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Topic: Fifth Wheel Hitch Dolly for Towing Fifth Wheel?

Posted By: southernhick on 03/17/07 04:45pm

Has anyone every heard of or used a Fifth Wheel Tow Dolly?

You know...similar to what the Tractor Trailer trucks use to pull a 2nd trailer?

Also like this Bics Fifth Wheel Hitch


I have a 2006 Ford F650 with a pickup bed on it and was not wanting to pull it off ever time we go camping with our Fifth Wheel.



Posted By: johntank on 03/17/07 04:56pm

Sounds like you are thinking about the Hitch Buddy, they have a web site I think it is


Posted By: GoRving2 on 03/17/07 04:59pm

southernhick wrote:

I have a 2006 Ford F650 with a pickup bed on it and was not wanting to pull it off ever time we go camping with our Fifth Wheel.



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Posted By: jnesta on 03/17/07 05:04pm

I think I just repied to this post in the Towing forum...?

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Posted By: DRSmart on 03/17/07 05:05pm

southernhick. That is one awesome TV. [emoticon] Why would you want to pull the truck bed off. Is the hitch arrangement different on your F650 than a 1 ton dually? What are you towing?

Posted By: southernhick on 03/17/07 05:32pm

DRSmart wrote:

southernhick. That is one awesome TV. [emoticon] Why would you want to pull the truck bed off. Is the hitch arrangement different on your F650 than a 1 ton dually? What are you towing?

DRSmart....Unfortunatley the bed is way too high for a trailer to fit under's a side picture...see how high the bed is?


What I had planned to do is lift the bed off in our garage and then mount one of these low profile 5th wheel hitches. Then once done towing....lower the bed back on.


But if I could use a tow dolly...that would be alot easier.

Posted By: DODGETRUCK on 03/17/07 05:40pm

Just like the truck pulling double, sure hope you don't have to backup.

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Posted By: familyof3 on 03/17/07 06:44pm

The hitch Buddy is a good idea, My thought tho, not sure about this trailer you are looking at. I would go with the hitch buddy.. A lot of people here talk bad about it but they have no idea how it work's and give false info on it, it works as a tag axle on your vehicle, just as a semi, it carries 2/3 of your pin weight, the other 1/3 goes on your receiver hitch, and you can adjust it to if you want. Note: the tag axle does not turn so it slides across when you turn ( just as a semi rear axle ) It does cost alittle but I think you would like it if you did some research on it.

If you took your bed off would there be enough clearance between your tires and your fifth wheel???

And no it isn't like pulling double's, like I mention earlier, it is a TAG AXLE it does not turn, your best deal is calling the mfg and talk to them, they can answer all you questions,

Posted By: wadietz on 03/17/07 09:37pm

I own a Hitch Buddy. It is a tag axle and attachs at 3 places on the back of the truck. The one pictured above is spooky looking. It seems to use a ball hitch.


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Posted By: DRSmart on 03/17/07 11:00pm

southernhick. How sad. I have tears welling up in my eyes. You have payload capacity we could only wish for. What a pain to swap the bed for the lo pro hitch. My heart goes out to you. [emoticon] Only one logical solution. Quit workin' and camp full time. [emoticon]

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Posted By: ReneeG on 03/17/07 11:23pm

I just saw the Hitch Buddy ad in this month's Trailer Life magazine. What a great idea to still have your fifth wheel and the bed of your truck too. We have to have our truck bed to load our dog crates. But why not then have a TT instead of a fifth wheel? Is it because some just love the fifth wheel floor plans or have one to begin with and can now expand their toy options with the Hitch Buddy.

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Posted By: Truckin41 on 03/18/07 05:17am

Am I missing something? It looks like a travel trailer(???) behind the truck and not a 5th wheel.

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Posted By: jbeletti on 03/18/07 07:00am


There are several pictures of his Hitch Buddy in use by user billd on another forum that requires (free) registration. He uses this forum (as wadietz) as well.


Link to billd's Hitch Buddy pics (post #2) on Heartland Owners Forum

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Posted By: repoman37 on 03/18/07 01:14pm

i may need to look into one of these,let me know how it works out if you get one. my truck is lifted and it would solve alot of problems

Posted By: ReneeG on 03/18/07 02:43pm

So . . . just how much does this hitch cost?

Posted By: Astro350SS on 03/18/07 03:47pm

You could always do a suspension lift on the trailer [emoticon] jk.

Awesome truck, there are quite a few of those along with the Chevy's around here and a couple of internationals.

You would definately NOT want one of those contraptions you show in your first post. I can imagine that that thing would be swaying all over the road. The way tractor trailers get away with it is that the front trailer weighs as much or more thand the second trailer and can control the amount of sway. If you watch them going down the road, a slight gust of wind will make them start swaying. Also the hitch point is directly at the back axle of the first trailer, which causes little sway input on it. The dolly, however will react to the weight of the second trailer because it is so short and therefore has much more swing from it's hitch point. They don't call those rigs "wiggle wagons" for nothing.

I know that your truck probably has the weight to help control the sway, but not the wheel base.

THe Hitchbuddy sounds like the right ticket for you since it acts like a tag axle as previously stated.

Goodluck with your setup. Truly a nice rig.



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Posted By: wadietz on 03/18/07 04:58pm

MSRP is $6,495.00


Posted By: MarAgt on 03/18/07 05:15pm

Would you only be able to pull forward with these? I don't see that you could do any backing.

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Posted By: Kodiak5er on 03/18/07 06:34pm

Here's the site for the hitch buddy.

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Posted By: Ray,IN on 03/18/07 10:36pm

The ball hitch type in the pictures you posted have a limit. I think the heaviest load rating for a bumper pull ball is 10K#, From reading your original post and subsequent replies, it sounds like you've spent yourself into a corner by raising the body on your truck. I see two options. Raise the 5er to fit your truck or remove the bed and tow like a semi, with splash fenders covering the tires.

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Posted By: Astro350SS on 03/19/07 11:05am

He didn't raise the body on his truck. That is how it came. It is a F-"650". Chevy also makes one on the Kodiac chassis as does international...

Basically it is a light duty body on a medium duty chassis.
And being a medium duty truck gives it a higher tow capacity. The hitch is mounted to the frame of the truck, not to the bumper.

Posted By: southernhick on 03/19/07 09:04pm

Yep....what Astro350SS said..... [emoticon] He's 100% correct.

It's an F650 w/ a CAT C7 Diesel, Allision 6 speed auto, exhaust brake, air ride, and air brakes.

The truck has a 26,000 lb towing capacity.

It has a Reese Tow Beast hitch mounted directly to the frame which is rated at ~17,000 lbs capacity with weight distribution type hitch.

Posted By: Ray,IN on 03/19/07 09:32pm

Bill and southernhick, What I meant was the 2 5/16" ball is rated for 10-12K# isn't it? Bumper hitch is just an expression normally used. He has plenty of truck, but the contraption in his pictures is limited by the weakest component. His 2nd post was mis-interpreted by the "lift the bed" comment and my aged eyes.

Posted By: Rawhyde on 03/20/07 06:48am

It would be like backing up a hay wagon with a pickup.

Backing a 40 foot 5er down my drive from the street with one of these sounds like a fine way to spend a Sunday.

Posted By: vietvet66-67 on 03/20/07 06:59am

Rawhyde wrote:

It would be like backing up a hay wagon with a pickup.

Backing a 40 foot 5er down my drive from the street with one of these sounds like a fine way to spend a Sunday.

I think that's what will keep me busy during the off season...[emoticon] [emoticon]

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Posted By: wadietz on 03/18/07 02:33pm

repoman, go to the link in the above message and you will see pictures and some information on my hitch buddy.

Thanks Jim for posting the link.


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