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Topic: Replacement for Michelin 255s = Toyo 265/75R/22.5 (M124Z)

Posted By: Nbr3car on 03/19/04 10:56am

Originally had Michelin 235/80R/22.5s on the Travel Supreme, however wanted to move up to a larger tire size. Had to generally run at, or near max. tire PSI just to make weight. The little 235s were rock hard and so was the ride quality. Running so near the tire’s capacity started to become a major concern.

Determined the coach had no problem to easily accommodate Michelin 255/80R/22.5 tire size or equivalent. Wheel well clearances were more than adequate.

Did a lot of homework and product evaluation. Took a serious look at Michelin (XRV/XZE/etc…), Goodyears (G670s/G156/169/etc…), Bridgestones, Toyo and more. Made up a tire evaluation spreadsheet and PSI comparison chart to breakdown and plot load capacities, diameters/widths, etc… of the competing brands.

XRVs had something to offer, but ultimately elected to go with the Toyo M124Z 265/75R/22.5 tires. Honestly, reports about weak sidewalls on the Michelins XRVs tipped the scale in favor of the Toyos.

So far, the Toyos have performed extremely well. Was worried about a stiffer ride, however the sidewalls flex exceptionally well. Ride quality is excellent (actually better than the old Michelins due to the PSI headroom). Increase in the tire’s load capacity has afforded lots of headroom and more importantly, “peace of mind”.

Lastly: Price was not really the issue. However if you are interested, the Toyos ran approx. $ 60.00/copy less than the Michelin XRV 255s (Camping World's most recent XRV sale price). That’s an “all in” comparison of tire+mount+balance. Another little bonus to consider…

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Posted By: JerVal on 03/19/04 11:12am

Wheel well clearance is not the only problem. Did you check dual tire clearance?

Jerry and Val

2004 Tioga 26Q

Posted By: Bill S. on 03/19/04 04:15pm

I did an extensive comparison of the same tires last year, but went instead with the Goodyear 275/70R.22.5 G670RV. Wider by 1.1" than the 235XRV, but had plenty dual spacing and wheel well clearances. It's a 16 ply rated tires (compared to Michelin 14), had a much higher load rating even at lower pressures, and is an RV specific tire with tread design and sidewalls for the ride and handling we all want. I favored the Goodyears over Toyos (they are both very good tires), due to some of the specs being better on the Goodyear, and the sheer number of Goodyear stores and commercial tire centers. Oh, and the loaded radius on the GY was the same as the XRV, and the speedo and transmission computer didn't need recalibrating.

Bill, (aka Capt.Bill)
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Posted By: Bill S. on 03/20/04 02:46pm


I see where that would make a difference with the TS front end issues. The Goodyear is actually slightly larger in diameter than the Michelin; GY is 37.5" and XRV is 37.1", but the loaded radius is the same. The GY has a wider footprint and a lot higher load rating than XRV. The Toyo's you bought are great tires; they have a good reputation and should serve you well.

Posted By: Nbr3car on 03/19/04 05:44pm

Bill S.,

I took a good look at the Goodyears G670s in the size mentioned. Really wanted to throw my support to Goodyear (being a big NASCAR fan), but wanted a larger diameter tire. Too bad Goodyear has not yet come out with an intermediate size G670 tire to compete with the Michelin 255 (diameter wise). Suppose they’ll get that size into production eventually. If so, I’ll definitely choose the G670 next time.

In my case, the TS front end cap is inherently low to the ground and is sometimes perilously close to rubbing the pavement over steep driveways. Replacement tires with similar diameter as the XRV 235s were just going to give me the same headache. This concern is the reason I elected to go a bit rounder. A half inch here and there does make a significant difference in my case… My front end situaiton has improved greatly.

Best Regards

Posted By: Nbr3car on 03/19/04 11:31am


Good point. Yes. The dual tire spacing was evaluated and also verified by the Toyo Dealer to be acceptable.

Also, the speedo will need calibration.

The smaller XRV 235's roll around at 556 rev/mi. The larger Toyo 265s roll at 541 rev/mi.


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