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Topic: Water heater wont work

Posted By: jonaz on 01/11/04 07:54pm

My travel trailer has a Atwood type water heater (White Rogers control?). It is a 2001 Kiwi trailer, and I bought it used two months ago. I can not get the hot water heater to work. There is no gas getting to the pilot. I have crawled all around the trailer, and underneath, and there appears to be no shutoff valve. I have plenty of gas in my propane tanks, and the heater inside works. Do you think the problem is the actual unit, and that it needs to be replaced?
Any tips on troubleshooting?

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Posted By: ngadeerhunter on 01/11/04 08:12pm

sometimes mine has air in the line. After holding in the knob for some time (assuming it is manual) pilot still wont light? could be debris clogging an orfice

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Posted By: GACamper on 01/11/04 08:37pm

Loosen the gas line where it connects to the water heater gas valve. If you are getting gas there then you might have a plugged pilot assy. You'll need to take it out and apart and clean out the orifice.

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Posted By: msereno on 01/12/04 11:36am

I have the same problem with the water heater in my Cub. I will first turn the stove burners on for a few seconds to purge any air in the lines. Then when I light the heater I don't have to hold the pilot down as long but it still takes sometimes 30 sec or so. The line to the pilot is very small so I guess it takes a bit to clear of air. Hope that helps.


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Posted By: pmfinnegan2 on 01/12/04 12:43pm

I had the same problem with mine. It turned out what I thought was the pilot wasn't. The pilot was much farther in the unit than I thought. This might be possible in your case as well.

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Posted By: BLYONS on 01/12/04 03:34pm

My unit has an ignitor switch INSIDE the unit...I thought it was for heat but found out the first time when there was no hot water! Our unit will 'spark' three times before giving you a red indicator letting you know there is no gas getting to the pilot.

Probably not that simple on your rig but worth checking. My switch was below the sink.

Good luck.

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Posted By: jonaz on 01/12/04 08:33pm

You were absolutely right! I turned on the stove burner for a few minutes, and I guess that purged the air out of the lines. My wife and I are going to have a much better time camping in Death Valley this weekend, thanks to you.
Thanks for all the other posts. You guys saved me a trip to the dealer.

Posted By: msereno on 01/13/04 01:27pm

Good Deal, Jonaz. Glad that worked for you. Now you can have all the hot water you want!


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