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Topic: Restricted Tunnel with Propane Tank

Posted By: OutOfHere on 05/03/05 02:20pm

When approaching road tunnels, there are usually restriction signs posted with alternative routes for trucks carrying propane gas. Does this mean RV's and trailers with propane tanks are not allowed or just propane delivery trucks?

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Posted By: lolygag on 05/03/05 02:45pm

RV's with propane must take the alternate route as well. These postings are NOT just for trucks.

The only route we were on and have had to detour was in the Mobile, Alabama area.

I know there is a similarly restricted tunnel or bridge in the Baltimore area. But that is not a problem for us. We ALWAYS avoid Philly, Baltimore and DC areas when heading south.

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Posted By: shoreco on 05/03/05 03:02pm

OutOfHere wrote:

When approaching road tunnels, there are usually restriction signs posted with alternative routes for trucks carrying propane gas. Does this mean RV's and trailers with propane tanks are not allowed or just propane delivery trucks?

I've gone through the Baltimore area tunnels w/out a problem...

I was concerned when driving from Alabama to NY about this same issue and now that I look back it was a "none issue"...

Although we carry propane, none of us has a "hazmat" sign on board...

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Posted By: Luizianna on 05/03/05 03:07pm

I just spoke with the Tunnel Supervisor office in Mobile 251-432-4069...I asked if we could go thru the tunnel with a fifth wheel (we are going to florida in july) he stated we most certainly could...I asked about the propane tanks and he stated that when traveling they should be turned off anyways. Hope that answers some questions...about the Mobile Tunnel at least.

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Posted By: stev in niagara on 05/03/05 04:52pm

The Detroit Tunnel prohibits any kind of propane tanks to go through it. All campers with tanks MUST use the Ambassador bridge. It's a real plain to cross that bridge since more trucks cross there betwixt the USA and Canada than any other customs bridge. RV, TT's and 5er's must cross over with the trucks while going through the boths and the bridge. [emoticon] We now cross at Port Huron/Sarnia. The wait on off holidays is only 10 mins at most vs. over an hour at Detroit.

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Posted By: Crabbypatty on 05/03/05 05:20pm

In the Baltimore area you must go 95 south to 695 east to the Key Bridge as propane is not allowed in the tunnels. Otherwise its permitted with the gas turned off at the bottle. The reason is the extra pressure below sea level causes the gas to come faster. (Thats what they said anyway, I didnt want to get into a discussion about propane regulators). Otherwise 95 southbound from New York all the way to Florida is clear sailing.

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Posted By: Road Runners on 05/03/05 05:32pm

I was most pleased to hear of Luizianna's report about the Mobile I-10 tunnel as we have pulled our fifth wheel thru there several times. I thought it was OK, but now it is confirmed. Thankyou...

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Posted By: Crowe on 05/03/05 06:21pm

I wouldn't carry propane through the Ft. McHenry tunnel in Baltimore-use the beltway over the Francis Scott Key bridge. There have been multiple people on the forum who have been pulled over and given a stiff fine for transporting through the tunnel. You can take your chances if you wish but I personally would not want to be underground if a propane bottle decided to let go.

Also, you cannot carry propane through the tunnels under Boston in Rt. 93. You'd have to be nuts to want to drive through the city ANYWAY-this is just added incentive not to.

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Posted By: New to RV'ing on 05/03/05 06:37pm

Traveling south through Baltimore, I went through the tunnel but my LP tank was turned off. I saw the sign that said NO Propane but there was no turn off by that time. I went through with no problem, but when I returned, I took the alternate route.

Need to pay from attention from now on.....[emoticon]

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Posted By: Hgarnerno1 on 05/03/05 06:55pm

[quote=lolygag]The only route we were on and have had to detour was in the Mobile, Alabama area. I have been through the tunnel in Mobile several times, and have noted other RVers going through. This sign either does not apply to rvs, or is not enforced. I do know that it is a long haul around the tunnel.

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Posted By: patnchris on 05/03/05 08:15pm

When traveling through Pennsylvania, last summer, we also saw the signs.....there was an officer from the Pennsylvania State Police doing truck inspections at a rest area, so I asked him about this....He stated that RV's were not required to bypass the tunnels. He said that was for commercial fuel haulers. We went through all the tunnels, both going and coming and no one questioned it....On the way back we actually wound up the last Motorhome in a 6 unit group.....we all went throught the tunnels, and there was a trooper parked at the entrance to one of them......Pat

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Posted By: luckeydr on 05/04/05 10:50am

Here in VA, law is must have tanks turned off, and must stop and tell tunnel attendant at inspection station that tanks are turned off. Have towed through all the tunnels in Hampton Roads area, and stopped at each one. Never had an attendant actually check, so far they just take my word on it.

Posted By: quasi on 05/04/05 03:44pm

I checked into this question about tunnels in Baltimore, here's the deal. Is it illegal to travel in the tunnel with propane tanks on your RV? YES. Will you get caught or is the law enforced? Unlikely. There are exceptions made to allow for small quantities but the exception reads," -propane, liquefied petroleum gas, and other flammable compressed gas containers in quantities not exceeding gross weight of 10 lb/container and 100 lb/vehicle." as per HM.50.2.MD

All states have their own restrictions and from the posts, it seems that the Highway Department personnel aren't that well versed in what is legal and what isn't. I'd stop and let the attendants tell me what to do just to be on the safe side.


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Posted By: lolygag on 05/05/05 03:50am

My prior post was based on a friend's experience of being stopped for improperly/illegally traveling in a posted area in Mobile, Alabama. There doesn't seem to be a consistent answer provided by highway officials to this question, and I apologize if I was wrong.

I try hard to keep all points on my license for low insurance premiums, plus I'm really into safety. So I'll keep on adhering to highway postings.

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