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RE: Lousy TV Tuner

It annoys me that it is nearly impossible to find any kind of sensitivity specs on televisions, and I do not believe that even CR tests that. Everyone is assumed to be hooked to cable/online. If Jensen and the companies that build "RV" tvs were smart, they would design a super sensitive tuner with great error correction, and push that.
Chris Bryant 11/21/15 12:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Hooking TV into built-in stereo

I actually did this just last week. I used a headphone miniplug to RCA adapter, then RCA couplers, then an RCA extension cable to go into the "Aux In" on my OEM Jensen radio. It is nothing like home quality, but it is 20 times better than the puny tv speakers.
7ofus 11/08/15 08:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Over the air reception question

Oh come on guys, the RV salesman said it is an RV television without any moving parts and rugged enough to withstand the banging around in an RV. Surly he must know what he is talking about, he's an RV salesman. Actually.. That RV salesman is kind of rare for he has spoken the truth. Jensen does make a line of TVs that are marketed for RV use and that is exactly what Jensen says about them. and it is true. HOWEVER: The same (No moving parts (Save the push buttons which you do not need to push since you can use the ones on the remote) and the speaker coils.. Rugged enough to take bounching around in an RV, applies to dang near every other TV out there. INSIGNA: You do not know who made that box. That is the Best Buy House brand and I know at least SOME of their products are actually made by Lucky Goldstar (I seriously doubt all are) and of all the lucky Gold Star stuff I've ever been stuck with only one so far has made me happy..... and I"m not sure if it works right cause I know it has a common failure mode which I've not yet tested. Microwave #1 (OFFICE I did not buy it) Due to a design flaw caught fire Microwave #2 (Says Dometic on it) Turntable did not work, Modified by a compentent engineer (ME) and now works 100% but I used GE parts to do it. VCR (Zenith) Trashed and replaced first with a panasonic and then with a replayTV DVR (Working as I type) Digital TV converter (Insignia) I kept it from failing by being very careful till it wore out,< The Zenith (Identicl unit different paint job) has yet to fail But I know how to prevent it and the things I did for the Insignia were still in place when I swapped in the Zenith. Computer Monitors (Before L merged with G) I never owned but we sold in the store where I worked... We got most all of 'em back due to one part which only Goldstar used.. When the contract expiered the company who's name was on the cabinet went back to their old, reliable, supplier.
wa8yxm 10/30/15 08:42am Technology Corner
RE: Over the air reception question

Probably what others have said, but.... might double check the connections in the coax cable from the back of the TV and to where it connects to the splitter box and make sure the connections are tight and that there are good amounts of center conductor (copper center wire). The splitter box could also not be sending the signal very well. I agree with others that Jensen is not the best brand but I am a little surprised that there is that much of a difference.
rekoj71 10/28/15 09:02pm Technology Corner
RE: Over the air reception question

Oh come on guys, the RV salesman said it is an RV television without any moving parts and rugged enough to withstand the banging around in an RV. Surly he must know what he is talking about, he's an RV salesman. Okay, that was a slam on salesmen. So here is what I did, went to Best Buy and bought two Insignia TV sets and they always work and cost half of a Jensen. The viewing angle is great and the DW or the DGKs can change channels for me from the bedroom. Oh! that's not good is it, messing with the old "GDude".
D.E.Bishop 10/28/15 08:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Over the air reception question

The quality of the tuner & other electronics in the Jensen is rock-bottom, producing a very poor signal/noise ratio through the TV.... therefore no picture.
coolmom42 10/28/15 08:46pm Technology Corner
Over the air reception question

Went camping last weekend, cranked up the antenna, adjusted the signal meter, and pulled in 9 channels on the TV in the living room. (Jensen, stock one that came with the trailer). Turned on the no name brand TV I bought for the bedroom and pulled in 20 stations. Anyone know why the difference in reception of stations between the 2 TV's?
rvingxtc 10/28/15 08:25pm Technology Corner
RE: What is the best small TV for an RV ?

At that size, 720 is plenty and it will come with HMDI. Make sure it has coax for your cable. Sure Samsung is probably best and I wouldn't pass on a Samsung/Sony/Panasonic if the price is right but I bet Vizeo is your best price to quality match. I do NOT recomend Jensen or Coby which you may find at Walmart. Sound will be bad but you could consider headphones a cable with splitter. For a more money you could get wireless headphones.
OutdoorPhotographer 10/26/15 04:38pm Technology Corner
Need Professional Stereo Voltage advice.

I replaced the cheap Jensen Stereo in my Jayco Eagle with a Pioneer Car Audio head unit with touch screen. Have replaced stereos in other RVs, so know a bit about wiring these units up. Wasn't hard this time and Stereo unit fired up and seemed to work well in all modes. A week or so later, I'd turn the screen display off and awhile later the screen lit up on it's own. Continues to happen. Then I got a screen with vertical lines running through it....hasn't been repeated to date. I talked to an audio installer in town and he stated that the head unit needed 14.4 volts and no more. Sure enough, that's what the spec sheet states....14.4 volts. He also stated that some RV converters can produce more than 14.4 volts and if that is the case here....there is my problem. He mentioned I may need a resistor for the head unit....but could give me no further help, other than to check the voltage with a meter. Anyone here give me some guidance? Thanks
Harley Dude 09/14/15 08:00pm Technology Corner
RE: RV Tv's

I am using Jensen TV's in all bedrooms on my boat. The moist sea air can corrode internal components. I agree that residential TV's in RV's are mostly fine.
FrankShore 09/07/15 01:20pm Technology Corner
RE: RV Tv's

Another thing about the Jensen RV TV's is their viewing angle which is much larger than many cheap TV's. Sometimes an important thing with odd seating layouts in RV's. If not needed, give me a Samsung.
az99 09/07/15 06:19am Technology Corner
RE: RV Tv's

Jensen is just plain junk....... Replaced OEM analog TVs with Vizio 8 yrs. ago. 7 yrs of that was Full Time Traveling weekly. Lots of miles, lots of bumps/bouncing, lots of temp variations. $750 option........just be grateful they aren't in one of those 'mandatory optional' packages :S Install whatever LED/LCD you prefer and forget about those high price junk especially if Jensens
Old-Biscuit 09/06/15 12:59pm Technology Corner
RE: RV Tv's

our 32" Vizio is mounted upright on a movable desk Monitor stand so it gets to bounce with us and everything else, 5yrs old and doing great lots of people on here very UN-happy with Jensen products, their radios , dvd players , and TVs seem to have a High failure rate kinda belies that "durability statement" about vibration, just doesn't hold water TV Vizio 5yrs old DVD player Phillips 7yrs old media player Sony 4yrs old PVR Homeworx 2yrs old everything sets on desk or mounted to it, behind the co-pilot seat
MrWizard 09/06/15 12:57pm Technology Corner
RE: RV Tv's

If you think you need that for a TV to survive in an RV, then get a Jensen.
2oldman 09/06/15 11:33am Technology Corner
RE: RV Tv's

Those "junk Jensen's" all have sealed components in them to protect from shock, cold and hot weather. They're anything but cheap junk! Residential TV's aren't exactly designed to go bumping down the freeway at 65mph or down dirt roads, or left in sub freezing conditions in the RV. Jensen's are. They also make superior maritime electronic equipment too!
FrankShore 09/06/15 11:27am Technology Corner
RE: RV Tv's

That's fine. They usually put junk like Jensen in them (or the cheapest TV they can find.)
2oldman 09/06/15 11:22am Technology Corner
RE: A/V Options

my TV is Vizio ..target my dvd player is a phillips 7yrs old ..best buy my media player is Sony..best buy my PVR is Home Worx bought from Amazon my in dash stereo is Sony..Frys electronics avoid Jensen and furrion goto your favorite store and buy, your favorite brand
MrWizard 08/12/15 12:53pm Technology Corner
A/V Options

Hi All, I've been a follower for a while..and have learned heaps from you guys. We're pretty new to RV's(have a 28' KZ Sportsmen) for the last two years. We've just "upgraded" to 36' Dutchman Classic 5th Wheel...bunk house model. 1998 Vintage...It's perfect for my 5 & 3 yea olds! Sorry for the monologue....I refurbished the AV in the sportsmen with the Jensen AWM975...and personally think it is a ....well you get the picture. So I am looking to set up the Dutchman a little better. My family (Wifey, Me and two cretins) are planning a 12 month tour of the US) What are my options.....the Furrion DV1200 looks cool...does it live up to it's hype? Anyone tried the sound bar / sub / speakers combo? I'm not looking for a simple swap.I'm comfortable with pulling wire and cutting new holes as required. I'm looking to get good sound in the main cab and some tunes under the awning;... all opinions appreciated...thanks
Dingo007 08/11/15 11:40pm Technology Corner
Need New Stereo CD/DVD

Would like some input on what to replace the POS Jensen that was installed in our 5er. It sounds as if it is off frequency and cracking on AM-FM. If you try to watch a DVD, it pixelates and freeze frames. I have had trouble with this since the rig was new. I would still like to have a 12 volt unit that jacks into the TV and external speakers. I have gone to a couple of big box stores and struck out at one. Didn't have a clue what I wanted and said they can't order anything. thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Dandy Dan 08/03/15 06:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Jensen Audio Replacement?

I've been checking stuff out today and found some interesting results. First, I should explain that our RV has 3 audio Systems. First it has a Jensen Radio/CD player in the dash with weather band and Sirius. That one is OK while travelling. There is also a cheap outside unit with 2 speakers (Not Jensen) that looks like an aftermarket car radio that has a slot for CDs. That brings me to my problem child. It is mounted in the overhead and tied to the Jensen TV in the middle of the overhead. We have no upper bunk there. This unit is installed behind a cabinet door along with the connections to the 3 different cables, OA roof, satellite dish or cable TV. This is the unit that doesn't work very well. It measures 10" X 7" so that is larger than a double DIN so if I go with something smaller I would need to make up some kind of face plate to cover the hole. I am pretty handy so I think I could do that if I had to. The existing unit has switches for 3 sets of speakers but only one pair is currently hooked up. Now I don't mind spending around $250 if it gets me everything I have and works. I suspect the original owner paid a lot more for this piece of junk from Winnebago. The Furrion units are interesting but they would require me to make that face plate. The Pioneer on Amazon actually looks like I'll have to cut the hole a little bigger which would work as well. Then I realized that none of these play BluRay which seems to be the next thing to render all my DVDs out of date. I went to Crutchfield but they didn't seem to have anything that matched my search criteria. I even looked at Best Buy but they were pretty car centric. Any other ideas on where to look?
ol' yeller 07/30/15 03:51pm Technology Corner
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