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Topic: Oil filter for a Marquis Gold Generator

Posted By: RVdude on 11/04/05 09:30am

Hi all,

I have a 2003 Onan Marquis Gold 5500W generator. Everytime I head out to Camping World to get a oil filter for it, there out of stock.

Does anyone know if a Fram or other automotive oil filter will work and what the part number is? The Onan filters look just like Fram or other automotive screw on oil filters. Also, what type/weight oil does everyone use when changing the oil.


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Posted By: Rick Jay on 11/04/05 09:36am


Can't help with a cross reference number for the filter. I just picked up the Onan filters at our local Cummins/Onan dealer. I thought they were priced reasonably enough (forgot the exact amount) to just stay with the Onan brand. I always pick up enough to keep a spare or two with me on the road...just in case. I'll probably continue to do so at least as long as the warranty is in effect.

As for the proper oil, check you manual. I believe my Marquis Gold 7000W generator lists several weights depending upon the temperature range. Going from memory here...I think it listed 5W-30 for -20 to +50 degrees and 10W-30 for +10 to +100? degrees. I think they also listed a 15W-40 and a straight 30W under certain temperature ranges. In addition to the owner's manual, there is a sticker on the generator that has this info as well.


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Posted By: Kenneth on 11/04/05 09:55am

Does this look right:

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Posted By: sandygirl on 11/04/05 10:18am

I would order the right one from Funroads. They have the best price around. Any RV dealer will carry the filter for your Onan but they will be 10-12 dollars verses 7.50 at fun roads. The wix is 7.23 so your not saving much there.


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Posted By: Robert78121 on 11/04/05 10:20am

I get them from Napa as they have a cross reference from them. It's handy to get them from my local Napa guy. Ditto the sticker on the generator for oil weight. I run 15w40 for my temperature range.

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Posted By: OldF**t on 11/04/05 09:43am

You can buy them direct from the Onan store here .


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Posted By: chasfm11 on 11/04/05 11:42am

I don't know if CA is the same as TX but I can buy my filters at a local Cummins dealer cheaper than I can at my local Auto Parts store. For example, the Fleeguard engine oil filter cost me $10.79 at Cummins versus $15.95 for the equivalent WIX filter at O'Reilly. I shopped my generator filters the same way and fould similar savings - and they never seem to be out of stock on anything that I need.

I get into Dallas every once in a while and just make it a point to stock up on Onan and Fleetguard items while I'm there.

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Posted By: Glenn Cooper on 11/04/05 12:35pm

Onan,Marquis Gold 5.5 WIX oil filter # 57398, $10+. TENN.VOL.

Posted By: Rick Jay on 11/06/05 04:57pm

Hmmmm....$7.50 for the Onan and $10+ for a Wix. Tough decision. [emoticon]

And yes, if there is a problem with a non-OEM filter they can cover any damage. But now you're stuck in the middle between the OEM and the aftermarket company trying to determine who is at fault and then trying to get reimbursed. Sometimes it might be worth it. Based upon my first sentence, I don't think this is one of those times. [emoticon]


Posted By: Glenn Cooper on 11/06/05 06:24pm

Onan makes generators, Wix make filters! Sort of like SEARS dont make
tires, battery's, weed eaters, lawn mowers, washers&driers, well they dont
make anything. You think they make CRAFTSMAN tools????????? TENN.VOL.

Posted By: Clay L on 11/06/05 09:43pm

I also get mine from the local Cummins dealer - less than $8 as I recall. The fuel filters are very reasonable too - $1.95 each as I recall.

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Posted By: Rick Jay on 11/06/05 09:53pm

Glenn Cooper,

I didn't say Onan makes the filter. It doesn't really matter to me who makes it for them. THE ONAN NAME IS ON IT. Therefore, they have endorsed it to work properly in their product. If it doesn't, then it's THEIR problem, not mine, and I only have to point my finger in one direction: Onan. With a non-OEM filter you're left pointing in at least 2 directions. The issue will probably still get resolved, it's just a bit more complicated.

As I said...if there was a clear savings advantage of using the non-OEM filter, then that is an incentive. In the case of the prices posted here, the Onan filter is cheaper than the Wix.

I don't think $2.50 per filter is going to make or break any of us, so it probably really doesn't matter. Plus, I'm pretty sure that it's possible to pick up the Wix filter for less than what some Onan dealers sell theirs for.

The important thing here is that we do the required maintenance using parts from a supplier that we have confidence in so that in the unlikely event there IS a problem, we can get them to help us out. [emoticon]


Posted By: sandygirl on 11/04/05 10:34am

I don't know if I would take a chance on running a non Onan oil filter, at least during the warranty period. Onan uses some type of bypass filter, an aftermarket filter may or may not meet this spec. Why take a chance.


Posted By: Kenneth on 11/04/05 10:36am

If you use the filter recommended by the aftermarket filter maker (WIX & NAPA, Purolator, etc.) they cover any damage caused by a failure of their filter.


Posted By: Glenn Cooper on 11/07/05 07:20pm

RAY-JAY, {IHAD A FRIEND} But all seriousness asise,Jay---the point I
was trying to make was that Onan, Mopar, Harley and who knows, put
these and other PARTS out for contracts bid, that LOW contract!!!!!
Sure they may say filter X-microns and small rocks, PAINT IT GREEN
and I will purhase xxx no. in 3yrs. $1.53 each, sorry we can get the
ones from mexico for 87cents each. LOW BIDDER!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was a young man, I can hardley member----I said I buy CHAMPION
plugs, FRAM filter and GERBER baby food. it was the name I trusted!!!
Now I would not put a fram filter on my x-wife car!!!! And I just paid
$10.00 for NGK dual whammy mammyjammers plugs. We both know they are
not worth that! But I am not going back and have to worry about plug
again, Ihope! Dont have any need to know about GERBER baby food.

Oh buy the way my brushes on the 5.5 marquies gold Part# 214-0109
were less then half-inch today. Dang LOW bidder------but the good
news is the block and brushes are less than $25.00 I think the
gen. has bout 460hr. less than 500 anyway. I have enjoyed the
conversation JAY!!! TENN.VOL.

Posted By: amore on 11/07/05 07:28pm

Hey RVguy,
what did you do, jump ship on us? You asked for help and then you don't reply. We know what to do and how to go about it, the rest is up to you.


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Posted By: Rapid Ray on 11/07/05 09:03pm

The 5500 Marquis Gold should use part # 0122-0836 which is sold by Onan for $7.50 on line at their site. My manual indicates using 30 weight oil for our California weather/temp. I think they prefer not using multi weight oil unless your in colder climates.

Posted By: pegaraiza on 07/31/07 09:08pm

We have purchased the WIX filters (twice) and could not get either one to install correctly - the threads wouldn't 'grab'....cost was $11 per...order directly from the Onan store for $7.50 but pay shipping ($10 for 2)...or buy from your local RV dealer

Posted By: bigdaddy & littlemama on 11/08/05 07:35am

Just picked one up at CW (122-0836 Onan) for around 10 bucks.

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Posted By: TomDnSC on 03/06/06 08:47am

Wix 57398 or NAPA FIL 7398 crosses to a Onan Part No. 122-0836. Some NAPA stores keep them in stock.

Posted By: RRRKKK on 03/06/06 11:24am

I use the Wix 51764 reason being it has a 1" nut on the end of the filter. this makes it easy to get filter loose. Most have the same threads on filter screw on pipe. Yes I know all about the by-pass. And I trust Wix.

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