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Topic: Damon Motorhomes

Posted By: czookeeper3 on 11/07/05 10:27am

looking for any other owners of Damon motorhomes. Would like to share info. about the RV. Have not met anyone else w/ a Damon.
Should have stated that the model is Tuscany (4074), a DP w/ 350 Cat motor and Allison 6 speed. 2006 model year.

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Posted By: J Walker on 11/07/05 11:03am

I have an Ultrasport DP, 2000. My experience is excellent since I purchased it new. There are many Damon owners on this forum. You might state which model you have so we can relate to it better.

Jim Walker
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Posted By: gardnergang on 11/07/05 11:16am

We purchased our Damon in May of this year. It's a 2000 Challenger 335 with a single slide,ford chassis with the V10. We put a little more than 2K on it in 5 trips. The coach drives nice,ran good and looked good! Ours is not by any means high end, but it had all things we felt we needed. The only turn off was the color of the carpet. Not sure what they were thinking, it doesn't go with the furniture.

If I were to do again, I would make sure it had 2 AC units,poss a bedroom slide,full paint and anything but a rubber roof. Not sure a diesel pusher is needed yet.

We will give it another year and see if we want to upgrade.

99 Monaco Diplomat 38A

Posted By: kclaw on 11/07/05 11:52am

We purchased our 2005 Damon Challenger 348 back in February. We have been out in it almost every weekend. We love it. Like any other motorhome, did have some problems with it when we first got it. Nothing that wasn't fixed right away. (One air conditioner stopped working, had problems with the hydraulic leveling system.) Don't let this scare you. The fact is, the dealer fixed the problems right away. No matter what motorhome you choose. I definately recommend purchasing it from a dealer you feel comfortable with. Although not essential, but, I would recommend purchasing your motorhome near your home. That way, when minor things do come up, you can easily take it back where you purchased it.

We find the motorhome to be very nice. The floor plan works great when we have relatives go with us. The workmanship is good. Given the choice I would definately purshase another Damon. You will read some posts in this forum that is negative towards Damons. However, if you do a search for almost any type of RV, you will be sure to come across some people who are just not happy.

Posted By: rkumor on 11/07/05 12:59pm

We had a 2000 CHallenger and then a 2004 Challenger,both of which we really liked but we knew we would be traveling more and decided to go with the Ultrasport which is diesel. We have really enjoyed all of our motorhomes. When we look around at what else is around we know we have all the amenities at a lot lower price. We have all we want and are very satisfied with our house on wheels.
Have we had any problems, well yes we have but they have all been resolved quite well. Our dealer retired and we have been taking ours right back to the factory for service. They have been outstanding there and a pleasure to work with.
In summary we have what we like and others have what they like. That is the whole idea of camping. Get what you can afford and enjoy. Damon like any other motorhome company has problems, but from what I have seen they really are trying to do good by them.

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2003 Ford Explorer
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Posted By: wil01 on 11/07/05 01:26pm

We have a 2003 Damon Challenger. Purchased new--now have about 12,500 miles with trips to LA, WV, PA, and NC. Have Model 348 with the Triton V10 and 2 slides. No complaints regarding Damon. Would buy again! [emoticon]

H.L., Belva, & Carla Wilson
CTOC,USN (Retired
Navy Civil Service (Retired)
2003 Damon Challenger, 35', V10
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Posted By: ocman on 11/07/05 01:37pm

Some of the people think that A Damon Motorhome should be called a Demon
I have a 2002 3275 Damon Day Break 8.1 and I like it. Yes problems do occur ever once in a while and I repair them. No it isn't the most costly unit on the road, but the price is right and it unit works great. Plus it is the unit my wife picked out and she likes it. I not the smartest Guy in town, but I have found if my wife is happy my life is much better. God Bless Or Wives


Posted By: jmac on 11/07/05 01:44pm

The main problem I have had is with the 'dealer' LaMesa RV.......they simply could not or would not correct 'normal' issues. I have had no mechanical or operational leak in the a slide and some inside trim that has loosened up, easy to fix.....may have some in the future, but so far so good.
I will say that Allegro has been getting some good reviews for service from folks I know.............


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Jerry & Judy McDonald
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Posted By: Old Man of the Mountain on 11/07/05 02:23pm

We have a Damon Ultrasport 1997 Class C - Think it was last year they made a Class C - We have enjoyed it a lot. Had couple of roof leaks this fall but think we have them patched. May not be as nice as your Class A's but we like it..

Old Man of the Mountain
"The Old Man has fallen and can't get up"">

Posted By: nelson on 11/07/05 03:05pm

Very happy with ours

2002 Damon Challenger 348 Ford V10
Blue Ox Auto Stop and Aventa II Tow Bar
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Posted By: boatboy on 11/07/05 04:03pm

We're also on our second Damon. Our first was a 2004 Challenger 348 no problems with that rig. Then I made the fatal mistake of test driving a new Escaper LX400. Wow! 400hp ISL, independent front suspension, dishwasher, w/d, and the same great floorplan! We put 17k miles on the Challenger in one year, 3000 so far on the LX400. Great rigs and great values.

04 Damon Escaper LX400
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Posted By: daybreak 2001 on 11/07/05 04:09pm

We have a 2001 Daybreak from Damon .I am very satisfied with my motorhome.We had a few problem but it was repaired .


Posted By: summerpaws on 11/07/05 05:34pm

Hi neighbor! We bought our Challenger 348 a year and a half ago and have put 6000 miles on it with no major problems. I spent a lot of time and research into the purchase but wouldn't you know that the missy02 thread caught my attention after I bought it. I thought that maybe I had made a mistake but as the months go by and trip after trip, I gain confidence and respect for my coach. We use it (still) every weekend. In the months that I have belonged to this forum, I have seen horrible problems with construction, service, and operation of just about every make and model of motorhome. Being a surveyor, I have personally seen things that defy explaination. Bottom line is that if you buy new, it's an educated chance you take. Same thing with a used coach too, I guess. Do your homework, pick the unit that fits your needs the best and go for it. Feel free to PM me for any info. Where abouts in NH are you?

Wife, Dee
2002 Damon Challenger 348
Goldens, Luke and Lily who go everywhere with us!
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Posted By: jimervin on 11/07/05 05:51pm

My two cent; Had a 2000 damon Hornet 5th wheel which was excellent. Very livable. Bought a 99 Damon Daybreak this past April to outrun hurricanes. Only problems have been maintenance by prior owner, A wisconsin yankee who did not understand the need for maintenance. I would buy another Damon.


Posted By: patnchris on 11/07/05 05:57pm

Mine is old, in RV terms, but it has been and will continue to serve me well.....Pat

Patrick and Christine
Dudley, Summer, and Sabastian, the cocker spaniels
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Posted By: bahunter on 11/07/05 06:21pm

And another HAPPY Damon Owner here. Bought ours in 2004, Intruder 369 floor plan, put nearly 17k on it. Mountains, Deserts, Flatlands, all pulling a toad. No major mechanical or other issues that have cause major down time, just the usual maintenance stuff.

I have found Damon easy to deal with and ready to help with problems. I've been to the factory and the tour was good.

She's tucked in for the winter and already planning for late March!


Just west of Chicago, IL
FMCA F352270
2004 36' Damon Intruder Gas/Workhorse W-22
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Posted By: Teacher's Pet on 11/07/05 06:34pm

Very happy with ours also 1998 349 bought used in 2002.

However looking to Newmar or Tiffin for factory support in a newer DP.

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Posted By: Dutch4204 on 11/07/05 07:12pm

I have a 2005 Challenger that we bought in Aug, 2004. The floor plan is great, and our dealer has taken care of any concerns.

Some of the more serious problems we had were:

- leaking slide -- dealer adjusted and fixed
- black tank smell in the motorhome -- dealer found that the vent tube was not sealed correctly
- delamination - Spot below drivers mirror was delaminating - dealer repaired
- more delamination - 5 compartment doors were delaminated - dealer replaced all doors under warranty

I believe that Damon has some problems with water leaks and delamination. Ever since it was discovered on my motorhome I look at all Damon's now to see if it looks like mine. And according to what the body shop guys told me was delamination, then just about every one I have looked at has some problems, especially in the compartment doors.

We enjoy our motorhome, and hope to do so with our Challenger for a few more years. Our next motorhome will hopefully be of a better quality.

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Posted By: Max49 on 11/07/05 07:28pm

My 05 Daybreak is 7 mo. old . We have one window that won't lock. The dealer ordered it and about 3 mo's ago called me to tell me it's in. I asked them if they could hold it for me til I got a long list of things to fix before it goes out of warranty. I still don't have anything else except some stipped screws holes. The jacks give me a false "jacks down " alarm sometimes but it seems the dealer does'nt know how to fix it. I overfilled it with oil and I think that took care of that . The chassis has been my biggest headache. I'd buy another Damon, but whatever kind of MH I buy, if it;s a gasser it will be on a Ford.
I've been checking out a 06 Hurricane on a Ford.

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Max05 Damon Daybreak, 35' WHParker, Colorado

Posted By: pontiacmuscle on 11/07/05 08:08pm

I just traded my 99 Damon Challenger in on a DP. It was a great MH trouble free.

Posted By: Daybreak2002 on 11/07/05 09:55pm

We just purchased a 2002 Daybreak 2775 on a Workhorse chassis and have not had a chance to use it. 9,500 miles. When we went to register it we found that this is on a 2001 chassis, but is registered as 2002. Must have been an end-of-the-year chassis. We think we will like it, 28'-6" bumper to bumper, so we can park it in our driveway. Two slides so it is roomy enuff for the two of us and the 95# Rott.
We would like to hear from others with this model so we can compare notes.
I am looking for a chassis manual for this coach. An electronic version would be good.
Used to "go to the baba shop for a haa cut, now live in Southern California. It has been so long since I have lived in NH, that when I go to visit (at least yearly) I consider myself a tourist.

Les Leach
Thousand Oaks CA

Posted By: JDK on 11/08/05 10:02am

I think the majority of the problems as related to the manufactor is a dealer problem. If I buy another motor home it will most likely be a Damon but I will look at the dealer closely. If you pick a good dealer then 99.9% of the time you will be satisfied with your motorhome regardless of the brand.

Jim and Jackie
2004 Damon Daybreak 3270
2004 L300 Saturn Toad

Posted By: JohnnyT on 11/08/05 10:56am

[quote=czookeeper3]looking for any other owners of Damon motorhomes. Would like to share info. about the RV. Have not met anyone else w/ a Damon.[/quote] [b]This is the topic for this thread. Lets stay on the topic please. JohnnyT Moderator

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Posted By: stu1951 on 11/08/05 10:59am

We purchased a 2000 Damon Escaper in July.
We love it! Damon has great value.

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Posted By: ndittd on 11/08/05 08:29pm

Only DP we've ever had but it has been great for us. Bought it with 5,000 miles and have put abt 15000 more on it and it just hums on and on.

Any RV will have problems and if you don't have the ability to fix the small things when they happen, you will be unhappy, no matter who the manufacturer is.

Damon Ultrasport
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Posted By: sa1lng on 11/09/05 06:56pm

We have a Damon Astoria DP that we bought last January. We put about 5500 miles on it since and are getting ready to bring it back to FL.

We have had what I would consider a bit excessive amount of problems, although our frustrations are wiht the dealer, not the coach.

Feel free to email off list, I'd be happy to share more thoughts.


Donna and Brian
Sebastian, FL
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08 Travel Lite Truck Camper
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Posted By: Peggy Whitehead on 11/10/05 05:38am

We have a Damon 373 Intruder purchased new in Jun 2004 - We have 22,000 miles on it!!! We have also toured the Damon factory. We are currently 5-1/2 months into a one year journey which we are recording in a blog (link below). We love our Intruder.

Jim & Peg
2004 Damon Intruder 373
PT Cruiser

Posted By: Ronnie1538 on 11/10/05 07:09pm

I have a 2003 Damon Intruder which I enjoy very much. I had major problems with the windshield leaking, but the problem was taken care of by the Damon factory in Elkhart, Indianna which made me very very happy [emoticon]. When I purchased my Intruder, I thought that I got an awful lot for my money. But to make a long story short, I'm loving every mile that I travel.

Posted By: Tulare Travelers on 11/11/05 03:22pm

We bought our Astoria DP in September 2005 and immediately took off for Wyoming. Minor problems - 'jacks down' sensor problems and a leak in the oil line to the generator. Just picked it up from the dealer today after all repairs completed. Very, very happy with the coach. Lots of room, quality interior, great ride! Come January you'll see us on the road as both of us will be retired.

2005 Damon Astoria DP - THE BEAST
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Posted By: retired and loving it on 11/11/05 06:50pm

We have a 2003 Challenger 348 and love the floor plan that we bought in April of this year. Had a couple of leaks that the dealer fixed right away. Would not hesitate to buy another one. See you down the road.

Marv & Donna
2003 Challenger model 348 36 foot 2 slides Ford V-10 and a TrailBlazer tagging along for fun
no little ones at home just grand kids to travel with us!!!!

Posted By: jandcr on 11/11/05 06:52pm

They had a bad string of windshield problems last year. The cut-outs in the front cap were wrong. Sounds like they fixed 'em all nicely though. The shop at our dealer, who also sold Damons, was rebuilding 3 at the same time. It didn't look like it was affecting anything visible - just in the recessed part where the seal fits. The shop guy said the cut-outs were too big and some windshields popped out. They were building the GF flange back up and re-cutting the opening. Nothing wrong with that as long as you layer the ply overlaps correctly when "attaching" things. (Shortest on the bottom, longest on the top - that way if one layer delaminates it doesn't take everything above it.)

Yeah, done that too - airborne radome and antenna design. But there are a huge number of things in this world I know absolutely nothing about, honest!!! I only know a lot about a relatively few things. I try to avoid being like Reader's Digest - knowing just enough to be dangerous about almost everything :-( Knowing how to find true experts for all that stuff is the real trick to life, which is why I like this forum - I've learned a lot from you guys. While I think about it, Thanks everyone.

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