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Topic: Four Winds "Hurricane" Owners Thread - Mods, Tips, Tricks, etc.

Posted By: vertrix on 09/29/06 11:57am

Yeap, the 31H model only has a 33 gallon fresh water thank.

I'm thinking of somehow installing a secondary 33 gallon thank.

Any thoughts?


2007 Four Winds Hurricane 31H

Posted By: bccsrc on 09/29/06 12:01pm

There has to be a way. It would be nice to just replace that one with a bigger one, and somehow mount it under the frame somewhere. I think that is how my Toy Hauler was. I can't believe they would put such a small tank on a MH.

It would be nice to gain that storage area back for use inside.

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Posted By: Roark Family on 09/29/06 12:03pm

Why would you unless you're going to increase your holding tanks capacities too. It doesn't do any good to have all that fresh water if you can't dump it anywhere. If you're dry camping you probably won't have a place to dump. If you you have full hook up then you can plug up didrectly to the water supply. Unless you don't like that water or don't have a filter. Just my thoughts.

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Posted By: mike82 on 09/29/06 06:47pm

found it....the are TWO fuse panel under the hood! Thanks for your help.

Posted By: vertrix on 09/29/06 12:06pm

Hey bccsrc, there's plenty of space under the floor.

One possible location would be were the spare tire goes (if you don't have one).

I found several places on the web that sell water thanks on any size/shape imaginable.


Posted By: bccsrc on 09/29/06 12:08pm

What is the Grey water and Black water tank capacity?

Posted By: vertrix on 09/29/06 12:11pm

These are the specs:

2007 31H model:

Water tank: 33 gal.
Gray tank: 43
Black tank: 32

At least an extra 20 gallons (fresh water) would be fine.


Posted By: bccsrc on 09/29/06 12:17pm

I don't know, with the grey and black water capacity being so small, I don't think it would be worth it.

Maybe having a second grey tank along with the freshwater....

Posted By: MrMudstud on 09/29/06 06:23pm

mike82 wrote:

I have a 2005 30Q, the lights in the storage bays quit working. I checked all the fuses, at the 120/12 volt panel, under the dash by the drivers seat, and under the hood, all ok!! Does anyone know where the fuse is? Is it possible a inline fuse somewhere? Any help would be appreciated.
I have a main switch by the entrance door that controls all the bays lights. You need to turn it on first before the current is available to turn on any bays lights............

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Posted By: fanman on 10/04/06 01:23pm

bccsrc wrote:

I pulled the Hurricane out of the shop to get it ready for this weekend. Looks like someone has been using it. [emoticon]

Up where the DVD player is, there was a piece of paper showing zip codes for my satellite dish, well it had been chewed on. Somehow a mouse has made it into my Hurricane and even made the climb up from the floor all the way to the top up by my TV.

What do you reccomend I do to catch this little guy?[emoticon]

That's easy. Just put the TV on a channel he was not watching and hide the controller. He'll just leave when he can't watch his shows.

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