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RE: From the Land of the Misfit Dogs...

Jackson seems to have a nice coat, more evidence that he had been taken care of before he fell on hard times. There is the chance that something happened to his original family and you know how that "free to good home" scenario goes. He might have ruined his teeth trying to get out of some kind of enclosure. If he's missing a canine tooth, AZpops can tell you all about doggie implants. :B It's so fun seeing Jackson enjoying his new digs. Jackson's coat was shedding like crazy and very dry when I looked at him at Animal Control last week - obviously from extreme stress and not-so-great food. After bathing him and brushing him, along with him relaxing in our home, it's starting to improve rapidly. A decent kibble is helping too (for boxers, I feed Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream). I bought a Zoom Groom yesterday (a type of soft curry comb) and he LOVED being rubbed down with it! It will help distribute the oils in his skin and bring out the shine. Once his gut settles down, I'll add fish oil to his diet, which will further help his skin and coat, as well as his heart. Yes, I figured that Jackson was probably penned and chewed on the wire out of frustration and boredom. His gums are overgrown too, from lack of care. When he chewed on a Nylabone yesterday, he left a little blood behind. That will improve as his overall health improves, and he gets his teeth brushed regularly (haven't tried that yet, but will soon!). Maddie's teeth, while not worn down, were in terrible shape when we got her too, and within a few months, they were nice and clean. Her gums bled when I first started brushing her teeth, but got better over time. Brushing and appropriate chew toys were what we used. The vet was amazed that she improved so much without getting a dental.
xteacher 09/01/14 06:27am RV Pet Stop
RE: New trailer owners

Congrats on your new TT! There's a lot of good info to learn on this forum.
xteacher 08/31/14 03:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Refrigator Problems

I will be following this thread closely. We recently got our Starcraft AR-ONE 14RB (same a/c configuration as a Jayco, I think, since they're both owned by Jayco, right?) back from the dealer, who said they couldn't find an issue, and got the refrigerator to cool down fine when they moved the sensor probe up a little. If we have problems again, I'm going to show them this thread. We haven't taken the camper out since we got it back home.
xteacher 08/31/14 03:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: From the Land of the Misfit Dogs...

Oh yea, he loves his bed! It's a nice memory foam dog bed, topped with a dog blanket, topped with a cheap fuzzy bed from the grocery store. He loves to squish the fuzzy bed up and tuck it underneath himself - so cute! Jackson follows me around, which is typical boxer, but I also think he's pinching himself, trying to figure out how and why he's here. Rescues seem to know they've been saved, and they show their gratitude tenfold, compared to what their humans have done for them. He got his first Kong today, smeared inside with peanut butter and frozen, to enjoy while he was crated this afternoon when Joe and I went out. Talk about a hit! When we got home, I removed the Kong to wash/refill/refreeze it, and as soon as Jackson came back inside from his potty break, he went back in his crate and sat there staring at me - hoping for a repeat, I guess - hahaha! It's so much fun watching him enjoy things most dogs take for granted. I feel just as lucky as he does!!
xteacher 08/31/14 03:05pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Worried about a/c failing and dogs cooking

Go on the RV Pet Stop forum and do a search. There are some members who have installed a notification device that sends a message to their cell phones if the temperature in their camper exceeds a certain temperature they've set.
xteacher 08/31/14 10:26am Travel Trailers
RE: From the Land of the Misfit Dogs...

He's really a handsome guy and he doesn't look like a senior at all. How is Sunny liking him? Poor fella would not have made it long at that shelter...so glad you saved his life! Sher Sher, Sunny's avoiding Jackson right now. I think his size is a bit intimidating to him. Jackson doesn't know what to make of Sunny either. I don't think he's ever seen a poodle before - lol! And you're right - Sunny never would have made it at animal control! The vet was also surprised at Jackson's age, since he doesn't have an excessive amount of gray hair yet, however his teeth gave his age away. His mouth is a mess! He's missing several teeth, and others are very worn down. He's definitely chewed on some very hard surfaces in the past. Aww, he is so happy to be out of jail! What was his story, do you know? It sounds like he had been taken care of but lost his home through no fault of his own. He may just surprise you and last quite a few years longer. All animal control knows is that he was picked up as a stray in a not-nice part of town. Of course, that doesn't mean he was from that area, especially if he'd been loose for awhile. Since he was already neutered, had his dew claws removed, and had his (horrible) ears cropped, he was obviously someone's pet. Also, his good socialization skills lead to that assumption, as well. He didn't like a thunderstorm we had last night (did NOT want to go outside while it was rumbling in the distance), so I'm wondering if maybe he got loose during a storm and took off?
xteacher 08/31/14 07:17am RV Pet Stop
RE: A happy puppy story!

Glad to hear this story had a happy ending. Unfortunately, animal laws in southern states are so lax, it's pitiful; hence the egregious over population problem. Many rescues ship van fulls of homeless pets to northern states on a regular basis, which have strict spay/neuter laws, causing a shortage of animals to adopt. Many people down here in the south simply refuse to spay/neuter, and it's so frustrating. Those of us who know better bang our heads against the wall trying to educate people about the benefits of spaying/neutering (and the perils of not doing so) - praying that one day it'll sink in!
xteacher 08/30/14 06:22pm RV Pet Stop
RE: From the Land of the Misfit Dogs...

Thanks everyone! I love seniors - prefer them, actually. I didn't think I'd have another boxer after having to put a couple down in recent years, but they seem to keep finding me... Now we have two old men - Sunny's 8 years old, too! Of course, toy poodles tend to live a lot longer than boxers do. Maddie's age is unknown - the vet estimates her to be somewhere 4-6 years old - just a youngster - haha!!
xteacher 08/30/14 06:06pm RV Pet Stop
From the Land of the Misfit Dogs...

I went to look at a senior boxer at my local animal control yesterday to check it out for a rescue (got a notice that he was now "Urgent"), and I realized that he was too old to be attractive to a rescue group. He's probably around 8 years old, which is pretty old for a boxer. He was the perfect dog: walked nicely on a leash, already neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, house trained, decent weight, low prey drive with small dogs, crate trained - everything one could ask for - except young... Of course, you already guessed it. The boxer, now named Jackson, will spend his retirement years with us! I took him to the vet right away b/c he pooed at animal control while I had him out in the yard, and I didn't like the looks of it at all. It was discovered through a fecal test that he has a little case of colitis - common in boxers. Thank goodness, his case is not severe, but the vet was glad I brought him in right away, as it can get bad in a hurry. Stress, combined with eating whatever food has been donated at the shelter (sometimes different every day), are likely the causes. He's on meds for this, plus the vet recommended that he eat 4 small meals per day rather than two larger ones until he gets better. Here's Jackson, our newest addition to the land of the misfit dogs! Maddie, of course, hates him on principal, as she does every new dog, foster or otherwise. Jackson just looks at her like she's grown three heads and walks away - lol! Please pardon Jackson's horrendous ear crop. Whoever did this to him should be shot!! Jackson's Freedom Ride home yesterday! (8/29/14) http://i1297.photobucket.com/albums/ag38/b_cafaro/JacksonFreedomRide8-29-14_zpsdbbe2bb0.jpg Chillin' at the Vet, waiting on fecal results - such a good boy! http://i1297.photobucket.com/albums/ag38/b_cafaro/JacksonBoredatCowetaVeterinaryHospital8-29-14_zps4955a117.jpg At home, after a bath and nail trim - again, such a good boy! http://i1297.photobucket.com/albums/ag38/b_cafaro/JacksonAfterBathandNailClipping8-29-14_zps8a0d582a.jpg Yeah, I think Jackson likes it here! http://i1297.photobucket.com/albums/ag38/b_cafaro/JacksonWornOutAfterHisBigAdoptionDay8-29-14_zps965723cc.jpg
xteacher 08/30/14 11:34am RV Pet Stop
RE: One of our dogs gets very nervous and howls and pants

Consult your veterinarian and/or a dog behaviorist. I agree. It sounds as if a prescription medication may be needed. Once the medication calms your dog down a bit, then you can start working on desensitization/re-training. Ditto.
xteacher 08/30/14 11:04am RV Pet Stop
RE: Our new pup

Good looking dog! He's a big boy - must be a standard poodle doodle - lol!
xteacher 08/28/14 05:53am RV Pet Stop
RE: Our canine friends waiting at rainbow bridge

Thanks for the beautiful photo! I'd like to think that our fur babies who have passed over the years, Bluto, Sunshine, Duke, Chipper, Potsie, and Dempsey, are having a grand ole time up there, smiling down on us! Brings back fond memories of all of them.
xteacher 08/28/14 05:45am RV Pet Stop
RE: Looking for higher end travel trailer

First, ask yourself why the motor home is getting less use. Is it the motor home itself, or is there simply less interest in traveling/rving? If it's the motor home (too big/cumbersome, etc.), maybe a trade is in order. Just don't buy a huge trailer, or you'll be in the same position as with the motor home. To me, 28 feet is perfect, assuming it has one or more slides. Longer than that becomes a little cumbersome. I've had larger TTs and a large 5ver, and I prefer them smaller now. It's so much easier to get around, and the selection of camping sites increases as the size of the camper decreases.
xteacher 08/27/14 04:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Buddy's latest adventures

Good job! A corgi sure needs one to stay out of trouble - lol!
xteacher 08/25/14 07:04am RV Pet Stop
RE: 2014 nissan pathfinder

I tow a 2507 lb. dry weight, 7 ft. wide TT, with a WDH and sway control, as well as a brake controller. I wouldn't tow much more with my 2010 Pathfinder with a 6000 lb. tow capacity - maybe up to 3000 lb., as long as the TT isn't more than 7 feet wide. With my set up, I get around 11.5-12.5 mpg. My Pathfinder is beefier than your redesigned Pathfinder - it's built on the Frontier truck chassis, whereas yours is now on a crossover chassis. I wouldn't tow 3700 lb. with my SUV, especially if the TT was 8 ft. wide, so I definitely wouldn't tow it with yours. You have to consider the frontal area, as well as the length and weight of the TT. I can tow my TT at 60 mph with rpms around 2250-2500, if it's not too hilly. RPMs spike to around 3500 on hills, again, keeping my speed around 55-60 mph. If I punch it too hard going up a hill, the rpms will go even higher, so I usually let my speed drop to 55 on hills.
xteacher 08/25/14 06:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie looking for lightweight

Light weight TTs aren't made to live in. They're very light, made with materials that can't really take long term use. Also, a V6 can't tow much. I tow a 16 foot Starcraft AR-ONE 14RB with my 2010 V6 4.0L Nissan Pathfinder (same basic platform as the Frontier, Tacoma, etc.) that weighs 2507 dry. I wouldn't tow a whole lot more with it; maybe up to 3200 lb. We used to have an Aliner, which towed GREAT with this vehicle, and was a breeze to set up, but its size and lack of bathroom caused us to sell it. I don't recommend the AR-ONE. DH and I just bought it and are already having issues (see separate post). We also looked at the Palomini 179bhs (wish now we'd bought it instead) and the R-Pod 179. I can't imagine living in any of these TTs for any length of time. There are others in the small class, but some were just a little too heavy for my SUV, and/or too wide, and/or too expensive for our budget. Remember that it's not just the weight of the trailer you need to consider. You also have to take into account the length and the frontal area of the TT (picture pulling a sail into the wind). For this reason, we only looked at 7 ft. wide TTs, rather than the standard 8 ft. wide ones, as well as under 21 feet long, b/c of our tow vehicle.
xteacher 08/24/14 04:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Frustrated with Starcraft AR-ONE 14RB - At Dealer

Thank you all for your thoughtful and helpful replies! DH talked to the dealer Friday and the sensor wire was moved in the fridge, which they said has helped. BTW, our freezer was doing a good job; it was just the fridge that wasn't cooling. Also, they've replaced the smoke detector battery to see if that was a contributing factor. The camper is still at the dealer. They left the fridge running on gas over the weekend to see if their "fix" maintains a cool temperature in the fridge over time. The comment about high humidity setting off the smoke detector caught my attention big time. It's on the ceiling right across from the a/c unit, so I'm wondering if that's a factor. We were in FL at the time, which was really hot and humid. I could see where that, coupled with an excessive heat build up from the fridge and hot water heater could trigger it. We'll definitely turn the hot water heater off between uses - not worth the risk in this cheap trailer. We were actually impressed with how well the a/c unit worked in the heat and humidity. Granted, we had to crank it as cold as it would go, but we have no complaints with it. We put the silver car shades between the windows and the pleated shades, which helped, and we also put a cushioned vent cover to block sun/heat in the living area roof vent and also the bathroom roof vent (when not taking a shower). With the comments about the lack of insulation in these cheaper TTs, I'm thinking that the heat build up from the fridge, the a/c unit, and the hot water heater could be the culprit in the heat we felt under the bed, which is on the same wall and all near each other. Taking the back off the fridge vent outside the trailer may be something to consider, to let some heat escape, maybe combined with a fan facing away from the camper to suck heat out and away from it. We'll try it on our Labor Day trip, as long as the weather cooperates. We may also take our dorm fridge, just in case. By the way, we set that fridge up OUTSIDE, plugged into the power post using a heavy duty extension cord, not into the camper (and the fridge was not inside the camper), to avoid overloading the amps used. We didn't need any more problems than we already had... We're still perplexed by the problems we had since we had the same size fridge in our Aliner and had zero problems with it. Now, the one in the Aliner had a fridge vent that we turned on while camping (I'm guessing it was a built in fan venting hot air outside?), which this camper doesn't have. I guess that's the difference. Our main concern still centers around the odor we smelled under the bed on the same side as the a/c and fridge. The dealer insists that they haven't detected any odor, which is very frustrating to us. The thought of a fire terrifies me. I think we'll call tomorrow and ask that they check the wiring, but how do they do that w/out taking the trailer apart? Again, thanks for your replies!
xteacher 08/24/14 04:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Need a chuckle? Thought I'd share....

We hide Sunny's capsule in 1/2 a capsule-sized Pill Pocket and toss it in his kibble every night. It's like crack for dogs! He eats it first.
xteacher 08/23/14 03:29pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Insurance on a new TT

We have Progressive for our cars and our TT. We're happy with it. We have replacement coverage for 5 years, and also loss of use coverage to cover having to stay at a hotel when away from home.
xteacher 08/23/14 03:22pm Travel Trailers
Frustrated with Starcraft AR-ONE 14RB - At Dealer

While on our maiden voyage in our new Starcraft AR-ONE 14RB, the fridge stopped cooling (freezer was still cold). No breakers flipped, no fuses blew in the converter box. We had to run to Wall World and buy a dorm fridge so we could keep our food cold - not happy... At night, the smoke alarm went off repeatedly (it's above the bed, across from the fridge and wall a/c unit). Under the bed (converted dinette), it was really warm. There was also a burned smell, like when you first turn the furnace on (no, it wasn't on - checked that). The smoke alarm went off every night, sometimes several times. It especially went off if we left the gas water heater on (no electric option on it), so we only turned it on as needed, then turned it off. The water heater is in a bottom space on the a/c side of the trailer. After turning it off, it still went off sometimes. No smoke was detected, just the smell and warmth. We took it to the dealer as soon as we got back, and of course the dealer can't find anything wrong with it. Says the fridge cooled down - our food got almost lukewarm down in FL, so it wasn't our imagination! They say the warmth is from the hot water heater being near the floor on the dinette end. Really? That warm? Inside near the floor? It was so warm that our dogs couldn't sleep under there. That's also where the smell was strongest. The dealer also can't detect any smell... The dealer said they replaced the smoke detector battery - whoopee. It wasn't chirping like it needed replacing. It was blaring, like there was smoke/fire. Dealer says converter is fine, too. Arggghhhh! Any guesses as to the issue(s)? Any help would be better than what we're getting now. I don't want to burn up while camping.
xteacher 08/23/14 03:17pm Travel Trailers
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