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Topic: Air in Water Lines/Water Pump does not shut off

Posted By: Voorheis on 06/17/09 12:00pm

Hi all, looking for help in solving a problem that has me stumped.

Trailer has a new Atwood gas water heater and when turning the pump on to draw water from the tank I am getting excessive air that will not bleed out and the pump does not shut off. I do get water out the faucets but it kinda of sputters and flow changes. I do not have the problem when a hose is hooked up to the outside connection to bypass drawing from the water tank.

I have checked all fittings and do not find any leaks and have tightened the connections with new hose clamps at the tank outlet and connection to the plumbing lines inside to make sure I was not drawing air in before the pump inlet.

Any ideas or suggestions on what I might be missing? Thanks in advance for any help.

Posted By: jerryspoolman on 06/17/09 12:05pm

I had the same problem years ago on my boat.. Ended up having to relocate the water pump lower than the water tank.

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Posted By: 2oldman on 06/17/09 12:10pm

Is the new water heater full of water?

Posted By: 12th Man Fan on 06/17/09 12:27pm

Make sure all of your control valves are in the proper position. If my valves are not in the proper configuration it will not prime.

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Posted By: dbbls on 06/17/09 12:51pm

2oldman wrote:

Is the new water heater full of water?
That is what mine does until the water tank is full. Leave a hot water tap open until a full stream of water comes out, then shut it off.

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Posted By: cpwomer on 06/17/09 12:54pm

There is an adjustment on a pump for pressure. Its a small screw on the end of the black nose and there are arrows going in either direction for increase or decrease, but by experience never adjust more than a quarter turn at a time. To much and it won't turn off to little and it won't turn on. Most pumps are installed where your looking at the motor butt. And you can't access the screw. so I added flexible hose so I could turn it around. Adjust it with the furthest water on. My pump is in the back so I use the kitchen cold water on up front and slowly increase till you get an even flow on the pump. Then test each source one at the time. Then try two. By then you will get the hang of it. Worked for me all the time.

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Posted By: 2oldman on 06/17/09 02:58pm

How long have you tried leaving the pump running? I've had occasions where, after draining the tank dry then refilling, it can take 5-10 minutes (provided the HW is full) to bleed the system.

Posted By: Voorheis on 06/18/09 01:18pm

I should of mentioned this is a new trailer to me but had one previously and this one seems a little different.

There is no fill valve to turn on/off just a hose connection on the outside.

The only shutoff in the system besides 2 drains that dump out under the trailer is just below the water pump with a line that runs horizontally from the vertical pump inlet line to the vertical pump outlet line. When that is in the on position no water at all comes out the faucets. Closed does allow water flow but sputtering and no pump shutoff.

Posted By: Hamops on 06/18/09 08:36am

mockybird wrote:

Check near your pump for the hose that you siphon AF thru to do winterizing. Make sure it is in the closed position

This is the most likely reason for the air getting into the system.

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Posted By: Grizzly128 on 06/17/09 08:27pm

Check "winterizing valve" is closed......
if you have tank fill/city water inlet,make sure it is in proper position.

Posted By: talotto on 06/17/09 05:09pm

Make sure your water fill valve isn't in the "fill" position, needs to be in the same position as if you were using tap water. In the fill position the pump will run constantly and draw air into the lines.

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Posted By: Voorheis on 06/17/09 02:40pm

Thanks for the responses so far.

The water heater appears to fill with water as I can open open the relief valve and get some air before steady water. I do hear some gurgling noises in it though.

I can see air bubbles in the water lines and even leaving the faucets open for a while does not bleed it all out.

I tried the pressure adjustment screw on the pump with no changes.

Air seems to be entering somewhere but can not determine where and can not get the pump to shut off.

Posted By: mockybird on 06/17/09 03:01pm

Check near your pump for the hose that you siphon AF thru to do winterizing. Make sure it is in the closed position


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