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Topic: older propane tank

Posted By: blue streak on 07/02/04 12:59am

Hello everyone,and happy 4th weekend !! I recently bought an old but clean 1980 Tioga Arrow mh,which has the old style fill valve. I wonder if I can change the valve,or should I change the whole tank ? It looks like it is welded to the frame,and is rusted. Any advice is appreciated,and safty is my number 1 concern,of cource. thanks.

Posted By: anconn on 07/02/04 02:09am

Go to a propane expert and they will tell you the best way to go. Especially since the tank you have is welded in place. You don't want to fool with propane.

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Posted By: GerryB54 on 07/02/04 05:28am

Personally, I would change the tank, BUT you may be fine with it as long as it has a blowoff.

Most motorhome tanks had the ability to read the level while filling with the blowoff, and I think that is the legal requirement...not positive.

A propane service & supply company should know for sure.

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Posted By: matt69oh on 07/02/04 05:37am

1. Holy crap! I'm from Streetsboro, too!

2. About your question. Does the tank you're talking about look like the type they use on a propane grill? After I read your post again, I'm guessing it doesn't. But, read on if it does resemble a gas grill propane tank...

They do sell conversion kits for LP tank valves. They're not as cheap as one may think. And, tanks that old probably will need to be tested. I would recommend just getting new tank(s). The cheapest I found was at Sam's Club. They were about $22.00 each. That's for the 20lb. tanks, by the way. You'd end up spending that much or more to change over the valves and getting the tanks tested.

You also said you think the tanks are welded to the frame. Could it be possible that the tanks are resting on a tray and the tray is welded to the frame? Let us know.

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Posted By: Lazybonz on 07/02/04 06:06am

Just wondering, why change it if you don't need to. I never had a problem getting the tank filled on my 73 Travco with the old valve. No place that filled it ever said I should change it.


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Posted By: lostmarbles on 07/02/04 06:20am

Click above, for the OPD requirements of 4# to 40# tanks...

Posted By: blue streak on 07/02/04 11:37pm

What a great site. Thanks all. Went to Amerigas and had the tank filled today with no problems. So far got the hot water heater running. The heater wouldn`t fire,but it was 80 degrees out !! Any suggestions on how to check it out on a hot day,just to see if it works BEFORE I need it ??? I am referring to the furnace. Thanks again.

Posted By: 3D on 07/02/04 06:36am

Your link to NFPA does not work...did you check it?

Posted By: The Rock on 07/02/04 06:43am

Greetings..for what it's worth..we traded to a 1990 class A earlier this year which has the horizontal propane tank welded in place. I thought the valve should be replaced due to it's age but to do this I was told the tank has to be removed and inspected...a fairly big expense. I did some further inquiring and apparently these tanks do not have to have the valves replaced like the vertical ones. I am going to carry on as is until I can no longer get someone to fill it.

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Posted By: lostmarbles on 07/02/04 06:53am

Anyone else having problems with the NFPA link? I tried it again with no problems... Sometimes you have to go back again to reload the link tho... depending on the bandwidth they have.

Posted By: cwade on 07/02/04 07:16am

tanks are cheap. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

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Posted By: rvsatek on 07/02/04 09:04am

Horizontal tanks are exempt form the OPD valve issue. You will not have any problem getting them filled. Vertical tanks are inexpensive but horizontal tanks are VERY expensive. You will pay in excess of $800 for a 40 pounder plus some hefty installation $$. Your valve is fine but I would be worried about the rust. Sand it off and get it as clean as possible. If it is just surface rust I would paint it with Rustoleum, take it to an LP company and have them inspect it (usually for free if you fill it) and they will stamp a new inspection date on the tank.

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Posted By: Yeti Shaman on 07/02/04 09:23am

Check with local propane gas & tank Co Some horizontal tanks are exempt from OPD valves , IN SOME STATES When was you tank last hydostated [tested] , inside inspected for rust and re-certified . Should be metal stamped somewhere on tank(s) or protective collar

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Posted By: blue streak on 07/02/04 09:57am

Thanks for all the GREAT info. This tank is horizontal,and does not look like the grill tanks at all.I only had safety in mind.Have a great weekend everyone,and I will keep you updated.

Posted By: lostmarbles on 07/03/04 10:57am

blue streak...

If you are a DIY type...

In addition to links above, if you have a old spring thermostat, push contacts together to complete curcuit, if need to test. Sometimes, the non soldered conections are corrosion prone inside thermostat... You can normally use a 12v "bulb in handle" tester to see if it lights up at each connection, with the unit on.

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Posted By: Grillmeister on 07/03/04 08:11am

blue streak

Lots of good posts here so far. First let me say if it's not broke don’t fix it!! If you don’t smell any propane around your tank, valves, regulator or anywhere else on your MH then it should be fine.

I have an 84 Jamboree I got a year ago and always had some propane odor around the tank. So I started on a search for info.

I was told lies by almost everyone. In short, if the dealer did not sell it, then that was junk and I needed whatever they were selling. I was told everything from $600 to $800 for a new tank and only certified techs could perform the work. What a bunch of crooks![emoticon]

I ended up at a propane supply place, the kind that has the propane trucks that go around to gas stations and industrial places and fill up their bulk tanks.

Here is what I found out;

The service valves on LP tanks are different for MH and BBQs: The ones for the BBQ tanks are a 375psi pressure release valve and the ones for MH are a 312psi pressure release valve. They thread in just like anything else, this is not rocket science. A friend of mine paid $99 an hour for a kid to screw in a new one, it took five minutes but they charged him a hundred bucks.

MH tanks do not have to be recertified like BBQ tanks, but they do need to be clean and serviceable.

The regulator needs to be a two stage type for a MH.

I had the propane supply place replace everything that threaded into my tank.

Fill Valve-$22
Service valve- $15 (the one that goes to the regulator)
Bleeder valve (this is the one they open when they are filling the tank)-$10

The propane place installed the fill valve, service valve and Bleeder for $25 labor.

I replaced the regulator, hose and gauge myself by purchasing them from a local Onan dealer. At the same time I added a TEE for by Barbeque.

Rubber hose from the regulator to the MH hard plumbing-$15
New (used) gauge- $15
BBQ TEE- $25
click for pics

I hope this helps and if anything I said is wrong, I hope I will be corrected by my fellow posters.[emoticon]

I just discovered a great post my MELM the moderator with very complete info and links. He really knows what he is talking about. It sort of makes reading my post a waste of time, so please see his post.[emoticon]
click here to see MELMs post



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