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Topic: Newmar Cypress 5th Wheels

Posted By: GBlack on 09/05/07 08:23pm

Hi - I'm in the market for a good quality 5th wheel. I was looking for units in the price range of a Jayco Designer. But today a friend told me about the Newmar Cypress. After reviewing their website, I was surprised to see that they are around the same MSRP cost as the Designer.

I have a few questions:

1) Are there any negatives with the Cypress? The only thing I've read on previous posts is they are heavy. I have a 2008 F350 SRW, and so I should be OK as long as I stick with the Cypress line (versus getting into the heavier Torrey Pines, Kountry Aire lines).

2) Who are the best dealers to buy a Cypress from? Are there any large internet dealers? Roughly what percent off MSRP can I expect?

3) To those who have actually compared construction details - are Jayco Designer and Cypress in the same league as far as quality/reliability, or is one better than the other?

Thank you!

Posted By: TreeTopRanch on 09/05/07 08:49pm


I think you will find the Newmar product is of excellent quality. I do not own a Cypress however they were one of the final 3 in our own search for a 5th wheel. There were just a couple items that turned us off on the unit but ALL were cosmetic.


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Posted By: Trix on 09/05/07 09:34pm

After about 10 months of investigation and visiting most all the FW dealers in Phoenix, the Cypress was at the top of our list. We then compared to Hitchhiker II LS and concluded the HH had better fit, finish and overall quality. Foot for foot, they were lighter, too, which was important for my 2500HD (yes, I'm overweight, but let's don't go there now). About the same price range, but, of course, difficult to compare models and options.

Probably can't go wrong with the Cypress, good luck.

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Posted By: Virginia RVers on 09/06/07 04:36am

I am also looking at the Cypress 36RLSK model. Love the floor plan and quality looks great. I have a 06 Dodge 3500 SWD and not to concerned with weight of this unit. I have been working with dealership in Richmond, VA ... Hayden, RV on a unit.

Good luck and I will be watching for others advice as well.

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Posted By: robert herr on 09/06/07 07:17am

I don't think you can go wrong with any Newmar product.

Posted By: Fulltimer50 on 09/06/07 08:19am

A 36RLSK has a GVWR of 16,600# Not just a little over weight I would say. And I know of what I speak.
The Cypress is an OK unit. Remember it is on the bottome of the Newmar line and it shows it. The basic unit is fine but the details are well cheap. Small plastic toilet, plastic water controls and sinks etc. Pulls great though with the Mor/ryde standard system and hitch pin. Wish they had the disk break option when I bought mine. Dealers can be hard to find around the country when you need warranty work. They are not always where you need to be.


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Posted By: HOGFAN on 09/06/07 08:40am

As a Cypress owner, I will give you my view:
1)I have no negatives to share. There are a few details I would have done differently but I count those personal preference. I would watch actual pin weight on either unit you mention. Both are heavy!

2)I bought at Vogt in Fort Worth. Not local for me but the best price. I think 25% is doable and you could do better under the right circumstances. PM me and I will share my thoughts.

3)I feel the Newmars are one of the best built units available. Very solid frame (compare these) and running gear. Newmar builds their frame not purchased. 16 inch wall studs. Hung wall construction. Large tanks. Good tires and wheels.

One yardstick I use is to look at similar units that are several years old. How do they hold up and how do they look with some age on them. I am on my second Newmar product and I am a satisfied customer. Good luck with your search!

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Posted By: wheelygoode on 09/06/07 08:59am

We really like our Cypress!
The woodwork is excellent - others we looked at had some shoddy workmanship in this area.
NewMar has good customer support.
The construction is solid, and well done, in comparison to others (crawl around on the ground and look underneath too)
This is our first trailer, our previous unit was a diesel pusher motorhome, and we were surprised at how easily it towed with the MorRyde.
We like the floorplan, didn't see any others like it (37LSRE). It has proven very comfortable for long term living for us, and can comfortably seat 6 for dinner and the evening, and several more if you want to move the dining chairs around for seating.
Yes, it has laminate countertops and a plastic type material for sinks, and while I would prefer corian (available in the higher priced models)this has served well so far without the extra weight of the Torrey Pines. Also I preferred the decor in the Cypress.
It may be NewMar's 'entry level' fifth wheel, but is certainly not an entry level unit! It compares very favorably with top of the line models from other manufacturers.
We bought from Ron Hoover in Texas and were satisfied with the deal.

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Posted By: TheAmRheins on 09/06/07 09:01am

Gary, if you want to drive to the Indy area, Mt. Comfort RV has one unit of each of the Newmar fifth wheel lines.

I felt the same as Fulltimer, I was surprised to see the cheaper quality materials in the Cypress, but they had to make the cuts somewhere to get into that price point. It looked a little too much like my Eagle [emoticon]
I'm sure it is well built however and would not be afraid to buy a Newmar myself.

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Posted By: Dennis M M on 09/06/07 09:54am

I have no experience with the Cypress, but like Robert said< it's hard to go wrong with any Newmar product.

A good Newmar dealer in the Chicago area is
Ehrhardt's in Des Plaines, IL

Honest dealing and excellent service.

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Posted By: Magic Carpet Pilot on 09/06/07 11:44am

GBlack wrote:

Hi - I'm in the market for a good quality 5th wheel.
I have a few questions: 1) Are there any negatives with the Cypress? The only thing I've read on previous posts is they are heavy. I have a 2008 F350 SRW, and so I should be OK ...

We have a 32' Cypress 2006 and have traveled extensively with it including two trips in mainland Mexico for 6 months. Very comfortable and well appointed but:

The microwave had to be replaced almost immediately and the kitchen faucets were replaced by us because of squeaking that nothing we used would stop the noise. Replaced them with a chrome set and that worked. The control panel in the fridge failed and was replaced, the propane detector was replaced 3 times until Newmar finally agreed to try a different model which worked fine and didn't go off for no reason. The cabinet drawer plastic support hardware is very flimsy, any heavy items in a drawer will break them.

The electric fireplace looks nice but the heater would cut out often. Now that our warranty is done Newmar says it's our problem even though it was reported and repairs attempted by them within the warranty period. The Newmar rep where we bought the unit (Traveland in Langley, BC) is totally incompetent. We've now contacted Dimplex, the makers of the fireplace, they are sending us a new heating unit and not charging for it because of our troubles with Newmar.

On our last trip home from Mexico 3 of the brake wires had to be replaced as they were worn through and one was completely broken. [emoticon] The wires run through the axles, something to think about, they have been replaced with heavier wire that is strapped on the outside of the axle.

Recently we had a flat and found that the aluminum rim had cracked. All the rims suffered badly from the salt air at the beach in Mexico. The rim supplier (Tredit Tire) is replacing all 4 rims under warranty. Newmar had told us we had no warranty for this.

We recently had two broken springs on the curb side front and back. Got them fixed at our expense as Newmar was totally unhelpful and told us we no longer had warranty coverage. When we got home we found another broken spring on the road side. On checking with Dexter Axle we found out that our warranty coverage should still be in effect so now we're trying to get some help with upgrading to a heavier suspension. Newmar was NO HELP AT ALL, several emails were sent to them without any response after more than a week of waiting.

Despite all the problems we still love our Cypress but are displeased with the lack of service and totally unresponsive attitude of Newmar. I'm not suggesting you shouldn't buy a Cypress, just be aware of these issues and see what you can negotiate up front at time of purchase. This is a heavy trailer (ours is just under 16000 pounds when loaded) and our local RV shop says the suspension is maxed right out so any big bounces and the springs can't handle it. See if you can't get an extra leaf put in to beef it up a bit and should be fine. We're probably going to replace all four with heavier slipper leaf springs as suggested by Sealand RV in Richmond BC, (NOT a Newmar rep). We're hoping that Dexter Axle will cover at least a portion of this upgrade under the remaining warranty.

We tow with an F350 King Ranch CC SRW short box with a Superglide hitch which we highly recommend. Probably should have air bags on the truck to help with the pin weight which is just over 3000 pounds.

Hope all this helps. I say go for the Cypress, in spite of our personal problems it's better than most in the price range.

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Posted By: Randu on 09/06/07 04:06pm

I agree with what Magic Carpet Pilot says about suspension being maxed out. Running gear is their weakest link. I also had aluminum wheels crack and replaced by Trent as Newmar said they didn't warranty the wheels. My leaf springs have lost almost all arch and I have had outer wheel bearings show major wear in less than 10,000 miles. Newmar plays the "pass the buck game," placing all blame on their vendors and making you or the dealer contact the vendor direct. I understand that they do a good job of fixing/covering what they actually manufacture to the limits of workmanship. Workmanship is their strong point as I would put their build quality right next to any of the other upper level manufactures. Might want to look at Travel Supreme, River Canyon at about the same price level just to compare. Also look at this Thread as TS never passed the buck in the 5 years I owned their unit. Randy

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Posted By: robert herr on 09/07/07 09:14am

I would think a loaded Jayco would be in the quality range of the Torrey pine, the middle of the Newmar line. The cypress might be Newmar starter unit but its a lot better than most MFG best unit

Posted By: Fulltimer50 on 09/07/07 09:36am

I agree about the M/W and the faucets. All replaced with good ones.

The only 32' Cypress in '06 was a 29KSRE. The 32RLKS is 35'+. Meaning the model number doesnt show length.

Why would the suspension on a rig with 2 7K axles be maxed out if the trailer weighs 16k and the pin weight is 3K? Now if the trailer weighs 16k when hooked up to the truck thats a different set of numbers.

Posted By: Magic Carpet Pilot on 09/07/07 10:22am

Fulltimer50 wrote:

Why would the suspension on a rig with 27K axles be maxed out if the trailer weighs 16k and the pin weight is 3K?

Where does the 27K rating come into this? I have no information regarding that rating on our Cypress.

This is how I understand the ratings and would like to hear more if I'm incorrect on this: the GVWR on our 2006 Cypress is 16,250# and both the front and rear axles are rated for 7000# each which would be a max of 14000#. If the RV was loaded to the max of 16,250 (it's very close to that with water in tanks) and with a pin weight of 3000# there would be 13,250# on a 14,000# rated chassis. That's fine I'm sure when you've not moving.

If there's a good dip or two on the road where the trailer bounces fairly hard I believe the springs as loaded above would be in trouble. I don't know what happened on this last trip as we were running with empty water tanks and somehow managed to break first 2 springs on the curb side side and after repairs broke one spring on the road side. All of this happened within a 6 day period on good paved roads in Alberta and B.C. At no time did we hit any big potholes or other unusual situations.

The odd thing is we have driven the rig all over mainland Mexico and that is where the suspension should have failed but it held up fine. Maybe it's just metal fatigue over time but if that's the case then I still believe the suspension should be sturdier. Your feedback is most welcome as I'm still trying to negotiate something with Dexter Axle before the warranty expires on Sept 15/07. They too now seem to be as unresponsive as Newmar!

You also mentioned that the 2006 Cypress is actually 35' in length and this is correct, our model is a 32RLKS measuring 35'. Another thing is that the manufacture date is 2004 so I'm wondering how they can call it a 2006 model?? Didn't notice that until after I owned it.

Posted By: Fulltimer50 on 09/07/07 05:21pm

There is a space between the 2 and the 7 in my post. Two 7k axles would have been clearer. To bad we have to almost be lawers to buy anything in the US today.

Posted By: davea on 09/07/07 07:43pm

Normally springs ONLY break when overloaded. I realize the trailer mfgs. use a formula which is different for every mfg. They allow certain percentages to be put onto the truck. Since I am in the trailer mfg. industry, I do not really agree with this system. We do not make travel trailers but make most other types and sizes. When we make a trailer with 2 7K axles we rate the trailer either to the max of the bumper pull coupler or to a max of 15K on a gooseneck. We rarely have seen broken springs except in cases when we knew for a fact the trailer was grossly overloaded. I have a Newmar with tandem dual axles.Newmar originally was going to set the GVWR at 18K, because even with 2 10K axles the tires were smaller. At the time of our order I requested the heavier tires. This upped my GVWR to 20K. The trailer weighs close to 16500# empty. We never carry anything over 5 gallons of liquid in each tank when on the road. We only carry snacks and clothes for a week. I realize if we were fulltimers we would be forced to carry more weight. All things considered we looked at literally hundreds of units for over a year before we made our decision. Newmar did a multitude of custom work for us at a pittance. WE love the unit and are only unhappy that we do not have enough time to go anywhere.... You should be happy with any of the Newmar products. We had a 3 year bumper to bumper warranty. Good luck and happy camping.

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Posted By: ALBE on 09/08/07 09:55am

We have the 07 32lksa 12000 dry, gvwr 14625 ,Grated goodyears, fully loaded it does not hardly flex the springs,is your wt. rating correct?? All 07 Cypress are rated similar.

Posted By: Magic Carpet Pilot on 09/08/07 05:29pm

ALBE wrote:

We have the 07 32lksa 12000 dry, gvwr 14625 ,G rated goodyears, fully loaded it does not hardly flex the springs,is your wt. rating correct?? All 07 Cypress are rated similar.

Ours is a 2006 Cypress 32RLKS, GVWR on the tag is 16,250# with tandem 7000# axles and G rated Goodyears. Fully loaded the springs have always looked fine but obviously they are overloaded since 3 of them failed in a one week period while travelling on good roads with empty water tanks. Our GVW would have been around 15,000# on that trip.

Posted By: Magic Carpet Pilot on 09/08/07 07:18pm

I know we've kind of high jacked the thread but would really like some more input please.

Posted By: robert herr on 09/09/07 07:46am

Maybe start a new thread to get answers

Posted By: Go Pokes on 09/10/07 09:05pm

We love our Cypress. It has been a joy to own. We will definitely by another Newmar. We would love to have the new X-Aire toyhauler.

Posted By: Magic Carpet Pilot on 09/11/07 03:07pm

One last comment on the issue of the 3 broken leaf springs on our Newmar Cypress 32RLKS;
In spite of Newmar Corp insisting that we no longer had any warranty coverage on our 2006 Cypress, Dexter Axle has agreed to upgrade all four of the springs under warranty from 3500# each to 4000# each. [emoticon]

Posted By: Big_Blue on 09/11/07 04:43pm

The answers you want, or the answers you need?

I was looking a Newmar, wonderful craftsmanship, superb trailer, decided not to upgrade the truck

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Posted By: balvert on 09/11/07 05:19pm

Not sure if it is the same today but in 1996 we had short listed our purchase to the Newmar American Star (the bottom of the Newmar line at the time) and the Jayco Designer (the top of the Jayco line at the time). Both trailers were similar in size, layout and equipment although the Jayco was a bit fancier cosmetically. The trailers were virtually identical in price as well. We took a tour of both factories. Newmar won hands down. Seven years later we sold the American Star and it still looked new. Never had any significant problems with it. When I bought the Mountain Aire I did some math and just found the standard 7K axles were marginal. The optional 9K axles gave me a far more comfortable safety margin. If the axle ratings concern you, Newmar will probably upsize them to 8K at a nominal cost. I feel Newmar makes a great product. Like everything else, 100% is hard to achieve. I would buy another Newmar in a heartbeat.


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Posted By: Herculez on 09/11/07 05:48pm

G Black,

If you need phone numbers and who to talk to let me know.

Newmar will do custom work for you on a Cypress!

Newmar will work with you directly on any issues.

Newmar will put 8,000lb axles with like said bearings and H rated Goodyear tires.

I did notice the two negative comments about customer service.
This is very unlike Newmar.

Newmar will fix problems that are out of warranty.

Did you know that Newmar is now giving a 5 year warranty on their products.

Our Coach was custom built for us, and I can assure you that they will take care of any problems that we may have even if it is out of warranty.

We dealt directly with Newmar on our order.

There is no other slide made like a Newmar.

Ask for day night shades LINED for total block out.

Ask for options that are not listed.

Ask for extra water pump switches.

I am in hopes that a friend from the Great State of Colorado will see my post here and will talked to you about his custom built.............2008 Bull Cypress!!!!

Go to the factory.

A poster listed Mt Comfort....he is right on....Ask for Rob, the Tech. Ask him about the Coach that is in a photo on top of his tool box!!

Robert, how are things in God's Country?


PS. You can also get disc brakes on a Cypress.

Posted By: buc1980 on 09/11/07 06:27pm

I have a 2005 Kountry Star and I am very satisfy with the trailer.You got to talk with the dealer for other option which are not listed. Newmar will work with you.I got hydraulic disk brake which are not a option on Kountry Star . I think the Newmar products are at the top of the manufactories of the RV.May be at the beginnings of the new line of rv they have some problems but now the Cypress is a well recognize FW.

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Posted By: ALBE on 09/11/07 07:36pm

We have a newer 07 Cypress 35.5 ft with rear kitchen, 4000 miles pulling, upgraded with Diamond pkg,absolutely love it, Quality plus thru out,we looked at them all in the 70000 can $ range,we expected all kinds of issues , on the PDI not one thing, it was mfg in oct of 06,Boy were we impressed!!! Pulls great,we are even allowed to put a Newmare bike hitch ,up to 300 lbs on the back, ordered!! We cancelled a top line keystone product order because the dealer said it could void the frame warranty!!!! What a Joke!!

Posted By: TexGeorgiaBoy on 09/11/07 08:25pm

We have a new 2008 Jayco Designer. I also looked at the Newmar products. You just get so much more trailer for the money with the Jayco. Quality? Jayco is way above most brands we looked at but maybe the Newmar is better I don't know. We have not had any problems with ours. The Jayco's are lighter. Interior is nicer we thought. We got the glazed cabinet option. Very nice finish. We got 2 flat screen tv's. a 42" and 26" Toshiba. The moryde pin box and suspension I like. The 16" "G" rated tires. Solidsurface countertops and sink. Electric awning. Awnings over all 4 slides. Washer / Dryer. 2nd A/C. Central vac. Electric rear stab jacks. Security lights, full size spare on a aluminum rim to match trailers. Water puifier. Dolby surround sound. Highgloss sidewalls. 2 power roof vents. Easy Lube Axles. Full extension ball bearing drawer guides. 2 year warranty. I got 25% off with a 16K Reese hitch installed with the deal. I really like the Newmar but to get what we got in the Designer you will have to step up from the Cypress. Give the Jayco Designer a hard look. We sure like ours. Good Luck! Tex

Posted By: jmrkav on 09/11/07 08:48pm

I'll give a third poor experience with Newmar. Our visit to the factory was a real eye opener. After two weeks into a three day appointment with nothing but excuses as to why nothing could be repaired the first time, I left in disgust. Newmar gives more lip service to quality than action. There seems to be a lot of changes going on at the factory level. I talked to many owners that had owned three or more Newmar products that said this was their last.

Posted By: bstark on 09/11/07 09:06pm

Well, this has been an interesting thread. Newmar has had to make cuts inorder to compete as the other makers have gone on to things like team concepts and bonus systems for number of rigs produced. JMHO, but if you currently own a 4 or 5 year old Mountain-Aire, HANG ONTO IT! They stopped making it because of it's build costs, all of those fiberglass storage drawers and built in genny compartments etc., etc.. Comparing apples to apples at price points, I believe the Newmar products are as good as any other trailer out there and would give one serious consideration. Every manufacturer is cutting corners on today's RV's. We have gotten used to that as our generation is spending like none other before it and while you are negotiating with your dealer for a better price or more options there's some nut standing behind you waving money and yelling "I'll take it as is"! Good luck and good hunting.

Today is just the tomorrow you worried about yesterday!

Posted By: Herculez on 09/12/07 03:30am


I can back up my info with FACT.

The old Mountain Aires are very well built! They use to have a 3 year warranty the best on the market.

Now it is (FIVE) ! Go to Newmars web site to see if I am correct.

Newmar does not mass produce. Newmar only builds units that have been ordered.
Source: Newmar factory tour which we did 2 or 3 times and also Jeff Thomas who we worked directly with along with several engineers at Newmar.

When they dropped the Mountain Aire, they were going thru some major product changes and adding new lines, more of a transition period. 2005, 2006, they made some mistakes by dropping the 3 year warranty they also dropped the additional outside storage containers. This was a big mistake and I told Jeff Thomas that face to face. His reply...Britt what do you want? We can do them, and the 16 inch I beam if you want.

You can still get a 16 I beam if asked. You can get a 12 inch I beam with a steel channel added. You can also get the additional outside storage carpartments along with the side mounted gen freeing up more space in the front. (7000 watt Onan Marqus Gold) That is a 7000 watt.

Bruce said every manufacture is cutting corners. Please read why Newmar has now gone to a Five year warranty.

If you need proof of my outside storage carpartments, I can send photos or I can get you in touch with Jeff Thomas at Newmar.

Gary, Why does the Cypress weigh more then the top of the line Jayco!

Gary, you need to go to the factories, go,go, GO.!!!!

Look at the Mobil Suites, very nice units!! Look at their slides and also how the wires are protected, then look at the Newmar....

Bruce, Your unit along with the Elite remain on our list of a very few units.

I know Double Tree very well, we even had them agree to add a sink in the potty room.

I also like their 100 gallons of fresh water!!!!

We had to make a choice and I can assure you that it was made with very much respect paid to Double Tree.


PS, I also like your Truck!!

Bruce, I had to go back and reread part of your post.

They had to compete...You are correct. This is why they have the new lines. Just like Double Tree has added a entry level.

Bruce, when I had our unit built at the time it was the most expensive fifth wheel built by Newmar, per Jeff Thomas, not me.

But that is because we wanted to go back to some of the Mountain Aire points. Now they are options.

The old Mountain Aire was a better buy, but we were not ready back then.

BruceStarkey wrote:

Well, this has been an interesting thread. Newmar has had to make cuts inorder to compete as the other makers have gone on to things like team concepts and bonus systems for number of rigs produced. JMHO, but if you currently own a 4 or 5 year old Mountain-Aire, HANG ONTO IT! They stopped making it because of it's build costs, all of those fiberglass storage drawers and built in genny compartments etc., etc.. Comparing apples to apples at price points, I believe the Newmar products are as good as any other trailer out there and would give one serious consideration. Every manufacturer is cutting corners on today's RV's. We have gotten used to that as our generation is spending like none other before it and while you are negotiating with your dealer for a better price or more options there's some nut standing behind you waving money and yelling "I'll take it as is"! Good luck and good hunting.

Posted By: jmrkav on 09/15/07 08:46am

I just got off Newmars web site. The warranty is ONE year, two for the Kountry Air. I thought that. When I was at the factory they were swamped with warranty work due to the three year warranty they had in previous years. The quality is just not there for that. Many of the people we met had pages and pages of warranty issues on one year old units. They were working six days a week to try to keep up. That's why they cut their warranty back to one year. I think that says it all.

Posted By: Herculez on 09/15/07 12:25pm


Go to Newmar Home page.

Then Please click on: Why Newmar.

Then Please click on Warranty.

Please read the the following!

Newmar offers a limited FIVE-Year STRUCTURAL Warranty and in addition a Expressed limited Warranty on ALL of it's Products!!

In the recent edition of Newmar Kountry Klub Konnection VoL 21, NO 06, August 2007 Page 27 bottom right hand corner: I love facts!

Newmar is offering a FIVE-year structural warranty on ALL products beginning with the 2008 model year.

( I guess they are doing this because they are junk!)

"Newmar is PROUD to provide this STRUCTURAL warranty as a Symbol of our Commitment to Quality and the customer Satisfaction experience" said Matt Utley, Vice President of Service Operations.

The Structural warranty states that if any part of a Newmar RV Superstructure fails to perform properly within Five years,from the date of purchase, due to faulty workmanship or material supplied by Newmar, it will be repaired Without charge for either parts or Labor by Newmar.

Mike O'Connell, Vice President of Purchasing.



Posted By: Luke Porter on 09/15/07 03:09pm

jmrkav wrote:

After two weeks into a three day appointment

Want to make sure I understand correctly. You were at Newmar for two full weeks (14 consecutive days)?

Did they take your unit into service every working day?

Yep, actually drove to all of these places---in the last eight years. Missed Rhode Island and New Jersey.


Posted By: Herculez on 09/15/07 06:18pm


Hows it going?

Hope he responds to your question..


Posted By: jmrkav on 09/15/07 06:37pm

Yep, 13 consecutive days.

Day one. The hole in the floor which the fresh water hose passes through was mis located. One of the great assemblers simply stretched the hose to the tank. Of coarse the hose eventually pulled off and flooded the basement. Newmars solution was to put a longer hose on. Unfortunately it was a good two feet too long and curled up inside the cabinet. Water will not flow up hill. Before they could go home, I had a tech come out and repair the hose. After he fixed the hose to the right length I filled the tank as I knew they did not test it. Imagine my surprise when water began pouring out the bottom of the trailer.

Day two. Today we repair what we messed up yesterday.

Day three. Most of the storage doors leaked some water. This was the day to fix them.

Day four. Late evening and they announce the doors water tight. It's rather dusty in the area around the factory. It didn't seem they had sprayed any water on the trailer. I got a hose out (I don't think Newmar owns a hose) and to my surprise all the doors now leak, some worse than ever. Now it's over a weekend.

New week. The trailer goes in for last weeks repairs. They take the doors off, install more new gaskets, take some of the doors apart, scratch and mar the hell out of them. They still leak. Over the next week they work and work on them. Towards the end of the week, on the slide, the trailer comes back with a two foot huge scratch in the paint.

She goes in for paint. But they only paint where they scratched the slide. Most of the doors are now scratched and marred from being repeatably worked on. They say they are not painting anything else.

The entry door was so warped you could read a newspaper through the bottom. That door was replaced with a damaged door. I was then informed that it would take another week or two to find a good one.

The sad thing is after leaving the factory, I crawled in the storage bay. Had my wife spray the side with a hose and within 15 minutes had the problem solved with the leaking storage doors. The water was getting in at the top of the hinge where the hinge meets the door frame. I still have a badly damaged entry door. I hand rubbed a lot of the scratches out of the doors.

These were the problems I took to the factory and left with. It doesn't count the many small and large issues the trailer had that was resolved at the dealer. A interior wall loose, shades that did not work, cabinet doors mis located, drawers not sliding properly, etc, etc, over 15 items.

I'll concede the five year warranty on the aluminum super structure. That's not an issue with most trailer of any brand. The warranty is still one year.

Posted By: jmrkav on 09/16/07 07:25pm

Herculez wrote:


Hows it going?

Hope he responds to your question..


Posted By: Herculez on 09/17/07 03:13am

jmrkav wrote:

I'll concede the five year warranty on the super structure.

Very sorry for all of your problems. I hope you can find a product that you are happy with.

If I can be of help in any way please let me know.

We will be heading to the State Newmar Rally, there will be Reps from Newmar here, and also techs, if you would want to supply your work order number I will go to work for you and see if I can get things taking care of to your satisfaction.

I have several contacts at Newmar, I think that I could help you if you are interested. All I would need is your work order number to start the wheels turning.

My offer is straight forward. I do not like how you were treated.

We will be going next yeat to the factory and also to Mor/Ryde.

There are no issues for us at this time. We want to have the King Pin cover removed and inspected. They said they would do it for free and any thing else that might need repair.

Please keep in touch.


Posted By: dbike199 on 09/17/07 06:32am

I have a 2007 30KSRE. we have had it since December of last year and love it! I was able to but it for 26% off MSRP. I ordered it with all the bells and whistles, Diamond package is a must. Added Generator, double pain windows (a must have), electric rear stabilizers.. It pulls great with the MorRyde on axles and pin. As far as quality, It is very good with no issues at all to date! I saw the comments about the plastic faucets and agree, but they work fine. I guess I could up grade them later if I needed to.
If you go with a Newmar I think you will be very, very pleased. Only negative and your are aware of it already is it is HEAVY! Mine is 13,800 loaded to go. I don't recall actual pin weight but I think it was 2800 lbs. I have a 2006 Chevy 3500 DRW and it handles it with ease.
Good Luck!

08 Chevy 3500 SLE DRW CC LT 4X4 6.6L
Pull Rite Hitch
07 Newmar Cypress 30KSRE

Posted By: balvert on 10/08/07 04:46pm

With that trailer (GVWR 16,600 lb), you will be pushing close to 3200 pounds on the pin. A dually would be more suitable but I am sure plenty of folks out there are using single rear wheel one tons out there for trailers of this size and would recommend doing so. Bottom line is that you will be over the GVWR of your truck. Your decision as to if you feel safe or not.

Posted By: LLefort on 10/08/07 02:45pm

I am picking up my new Cypress 36LKSH this weekend. I have a 2006 Dodge Ram 3500 single axle 1 ton truck. I also have this truck equipped with air bags. Should this be enough truck to tow this Cypress?
Thanks for your thoughts.

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