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Topic: Raising Thoroughbred 5er

Posted By: newlifetax on 04/25/07 09:09am

Does anyone know if it is possible to raise the rear of the Palomino Thoroughbred 5er? I have lowered the hitch and raised the pin box and still can't get the trailer level.

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Posted By: Bluhorn on 04/25/07 10:16am

I think that the only way to raise that trailer is to weld blocks where the axle housing attaches to the frame.When we were shopping we ran into the same problem with a Rockwood we were going to buy. Both these trailers have the "rubber' suspension and you can't just flip the axles like you can on other trailers. I would think that the dealer could help you with this,it really is not that much work to correct the height.We were looking at the same trailer at the Raleigh show and it is a very nice trailer,my wife loved the layout.Good Luck and maybe we will see you on the road!

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Posted By: newlifetax on 04/26/07 06:02am

Any idea what it might cost to have that done? I lowered the hitch and raised the pin box, but I cannot adjust them anymore. In fact, I need to raise the hitch back up to get a little more clearance between the bed rails and the overhang.

You can see how unlevel it is in the pic below. Will it hurt anything if I tow it nose high?


Posted By: jlnix on 04/26/07 06:48am

deleted by jln

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Posted By: vonzoog on 04/26/07 06:54am

In the picture is shows you have a Dodge. The Dodge has spacers between the rear axle and leaf springs that can be removed that can lower the bed about 4 inches. 4 inches would make a hugh difference in the level of you trailer.

You will have to do a search in this forum for the thread that shows you how to do it and it is complete detailed pictures on what to do. I am not sure where it is, but I am sure someone will chime in with that information.

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Posted By: chaffeekid on 04/26/07 07:42am

Hey N/A, lot of folks have that name, as stated above, look at where the rear axle on your dodge attaches to the springs. You will see it sits on a couple of spacers. These can be taken out and drops the back end about 2 inches. You should be pretty near level by then.\
Also as stated, do a search on this fourm about lowering the bed of a dodge and you should turn up the info. There is one thread that gives pictures of how it is done, and what it looks like.
Good luck

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Posted By: Bluhorn on 04/26/07 09:09am

Go to and click on the Dodge. Scroll down and it will show "lowering a 3rd generation Dodge" It will give you a slideshow of instructions.This may be easier then messing with the trailer. Good Luck and let us know how you made out.

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