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Topic: Hummer + Fifth Wheel?

Posted By: downtheroad on 04/10/09 08:51am

Just got back from a camping trip to Southern Oregon. Saw a Hummer 'pick up' going down I5 towing a decent sized 5th wheel (probably around 30 footer).
It looked very unusual and honestly just looked "wrong". I'm always interested and trying to learn. Has anyone ever seen this? I didn't know that Hummers were used as tow vehicles. We are on the road a lot and are always interested in looking at rigs.


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Posted By: KSadler1 on 04/10/09 08:55am

I actually never even knew Hummer made a pickup until I saw one a few weeks back. I had to look twice. What engines are they putting in them?.....

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Posted By: moparmaga2 on 04/10/09 09:07am

The Hummer Trucks can have a 5.3 V8 Engine in them. I thought that the Hummer Trucks were based off the Chevrolet Colorado chassis though.

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Posted By: Pond Jumper on 04/10/09 09:53am

I bet that did look strange. Aren't the bed on those things real small? They are not even listed in the Trailer Life Towing Guide.

Posted By: skipnchar on 04/10/09 10:32am

I've seen lots of Hummers going down the highway WITHOUT a 5h wheel and they STILL looked wrong [emoticon]

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Posted By: grampachet on 04/10/09 10:36am

I always wondered why I never ever saw one pulling any kind of trailer. If they are supposed to be so good why don't they do anything but haul a few people, these are the domestic ones I am talking about.

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Posted By: kaydeejay on 04/10/09 10:55am

moparmaga2 wrote:

The Hummer Trucks can have a 5.3 V8 Engine in them. I thought that the Hummer Trucks were based off the Chevrolet Colorado chassis though.
Hummer H3 is based off the Colorado, the H2 is based off the Tahoe so could probably be considered a 1/2 ton.
Not sure I'd want to hook a fifth wheel up to it though!!

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Posted By: md2lgyk on 04/10/09 11:09am

According to Hummer's website, the H2 has a tow rating of 8200 lbs. Doesn't say anything about a fifth wheel though.

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Posted By: reno82 on 04/10/09 11:49am

Sure it wasn't the H1 truck? Those would pull quite a bit.

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Posted By: KSadler1 on 04/10/09 01:55pm

I think some are confusing the Hummers with the real short bed as the pickup. The Hummer pickups are actually pickups. They remind me of the old Jeep Cherokee pickups, but larger.....


Posted By: Ductape on 04/10/09 06:58pm

The H2 SUT is built on the 2500 chassis (not the Tahoe). But the bed is too short for a fifth wheel of any sort.

The H3T pictured in the first post is built on the Colorado chassis and does not have enough RAWR for any sizeable fifth wheel.

I could see the H2 pulling a gooseneck horse trailer maybe. Can't imagine a safe fifth wheel combo.

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Posted By: GONZO99TA on 04/10/09 09:49pm

i would think a Hummer H1 pick up could tow a nice 5th wheel

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Posted By: SoCalDesertRider on 04/11/09 12:01am

Only fifth wheel a Hummer could pull would have to have a really long pin box. There's practically no bed space ahead of the rear axle.

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Posted By: Redoildoctor on 04/11/09 12:27am

A Hummer with a 5th wheel??? Wouldnt you think when turning the front living space of a 5th wheel would be in the Hummer passenger compartment??? Could be cool though, if you wanted to take a nap.[emoticon]

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