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RE: Self-Inflicted Eye Injury

Thanks everyone for the well-wishes! Jackson's doing okay - still blinking a bit, so I know the eye's still hurting. His Metacam is helping keep the swelling and pain under control, and he's really good when I apply the Mycitracin eye ointment every eight hours. He's tolerating the cone pretty well, and he even figured out how to drink with it on today - yay! I still had to take if off for him to eat. Otherwise, he's wearing it 24/7. I can't afford for him to further damage his eye by rubbing it. I found out that eye ulcers, especially in boxers (and other smush-faced breeds) are notorious for their propensity for slow healing. Pops and Calvin, Jackson truly appreciates your support, he really does, but I respectfully decline joining him in wearing a cone. I think I'm suffering enough, paying his vet bill - lol!
xteacher 10/28/14 05:54pm RV Pet Stop
Self-Inflicted Eye Injury

Sigh...I was playing fetch with Jackson yesterday with one of those rope toys that has tennis balls on either end. The doofus decided to be a bad boy, and he rushed towards the toy instead of out into the yard like he normally does as I was moving my arm forward and about to release the ball across the yard - my arm was really moving forward hard at the time - right before the release point. Instead of grabbing the ball, Jackson missed, and slammed his eye into the tennis ball that was still in my hand, but moving - OUCH! It was like a t-bone wreck between cars!! He yelped very loudly, then went running around the yard, rubbing the side of his face frantically. I rushed over to look, and his left eye was already swelling, and the bottom lid was starting to droop. Then his other eye started to droop, so I was afraid that he'd given himself a concussion! Good grief! :( I decided he'd better go to the vet to be safe, and I'm glad I took him. She was pretty amazed as to how it happened - lol! The vet squirted in a topical anesthetic and then examined the eye. Fortunately, he was still focusing and following the light; pupil still reacting to light, so no concussion. She then decided to stain the eye to check for damage. He incurred an ulcer and a slight abrasion from the tennis ball hitting and rubbing his eyeball! Jackson has to wear the cone of shame to keep him from rubbing and further damaging his eye and I have to apply antibiotic ointment 3x daily for 10 days. He's also getting Metacam daily for the next 5 days (normally he gets it every other day for his front shoulder arthritis) - vet said she was glad he had already been given a dose that morning for his arthritis, because it probably controlled the swelling. He goes back for a recheck next Monday. Poor guy looks like he's been in a boxing match! And all of this from playing fetch... If it's not one thing, it's another! :R
xteacher 10/28/14 08:06am RV Pet Stop
RE: Surgical Anal Gland Removal

Dr. Doug, so glad you stated that it should be a last resort. As raindove recounted, one problem resolved can lead to another.
xteacher 10/28/14 07:38am RV Pet Stop
RE: New cat in house......dog is not happy

Patience is the key. 11 years is a long time to be top dog/animal in the house before having to share attention. Something that's worked for me is to make sure that you always acknowledge and give attention to your dog first when coming home, coming into a room, getting up in the morning and greeting the animals, when feeding, etc., to let him know that he's still, and always will be, first. When I feed my dogs, I feed them in the order that they came into the pack. They do keep track, believe me! The advice given by others to offer a treat to the dog before giving the cat an attention (after you've first given him attention, of course), is good too, IMO.
xteacher 10/28/14 07:34am RV Pet Stop

Check out: Apex Ultra-Lite 185BH. This is the same floorplan, also made by Coachmen, but better quality, IMO.
xteacher 10/25/14 06:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Mitsubichi outlander V6

Please don't do it! I towed a PUP successfully years ago with a Mitsu Endeavor (3500 lb. tow limit). I wouldn't tow a TT with one, and your Outlander is a smaller vehicle. You're only 500 lb. under the limit. Your transmission won't last long. Also, remember you have to stop the thing, not just pull it. A TT is like pulling a sail into the wind. Also, take your vehicle's tongue weight limit into account. Even with a WDH, you're likely to be over its limit. This may not be scientific, but it's worked for me for years: I take 1000 lb. right off the top of my tow limit when towing a TT to account for the wind drag. I currently pull a 2705 lb. TT, 315 tongue weight, with a 2010 Nissan Pathfinder, with a WDH - 6000 lb. tow limit. I can feel it behind me, and wouldn't feel comfortable towing more than 3500 lb. with it - and it's built on a Frontier (truck) chassis...
xteacher 10/24/14 05:23am Travel Trailers
RE: My Boy's Sick ...

Glad you got some good news, just when you really needed some! :)
xteacher 10/20/14 07:40pm RV Pet Stop
RE: My Boy's Sick ...

Upon Googling both, cramping and diarrhea was listed as possible side effects of Fluconazole. Constipation was listed as a possible side effect of Tramadol. Nothing was mentioned about frequent urination for either one.
xteacher 10/14/14 07:22am RV Pet Stop
RE: Dog Crap

If I see someone leaving their pet's waste, I politely walk up to them and give them a poo bag and encourage then to please use it, citing health concerns. I don't really care what they think of me...
xteacher 10/14/14 07:14am RV Pet Stop
RE: My Boy's Sick ...

Is he on prednisone? This medication will make them have to urinate a LOT!
xteacher 10/13/14 06:17am RV Pet Stop
RE: Big changes with a broken heart (Little Update)

OP here. Well, It's early and I'm checking my RV net forum family. Vicariously enjoying your camping stories. Anyhow, after DH's death, I am unable to physically manage hitching/driving my 25 ft TT with our TV. Family is unable to use it for now, and I made the decision to let it go. I was able to find a local car dealer that would take the whole deal in trade for a car-they were even nice enough to come pick it up! Well, the new car won't be here for a couple of weeks, so the TT is still in the driveway. It hurts to have to walk by it every day. I started thinking about the suggestions to get a small Aliner trailer. As it so happens, the car that I'm buying is a Subaru Crosstrek. I was checking online and found some videos(link isn't working for me this morning) of the Crosstrek towing Little Guy, Tab trailers. That gave me a little jolt of excitement. The RV show is in January. I was thinking last month that I would never be able to enjoy the show again, but maybe I would like to look at the small trailers? Glad you're considering a small trailer! Please look at the a frames. They tow like a popup (easy to tow, more aerodynamic), but give plenty of room for one person when set up (more head room than a @TAB, and the kitchen is inside, rather than at the rear of the trailer. As long as your new car is rated for 3500 lb. and has a tow package, you're good to go. If your car doesn't have a tow package, look into having a transmission cooler installed. Yes, definitely join the a frame group on Facebook - I'm still a member, even though my husband and I sold our Aliner. It's a great group of people, and there are many women who tow one that are members of this group! Simply enter A Frame Campers in the search bar once you log onto FB and the group should pop up. The various brands included will be in parentheses. Click on the Join button and it shouldn't take long to be approved. You don't have to own one to be approved. Many people join to find out more about them!
xteacher 10/13/14 06:14am RV Pet Stop
RE: Well, we did it.

Congrats on your new camper! I hope you enjoy it!! Here's a link so everyone can see the floor plan: Prime Time Tracer 230FBS
xteacher 10/10/14 05:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Andy - no surgery today - something else! - update pg 2

Hoping for the best!
xteacher 10/09/14 05:57pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Update on My Macy

Glad Macy's okay! Yup, dogs know who's in charge, for sure. My dogs never move when DH gets up in the morning (even if he tells them to get up and go out with him), but when I simply start stirring, three excited dogs start circling the bed - lol! Of course, I'm the one who feeds them, lets them in/out repeatedly during the day, etc....
xteacher 10/09/14 06:40am RV Pet Stop
RE: What's the deal on pork and dog food?

Every boxer I've ever had had room clearing gas if on a high protein/high fat kibble. If I feed a moderate protein/fat kibble (ex: 25% protein, 15% fat), then the dogs don't have the gas problem. What has worked for all my boxers is Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream (no other variety). I've also started adding Mercola Digestive Enzymes to my current boxer's kibble - amazing stuff (recommended on a boxer forum I'm a member of)! I got mine at Vitamin Shoppe (also available online). It's a powder that you simply sprinkle over the top of the food. Mercola Digestive Enzymes for Pets
xteacher 10/08/14 09:58am RV Pet Stop
RE: What's the deal on pork and dog food?

My allergy dog does best on a kibble called Back to Basics Hi Protein Pork (grain free). It has pork meat and organs in it. Back to Basics Hi Protein dog food Acana now makes a limited ingredient kibble with pork in it, as well. Acana Pork and Butternut Squash
xteacher 10/08/14 05:59am RV Pet Stop
RE: Membership discounts

We have Good Sams because we camp frequently at a Good Sams Park as our hotel room near where our handicapped son lives. Because of this, the membership pays for itself every year. Otherwise, we probably wouldn't have it, b/c we tend to camp in state/federal campgrounds for pleasure. We don't use Pilot/Flying J as much as the name brand stations (Shell, BP, etc.) so we can get gas with the extra additives in it. We buy things occasionally at Camping World, but their prices are high, IMO, even with the discount. We wait for sales. If you get a membership to any of the mentioned camping discount organizations, be sure that you'd use it enough to be worth the membership cost.
xteacher 10/08/14 05:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Odd questions

Check inside your camper, too. On another site I'm a member of, the person found them inside her camper when she was cleaning it out after a trip, including under her mattress. She became totally unglued, to say the least!
xteacher 10/07/14 06:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Sad day...trailer sold out of the rv family for now

A sad day, indeed. We tried that route - only lasted a few months, lol! I hope you get a new camper sooner than later!
xteacher 10/07/14 06:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Dogs for free

Please be careful giving your pups away! Dog fighters look for dogs like this to use for bait dogs - VERY common in the south, unfortunately. Contact a rescue in your area and see if they'll take them.
xteacher 10/06/14 06:56am RV Pet Stop
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