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RE: A/V Options

my TV is Vizio ..target my dvd player is a phillips 7yrs old ..best buy my media player is Sony..best buy my PVR is Home Worx bought from Amazon my in dash stereo is Sony..Frys electronics avoid Jensen and furrion goto your favorite store and buy, your favorite brand
MrWizard 08/12/15 12:53pm Technology Corner
A/V Options

Hi All, I've been a follower for a while..and have learned heaps from you guys. We're pretty new to RV's(have a 28' KZ Sportsmen) for the last two years. We've just "upgraded" to 36' Dutchman Classic 5th Wheel...bunk house model. 1998 Vintage...It's perfect for my 5 & 3 yea olds! Sorry for the monologue....I refurbished the AV in the sportsmen with the Jensen AWM975...and personally think it is a ....well you get the picture. So I am looking to set up the Dutchman a little better. My family (Wifey, Me and two cretins) are planning a 12 month tour of the US) What are my options.....the Furrion DV1200 looks cool...does it live up to it's hype? Anyone tried the sound bar / sub / speakers combo? I'm not looking for a simple swap.I'm comfortable with pulling wire and cutting new holes as required. I'm looking to get good sound in the main cab and some tunes under the awning;... all opinions appreciated...thanks
Dingo007 08/11/15 11:40pm Technology Corner
Need New Stereo CD/DVD

Would like some input on what to replace the POS Jensen that was installed in our 5er. It sounds as if it is off frequency and cracking on AM-FM. If you try to watch a DVD, it pixelates and freeze frames. I have had trouble with this since the rig was new. I would still like to have a 12 volt unit that jacks into the TV and external speakers. I have gone to a couple of big box stores and struck out at one. Didn't have a clue what I wanted and said they can't order anything. thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Dandy Dan 08/03/15 06:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Jensen Audio Replacement?

I've been checking stuff out today and found some interesting results. First, I should explain that our RV has 3 audio Systems. First it has a Jensen Radio/CD player in the dash with weather band and Sirius. That one is OK while travelling. There is also a cheap outside unit with 2 speakers (Not Jensen) that looks like an aftermarket car radio that has a slot for CDs. That brings me to my problem child. It is mounted in the overhead and tied to the Jensen TV in the middle of the overhead. We have no upper bunk there. This unit is installed behind a cabinet door along with the connections to the 3 different cables, OA roof, satellite dish or cable TV. This is the unit that doesn't work very well. It measures 10" X 7" so that is larger than a double DIN so if I go with something smaller I would need to make up some kind of face plate to cover the hole. I am pretty handy so I think I could do that if I had to. The existing unit has switches for 3 sets of speakers but only one pair is currently hooked up. Now I don't mind spending around $250 if it gets me everything I have and works. I suspect the original owner paid a lot more for this piece of junk from Winnebago. The Furrion units are interesting but they would require me to make that face plate. The Pioneer on Amazon actually looks like I'll have to cut the hole a little bigger which would work as well. Then I realized that none of these play BluRay which seems to be the next thing to render all my DVDs out of date. I went to Crutchfield but they didn't seem to have anything that matched my search criteria. I even looked at Best Buy but they were pretty car centric. Any other ideas on where to look?
ol' yeller 07/30/15 03:51pm Technology Corner
RE: Jensen Audio Replacement?

If you can handle making a custom faceplate, a lot of folks are using quality Auto units from Kenwood, Pioneer, Sony, Alpine, etc. to get away from the Jensen junk.
Ron3rd 07/29/15 05:30pm Technology Corner
Jensen Audio Replacement?

We have the Jensen Audio system in our 2008 Aspect. It is a very wonky system. Sometimes it won't load a DVD, other times it won't allow you access to the menu. I'm wondering where to look for a direct replacement for it. Hopefully there is another manufacturer that makes one that will fit into the same space.
ol' yeller 07/29/15 11:16am Technology Corner
RE: Streaming to outdoor bluetooth speaker

I have a plain Jensen stereo in the trailer and would like to stream the radio sound to a portable Bluetooth speaker. Is there such adapter? Thanks! Short answer yes.. However I have yet to get it to work. There are Blue Tooth Transmitters.. The one I tried is not working at least not with my hardware but it may be the hardware.. I'm still still working on that but motivation is low.
wa8yxm 07/19/15 05:39am Technology Corner
RE: Streaming to outdoor bluetooth speaker

I have a plain Jensen stereo in the trailer and would like to stream the radio sound to a portable Bluetooth speaker. Is there such adapter? Thanks! yes it's called a bluetooth audio transmitter. they're designed for things with a headphone jack... might need to pull your Jensen and see what sort of connectors it has on the back. IMHO you're better off sending audio to the speaker using a laptop or mobile device.
GordonThree 07/18/15 10:24pm Technology Corner
Streaming to outdoor bluetooth speaker

I have a plain Jensen stereo in the trailer and would like to stream the radio sound to a portable Bluetooth speaker. Is there such adapter? Thanks!
LimogesMan 07/18/15 07:11pm Technology Corner
RE: Securing a new TV

I bought one like this TV Mount for my last RV. They have several sizes, they are a little pricey but sturdy and lock the tv in position for travel. My current RV, a Wildcat, had this same mount installed from the factory for the 26" Jensen TV.
filthy beast 06/09/15 02:11pm Technology Corner
Securing a new TV

I'm thinking about replacing the little OEM Jensen TV in our rig. I have an idea that I can mount it on an articulating arm so it can swing out when deployed. However, I'm kicking around ideas on how to secure it while under way. So far I'm leaning toward a pillow block under the RV and tie straps over the TV. Is this good, or are there better ways someone could suggest? All ideas are welcome.
Gonzo42 06/09/15 09:28am Technology Corner
Dish / two tv's

I have an RV with two tv's that are the Jensen system hooked together. I am interested in putting the smallest dome on top of the roof that I can. I am interested in being able to watch different programs on both tv's. I understand that I will probably have to use two receivers. What dome will do the job for this application. thanks
pondmn 06/03/15 02:55pm Technology Corner
RE: USB All Files Not Being Read??? PROBLEM SOLVED..

It is a Jensen and I am sure it has something to do with the quality of the player. I wish there was a way to just put the songs in one great big file... Maybe I'll work on that...... Thanks
Just Lee 05/19/15 08:37pm Technology Corner
RE: USB All Files Not Being Read??? PROBLEM SOLVED..

Are they in folders as artist, album or all songs just on the parent folder. Some devices will not look in folders for files they have to be in the parent directory for the device to see them. You could try that. Correct. However BETTER "devices" should have no problem reading files contained in folders provided ALL the folders are in the ROOT of the storage device AND there is no sub folders (aka "nesting" within those folders on the root. In other words your drive (we will call it "G:\" for reference) should look like this.. G:\album1 G:\album2 G:\album3 and so on. It should NOT look like this (nested).. G:\album\album1 G:\album\album2 G:\album\album3 and so on. Also player devices may have some limitations in file name and folder size AND the amount of files allowable that it will play. Some player devices will also have limitations on the max folders (often 99 folders). Your storage device should be FAT32, many do not play well with NTFS (XP/VISTA/WIN7/WIN8 formated drives or Extended FAT or any other non FAT32 partitions.. Your storage device should also be ONE partition. Jensen name doesn't really ooze "quality" so I would bet that it may need ALL the files on the ROOT of the storage drive (in other words NO FOLDERS).. I have Clarion car stereos and they have no problem dealing with multiple folders on the root.
Gdetrailer 05/19/15 06:06pm Technology Corner
USB All Files Not Being Read??? PROBLEM SOLVED..

Ok here is the situation.... I have a in Dash Jensen Model JRV 212T and for some reason it only plays the first album on a home made music USB. It plays fine on all other devices I have just not the in Dash Unit..... Any Ideas? The USB is great it has most of the OLD Country songs on it and we want to be able to listen to the whole thing....
Just Lee 05/19/15 05:22pm Technology Corner
RE: New Stereo

The Jensen is a direct size replacement for Concertone and better quality. I have one with AM/FM/CD/DVD/USB input/HDMI....works great. When replaceing a Concertone they have a wiring adaptor that eliminates the need to cut and splice anything
spadoctor 05/15/15 06:57am Technology Corner
RE: TV for my TC

I have never found Jensen to be anything but junk. You can do much better by purchasing your own. Those are wise words. Get yourself a decent TV. Any major brand is fine.
Ron3rd 05/05/15 06:44am Technology Corner
RE: TV for my TC

I have never found Jensen to be anything but junk. You can do much better by purchasing your own.
1mtnman 05/04/15 06:39pm Technology Corner
TV for my TC

Looking for a TV for my Lance 865 Truck Camper and would like your recommendation. Lance offers a Jensen 19" LED HDTV 12V that's shock mounted and made for a RV. Is this a good unit? I might go a little bigger but not much. Maybe 22"? Definitely 12V and HD. And what articulating mount works best? Thanks for your help. Rick
Slick Rick 05/04/15 05:58pm Technology Corner
RE: Simple Q: playing files through 3.5mm cable

Hogwash... (to "mismatch") We're not talking about 1000w sound systems here needing to drive 4 ohm speakers at 30' It's wire with mini's on both ends running at line level, period. There is ZERO difference in the $.99 cable vs. the pure copper oxygen free BS hype that the audiophiles try and sell you. Look anywhere else but the poor little cable. That Jensen is by far the weakest link in the chain. Yes exactly my point. I didn't say for OP to go out and purchase a $50 cable. I said even if he did, likely very little sound quality increase. The unit is likely the case same in my situation thus i'm replacing mine as well. Oh but there is a difference in the .99 cent cable vs the other. The .99 cent cable usually falls apart quicker where the wire meets the connection edge as they are usually cheaply made. People get so touchy on these forums.
QFamCA 05/01/15 12:47am Technology Corner
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