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RE: Soft sided pet carriers

We don't use soft sided crates. We have two Westies one figured out to unzip the crate after 5 minutes in it and showed the other one how to unzip his crate. So for us they do not work. Our westie mix, Maddie, can also unzip a soft-sided crate. Ours has two zippers, like a sleeping bag has, so we used a twist tie to tie the zipper ends together. She simply pawed a hole in the screen... We went back to a wire crate.
xteacher 09/28/15 10:23am RV Pet Stop
RE: Awning question-- getting wet when stored

Ditto on the above responses. I recently had to clean the awning on our one year old TT because it got terribly moldy just sitting closed up. Keeping ours under cover isn't an option, so I'll just continue to clean it from time to time.
xteacher 09/21/15 07:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Ouiser-Our Daschund

I'm so sorry for your loss. She was obviously a very well-loved family member.
xteacher 09/17/15 08:09am RV Pet Stop
RE: Where's the fat

My MIL's obese cockapoo I fostered after MIL went into assisted living, lost 1/2 her body weight living with me for the 7 months I had her (I found her a WONDERFUL forever home soon after). Yes, she had loose skin afterwards, but it was a small price to pay for regaining her health.
xteacher 09/17/15 08:06am RV Pet Stop
RE: How to stop dog fom chasing deer and turkeys

A good fence and/or on a leash when out of the house. A dog with a high prey drive is usually never totally reliable, IMO.
xteacher 09/17/15 08:01am RV Pet Stop
RE: A good reason not to follow FB advice...update 9/18

Prayers for Izzy!
xteacher 09/17/15 07:54am RV Pet Stop
RE: The house keeps getting quieter.....

I'm so sorry for your double loss, especially so close together. We've had and lost several seniors over the years, and it's tough to lose them, but their undying loyalty and love makes it all worthwhile.
xteacher 09/13/15 04:21pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Rving with large dog

We camp in state, corp, and national parks with electricity and water almost exclusively; they're cheaper and usually prettier than commercial campgrounds/rv parks. I've never noticed any breed restrictions in them, but some corp parks do have a limit on how many dogs one may bring. Very few of these parks allow dogs on the trails or on the beaches. We crate our little dogs and the boxer thankfully is okay loose in the camper. Stuffed Kongs and split antlers to snack on help keep them occupied. We turn the radio on for them to help block out outside noise, and we close all window shades to avoid visual stimulation. We try not to stay gone more than 4 hours at any given time, and so far, so good.
xteacher 09/13/15 04:15pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Teeth Cleaning

Small dogs tend to get nasty teeth faster than larger dogs, because they have the same number of teeth as a large dog, crammed into a tiny mouth. It's probably too late for brushing to fix the problem. Please let your vet do a cleaning. Your dog may also need some extractions, due to decay, as Dr. Doug mentioned. BTW, dogs can eat just fine without all their teeth. I had my daughter's 7 lb. yorkie-poo for several months, and I had him get a dental right after we took him in. He had to have four teeth removed, and he was just fine. After the cleaning, follow up with daily brushing with a toothbrush made for small dogs and a dog toothpaste. I'm partial to Nylabone toothbrushes and TropiClean Clean Teeth Gel. The gel says no brushing needed, but ignore that. Brushing is much more beneficial. I always do it at night, right before bed, so that it stays on the teeth longer. Don't allow food/water for at least 30 minutes before or after brushing for best results.
xteacher 09/05/15 08:52am RV Pet Stop
RE: Veternarians

I am so sorry for your loss. You gave that vet's office an appropriate review, IMO. Years ago, we had a yellow lab, Bluto, who was going downhill fast, and was paralyzed with arthritis that had gone to his spine when we got home one day - on a Sunday. My regular vet was out of town, so I called the father of one of my students, who was also a vet. I apologized for calling him, especially on a Sunday, and he insisted that I bring Bluto to his office. Once examined, he agreed that it was "time", and he was so kind - we even got a condolence card later. Thankfully, most vets I've known are like this, and I've had to have several pets sent to the Rainbow Bridge over the years. I'm so sorry you had a bad experience with your beloved cat.
xteacher 09/05/15 08:42am RV Pet Stop
RE: Help Getting Around Atlanta for Rookie!!

I drive in ATL frequently. Sorry, but Atlanta is a nightmare this weekend (what else is new?). There are some special events going on downtown (Dragon Con, Black Pride Festival; never mind Labor Day traffic), but I think the ever-present weekend construction is on hold for the Labor Day week-end. No Sunday football to worry about (they played Thursday); the Braves are out of town. I would take I-285 and stay in the second from the right lane to avoid being forced off an exit. Take a chill pill, just breathe, and expect delays. It's not worth stressing over.
xteacher 09/05/15 07:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Seizures in dogs (update on Bud) last page

Did the seizures happen to start after application of monthly flea/ticks meds? I've noticed that several of them have warnings on them concerning seizure prone dogs. I second spacing out vaccines and having them administered as little as legally allowed. Many dogs have adverse reactions to them, especially if all given at once. There have been many anecdotal reports of rosemary triggering seizures in seizure prone dogs. It's a common ingredient in many kibbles. If you're feeding a kibble with colored pieces, I'd change to a kibble without them. Many of the grocery store brands contain them, as do the least expensive foods on the last aisle of the big box pet stores. My boxer, Jackson, started vomiting at night after being fed Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach and Skin for a few weeks (against my better judgement, I might add :o). I changed him to Fromm Gold Adult, and it literally stopped overnight. A good quality Kibble can make a difference in your dog's health!
xteacher 09/04/15 12:40pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Best dry dog food

The "best" dog food depends on the particular dog. I have three different dogs on three different kibbles... Bulldogs are notorious for food sensitivities. My allergy dog does best on the kibbles in the Acana Singles line. They are grain, potato, and chicken free. There are three proteins to choose from: duck, lamb, and pork. I rotate them with each bag, since the available proteins aren't this dog's problems. My old man boxer does well on Fromm Gold Adult, which is a moderately priced food, and is grain inclusive. He might do well on the Acana Singles line kibbles too, but I can't afford them for him. Fromm also makes some very fine grain free kibbles (about the same price point as Acana). My new foster, Hallie, is eating Nature's Recipe Grain Free, which isn't my choice, but it's what the rescue supplied me with, and she's doing fine on it.
xteacher 09/03/15 05:34pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Hallie

Thank you everyone for your kind words! Hallie continues to do well, although she went into season today - oh joy... :R She went off her food a little bit yesterday and today, and Maddie was sniffing her up and down, all in her business, and Jackson was very impatient with her; now I know why. She's still a good girl, and she'll be wearing her panties for a couple of weeks - lol! At least now, I know she's definitely NOT pregnant!! :B She's so darn cute! She's going to eventually make someone a great pet!! http://i.imgur.com/EldSO5ll.jpg
xteacher 09/01/15 05:52pm RV Pet Stop

My boxer also sometimes gets the "hunger pukes" in the morning, throwing up yellow, foamy bile. I've found that giving him a small meal at bedtime helps alleviate this. Be sure to divide up the daily ration so as not to overfeed, rather than just adding extra food. For example, Jackson eats 3.5 c. daily. We feed Jackson 1.5 cups at breakfast and dinner, then 1/2 cup at bedtime. For those who only feed once daily, try dividing the daily ration and feed twice daily.
xteacher 09/01/15 05:35pm RV Pet Stop
RE: RAV4 towing capacity

We towed an Aliner Classic with a 2010 Rav 4 with tow package with no problems. However, I wouldn't recommend towing a TT with one. The wind drag puts undue stress on the vehicle. Glad you upgraded to a Tundra, but I see a bigger TT in your near future!
xteacher 08/30/15 01:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Options for a trailer with a Honda Pilot as TV.

Without the 4WD and tow package, the Pilot can't really tow anything; with it, it can tow 4500 lb.. OP, is your Pilot 4WD? Don't forget the weight of your family and belongings in the vehicle and in the camper when determining whether or not you can tow a camper safely. I would definitely look at PUPs for a family; some do come with a restroom now. The wind drag of a TT big enough to hold your family would really stress your Pilot, IMO.
xteacher 08/30/15 01:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Lance Trailers

I loved them until I saw their prices - yowser! I assume you get what you pay for, but I don't like them well enough to pay that much for one.
xteacher 08/30/15 01:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Finally sold our Travel Trailer.

So sorry you had to sell. Your wife would be able to tow and set up an Aliner like we have herself, if you decide that you can't stand not to go camping. We have found its simplicity in set up and ability to tow with a smaller vehicle very liberating.
xteacher 08/30/15 01:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: Importance of weight maintinance & brushing

Glad you're getting her to slim down; she definitely needs it! It will definitely make a difference. As raindove mentioned, panting can also be an indicator of pain, stress, and/or heart issues. Many years ago, we adopted a yellow lab from my niece who weighed 102 pounds when we got him. The vet said he should be 75-80 pounds. Between diet and exercise, w got him down to 80 pounds, but it was always a struggle. A few years ago, I fostered my MIL's cockapoo, Rosie. She's was morbidly obese and panted just standing there. The vet weighed her at 28.2 lb. to start with, and she said Rosie should have weighed 14-15 pounds. Amazingly, she had no other health issues - sure didn't pay $1400 for the diagnosis of FAT!! It took 6-7 months of a restricted diet (I fed Wellness Core Reduced Fat - feed the amount for what the dog SHOULD weigh, not what she currently weighs, and even then, I fed less than what the directions said) and increasing exercise, but Rosie reached her goal, and I found her a very loving home. Make sure you exercise your dog (leashed walks to start with; add games of fetch as she's able) at increasing levels and distances as she loses weight (Rosie started out barely able to walk around the block, but eventually worked up to walking 3 miles daily; she also learned to enjoy vigorous games of fetch). Cut out ALL high carb treats (dog biscuits/treats) and instead, substitute baby carrots and no-salt green beans - ignore pitiful looks. If your dog refuses these healthy treats, keep trying. It's amazing what hunger will do...
xteacher 08/27/15 04:49pm RV Pet Stop
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