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Topic: anybody ever get ants in trailer? What to do?

Posted By: BlueDuramax on 02/27/05 10:40pm

We seem to have ants living in our 5th wheel. We have tried a couple of baits, sprays etc. but not too successfully. What do you do?

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Posted By: hessey on 02/27/05 10:44pm

Talcum powder around the stablizers, wheels and anything that comes in contact with mother earth.

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Posted By: BobsYourUncle on 02/27/05 10:53pm

Chocolate sauce to dip them in?

Sorry, couldn't resist. [emoticon]

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Posted By: timebum on 02/27/05 11:02pm

We used a product that you add water to a can of powder and it really worked great. I think there were 3 small cans in a package, perhaps called Exterminator. We also used Ajax around the tires in ant infested campgrounds. We found that most of our problems were caused by allowing tree branches to contact the coach, ants ran down the branches and into the coach.


Posted By: BT Call Home on 02/28/05 03:34am

I haven't had ants in our RV as yet but had a major problem with them in our home and garden about eight years ago. We tried everything. Believe it or not GRITS did the trick. Just sprinkled grits around the garden and house where they seemed to congregate. In a few days the grits were gone and we never saw the ants again. Cheap and safe. Apparently it makes them thirsty and when they drink their little tummies burst. My son didn't have grits on hand so he used baby cereal with the same result. Good Luck.
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Posted By: andya on 02/28/05 06:48am

We had ant problems in our house. Terminex treated house several times, but they kept appearing.Finally we found a syrup container which didn't have the lid shut. Tons of ants had drowned in there by then. Threw that container away, now make sure syrup and sugar etc are closed; no ant problems since (1 1/2 years). Might be something to check in your trailer, a food source for the ants.

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Posted By: jaxd on 02/28/05 08:47am

If you have ants living in the 5th wheel you probably have the queen living there too and unless you get the queen you will never get rid of the ants. Suggest you use "bait" that they take back to the nest or call in an exterminator. After you get the nest then apply the suggestions others gave you for prevention.

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Posted By: Busdriver on 02/28/05 09:00am

I keep the bait traps hid in our RV.

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Posted By: jsargente on 02/28/05 09:00am

Had a friend with this problem, he used some type of fog bomb in his TT, it worked well. I spray all the gound contact points with ant/roach spray to keep them out of the rig. Have not had a problem yet.

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Posted By: MegaDodge on 02/28/05 09:14am

Simple solution. Go to Ace hardware and get Terro. Liquid drops on a piece of plastic in the area of the ants presence. They take the liquid back to the nest and presto..!! no ants. Worked for us. You can't just spray around to get ants. A systemic eradication is necessary. The nucleus of the ant population must be destroyed.....Terro will do this.

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Posted By: hud3ma on 02/28/05 11:25am

You didn't state which baits you've tried, but we use something called "Pic" ant bait that's available from any number of home accessory sellers online. Comes in a 4 oz. bottle...a thick blue liquid...put a few drops on bits of aluminium foil where the ants are present and foraging for food. They'll take it back and feed the queen and destroy the colony. Works equally well against ants that eat sugar and those that eat grease (fats).

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Posted By: xpropilot on 02/28/05 11:30am

Get diatomaceous earth and spread it where you see the ants and on the ground around the stabilizers/jacks. When the ants go thru the stuff it cuts them and kills them. The DE is pretty can get it anywhere swimming pool supplies are sold, like Wally World. Trust me, it works and is non-toxic.


Posted By: Sweet Ole Bob on 02/28/05 11:37am

I think the easiest solution wold be to have the uncles take them home. Just tell them it's time to leave. I've only had to do this once or twice, usually after a party. Fortuneitly it's not involved aunts or uncles yet, but someday may. I hate family fights. Good Luck


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Posted By: KCE on 02/28/05 03:03pm

MegaDodge is right on. Had them last month in Florida for the first time ever. Went to Ace and bought "TERRO" worked like a charm. No ants now. By the way tried several other kinds of ant killer all a waste of money.

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Posted By: Bounder Lew on 02/28/05 11:47pm

Ants are always a problem here in Mexico- Ants climb on your wheels cords hoses anything that touches the ground- I have deviced a tupperware type container with holes on a long stick so I can shake powder around the wheels and hoses cords etc- last yr before this protocol we had a big problem- but this year with the new protocol no problems!!

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Posted By: BlueDuramax on 03/01/05 08:46am

Thanks for all the great suggestions. We tried the Tarro but maybe it was old. We will try it again as well as the other suggestions that were made. I know that the ants are living in the trailer somewhere so getting the nest is imperitive. It is interesting to me that in all the time this forum has been going no one has brought up this subject. At least a search did not turn it up. It also appears that fighting the ant problem must be tougher in Florida.

Thanks again,


Posted By: carl66vw on 03/27/05 01:15pm

My Aunt came to visit, when she found that I had a motor home. Had a heck of a time getting rid of her. On a serious note. We had the same problem in Michigan on our last trip. Went to a feed store and they sold me some of those aunt baits. Kind looks like a roach bait but smaller.. Following the directions..They worked great. Carl

Posted By: ernie1 on 03/31/05 12:45pm

If you are having a hard time getting rid of ants, catch a couple of them and take them to your local ag commissioner office for identification. That will tell you what they will or will not eat. For example, carpenter ants eat wood and Argentine ants eat sweets. I would start with an insct bomb and then poison afterward. I've also found that a lot of ants do not feed on the baits in the commonly sold traps. If you find that the ants will eat a particular food, try mixing it with a little bit of boric acid which is available from pharmacies. Don't put a lot in there otherwise the ants won't eat it and,if they do, might die before they get back to the nest.

Posted By: Grillmeister on 03/27/05 07:01pm


You gotta love those realitives.

"Tarro" Sold under several brand names, works great!!

WOW! catch and release poison, that's incredible [emoticon]

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Posted By: MR MAC on 03/30/05 05:09pm

Ants -- we left from Boston, had TT in yard, A group of big black
ants came with us -- saw thme traveling around all the time , tried
some liquid you put on little squares -- no good, then I put some
SYRIP on the squares with the posion --- they loved it, so for a
week or SO I found dead or ants every morn, then no more.


Posted By: feedyourtv on 03/19/05 04:49am

This is just the problem I'm having, and I too am in Oregon. However we have people replying to two different types of ants. I'm no expert, but there's a big difference between those tiny ants that swarm to your sugars by the thousands, and the carpenter ants that I have.

I know I have carpenter ants living somewhere inside my trailer. I saw one when I first bought my used trailer and it was parked in my mom's driveway, and the same type still show up now that I've moved 60 miles away.

My problem is I can't figure out were they live and/or feed. I've found evidence of ants and dead ant carcasses in almost every out of the way place in my RV, but I only see about 1 live ant every two or three days. And they just walk around, I've never seen them eating or infesting anything in particular. These are pretty big ants so they're hard to miss. I've used a couple of those poisons where you place bits of tinfoil around with the stuff on there...they don't take the is untouched. I have never seen more than one ant at a time so it's hard to know where to bait. I feel like they must be living in a wall or the ceiling (I've found several crawling on the ceiling, but in several other places too). There MUST be a colony, though it seems strange that I see them so rarely (we are fulltiming).

So, does anyone have any tips for carpenter ants specifically? They don't seem to go for sugar like the tiny ants do.

Here's my plan so far: I really like the idea of treating the ground around and under the RV with lawn and garden insect treatment. Those ants probably forage outside the RV quite a bit even though they live inside.

The moth ball trick sounds good, although again I don't know where to place them since I can't find a steady source of ants. Just random dark areas is probably my best bet.

Finally, a bug bomb sounds like a good idea. I'm going away for a few days soon - any brands reccomended?

I will try to post my results, however it will take some time to know what actually works since they are so infrequently seen.

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated!


Posted By: feedyourtv on 03/27/05 01:05am

I wanted to make a small update in case it helps anyone. I actually haven't yet done anything that I suggested in my first post. But what I did do was instead of just killing carpenter ants on sight, I got the idea to catch them, feed them the poison, and then release them hoping they would take it back to the nest.

I used a poison that is the same stuff as tarro, the active ingredient is borax. Found an ant on the ceiling, trapped it in a cup, dripped some poison on it (not easy because these big guys can run like hell) and let it go.

Two days later I found another one in the bathroom. This time I wanted to see if it would voluntarily eat the poison (because my bait pads are still all untouched), so I trapped it under a clear cup with a drip of bait on a bait pad. Well the ant just ran around like mad around the sides of the cup, ignoring the bait in the middle. So, I readjusted it so the bait was on the edge. What happened was pretty interesting. The ant ran into the bait and stopped cold, and apparently started eating. It looked to me like he was chowing down. He started to twitch a little but was still alive to hopefully go back to the nest. After about a minute of eating he started running again and we let it go.

Well, that was a week ago and I haven't seen an ant since. That's the longest I've gone without seeing one. I can't believe that they're all dead after so little poison, but I'm definitely going to continue this if I find more ants and will report back.

I still think it's a great idea to treat the wheel and jacks and cords with some kind of insect deterrent. I bought some mothballs too but after reading the warnings I'm not sure I want them in my RV with my wife and I fulltiming. The labeling makes mothballs seem dangerous... I'm not sure what to think on that.

Anyway, good luck with the bugs everyone.

Posted By: Mr. Camper on 02/28/05 04:00pm

We store ours on a grass field and fire ants can be a problem. Every month when we go to pay for the storage we bring 8 nylon stockings filled with mothballs with us. We exchange them with the ones laying around the contact (RV and ground) areas. Just in case, when we return home from a trip we put out a few of those bait traps and should any get in those will take care of the problem. We also use the mothball idea when we travel and plan to stay somewhere for longer than a week. This works on all ants, not just fire ants.

Posted By: lsukev on 02/28/05 04:27pm

we recently had the same thing. nothing worked to get rid of them while we were camping for the weekend. after we got home we placed some small traps around the rv that looked like skoal cans. it got rid of them but took awhile. put powder where ever you see them and they will go away.

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Posted By: dancoppins on 02/28/05 04:34pm

Baby Powder ... sprinkle around the areas ants can travel up into the unit.

Posted By: SalnJudi on 02/28/05 04:40pm

Agree with the terro drops but if you live in Florida and have fire ants Lesco makes a product called Max Force that really works. Just sprinkle some around and they take it to the nest and destroy the colony. Sal

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Posted By: Pirate on 02/28/05 08:39pm

Don't forget the power cord if in use. When camping once I found that was the only way they were coming in. A whole army of them crawling right up the cord into the storage bay where it plugged in.

Posted By: FLINTSTONEH on 02/28/05 08:59pm

Ants are always a problem and the traps are good to use if you hide them where they can't be seen. But for immediate help, try spraying windex on the ants. It works better then any ant spray on the market. I do a lot of camping in the woods, and when I get ants in the coach I spray the windex and the problem is gone. TRY IT!

Posted By: plauterer on 02/28/05 09:53pm

Had a case of ants while camped at St George Utah. They where in the cupboard with the sugar by the hundreds. Found there was a column of the going up one of the front jacks and another column coming down about one inch over. Put a two-inch band of axle grease around the jacks and the one coming down piled up on the top side of the grease but would not cross it. The ones coming up piled upon the bottom of the grease and stayed there. Cleaned the cupboard out and the next day we were back to normal.

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