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Topic: Ugliest Camper Photo's

Posted By: vanman250 on 05/28/08 02:17pm

pigtales wrote:

Ouch!!! That hits entirely too close to home.[emoticon]

rob85546 wrote:

Man, wind storm????? or tornado??? what Mph wind could do that/?

busch2fan wrote:

Ok... back to the "ugly" pictures....

A friend's 5'er after a sudden windstorm...



The Homeowners Association laws clearly says no RVs and we mean it.

Posted By: In The Dawghouse on 05/28/08 02:50pm

Does this qualify. I AM a camper, but am I the ugliest?


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Posted By: ShapeShifter on 05/28/08 03:03pm

In The Dawghouse wrote:

Does this qualify. I AM a camper, but am I the ugliest?

Aaaarghhh! I'm blind! [emoticon]

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Posted By: David_in_TX on 05/28/08 04:26pm

Here, hope these haven't been posted before:





Posted By: billbrit on 05/28/08 06:06pm

HippiDude wrote:

I can't think of anything that could give you more trouble and cost more then a boat/RV in one.

Then you've never been married [emoticon]

Posted By: Tvov on 05/28/08 07:13pm

So, where is the engine on that converted VW Bug? Does the dining table sit on it? lol

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Posted By: Goatmaiden on 05/29/08 12:23am

bill h wrote:


Here is a way to get around state speed laws that have slower limits for RVs with a towed vehicle:


Another way to get around the towing limit:

And this is by far my favorite ugly-but-cool RV mod:
This sold on e-bay for $8100.

It is made of three vans stuck together.

And it comes with this:

This, believe it or not, is a sauna that you tow behind the rest of the "vehicle."

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Posted By: SMC on 05/29/08 07:17am

Some might be ugly, but they sure show some creativity!

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Posted By: AMANDASMITH911 on 05/31/08 07:33pm

oops double post ignore

Posted By: AMANDASMITH911 on 05/31/08 07:35pm

we own an ugly rv, especially the outside. but it's paid for and we have so much fun in it.

click on before and after camper

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