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RE: Dog's on furniture

X2 on crating the dog or otherwise keeping the dog away from the furniture when you're gone. Can you contain the dogs in your kitchen or other room with baby gates?
xteacher 06/25/15 12:04pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Welcome, Ollie!

Congratulations! Ollie is so handsome!! Thank you for rescuing - labs are a dime a dozen in shelters (along with pitts) in our area. We've had two labs in the past, and they both made great family dogs. Once they turn 2-3 years old, they tend to settle down better. In the meantime, consistent training and loads of patience will help you keep your sanity - lol!
xteacher 06/25/15 07:19am RV Pet Stop
RE: Down Sizing A Pop-Up

We looked a a Casita (similar to a Scamp), but we felt claustrophobic. We recently bought an Aliner Ranger 15 (a hard-sided pop-up that can be put up in about 2 minutes - really!) with the cassette potty option and Cool Cat heat pump (11,500k a/c plus heat pump heater), and we love it! There's enough room for two (60x80 queen bed), plus the dinette makes into a roomy single bed when our granddaughter gets old enough to start coming with us! It fits into our garage, too. The Aliner Expedition is about the same size but has more standard options. Aliner
xteacher 06/22/15 04:52pm Folding Trailers
RE: How did you begin this hobby?

DH and I bought a tiny Coachmen TT as a way of having a place for our two kids and us to stay when we visited our middle child, a handicapped son, who lives 4 hours away from us. It also gave us and our other two kids a way to enjoy beach and mountain trips that we couldn't otherwise afford. Over the years, we've had several TTs, a 5ver, even a PUP. Now that it's just the two of us, we again have a tiny, very inexpensive TT that we keep in the town where our handicapped son lives to use as a "hotel" room when we visit him. We've recently purchased an Aliner Ranger 15 to use for actual camping trips - again, a great way to enjoy places we otherwise wouldn't be able to afford!
xteacher 06/22/15 04:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: New kid on the block

So glad you're feeling better! Thank you for taking in this handsome senior guy. His heart problem is likely genetic, especially since a dog you had from the same line had the same issue. I'm sure you'll spoil him rotten, as he deserves in his sunset years! :-)
xteacher 06/21/15 07:28am RV Pet Stop
RE: HIT IT AGAIN, DEAN! Warning Pitcher Heavy!

Loved the photos - thank you for sharing them with us!
xteacher 06/21/15 07:22am RV Pet Stop
RE: Coughing.....

I'd check back in with your vet. If it's kennel cough, it can take a long time to get over.
xteacher 06/09/15 09:49am RV Pet Stop
RE: Metabolic suppliment ?

I had good luck getting my MIL's cockapoo to lose half her body weight feeding Wellness Core Reduced Fat. I fed less than the bag suggested, and substituted no-salt green beans as a fiber filler. Treats were a few baby carrots each day (not a lot of those, b/c they're high in natural sugar). Make sure you're using a measuring cup to ensure the absolute correct amount fed. I also feed 2x daily, dividing the daily allotment into two portions. This makes the dog happier (a psychological trick making the dog think he's getting more to eat!), and it tends to keep the metabolism running a little higher. Cut out all high-carb treats - no dog biscuits, etc. Ignore pitiful looks!! Exercise is KEY however, in weight loss. Can you walk your dog either in the early a.m. or after dark when it's at least a little cooler? We have high temps in GA and FL too (July and August), and these walk times help keep the dogs from getting distressed. Start out slowly. My MIL's dog could barely walk around the block when I started her weight loss program, but eventually worked up to daily 3 mile walks and playing fetch (sometimes indoors if it was too hot outside). Bottom line: calories in - calories out. Weight loss should be a gradually thing, just like with humans, to be done safely and with lasting results. It took 6-7 months for Rosie to lose the needed weight, going from 28.2 lb. down to between 14-15 lb. (vet's recommended weight for her). If you can afford one, get a treadmill. Dogs can be trained to walk on one. Google the correct training method. It must be done very slowly, so as not to frighten the dog.
xteacher 06/09/15 07:17am RV Pet Stop
RE: Shadow Cruiser after 1 year of ownership

I wouldn't call these issues small! I would investigate the lemon law in your state.
xteacher 06/04/15 07:35am Travel Trailers
RE: realistic MPG expectations

We tow a Starcraft AR-ONE 14RB (2517 lb. dry; 312 lb. tongue weight) with a 2010 Pathfinder (4.0L, 6 cylinder engine - built on the Frontier platform, 6000 lb. tow limit). We get an average of 11-12 mpg towing 60-65 mph on flat-to-moderately hilly terrain in GA and FL.
xteacher 06/04/15 07:18am Travel Trailers
RE: GREEEN Couple... Some questions

I would check out the R-Pod 179 or a Casita 17. The Casita 16 is pretty tight, IMO. We almost bought the R-Pod 179 instead of our Starcraft AR-ONE. The deciding factor was a full bathroom in the AR-ONE vs. the wet bath in the R-Pod. I like the layout of the R-Pod 179 better though. We're buying another Aliner next week (a hard-sided PUP), a 2015 Ranger 15 with a cassette potty, and it has plenty of room inside for my husband, me, and our dogs. We used to have an Aliner Classic, but we sold it, wanting a bit more room. The Ranger 15 has a slide out sofa/bed (60x80 queen bed), as well as a front dinette that makes into a roomy single bed (40x80), if needed. It doesn't feel as claustrophobic inside to me as a Casita because of the peaked roof. We'd love to have gotten an Aliner Expedition (more bells and whistles than the Ranger 15), but they're a bit pricier, and since this is a second RV for us, we're trying to keep costs down. We're keeping our Starcraft AR-ONE 14RB on a permanent site now to save on gas when towing, down where one of our sons lives. The frontal area of a TT really pulls down your gas mileage compared to a PUP! We can pull each of these trailers easily with our 2010 Pathfinder, which has about the same tow capacity as your Tacoma (6000 lb. vs. 6500 for your Taco).
xteacher 06/02/15 04:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dominance issues

Feed the dogs in their crates at the same time with doors shut. Your poor little dog must be feeling terrorized by now. Tasty treats, bones, chews, etc. also need to be given to the dogs while in their crates with doors closed. Have their crates in different areas, so that the labradoodle doesn't intimidate the Papillon to the point where the little dog is afraid to eat even in the crate. Yes, this can happen. Take away all toys for now, and get your labradoodle into obedience training ASAP. Play with the dogs completely separately, and crate the dog who isn't participating at the time. Only bring out a toy when you are directly playing with the dog. This situation can escalate quickly and become very dangerous! It won't go away on its own. The labradoodle has already figured out that bullying is working... Check into NILF (Nothing in Life is Free), which your labradoodle needs. Here's a link: Nothing in Life is Free
xteacher 05/31/15 07:48am RV Pet Stop
RE: Tow vehicles

It does a great job pulling an Aliner, Trail Manor, PUP, Casita or very small TT - we have a similar vehicle (see my signature).
xteacher 05/31/15 07:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Rooftop bike carriers

We have this bike rack - holds two bikes and clamps onto hitch shank (including our WDH): Bike Rack
xteacher 05/30/15 09:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Are these items essential?

1. I don't have one but should. 2. I wouldn't use the campground water source without a pressure regulator - better safe than sorry. 3. I only have a 30 amp camper, but we have a 30 to 20 amp converter, so we can plug in at home. If I had a 50 amp camper, I would definitely get a 50 to 30 amp converter b/c most state/national/corp campgrounds only have 30 amp hookups. Even some commercial campgrounds only have a limited number of 50 amp sites, and may be sold out of them when you want to stay at one.
xteacher 05/30/15 09:00am Travel Trailers
RE: New Aliner Coming Soon!

2015 Ranger 15 http://images.traderonline.com/img/3/dealer/4718138/113306363_4thumb_770x574.jpg height=400 More photo here... 2015 ALINER RANGER 15 We have really enjoyed our OFF-ROAD POPUP setup with not much wind resistance behind our F150 truck. Tows great-Gets great gas mileage-being OFF-ROAD style can go anywhere my 4WD truck will pull. Has all the modern appliances just abit short on inside move around room. Makes one do more things outside the camper which is what it is all about for us... Always liked the ALINER fold-out hard walls idea. Looks like a winner to me... Roy Ken Very nice unit! Yours is much more upgraded than ours. We don't have dormers and only have a bubble window on the back panel (Fantastic Fan on the front), which is fine with us (more windows and dormers equals more heat in the broiling FL/GA summer sun). We also don't have the wind kit (or is that a lift assist?) or the off-road package. This is a second camper for us (we have one permanently parked where our son lives four hours away), so we needed to keep costs down.
xteacher 05/30/15 08:48am Folding Trailers
RE: Honda Generators for Air conditioning

Two Hondas in parallel will give you enough power, and they're lighter to carry (each separately, of course), than one bigger generator.
xteacher 05/29/15 08:16am Travel Trailers
RE: New Aliner Coming Soon!

Cool setup. Southland is great people and dealer. Enjoy! Markiemark:C I agree! This is the second Aliner we've bought from them. Good people and the best prices in the country.
xteacher 05/29/15 08:11am Folding Trailers
New Aliner Coming Soon!

We sold our Aliner Classic last year b/c it was a bit too small and didn't have a dedicated potty. We bought a small TT (see my signature), but we really missed the ease of towing and setting up the Aliner. We decided to park the TT down where our handicapped son lives to use as a hotel room, and eventually buy another, larger Aliner eventually. We didn't want to spend a lot of money on one, so I've been checking them out online. We finally got a good deal on an Aliner Ranger 15 with a dedicated (cassette) potty, and we'll be be picking it up in time for our next beach trip in a couple of weeks! :B It's longer than the Classic and has a much bigger a/c (Cool Cat), the potty, a water heater, an outside shower, and a Fantastic Fan. The only thing it doesn't have that we use a lot is a microwave, so we'll buy a small one to take along - they're pretty inexpensive nowadays. The fridge is small and doesn't have a freezer, so we'll buy a good cooler, too. The sofa slide out bed is a true queen (60x80), and the dinette makes into a 40x60 bed, which will work when our granddaughter gets old enough to start camping with us. :) It has great counter space for such a small camper and a lot more under counter cabinet space compared to the Classic we had. We're having the dealer modify the counter top that houses the potty, so that it's split into two pieces instead of the current one long piece. This way we can still use the half countertop that's not over the potty for storage when we lift the half that covers the potty. Aliner should do this anyway, IMO... We're also having an extra electrical outlet added, as well as a fridge vent (not standard on the smaller Aliner fridges), since we do a lot of warm weather camping in FL/GA. We can't wait! Here's a link to the camper, via the dealer's website (GREAT rv dealer, btw!). The photos aren't great, but you can get an idea of what it looks like. Aliner Ranger 15
xteacher 05/29/15 07:38am Folding Trailers
RE: Pine Sol and Alerts

Our smoke alarm goes off when we're sleeping...
xteacher 05/29/15 06:58am Travel Trailers
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