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Topic: Small garage toyhauler

Posted By: pocapt on 11/20/07 02:37pm

Does anyone make a toyhauler fifth wheel that has enough room for a motorcylce, like a goldwing, but still has enough room in the fifth wheel for extended travel.

Posted By: STINGRAYRVMAN on 11/20/07 02:45pm

Keystone Raptor 3600 has a 1/2 gargage.
also be on lookout for the new Montana Mountaineer series toy hauler.

Posted By: Hockymom63 on 11/20/07 02:46pm

I think the keystone raptor line has a model thats like 1/2 a garage its pretty cool Dont remember the model # sorry![emoticon]

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Posted By: STINGRAYRVMAN on 11/20/07 02:59pm

try this link

Posted By: Wallaby on 11/20/07 07:13pm

Here's what I know of,

Current Toy Hauler Models:
Keystone 3600RL - Rear load 1/2 garage (as noted above)
Heartland Cyclone 3210 - Rear load 10' garage
Keystone Raptor 299MP - Rear load 10' garage
CrossRoads CrossForce XF33MK - Rear load 10' garage
CrossRoads CrossTerrain TF34MK - Rear load 10' garage

Discontinued Toy Hauler Models:
CrossRoads CrossForce XF29SL - Side load 8'x6' garage
KZ Sportster (and New Vision) 37KGx2 - Side load 8'x6' garage

Current "Wannabe" Toy Hauler Models:
Keystone Cougar 310SRX - Side load (8'x6' approx?) garage / bunk room
Heartland Sundance 3300RC - Side load (8'x6' approx?) garage / bunk room

These are all from memory, so may not be 100% accurate [emoticon]

Unsure about exactly what you are needing; new or used, Toy Hauler or 5th Wheel with room for 1 bike, what you plan to use as a Tow Vehicle, etc. but here's a start.

I think the Raptor 3600RL best fits your needs. Hope this helps.

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Posted By: Chuck&Gail on 11/20/07 07:49pm

Don't know about 5er, but our Thor of Calif pull trailer is a 21' ball to bumper hybrid toyhauler which could easily take in a dresser.

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Posted By: billmx43 on 11/21/07 03:35pm

Keystone Cougar 310SRX with a side ramp. I'm not sure exactly how long a Goldwing is but I think it would fit. Pretty steep ramp angle though.

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