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Topic: Jeep J3000 Gladiator Dually 4x4 Chassis Mount Camper PICS NOW AVAILABLE (any more?)

Posted By: Elliott S on 11/20/04 06:48am

I am trying to find pictures of these 4x4 dually chassis mount cabover camper rigs and know they still exist as I've run across a couple, can anyone help me out with this?
They were built in the late '60s on the J3000 platform with a GVW of ~8,6000lbs.
Here's a couple pics of one that had the camper removed shortly before I located the owner (ANY Help would be greatly appreciated, TIA):


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If you are interested in, or have information on any surviving Jeep Gladiator chassis mounted camper trucks or other Jeep dually trucks please visit the new registry at:

Posted By: My Roadtrek on 11/20/04 10:10pm

Moved from "CVC" to "General RVing Issues" for a much better chance of getting an answer. [emoticon]

Posted By: Elliott S on 11/21/04 07:21am

Thanks Rodger,
I have searched the net repeatedly for about two years to little avail. I have heard of a couple sightings of the Jeep Gladiator Camper and know of one guy in Seattle that owns one. Unfortunately he is an airline pilot, he was hard to get ahold of originally and I haven't been able to reach him for some time now.
I have discovered some info on the Jeep CJ5 chassis mount camper/trailer and wonder if it might be the same manufacturer:

These are kind of a cool looking setup also...
The CJ5 Camper -- Sold by Jeep as the Jeep Camper in 1969, manufactored by Honorbuilt Trailers,Inc., manufactored name El Dorado.

Possibly this address:
Honorbuilt Industries, Inc.
1200 W. 1 Oth St.
Minneapolis, KS 67467
tel: (913) 392-2171
fax: (913) 392-3440 Motorhomes Type A, Van Campers Type B, Motorhomes Mini Type C
Model Names: Eldorado, (last made in 1996) Starfire (last made in 1989? El Dorado Motor Corp.)

Any help with locating information re the Gladiator J3000 Dually camper (or any other dually such as the wrecker, flat/stake bed) would be greatly appreciated. I am very interested in establishing a registry for these Kaiser built 4x4 Dually trucks. Thank You

Posted By: Tip on 11/21/04 09:01am

I never knew they made them. Kind of a cool outfit. Have you checked with any of the off road organizations? You might also check with the rv museum in Elkhart Indiana, they may have some information on this units as well. Thanks for the interesting pictures!

Happy Trails.

Tip & Darcy
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Posted By: Elliott S on 11/28/04 08:42am

I've had reports of two sightings, one near Beaverdam, Ohio and the other around Mansfield, Ohio (faded pinkish Red paint...and a two tone camper).
Has anyone else seen these or could get pics if they know where one is?

Posted By: Elliott S on 11/29/04 04:22pm

Here's a better pic of the CJ camper/trailer:

Posted By: Elliott S on 11/24/04 05:58pm

Here's a couple pics I came up with that show the 12' camper on the std 126" WB (the first is a SRW, the second is DRW):


If anyone can tell me where to link to an owner or find one of these I would really appreciate it.
Thanks and enjoy!

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Posted By: Elliott S on 11/21/04 09:38am

Thanks for the tip on the museum. I'm a regular over at the International Full Size Jeep Association ( and have compiled probably more info on the dually trucks then anyone else I can find. (have some great pics if yer interested)
This specific truck, the camper, is just extremely elusive... although I found a factory brochure from 1969 that supposedly shows a pic of it. I have that brochure on order. The guy in WA that has one said his was a 22' Chinook. I know there are some Jeep dealers out there somewhere that remember this truck and hoping to come across one to get more info. The frames were lengthened for a wheel base extension from 126-147".

Posted By: tderonne on 11/30/04 06:06am

Are you aware of the Tin Can Tourists? They are an orginization for old motorhomes and trailers. I'd bet a lot of their members have been through similar searches for information on old rigs. Someone there might be able to help. is their website.


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Posted By: Elliott S on 12/01/04 08:56pm

Thanks I'll give that a try.

Posted By: Elliott S on 12/04/04 07:13am

Does anyone else have any ideas or has possibly seen these rigs around... maybe could get some pics? [emoticon]
Thanks folks

Posted By: Elliott S on 02/21/05 05:00pm

If there is any interest here in learning a lil more about the Jeep dually, chassis mount camper or any of the other dually trucks you can check out the registry at

If you have a Kaiser or a Dually sign it up, if you know of one let me know about it and please share any info you might have... either tech or history.

When I get pics of surviving Jeep dually chassis mount cabover campers I'll be posting them here... and I have a line on three that I know of.[emoticon]

Posted By: Elliott S on 04/02/05 05:37am

Thanks Bear, If you happen across him it's probably best to contact me at the registry I listed above.

Posted By: Elliott S on 02/08/06 03:49pm

Here is a new rig that turned up in Florida. It has the AMC 327/TH400 and is SRW (single rear wheel) on a stretched frame. This truck is the first one I have seen with the walk through cab.


If there are more out there shoot me an email or post info here for me to track down.
Thanks all!

Posted By: RVUSA on 02/08/06 05:33pm

Elliott S wrote:

Here's a better pic of the CJ camper/trailer:

The original 5th wheel?

Posted By: Elliott S on 11/20/05 01:13pm

This Jeep Gladiator J3000 cabover chassis mount camper is viewable at the Jeep Dually Registry if you'd like to follow up on more specs and other Jeep Dually rigs. Check out:

Please let me know if you have sighted any other rigs like this or maybe have some pics of one.
Thanks all!

Posted By: Elliott S on 11/08/05 05:57am

Here's a Jeep dually chassis mount camper in CA:


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Posted By: Elliott S on 11/08/05 05:59am



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Posted By: Bearman on 02/21/05 06:54pm

I saw 1 last year in Cypress Hills Saskatchwan. He was camping in one of the campsites up there. Sorry I don't have anymore info. I would presume he would be from the area. If I see it again I will quiz him up on it and let you know the details.

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Posted By: Elliott S on 04/23/05 09:37am

Any other recent sitings or does anyone have pics of one of these rigs?

Posted By: Elliott S on 10/08/05 07:19am

I was not able to get pics before it was crushed, but I had located one in WA State... and I know of one other in that State, but haven't been able to reach the owner for a couple of years. Does anyone have any leads on these rare rigs?
Thanks all!

Posted By: wrjohns on 10/08/05 05:59pm

These pics are great. I LOVE vintage RVs. Great work....


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Posted By: Elliott S on 10/23/05 09:01am

wrjohns wrote:

These pics are great. I LOVE vintage RVs. Great work....


Thank you sir, stand by for some pics of one of these campers that I should be getting in from CA shortly.

11-8-05 BTW, the original registry web site is down for now... working on a new host for it and have some of the info reconstructed at:

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