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Topic: Suggestions installing LaCrosse weather station

Posted By: Patrick45 on 12/25/07 06:37am

Santa gave left a LaCrosse "Profeesional Weather Station" (WS-2310 TWC)this morning. We will be leaving in 2 days on a 4 month stay in Florida. I will not have a lot of time to study the installation manual until I get down there.

So what suggestions do you have on that installation and what unusual should I take with me from Home?

Posted By: hwybnb on 12/25/07 07:52am

Nice toy. Merry Christmas.

Take 10 minutes to skim the installation instructions. That should tell you what you need to take.

Posted By: CoolJourney on 12/25/07 08:11am

We have the LaCrosse 2310 with the wind and rain sensors. We don't use it currently, but when I did I mounted the wind sensor on the back ladder on our 5th wheel. For it to be useful you have to mount it high enough so that it is unaffected by large obstructions (like the RV next to you, trees, etc.). I attached the wind sensor to a large dowel and clamped the dowel to the ladder with large spring loaded clamps (both are available at a place like Home Depot). I didn't often use the rain sensor, but when I did I put it on the roof (just set it up there when I was putting up the wind sensor). The wind and rain sensors are hardwired to the wireless transmitter which should be located somewhere outside in an area that will not be in direct sunlight.

You can connect the base station to the outside sensors wirelessly or by a cable (provided). I found that the wireless transmitter didn't send the information to the base unit as often as I liked. According to the manual it sends the information wirelessly every 16-128 seconds depending on the conditions (more wind and its sends data in shorter intervals). When you hardwire the connection with the cable then it sends every 6-8 seconds. For temperature/humidity/rain/etc. the longer interval is fine. When we got a big gust of wind I would find myself going to the the base unit to see how fast it was blowing and the delay of 16 seconds or more was not useful.

Overall, there is not much else to the installation. You don't need anything unusual to set it up that wouldn't be available to you in Florida. If you don't move a lot, the setting up the outside sensors is worth the effort (IMHO). If you do move with some frequency, then you may find it to be a bit of a hassle. I do have to admit that when I put the wind sensor on the rear ladder, I would get some curious looks from our neighbors. A few would say, "Hey buddy, why don't you just stick your head out of the RV if you want to know how fast the wind is blowing?" Point well taken. Enjoy your new weather station, I got a kick out of ours.

Hope this helps.


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Posted By: NGRRFan on 12/25/07 08:16am

I suggest you take a pole tall enough to mount the anemometer on that will clear the top of the rig by about 10 feet. This will give you reasonable wind readings.

My 2310 anemometer is mounted about 6 feet over the peak of the house and works just fine. Be advised that you won't read all the gusts as they occur as the polling time in wired mode is every 3 seconds, or so, and most gusts don't last that long. I also put some foil tape on the tail section of the wind vane to make it a bit less responsive to wind direction shifts as any change in direction will make the vane swing like a pendulum and "hunt". The extra weight will slow that down a bit so it will read more accurately.

Use the system in wired mode as the console will poll the sensors more frequently. Use the ac adapter, but install batteries as backup. If you get weird wind readings, like readings of winds at 21 mph when there is no wind, get rid of the phone cable and use cat 5 shielded shielded cable.

There is a wealth of information at the Yahoo Group for LaCrosse weather stations. Join the group and don't be afraid to ask questions, many of us have these systems and are satisfied with them.

Merry Christmas and happy weather watching.

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Posted By: SCVJeff on 12/26/07 01:25am

hwybnb wrote:

Nice toy. Merry Christmas.

Take 10 minutes to skim the installation instructions. That should tell you what you need to take.
So you're saying to read the book? Isn't that like reading a map?

Jeff - WA6EQU
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