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Topic: KZ Coyote 23CFK

Posted By: DFYFounding Father on 05/18/09 10:54am

Hi Everyone,

Excellent site! I am about to purchase a KZ Coyote 23CFK and wondering what others thoughts are on this trailer. Will be pulling it with a GMC 1500 Sierra. It is used but a 2008. Had a Starcraft pop-up for 10 years with great luck but time to move up because the kids want to bring friends and we need a bathroom!!!
I have read some talk on buying a warranty and it seems like the concensus is that I should not buy one. I am hearing that the manufacturer's warranty is not transferable so I am only getting the 30 days from the dealer. What are the thoughts on this trailer and warranty?

Posted By: Tim_W on 05/18/09 11:07am

We .... LOVE .... ours ..!!!!!

I would recommend to NOT buy a extended warranty....

Click my link below for some of the MOD's we have done to our trailer...

Happy Camping & enjoy your new 23CFK...!!!!


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Posted By: SooperDaddy on 05/18/09 11:08am

In lieu of a aftermarket warranty, you might consider paying a guy $150 or so... like this... to do a complete inspection of your RV first. If he gives it a clean bill of health, buy it and save the money that a warranty would have cost. KZ is not a bad brand, so likely you will have no issues, but it depends on how the former owner treated it! Best of luck!

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Posted By: HTT to be? on 05/18/09 03:47pm

I like the Coyote, nice unit. Seem well made. Get the dealer to give you a 90 day warranty. He shouldn't have a problem with that, then you have time to really make sure all is well.

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Posted By: Coyotecprs on 05/20/09 02:25pm

We are coyote owners as well! We love our trailer and have had no problems with it at all. KZ is an excellent product.

Enjoy & Happy Camping

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Posted By: MALE*RN*777 on 05/20/09 06:49pm

We have a 2009 KZ 23 CR and love it...huge space difference compared to our beloved pop-up we had.

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Posted By: terrynjulia03 on 05/18/09 06:48pm

We have a 22CP and love it. KZ is a very good brand and you shouldnt have any problems as they are built well. I would also try to get the dealer to give you a 90 day so you have time to take it out a couple times just to make sure.

Also we don't have the faulty fridge or AC on our KZ's so those are a few less problems to worry about.

Have fun.

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Posted By: jmcanzo on 05/18/09 06:50pm

KZ's come with a full 2yr factory warranty, According to the brochure on their website it IS transferable for a small processing fee. Since you say it is a 2008 it may still have some coverage left.

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Posted By: Ronald009 on 05/18/09 10:58pm

They do come with a 2 year warranty. Bought a 08 COYOTE CFK and love it. dearler said before and after we bought it it had a 2 year warranty. The first time we used it itdid not have the drip pan for the out side grill. Dealer called KZ and they sent us a whole new grill and said to keep the other one. [emoticon]

Posted By: DFYFounding Father on 05/19/09 09:10am

I contacted the manufacturer and I did find out the warranty is transferable for the cost of $150. However, it runs from the date of purchase which will expire in August of this year. Not sure if the extension of about 40 days beyond the dealer warranty is worth the $150.00. I am thinking yes because by that poit I will have at least three trips in. Thanks for the responses.

Posted By: bamaram2002 on 05/19/09 10:25am

We leave Saturday for our first trip with our 2003 Coyote 23CT that we picked up this spring. I hope we have as much good fortune with it as we did our Cub.

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Posted By: bikendan on 05/19/09 04:14pm

normally i advise against new RV buyers from purchasing a extended warranty. on new RV's, you not only get the factory warranty but all of the major items also have their own warranties, such as the fridge,
furnace, a/c, stove, roof, and so on.

but since you are buying used and the factory warranty is ending, it might be worth it, depending on how much they want for it.

i don't know if the warranties of the individual items are transferable.
you might want to contact Dometic and the other item suppliers.

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Posted By: gwh1bass on 05/27/09 01:44pm

As an owner of a '06 23CFK, there is a bit of bounce in our floor, certainly NOT like walking on a concrete slab.

Posted By: jmcanzo on 05/27/09 01:57pm

DFYFounding Father wrote:

To any of you KZ Coyote owners! Do these trailers have a bit of a bounce or movement to the floors? Just wondering if there is anything else going on. It is especially noticeable at the entry.


I thought maybe it was just my fat a**! but yes mine does that by the door and has since day 1

Posted By: DFYFounding Father on 05/26/09 03:43pm

To any of you KZ Coyote owners! Do these trailers have a bit of a bounce or movement to the floors? Just wondering if there is anything else going on. It is especially noticeable at the entry.


Posted By: Ronald009 on 05/21/09 05:23am

Congrts on the new 09. YOu and your family will love it. We had a pop-up for 12 year and moved up to Our 08 Coyote CFK. Happy camping

Posted By: NorthEastCamper on 05/21/09 06:27pm

Congrats on your new Coyote. We just bought a 2006 coyote 20c. We have been out one weekend and love it. Night and day from our pop-up.

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