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Topic: 89 pace arrow fuel pressure regulator

Posted By: jokristo on 03/16/08 12:41pm

I have a 32' 89 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 454 Chevy carburated engine P-30 chassis

I had a leak in the Fuel Pressure Regulator, due to broken diaphragm. I was able to find another diaphragm and replace it. I drove the RV over 1,000 miles. It only stopped on a very steep incline and could not get it started. Once on level ground I drove it another couple hundred miles. Then it was not getting enough gas and stopped again. I bought a new fuel pressure regulator and am going to replace it. After adjusting the regulator I drove it with the new diaphragm but had a hard time adjusting it to the right pressure. It does not get enough gas and the exhaust sputters and backfires. Does anyone have any information about how to adjust these regulators. Or is there another pump in the fuel tank that could be at fault. I appreciate any replies

Posted By: enblethen on 03/16/08 01:56pm

I didn't know that carbureted had fuel pressure regulators!
Are talking the fuel pump mounted on the right side of engine?
Most Chev chassis have a pump in the tank.
Have you checked the fuel filter? It is on the right frame rail just in front of the drivers. Some have the ceramic in the car.

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Posted By: tom_kat on 03/16/08 02:09pm

yours probably has a electric pump in the tank ,mine is on the right frame rail i have no regulator on mine it puts out 7 lbs with out the need for a regulator i also have a mechanical pump on the right front side of the engine ,there should be a fuel filter along the frame rail and one on the carb inlet,a regulator needs to be set with a pressure gauge in line,it should be between 5 and 7 lbs.

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Posted By: justimagination on 03/16/08 04:43pm

Jokristo, The p-30 453 chassis had no fuel pressure regulator from the factory that I'm aware of, or @ least the all original one I had did not. It has an electric fuel pump mounted just forward of the main fuel tank, it should also a in-line filter in front of the pump going to the engine fuel pump. The vehicle will run @ slow speed with the fuel pump turned off, but will not gain speed without the pump running. These engines are bullet proof, but require good fuel flow. If your coach has a regulator, remove it, it does not need it......If all checks good, remove fuel filter @ the carbeurator, where the line screws into the carbeuratot,remove fuel line and the big nut, that's where the filter is, either stone type, or paper type. Make sure you can blow through it......Good Luck and let me know if you need further help.

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Posted By: justimagination on 03/16/08 04:46pm

sorry about the type o's, it is a 454 chevy

Posted By: justimagination on 03/17/08 03:36pm

Did you ever get it fixed, BTW, if it's a carbeurator 454 chevy, like you said, there is no purpose for a pressure rugulator. Where is this regulator located?

Posted By: RESTN Bruce on 03/17/08 06:06pm

I had a 1989 Pace Arrow 31' P-30 and it had an electric pump just after the fuel tank. I did replace it and I also found the rubber hoses needed to be replaced from the tank. You have to drop the tank to do this. Change fuel filter at the same time. I do not know about any fuel pressure regulator.

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Posted By: jokristo on 03/17/08 06:36pm

We just changed the fuel filter and the filter in the carburetor. Now it seems fine we just drove it to test drive and it was OK. We replaced the regulator, but not sure if it is adjusted to the right pressure, don't know what the setting should be. It is located in the back attached to the frame on the passenger side, it is located where the fuel line comes out of the tank. It is an original part, I had to get it from a Chevy/Workhorse dealer. They said Chevy sold the branch that made these RVs to Workhorse. I think that regulator is supposed to control the fuel on inclines. I will keep you posted. Thanks for all your replies. Bruce, how hard was it to drop the tank. I think this is a 100 gallons. I don't know that there is a pump in the tank, my mechanic father said there isn't one.
a million thanks!!!

Posted By: enblethen on 03/18/08 05:04am

What did the "regulator" look like? Did it have a wire attached? How many fuel lines?

Posted By: bacollins on 03/18/08 06:39am

Those regulators were usually a Holley item, part # 12-803. New ones are available at JEGS and others.

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Posted By: jokristo on 03/19/08 02:30pm

the regulator looks like the one on the the JEGS website part #12-803 I either got ripped off or it is not the same part. It cost $250 for the regulator from the Workhorse dealership. The Holley regulator is around $20. The regulator has no wires, the gas line screws into it from behind, and goes out on the right side. It has a ball bearing inside that is pushed by a spring. I still don't know what the pressure setting should be and how to measure the pressure. If anyone knows this info please post. We drove about 70 mi and everything was fine I'm not sure how it will act on bigger inclines.

Posted By: CSpenceFLY on 03/19/08 04:27pm

Sounds like a backflow preventer to me.

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Posted By: bacollins on 03/19/08 05:15pm

The fuel pressure should be 7-8 psi.

Posted By: enblethen on 03/20/08 08:39pm

I just looked on "". It seems to have two different listings for fuel delivery in 89. They show a fuel injection that requires a pressure regulator adjustable from4.5-9 lb. Prices vary as per manufacturer from $36 to over $200.
Did the dealer use for vin for getting part?

Posted By: strudle on 03/20/08 09:36pm

I have an 86 sportscoach that came from factory with only electric fuel pumps. There is no engine driven fuel pump. When I changed out the faulty electric fuel pump, the Carter replacement pump for carb engine needed a fuel pressure regulator. My engine was running rich, flooding carb and smoking. Carter engineer suggested FPR after reviewing that I had the correct part number. Reg has a dial type gauge which I set for approximately 4 1/2 lbs. Later I reset to 5 1/2 lbs pressure for smoother engine operation. So if you have electric pumps in your tank you may need FPR to provide smooth fuel pressure to Carb. I got the FPR from NAPA, don't remember the brand for I think about 20 to 25 bucks.

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Posted By: 3708 on 03/20/08 11:58pm

This is what i had, 30ft Holiday Rambler 1985 454 on a p-30 chassis, i will start at the tank. In the tank was a electrical fuel pump/sending unit with a small screen attached to the suction side that went through a 5/16 s/s tube to the top of the tank which attached to a 3 inch round cap which had two lines in it, one went to an emissions system canister the other which was the 5/18 tube attached to a high pressure line that went to a frame mounted regulator which was factory set. It seems to me the high pressure line was about 18 inches long to the regulator but had somebody at the factory not blown a small hole in the frame with a torch for visual you would have never known it was there (after thought) in other words the tank was sandwiched between the rails and the tank could not drop down and you had no idea that the regulator was even there. I took a una-bit and drilled through the frame where i could get a 5/8 wrench around the high pressure line in case i or anyone else ever had to drop the tank again. After the regulator it went to a 1/2 inch low pressure gas hose across the tank to the passenger side rail attached to a s/s line which ran inside the frame upto the fuel filter which was to the right of the entry step(part# AC Delco GF509) small piece of rubber hose both sides of filter. After this a steel line ran to the mech. fuel pump which had another steel line that ran from the fuel pump to the back of the carb. which i used a 1 inch wrench with a back-up to break loose the nut which had another filter in the carb. I don't know if this helps anybody but all this work was done as a preventive maintenence prior to a 1999 east coast trip. Trip lasted 10 weeks,one wife two teenage boys and a long remembered Scottish Terrier dog, No mech problems.3708

Posted By: hess8 on 05/24/08 09:49am

bacollins wrote:

Those regulators were usually a Holley item, part # 12-803. New ones are available at JEGS and others.

I have an 89 Southwind, and discovered I have a badly leaking regulator that is also on the passenger side rear rail. Thanks everyone, and bacollins for the detail on the part!

Hope I can get this fixed to get off this week.
enblethen wrote:

I just looked on "". It seems to have two different listings for fuel delivery in 89. They show a fuel injection that requires a pressure regulator adjustable from4.5-9 lb.

So was this just something for a fuel injection option that I dont' have or need (I have a carburetor 454)?

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