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Topic: Roo Bunk End Field Repair Kit Pictures or DVD instruction???

Posted By: 4WallCamping on 07/01/09 08:06am

I recently came across pictures and instructions for the Bunk End Retrofit Field Repair Kit for the Rockwood Roo. I can no longer find these pictures or instructions; thought I had bookmarked the page, but evidently not.

Does anyone know where they are or have a link to them. In addition, I am hearing that Jayco has an instructional video with their repair kit. Is there an instructional Video for the Rockwood’s?

I have a 2008 Rockwood Roo 21SS; the dealer has ordered the kit but has never had to do the retrofit. I want to make sure it is done correctly and comparable to the non-leaking 2009 and 2010 Roos.

Please if anyone has a video link, instructions, pictures, or the web site links – please provide them. I’m dropping the Roo off at the dealer next week.

Thank you…

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Posted By: madbare on 07/01/09 09:31am

Bunk Repair

Posted By: madbare on 08/21/09 08:54am

Did you have the update done? I started doing my own last night and the kit is a little different than the one shown. The outside seal is now white instead of black. The flat rubber seal that goes in the channel was not long enough to fold over, it was just long enough. Also the hinge only had butyl tape on one side and was a different hinge from the original, so you had to drill all new holes. Also it did not come with the wood trim piece to put over the seal. It is not too hard to do, but no instructions came with it so I used the one above to guide me. The hardest part was figuring how to align the door hing on the trailer frame. I got it to within 1/8" side to side so figured it was good enough. My original side seals are still shorter than they should be, so there is still a gap between the bottom seal and side. Overall, this approach is better than what they originally had, but is still not quite great. I would like to get more of the big seal material. Does anyone know what it is or who makes it?


Posted By: 4WallCamping on 08/22/09 08:43am

madbare wrote:

Did you have the update done?

I did have the "Bunk End Field Repair Kit" installed by my dealer. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful. I picked up my HTT from the dealer two weeks later and it just so happens that on this day we were having thunderstorms (thankfully).

However, after my hour long ride home I was welcomed with tons of water inside. However, in defense of the "Bunk End Field Repair Kits" and Forest River, I can't honestly say if they worked or not; because it was learned that my camper is defective and the top of the camper is bowed in.

My HTT is currently at and has been at the factory for a couple of weeks. Gregg Rollins is looking into it. I have only had this HTT for two months today, and it has already been out of my possession for more than a month (between dealer and factory).

My wife and I are new to RVing and we only had a PopUp for the two years prior to this purchase (limited camping in it). We never had a problem with the PopUp.

I am torn about this defective HTT. My wife and I love the floor plan of the 21ss, but don't know if we want this defective Roo back or if we should exchange for an enclosed TT. We are concerned and scared that we could be over a thousand miles away and this happen again. My wife and I have discussed with the dealer the possibility of exchanging into a 2501ss, instead of this 21ss. Having this camper only since 06/22 and it being out of my possession longer than with me has been quite upsetting as a new trailer owner.

This particular defective HTT has exhibited water issues when raining: While setting still (closed and parked), while traveling, and with the Bunk Ends open in the camping mode.

It appears from what I've read on here many Jayco owners have had positive dealings with their issues and have had happy endings. We'll see what Forest River and Gregg Rollins proposes. Hopefully this will be a happy ending and I will have a new camper soon, to be able to have a couple of trips with my family, before the end of the season.

I hope to be able to comment and praise Forest River on here, in regards to my situation; only time will tell.



Posted By: 4WallCamping on 07/11/09 09:36pm

madbare wrote:

Bunk Repair

Thanks madbare, provided the info to the dealer and dropped the Roo off last week to have the work done. Thanks for providing it so quickly...

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