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Topic: Bunk bed rail?

Posted By: Momof3inOK on 06/14/09 09:43pm

After our 1st weekend in the new camper, we had 2 small problems and lots of wonderful. However, my 7 yr old son fell out of the twin top bunk and hit the full below and then the floor. He is fine other than a nasty black eye. Could have been worse and we want to thwart that from ever happening again. Do you think a baby rail would work? (the kind that fits under the mattress) We can't attach anything permanent because when the bunk is "put away", the ledge touches the wall. Also what type of hooks do you use? Do you ever screw anything into the walls. If so, how?

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Posted By: summerhouse on 06/14/09 10:30pm

We are working on some ideas ourselves, only for the cabover area of our Class C. We have 2 young granddaughters. What I have been thinking of is to put in two eye hooks, one at the head, the other at the foot. Then stretch a cargo net across along the edge. I haven't had an opportunity to look for a net yet. I would think an auto accessory supplier.

I'm interested in any other ideas that may come your way!!

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Posted By: Executive on 06/15/09 01:41am

PLEASE DO NOT USE NETTING OF ANY KIND. A deep sleeper could get their head caught and you could end up with a tragedy. A simple solution is to get two large ell brackets from Home Depot. Screw a couple of 1x2 boards onto the brackets. Slide the brackets under the mattress and and secure. For additional safety, highly recommended, you could place a body pillow against the slats so the youngster could get wedged under or between the slats. You could also use 1x2 Oak boards and stain them to match your interior if you wanted. Please be careful with any type of netting or material they could get caught in and be strangled. It only takes a couple seconds to do permanent damage....Dennis

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Posted By: computerbug on 06/15/09 02:33am

We use an aluminum boat ladder for the cabover.It is light and can be removed easily. The L bracket with a 1 by 4 will work also, easy to climb over when awake but hard to roll over when asleep. nets are not a good idea with little ones. Good Luck

Posted By: BIKERK9 on 06/15/09 02:48am

There are multiple brands and styles of portable and folding bed rails in various sizes.
Here are some Samples. As an added safety feature for your child, why not place a large battery tap lite
in a location that is easy for him to reach.

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Posted By: rhondavid on 06/15/09 06:10am

We always have small kids with us and keep several of the collapsable expanding bed rails with us. they work great as the feet will slide under the mattress and can be collapsed for storage. lenght of the rail is adjustable as well . I think we paid about $20 for these at Baby's or Us and Walmart.

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Posted By: chugalong on 06/16/09 11:06pm

I have a 4 year old that I needed to keep from falling off the top bunk in our TT so I took two shelving brackets and just stuck one side of them under the mattress and then I took a 4inch round pvc section and cut two small slots to drop over the brackets. Works great and comes off quick and easy to make the bed or stores easy when not in use. See the photos Link to photos

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Posted By: mattfenn on 06/16/09 07:41am

I built a bed rail. Easy DIY and cost was zero using material in the garage. I cut out two pieces of 3/4" plywood to be 18" wide and 12" tall. I ripped down a 2x4 and cut it to match the length of the plywood. I then screwed the pieces together to make a L bracket shape and covered it with padded fabric. It slips under the mattress and works perfectly. I don't need to worry about marring or cutting into the walls of the camper.

Posted By: StaceyE on 06/15/09 07:30pm

We use one like this. It works great for our six year old, who started sleeping on the top bunk of our TT at 4 years old.

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Posted By: summerhouse on 06/15/09 08:43pm

Dennis--good advice on the netting. Had not considered the possibly of entanglement. See how useful this forum is? DH and I have decided to go pick up a regular bed rail to use. Thanks all for the inputs, SAFETY FIRST!!

Posted By: spohara on 06/16/09 08:30am

In my 2003 Rockwood Roo, we use a rail that we took from the bunk beds at home. It has a hook attachment that fits nicely on the bunk bed lip and it performs admirably to keep my 5-year old roller from hitting the floor. I would echo the sentiment against using any kind of netting, as it could potentially cause a stangulation hazard.

My suggestion would be to check and see if your bunk has a lip that you could attach such a rail to, and then canvas used furniture stores/yard sales for a bunk bed rail that would work.

In my experience, the under-mattress rail will work, but due to the fact that we could not get it anchored behind the bunk lip, the light weight mattress in the RV, and the active sleeper that we have, we found that it had come out several inches by morning, dramtically reducing it's effectiveness. The bunk bed rail is a portable option for us that has the added bonus of containing the stored items in the bunk during travel.

I hope you find a solution.

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Posted By: 7ofus on 06/15/09 08:25am

a "Lee cloth" is used on boats. It is just a piece of canvas with snap shackles at each corner and a few extra on the bottom edge. All that stays on the RV are some attachment points. The lee cloth can be stored under the mattress. Cheap and takes no space at all.

Posted By: Pauljdav on 06/15/09 10:08am

How about a "cargo" support for pickup beds? It should be adjustable for length?

Posted By: gar_fanatic on 06/15/09 10:34am

We have a single bed rail we bought at a Pamida store for our son. It looks like this one at Babies R Us. It easily removes, slips under the mattress and my DS only has a foot on either end of it to get out of his bunk. It was pretty cheap too (I think around $25.00). I want to get one for our 7 yo DD, but she doesn't want to feel like a baby she says.

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Posted By: lledman on 06/18/09 12:26pm

My DS is 10 and we still use a generic bed rail on the top bunk of the camper for him - our top bunks are smaller than the bottom - he's never complained about having it and I don't have to worry about him falling down on his siter below him.

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Posted By: MScampers on 06/17/09 12:24pm

Since he has fallen one time and probably won't fall again! Could you roll up a thick blanket and put it under the edge of the mattress enough to raise the full length of the outside edge? Possibly, just the "uphill" could keep him from falling again. Free to. And easy to store.


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