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Topic: Window seals/Rubber Trim

Posted By: karenhetzer on 01/21/04 05:16am

Hi everyone. I'm trying to find window seals. I have a 91 Lindy and most of the rubber seals around the windows are dry and pulling away from the windows, leaving them vulnerable to leaks. I can't seem to find this stuff anywhere (tried campingworld). Can anyone advise?
Thank you.

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Posted By: sandygirl on 01/21/04 05:35am

Try a automobile window shop.


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Posted By: LT123 on 01/21/04 06:10am

Try a salvage yard if you have one close.

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Posted By: Clubmaxx on 01/21/04 08:18pm

A more permenant seal would be to remove your windows. Make a frame opening seal out of tarp tape to protect the lamination. Put Eternabond cut in half around the window as a seal and place the window back in. On the inside, before replacing the inner ring, seal the the inside with marine calk around the window then replace the inner ring. On the outside, seal the outer edge with 3-M autobody seam sealer. It's a bit of work but worth it. This gives you far better protection against moisture getting past the window. I have pictures of the processes on my link below my pictures.

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Posted By: VanMan on 01/21/04 12:02pm

If this is the black rubber seal that goes in a channel around the window, all it does is keep the water away from the attaching screws. It's the grey caulk junk between the window and the outside sheet metal that prevents leaks around the window. Here in Texas the rubber seal will shrink and create about an inch or so gap at the bottom and then the wasps will lay their eggs under the seal. In the past, I have removed this seal, cleaned it well, cleaned under it well, tightened up all the screws (to make the real sealing stuff compress better), replaced the rubber seal, and then used black plastic electrical tape to span the gap at the bottom to keep those pesky bugs out. The rubber can then be "conditioned" with some lubricant (WD40, light oil, etc) to help the cracks. If there is really already a leak, loosen those screws a little, pry the window out a little, replace the grey junk or use regular silicone caulk and then retighten.

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Posted By: JAMAR on 01/21/04 01:41pm

I got my window weatherstrip from:

Sicard Holiday Campers Ltd.

Ph- 905 957-3344

7526 Highway 20 Smithville Ontario.

Good luck.[emoticon]

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Posted By: karenhetzer on 01/21/04 04:25pm

Thanks everyone! Finally some leads. I soooooo appreciate all the information. After discovering and repairing water damage, this was the final thing I wanted to take of.
bvail, thank you, what a great site.
VanMan, thanks too, I didn't know that, and I will now look at the grey junk :-)
Jamar, I'll check out the site, thanks.

Posted By: bvail on 01/21/04 09:12am


Try and click on products and then go to the window parts section. They might have what you are looking for.

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Posted By: Dick A on 01/21/04 09:16am

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Posted By: karenhetzer on 01/22/04 06:04am

Whoa, Clubmaxx! Just looked at all your pictures, what an undertaking! Great job.
Thanks for the info on the windows.
I'm really curious about the 'work' area in your RV. What do you do/how will this space be used?
I'm still a newbie to RVing, my Class C '91Lindy is my first, and I have yet to even take my maiden voyage, but seeing how you used your space, and me being an artist, I'm already thinking about my next RV :-)

Posted By: Clubmaxx on 01/22/04 07:34am


Thanks for the comments. It was a lot of work but turned out great.

I design and manufacture Clubmaxx golf bags and accessories so I attend a lot of golf shows around the country during the off season. It had to be comfortable for up to four people to travel long distances in a short time and still carry enough gear to do at least two shows at a time and pull double duty as a mobile office. I was not originally going to put the kitchen area back in but decided it too could pull double duty as the office area and mini kitchen.

A lot of redesign work was put into it to eliminate the problems like leaks and lack of strength. When I finished it I drowned it with hoses from top to bottom and sprayed water directly on the sides to check for leaks. Nothing! With all the support put into the frame to stiffen it up and the added insulation put everywhere it also does not have a rattle or squeak in it and is very quiet.

Good luck with yours. Let me know if I can help.


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