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Topic: 8rx19.5 Tires

Posted By: Jsejmz09 on 09/16/04 06:06am

Just wondering do they still make this size, or is there a replacement size, and can you run both sizes on the MH.

Greg j.

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Posted By: JerryLT on 09/16/04 06:31am

The 225/70R19.5 is the generally execpted replacement for the 8r19.5. They can be mixed front to back, but cannot be mixed on the same axle. There are some differences, sugest you see the Goodyear site

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Posted By: bob_b on 09/16/04 06:34am

I just bought some new Michelin XZA tires in that size. Bridgestone also sells the 159 which comes in that size.

These are tall, skinny tires which seem to create a handling problem. It has been suggested that you can get by with a 225/70R19.5 tire if you have the 6" wide rims. Go on Goodyear's web site and they will quote the same information. You have to make sure that you have enough clearance between the two back rims so that the 225/70R19.5 tires do not touch each other. Goodyear's site has this info also.

If you have rims wider than 6", then you might be able to step up to a 245/70R19.5 tires for the front. Keep in mind that switching from the 8R19.5 to the lower profile 225/70R19.5 will lower your coach somewhat. There are some posters who had clearance problems when they did this. Some posters had no problems and have enjoyed the improved handling.

Another thing to consider with the slightly smaller 225/70R19.5 tires is that your engine will have to turn faster in order to run. I have Cummins 5.9 that spins around 2300-2500 rpm at highway speed because I have an Allison 4-speed. I’m not sure I’d want to spin that engine any higher. The suggest limit is around 3000 rpm.

I basically chickened out and went with the factory suggested size of 8R19.5.

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Posted By: Todd Barney on 09/16/04 08:19am

The thing to worry about in changing sizes is the distance between the duals, as some have pointed out. Make sure you meet the spec, or they will heat more and not last as long. Some folks run the 225/70 up front, and keep the 8x19.5 in the rear.

FWIW, my research has shown the following tires still being produced in the 8R19.5 size:

Bridgestone R187F
Michelin XZA (2?)
Goodyear G647 RSA
Cooper C120
Powerking Radial Highway LT/RV

There may be a couple more, but these are what I found locally.

I've got a Powerking spare, but am still undecided on what I'm going to replace my aging Michelins with all around.

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Posted By: on 09/16/04 08:36am

I had all replaced on my Damon 325 made by Kelly Safari CSR 8R19.5 they were a load range higher then I had prior. But I agree with the other posts be sure you have plenty of air between your duals check when fully loaded. Safari CSR® COMMERCIAL HIGHWAY LIGHT TRUCK RADIAL load range F. They seem to be working out well I'm running 95 PSI with current weight.

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Posted By: Marv Hoag on 09/16/04 08:59am

I had 8R 19.5 on my Bounder. I replaced them with Michelin XRV 225/70 19.5. It did increase my RPMs as the 225 are about 1.5" smaller around. Because of the increase in RPM, the MPG went down. I have 6 lug wheels which are basically obsolete. I am deep into researching made up wheels with 6.75" width so I can change to 245/70 19.5 tires with proper dual spacing. The 245 is about the same heigth as the 8R. Another choice would be to run the 8Rs on the back and put bigger rims on the front and run 245/70s. For me, no easy solution. Hope you have better luck.

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Posted By: Patrol 65 on 09/16/04 12:22pm

I am running Power King 8Rx19.5 on my motorhome that I purchased in November. The date stamp stated that they were manufactured in October of 2004. They are load range F and are quiet, smooth running tires.

Nathan and Linda
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Posted By: Byrdman on 09/16/04 05:08pm

Tire size is still available. I just purchase 6 Michelins XZA for my '96 Georgia Boy. Each cost $205 including installation.
FYI, I am currently running with max air, 110lbs. Why?
On my previous MH (2000 Born Free), I replace 6 Firestone Steeltex's with 6 Bridgestone's. Firestone engineer advised running max air. Stated the weight of MH's breaks down sidewalls faster than wearing out tread. Engineer stated most tire problems RV'ers experience, are the result of not enough tire pressure. So I will run max air until I notice any unusal wear on tires. I did question if tires had room to expand while traveling. Engineer stated tires designed to expand as needed at max pressure. Also Firestone paid 50% of the cost to replace Steeltex's. At the time of replacement there was no recall.
Before each outing I check tires and pressure. When on the road I check tires and pressure daily.
By the way, running max air on Bridgestone's, my Born Free had a better ride and was a lot quieter in cockpit.
Randy Byrd
Topeka KS
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Posted By: hatterasjack on 09/16/04 06:11pm

Byrdman.[emoticon]here did you purchase the Mich. XZA's for $205.00???????????????


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Posted By: Bluedevil on 09/16/04 06:34pm

I have also bought Power King tires and very satisfied with them,Ride is smooth and very good handling

Posted By: jenks60 on 09/17/04 09:02pm


"The date stamp stated that they were manufactured in October of 2004."

How can that be?? I thought Oct. came after Sept., and this puter says it is Sept. 17, 2004!!![emoticon]

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Posted By: Byrdman on 09/18/04 03:08am

Where is the stamp located on the rim? I have not heard of such stamp on rims. Anyway it would be nice to know.

Posted By: Byrdman on 09/17/04 01:27am

Had two local dealers bidding. One dealer wanted $235 each plus $15 to balance and mount. The other want $205 each including balance and mounting. When I inquired about how he can sell tires much chearper than the first dealer his response was: "It all depends on who your supplier is and the relationship you have with them". The dealer I purchased tires from stated his Michelin sales were much greater than the other dealer. I am not one to argue his point.
Randy Byrd

Posted By: Byrdman on 09/17/04 01:29am

Jack I forgot to mention the tires where purchased here in Topeka.

Posted By: readytoretire on 11/03/04 01:00pm


Yes this size is still made

Good Luck

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Posted By: Dick Cain on 11/02/04 04:04pm

This stuff is driving me crazy! Who would have ever thought you could buy a motorhome by a major manufacturer and have a living nightmare when you tried to buy tires for it.

Everyone I talk to gives me a different story. Everything I seem to read also has their/it own opinion on tire theory!

Through some crazy circumstances, I have wound up with two new Bridgestone 8 R 19.5 LR F Max inflation of 110 lbs on the front of my vehicle; 2 4 year old Michelin XZAs on the right rear, LR F Max inflation of 90 psi; and a 4 yr old Michelin XZA, LR F Max 90 psi AND a 9 yr old Michelin XZA LR D 70 psi max on the left rear! Please don't ask me to explain it, that is just the way things wound up on this last trip to New England. I managed to limp back home to SC with this tire configuration worrying me all the way, especially since the very impressive commercial truck tire dealer in CT who sold me the Bridgestones, overinflated my old spare by 10 pounds and underflated my 4 year old Michelin so they would be the "same size" on the left rear and assured me it would get me home that way. It did!

Now as I try to find a couple of more Michelins to match the 4 year old tires, I find that they no longer have one that is 90 psi max. They and Bridgestone's LR F tires now have a max inflation of 110 single and 100 dual. Since I can rarely find a pump that can handle the 90 pound tires, I can imagine how difficult it will be to find one that can handle the 110 pounders. I can go to a truck stop, but that makes a joke out of the rule to not drive more than a mile if you are going to adjust the tires, since they would no longer be cold. I have never stayed in a campground with a large (or any size for that matter) air compressor so you can properly inflate your tires before setting out for the days journey. I have also burned up two of the TruckAir compressors that Camping World sells and advertises capable of handling RV tires up to 150 psi.

My plan is to put the two new Bridgestones on the left rear, trash the 9 year old Michelin, use the good one back there for a spare and put two brand new matching Bridgestones on the right rear, moving the two 4 year old Michelins to the front. That gives me 4 matching Bridgestones across the back of the motorhome, two good Michelins on the front and all six will be LR F although the front will carry only a max of 90 psi while the rears will carry a max of 110 psi. IF any of you see a problem with that, please give me your input.

One dealer tells me I can run the 110 pounders at 100 with no problem and one tells me I could go to 90 without a problem. I just don't know what to believe.

Dick Cain
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Posted By: Todd Barney on 11/02/04 07:02pm

Just because a tire has a max pressure of 110psi doesn't mean you have to inflate it that much. My tires (combo of Michelin and Powerking) are rated for 110psi. But I run them around 80-85psi, due to the weight I'm carrying.

My rims are only rated for 95psi anyway.

Look at this load and pressure table for the Michelin XZA. At 110psi, you can carry 7050lbs. on a 2-tire axle, and 13,220 with 4 tires on that axle.

But if you're not that heavy you only need, say, 80psi to carry 5670lbs. on the front axle, or 10,720lbs. on the rear. My 30' Southwind is well within those limits.

I haven't found a similar table for the Powerking, but since the max load is rated the same, I make an assumption that they can handle a similar load as the Michelins, and then add 5psi for margin.

Posted By: Clubmaxx on 11/02/04 07:52pm

I just got 8 Goodyear 647 RSAs. My rears are 8R19.5s and my fronts are 225X70Rs. The fronts are a slightly smaller diameter than the rears which is why I kept the rears the 8R19.5s. The fronts are 1/2" wider as well that help the handling a bit. There are plenty of 8R19.5s available from a bunch of companies.

Good luck!

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Posted By: The Falcon on 11/02/04 08:25pm

I don't know it it's worth spending a lot of money on tires unless you plan on putting on a lot of miles. You should replace them each 5 to 7 years, even if the treads look new. After that time, a new medium priced tire is probably better than an expensive old tire.

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Posted By: CPO on 09/18/04 06:41am


Where is the stamp located on the rim? I have not heard of such stamp on rims. Anyway it would be nice to know.

Randy, the stamped markings, at least on my 19.5" rims, are on the back side of the rim. Since the outer duals are mounted backward (cupped side out) you can easily find them there.

Remove any wheel covers you have and look along the inside of the curve and you should see the information there.

You should find max load, max PSI (mine are also 95 psi), perhaps a model number, and a letter code also indicating load range & rim style (for example, mine are 'ZT'). Mine also have what appears to be a manufacturing date.


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Posted By: Patrol 65 on 09/18/04 06:46am

Sorry Jenks, I meant October 2003. The date stamp is on the inside of the tire.

Posted By: Patrol 65 on 09/18/04 06:51am

Let me rephrase that last post. The date stamp in on the inner sidewall of the tire. You have to crawl under the motorhome to see it.

Posted By: Coyote74 on 09/17/04 06:47am

Byrdman, I had Bridgestones and replaced with same 2 yrs back. Bridgestone engineers told me 110 lbs for air press, I checked localy at the Brigestone dealers and he said no way. Rim max press was stamped on rim at 95 lbs and do not exceed was the advise. So I continue to used 95lbs and no problems. Be careful not to exceed rim pressure.[emoticon]

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