wrong turn, not impossible but hard. I will vouch for the antiquity of the NJ roads. Some seem to wander about with very little purpose, like 202. Even the NJP seems to take on various different Interstate numbers, like a chameleon. The NY Thruway limits itself to just a couple - I 90 and I 87. I know one could quibble and claim that I290 in the Niagara region is also a NY Thruway section.
xctraveler 09/02/14 07:45pm Roads and Routes
RE: Rhinebeck NY to Liberty Harbor Marina & RV Park

Thank you Alfred and gcloss. I found out the hard way that my route was way to complicated. I can't even describe the actual route we took following our gps. But we did get here unmarked. The roads are crazy and the gps seems to miss some of the nuances. There are more lanes than it reports or it isn't clear which"slight right" it means. Ah well we will survive and the coach will stay parked until we have to find our way to the south in a week.
xctraveler 08/29/14 09:12pm Roads and Routes
RE: Rhinebeck NY to Liberty Harbor Marina & RV Park

Second thoughts: just tried the route on my builtin GPS and it comes up with the following - I 87 to I 287 to GSP to I 80 to I 95 to rt 495 to US 19 to I 78 to local streets to the Park. This seems to get closer to the park before hitting surface streets. I will be following this route tomorrow unless someone pops in in the next 18 hours with a better alternative. Looking forward to comments.
xctraveler 08/28/14 08:15am Roads and Routes
Rhinebeck NY to Liberty Harbor Marina & RV Park

My mapping software (DeLorme Street Street Atlas 2013) suggests I 87 S to Garden State Parkway to SR 17 to US 46 to US 1 to I 95 to SR 495 to SR 3 to US 1(US 9) and then a bunch of surface streets to the Park. If you are familiar with the close in area, does this make good sense? Is there an alternative for my 36' Phaeton with Jeep in tow that makes better sense? We will be departing Rhinebeck at about 10 AM 8/29 and that suggests we will be entering Jersey City at about 2 PM. Our only scheduling requirement is a dinner in West Orange at 5 PM (taking the tow'd).
xctraveler 08/28/14 07:59am Roads and Routes
RE: Cobwebs!

Mine has accumulated its share of signs of inactivity since June. That will end on Tuesday when we roll out for our life on the road. Don't plan on having it back in its storage slot until next June! That will keep the cobwebs and mud daubers from finding us. Oh yes I will also be someplace I can wash it!
xctraveler 08/17/14 06:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: low water pressure from fauset

Those check valves break very easily. I am surprised that after using a drift on it it still functions. I have replaced a few of them over the years as that "little" push with a face full is part of my winterizing routine. I should say was as today my winterizing routine is mostly driving south.
xctraveler 08/17/14 06:22pm Class A Motorhomes
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