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RE: Radio Volume Too Loud

Appears you may have a mis-matched system. Check the Jensen amp output against the existing speakers. You may have too much wattage for the speakers & they are actually overloaded.
Dakota98 02/16/15 12:40pm Technology Corner
Radio Volume Too Loud

I just purchased a 2013 Travel trailer that has a Jensen "touch" radio. The lowest volume setting is "1" and, at times, this seems too loud. Do others have this problem and is there a way to fix this? The sound quality is not great either. Would changing the speakers help? Thanks
jhammett54 02/16/15 11:24am Technology Corner
RE: Has anyone tried this Winegard omni antenna?

I had the older version of the Winegard Omni on my Weekend Warrior and it worked well. I have a Jensen Omni on my Arctic Fox and it is not as good as my previous Winegard. At home, I run a RCA omni in the attic and it works well. Look at the 1750, 1650 and older 1450 amplified versions. http://www.rcaaudiovideo.com/antennas/?sku=ANT1650F http://www.rcaaudiovideo.com/antennas/?sku=ANT1750F
Bedlam 02/05/15 10:15pm Technology Corner
RE: Has anyone tried this Winegard omni antenna?

I just replaced my Jensen omni with a Winegard Sensar IV and I get about 3X the channels. Not the exact comparison the OP wants but I'm very happy.
joebedford 02/04/15 07:35am Technology Corner
Question on stereo, speakers, tv on Apex TT

Hopefully this is where I need to post this question. We purchased a new Apex 214rb 2014 TT in Nov 2014. It has a 24" TV and a CD/DVD player in a entertainment center at the end of the bed. When the DVD/CD player or radio is on you can select inside speakers ( ceiling ) or outside speakers or both. My problem and question is this: When the TV alone is on I cannot figure out how to get the ceiling / outside speakers to work. It appears the speakers work off the DVD/CD player and it will send a video signal to the TV. What I would like is to send a audio signal from the TV through the DVD/CD player to the speakers. Hope this makes sense. Can it be done? Player is a Jensen AWM965...I know not great...but it is what I have. TV is a no name brand. They are connected via a 3 plug cable. Read the book but like Greek to me. Any suggestions?
riven1950 01/30/15 04:50pm Technology Corner
RE: Upgrading rv stereo to a car stereo

I replaced my Jensen with a Pioneer earlier this year. The Jensen stereo in mine was a 1.5 DIN Ford radio. I used a Metra adapter to fill in the hole. Looking back I should have done this as soon as the rig hit the driveway, the factory radio is junk.
UsualSuspect 01/13/15 08:58am Technology Corner
RE: Upgrading rv stereo to a car stereo

Well you didnt really give info on your RV or stereo unit. Most of the new RV stereos are also the DVD players. Most are either BOSS or JENSEN. Both are decent units. I know they are not BOSE but most are still OK. --Having said that. Swapping one out for a nice car stereo shouldnt be a problem if the mounting is the same. If you need to modify the existing hole, then it will be more complicated, but still can be done.
chevyman2 01/12/15 02:08pm Technology Corner
RE: Jensen tv and Sony Blue-Ray

Your component inputs on your TV are analog, whereas your Sony Bluray HDMI signal is digital. A cable alone cannot convert the signal. You need a conversion box such as this E-MoreĀ® HDMI to 1080P Component Video . BTW, make sure your Jensen has Component inputs? If only composite, yellow video and red/white audio, then you need a box such as this instead Portta 10HC HDMI to 3RCA Composite AV.
1492 01/10/15 08:57am Technology Corner
Jensen tv and Sony Blue-Ray

I have a 19 in. Jensen tv, model JE1907. I am attempting to replace the existing DVD player, and replacing it with a Sony Blu-Ray player. The problem is that the TV has RCA jacks, while the player has an HDMI port. I bought a cable with HDMI on one end, and video and audio RCA connectors on the other, which are inserted in the Component jacks on the tv. I am not getting any signal. Could it be because the Sony player is set at 1080 resolution, and not compatible with the tv? Any suggestions? Thx.
cgmartine 01/10/15 01:49am Technology Corner
RE: Jensen AWM975 - why does DVD not work?

It doesn't work BECAUSE it is a JENSEN.. You took the words right out of my mouth! Maybe you could sell it for a few bucks on eBay or CL with a disclaimer.
Thunder Mountain 12/10/14 07:11am Technology Corner
RE: Jensen AWM975 - why does DVD not work?

Mine did that and I removed the unit, removed the top cover and used canned air to blow off the laser. Reinstalled and working great. Sometimes blowing off the laser will work, we used to do that with computers in the old cd-rom days. Worth a try. If not, replace the Jensen bottom-feeder with a quality name brand unit.
Ron3rd 12/09/14 09:51pm Technology Corner
RE: Need Help w an Entertainment & WiFi System Setup

Blu-Ray in place of the DVD, plays both media, and in doing so, you won't need a Smart TV unless you have other needs beyond streaming. Make sure to get a TV with a functioning USB connection (not just a service port). by doing so, you can connect your camera, Ipod, & other devices with the right adapter cables to the TV & view your photo's on screen. Don't go cheap on the TV, get a mid to high end Sony or Samsung. Already had the Blue Ray technology in mind thanks to someone else suggesting it. Great, best way to go. We will want our tablet and/or laptop to connect to the TV to use as a monitor. Would that be considered "streaming"? No, streaming means using Hulu, Amazon, Netflix etc. For your tablet, laptop, just be sure the TV has the connections for those devices. Many do. I don't understand what you mean by a "functioning USB port vs. just a service port"? What's the difference? I know a 3.0 is preferred for speed. Some TV's have a USB port for service only, meaning software updates. Many sets have a USB that can connect to a Camera, Ipod, etc. View your photo's on screen as mentioned. Any brand names for modules that people have used that are RV friendly? I've come across the Jenson brand and it seems to be well regarded. Get any TV you want with the connections as indicated above, Sony, Samsung, Vizio etc. Jensen's are expensive & not needed. Use an inverter if you want to connect to the 12 volt system or plug to coach outlet when on shore power.
Dakota98 12/08/14 05:02pm Technology Corner
RE: Jensen AWM975 - why does DVD not work?

It doesn't work BECAUSE it is a JENSEN.. Cheapest import junk you can get, rip it out, throw it down on concrete as hard as you can, then take a 20lb sledge and beat it into a pulp, then stomp on the remains then sweep it up and place into the nearest trash receptacle and don't look back. Jensen name simply gets stuck on any cheaply built stuff with no real regard for quality. Buy a QUALITY name brand of a car stereo like Pioneer, JVC, Clarion with a DVD player. You will also need to buy a composite to HDMI scaler if you insist on using the TVs HDMI input. Alternately buy a car stereo with CD and a separate home DVD or BluRay player for the TV work.
Gdetrailer 12/05/14 03:26pm Technology Corner
RE: Jensen AWM975 - why does DVD not work?

Try different discs? Some don't load. BUT then again it is a Jensen Product.
Old-Biscuit 12/05/14 01:08pm Technology Corner
Jensen AWM975 - why does DVD not work?

Hello all, newbie here: We purchased a Jensen AWM975 a few months back and finally got around to install it a couple of months ago. What do they say about Murphy's law? Oh yes, wait around until the return policy expires and what do you think happened? You got it, we have a problem with it. I hope one of you specialists may have come across this issue: we installed it as per the manual and the DVD player does not run at all. The screen flashes "loading", but nothing happens. We tried troubleshooting with HDMI and regular video/audio cables, and tried to search online for an answer, but no dice. We even checked for extra packaging screws that may be blocking the player, but we seemed to have removed them all. Everything else seems to run as it should. Help?
osren 12/05/14 12:49pm Technology Corner
RE: Non-subscription DVR?

About the only option for recording Dish satellite will be the Magnavox DVR and record the composite video (yellow RCA connector) out from the sat receiver. You will not be able to record the HDMI output because that will be copy protected. The Dish ViP211Z receiver only has HDMI and composite outputs and your TV has no HDMI input so you will only be able to watch standard def satellite on the TV. The Jensen JE1907 and the Magnavox DVR have ATSC tuners so you don't need a separate OTA converter box. Your best option would be to upgrade to a Dish DVR with local TV channels.
Tom_M 11/14/14 02:11pm Technology Corner
RE: Non-subscription DVR?

No DVR yet as that's what I'm considering. TV is Jensen JE1907 OTA tuner is Venturer STB7766G1 Dish Rcvr is ViP211Z
Gonzo42 11/14/14 11:34am Technology Corner
TV / DVD Player Question

So, the new RV has a 39" Furrion LED HDTV ... and below that is a Jensen JRV212T player that looks like it does about everything. We put a DVD into the Jensen, and it started playing, with the movie audio coming out of the speakers ... but, it would not play on the TV. I pushed the 'source' button and it has the following choices: TV AV Component HDMI 1 HDMI 2 HDMI 3 USB No matter which one I selected, it said no signal. I can see on the side of the TV that there are no HDMI cables plugged into any of those. I can barely see the back of the TV (it comes up from the kitchen counter) but I can see that there are various video cables hooked in back there. I pushed on all of them, and they are in tight. I did not see any USB cable connected. The setup: the TV comes up out of the counter. The stereo/DVD player is mounted right below the counter, and the fireplace is below that. There is no access door outside of the RV behind all of this. So, I am guessing we might have to pull out the fireplace to access the cords for the TV and stereo? Any ideas or thoughts? Thanks!
NekkidFish 10/20/14 03:16pm Technology Corner
RE: 12v TV/monitor.. What your using please.. No inverters

My 2012 Timber Ridge came with a 32inch Jensen 12vdc television that has RCA input, HDMI, and VGA. It's connected to a Jensen surround sound system with DVD player that again runs off the batteries and seems to be fairly power efficient. As others have mentioned, you can walk through sams club, Costco, best buy or whatever and look to see if the tv is powered by a wall wart. If it is, the power input is more than likely capable of being run directly off the battery, you just need to make up a power cable with the right connector on the end.
Searching_Ut 10/15/14 07:17pm Technology Corner
RE: 12v TV/monitor.. What your using please.. No inverters

Its not that I don't have a inverter.. I do in the camper. But I don't, in my Cummins E350 and need entertainment for my passengers. Why didn't you say that in the first post Like I already said there are a bazillion automotive car entertainment LCD displays out there in multiple sizes and prices, the have a/v inputs so they work with game machines and portable DVD players No pc or TV I use a 7" flip down display as my backup rearview monitor Look at Amazon or frys electronics I didn't say that because I don't want to use my inverter. And like I said. I'm looking for a monitor which takes input from a PC not just dvd's. multi media monitor? Just bought this 32" Insignia from Best Buy for 169. It has the brick transformer. I had a 12 volt cig lighter plug and it works perfectly on 12 v and 110 when I have it. Has all the plugs on the back for anything you want to hook up. It plugs into my Jensen system also to play DVDs. Perfect hd picture ota. Thanks! that's great to know the brand your happy with at least.. Have you tried it hdmi to hdmi on a PC?
rerod 10/15/14 06:13pm Technology Corner
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