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RE: Bad Weekend Camping.

Ouch! I hope the meds help her heal quickly!
xteacher 05/21/15 07:21pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Purina v Blue Buffalo update

I've never been a fan of BB (previous dogs refused to eat the "bits" in it), and there have been quite a few anecdotal reports of it making dogs ill lately. This, and the latest admission by the company of misleading advertising is enough to keep me away from it.
xteacher 05/15/15 06:52am RV Pet Stop
RE: Jesse almost ate a squirrel this morning!

My boxer and westie mix almost caught a chipmunk the other afternoon that panicked and made the mistake of streaking across open ground in my back yard. If I hadn't screamed at the dogs to stop and run out there to intervene, I think they may have caught him/her. Ugh - I don't want to find out what would happen if they did catch one of these feisty creatures. I'm worried they'd get all scratched up, and I don't need yet another vet bill...
xteacher 05/15/15 06:47am RV Pet Stop
RE: YES, everybody was right!!

Congrats on your failure! Rosie looks right at home.
xteacher 05/14/15 06:21pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Known issues with 1997 Aliner

We had a 2012 Aliner Classic a couple of years ago. We only sold it because we wanted a real potty onboard, and we'd love to have an Aliner Expedition some day. Check the floor carefully. Aliners of this era were known for floor issues, which is why they changed the construction around 2007. Perhaps the former owner already took care of any problems? Also check the foam seals where the sections of the roof fit together when folded up. They may need to be replaced, which isn't a huge deal. In addition, do a water test to make sure any windows/skylights don't leak. They may need to be resealed.
xteacher 05/14/15 05:44am Folding Trailers
RE: Stove Vent Hood

Very common in smaller, less expensive campers. We have the same, worthless design in our camper. We cook mainly outside because of this, unless it's raining.
xteacher 05/13/15 10:06am Travel Trailers
RE: new TT owner - KZ 16RBT - organization help needed

We also have a very small TT (see my signature). Here are some things that work for us: *LABELED containers and removable Command Hooks are your friends when trying to organize in a small space! *We hang up all shirt, pants, etc. in the way back of our SUV on a travel hanging rod. We just make sure to bring the next day's clothes into the camper the night before. Fortunately, we have enough cabinet space to store socks, underwear, shorts, bathing suits, and pjs in Sterlite containers above the bed. *You can also keep labeled storage totes in your tow vehicle if you don't have storage in your camper. *I took a see through plastic wall hanger for shoes and hung it on our bathroom wall using removable Command Hooks (it JUST fit, thank goodness!). It holds all of our personal items: deodorant, meds, hair dryer, comb/brush, etc. If wall space is limited, it can be cut carefully to fit a smaller space. *We hung a shower caddy from a large water proof Command Hook on a wall in the shower to hold shampoo, condioner, soap, and razor. Our shower head is too small to hold the shower caddy safely. *We purchased a 2-toothbrush holder from Camping World and attached it to a wall in the bathroom with the sticky tape it came with. We also bought a Kleenex holder from Camping World and attached it to a wall in the bathroom with the sticky tape it came with (I'm not a fan of screwing anything into the walls). *We bought several Sterlite containers to store items that will fit in our cabinets (dishes, cups, food, silverware, etc.). We have under couch storage (built more like a dinette seat with lift up storage in our camper where we store larger things - coffee maker, electic skillet, etc. We hung large removable Command hooks on a narrow wall just inside the camper's door for our dogs' leashes. We also used these hooks near the stove to hang potholders. *Our bed is actually a dinette in our camper that we keep as our permanent bed, so we store big items under or on our bed during transit: tv, dogs's x-pen, etc. The cooler goes in the narrow aisle between the couch and fridge during transport. *We have an outdoor camp kitchen and put our non-food items in it when we get to camp. This helps our small interior from feeling any more cluttered than need be. This includes cooking utensils, electric skillet, coffee maker, pots, pans, etc. We run a heavy duty extension cord right from the power poll to this area, along with a surge protector/outlets to avoid putting too much pressure on our camper's electric system. We rarely cook inside unless it's raining. We set it up under our Easy Up, and/or we cover it with a tarp to protect from rain between uses. The Easy Up also keeps us from using up valuable space under our small camper awning. *If you use your bath tub for storage (snap on lid or sliding drawer Sterlite containers are an option), make sure you put something in the bottom of it to prevent scratching it. Old beach towels work well. Pack snuggly to avoid sliding and banging of items against the sides of the tub. I'm sure I forgot some other things I've done, but you get the idea. Have fun in your camper! You'll figure out the best storage mods for you as you go. After all, necessity is the mother of invention!
xteacher 05/13/15 09:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Good bye Ava

So sorry for the loss of your GSD friend, Ava. Thank you for being there with her when she went to the Rainbow Bridge.
xteacher 05/12/15 11:47am RV Pet Stop
RE: Someone has a birthday !

Happy birthday Izzy! Glad your mom spoiled you on your special day. Love the view!!
xteacher 05/09/15 08:34am RV Pet Stop
RE: Picking up new camper tomorrow!

Very exciting! Be sure to camp near civilization the first time because you will invariably forget something important. Also, take along a pad of paper and a pen to write down items you want to include the next trip. You'll forget if you don't write them down right away.
xteacher 05/08/15 12:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Golden Retriever

We had a Golden, Sunshine, that we took in at age 9 many years ago when her owner died. She had never lived indoors (she had lived at her owner's lake house), and she made it very clear to us that she was NOT going to come inside our house, no matter what the weather. Our vet told us to leave her alone, since she had done fine up to that point. We figured that she was near the end of her lifespan after reading up on the breed. Well...that old girl lived to be 17! We were stunned, to say the least. We also had a lab, Chipper, who lived to be 14 1/2. We were amazed with him, as well, since labs don't generally live that long. He finally succumbed to vestibular disease that he couldn't recover from, despite vet intervention. I'm a boxer lover, and I know they come with a laundry list of genetic and behavioral issues (cancer and heart issues being the biggest killers). After losing a few boxers to various health issues, I decided not to own any more of them. Of course, sometimes the best laid plans... I adopted a senior boxer, Jackson, from the pound last summer because he was on the "very urgent" list... I have no idea how old Jackson really is (at least 8, according to my vet), nor his past health history. He has arthritis in his shoulders, which is currently being managed with Metacam, but he seems otherwise healthy, and has plenty of energy for us (anyone with a young boxer knows how insane they are!). We treasure each day he's with us, but we know that he could easily take a turn for the worse at any time. At least he'll enjoy his last few years in comfort! RESPONSIBLE and EDUCATED breeders will do breed specific health testing on their breeding stock and cull out dogs that produce litters with genetic issues. However, all the back yard breeders and puppy mills out there are making it all but impossible to eradicate these killer diseases, IMO. Sad...
xteacher 05/08/15 07:24am RV Pet Stop
RE: Go Peg

Congratulations to you and Peg!
xteacher 05/06/15 05:31am RV Pet Stop
RE: Go MIss Scarlett!

Prayers for healing and peace sent. I'm so glad that Miss Scarlett is being taken care of!!
xteacher 05/04/15 09:36am RV Pet Stop
RE: RIP Sunny

From what I've read, it sounds like you made the best decisions for Sunny from the beginning. It can be hard to accept that sometimes there is an animal we just can't save, whatever the reason. Bless you for having tried. Thank you. My thoughts exactly. Some rescuers will go to any lengths to save an animal, but at what cost (physically, mentally, and financially)? Quality of life is very important, IMO.
xteacher 05/04/15 09:32am RV Pet Stop
RE: How do you know it's Time? It was time.

I'm very sorry for your loss. Your kitty is in a better place; it's the ones left behind that it's hardest on.
xteacher 04/28/15 06:16am RV Pet Stop
RE: painting cabinets

Without sanding or the chemical prep, the paint won't stick properly and will be a waste of your time, IMO.
xteacher 04/27/15 06:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Starcraft AR One

I think the new AR-ONEs have an 8000K a/c now. If not, I'd pass; we have the 5K and it barely keeps up in GA/FL summer camping weather. We have the 14RB, which we got b/c the price was right (end of model year clearance), and I can tow it easily with my 2010 Pathfinder. The tanks are tiny (9 gal. black/15 gal. gray), so you'll need a tote to take along to empty them frequently, if you don't have full hookups. In our camper, there's no exhaust fan in the bathroom, only a vent. There's no electical up there either, so if you wanted to add one, it would be kind of a big deal to add it. We camp in warm/hot weather, so it's a pain. The bathroom gets hot and steamy fast - we leave the door open when showering to help. We can't seem to keep the smoke alarm from going off whenever the furnace kicks on in cold weather. We've replaced the smoke detector, replaced the batteries, let the furnace run to try and get the chemical smell to dissapate, but it still does it - always in the middle of the night, of course... We've had to take the batteries out when we use the furnace, which is not safe. Our furnace is not right under the smoke detector, so we can't figure what the problem is, other than the camper is so small that the heat rises quickly and sets it off. We had to have the frame for the couch and the bed reinforced b/c they were shoddily built and the corners were pulling apart after only one or two uses (my husband and I are not big people either). The dealer was great, and rebuilt and reinforced the couch frame for us, and reinforced the bed frame, which wasn't in as bad a shape. It's fine now. The camper is okay for our needs, but if I had a choice and the money, I'd go with a different one - JMHO. I'm glad we have a two year warranty!
xteacher 04/26/15 10:22am Travel Trailers
RE: 1st Time Buyer - Recomendations??

Do you want a walk around bed, or is a crawl-over bed okay? My husband and I have the TT in our signature, which has a crawl-over bed. I'd love to have a walk around bed for those middle of the night bathroom trips, especially since I'm the one next to the wall... With a Tacoma, you're limited as to TT size. I towed a 22 foot TT (3500 lb. dry weight) with a Tacoma, and it was doable, but not great. I would go shorter, and make sure to use a good WDH. Look at the R-Pod 179. It's the only one with any storage in it. It has a wet bath, and as long as you don't mind that, it's a nifty TT. We almost got that one instead of our AR-ONE, but we got a steal of a deal on our TT, so we got it instead. Also, take a look at the Palomini TTs. Several models to choose from and very light. Some have small slides.
xteacher 04/26/15 07:20am Travel Trailers
RE: RIP Sunny

Thank you everyone for your supportive comments. People understand letting go a dog with obvious physical problems, but society often still has problems with the devastation of mental illness. I know in my heart that Sunny's in a better place now.
xteacher 04/25/15 08:26pm RV Pet Stop
RIP Sunny

With sadness, we decided to send Sunny to the Rainbow Bridge Thursday morning. I was his permanent foster because he was unadoptable. I've posted details about his situation in previous posts. After nearly two years of behavior modification, coupled with medication, he still had some nasty demons in his head that refused to let him accept people as loving creatures. His ever-present fear and unhappiness was very stressful to him, and we felt helpless in easing it. Run free and happy, Sunny!
xteacher 04/25/15 08:24am RV Pet Stop
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