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Topic: Honda CRV towing

Posted By: SieraSam on 08/05/05 07:06pm

I have scanned the other open roads forum topics and they do not deal with toads behind MH's, so here it goes: I have checked with several Honda dealers and the customer service dept. of Honda USA. All tell me that all CRV models, regardless if 4WD, 2WD,all wheel drive, Automatic or stick, all are towable. Does anyone have any credible information that contradicts this info?? I am seriously considering buying a CRV 4WD automatic trans, but want to make absolutely sure that I can tow it behind my class A MH without any significant problems. Thank you for any response.

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Posted By: Elliot on 08/05/05 07:12pm

Go to Dingy towing forum attached to this forums main page. Tons of material about the CRV. By the way I have owned one and indeed you can tow four down. It is a great toad and one of the most popular.

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Posted By: JohnnyT on 08/05/05 07:15pm

Moved from class A forum

Posted By: DUTCHTREAT on 08/05/05 07:25pm

We tow our all wheel drive 1999 crv automatic. The owner's manual tells you how to set the transmission before towing. No problems.

Posted By: Over_the_Horizon on 08/05/05 07:50pm

You can absolutely tow your Honda CR-V automatic behind your RV all wheels down. The Honda CR-V Owners Manual shows you how. We've been doing it for 2.5 years and countless thousands of miles back and forth across USA. Do a search on Honda CR-V in this forum and read the hundreds of testimonials just over the past year. The CR-V is probably one of the most popular dinghys on the road today. It's also a terrific car.

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Posted By: 10sbum on 08/05/05 08:08pm

No problem at all. Follow the directions in your owners manual. You won't know it's back there.

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Posted By: Sorney1 on 08/06/05 05:23am

as was said, check the owner's manual and verify, verify, verify.
My VUE with the Honda motor/tranny AWD sez it can't be towed two wheels up on a dolly, so maybe that is what that salesman was thinking/?????

MH guide sez that you need to recirculate transmission fluid every 8 towing hours. Also, the VUE has a very specific sequence of shifting that needs to be done before towing.

CHECK the manual

Posted By: SieraSam on 08/06/05 08:53am

Thank you all for your responses and testimonials. I now feel much better about my new choice for a toad. Johny T has moved this thread over to "dinghy towing". Call it a fettish if you must but in my book a "dinghy" is a very small boat that is used as an escape means if the larger boat that tows it is sinking. I respect the fact that many of you use the word "dinghy" in leu of "toad" but I have never got used to that as an old sailor.

Posted By: Sorney1 on 08/06/05 10:30am

""a "dinghy" is a very small boat that is used as an escape means if the larger boat that tows it is sinking.""

or a very small car that is used to escape if the motorhome is "sunk".

Posted By: tearza on 08/05/05 08:09pm

You can also tow the 4x4 Honda Element.......

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Posted By: Emmons on 08/05/05 08:33pm

We had a Honda saleman (probably his first day on the job. [emoticon]) tell us the newer CRV's couldnt be towed all wheels down anymore.
Stopped at another Honda dealer and ask the salesman about it, he got the keys to a new CRV and got the book out and showed us procedure to tow. Same as our book says.
We love our CRV.

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Posted By: OkStateRV'er on 08/05/05 08:35pm

As stated earlier, CR-V's are excellent as a toad. We bought one in June and towed it for 3000 miles this summer. We had the Falcon 2 tow bar installed. Our CR-V is the EX AWD model.

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Posted By: cmantiq on 08/05/05 09:49pm

yes yes and yes!!! i just bought a 97 crv. The book says that the only way your are to tow it is with all four wheels down. It is automatic all wheel drive or 4x4 which ever you want to call it. very easy to set, tows really nice, has no limits. here is a link to towable cars. you will see that the crv is in all the years.

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Posted By: K3BH on 08/06/05 04:38am

In July, we towed our 2005 LX CR-V 4WD Automatic four down for 3,400 miles with no problems at all. We have a Demco base plate and the Demco Aluminator tow bar.

All you have to do is follow the directions for four down towing in the owner's manual. When we maneuver to hook up the toad and I'm hooking up the tow bar, my wife goes through the short sequence for towing, and off we go.


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Posted By: weinturv on 08/06/05 03:11pm

when towing a CRV, does one need a "brake buddy"? or something similar?

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Posted By: Sorney1 on 08/06/05 03:25pm

yes, IMHO any time you tow a toad, you need a braking system in it.
brake buddy is probably the easiest and portable between toads and MHs.

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