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Good Sam extended Warranty

Ho boy. OK, the A/C dies the first day out of a 68 day trip. Buy a big fan at Wally World and live thru it as no place can get you in within a couple of weeks anyplace even if you wanted to do a major modification to your plans. Get home and take 5er in to Camping World. Ask them to fix the A/C and a few other things. The few other things don't get covered as it turns out because "in the fine print" it says blah, blah, blah and this is how WE mean that. And, the A/C is cranking out about 8% of what it should be so it really has not had a "failure" - nothing mechanical wrong with it. HUH? OK, think we did get thru getting a new upper unit OK. But, guess what? The new Dometic is not compatible with the thermostat you have so you need a different circuit board and that is replacing an obsolete part and you need to read the "fine print". Not covered. So I get a new unit but it will not work unless I shell out the bucks to either get a new thermostat or the board to make it work I ask? Yup, you got it, he says. Oh, BTW, shipping of the new A/C is not covered. You get to pay that as well. Why, in God's name, do I continue to have an extended warranty with GS or anyone (would imagine they are all the same). AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. There, now I feel better! :-)
Lauren 11/10/14 01:39pm General RVing Issues
Good Sam extended service contract.

We purchased our plan/contract, at time of purchase from Camping World RV sales. We are quite pleased with our contract issuer. They have been straightforward and prompt to review and pay valid claims. If we are allowed, we will purchase a new contract plan when this one expires.
Ray,IN 11/06/14 10:45am Good Sam Extended Service Plan
Good Sam extended Service Plan Coverage

Could someone let me know what the Good Sam extended Service Plan covers and what it does not cover?
ventrman 07/21/14 10:21am Good Sam Extended Service Plan
Good Sam extended service

I got a call this morning (half asleep) in response to my enquirees about this. Here is what I understand Unit is a new TT worth about 30K currently covered by storage insurance. 1) pricing seems very reasonable I believe they quoted me $150 a year with a $500 deductable 2) covers replacement if it is written off or destroyed in a fire etc? 3) cover repair of problems like slide, fridge, etc 4) Does it cover leak damage? 5) Apparently I can suspend it temp with 30 days notice. An advantage since it will be in Mexico 4 months a year and not covered anyway, except by Mexican insurance 6) Apparently it is US residents only and I live most of the year in Canada, but I have a US mailbox (I live right on border), so they said that is OK. Right now I have insurance on my current RV which does not cover things like appliances or leaks etc. It does cover if I write it off or a tree falls on it, etc. i pay pretty close to what Good Sam is quoting, so Good Sam seems like a much better deal. On both RV's I have to purchase liability from my regular insurer which in my case is ICBC. Anyone that can provide more insight?
Tequila 07/02/14 02:09pm Good Sam Extended Service Plan
Good Sam extended Service Plan

I purchased my new motorhome at my local Camping World 2 months ago. At the time I purchased an extended service plan. On this forum I have been reading posts about differences in plans purchased on the website and plans purchased at the dealer. The main difference I have found is the Administrator of the two plans. The plan bought through CW is United Service Protection Corp. and the one online is Affinity Corp. I have heard that the administrator of your plan makes a huge difference in how your claims are handled.
techdeb 05/10/14 05:05pm Good Sam Extended Service Plan
Good Sam extended Service Plan - Caveat Emptor

Good Sam Extended Warranty doesn't cover anything. My experience with Good Sam Extended Warranty (which is actually written by QBE Insurance of America, a company in Australia) has been totally unsatisfactory. If you have an older motor home (mine is a 2006 model), you will likely find out that a lot of items that you would think are covered are not. My most recent experience is with the leveling jacks on my 2006 National Tropi-Cal. The jacks are made by Power Gear, a well-known name in the industry. The motor on my leveling jacks went bad and has to be replaced. After a long series of phone calls and e-mails and ordered parts, I have learned that the original equipment motor for the leveling jacks is no longer made. And the replacement motor for the jacks does not fit the manifold assembly of the original motor. That would seem to be a simple issue of ordering a new manifold to fit the new motor. And obviously, that would seem to be covered under my Good Sam Extended Warranty because there is no way that the new motor would fit the old manifold. And therefore, the jacks will not work. However, I soon learn a new wrinkle in the legalize of the Good Sam Extended Warranty. According to their agent, they will only pay for the replacement motor for the jacks because that is the only thing that has gone bad. It makes no difference that the motor does not fit the manifold and replacing the motor in and of itself will not make the jacks work. The manifold must be replaced in order for the new motor to be able to operate the jacks. If this makes sense to anyone, I'd like to know. I have an extended warranty which covers the jacks, but because the company that makes the jacks no longer makes the same pump/manifold as was originally installed, my warranty will not cover getting the jacks back to working order because only the motor went bad, not the manifold. And the manifold does not fit the new pump. And they won't pay for the manifold that goes with the new pump. Doesn't make sense. This isn't my first negative experience dealing with the Good Sam Extended Warranty. My first experience involved a slide out that stopped working. The slide stopped working because of water intrusion and resulting deterioration of the floor beneath the slide. Come to find out that the Good Sam Extended Warranty doesn't cover this because, as I was told by the Insurance Agent, I didn't sign up for option of Seals and Gaskets. So, the next time I renew my policy, I add the option to cover seals and gaskets. Then this year I have a problem with a different slide. This time, when the repair facility goes to get authorization for coverage of the repairs, I find out that the Seals and Gasket coverage that I was told by the Good Sam insurance agent I needed to cover the cost of the earlier slide out repair does not cover anything on the slides. The bottom line, if you are considering Good Sam Extended Warranty on your motor home, have your lawyer look at the policy and be sure you understand that basically, you are buying an extremely limited policy and that there are more exclusions than coverage. And don't expect the Good Sam Extended Warranty to cover anything that may go wrong with you RV. Dave Inscoe “Not a Happy Camper”
DaveInscoe 03/25/14 10:43am Good Sam Insurance
Good SAm extended service plan

I purchased this plan in Oct 2013 to protect my investment. I had to call them because my rig would not start about a little over a week ago. I took it to the shop and since over a week ago I have been told that the mileage is not current. I can prove to the mile where it was and had been BUT they will not pay because it has not been driven since I purchased the policy. WEll it has been started and pulled forward so the grass could be mowed around and under it. About this mileage..why didn't the person selling me the policy ask me to give him the current mileage? The RV was sitting in my driveway. Because I had not taken the rig on a trip since I purchased the policy they are accusing me of lying about this. I am so insulted I'm not sure what I am going to do. I am very very angry that anyone would accuse me of this. FRAUD. GS pollutes my mailbox monthly with their products. That is how I even knew this existed. I have paid and now when it is time for them to honor the policy I am a liar t rying to steal what should not be mine? Apparently since my RV never left after putting the policy on it I do not deserve the benefitss in that policy. I had big plans about heading out and driving across the country but because of life and the way things happen I never left. It amazes me that the people I've been talking with all seem to get dumbfounded when I tell them the RV never left the primises. Now I've been told by the repair shop owner that "by the owner's own admission " she never took the RV out. OK guilty here..never took it out to a campground. I did however start it to keep the battery up and as mentioned aewrlier to take care of the grass. I am so mad that I'm trying to find the proper venue for my complaint. I want all of my money back I've paid them and want to register my complaint to the right arena so it can get plenty of views. Peple who think that this company is here for them better wake up. They refuse me and I have done nothing wrong except apparently getting sick and unable to go on road trips trumps their liability. I tried to call to cancel my policy when I was told that it will cost me $50.00 to put an end to this treatment from Good Sam and that if I did not pay my next scheduled payment in April that a $50.00 charge will be added to that too. When I asked why I was told it is in the policy. DANG..should have really paid more attention to what waas in that policy. I wonder what it says about RVs sitting in driveways for long periods..??? Just for everyone's information I am not Mrs. Bliss. I will not be doing anymore conversation with anyone affiliated with Good Ole Scam because I am traumatized enough already. I'm so mad I do not know where to take this. How strangers decide who is "lying or cheating" is way beyond me. I wonder if the people who did this to me even know anything about me other than I bought this service plan and had a fuel pump go out in my driveway. FRom this comes that......
esbliss 03/18/14 11:43am Good Sam Extended Service Plan
Good SAm extended service plan

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 27595567
esbliss 03/18/14 11:43am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
Good Sam extended Service Plan for Autos?

We received a flyer for this program, offered on vehicles up to 15 yes old and less than 150k. Any folks on here have any first hand experiences with it? Thanks.
wiskeyVI 03/17/14 08:31pm Tow Vehicles
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